Mother-in-Law Mishap

By SenpaiVore

Doug paced around the small church room he was cordoned off in, dressed up fancy in his tuxedo. It was the big day and he was nervous. He had known Mary since the two were kids and now they were going to be walking down the aisle together. From high school sweethearts to husband and wife! He checked his watch and ran his hands through his short black hair, making sure it wasn’t a mess.

He could only imagine what his finance and soon to be wife was feeling. The tradition of not seeing her before the ceremony was killing him. Though he knew aside from the dress, Mary was drop dead gorgeous with her long red hair and those cute freckles on her face. It was still a shock that a bombshell hourglass of a woman like her would be interested in him as anything other than a snack after sex. “It’s just the jitters. That’s all…” He told himself.

He looked over his vows for the tenth time. About all the good times they shared and how their love was undying. How she was the light of his life and nothing could change that. And nothing truly would. He remembered the day they confessed their feelings. It was a day after they graduated high school and were holding a celebration at her house. Both sides of the family were there. Mary had slipped him a note to meet her in the bedroom. He was sure she finally decided to devour him. Instead it was a passionate I love you and a lot of sex in her bed. Thankfully her door had locks on it.

The two dated throughout college and 4 months after that he proposed to her. As he reminisced about the good times and looked forward to more in the future, he heard a knock at the door. “Come in!” He said folding up his vows and putting them into his jacket pocket before the door creaked open.

As he turned around, expecting to see his best man and best friend Brent, he would hear a distinctive giggle before standing face to face with a familiar middle-aged woman who had just wandered in. “Oh Ms. Jones? Sorry I thought you were Brent…It’s about that time right?” He said looking at his watch, trying to keep his eyes from peering at the motherly figure before him. The woman smiled as she stumbled forward just a little bit. “Oh my sweet Doug. We’re family! Call me Marla. And Brent is preoccupied at the moment.” She said before leaning in and adjusting his bowtie.

Doug felt his body tense up as his soon to be mother-in-law leaned in. The woman was practically his soon to be wife…just with a fuller figure and the embroidered lace dress with a deep neckline that really showed it off. Something that he could look forward to in the future. His admiration of her body came with just as much of an understanding of where its bountiful gains came from. Because of his friendship with Mary, he was quite familiar with her predatory nature.

She often left many parents with empty nests as well as many teens orphaned. She even snagged full families on rare occasions. Her motherly demeanor and curvy nature was too much of a draw for many to pass up, even if it meant being fat for good. Thankfully Marla behaved most of the time since Doug was friends with Mary…most of the time anyway.

There were often instances the groom could remember when Marla took the chance to flaunt or flirt with the young hormonal teen. Sunbathing in the front yard, walking into a room with only a bathroom and leaving it behind before she left, and sending Doug lewd messages and nudes from his dead friend’s phones after having her way with them. He hated to admit it but there were times he thought about just giving in, but Mary would always swoop in and save him from her mother at the last minute.

His parents kept insisting that Doug stop hanging out with Mary as Marla would snag him or his brother Mike one day. But rather than heed their warnings, he simply tried to just avoid hanging out at Mary’s house and instead stick to the mall or the park.

Marla backed off when the two finally started dating after they graduated, likely not wanting to upset her daughter. Her hungry ways were still present as she ended up eating his brother Mike at the graduation party. His parents weren’t really thrilled about both his relationship and his brother being fat on Marla, but they came around eventually. At least Doug now felt safe enough to be in the same room with the milf alone.

As her massive breasts pressed up against his chest, he could smell the faint scent of booze on her breath. “Ms. Jones, have you been drinking?”

“Oh Doug, lighten up a little.” She said with a bit of sass, giving him a coy smile as she reached down into her purse and pulled out a flask before taking a swig. She adjusted her thick rimmed glasses and extended the flask to the groom. “Here…you seem like you need some liquid courage.” She said with a sultry smile.

“No thanks. Mary would kill me if I was hammered at the altar.” He said, trying to do his best not to offend Marla. After all, they were going to be related soon and it was best to stay on good terms.

“I see…well in that case...” Marla took another swig of the flask, but instead of swallowing, she grabbed onto Doug and forced him into a kiss. He struggled for a bit as he helplessly took in the shot’s worth of vodka. The groom managed to pull away and cough for air, having already swallowed quite a bit. “What the hell, Ms. Jones?! I said no!” He said with a bit of a flustered glare. His soon to be mother-in-law just gave an innocent shrug before tossing the flask aside. “Oh well, nothing you can do now. Besides, I know men get so worried over every little thing during the big day. I didn’t want you to get cold feet.” She said as she ran her hand against Doug’s chest.

“Uh, I mean I guess not…Though I hope you wouldn’t think I would run out on Mary.”

“Let’s not talk about Mary…Let’s talk about you.” She said as a manicured hand began to tease buttons of his tux loose. “Such a Handsome catch…My daughter is so lucky.” She cooed as she got a hold of his undershirt and lifted it up, rubbing against his bare skin. Doug felt his cock hardening to his dismay. He tried his best to ignore this arousal. He had priorities for both himself and Mary. He couldn’t just throw it away for something so flippant. Though Marla wasn’t making it any easier.

“M-Marla…I think you should stop. What if…someone sees?” Doug protested before jumping slightly as that same hand caressed the tent in his trousers.

Marla smiled and gave the mass a gentle squeeze, feeling it throb within her grasp. “Aw, you used my name…such a good boy.” She teased with a smirk as she knelt down and pressed her breasts against his legs while undoing his suspenders, pants button and zipper. The milf-in-law bit her bottom lip as she tugged his pants and boxers down. Doug's cock flung out, standing upright - already glistening with precum. Doug should have said something or pushed her away, but all he could do was try and hide the embarrassment and arousal on his face. His gaze looked away from Marla as she wrapped that same manicured hand around the impressive rod. She licked her lips and looked up at Doug with an innocent smile. “It doesn’t have to be weird. Just stress relief, right?”

Doug shuddered at those words, cock pulsing as the hand slowly worked up and down the shaft. “I guess…but B-Brent will be here any minute…” He said, his body giving into the seduction, even as his mind was telling him to do literally anything else.

“I wouldn’t worry about Brent…” Marla said before swiftly working her mouth over the cock, taking the length with little issue. Doug clenched his teeth as the woman bobbed back and forth along his meat. He hoped her slurping wasn’t too loud. This was wrong, so wrong…yet he couldn’t help but place a hand on the back of her head, running his fingers through her silky red hair. He just had to survive this. After a few minutes of slurping, she pulled off his now saliva coated cock before hoisting up her breasts.

“Like I said…he’s preoccupied.” She cooed as her hands cupped and groped the mounds of flesh. A spark of realization came over Doug as he stared down at the Milf and then the flash which had his initials on it. Marla took advantage of his aroused confusion and guided his cock towards her plump breasts. The groom tried to process the emotions, but dumbly complied as his dick disappeared into the abyss of cleavage. “I know I should have waited until after the wedding, but the way he stared at me during rehearsal…he wanted a one way ticket to tit town.” She said as Doug tried to stay focused as each squeeze of his fat cock betweens the boob fat that used to be his best man.

“A bit of teasing here, groping there. Didn’t take long before he was sliding into my chest with ease. He even stroked off the whole way down. I promised to let him out right before the ceremony…but the boy didn’t even last 5 minutes in my melons, but at least he added a lot of perk, don’t you think?” She teased drunkenly as she grinded her tits against Doug even more. The poor groom stifled moans and was left panting as pre oozed from his tip. Marla smirked at the sticky sensation “Aw…is my son-in-law getting a bit too excited at the thought of his best friend being made boomer boobs? Be careful…this is an expensive dress. You wouldn’t want to make a mess of it, would you?”

The teasing wasn’t helping as the woman continued to use her breasts against his penis. “I-I can’t…” He said in a gasp. “You better…Just a little longer.” Marla teased as she sped up. Doug couldn’t handle it any more. He soon cried out in orgasm, splattering a thick layer of salty cum in between her tits, the heavy load making for a rather large mess. She pushed the wet dick out as it oozed the remaining jizz onto the floor, leaving Doug panting against the wall.

Marla gave the cock a cleaning with her tongue before standing up, giving her breasts a squeeze, the feeling of the warm goo rubbing against her skin. “Such a naughty boy…making such a mess.” She said as she stumbled close, pressing her messy tits against him as it smeared on his tux. Her hand began stroking his cock back to life. “Ah…” He let out a pained moan as the cock was still sensitive from the climax seconds ago. Even so, it was erect once again.

“A man who can’t hold his load and happily fucking his mother-in-law’s tits on his wedding day? Such a pervert…I know exactly what to do with you.” She whispered into his ear before kissing her son-in-law on the lips. Doug was in deep already and just went with it. Soon their tongues were dancing as her hand stroked the cock at a rapid rate. He wasn’t sure how long it would take for his next orgasm to hit. The groom was so distracted, he didn’t notice her kiss opened up into a swallow as his head began gliding against her tongue and into the back of her throat. Once he realized what was actually happening, he tried to pull out, but her handjob was making it next to impossible.

Her swallowing was rough, quick and efficient. She leaned over more to aid in her conquest of the groom. Her hand's soft touch continued to stroke Doug off, using the lust to distract him even as he was guided off his feet and deeper into her throat as his cock finally was released from her grasp. Even so, Doug would be too aroused to care as his head finally entered into Marla’s hot boiling stomach. His kicking feet disappeared past her lips before she gave one last swallow as the groom slid quickly into the pool of acids, curling up into a ball to fit in the cramped space.

As his outline tore the seams on her dress, exposing her now bloated gut to the world. “UURRRRPP!” The milf let out a loud belch before flopping on a nearby chair, rubbing her catch as she felt the walls and acids already start to kick in. “Oh fuck…I never got what my daughter saw in you…You were SO easy to tempt.” She said as the groom’s squirms could be seen through the skin. “Oh dear…none of that. A pervert like you is where he ought to be…now settle in my gut…this will be over in a few minutes.” Marla cooed before leaning back.

Doug kicked relentlessly, though his arousal hadn’t faded. “Let me out! What would your daughter think?!” Doug barked, trying to find any empathy the drunk milf still had. All he got in response was a hardy laugh that caused his confines to jostle. “Did you think you were my daughter’s first choice?” She said, slapping her gut. “Oh you poor boy. I remember the dilemma she had. She didn’t just have a crush on you, but your brother as well. She just couldn’t choose who she wanted more. You younger generations are so indecisive.” The full pred let out another belch after the comment.

“W–What are you saying?” Doug nervously asked as the walls were clenching around him tight and the acids were starting to burn. “Well I couldn’t see my daughter bothered by such a choice so I gave her a little help. I had my daughter write up two simple notes on meeting her in private. One was the bedroom where she would actually be, and the other would be the laundry room where I would be.” She said as she rubbed her gurgling gut, feeling the groom starting to soften up.

“I then mixed the two notes in a hat before writing each of your names on one. Then I had my daughter give them to each of you.” Marla cooed as she put pressure on the gut. He felt the hand pressing against his body. The acids were already rising over his shoulders as his legs were practically mush at this point. Doug started to pant for air, each lungful of the humid stomach stench, which didn’t help the growing lightheadedness.

“Your brother was so confused seeing me there instead of my Mary…he whined all the way down and I had to crush him against the washer to shut him up. I’m glad my daughter picked someone a bit more polite when it came to sloshing away. Though you don’t have much longer, do you? You’re already so soft. Here…let Ms. Jones, help you out one last time. If you end up on my ass, say hi to your brother me.” The milf said, wrapping her arms around her stomach and squeezing hard.

It was as though Doug was in a set of vice grips, the pressure on his body getting tighter and tighter. Doug couldn’t believe he was going to be tits on his fiance’s mother. Mary would be so pissed…not that it would matter now. Then with a sudden sickening pop, everything went back.

Marla groped her gut to grind the solid bits of her former son-in-law down. “URRP~ For a skinny boy, you were definitely meaty.” She teased the slop in her belly as she let out a yawn. “Ooh…I think I overdid it…well a nap wouldn’t hurt.” She said stretching before leaning back once again to get comfortable before drifting off to sleep.


“Mom! MOM! Wake up!” A shrill voice could be heard. Marla groggily started to do as commanded, although her head was pounding.

“Ngh, fuck.” Marla grunted as she stretched. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she would see three people standing before her. The priest, the wedding planner, and her sweet daughter looking angrier than a woman in a beautiful wedding gown should be.

Marla rubbed her temples and stood up, finding her balance as she did. “I’m sorry I must have overslept. Did I miss the ceremony?” She asked. The wedding planner just face palmed. “Mom! There isn’t going to be a ceremony because you ate my fucking fiance!”

“I did what-URRP!” She asked before belching up the tattered tuxedo jacket at her daughter’s feet. Marla walked over to a nearby mirror and looked at herself. Her dress was ruined for sure. Dry cum stains on the chest, ripped opening in the midsection showing off the pudge in the center, and her now G-cup breasts hanging out for the world to see now that her meal had been absorbed. She turned to see her ass also gained a bit with the back end of the dress ripped at the seams to expose a lacy red thong underneath. She gulped before looking at her daughter. “Oh…that.” She said with a nervous smile. The priest looked away the best he could. “I’ll see if I can’t get you something to put on.”

“Yeah, maybe if you have one of those Nun outfits. I’ve been looking for an authentic one for this Halloween. Just one size smaller though, I want my curves to show.” Marla said, not even trying to cover her chest. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t compare holy garments to a cheap costume.” He said before walking out. “Don’t worry, Father! I’m sure we’ll have much to talk about in confession later!” She called out in a sultry manner, causing him to pick up the pace down the hall.

“How can you flirt at a time like this! Aren’t you the least bit sorry?! How did this even happen?!” She said, stomping her foot down as she stared daggers at her mother. “Well darling…in my defense, I got a bit drunk with the Best Man before I stuffed him down my tits…so I really wasn’t intending on doing it. It just…kinda happened.” She said, trying to at least sound innocent.

“Didn’t I say no drinking before the reception? Also what was that about the Best Man being made your Boob Booster?” The wedding planner asked with an annoyed tone and expression. The bride rubbed her face with her hands. “You always do this mom! Everytime I meet someone new, friends or co-workers…you find some way to snag them for yourself. I mean I thought I was safe when I went out with Doug since he was a childhood friend, but no…I have to find out after I wait at the altar for 40 minutes that you fucked and flushed him.” She said as she threw her bouquet on the ground in a fit of rage.

“I’m sorry, Sweetheart. I truly didn’t mean to ruin your special day and I promise not to do it again…or do my best not to. How about this? We take that Honeymoon fund you and Doug were saving up plus whatever he had in his bank accounts and take a vacation for you and me. Mother and Daughter. We both get to have fun! Not like he’ll complain now that he’s my curves. Plus who knows, you could snag a new fiance?” Marla cooed as she hoped it was enough to sweeten the deal.

Mary rolled her eyes. The wedding planner jumped in. “Look, Miss, this was a very important milestone in your daughter’s life. I don’t think she’s going to just go along with-”

“Fine! But I get to pick where we go!” She said, stunning the wedding planner and her mother to some extent. “I’m sorry, what?” The wedding planner asked.

“Well if I let her pick, she’s going to just pick some boring hotel resort. I want more of an experience. Something on the wild side. Haven’t really decided yet.”

“That’s not what…You know what, never mind.” The wedding planner replied with a look of exhaustion.

“Though how am I even going to tell Doug’s parents? I mean they put just as much money into this wedding as you did and now both their kids are hanging off of you to some degree.”

Marla rubbed her daughter’s shoulders before, her massive breasts pressing into the back of her neck and head. “Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to them. I’m sure they’ll understand, and if not…the house next door will be going up for sale after tonight.” She said before heading out. “Now I’ve got to find that cute priest. I want to make sure the sizes are just right.” She said walking down the halls, leaving the wedding planner and bride alone.

“I don’t mean to judge but…you’re taking this a bit better than most.” The wedding planner said as she looked at the mother of the bride swaying her hips as she walked around the corner. Mary grabbed her ex-fiance’s jacket and sat back in the chair she found her mother passed out in. “Yeah…you get used to it. Family can be such a pain sometimes.” Mary said, pulling out the soggy paper in the pocket. As she opened it up, it was practically ruined; the writing unreadable. She crumpled it up and tossed it over her shoulder. “Honestly, I’m kinda glad it was my mom and not some random homewrecker.”

“So you’re good?” The wedding planner asked.

“Yeah, I’m good. Guess we can cancel the reception.”

“You could…Though not to be a buzz kill, but none of that is refundable.”

“Oh? Well you know…I haven’t eaten all day.” Mary said getting up and sauntering over to the wedding planner. “Been saving my appetite for the reception, perhaps I should follow my mother’s lead and grab a snack right now so I won’t overeat later. Then I could work you off on the dance floor. What do you think?” The poor girl was flustered as the bride petted her face gently.

“Um…On second thought, I think a refund is fine. Would you prefer cash or check?”

Mary thought about it before pulling the planner closer. “Too late. I’m too excited now.” Judy responded, going in for a deep kiss and slammed the door shut behind her. Cries of pleasure and coitus echoed out from behind the door.

The guests of the wedding would hear two voices moaning out in blissful delight until one was muffled and then went silent. Then a belch echoed through the church halls soon after.