Nix woke up, and as usual, he was face to face with a huge pregnant belly. The only question was, it was so enormous, it was all he could see, and he didn’t know whose it was: his mother’s or his stepmother’s.

Still, he started to rub and kiss it immediately, feeling how warm and stretched out it was. The pregnant stomach skin, palen and smooth at one point, was now covered in throbbing blue veins, red stretch marks, and a thick dark line ran up and down it, passing over a popped out belly button, now engorged to be wider than Nix’s own palm.

As he rubbed, the skin constantly bulged from all the fetal movement, making the belly shake and pulsate, hitting home how these two pregnant women were full of life.

“Oooh, good. The babies love the way you rub my big belly.” The voice belonged to Stella, and now he knew he was rubbing his mother’s pregnant stomach.

Nix sat up in bed, now able to see the rest of Stella. His mother smiled sweetly at him, her long purple hair hanging down, several locks stuck in her deep cleavage. She had on a bra, but it was so small and thin, she clearly didn’t mind if her son got a full look at her breasts.

Stella was always busty and got him blushing and excited ever since he was young and hit puberty, but since she got pregnant, she now had a rack like two beach balls, and overflowing with milk. That was eighty weeks ago, as she was diagnosed with a new and increasingly common condition known as Chronic Enkymosis. In other words, she was a Perma-Preg.

Those octuplets she got from a few random one-night stands left her bloated and ripe for the foreseeable future, getting her bigger and bigger. But thankfully she had her son to take care of her. He sold a piece of unique coding two years ago and now was incredibly independently wealthy, so he bought this house for himself, his mother…and his stepmother.

“Oooh, Nix, you’re awake?” his stepmother Magdalena said in a breathy voice. She waddled into the bedroom, pushing past Stella’s belly to push her massive round stomach in his face. She was just as big around the waist as Stella, even though she was only carrying septuplets. That’s because she was a full one hundred weeks pregnant, a Perma-Preg just like her.

She had a nice set of tits, just like any pregnant would in her situation, but not nearly as big as Stella’s, but she had her own secret weapon.

“Go on, rub it,” she purred, stroking the front of her pregnant stomach, squirming with unborn life just like Stella’s, and also covered in veins and linea negras. “The babies kick so hard when you rub…they just love the feel of your hands on my sore, pregnant skin~”

When she moved in, her belly was big, it filled up Nix’s lap with room to spare. She felt his erection tickle against her stomach and cooed, making her eyelids heavy.

Nix gulped. He had an intense pregnancy fetish for his entire life, and he knew these two women knew about it…and yet, as they swelled up, they kept pushing him harder and harder. He loved pampering them and admiring their growing bodies, but he was far too shy to go any further…

“He’s my son, I carried him in my womb, I need my belly rub first,” Stella huffed, pushing Magdalena to the side as she smothered Nix with her belly, that huge navel of hers going right in his mouth. “You wait your turn…”

The stepmother huffed and waddled out, patting her big belly, as Stella handed Nix a bottle of skin lotion and made him get to work, stroking her firm, warm skin and making it glisten.

Stella’s motivations were simple: she wanted his money. The idea of flirting with her son amused her but she was not eager for him to have sex with her. And she hoped, with his low confidence and high horniness, she wouldn’t need to go that far.

But, she had a rival in the house, and while she and Magdalena had co-raised Nix for most of his life after his father passed away not long after re-marrying Magdalena, she did not want to share his fortune with anyone else…or share his affections and belly rubs.

Nix was red hot when he finished caressing his mother’s pregnant belly and he hurried to the shower, needing a break badly. He had already planned on taking a vacation in two weeks, and he hoped that would let him collect himself and overcome these two gorgeous preggo’s advances.

As he closed his eyes and let the warm water pass over his face, he heard the shower door open and heavy grunting. “Oooh, you know I’m too big to do this on my own. As long as you’re here, you can help me, can’t you dear?”

He opened his eyes to see Magdalena in the shower with him, now wet and nude. She smiled at him, those golden eyes of her flashing, before she turned around and made him really gasp.

Stella may have had the giant tits, but Magdalena had a set of hips and ass cheeks that were second to none. They were even wider than her massively overdue and overstuffed womb, and without any stretch marks or blemishes on them.

Her booty pinned Nix to the shower wall, while she put a bar of soap in his hand and guided him to wrap his arms around her pregnant belly, or at least as much as he could reach.

“You know, I’ve been in your life so long, I know I’m just your stepmom,” Magdalena purred, wiggling her hips back and forth, grinding that huge butt against Nix. “But really…I feel like your mommy…and now that I’m pregnant, I feel more like a mommy than ever before…”

She guided his erection between her thighs, soft and thick thanks to her huge hips and butt. Nix gasped, feeling the squeeze as she masturbated him with her legs.

“And you can help me with that, can’t you? You can show me how to be a good mommy,” Magdalena squealed.

Nix gasped and came, spraying his cum all over her thighs, quickly washed away by the shower.

“Just something to think about,” she said, turning to the side so her belly was out of the way and kissing him on the forehead, while her belly still shook and stretched out from the kicking. Her heart was racing as she waddled out, and she took one last look at Nix over her shoulder, biting her bottom lip.

She wanted his money, just like Stella did, just like anyone would. But she got pregnant before she knew he was rich, wanting to tantalize him with her body. Deep down, Magdalena did care for Nix and she didn’t only want to be his “mommy,” she wanted to be his wife.

After he got dressed, Nix went to the kitchen. Stella was eating breakfast, but when she saw him going to the fridge, she waddled over and shook her head. “No, I can’t let you do that. There’s only one thing that’s truly healthy for you to eat for breakfast.”

Stella took out one of her bare breasts, making Nix gasp, and she shoved her nipple in his mouth. Her tits were twice as big as his head, and milk flowed freely. Nix was surprised, but he had his embarrassed attraction to his pregnant mother, so he nursed from her without a word, drinking her milk and letting it nourish him.

With the vacation coming up, Stella felt the pressure to get her hooks in her son and secure that money before Magdalena got it…or before some floozy on his vacation got it instead.

She moaned and gave herself a firm, loud slap on the side of her stomach. “Oooh, this baby bump, I swear. Nix, your momma needs some lotion again.”

She pulled her breasts out of his mouth and pushed her belly on top of him, big and round enough to pin his entire body under her pregnant weight. Nix started to lotion her up, but he felt her warm, firm stomach rubbing against his crotch, making his erection stir.

Stella turned on the TV in the kitchen, watching news reports about the growing spread of Perma-Pregs and the worlds’ governments inability to respond to unbirthings and vorings. Stella turned the channel to sports, watching recaps from pro wrestling as two enormously pregnant masked Latinas squared off, moaning and squealing together.

The more she watched, the more Stella churned her hips, letting out tiny squeaks of arousal, helped by feeling Nix’s hands smear belly butter all over her overdue pregnant tummy. He was letting out his own gasps too, with her overly ripe belly grinding on his sensitive erection, but if she could hear, she didn’t care.

Stella’s churning shifted her position around, until her son’s face was right up against her warm pussy. He knew, because of her Perma-Preg condition, if he came inside of her, she would instantly swell up with more of his babies…he could knock up his own busty, beautiful mother, and he was so close…

With a moan, he came, spraying his semen all over the base of her pregnant belly, staining his own pants and underwear. Stella just gave a little grunt and patted the top of her stomach, not caring one bit.

Nix went to his office after, working on new programming language, but it was impossible to focus with the two giant pregnant cougars constantly coming in and flirting with him.

“You sure you’re comfortable like that?” Magdalena purred, wearing a tiny striped tank top and a pair of black thong underwear that vanished in between her huge ass cheeks, which she rubbed and patted just as much as her belly. “I know I would be sore sitting down in that office chair, even with this big jiggly booty! You should sit on my warm pregnant belly. It’s big enough, and very firm and warm!”

Then Stella would come in, wearing a crop top that only covered the top half of her tits, with a denim skirt on to make room for her belly. “Mmm, are you sure I’m not too big? I’ve been pregnant so long, and I’m only going to grow larger, day by day,” she sighed, posing to the side, really accentuating her size, puckering out her lips. She rubbed wide circles around her strained, throbbing stomach. “And these babies are kicking a lot. Reminds me of you. Mmm, you kicked inside of my womb so much, every day. Especially when I played with myself…but I’m too big for that now. I’d need help…”

Nix felt himself at wit’s end. It would have been easy to just put his foot down and fuck both of them. He was rich, after all, and having two huge, sexy pregnant lovers was the kind of thing he would do with his wealth. But he was too shy and lacked confidence…besides, even if they got him horny, it was still his mom and stepmom. He couldn’t have sex with them…could he?

By the end of the day, Nix got very little work done, and he had a feeling he wouldn’t ever come up with a new billion-dollar idea as long as these two were flirting with him. Stella was downstairs, cooking dinner, mixing in her breast milk for Nix’s portion.

Magdalena intercepted Nix as he made it out and hugged him close to her belly. “You were working so hard today.”

“It doesn’t feel like it,” he sighed. “I’ve got…writer’s block, I guess you’d call it.”

She sighed and cooed. “You need to relax. Have you ever had a massage?”

“No,” Nix said, already being guided into Magdalena’s bedroom.

“Well I give a great massage~”

She closed the door to her room and then thrust her ass back, smacking it against Nix and pushing him down onto her bed.

“When the doctor said I would be a Perma-Preg, I was so scared, but then I felt how loving and caring you were about my body, and it made me feel so good,” Magdalena purred, undressing herself while facing away from Nix, subtly twerking her big booty in front of him. “And…I knew you were the only man for me~”

She turned back around and waddled up, eclipsing his vision with her pregnant belly.

“Magdalena…I can’t. We can’t! You’re my stepmom!” Nix whimpered as she pulled off his pants and got his erection out of his underwear.

“Shhh, you’re just shy,” Magdalena said. “I know you want this. You just need help. I need your help to be a mommy, and you need my help to be a man!”

She sat down on him, her ass cheeks stradling his waist, her pussy taking his entire hard dick inside of her. Magdalena whimpered, bouncing up and down on her padded butt, pumping his cock hard. Nix moaned, no longer resisting. He hugged his arms around her big belly, kissing it madly, feeling his seven step-siblings kicking around in her womb, there to grow inside of her for all eternity.

This felt far better than that thigh job his stepmom gave him in the morning, and Nix kissed her warm belly all over. He felt so conflicted about his attraction to her and Stella but, between the two of them, he justified that it was better to fuck her than his own mother. But even as his balls tingled and he felt his climax coming, he still fantasized about Stella’s pregnant curves and those big, leaking breasts.

“Oooh, that’s it! Give this big preggo what she needs!” Magdalena squealed, her long dirty blonde hair tossing around. Nix reached his arms back and spanked her on both sides of her belly, making her gasp and come.

Nix was worried about making her more pregnant, but when he heard her orgasmic moan, he hit his climax and shot his sperm into her belly, adding another three babies to her brood. Magdalena wailed and came again as she expanded, stroking her curves, as each of these new three babies was also 100 weeks gestated.

“Doesn’t that feel so good, dear?” Magdalena squeaked, her voice several octaves higher after she orgasmed. “You can do it, fuck me and make me more and more pregnant…as husband and wife. Please?”

Before Nix could answer, Stella called out from the kitchen. “Dinner’s ready! Better come quick before these cravings make me gobble it all up myself!”

The two of them got dressed and wet back. Magdalena’s heart was racing. She rubbed her belly, so happy to finally be carrying Nix’s babies, even if it was only a third of her womb’s occupants. She was so close to having him…and now she had to use her trump card.

At dinner, Magdalena took out an envelope and handed it off to the only one there who had ever given birth before. “Stella, I have an early birthday gift for you, before you turn forty five. It’s a whole week at a vacation resort, starting tomorrow.”

Stella smiled politely, knowing Magdalena was taking a jab at her age because the stepmom was younger than her, and she probably wanted to use that to draw Nix in. “Thank you, but you should go with me.”

“No, it’s only for one, and you need it more than me. A hard working mother…well, you don’t work, do you? I have my substitute teaching job, and Nix works, but you just sort of…clean and cook, I suppose.”

Stella could tell this “gift” was a trap, a way to keep her away from Nix so Magdalena could have her fun. She also noticed that Magdalena’s belly was more taut and bigger too, so she had a bad feeling she’d already taken her son’s virginity. Still, if she turned it down and made a scene, Magdalena could use that in her favor.

“Thank you very much,” Stella said, pocketing the envelope in her cleavage. “I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun, and right before Nix has his vacation…”

That night, as Nix walked down the hall to his bedroom, he passed by Stella’s door. “Nix, honey?” she called out softly. She was wearing a small silk nighty, her breasts spiling out of all sides. Stella patted the bed. “Why don’t you give your momma some company? You can sleep with me tonight~”

Nix gulped. He could tell from her tone what she really wanted, and while having sex and losing his virginity to his huge pregnant stepmom felt good, he also very nervous and guilty about it, and he didn’t want to repeat the same thing with his birth mother.

“No thank you,” he said. “Besides…you’re so big, I couldn’t even fit on the bed with you!”

Stella frowned as he walked away. His spinelessness made it so easy to flirt with him and get his money before, but now that she needed him to really take action, he couldn’t. Clearly, she had to change up her plan…


The next morning, Nix woke up feeling warm and tingly all over his body. He opened his eyes, expecting to see a huge pregnant belly in his face. Instead, he saw his mother’s crafty smile, her eyelids heavy as she looked mockingly at him.

Then he realized, her nipple was in his mouth, and he was subconsciously breastfeeding from her while he was sleeping! But Nix’s surprise wasn’t enough for him to stop sucking on her massive tits.

Nix felt more tingling around his erection, and he realized his mother had her hand in his underwear, stroking his cock. She had never been this aggressive before, and now he knew, if she wanted something from him, she would get it, and he had very little say in it.

“Why do we have to play these games, dear?” Stella cooed. “You have a pregnancy fetish. You can blush and protest all you want, but I know you do. You see a big round tummy filled with kicking and it gets you so stiff and hard. And who has a bigger pregnant belly than me, hmm?”

She gave her swollen pregnant stomach several hard pats, her skin still throbbing from being so stretched out, her pale white skin now red and purple from all the stretch marks and veins.

“And if you have a pregnancy fetish, you must love your momma’s tummy extra special, isn’t that right? I carried you around in this belly, and now it’s round and taut again,” Stella laughed. “You shouldn’t try and deny it. I see the way you look at me. How excited you get when you rub and caress my expectant curves. And you even got excited when you found out I would be a Perma-Preg. Think about it: your poor mother, doomed to swell bigger and heavier forever, and it got you an erection. You bad boy!”

Stella laughed again as Nix’s erection throbbed in his hand. She had tried flirting with him for so long, but it was clear now that that was the wrong approach. Someone with his low self-confidence would respond best to mocking and chiding.

Still, she did not want to have him just be her sugar daddy, having sex with her and filling her womb up bigger and bigger with his babies. Stella had decided on a very different idea…

With a grunt, she moved up onto the bed, now straddling her son, pinning him underneath her heavy pregnant stomach, letting him feel how warm she was, how much her skin was stretching from the movement inside of her. With her belly this close to him, Nix could hear the amniotic fluid sloshing and bubbling around in her womb.

“You love pregnant bellies, don’t you? Say it,” Stella said.

Nix whimpered. “I’ve always loved pregnant women and big pregnant bellies! The bigger, the better! And yours…yours is the biggest and sexiest of them all, even though you’re my mom! Maybe it’s because you’re my mom! But I can’t get over it, and you get me so horny, my big round, ripe, Perma-Preg Momma!”

Stella laughed, licking her lips. “Then, if you like my pregnant belly so much, why not return to it?” She shifted her hips forward, placing her bare pussy against his face. “Go back inside and let your momma carry you around inside of her tummy~”

She didn’t ask for his input. Nix gasped as she shifted her weight down, her plump pussy lips wrapping around his face. He felt himself being suffocated, but with a groan, he realized he could breathe again. But everything was still dark around him, and he felt something wet and warm all around him.

He was squeezed tight, and then he realized, he was inside of his mother’s birth canal! She had engulfed him with her vagina, and he was entering the rest of her pregnant body.

Stella laughed and moaned, rubbing her pregnant belly up and down as she clenched tight and pulled him deep inside of her.

“Oooh, that feels so good, baby,” Stella laughed, with only his legs sticking out of her now. “Mmm, your whole body rubbing up against my pussy walls…you’re going to make me come way harder than if you fucked me with that little dick of yours!”

Nix whimpered, hearing his mother mock him as he was unbirthed, still passing through her.

His head bumped up against something soft but firm. It was her cervix, and with one last moan, Stella slapped the sides of her belly and tightened up, pulling him in the rest of the way, his feet vanishing between her thighs.

Stella grunted and came, stroking her belly all over as she took her son back into her womb. Nix was tossed around inside of her, floating in this big fleshy tank of warm fluid. It was so tight around him, he couldn’t see the overdue fetuses she was carrying, but there was a bright pink glow from inside of her.

He looked down and gasped at a fleshy cord now sticking out of his navel, so he could breathe. But still, as he kicked and tried to wrestle himself free, he felt himself float back down into the amniotic fluid. Even though he could breathe, it was like he was sinking and drowning, and he felt the energy ooze out of him, as he fell into a deep sleep.

His last thought before he passed out was…if Stella was a Perma-Preg, and he was now in her womb, that meant…he was going to be inside of his mother’s pregnant belly forever…

Stella grunted, smiling and patting her belly as she felt him settle into her uterus, and she shifted away from his bed, waddling to her room.

Magdalena was laying in her bed, watching pregnancy porn and masturbating. She would normally try and get up early to try and flirt with Nix before his mother got there, but she was confident she had won so she could take it easy.

Stella was in the kitchen when she finally got up, wearing a tight, low cut blue tanktop to show off her tits, and a pair of yoga leggings, with a small travel bag for clothes next to her. “You won’t need many clothes there. I hear it’s very…liberated mentality over there, people accepting the new way of the world now,” Magdalena purred. “Enjoy your stay.”

“I will,” Stella said, pushing her belly against Magdalena’s. “Say, is your pregnant belly bigger?”

Magdalena pouted out her lips mockingly and eyed Stella’s. “No bigger than yours…”

Both women laughed, confident they knew a secret the other did not. “Well then, I’ll be off. And if this resort is as much fun as you say it is…maybe the two of us can go together sometime,” Stella cooed, stroking Magdalena’s cheek and making the bottom heavy preggo shudder. “It’s been too long since we played~”

Stella left the house, with a taxi waiting for her (she had to order a tax minivan to make room for her and her swollen pregnant belly). Magdalena was a little shaken up by Stella’s last words, but she still believed she had beaten her. As the car drove away, Magdalena waddled to Nix’s bedroom, hoping to add even more babies to her brood.

As the taxi drove her away, Stella put her phone on mute, and specifically blocked any calls or texts from Magdalena. She was on vacation, after all. She wanted to relax.

Thanks to Magdalena’s generosity, there was lots here for the mega MILF to do. She helped herself to the buffet of great food, stuffing herself even rounder, making that soccer ball sized belly button of hers stick out an extra four inches by the time she was done eating. In the resort cafeteria, she saw lots of men looking at her and checking her out. Big, handsome, and likely hung guys too.

Stella smiled and winked at them. While her huge pregnant belly was not a turn on for everyone, even in this new, changing world, her massive tits still spurred a lot of attention. And with a pregnant belly as big as hers, Stella knew people took it as a sign advertising that she had great pussy.

It got her so excited, she went to order a massage right away. There were several fit, good looking men in tiny tight shirts (and tight shorts) there waiting for her. “We’re all specialized in giving pre-natal massages. This resort has more and more expectant guests lately,” one of them said.

“Oh, is that so?” Stella smiled, seeing the way they eyed her body. She may have been pushing fifty, but this pregnant mother never felt more sensual and energetic in her life. “I think I’m in good hands here.”

“Which one of us would you like?” the masseuse said, gesturing between him and the other men.

“All of you,” Stella purred, removing her top.

She had her belly massaged by three men at once, all kneading and pushing her taut, oiled up stomach, feeling the intense kicking inside of her. Another masseuse ran his hands up her back and down to her ass cheeks, squeezing them hard. And then another was behind her, feeling up her tits, pinching and sucking on her nipples, while occasionally massaging her shoulders too, gripping them hard to wring out the tension of carrying around such a heavy maternal load.

After her massage, Stella went to the sauna and sat down naked, leaning back and letting her pregnant skin glisten with sweat. It wasn’t a mixed sauna, but Stella was fine with that, since she liked attention from sexy women as much as attention from muscular men.

There were two other women in the sauna with her, a blonde bimbo with a pregnant belly the size of a love seat, and a Japanese woman with such an exaggerated hourglass figure, Stella knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her womb empty for long.

But even with their great looks, both of them were fixated only on Stella. The blonde beauty gasped at her, opening her plump pink lips wide. “You look amazing!” she said, speaking with a ditzy accent.

“You got that pregnant all on your own?” the stacked Japanese woman said, rubbing Stella’s belly all over. She had bigger breasts than Magdalena and a bigger ass than Stella, making the pregnant momma very happy she had Nix locked away, or else the family fortune might go to her and her womb instead.

“All natural,” Stella laughed. “If you don’t believe me, feel for yourself!”

She pushed the Japanese woman’s head down. The stacked girl took the message, putting her face between Stella’s legs and eating her out. Stella moaned, rubbing her kicking belly up and down. She had to control herself or she might unbirth this girl too, and she didn’t want Nix to have any company in there aside from his own pregnant mother.

“Aww, I wanted to eat your pussy,” the blonde preggo pouted.

“I have a better use for those lips,” Stella said, stroking and smacking her thick linea negra. The blonde hurried over and sucked on Stella’s engorged outie navel, making Stella squeal again. It was the most sensitive part of her pregnant belly, like a second clitoris, and Stella was moaning and orgasming in seconds.

All the excitement made the overdue babies kick around inside of her, and soon, the commotion and shaking got Nix awake too. He stretched out as best he could in the womb, making her pregnant stomach bulge more than usual.

The two women gasped as they saw the handprints against Stella’s reddened, sore belly, and soon they could see Nix’s entire face pressed against her rubbery skin. “O-oh my,” the Japanese woman said, holding her hands against her chest, putting them in between her cleavage.

“Mmm, I think that’s enough for this mama today,” Stella grunted, slowly heaving herself up to her feet and waddling out of the sauna, patting and rubbing her pregnant belly. “You two have fun…maybe we’ll see each other again this week~”

She returned to her room in the resort, as the two women looked at each other, fully aware this woman must have unbirthed someone. The Japanese woman then eyed the blonde up and down, wondering what it would feel like to unbirth her too…

Stella got to her room and sat on her bed, as Nix found his bearings. “I’m inside of your pregnant belly, aren’t I?” Nix said, able to communicate with his mother through the umbilical cord.

“Yes, isn’t it obvious?” Stella laughed. “And you must be enjoying it in there. It’s so soft and warm…and as someone with a fetish for his own pregnant mother, it’s a dream come true!”

Nix blushed. To tell the truth, he couldn’t pretend to be entirely unhappy about this turn of events. The existence of Perma-Pregs got him turned on, but when he learned about unbirthing, his first thought was of his mother carrying him around in her womb, cooing and stroking her round curves as he made her big and bountiful again.

Still, he had to speak up and say something. He couldn’t spend the rest of his life trapped inside of her belly!

“Mom, you can’t just keep put me inside of your pregnant belly without my permission!” Nix shouted back.

She laughed. “You mean, if I had asked you if you wanted to go into my womb and be carried around by your big pregnant momma, you would have said yes and let me do it?”

He shifted inside of her. “Well…maybe.”

“There’s no maybe about it. Of course you would have. You love your momma’s sexy round pregnant tummy,” Stella laughed, gripping the side of her firm pregnant stomach and jiggling it up and down, feeling her son get tossed around inside of her. “I just saved you some time! You are so shy and quiet, you need a push sometimes.”

“Okay, fine, I admit it! I get turned on by my own mom’s pregnant belly and milk heavy boobs, and I like being inside of your womb! But not forever! I need to get out too!” Nix replied.

“To do what? You just sit at home on your computer, working and working, barely even trying to do anything with this sexy pregnant MILF living under your roof,” Stella huffed. “But now, you get to do everything I do, and let me tell you, I live a much more exciting life than you do. I can show you how to really have fun, and not let your shyness get in your way.”

Nix trembled inside of her, making her womb walls shake. She had him all figured out, and there was no way to out negotiate this pregnant woman. “But, being inside of you forever, that’s still too much. How about…I stay in your belly for a week, for the whole resort vacation, to see how it goes? And then you rebirth me and we can talk about a plan?”

Stella sighed and gave her pregnant stomach several hard pats, leaving a hand print on her sore, reddened belly skin. “Okay, dear, that’s a fair deal. See? Isn’t it better that we be open with one another?”

“Thank you, Mom,” Nix said. He may have negotiated with his pregnant mother, but he sure did not feel like he had stood up to her or made himself the one in charge.

“But, as long as you’re inside of me, from now on, just call me ‘Momma.’ That’s so much more…playful,” Stella purred.

“Okay…Momma,” Nix said, his voice fading as he went back to sleep. “I do like it inside of your pregnant belly. It’s so warm and gentle…”

“Good,” Stella said, relaxing into bed. She didn’t even bother turning the TV on, far more entertained just rubbing her belly and feeling the movement in her womb. Even asleep, Nix could still be felt shifting around inside of her, with little unconscious movement, just like her eight unborn babies.

Stella was so excited, she stayed up most of the night, just rubbing her belly, cradling her son inside of her. She was never excited about the prospect of having sex with him in order to secure the money for herself, but she did feel a deep maternal connection to him, and feeling her belly heavy with him once more put a smile on her face.

“This is the way it was meant to be,” Stella said softly, moving her hands around as much of her pregnant belly could reach. “Me, carrying you inside of my pregnant belly, along with all my other children…forever.”

She chuckled and closed her eyes to rest, never intending to make this last only one week.


The next day, Stella waddled around the resort, now looking for those handsome men she saw checking her out earlier. She went to the pool in the morning, easing her joints and sore belly skin, and went around with just her towel on, draped over her breasts to cover her nipples, though her under cleavage still stuck out. Since she had such a big belly, the resort staff couldn’t accuse her of having her pussy out since it was hidden from view.

She caught a tall, buff man eyeing her up and down and Stella smiled at him. “Why, with a body like that, you must be a strong young man. Can you help me carry my pregnant belly back to my room?”

He laughed and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around Stella and cupping the base of her belly. She giggled and waddled slowly with him, her bare butt grinding against his lap. She may not have had an ass on par with Magdalena, but she had plenty of size back there. And the more she grinded on this guy and felt his erection grow and throb, she knew he had lots of size too.

Once she got to her room, she laid her belly on the bed, moaning as she stood there. The man whipped his belt off and dropped his pants, grabbing onto her belly and thrusting inside of her.

Stella squealed, not having proper pregnancy sex since she first got knocked up. Her curves shook all over, and she put one of her breasts in her mouth, moaning and sucking on the nipple, milk pouring from her lips.

The handsome man tugged on her long purple hair as he got deep inside of her, stroking the side of her belly with his other hand. “You’re Perma-Preg, aren’t you?” he huffed.

“Mmm, yes, this tummy just keeps getting bigger and bigger!” Stella wailed.

“Then you won’t mind if I fill you up even bigger!” the man laughed.

“Mmm, are you kidding? I’d be pissed if I didn’t leave this room with some of your buns in my oven!” Stella howled. “Knock this thick momma up!”

The man gasped and felt her pussy tighten around him. After unbirthing her son, gripping a big cock was easy for Stella, and she wrang all the cum out of him, draining his balls as he finished inside of her.

Stella didn’t have her orgasm until she felt her belly growing, her skin tightening all around her as another baby ended up in her womb, eighty weeks gestated just like the rest of her brood, and kicking around just as impatiently.

Stella gasped and panted, feeling her muscles contract from the new occupant, but she wasn’t going into labor. That baby would stay inside of her belly forever and ever, just the way she wanted it.

The man was amazed at how hard she made him bust, and he was so drained, he was practically limping out of the room, but he was satisfied.

Stella rubbed her pregnant belly, tracing her new shape and size. She was surprised she only got one baby from this guy, since Nix clearly impregnated Magdalena with more than that, judging by her size. But, since he was her son, Stella figured Nix was deceptively potent.

“Then, it’s a good thing I kept you away from the two of us, or you’d make us bigger than a house in no time, you tummy slut,” Stella laughed, patting her baby bump hard.

Stella put some tiny clothes on, her breasts ready to burst out of her top if she so much as sneezed, and waddled back to the resort’s café. She went to the juice bar, making very loud “mmmm” noises as she slurped it down, rubbing circles on her pregnant belly as wide as she could, until she finally caught someone’s attention.

Another handsome guy, this one closer to her son’s age, saddled up next to her and started to rub her belly without even asking. “I’ve met a lot of gorgeous pregnant women, but they usually don’t have bellies this big,” he said, smiling at her. “Not until I get done with them, that is.”

Stella chuckled and brushed her purple hair out of her face. “You have a lot of baby mamas, then?”

“Well, since they aren’t even going to give birth, I just call them my breeders, though it’s more fun to knock a woman up when she’s already big and ripe,” he said, reaching down to squeeze Stella’s thick outie.

She gasped, privately wishing Nix was this forward and imposing with her, though she preferred their current arrangement. “I’m a forty five year old mother and I’ve been carrying these nontuplets inside of me for eighty weeks now,” she said, adding the new addition to her count.

The young man shuddered and moved his face toward her chest. “I’ve been all over the world, and I can tell you, you’re one of the best I’ve ever seen. Can I drink your milk?”

“After,” Stella smiled, stroking his cheek. “I think the juice bar would be upset if I sat here, giving away drinks for free…”

She waddled with the young man back to her room, when she felt kicking and movement inside of her. “Momma…why is it so cramped in here…did you get even more pregnant? Are you getting fucked while I’m inside of your belly?”

Stella sighed and turned to the young man. “You get started without me,” she said, letting him into her room while she went to the bathroom.

She slapped one hand hard against her belly and began to do pelvic thrusts. She rocked her hips back and forth, feeling Nix slosh around inside of her.

He moaned, bracing himself against her womb walls, feeling it stretch out around her.

“That’s it, relax, my little preggo pervert,” Stella laughed in a soft voice. “You’re inside of your momma’s belly. Let your momma take care of you and nurture you. You’re back where you belong…inside of my ripe, round, beautiful baby bump…”

Stella’s rocking of her hips soothed Nix, and he felt her hands trace all over her firm, sensitive skin. It made him shiver and he closed his eyes, now back asleep again.

Once he was asleep, Stella went back to the bedroom, where the young man was already naked and stroking his impressive dick, making sure it was nice and hard for her. “Good,” Stella said. “And I called from friends over too, I hope you don’t mind~”

He turned to the door and saw the curvaceous Japanese woman in there now, her belly full and swollen, with the blonde pregnant woman pressing up against her womb walls. He grinned, excited to get to fuck both of them in one day.

“Bend over, you big round MILF!” he laughed, spanking Stella’s belly and breasts, getting her into position. He mounted her, pounding hard and fast, hitting her back walls and making her groan and whimper. Stella wanted a real man, but with her overdue pregnancy, she was still very sore all over.

“That’s it…give me your babies,” Stella whimpered. “This pregnant momma wants you to fill her up with more babies!”

“You got it!” he groaned, his balls swinging and slapping against her ass as he came. Gallons of semen poured into Stella, and she was amazed at how virile he was. No wonder he had bred so many women all over the world!

Stella rolled off of him, rubbing her belly as it quaked and pulsated, ready to grow with another baby, as the Japanese woman waddled up to him next, pushing him down onto the bed with her firm, pale stomach.

“Ready for another round?” she purred.

“Always!” he laughed, happy to have her fuck him from on top. But as she stradled him, her hips kept moving up, getting away from his cock and up to his face.

He let out a muffled protest, but his head was already inside of her. The Japanese girl moaned and gripped her belly, sucking him up into her birth canal and then her womb. She was not as good as unbirthing as Stella because she had no pregnancy experience before this week, but she was able to get him inside of her, past her wide hips, and soon her belly was doubled in size, with lots of kicking and movement inside of her. Her breasts and ass cheeks swelled even larger, as new hormones flowed through her.

“That’ll teach you to knock girls up so recklessly,” Stella smirked, patting the Japanese girl hard on the belly, while rubbing her own growing, throbbing middle. “Though…I don’t completely hate it myself.

“He can still impregnate the blonde girl inside of me. She’s a Perma-Preg too,” the Japanese girl said, smiling and breathing heavy as she rubbed her reddening belly up and down. “But…I think she’ll like it.”

“Then everyone’s happy,” Stella cooed, looking down at her belly, now carrying ten babies inside of her womb, just like Magdalena. “And my vacation has only just begun…”


Stella enjoyed herself at the resort, finally getting the kind of care and pampering she always fantasized about. The whole trip was paid for by Magdalena so she didn’t need to worry about expenses. And even if she exceeded what Magdalena’s gift was meant to cover, it was fine. Her son’s finances could cover it…

She got foot massages, soothing those swollen pregnancy ankles of hers. She got a facial, keeping the skin on her face smooth and ageless while intentionally keeping her belly as thick and gnarly as ever. She took advantage of every restaurant in the resort, and each time she visited, she stuffed herself so much, it looked like she had another baby fucked inside of her, and the kitchen had to shut down for a day to restock all their supplies.

But her favorite part of the whole trip was the massage parlor. She went to see those multiple male masseuses again, all of them very excited to see their favorite guest.

This time, after the four men gave her the massage, she spread her legs and made it clear she wasn’t leaving this spa without a gang bang.

They all undressed and had their way with her, pounding and thrusting away in her tight pregnant pussy while the other three sucked on her leaking tits or got a blow job from her. She insisted they finish inside of her, with no need for protection or any of that, since she was a Perma-Preg.

Each orgasm filled her womb up even more. She felt both the addition of a new, kicking, overdue baby inside of her belly when they fucked her, and their excess cum sloshed around in her expanding belly.

Stella was getting increasingly pregnant, the number of babies in her womb going past what Magdalena had. And the more knocked up she became, the more it muffled and cut off Nix. He was pushed deeper and deeper into his mother’s womb, unable to reach her because of how much more pregnant she was.

She still did not have sex while he was awake, and it was not only easier to put him back to sleep each time, but his wake-ups were fewer and fewer between. There would be days when he would not wake up and question what his pregnant mother was doing.

Halfway through the vacation, as her belly ballooned up and he felt the added pressure around him, Nix finally said something about it.

“Momma…are you getting even more pregnant while I’m in here? The more babies you add to your womb, the harder it’s going to be to rebirth me!” he protested.

“Shh, Momma knows best,” Stella cooed, petting her enormous belly as she rocked her hips back and forth, trying to settle him down. “Besides, don’t you want Momma’s pregnant belly to get bigger? You love how round and ripe and sexy it makes me, so you want me to grow and expand, don’t you?”

Nix gulped, knowing any argument about her pregnancy would be impossible. “Yes, I like it when your belly gets bigger,” Nix whimpered, fearing that the “deal” he made with her was not going the way he thought.

“Good, then let me do what I do best: get knocked up,” Stella laughed, tickling her fingers along her firm stomach as Nix drifted off to sleep inside of her.

Then she waddled out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom, where her new Japanese friend and another handsome, hung man were waiting.

“Sorry about that, you know how us Perma-Preggos take a real battering to the bladder,” she said, stroking her pregnant stomach up and down, tracing her thick linea negra. “Now, where were we?”

By the end of her vacation, Stella’s pregnant belly had doubled in size. It stuck out more than ten feet in front of her, and that wasn’t counting the six inches of belly button she had on the front. There wasn’t a single scrap of her pale skin visible on her pregnant stomach, with everything red from her sore, strained skin, or blue from her throbbing veins, or brown-black from her linea negra.

The added brood also made her breasts larger, each one now big enough to house overdue quadruplets inside them. She put her blue tank top back on, now just looking like a string bikini on her rack, and her engorged, puffy nipples were clearly visible against the fabric.

Stella hadn’t heard from Nix in two days, so she laughed and rubbed the side of her belly, giving it a shove. “Wake up in there. Your momma is going to waddle on home and show off her new tummy to your fat ass stepmom. How jealous do you think she’s going to be?”

But there was no reply. Nix was now so deep in the womb, he couldn’t wake back up. He was still kicking and shifting around inside of her, but it was all limbic responses to Stella rubbing her belly. She couldn’t separate him from the rest of her belly’s occupants.

Stella smiled, ear to ear, so happy about it. Now, Nix was a permanent resident of her belly, just like the other unborn babies in her.

This was the way it was meant to be. “You belong in my belly,” Stella cooed, rubbing her pregnant stomach with joy. She thought she only wanted her son’s money, but with all the flirting and teasing she did, now she realized what she truly wanted. Stella wanted to maximize her pregnant feeling, and that meant having all of her children carried inside of her, kicking and squirming around, forever.

She waddled out, the resort staff gasping as she passed by, all both shocked at how big she had gotten since she got there, and all admiring her incredible maternal, fertile physique.

The Japanese woman gave her a hug as she left, their bellies bumping together, as she still carried the young stud and the blonde bimbo inside of her, with the blonde woman’s expanding belly from her repeated impregnations making the Japanese beauty bigger as well.

Stella arrived at the house, just as she turned her phone back on and saw the dozens of calls and texts from Magdalena.

The thick bottomed pregnant stepmom was there at the door, eyes wide when she saw Stella. “You…you did it, didn’t you? You took him!”

“It’s what he wanted,” Stella purred, patting her belly. “And he’s very content in there. He’s never coming out.”

Magdalena’s face turned bright red. “How dare you? I loved him!” She reached down and rubbed her belly all over. “I’m carrying his babies!”

“Good, then we each get a piece of him,” Stella laughed, waddling to the kitchen to look up a number from one of her son’s notebooks, then called it. “Hello, I’d like to set up an appointment with the trust’s accountant. Yes, my son is on a…long term sabattical, so as his mother, I’d like to manage the finances for the time being. Yes, this Thursday sounds just fine, thank you.”

Magdalena shoved her belly against Stella’s, but that was not as intimidating as it used to be, since Stella dwarfed the other woman in pregnancy size now.

“I won’t let you get away with this,” Magdalena grunted, her massively overdue fetuses kicking hard inside of her as her heart rate rose.

“Relax. I’ll still let you live in the house, out of respect,” Stella cooed, gently rubbing her belly with motherly affection. “It’s either that or you can move to your new home…inside of my pregnant tummy.”

Magdalena gulped and her look of rage turned to fear. She didn’t know if it was possible to unbirth a Perma-Preg as big as her…but if anyone could do it, it was Stella.

She watched as the knocked up MILF sat down on the couch, purring and rubbing her belly, happy to keep all of her children inside of her womb…forever…