The Bare college is a relatively new college to the town it shares its name with. The requirements to apply are rather simple, students must be 18 years or older, and have a basic high school education. Overall the college was a simple community college.

One thing that has also become part of the everyday community were the strange creatures that the people would interact with on a daily basis. From slimes and tentacle monsters to the occasional werewolf and succubus/incubus.

Many of these creatures roamed the college halls and the principal, a pink slime slime who was simply named Peach. Peach had been head of the college for 23 years now and had her fair share of ‘moments’ throughout the timeframe of her career. From eating students and faculty or putting her tentacles into them, she wasn’t off limits from having some fun with them, even with her being the head of the college.

One of her favorite stories was with a trio of succubus sisters that had been causing havoc around the campus grounds. Breaking windows, spray painting lockers, stink bombing the bathrooms and classrooms, but they were eventually caught by Peach and were brought to her office.

The sisters are listed as,

Claire: The oldest of the three and the leader of the group. Red dyed hair and blue eyes, standing around 6ft tall.

Patricia: The middle child, black hair and blue eyes, the mastermind.

Cassie: The youngest of the three and the most mischievous. Black hair and green eyes.

“So you’re the delinquent trio that’s been disturbing classes, and vandalizing school property Peach said as she looked through the student’s files.

“So we painted on the lockers and broke a couple of windows. It's no big deal.” Cassie shrugged.

“One it takes funding out of the school to repair the broken windows and other property damage that you have all caused. Two it makes stuff harder for Jeffrey and he’s already got enough to do on a daily basis.”

“Doesn’t he at least get a pay raise for it?” Patricia asked sarcastically as she leaned back in her seat.

“Sadly no, but if he did, he would retire early and we would probably not be having this conversation.”

“So what are you going to do about it, Miss Peach?” Claire asked with a smug smirk on her face.

“Simple, find the most fitting punishment for the three of you, and I have just the thing.”

With that Peach stood up from her desk and grabbed Claire by her curly horns and started to swallow her down. Claire and her sisters were both surprised, Claire tried to escape the principal’s mouth, while her sisters tried to pull her out. However they failed to realize exactly how strong their principal was as they all found themselves being pulled in.

“PLEASE LET US GO!” Cassie cried.

“We’ll listen, we swear!” Patricia sobbed.

“Just don’t digest us!” Cassie and Patricia cried almost in unison.

Peach continued to swallow Claire while Cassie and Patricia now realized that their arms were now stuck in Peach’s mouth.

All three girls kept struggling to pull themselves out when Patricia actually managed to get one of her arms out of Peach’s mouth. However some of the slime got in her mouth, for her everything slowed down as the taste rushed her tongue. As the hot slime sent a sweet taste through her mouth, she could feel her body get soft and yet hot. She was now extremely horny.

“W-what are you made of?” Patricia asked as her arms went shaky.

Her question was in vain as Peach continued to swallow the girls. With Patricia’s arms being much weaker all three of the girls go into Peach’s slimy body.

With a satisfied sigh Peach watched as the three girls tried to adjust themselves.

“Well girls, this is your punishment. Luckily for you, I won’t be digesting you. Instead I’m going to be keeping the three of you in there for the rest of the week. Oh and to answer your question Patricia my body contains a very, and I mean very strong aphrodisiac. I’ve had many succubus before.”

All three of the girls were relieved that they weren’t going to be digested, but it was very evident that they didn’t like the idea of being in her belly for a week. At least that was the case for Claire and Cassie, Patricia seemed to be in pure bliss as she wiggled in the slime.

“Oh, and one more thing. You can feel free to have a little bit of me if you get hungry or bored, I can always grow it back.” Peach said with a smirk.

Cassie and Claire watched as Patricia kept wiggling and they soon realized that her hand was in the front side of her pants. They were shocked at first but just continued to watch as she continued to masturbate.

Peach looked down and saw the girl masturbating. “Well it looks like Patricia is already having her own fun. Would you like assistance with that?”

Patricia shook her head up and down.

“Well then, let me help you out then.”

Claire and Cassie watched as the slime started to shape into tentacles and move Patricia’s clothes and started to thrust deep into her. Patricia’s moans could be heard through the slime and Cassie and Claire couldn’t help but be turned on by what they were watching. Peach seemed to be enjoying the show as she sat back down in her chair to watch.

Cassie and Claire kept watching as Patricia kept going for hours and kept cumming and cumming on the slime tentacles that kept fucking her. Cassie started to get turned on by watching her sister get fucked by their principal and started masturbating herself.

“Oh Cassie, are you enjoying watching this all go down?”

Cassie shook her head in approval.

“Would you like the same treatment as her?”

Cassie shook her head yes. Soon tentacles formed around her and moved her clothes aside before they slowly inserted into her.

Claire just watched in awe as her two younger sisters kept having sex right in front of her. She also couldn’t help but get turned on as well. Claire removed her clothes and started to masturbate.

“Claire, do you want the same treatment as your sisters?”

Claire hesitated for a minute before nodding her head in approval. Without any hesitation the tentacles formed around her and inserted themselves into her pussy. Peach smiled as she continued with her work for the day. Today was only the first day of their punishment, and the girls could only sit back and enjoy every second of it.

The second day of the week they took a tentacle in their vagina and ass. Third day they had every single hole filled up. Fourth day more tentacles would go into the same holes. Fifth day the sisters started to eat each other out while the tentacles continued to have sex with them. Sixth day the sisters took turns scissoring each other while they blew tentacles.

On the seventh and final day the sisters were enjoying the tentacles once more. All three of them held hands together as they all came in unison in one large orgasm. They all held each other, twitching and shaking as they all enjoyed the post orgasm bliss.

When their twitching settled down Peach let them out of her confines and into a few chairs softly.

“Will you three behave from now on?”

All three of them were too tired to speak so they all nodded in unison in approval.

“Is there anything that I can do for you girls?” Peach asked as she sat down in her chair.

“Can you get me pregnant?” A tired Patricia asked.

“Only if I put an egg in your womb. Don’t worry you’re not pregnant.”

“Can we change that?”

Peach was surprised and caught off guard by the question, but nonetheless she remained professional when she said. “I’ll need to have time to think about it. Come back on Friday and I’ll have the answer for you.”

Peach let the girls rest for a while before handing them her clothes and sending them off to their dorm rooms. Now she was left with her thoughts as to if she wanted to get Patricia pregnant. She liked the idea, but didn’t know if she should considering she never went that far with a student. She didn’t really interact with her all that much and she wants to get pregnant. She kept having the idea flash in her head but didn’t know what to say.


Peach sat at her desk going through paperwork when there was a knock on her office door.

“Come in.”

The door opened to reveal Patricia, Claire, and Cassie coming through the door.

“How can I help you girls today?”

Peach looked at the girl’s faces and saw that all of them were blushing. “Have you thought about my question from Monday?”

“I have…”

“Your answer?”

“It’s a very big step, are you absolutely certain that you want to go through with it?”

“I’m certain of it. Claire and Cassie want to as well.”

“Is this true?”

Both of the sisters nod their heads.

“Will you Miss Peach?”

After a long moment of silence Peach said. “Well you’ve been behaving after your punishment, a new record of a week without incident. If you finish this year with good grades and no further problems I will do it.”

“Deal!” Patricia said.

The three sisters rushed out of the office to get started.

Peach kept an eye on them through the rest of the year and was surprised at how dedicated they were. She watched as they studied hard and improved on their grades. They flew past all the tests and even did the extra credit work. At the end of the year they all passed with flying colors. She could hardly believe her eyes.

Then the final day of school came and all of the girls passed their classes with all passable grades. Peach could only be impressed with how much dedication the girls had to being knocked up by her. Peach sat in her office and waited for the girls to arrive. Almost on cue a knock was heard at the door.

“Come in.”

The three sisters opened the door, excitement on their faces and as well as heavy lust.

“Principal Peach! We did it!”

“So I see, congratulations girls. I’ll admit I’m surprised you want me to knock you all up, but if that’s what you really want, I’ll let you have it.”

The sister’s excitement only grew. “Who will go first?”

“Actually Patricia, I think you should go first.” Peach said as she took off her clothes and shaped a cock from her slime.

“Why does she get to go first?” Cassie asked.

“Because she was the one who came up with the idea.” Claire said as she took off her clothes.

“What position are you wanting to start off with?”

“How about cowgirl?”

With that Peach sat down in a chair and Patricia was on top of her in almost an instant. Patricia lowered herself slowly onto Peach’s cock and gasped when she got it fully in. Patricia bounced up and down on Peach’s cock and about halfway through Peach started to thrust into Patricia’s pussy. Claire and Cassie watched as Patricia was enjoying herself. Cassie took off her clothes and Claire started to rub her clit.

“Put an egg in me please!”

Almost immediately after Patricia could feel the egg that she asked for enter her womb. Patricia came as the egg kept going into her womb. When they were done Patricia sat down in another chair.

“Claire, you’re next.”

Claire laid down on her back in another chair before asking. “How does missionary sound?”

Peach rose from the chair and stood over Claire. “I think it sounds wonderful.”

Right afterwards Peach stuck her cock into Claire and started thrusting slowly. Claire gasped and moaned slightly with each thrust. Peach picked up her pace and the sounds of her slime slapping against Claire’s skin and with how deep she went into her womb, Claire came almost a minute after Peach picked up her pace. Claire could feel Peach’s egg reach her womb and as it reached the deepest part of her uterus she came hard.

Peach pulled out of Claire’s pussy and turned towards a masturbating Cassie and asked. “How does the final girl want it?”

Cassie turned around and got on all fours before saying. “I want you to take me from behind.”

Without another word Peach approached Cassie and slowly put her cock in her and started off slowly.

“Please miss Peach, go faster.”

With no further hesitation Peach picks up her pace and soon finds herself going as fast as she can. Cassie cried out in orgasmic bliss as Peach kept going full force and soon Peach released her egg into Cassie at the same time as she came.

After all the girls had her seed Peach stood up and regained her energy as she watched the girls struggle to recover from their orgasm and try to regain control of their twitching legs.

“Satisfied girls?”

“No.” They said in unison.

“It’s going to be a long day. So who’s wanting to go next?” Peach asked.

From there the four of them kept having sex through the night in Peach’s office. After that day the girls' bellies would grow and they would go on to give birth to 3 pink slimes. This is the end of this one story, but knowing the four of them there is bound to be more to go on.