“Food, fun, and the sun! What could be better? Right girls?”

Holding up a beer in response to the raucous cry of approval from the rest of the girls on the yacht, Tammy leaned back on the upper deck’s railing and just basked in the warm sunlight. It had taken quite a bit of work to get everything for this little excursion, but at last they were finally out and free, and would be for as long as they wanted and still had food left.

All told, 11 of her friends had joined her on this trip, and although it had been a bit of a chore she had finally managed to convince her father to lend her his yacht. It wasn’t like she hadn’t driven it herself in the past, either, he just didn’t want to let it go too far out of his sight, and so one of his conditions had been that she needed to stay near the shore. That was fine by her, and she didn’t think that too many of her friends would mind too much either.

At the moment, they were slowly drifting along the wide river that led to the shoreline, and the festivities were already well underway. Natasha was down in the galley already turning out snacks and food, Danica was putting the ship’s stereo through its paces with the new remix album she had been putting together, and everyone else was lounging around either on deck somewhere or on one of the inflatable floats being towed behind the yacht.

Walking around to the stairs down, Tammy dodged around Vivian as she ran up to claim a sunbathing spot on the upper deck and ducked into the wheelhouse to check on their path ahead. Glancing at the instruments, she nodded in satisfaction, but another look out in front of the boat made her suddenly slam the throttle down to zero. Although they weren’t moving very quickly, the boat still noticeably rocked a bit from the sudden stop, and there were more than a few noises of surprise and confusion from her friends behind her.

“Tammy, what gives? If you’re gonna do something like that, can you at least warn me first?” A rather unhappy Natasha was poking her head up the stairs from the lower level, and Tammy couldn’t help but wince when she saw that there was what looked suspiciously like nacho cheese sauce in her hair.

“I’m sorry, but I just saw something out in front of the boat. Help me check on it real quick?” Moving up to the bow, both Tammy and Natasha looked down in disbelief at what they had come perilously close to running into. Stacked across the entirety of the river was a loose dam made from quite a few trees, and although it wasn’t fully blocking the water itself, there was no way that Tammy would risk trying to take the boat through it. “Well, that’s just great. Our vacation is ruined by a bunch of freaking beavers. Where did this thing even come from?”

“If beavers made this, they’re the fastest workers I’ve ever heard of. Look, those trees are still green and growing.”

“Hey, where’s Cindy? She was in the float behind the boat...did she fall off?”

Turning around as they heard Vivian call out, everyone quickly gathered on the back of the boat and started looking around. Sure enough, there was no sign of their friend, only her drink still in the cupholder of the inflatable chair that she had been lounging in. More worryingly was the fact that there was no frantic splashing or other activity in the water that would have indicated her falling out and needing to return to the boat the more conventional way.

“Hang on, I see something in the water. Gimme just a sec to check!” Looking towards where Danica was pointing, Tammy could definitely see the shadow under the water that Danica was likely looking at, but she was already diving off the top of the yacht before anyone could stop her.

As soon as she did, something massive suddenly thrust up from under the water, and everyone on the boat was frozen in fear as the upper body of a large, scale-covered female form smiled, opened her jaws wide, and caught the suddenly-flailing Danica in her mouth. Already up past her waist in the creature’s mouth, she just tipped her head back and swallowed and Danica was sucked inside as a large, squirming bulge slid down the creature’s throat and disappeared into her chest.

There was a pause afterwards as everyone tried to process what had just happened, but when the creature’s head twisted around and looked at the group of girls standing on the rear deck of the yacht, someone behind Tammy screamed and all hell broke loose as everyone burst into motion at the same time. Running to try to get to where she knew her father had kept a small pistol in case of emergencies, there was a thump behind her as the creature slammed a hand down atop Vivian and snapped her head forward, closing her lips around Natasha’s stomach in a single bite.

With every second, Tammy could hear something else going wrong behind her as she frantically tore through the yacht, trying to get up to the bow where her room was. A crashing of glass that was quickly followed up by frantic screaming and then a wet, loud gulp. The sound of someone jumping into the water only for their splashing to grow more frantic in time with their screaming only to be abruptly silenced. It happened again and again, and Tammy could barely concentrate enough on what she was doing to get the combination right for the safe, which wasn’t helped by the boat abruptly pitching back and forth several times as the alligator shifted her weight.

Finally she managed to pull it out, and Tammy slowly advanced back down the inside of the boat which had gone eerily silent. Tammy hoped that meant that some of her friends had managed to reach safety or find someplace to hide, but she knew what the likelihood of that was. She could see the alligator girl still sitting on the back of the yacht, causing it to list at a severe angle, and she raised the small .38 in shaking hands as she got closer. The massive creature shifted as she got closer, and Tammy’s breath caught in her throat as she saw just how far out her stomach was stretched, the bugles and lumps obviously shifting under her skin as Tammy’s friends tried futilely to escape. Her only reaction to Tammy was a raised eyebrow as she saw the tiny pistol in her hands, as if she was daring Tammy to use it.

A second later, her shaking hands finally pulled the trigger, but her hopes sank as the round skipped harmlessly off of one of the thicker portions of scale on the alligator’s shoulder. Before she could get another chance, the alligator’s hand snapped out and clenched around Tammy, covering her from neck to thighs, and Tammy knew what was about to come as she was lifted up above the alligator’s head. Despite knowing that she shouldn’t, she couldn’t help but look down, and just as her eyes registered the fact that she could see quite a distance down the alligator’s wide-open mouth and throat, she was suddenly plunging towards that pink then black void.

Encased in hot, wet darkness, she looked up and saw the small window of light above her rapidly shrinking, framed on the top and bottom by the alligator’s sharp teeth. Expecting those to close, instead Tammy felt the muscles around her clench and then open up underneath her, and that last bit of light was covered up by pillowy, sticky flesh as the last member of the ill-fated afternoon cruise was finally reunited with her friends.