Christie was torn. After her... in depth, and frankly rather embarrassing, discussion with Lilly, she'd made some lasagna and the two of them had a fairly quiet meal. That alone was an indicator. Lilly rarely shut up during dinner, and this time Christie caught her sister staring at her tummy several times.

Yeah, this was weird, but... she brushed a hand across her midrift, feeling the heft, the... fullness in there. It was so odd that she couldn't really tell a whole girl was inside her. She still had no clue how that was possible.

A girl who seemed really into her. Her! Why... well some of it was obvious. She seemed perversely into being eaten. That alone made Christie blush. Heck, almost as soon as she had come out she'd practically begged to be swallowed again. She just hadn't been able to resist!

"Mmmm. Damn you are delicious." She murmured, rubbing her stomach.

Could she finally have found someone she could eat without remorse? To give in to her urges, to savor that sweet taste of flesh sliding down inside her, to feel her wriggling as she oozed down her neck! It was... enticing.

But should she? Was this healthy? I mean, what if eventually she DID digest her? Neither of them had a clue how this was happening, so what if it stopped? She'd already lost Marie, she didn't want to lose Miranda too.

Though right now she also didn't know Miranda much either. She knew one thing, from checking her own weight and comparing it to before the weekend it seemed the girl weighed about 60lbs, compared to Christie's 190 to 200lbs. Often she blamed that on her inflated chest, which wasn't that ridiculous an idea, but didn't help. Plenty of boys focused on it after all!

She sighed, relaxing in the living room. Yes, she'd been on dates and had friendships. Heck, she'd only met Marie a year ago, them seeing each other for nearly six months before... her hunger surfaced.

A sniff escaped her, remembering the sweet girl... in more ways than one at the end. No! Don't go there! She shuddered. As delicious as Marie had been she refused to think of her as just a taste!

She sat down on her bed, glancing out of the window. Barely any blue left now, stars starting to appear. It was nice she had a view over the city like this. Being able to watch sun sets from this angle was fun, seing the golds and red spread out across the horizon, the coast out there out of sight meaning there was often clouds in that direction. Well, enough of the time anyway. There was a gentle shift inside her and she smiled, clenching.

*YAAAWWWWWN!* "Mmmmm, oh, good morning." Came the sleepy response from inside her. That felt so weird!

"Not exactly. It's about eight thirty PM Miranda." She said with a chuckle.

"Dang! Overslept again!" the sweet voice echoed out of her, a fake seriousness coming off her. Then she squirmed, oh so delightfully. "Damn you're so cozy."

"I'm glad you like the accommodation." Christie rubbed her belly affectionately, then paused. "But... could you come out? I'd like spend some time with you. I... if you don't mind?"

"Of course!" She said happily. "Squeezing through your throat is fun. You can throw me up that easily?"

Christie winced, then sighed.

"I... to begin with I couldn't, or rather didn't realize I could... But yeah. I..." She paused, remembering Hally. "There have been... problems. Once I realized. Well, I tried to throw someone up that I ate. She... attacked me, threatened to call the cops... I... suffice to say I couldn't calm her and she went back down." Christie sniffed again. That... had been worse than that. She'd actually felt turned on by the fight, then hungry. She literally couldn't stop herself from eating the poor girl a second time. After that she daren't try. It only made things worse. She was just a bottomless pit! A human killing machine!

"Hey... HEY!" Came the shout from inside her a Christie sobbed. "Don't cry, please. I know you must have had some horrible times in the past, but that's over. You don't have to ask, you can eat me when ever you want, OK? I love it."

Smiling she patted her tummy.

"You have no idea how much that means to me Miranda, but I still worry. We don't know what's happened, or how. What if..." she couldn't bring herself to voice her fear, pressing that hand hard to her stomach.

"Well... I admit the thought isn't nice, but everything else is. I love you Christie, and I want to be with you. Get to know you... and yes get eaten by you." She giggled. "Trust me, it's very enjoyable."

Marie, as half asleep as she'd been, also had seemed to enjoy it when she learned of this ability, the hard way. It was only when her girlfriend was trapped in her gut and woke up properly that the screaming had started. She winced at the memory. No, don't go there.

She'd taken a while to... accept what she was. A monster. Well, as much as she could accept it. To think, that maybe she could avoid that... it was so tantalizing. Maybe she could have a real life again?

"Well." She said, wiping tears from her cheek. "let's get you out first. And fair warning, I might get hungry." The only response was a giggle from inside.

She got up, then paused. This was... a date? Maybe? She glanced at herself in the mirror, her tall, ungainly body looking back at her. She stroked down the simple blue dress she had on, strapped, ruffled around the hips... looked a little worn. She sighed. Not exactly the best impression to give.

But then again, Miranda was naked.

She blushed, remembering the cute little girl as she'd been laying in the floor of the bathroom. She just looked so sweet. A smile spread across her lips.

"Ahem. OK, let's do this. Maybe, you can make it easier? If you can gently move your hands upwards Miranda? Then when I heave, you wriggle up. Just... go easy. The instinct is to swallow so..."

"... so I get a nice ride back in? Don't worry. If at first you don't suceed, try try... mmmm. try again." She said, ending on a slightly dreamy tone.

Christie giggled. She was so cute. There was a squirming, some gentle pressure, then something prodded. It was too vague in there for her to tell, but she guessed Miranda was pushing against the entrance to the stomach. OK...

She got a towel out and laid it on the bed, then with a thought put a second one on top. Then she leaned over and clenched her stomach... Ungh. No, not like that... She tensed. She'd only done this a couple of times before. Uuuuuugh, there! She felt it, the tense, wrongness in her chest, almost like heartburn for a moment, then pinching. Carefully she relaxed, but unlike before there was no desperate scramble of limbs in her throat. Instead something slowly probed upwards, tenderly, gently.

Her airway cut off, and her nose opened, the automatic response she'd always had. She had no clue how she breathed during eating, but she did. Even as a kid she could breathe while eating normal dinner. She'd never even thought about it until talking about this with Lilly after... Marie. She shut that thought off and turned to more pleasant affairs.

Gentle squirming rose inside her, and her collar bones creaked slightly. Glancing sideways at her closet mirror she could barely see any bulge in her neck, but there she was. Tipping her head up as she leaned over she could feel it clearly now, fingers gently wriggling at the back of her throat. They eased forwards, oh so softly, and she felt her uvula tickled. Lilly insisted that made her want to barf, but for her it was just another touch. She had no gag reflex. Never had.

Miranda was incredibly gentle as she slid her hands into Christie's mouth from inside. It was such a weird feeling, and she couldn't resist. She sidled over and got a compact from the bedside table and opened it up, looking down and spreading her mouth wide. As she got back into position over the towels she saw fingers gently exploring her mouth. Amazing! One hand gently prodding her tongue, the other feeling across her molars, then up across her inner cheek. She smiled slightly, staring in wonder as her meal slowly explored her mouth.

That hand on her tongue tasted so sweet, and she couldn't help curling her tongue up against it. It shifted, then fingers spread, wrapping around the muscle and gently squeezing. She heard a giggle from her gut and shook her head. Miranda then let go, stroking across the tongue that licked at her.

Then, slowly, Miranda wriggled up. Christie could feel a tightness behind her chest now. Shouldn't that feel deeper? She ignored the weirdness as those fingers slid gently from her lips, one index finger tracing a line across her lipstick from one side to the other. It was so cute looking!

Then both hands were out and Christie put the compact to one side. A little awkwardly she leaned on one hand, the other coming up and, holding hands with Miranda. She let her lips close on wrists, licking them as she got a good grip, and pulled.

The angle was tricky like this, but she felt a slight moan from inside and squirming as she drew Miranda up her throat. Some pressure in her stomach, likely her using her body or legs to push upwards, and the heavy pressure in her neck oozed upwards. Arms slid out softly, tongue tracing along forearms as they spread sideways, slowly widening her mouth as Miranda's head neared the back of her throat. As the huge bulge started to push into her mouth she got an idea and gently tapped a hand, letting go and standing up as she did so.

There was a muffled 'Mwa?' from inside as she turned and went to her mirror. God that looked weird! Arms sticking from her mouth, and there between them, wreathed in shadows and red flesh, the surprised face of Miranda staring back at her from the dim depths. One hand lifted up and waved at the mirror, and she could just make out Miranda smiling in the tight confines of her maw. Christie managed to avoid giggling, as that likely would have ended up with swallowing, and instead waved back, then curled her tongue across Miranda's chin. The girl smiled, then as Christie teased up to taste her cheek, then lips, the girl opened up and slurped.

Christie jerked a little as the tip of her tongue was sucked into that mouth. She blushed, then felt it slide in some more, Miranda's tongue teasing around it. Fuck, that was sexy! For a few moments she revelled in it, probing Miranda's mouth in that weird kiss, but finally she pulled away, her tongue sliding out and she blinked, smiling awkwardly around the massive shape of Miranda's arms, as she headed back to the bed.

Her arms had mostly dried during their odd makeout session, so she was begining to wonder if she even needed the towels, but kept going as she had planned. Miranda's cute little hands pressed to the towels as she heaved, head oozing into her mouth, her shoulders spreading the back of her throat wide. Compared to some she'd eaten Miranda was bite sized, in pretty much everything except her chest. She could feel the twin pressure of that rising in her neck now! Slowly the arms spread apart as her head slipped between her lips and out into the open once more. Miranda gasped, and a jolt come as her motions shot the girl upwards, shoulders plopping out in short order.

That of course left those gorgeous breasts slopping against her tongue.

"Oooooh!" Miranda moaned, leaning her elbows down into the towel. "Haaaa! That's nice."

Slowly, slowly, they emerged, Christie wedging with her tongue to shift the pliant masses of succulant flesh forwards. She didn't have to, they were just so tasty! Breasts pressed against her teeth, then lips, Miranda sighing as they slipped out, then they were free, pressing down against her chin.

"You have no idea how nice your throat is. So muscular and tight. Mmmm." Hips wriggled in her neck somewhere in there as Miranda wriggled up slowly, her breasts jiggling back and forth as they dangled enticingly. Inch by inch she oozed out, Christie's lips irising down to the girl's waist fairly quickly given her short stature. Then the rapid swell of hips in her mouth greeted Christie's tongue. "Oh. Ooooh. Oh yes!"

Christie found it difficult not to giggle as the girl moaned in her, then the familar shape of a dainty sex pressed to her tongue and she began to blush. She'd only ever swallowed someone naked that one time. Marie. Tasting the flavor of sex on her... was intoxicating, sliding across her tongue as Miranda slid out. No matter how much she wanted the girl to enjoy it she felt... awkward. Mixed memories of Marie, the few dates she'd been on, and the fact she barely knew this girl... she sped things up.

Miranda gasped as her hips popped out quickly, along with a sigh from the girl, but she didn't complain as Christie stared at that cute butt sliding into view oh so close to her! What a view! She couldn't help it and gulped. Miranda gave a cute little yelp as she shot backwards a few inches, the throat claiming her with powerful muscles, but Christie managed to stop it at once. Miranda glanced over her shoulder, blushing intensely.

"Heh, like I said. Really nice throat!"

Christie took a deep breath then pushed, it being awkward like this, but up the girl came. Her legs tasted fine, just like the rest of her, and she was drawing back slowly, eyes fluttering shut as she savored the delicious flavor of the girl, till just two feet were left in her mouth. Craving she sucked, holding them there, playing her tongue over the tops.

"He he! Hey! I"m ticklish!" Miranda yelped with a giggle. Then she twisted over onto her rump, Christie feeling the weird sensations as the feet shifted around in her mouth. "But don't stop!"

As weird as it was she couldn't resist and licked and savored across the girl's heels and soles. That it seemed wasn't as ticklish to the girl, and Miranda she sat there, leaning back on her hands on the towel and stared at Christie as she nibbled on her feet.

This should be disgusting, having someone's feet in her mouth, but she'd had whole people in there many times. It hardly seemed to matter. And she was just so tasty! For several minutes she just sat there, sucking on a pair of tiny feet, till finally, blushing, she got a hold of her self and pulled back, the feet plopping out moistly.

"Enjoy your meal?" Miranda said cutely.

Christie stood up at the end of the bed, blushing.

"Uh... yeah. You're delicious." She managed, biting her lip.

"I'm glad you like me." Miranda said, blushing a little herself. "So... um, were you planning on doing anything? I mean we could..." Then she blinked and looked down at herself. "Oh. I don't imagine you have any clothes my size. I guess we can't go out together."

Oh! She hadn't thought of that. Idiot! She slapped herself in the face and the two of them looked at each other.

"Yeah, that should have been obvious." She managed. "Um, well guess we can stay in the house for a bit? I think one of my T-shirts would do as a dress. Oh, not to say you're too short!" She said anxiously.

"But... I'm too short." Miranda giggled. "Or, just the right size. Bite sized you might say." She added, mirroring Christie's own earlier thoughts as the girl wiggle her toes at her.

"How did I get this lucky?" Christie muttered, staring at her.

Miranda abruptly got more serious, though her eyes still twinkled.

"No. It's me. I've longed for someone to be with for as long as I knew I was gay. But no one wanted a short stack. I've never met any one like you Christie. I just want to get to know you. You... do want to be my girlfriend, right?"

"Yes. Definitely yes!" Christie said, coming around the side of the bed and sitting next to her on the towel. Miranda swung her legs off it before she sat, hanging of the edge of the bed too, them sitting side by side.

Christie was used to looking down on a fair few people. The other girls around were generally a good deal shorter than her, but not this short! She wrapped an arm around the girl's shoulders, drawing her in to her side warmly. She was still blushing. She did have a naked girl she had barely met sitting next to her after all!

"Um, let me get you that T-shirt." She managed, still blushing, and stood up.

Miranda giggled but didn't object. Soon a white T-shirt was tossed to her and Christie couldn't help but watch as she wriggled into it. Miranda didn't stand up though and it just rested on her lap. Then she remembered how weak the girl had been when she came out before.

"How do you feel? I mean, do you think you can stand?"

Miranda gulped and glanced down at herself. Oddly the shirt was slightly tight across her, the impressive bust at least making the fabric not just sag on her.

"I... don't know. Not using my muscles for days the last time did seem to make things awkward. Or maybe it was the way I was crammed in there." She lifted her gaze up, but settled her eyes on Christie's belly through the dress. "It's so weird to think I was inside you in such a tiny space. It doesn't feel like that. Felt like I was pinched in tight, like balled up but... not walnut sized or something. More like I filled you. Head up behind your ribs, butt down into your hip bones."

Christie frowned. That didn't feel right.

"Wait, you could feel my bones like that?" She said, pressing a hand to her ribs, confused.

"Well, I felt the ribs at first with the corset. That's when I was popped behind them. After that it was mostly the hip bones. Like it was cradling me or something."

"That sounds impossible. Not that any of this is possible to begin with..." She shook her head. "Never mind, it wasn't painful so I guess we'll figure it out later."

Miranda just grinned at that.

"Yup. I plan on doing a lot of spelunking to find out." She said, waggling her eyebrows.

Christie went bright red at that.

"Um... OK." She blinked. "But later."


Seeing the house she'd merely heard before (except for the brief view of the kitchen ealier with Lilly) she was all eyes, holding hands with Christie as she escorted her along the landing.

"So, that's the bathroom at the end of the hall, that's Lilly's room. That's the guest room. Uh, you want to sleep there?" Christie asked nervously.

Mrianda leaned over, her other hand patting Christie's belly.

"I'd rather sleep here if you don't mind. But... I guess occasionally it'd be nice to sleep in a bed." She paused, then glanced nervously up at the tall girl. "Unless... you'd be OK me sleeping in your bed?"

"I... have no idea how safe that would be. What if I get hungry in the night an..."

"...and slurp me down into your ravenous belly?" Miranda giggled. "OK. Sounds like fun."

Christie stopped, biting her lip. Then she turned to Miranda.

"Look, this isn't a game. You don't know how many people have... gone, in there. I don't want to lose you!"

She reached up, having to reach up quite a ways, and pressed her hand against the girl's cheek.

"It's OK. I'm not leaving you. And I was serious. You don't have to worry. If you ever get hungry, just eat me, OK?" She abruptly pulled in, wrapping her arms around Christie, finding her arms hugging just above the girl's butt, her head bumping against the underside of her chest. "I want you to feel comfortable with me. Out here, or in there, I don't care, alright?"

"I... alright. I guess." She sniffed, then reached arms about her too. "Come on, I think Lilly is still here. Maybe you two can have a normal conversation this time."

Again they walked hand in hand, The one remaining room pointed out (the linen closet) before they headed downstairs. A glance in the kitchen showed it empty, Miranda looking around the white walled room, the tops glistening.

"Are you a neat freak?" She said, peering up at her girlfriend.

Christie blushed.

"Well, maybe I get a little overzealous on occasion on that front." She said, smiling down at her.

"Is that you Christie?" Came from the other room. Christie rolled her eyes.

"Who else would it be Lilly?" She said, then motioned with her head towards the other door from the hall.

Miranda followed Chrisite, out of the kitchen, through the hall again, and into the living room. There Lilly was just standing up from the sofa, and she stared at Miranda intently.

"Oh... hi." She blinked, glancing back at Christie. "So... you made it out?"

Miranda caught Lilly's nervous glance down to Christie's rear.

"What? Oh no! No I didn't go through this time. Last time took a couple of days! She coughed me up. Very nice." She said, grinning.

"Uh... if you say so." Lilly said, frowning. Then she turned to her sister. "So... you changed?"

"I... yeah. I don't have much... nice for a date. This'll have to do. Then we realized Miranda has nothing her size anyway. We'll have to stay home tonight."

Lilly blinked, staring at the T-shirt on Miranda for a moment. Yeah, that wasn't awkward. She could feel her cheeks reddening.

"OK, maybe I could get you something tomorrow. What's your size?" Lilly said.

Miranda blinked, staring at Christie's sister. That was... nice.

"36, 20, 29, I generally just go for a size 5 or 6 or small, though some xtra small works, depending on the chest width." She blinks. "Uh, except for bras. Though, usually I don't bother. Never found a comfortable one."

"Seriously?" Christie said. "I'd have thought it'd be more uncomfortable without? You know, with... large chest, small body and all."

"Hmm, well, I think they don't make them quite right for my weird size. Straps are always uncomfortable. A couple of sports bras were OK, but still not great. I'd rather just go without."

Christie bit her lip and nodded.

"Um, fine with me." She said softly.

"Um, guess small shoe size too huh?" Lilly added in.

"Um, yeah. And 22" leg." She added. It felt really odd handing out her size to someone else like this. She'd always shopped for herself, even in her early teens.

"I'll figure something out." Lilly said, then sighed, a slight smile coming to her face. "As weird as it is I'm glad you finally found someone sis. You deserve it."

"Oh... come on." Christie said, blushing, before gasping as Miranda wrapped her arms around her in a sideways hug, tucking her head under the girl's arm. "Heh, thanks Lilly. I'm still amazed she likes me."

A gurgle echoed from Christie's tummy and Mirand giggled.

"Sounds like you're hungry."

"I... sometimes it's hard to resist, you know?" Christie said, and as Miranda looked up she saw the strain on the girl's face.

"You don't have to. I told you, you can eat me when ever you.. Ooomph!"

Abrupt pressure slopped over her whole head instantly, the girl leaving her grip as she spun and dove on Miranda greedily. She gasped as those dainty lips not only spread over her shoulder but sucked in heavily. Her feet left the floor abruptly, heaved up by shaking hands as she felt the throat embrace her. Heaving muscles worked on her head, shoulders, then...Oooooh chest! she moaned as in matter of seconds Christie had thrown her legs in the air and was sucking her hips in.

Sucking, gulping, powerful muscles packing her down. She felt the familiar embrace of the girl's stomach as her legs sank in rapidly. Her knees were bent, and she just relaxed and let Christie mold her, tucking her away in her stomach, an incredibly satisfied 'Aaaaah!' coming from around her as feet vanished down her gullet.

Panting, Miranda realized that had taken at most eight seconds. Christie had literally inhaled her! She struggled to shift a bit, getting right side up, and at least Christie wasn't clenching her stomach muscles. With a sigh she got into her familiar, front facing position and relaxed.

"Wow, you really WERE hungry! That was awesome."

"Ah.. uh... sorry. Couldn't hold back any longer." Christie said.

"Ho. Le. Shit!" Lilly gasped, sounding like she was hyperventaliting. "That... you... what the fuck?"

"Um, it's OK. She's fine." Christie said nervously. "I just... I'm sorry. I know you didn't want to see that sis."

"I just... fuck!" Lilly said, panting.

Miranda giggled at the girl's reaction, then pondered.

"Uh, Christie? Last time my clothes didn't survive. You want me to pass the T-shirt up? Besides, it's more comfy in here without."

"Oh, OK. I guess. I have other shirts though."

"Yeah, but best minimize clothing loss. Heh, you are likely to go through a few with me right?"

"OK, just gently, alright?"

Mumbling an agreement while she struggled out of the T-shirt she found Christie relaxing her stomach. Seems she was getting a little better at that. But it was still difficult undressing, even just a shirt, as packed in as she was. A few minutes later she got it off, panting in the depths of her girlfriend's tummy and used one hand to wriggle an opening to the throat, the other hand shoving the balled up T-shirt inside.

"Look, I know this is... new for you Christie." Lilly was saying, apparently not noticing her sister wasn't saying anything back. As her throat was full. "Just, I want you to be careful. This is so much. AHH!"

Lilly sounded like she jumped as Christie's mouth accepted Miranda's hand, complete with spit and stomach drenched T-shirt ball, and met Christie's waiting hands, taking the garment from her. She waved happily to Lilly, then pulled her hand back inside. Drawing down, helped by Christie's eager gullet, she tucked back into her little bedroom and snuggled up.

"OK... that's weird." Lilly managed.

"Mmmhmm, I'm gonna wash this, OK? Not sure how long it'll last exposed to stomach juices repeatedly though. Uh, maybe you should get a few changes of clothes for Miranda? I'll pay."

"Nuh uh. Consider this an early birthday gift Christie. Or... house warming for Miranda? Whatever. On the house."

Miranda giggled, then paused, her eyes going wide in the depths of Christie's tummy.

"Wait, you have a birthday coming up Christie?"

A groan echoed around her making Miranda giggle.

"Yes. Thank you for that Lilly!" She said with a growl.

"Well, I don't have anything to give you, but just take me, OK? I'm your gift. All of me."

For a few moments nothing moved, then she heard a sniff above.

"I really don't deserve you Miranda." She said.

Miranda just snuggled in her love, hearing the deep resonante tones as she talked to her sister. This time it wasn't lack of air that left her snoozing, but warm, contendedness, wrapped in a soft embrace and feeling Christie's love.