It had only been a week since Elizabeth Tourrey first took her son inside of her womb. She did it out of pure maternal instinct and protection, fearing what would happen if the five alien women in her life got ahold of him.

Elizabeth had been “selected” by this pack of five women to be their collective breeder. At first, Elizabeth thought she was being used purely for her fertile body, moaning and rubbing her swollen curves as she felt less like a woman and a mother and more like a piece of livestock, impregnated for their needs.

But these aliens, the Gennomese, had other plans in mind. Their species had to breed with other alien races, and based on the fact that all five of them looked just like humans, with one of them looking like she had both African-American and Asian parentage, they even preferred to be with humans.

A pregnancy from these five lasted for three months, but after their encounter with her, they wanted more. Even when she wasn’t pregnant, they came down and talked her into having sex with them, having a six way in her bed room. Well, it wasn’t quite a six way, since Elizabeth herself felt very passive during it. It was more like the five of them had their way with her, leaving her gasping and moaning by the end.

It was easy to convince her. Elizabeth was weary about it at the start, but deep down, she had her humiliating secret: being pregnant turned her on. She loved being pregnant with her son James, even though she was young and single, and not just the kind of love any mother has during this special time in her life. Elizabeth got aroused looking at her rounding belly in the mirror, her swelling breasts, her thickening ass. Even feeling kicks inside of her womb made her tremble with delight. And the few times she felt brave enough to go and get laid while she was pregnant, each orgasm felt like a volcano erupting between her legs.

Now, she had that same experience, but on an even larger scale. Elizabeth felt so guilty admitting it, as she tried to be a strong, stoic woman with a career and respect, but being turned into breeding livestock by this big bellied aliens drove her wild. And having them come and fuck her again while she was already carrying their babies gave her the biggest orgasm of her life…even under the other odd circumstances.

If it was just Elizabeth by herself, she might just beg the Gennomese women to take her on their ship or wherever they were when they weren’t beaming into her house for a gang bang. But she had her son James to think about, and as the alien pregnancies changed her body, they also changed her mind. She could think like them, and she sensed that they wanted him too, and she feared what that would mean for him.

Over the past months, James cared for his heavily pregnant mother. After just a week, she was as big as a full term mom to be, and was only growing from there. He helped dress her, move her from room to room, even rubbed lotion on her pregnant stomach to soothe her stretched out skin nightly.

Elizabeth was touched by his kindness. He didn’t ask for this to happen to her, and she couldn’t imagine a young man like him would be happy to now have to care for his swollen, pregnant mother, especially with the bizarre circumstances surrounding it.

With her body already transformed, Elizabeth had one unusual way to now protect James: unbirthing him. She could sense when the Gennomese women were coming back to her house because she inherited their sixth sense from carrying their babies. Giving birth to so many babies at once meant they had to change her body up to make sure it would be healthy, both for her and for the babies. They considered her a great find so they wanted to keep her around, even though she was considered old for a pregnant woman among humans.

Elizabeth carried James inside of her pregnant belly, holding him inside of her roundness as the five beautiful, big bellied aliens had sex with her, unable to find him and enact their plan on the young man that carried the same coveted genes as his mother.

It was then that the whole situation was complicated even more. Inside the womb, the umbilical connection they shared was now between a human and a part-Gennomese woman, which meant they could read each other’s thoughts and desires.

This whole time, James thought he was helping out his mother while she had to go through the indignity of being bred by these extraterrestrial conquerors. He wanted to make things as easy and comfortable for her during this trying time…and also to satisfy his own guilt.

James always had a deep, hidden attraction to his mother. She was gorgeous, and had wide hips, generous breasts, and a thick rear – the same qualities that probably attracted the Gennomese to her because of her fertility. He shared their interest in fertility and had a pregnancy fetish as well, never imagining that his mother would get pregnant again, and certainly not this big.

But now that he was in her belly, he realized that while he was guilty about how big and ripe she was getting, she was secretly turned on by her changing body, by growing round and having kicking inside of her, and she even enjoyed being fucked by these five other big bellied aliens.

And similarly, Elizabeth learned that her son, who had been rubbing her swelling stomach and caring for her all these months, lusted after her pregnant curves, and even had sexual thoughts about her before the Gennomese came to impregnate her.

This discovery was capped off by James ejaculating inside of his own mother’s womb while she unbirthed him, being rocked and bounced around in her belly while the five aliens were having sex with her.

Elizabeth released James from her pregnant stomach, unbirthing and rebirthing him via her belly button instead of her vagina because of how her body was changed with the alien genetics.

And for the past week, things were…like they were before. In practice, anyway. Elizabeth was still hugely pregnant, and seemed to be growing even faster after the Gennomese had sex with her a second time, filling her full of whatever primordial substance their strange species came from. While the alien women looked massively pregnant, they were only carrying this greenish liquid inside of them, ready to dispense it to whatever exceptionally fertile human they had decided on using next.

She continued to waddle around the house, her massive bare belly sticking far out of her, since no clothes could cover her up anymore. And she still relied on her son for help: reaching things she no longer could because of this pregnant bulge in front of her, driving her from place to place, and massaging her round belly. Even though she was becoming more like the aliens that bred her, she still had cramps and pinching around her stomach skin, especially now that she was growing even faster.

The difference was, now she and James exchanged little glances. They both knew how the other felt now and there was no turning back the clock on that. Elizabeth knew James could never deny that he was attracted to her pregnant body. She had felt her orgasm inside of her womb and spray her belly walls with his seed, after all.

She even used that to her advantage, asking for more belly rubs and pampering than normal. Elizabeth knew her son actually enjoyed it, so if she wanted her swollen, heavy baby bump to feel good, or to make her skin glisten, why not have it done? It was like she had a free spa at her disposal.

And now James knew that when his mother waddled around, exposing her bare belly, she actually liked the way she looked and felt. There was an extra sway and bounce in her steps, with her pregnant gait taking on an extra wiggle. The pregnancy and alien gene induction made her hips extremely wide, triple what they were before she got pregnant, and she always had something approaching an hourglass figure.

While Elizabeth got bolder, James got more nervous, unsure what to do now that they both knew this secret about the other. If Elizabeth got turned on by this alien pregnancy, and she knew James was attracted to her pregnant body, it seemed like they would be an ideal pairing, even if they were mother and son. Elizabeth hadn’t complained at all about the discovery, but she also made no overtures or next steps, aside from asking for belly rubs more frequently.

Elizabeth needed less help from James in other ways. As her body changed with the alien pregnancy, things that would have constrained a normal pregnant woman didn’t phase this enormously swollen woman. There was no pain in her hips, her back, her knees, any of that as she carried around this big belly. Even as big as she got, there were no stretch marks anywhere on her sphere of a belly.

Elizabeth was forty when she got impregnated by the five Gennomese, but now, she looked like she did when she was pregnant with James all those years ago. Maybe her skin was even smoother and more radiant than it was then too.

It made things very confusing for James, leaving him laying in bed sleepless each night since Elizabeth unbirthed him and they both realized each other’s secrets with the pregnancy transformation.

But over the week, there was one other change. Elizabeth was starting to see James differently as well. The more she became like the Gennomese and awakened this sixth sense of hers, the more she could sense that James had those same traits about him that the alien women sought. Which meant…these were traits she wanted as well.

She didn’t know quite what that meant. She couldn’t impregnate him as the Gennomese had done to her….as far as she knew. Elizabeth was still changing and transforming as her pregnancies went on so she didn’t have the full Gennomese range of powers or sensations or thoughts. The five alien women had mentioned offhandedly that they wanted to use her as a breeder for the next ten years, so if Elizabeth had changed this much in just under four months, she couldn’t imagine what she’d been like a decade from now.

But also, as much as she was loving being pregnant, and how much more youthful she was after being impregnated by them…part of her hoped this would last for much longer than only ten years.

Elizabeth slowly waddled toward James, who was in the kitchen by himself, working on making a large dinner for his heavily pregnant mother. Like everything else with her, from her belly, to her breasts, to her butt, her cravings got much larger this second time around.

One hand stroked her smooth, pale pregnant belly as she bit her bottom lips, moving toward him. It had been a week and these feelings and thoughts had time to rage and percolate inside of her. She didn’t know what they really were, but she felt like if she didn’t get them out, she would explode. And given how big and bloated her belly was, that was a real threat.

“James?” Elizabeth cooed.

“Yes, Elizabeth?” he said, turning to her. After she unbirthed him and their thoughts and sensations became so synced up, he had taken to calling her by her first name. It only felt right; she knew he now carried her memories too, of standing in front of the mirror, rubbing her belly as she carried him inside of her, and masturbating herself. He couldn’t go back to just calling her “Mom” after that.

Before she spoke, not even knowing what would come out, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise up. A warm chill ran through her body, as her sixth sense picked up something.

“The Gennomese…the aliens are coming!” Elizabeth whimpered. “Quick, get back inside of me!”

“Again? Are you sure?” James said, blushing brightly as he eyed his mother’s ripe pregnant stomach. She was so big, she was more belly than woman, and even with her widened hips, her pregnant stomach was starting to outstretch them as she stayed perfectly spherical. “But last time, we…I…”

“Don’t worry about that right now!” Elizabeth said, stretching her hands out as far down her tight curves she could reach, toward her dimpled belly button. “Get in my belly!”

That also meant James had to strip down, something he was already very shy about doing the first time because it meant exposing his erection to his pregnant mother and hinting at how he felt about her changing, swelling body, even after he had coached her through giving birth only a few weeks ago. But now that she knew how he felt about her body, pregnant and otherwise, it was even more awkward.

He was still stiff and hard as he got naked in front of Elizabeth. Even after living with her for the past months and seeing her with a big belly every day save for one or two, he still got aroused and excited in her presence. Maybe even more so now that they both learned each other’s secrets.

Elizabeth gulped too as she saw James naked, knowing what he’d like to do to her deep down in his heart. Her eyes flashed to his erection; even though she was on her second gigantic pregnancy, it had been a long time since she had one of those inside of her…and looking the way she did now, she wasn’t likely to find someone else willing to do so, unless she went with James.

As she tugged on her taut skin, bracing herself to unbirth James once more through her navel cavity, she wondered just why she was going through with this. Was it because she actually feared for her son and what the Gennomese women would do to him if they got their hands on him? Or was she starting to get jealous and she wanted him all to herself?

Elizabeth moaned as she felt her pregnant stomach swell with her son, stretching out her tight skin as he entered her belly button, crawling through the tight, warm tunnel. She moaned, rubbing the sides of her pregnant stomach. Even though she was taking him inside of her womb and “unbirthing” him, this felt very different from when she gave birth, either to him or to those dozen-plus alien babies only a few weeks ago.

She grunted, squatting down low and spreading her legs, giving herself a base of support to take James into her already massive pregnant belly. Such a pose would have been very difficult even for an ordinary pregnant woman who was nine months along with one kid, but because of all the changes to her body, Elizabeth was as durable and flexible as a gymnast no matter how huge her womb expanded.

“That’s it, nice and safe, inside of my big, firm belly,” she cooed, stroking the side of her stomach. It was only the second time she had done this, but now, she found it blended well with her existing pregnancy fetish. She got a rush as she felt how much heavier and fuller her belly got, and taking this son she already gave birth to back into her womb was such a fertile, maternal move, the kind she never could have imagined before, even when she was first knocked up by the alien women.

James moved through her body, able to get from her belly button to her womb because of her changing alien physiology. He fell through her, entering a deep, warm tank of thick fluid, still able to breathe inside of her womb, just like he had before. He shuddered, remembering what happened last time, and feeling his erection twitch and burn. Elizabeth hadn’t said anything about what happened a week ago, so he wondered…should he start masturbating now? Was he free to come inside of his mother’s pregnant belly?

Then, he and Elizabeth gasped in unison. They knew how awkward it was for them both to share their memories and sensations last time, but they didn’t consider what would happen if he went back into her belly. They both had new thoughts and excitements since then, and now they were finding out about it.

“If you need to do it inside of my belly, dear…go ahead,” Elizabeth said. “Just stay in there until the aliens go away and I’ll keep you safe.”

James shifted and patted the side of her womb walls to confirm, but at the same time, he knew that Elizabeth actually liked having him inside of her belly. So, would he keep going inside of her each time the aliens who knocked her up came to get a piece of the action, or would this become even more regular?

Elizabeth cooed and moaned, rubbing her belly as she felt James humping the warm womb walls deep inside of her. She couldn’t believe this was really happening, until she caught a look at herself in the mirror.

She looked so large, so round, so beautiful, and her face and skin was smooth and youthful from the alien genes. How much longer was she going to act embarrassed and humiliated about what was happening to her? She loved it, and maybe it was time to embrace it.

But, as her sixth sense made her shiver and she waddled quickly to the living room, she knew she had to try and keep it together. Elizabeth may have gotten off on all of this, but she still did not trust these five alien women, and she was not going to let them take James, just to see what might happen.

She bit her bottom lip and patted the side of her belly hard, trying to signal to James to stop for the time being. Elizabeth still didn’t know how long she could actually keep him hidden from them inside of her pregnant belly. They should have the same sixth sense as her, if not even stronger.

After the flash of the light, the five of them stood in front of her, all smiling and rubbing their bellies. Elizabeth was surprised how big each of them were, with bloated middles that rivaled hers in size. The three darker skinned Gennomese women, who appeared to take their genes from a Latina woman, an Indian woman, and a biracial African-American and Asian woman, now had very prominent linea negras running up and down their bellies, passing over their thick outie navels. Before, they were all eerily smooth and shiny, no matter how big they got, but now they were starting to succumb to their size. The two peach-skinned Gennomese women, one with blonde hair and one with red, stayed mark and blemish free, adding to that unsettling, other worldly image they all shared.

Their attire didn’t need to change with their bigger pregnant bellies. They still wore their metallic print bikinis and skin tight shorts, with plenty of room for their round, stretched out stomachs, their generous, heaving breasts, and their thick shelf-like bubble butts.

“You have grown nicely,” the Latina looking alien smiled, waddling up to Elizabeth and rubbing her all over. There was no even attempt at a thought in the alien’s head about asking Elizabeth for permission about where she would touch her. Elizabeth was carrying their babies, so to them, she was theirs to do with as they wished. And deep down, Elizabeth felt that way too. When she called herself just livestock and no longer felt like a woman or a mother, it wasn’t for sympathy. She felt herself totally in their hands, and it got her hot and excited.

“So have you,” Elizabeth cooed, eyeing all of their bellies.

The biracial Gennomese laughed and rubbed her belly up and down, squeezing it hard. “You are such an excellent find, we had to make sure this trip would be worth it. We could easily empty ourselves being with you, and then not have enough to impregnate you when it’s time. So, there are supplements we can take to increase potency and production.”

“It’s unconventional, but effective,” the blonde haired Gennomese woman said, grunting as she stroked her firm pregnant belly in rapid circles. “Mmm, I’m feeling ready to burst all ready. I have lots inside of me, and I’m prepared to drain it all to fuck her.”

The women all hummed and cooed in unison, giving their pregnant looking bellies firm, erotic slaps. Elizabeth gulped. These five were already so aggressive in how they had sex with her. Had they just picked up the alien equivalent of a gas station boner pill?

“But first, where’s that son of yours?” the Indian alien woman said, looking around the house. “He’s got great genes too, we can feel it. It would be a waste not to put him to good use soon.”

“He’s not here,” Elizabeth moaned, tightening her womb walls, trying to hide James even more. “What son would want to be around his big, heavy, pregnant mother all the time?”

As she contracted her stomach muscles, he was pressed even tighter between her womb walls. He held off on masturbating inside of her, but he couldn’t lose his erection, especially as he felt all of her sensations just as strongly as she did, and in turn, he knew Elizabeth could feel what he did.

He was doing his best not to alert the aliens to his presence, but just by being in here and sharing the same fetish as his mother, he was going to make her very conspicuous.

At the same time, the alien babies Elizabeth was already carrying were kicking around inside of her, making it even harder to keep it together for the two of them. James may not have shared the same part of the womb with the Gennomese fetuses, but he could feel the shockwaves from their thrashing around.

“Oooooh, aren’t I enough?” Elizabeth said, rubbing her belly all over. Her skin was sensitive to the touch and it got her, and therefore James, even more agitated, but she didn’t know any other way to try and calm down the kicking alien babies inside of her. “Please, just take me! Do whatever you want to do with me!”

“She’s right, I don’t want to waste time,” the red haired alien woman moaned, puckering her lips and patting her big belly all over, her pink skin unnaturally glistening all over her belly and cleavage. “If I don’t get to fuck someone soon, I’ll just tackle whoever’s the closest and go wild!”

“Fine, we better come to do what we came here for,” the Latina alien said, slapping Elizabeth hard on the ass and making her bend over. Her belly bounced against the floor, making James yelp and get tossed around in that thick tank of amniotic fluid. “If her son isn’t around, we don’t have to follow those ridiculous Sollite customs and we can fuck her here where there’s more room.”

The five alien women stripped down naked, their heavy breasts laying on top of their firm bellies. Their wide, puffy nipples were leaking a cloudy green fluid. Clealry, it wasn’t only their bellies that felt ready to burst.

James braced himself, as the Latina alien grabbed onto one of Elizabeth’s ass cheeks and squeezed hard, as the red haired alien went up to her face, grinding her belly and pussy against it. “Elizabeth?” he murmured, his erection throbbing and burning.

Elizabeth could sense what he was feeling and communicated with him through the womb. “Once they start on me…they won’t notice you. You can do whatever you need to inside of my big belly…”

James could feel what his mother felt while he was inside of her womb. The Latina Gennomese woman fingered Elizabeth, sending jolts running through Elizabeth’s body. She gasped and squealed, every sensation she experienced intensified by the pregnancy and her hormones. Just having three fingers inside her pregnant pussy, with the alien’s thumb stroking Elizabeth’s clitoris, was enough to make her ready to come in just seconds.

That same raging and sudden climax spread to James from inside of the womb. He was already on the edge being inside of this big pregnant belly he lusted after so much, and he started humping the soft, warm walls, gasping and groaning. He had only done this once before a week ago, and since then, it was all he could think about, wondering if he would ever get to repeat it. Wondering if he should repeat it.

Now, he was back to it, and even got the explicit green light from his mother. James moaned and masturbated himself from inside of the pregnant belly, but since he was rubbing up on Elizabeth’s womb walls, it didn’t feel like masturbation, it felt so much more intense.

And just like how he could feel all the pleasure coming from Elizabeth as the alien women started to fuck her as a pack, Elizabeth could feel James’ raging libido, the burning and pulsing in his erect cock. The two of them slingshotted back and forth, each feeling the other’s growing arousal, multiplying exponentially.

Her moans of pleasure were silenced only by the biracial Gennomese woman stuffing her thick belly button in Elizabeth’s mouth, smirking down at her as the knocked up middle aged mother sucked on her navel like a nipple.

Elizabeth sucked hard, her tongue tracing the thick outie, making the big bellied alien moan and rub her overstuffed round stomach up and down, feeling some satisfaction after being bloated and horny for so long.

The Gennomese’s bodies were maximized for sex and reproduction, and every part of them could be used for it. The beautiful alien woman moaned and started to leak and spray her green alien goo down Elizabeth’s throat through her belly button. At the same time, her breasts began gushing a similarly green fluid, also carrying her genetic material, capable of impregnating Elizabeth, or any human woman, if they got in contact with it.

The Latina looking alien moved out of the way and the blonde Gennomese woman got down on her knees. She started eating out Elizabeth, but she was so passionate and aggressive, Elizabeth still felt like she was being topped. Each lick from the alien woman was hard and made her whoel body quake. Her tongue went into Elizabeth like a hunting knife going into the heart of a wild elephant. And her tongue excreted those same chemicals their species needed to reproduce with a fertile human such as Ellizabeth.

Elizabeth moaned and sputtered, trying to scream with pleasure while still sucking on the other alien woman’s navel and gulping down her alien fluid.

The more she shook all over, the more it tossed James around inside of her in her belly. He clung tight against the womb walls to steady himself, but there was only so much he could do. James bounced back and forth inside of his mother’s pregnant belly, which only got her more turned on in the process. That made her jiggle and bounce her heavy round belly even more, increasing James’ wild ride.

All of it got him turned on too, with his pregnancy fetish and his attraction to his curvaceous mother all combining into one perfect storm. He gasped and groaned, pressed and thrown all through the warm womb, while still feeling all of Elizabeth’s constant orgasms, his head still filled with memories and sensations from all her time loving her pregnancies. Even among other pregnancy fetishists James encountered through the world wide web, he thought he was abnormally passionate about big bellied ladies. But now that he had this connection with Elizabeth, he could tell that…he had met his match.

Finally, he came, busting hard inside of his mother’s pregnant belly once again. Thick ropes came out of him, splashing against Elizabeth’s womb walls, making her big round stomach twitch and quiver once more.

He groaned, letting it all out, his whole body getting hot and his muscles tightening and twisting before letting him relax from head to toe. Since Elizabeth was already impregnated by these five alien women, James was confident that even though he came directly into her womb, she was not going to be pregnant.

Part of him would be excited and admittedly aroused by that, watching his own mother’s belly swell up, expectant and ripe, carrying his baby, or babies, inside of her, feeling them kick as a constant reminder of what they did together.

But deep down, James knew he would be much more satisfied with this current arrangement. He was a submissive at heart, and he was more turned on by watching these five big bellied aliens have sex with Elizabeth and turn her into their personal breeder. Every time Elizabeth called herself their “livestock,” James felt a warmth swell up inside of him.

This was the way he preferred things to be…and from being inside of Elizabeth’s womb and taking in all of her sensations, he could tell she felt the same way, as embarrassing as that was for the two of them to admit.

Then, after another big shift, James was sloshed around in Elizabeth’s belly, with the Gennomese not done having their way with her. James then looked down to see his erection back, as aching and hard as ever. He realized he had no refractory period; whether it was being inside of Elizabeth’s womb, or the effects of her alien transformation, there was no limit on how many times he could come, or at least his ceiling was much, much higher than ever before.

James groaned and started back at it, aggressively humping against Elizbeth’s womb walls, as she felt him get his second wind from the outside.

She was getting worked over hard as the aliens were now done “warming up.” They stood her up, her huge belly jutting out in front of her, now even bigger after just one round of each of them fucking her. The Indian looking Gennomese woman had her navel stuck inside of Elizabeth’s easily dimpling it back into an innie because she had already unbirthed James through here.

She was humped Elizabeth, belly to belly, making Elizabeth squeal and groan, fireworks going off inside of her with how hard she was orgasming. The blonde and redhead aliens were passing Elizabeth’s head back and forth, making her trade off on sucking on their leaking nipples, drinking down their green alien fluid, while the Latina alien was sucking on Elizabeth’s tits, able to pass her genetics back into the pregnant woman via her mouth.

Then, in an impressive showing of flexibility and strength, the biracial looking alien woman was bent over backwards, eating out a standing Elizabeth while her belly bumped against the base of Elizabeth’s.

“Yes, oh fuck yes,” Elizabeth groaned, rubbing her hands all over her belly when she finally got her lips free. “Please, do whatever you want with me, forever. I belong to you!”

“You always have,” the Latina alien woman laughed, stroking Elizabeth’s chin and kissing her on the lips, sliding her tongue inside of her and swirling it around. “But you are so much more…excited than before.”

“We knew you would be a good breeder, but something about you is different,” the redheaded alien said, stepping back and laughing, eyes narrowed.

The Indian Gennomese woman kept fucking Elizabeth belly to belly while the other four watched, their sixth sense fully focused on Elizabeth, trying to understand just what it was about her.

Elizabeth moaned, feeling the Indian woman spray her seed inside of their breeder via her belly button, filling Elizabeth up with even more of their alien offspring.

For James, he could feel the change fast, as the womb got even tighter and tighter around him. He could barely move, but he had just enough room to hump his hips and grind his erection against his mother’s warm pregnant flesh. And the more pregnant Elizabeth got, the more aroused she was too, so that got him excited and aroused too.

But he felt something else mixed in with Elizabeth’s intense sexual rush from being more and more pregnant: panic.

“Elizabeth? What’s going on?” James tried to communicate with her, but both of them were so drunk on their libido, it was harder and harder for them to talk via the umbilical connection.

The four women watching smiled and waddled forward, starting to find their answer. “We wanted your son too,” the biracial Gennomese woman said, placing her palm against Elizabeth’s pregnant belly and giving her a generous rub. “But I think we had him here all along.”

“Oooh…you can’t have him,” Elizabeth moaned, her knees quivering not from the weight of her expanding belly, but from the intense waves of pleasure running through her curves.

The Indian alien woman had come so much and so hard inside of Elizabeth, her brown belly had shrunk down to the size of a woman full term with just twins. She groaned and pulled out, waddling away and rubbing her stomach, breathing hard.

“I think soon, you will start seeing it from our perspective,” the Indian woman smiled.

Elizabeth’s pregnant belly was now twice as big as the rest of her body. The only thing keeping Elizabeth from tipping forward was that the rest of her body had changed so much and she was more like them, with a body strong enough to carry such a big pregnancy.

Her pale skin bulged constantly, with each round bump from a fetal kick or punch making her pregnant stomach look like the surface of boiling water. Most of these were from her unborn alien babies, fucked into her by these five aliens, but there were also several bigger ones that were coming from James inside the womb too.

“Look at you. So perfectly round and expectant…you know how good this feels,” the blonde Gennomese woman said, waddling up to Elizabeth and stroking her belly all over. “Not everyone our people breeds understands that. They may be in awe of our powers and may even get a rush out of being turned into a breeder like you…but you feel it on a deeper level.”

“I do,” Elizabeth whined. “I…I love being pregnant, so much!”

The Latina alien laughed and traced one finger against Elizabeth’s body. She bent her over once again, Elizabeth’s heavy frame propped up by her taut belly resting against the floor of her living room. “It’s just natural,” she purred.

Her fingers started from the bottom of Elizabeth’s ass cheeks, following that thick, plump curve, then brushing all across her firm, pregnant stomach, teasing her naked breasts, each one now the size of a woman with triplets’ belly, and ending by pressing Elizabeth’s juicy lips. Even before she became more youthful, Elizabeth had a pretty face with big cheeks and gorgeous, full lips.

“Your body is so fertile, more than any Sollite we have found. You may have tried to do other things with your life on this planet, but your body is telling you that you are meant to breed. You have been waiting for us your entire life,” the Latina alien said, smirking in Elizabeth’s face, watching her baby mama’s eyes get wide, her lips trembling.

The more their seed percolated within her, gestating more and more of their alien babies, turning Elizabeth more like a Gennomese, the more it broke down those mental barriers inside of her. Everything that would make Elizabeth doubt or counter what they were telling her faded away, and she bought into it. All of it.

“Yes,” Elizabeth whimpered. “This is what I was meant to do…this is what I was meant to be. Your own personal preggo.”

“Your whole life has led up to this,” the redhead alien said, reaching over to give her several hard smacks on the belly. “Including having this son. A male Sollite that picks up this strongly on our senses is exceptionally rare. You were meant to have him, so that we could have him.”

Elizabeth gasped and cupped one hand against her belly. She was keeping James inside of her to protect him from the Gennomese, but now, the more pregnant she became, the more she felt like she must do what they say.

James could sense something was going on, hearing all their voices muffled. Not only was he in the womb, with all this thick fluid around him, but more and more alien babies were being added to his mother’s belly, increasing the insulation around him. “Elizabeth? What are you going to do?”

“We can show you what fate has in store for you,” the Indian alien said, holding eye contact with Elizabeth. “We can show you just what our world is like, what the galaxy has ready for you…but you have to take this step first. Show us you are ready.”

Elizabeth nodded and repositioned herself. She stood tall, spreading her legs apart to give her a base of support, and grunted in a low voice. Her hands pressed against the sides of her belly, and she started to push.

James felt the amniotic fluid churn around him, and he was tossed around again. Only this time, instead of falling down deep into the womb, he was being pulled out.

He tried to fight it, not wanting to be handed over to these strange alien women, fearing what exactly they had in store for him, but it was no use.

James was rebirthed, pushed back out of Elizabeth’s belly button, falling to the floor, naked and soaked with amniotic fluid.

He looked around at them all, though he could only see big bellies above him. Elizabeth was the biggest of them all by far, whereas the alien gang bang had shrunk the Gennomese back down to twin or triplet size.

James wanted to flee, but he was too weakened by his journey back and forth into his mother’s womb. And, as scared as he was, part of him was sexually curious about just what these aliens had in mind for him, since he knew it had to have something to do with pregnancy or their bellies.

The five aliens looked at each other and gave a nod. “So it’s agreed?” the Latina alien said.

“It’s your turn,” the other four said in unison.

She waddled up to James, pressing her pregnant belly against him. “Then, it’s time,” she said.

James thought she would unbirth him through her belly button, but she kept walking forward, pushing her bare vagina against his face. She squatted down, legs spread wide, taking James inside of her labia lips.

He gasped, feeling himself being unbirthed by this new woman, much more aggressively than Elizabeth had ever done with him.

In no time, she had pulled his entire body up through her birth canal and into her womb, making her brown belly bulge out again. She groaned, rubbing her round stomach, feeling the kicking and movement from this frightened young man inside of her.

“Mmm, it has been centuries since I felt kicking inside of my belly,” the alien woman complained. “Are you settled down in there?”

James thrashed around until he felt the umbilical cord connect. He could breathe again, but he was much more restricted in here than he was in Elizabeth’s womb. But, just like when his mother unbirthed him, James could hear the thoughts of this alien woman, though she kept her memories much more guarded. “What are you doing to me?”

“Hello in there,” she giggled. “My true name is Hiolata. You carry the same very powerful breeding genes as your mother, so I will carry you inside of me, gradually blending those same genes with me so I become even more potent.”

James shifted inside of the womb. “When will I get out?”

Hiolata laughed. “You should stop worrying about that right now. It will only make things easier for you.”

James groaned, suddenly feeling like he was going to be inside of her forever. Still, being unbirthed by this beautiful Latina looking alien, and after everything he had just gone through…

He came inside of her belly, spraying his seed all over the tight womb confines. Hiolata moaned, rubbing her bloated pregnant belly and orgasming too, taking in his sensations. “Oooh, he is very active.”

“Yes, he has a strong pregnancy fetish,” Elizabeth said, still rubbing her own belly, full of kicking alien babies. She now had a thick linea negra on her pale skin as well, passing over her navel, back to being an outie after rebirthing her son. “He came inside of my pregnant belly many times.”

“Good. The more times he does that, the stronger it makes me,” Hiolata laughed, patting her brown belly firmly. She churned her hips, gently rocking James around inside of her womb. She had much more control over her body, so while James felt like a live wire inside of his mother’s pregnant stomach, here, Hiolata was easily able to make him drift off to sleep. “Any last words you want to say to him for now? It will be some time until he wakes back up.”

Elizabeth smiled. “We have shared plenty these past few weeks. I’m ready to go.”

The other alien women waddled around the house, holding out their hands. Blue light shined from their palms, passing over every surface, making sure any trace of their alien genetics was scrubbed clean.

“Anyone you would want to say goodbye to?” the biracial looking Gennomese woman said. “Because the only times we will return to this planet will be very brief, and it will be to see other women to breed.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “I have no friends, and the only family I have is kicking around inside of your belly,” she said, pointing to Hiolata’s swollen brown baby bump. “I am ready to start fresh.”

“You will do what you were always meant to do,” the blonde Gennomese woman said with a big smile, kissing Elizabeth on her belly.

“And if your genes are strong enough, one day, you may even become one of us, and you will be able to impregnate women of your own,” the redhead alien woman said, as the five of them gathered in a circle.

“I don’t need that,” Elizabeth said, giving her belly a firm smack. “I am a breeder. I am here to be knocked up and swell. That is what I want to do with my life.”

“Excellent. You truly are the best we’ve ever found,” Hiolata said, rubbing her belly. “And your son will be just as useful.”

“Then, it’s all ready,” the Indian alien woman said.

With that, the six of them vanished in a flash of light, taking James along with them, trapped inside of an alien womb.