Jamie trudged through the forest, her heavy footfalls adding a crackling beat to the thrum of insects that surrounded them. It had been a long day of hiking and the panting woman decided to rest up against a nearby tree for a quick rest and a drink. Jesse bent over to retrieve the water bottle from her pack, her hair tie had failed a few miles back so her amber locks fell in her face and obscured her vision. She failed to notice the pair of eyes spying on her from between a patch of reeds on the bank of a pond a short distance away.

“Damn, almost out” Jesse lamented as she shook her bottle to confirm what she already knew. She couldn’t see the pond through the thick layer of reeds, but it was an obvious water source that she knew needed to be exploited. Insects buzzed around her as she slowly pushed her way through the reeds, stopping when she saw a toad in her path. It looked to be about the size of a pumpkin, surprised by this frankly massive amphibian she decided to watch it for a bit as it didn’t seem to mind her presence. Jesse was always one to appreciate nature and this toad seemed to be pretty exceptional in her eyes, not only its size but also its unique coloration. It was mostly a dark green, but it had the most vibrant blue and purple stripes running down its back. The toad sensing her presence turned to look in her direction, and she gasped when it revealed the most entrancing blue eyes she had ever seen. They seemed to almost glow with a ghostly hue, and she couldn’t stop staring. Finally the toad seemed to get bored and promptly turned around and hopped deeper into the reeds. Jamie shook her head, her eyes felt dry as if she hadn’t blinked in minutes. Weird she thought because the encounter with the toad had only lasted for what felt like ten or fifteen seconds. Shrugging to herself she decided to carry on, and with a Yelp promptly fell on her face. She had sunk deep into the muck without realizing and tripped when the mud refused to relinquish her boot. It took her the better part of ten minuets to get her feet free and by then her clothes and boots were ruined by the mud. Cursing her luck she started to strip, her garments would need to be washed unless she wanted to continue her hike looking like a swamp monster from one of those old times movies. Jesse was never a modest woman and didn’t mind being nude, in fact she relished the idea. In this heat a dip in a pond might do her some good in this heat. Carrying her clothes and boots she quickly trudged the rest of the way to the pond, not noticing the large pair of eyes stalking her movements in the reeds to her side. After washing her clothes and setting them out to dry as best she could along the bank she decided to rest. Sitting down in the pond enjoying the cool water she closed her eyes and just listed to the sounds of nature around her. The humming of the insects, the chirping of the birds, and the deep baritone croak of an enormous amphibian? Her eyes shot open just as something wet struck her neck from the back. She yelped and immediately tried to stand and face the intruder, but it had a better grip on her neck than she thought and was immediately thrown backwards as her assailant recalled its tongue. She was being dragged back into the muck, unable to see what was causing this she thrashed wildly and felt the monster relinquish its grip on her neck. Coughing she immediately turned around to see what caused this rude disturbance of her relaxation. Gasping and falling back on her butt she saw it. An enormous toad the size of which she would have never thought possible. Though gargantuan for an amphibian it seemed to be barely larger than her in weight, about 150lbs by her estimation. It’s deep ghostly blue eyes seemed to draw her in as it sat sizing her up. She snapped out of her trance when it lashed out impossibly quick with its tongue to wrap up her ankles, the whiplash caused the back of her head to slam hard into the muck stunning her for a moment. With a pained groan she tried to get up, but found her legs trapped up to her knees in the mouth of the toad. It was trying to eat her, she thought as it chewed her legs with its toothless maw. As she looked into its beautiful, but soulless eyes she felt a sense of calm come over her. There was no way this creature was large enough to swallow her whole, it was no more than 5’ long and 4’ wide at the most and Jamie was well over 5’ tall.

“Silly toad, your eyes were much bigger than your stomach it seems”, Jamie chuckled as it gummed her legs, it almost felt good she thought. The toad seemed to take her comment personally as it suddenly opened its mouth and lunged forward, determined to stuff this large morsel where it belonged. Jamie yelped as she felt herself sink deeper into the creature and was surprised to see that it managed to swallow her up to her waist. A tinge of fear returned at this unexpected turn of events, but it quickly disappeared when she started to realize how good her consumption was starting to feel. It was warm, delightfully warm and wet Jamie leaned back as the toad chewed on her waist, and bit her lip. Giggling to herself she imagined she was receiving a massage. Her wiggling toes felt slimy in what was undoubtedly the toads stomach, and just above her knees a ring of tightness held her thighs together as she felt the rhythmic beat of its heart pulse around her legs. What truly captivated her though was its tongue which had settled in the cleft between her thighs and was currently driving her crazy as the toad tried desperately to get her down. As long as she kept her knees locked she could close her eyes and enjoy this unique experience until she was satisfied. Taking control of the situation She began to grind her hips in the mouth of her would-be predator and giggled as the frog visibly struggled against her gyrations.

“You wanted this!” She exclaimed at the toad as she used her hands to steady herself and increase the intensity of her motions.

“Oh my god I’ve needed this!” Jamie yelled as she approached the brink. Just then she felt the frogs tongue grasp her pussy, and it was too much for her. She lost control of her body as a bucking orgasm shot through her. In her lust she spasmed wildly and without thinking forced her hips into the frogs mouth simultaneously bending her knees as her body sought to escalate her pleasure even more. The toad took advantage of her fully, as soon as it felt the tension in her knees give way it yawned wide and lunged forward forcing her knees to her chest as it closed its mouth and swallowed. Jamie not realizing yet the danger she was in hung limply from the toads mouth eyes closed breathing heavy, only her upper torso and arms were outside the toad now. Sensing it was back in control the toad took a moment to gather itself as its quivering meal rested in its throat. Jamie moaned as she opened her eyes and looked up only to find herself nose to nose. In her post orgasmic clarity she realized her mistake and immediately began to thrash and try to push herself free from the toads grasp, but it was no use the creature had her now. Then she felt it, what started as a low rumble from the creature's bowels became tightness around her compressed form as the creature prepared to swallow. Jamie whimpered as she looked up at the sky desperate for a glimpse of salvation, not noticing the toad's mouth crack open slightly. Her view of the world was changed abruptly as the creature brought its meal deeper within itself. She yelped as she felt the demanding rumble of its stomach on her feet and ass as they were strained through the tight ring of flesh that separated its stomach and throat. Desperately she gave one last effort to prevent her consumption, but she had no leverage now with her arms dangling uselessly outside and the rest of her body hugged tight by the warm flesh of her predator, all she accomplished was to make her captor sway slightly as it readied itself for another swallow. She sobbed quietly as she started to resign herself to her fate, as more of her was forced into the waiting stomach the sounds of nature she enjoyed so much were replaced by the thunderous beat of the creature's heart, the labor of its breathing and the squelching of its stomach. She leaned her head back as she used her hands to grasp the outside of the toad's mouth, and caught a glimpse of the outside world for the last time. Her grip on the toads mouth tightened, she wouldn’t go out like this. A second wind of energy pulsed through her muscles, she could feel the toad struggling to polish her off. It’s throat muscles pulsing in waves trying to force her down into its tight gut, but she wouldn’t let go. She pushed with her legs against the bottom of its stomach, and pulled with all her might in a desperate bid to get free from her predator. Slowly the forest came into full view as she started to emerge from her fleshy prison, but she was fighting a losing battle. The toads front legs prevented her hands from finding purchase on the muddy ground as it tried to force her back in. The straining against the constant swallowing of the frog was taking its toll on the exhausted woman. She couldn’t believe this creature, this toad barely bigger than she was able to overpower her this much. She could feel the toad start to tire as the desperate tug of was continued, it was now or never. She screamed in frustration as she tensed her body for a final lunge to freedom. It was over in an instant, as she kicked her legs against the stomach lining her footing failed, her ankle twisted violently and her knees buckled. Though she tried to hold herself with her good leg she could feel herself sliding slowly back in. The toads swallows were less powerful now, the struggle between predator and prey had taken its toll on both of them it seemed. She kept up a token struggle, but she knew it was over. Her body was slowly strained through the tight ring of flesh that marked her transition from woman to food, all the while the triumphant heartbeat of her predator thundered around her body. The toad jerked its head up to use gravity to aid its tired swallows, allowing its prey her last glimpses of the world she knew. Finally it swallowed enough of her to seal her off for good. Though her head and arms were still stuck in the back of its mouth, the toad seemed in no hurry to finish her off. Sensing the toads exhaustion she kicked with her good leg forcing herself a few inches back up its throat. A quick forceful swallow put her back in her place. She was too tired to muster another serious struggle and the toad knew this, so she waited patiently for her predator to make the final swallow. Jamie yelped as she felt a sudden groan from the stomach shake her lower body. As the toads heartbeat slowed and its breathing steadied she could feel the digestive tract awaken in anticipation of its meal. Even though half of her was still trapped in the toads throat it’s stomach seemed eager to get started on digesting her. Unlike the toads usual prey she knew what was happening to her, even now she could feel the potent cocktail of enzymes start to pool under her butt. She arched her back in an attempt to find relief from the stinging bile, in response she felt the stomach begin to churn coating more of her body in the vile liquid. Her young body was going to be broken down into nothing more than nutrients for this animal, and although it scared she knew it was only natural. The toads mouth yawned, and for a brief moment she saw the beauty of her surroundings for the last time, and the toad swallowed. Her world actually became brighter when she arrived in the stomach, the toads skin was stretched so thin over her large form she could see the shadow of its backbone and ribs. She could feel it’s belly dragging on the mud as it waddled off no doubt in search of a safe place to digest her in peace.

The toad made slow progress on its way back to the pond, instinct telling it to seek the muddy water as its impossibly large meal could be seen lightly struggling within.