If you have not read the first entry of this series I suggest that you do, since that is where the details of what you are reading are, but there is a summary of what is to be expected in this description.

 "{Ok I know that G and Knuckles are good fighters and wouldn't downright try and kill them on the spot, and according to what Kraka said Marisa and Sakuya are good fighters as well, but just how long are they going at it?}"

 "{Beats me. They are alone fighting The Golden Gunslinger and The Fiery Fighter, and according to Kraka's stories about them, they are very tough opponents.}"

 "{It's been almost 45 minutes since you came here...I just hope they all are alright.}"




 "{Oh that's one of them isn't it?}"

 "{Finally. Took you long enough Mar-}"


 "{Holy shock.}"

 "{What in the world happened to you Marisa!?}"



 "{I'm never going to borrow something from that store from now on.}"



 "{That human made me use every trick up my sleeve, and I don't think he's shown me what he can really do.}"

 "{That's G for you in a nutshell.}"

 "{Wait a minute! Your not out of breath, and your clothes are in good condition too. What gives!?}"

 "{The scientist-}"

 "{It's Scief}"

 "{-managed to convince me that he is a good person and isn't going to harm me.}"

 "{I hope you don't mind me asking, but just what in the world did-}"

 "{Wait wait wait, you managed get out of a battle scott free? Did he manage to bribe you with free food and is planning on attacking you later along the line, Ze?}"



 "{He did didn't he?!}"

 "{It's more along the lines of I convinced her, then I offered her some food as a sign of gratitude.}"

 "{Think you can just get off scot free, Ze? I may of had to go though several crazy contraptions, a giant snowman, and that Gunslinger, and barely escaped with my life, but i can still kick your-}"

 "{Oh what do you know! Your other friend is arriv...ing...}"


 "{What in the world did you do Knuckles?}"


 "{Wow...and here i thought i had it bad.}"

 "{That man....}"


 "{He...he wouldn't dodge any of my attacks...}"

 "{You tanked and brute forced it...oh for sparks sake Knuckles!}"


 "{Wait...your saying that instead of dodging, he just took all of the stabs? Wow, that's one nasty way to go-}"

 "{He's still alive."




 "{May i suggest something?}"


 "{Reimu, you go on ahead and give Kraka her punishment, while i sort things out between your friends and mine.}"

 "{...You know what? Fine. That'll make things go faster so that i can get back to the shrine faster.}"

 "{Wait your just going to leave us here? With him!?!}"

 "{He didn't attack me while i was waiting for you two to show up. He'll be fine.}"

 "{Wait REIMU!!!}"


 "{Y-your that scientist...if Kraka's stories are true about that...man...then what are you-}"

 "Sir, the robots were wondering if Reimu was going to have anything-KYAAAA!!!"


 "{You two...I would like you to meet my suppossed terrifying creature Alcream.}"