Heist gone wrong

By: Jakkie Winever, 2023

Everyone knows Mega Corporations controlled the city, it bent to their wishes for massive profits while everyone else was left to pickup the crumbs. But once all the crumbs are too tiny to live on, that’s when people turn to other methods of getting what they need to survive. Petty crime could only get you so much, not a lot to steal on people who don’t have much of anything already. But pulling off a heist? You’d be set if you were able to succeed. The hard part was not getting caught. The corporations employed top notch security and you didn’t ever hear much about those who got caught, you’d be lucky if you saw them again. But Jakkie wasn’t worried. She was tough, and she knew she could do it. She’d done several before and this would be her biggest one yet. She was a anthropomorphic Shiba Inu with blue fur, white belly fluff and a fluffy cinnamon bun tail that shiba’s were known for. She had been preparing for months and she had the perfect plan, knowing her way inside and out. She entered the Black Rose Office Tower dressed in a dress top and a formal pair of pants, looking like a potential job applicant. She made her way to the front desk where a Black Dragoness sat, busy typing away at her computer. Her name tag said Faedra Belamos, Security and Concierge

“Good Afternoon Ms Faedra, Jakkie Winever, here for an--” She was interrupted by the dragoness shushing her, not even looking in her direction as she worked intensely at her computer for a moment before stopping, glancing at Jakkie with piercing pink eyes, sending a chill down her spine. It felt as though the dragon stared right into her, seeing everything that was within, it felt like somehow, she knew what Jakkie was really there for. She smiled a bit showing off some of her sharp jagged teeth. “Sorry dear, but it is rude to interrupt someone who is focusing on something. Now what did you say you were here for, hm?” She continued staring Jakkie in the eyes, making Jakkie feel flustered. Jakkie stammered, and her voice cracked trying to think of what to say “I uh.. didn’t.. I have a job interview with the records department” Faedra returned her gaze to her computer, typing again before speaking “Ah yes, Ms. Winever, Mr. Holland will be down momentarily I just alerted him of your arrival. Please go take a seat” Faedra said gazing deep into Jakkie’s eyes

Jakkie felt somehow obligated to follow the command, though she wasn’t sure why. Once she had taken her seat. She looked up and noticed Faedra staring her down with a knowing smile before returning to her work. She couldn’t know of Jakkie’s plan, could she? She had to keep her cool or this wasn’t going to work. Soon Mr. Holland arrived and the two of them introduced themselves. He led Jakkie up to one of the higher floors via an elevator and was led into his office. He went through all the usual interview questions, told her about the position and all the usual questions. Pretty soon things were finally wrapping up. Now it was time for her plan to take place. She had arranged for a friend to use a high tech voice changer to mimic Mr. Hollands boss. She had spent months preparing for this, profiling her targets and it would be any second before Mr. Holland got an unpleasant call.

The phone rang as Mr. Holland checked who it was, he answered quickly, his face going pale as he was now on the receiving end of a bad phone call. Mr. Holland looked up towards Jakkie, covering the receiver with his hand “I’m really sorry, thank you for interviewing today, I’d escort you out, but this is a bit of bad timing. You remember which way you came right?” Jakkie got up bowing slightly, and nodded “Of course, I’ll leave you to it. I’ll find my way out, thank you again” Perfect, now for the next step of her plan. As soon as she was out of sight of the office, she started making her way to the place they held their servers. The room was highly secured with lasers, temperature sensors, and other methods of security, all of which Jakkie had prepared for. She had considerable computer skills for her normal day job, and with some patience and time, while evading people who could see her, she managed to disable the security. Finally, she made her way to an access port on one of the machines and plugged in a data stick. Using a bit of malware she had created, she had copied over a bunch of files and extracted her stick. But the moment she pulled it out, she felt a small prick in the back of her neck. She turned around to see a small turret in the ceiling she had not seen before. It must have been new since she gathered her intel. She didn’t have time to think about it as all of the security measures had now turned back on, and a loud alarm began to sound off through the building “Damnit!!” She bolted off running, as the building started to lock herself down. She was shoving employees, though she felt bad for them and weaving in between desks as she approached the escape she had planned. The maintenance tunnels in the building went up and down it’s entire height, even into the basement where the building connected to the sewers. They were only accessible through hatches.

Seeing the hatch, she threw it open, hopped in and closed it behind her. She dove down the vertical shaft, pulling out a grappling gun, and with near perfect timing managed to fire it in time to catch a pipe just below the bottom. It was a rough landing. But it was better than what was going on above. She could now escape into the sewers and get above ground a few blocks away. Or so she thought as she heard a large thud behind her. She whirled to see who it was only to feel the cold scales of a claw tightening around her throat and lifting her into the air. She was met with the unforgettable pair of glowing pink eyes of that dragoness from earlier.

“Did you really think that it’d be that easy? I’ve been watching you the whole time you’ve been here, and I was hoping I’d get see you 1 on 1.”

Her voice was now smooth like velvet, which did not match her strength as she tightened her claws around Jakkie’s throat, who coughed and clawed at the claw, breath caught in her throat. She chuckled darkly as she continued.

“I’ll admit, it was impressive how you got through security and slipped by Mr. Holland. He’s fired now by the way; just thought I’d let you know. But you...”

Faedra opened her drooling maw a bit in front of Jakkie’s face, showing off strands of drool clinging to her many sharp teeth. The throat yawned open as it yearned for Jakkie to come closer, before snapping it closed in front of Jakkie’s face. Jakkie squirmed desperately as she choked for air, starting to feel the fight drain from her and a tingling sensation pulling her into the dark

“I take great pleasure in ending thieves like you personally. But I’ll make it feel good for you. Just look into my eyes sweety”

Jakkie was forced to stare into those piercing pink eyes of hers, feeling a strange sensation coming over her as she tried to look away. She found herself drawn towards her gaze, starting to feel calmer. Jakkie gulped, she was not going to let this happen to her. She managed to reach down to her side with one hand, reaching around for something as she struggled. She pulled up a flashcube, a device that temporarily blinds anyone who sees it’s light.

Faedra temporarily loosened her grip once she saw what Jakkie had allowing Jakkie a breath and the spell to break concentration. Jakkie closed her eyes and squeezed it, causing the reaction to occur right in Faedra’s face, causing the dragon to let Jakkie go as she covered her eyes.


She screamed out in agony as Jakkie took a few steps away from her, panting and gulping down as much oxygen as she could.

“You’ve got some serious issues lady. I’m out of her.”

She ran off into the sewers while Faedra was still blind, she roared down the tunnels.


Jakkie ran for quite a while, she didn’t exactly know where she was going to end up, but she eventually found her way to a sewer outlet. She crawled through the bars and got onto the bank of the riverbed the outlet let out in.

“Ugh I am going to need to shower for weeks to get this off… But I finally did it. Good life, here I come!”

Heading back home she entered her tiny apartment, scratching a red spot on her neck as flopped down on the couch. Her throat was still tender but otherwise she was fine. Now all she had to do was find a buyer for the data she had stolen. Opening her laptop, she browsed around a while and eventually found a fence who would buy it off her, setting up an appointment for the next day. She was feeling exhausted, and soon after passed out for the night, falling into a deep sleep.

Her dreams were weird and restless, she could not stop seeing Faedra in them, no matter what the dream was, the dragoness was in them, starting off in the distance and getting closer until soon she found herself in a black void. A glowering pair of pink eyes dominated her vision as she heard a voice. Her voice

“I’m coming for you, and I’m never going to stop. You will be mine.”

Words started swirling in her mind faster, overstimulating her, telling her that she would be hers, she was close, it’s over, give in. It was all too much as the pink light filled everything in the void. Finally, it all stopped until she spoke one last time.

“The spell is complete. Awaken.”

Jakkie’s eyes shot open to Faedra looming over her on the couch, her face inches from Jakkie’s, her pink eyes looking right down into hers. She tried to scream but found she could not speak or move. She tried in her mind to move her limbs, but it was as if they were not listening to her. She could only control where she was looking.

Faedra chuckled and exhaled some pink rose scented smoke that gave Jakkie a heady sensation, the scent flooding her mind. She placed her claw on Jakkie’s chin, licking her lips. She reached down into Jakkie’s pocket and pulled out the flash drive she had made, crushing it in her hand and sprinkling it onto the floor.

“You were so close too, such a shame. Now look at you here, helpless. I can do whatever I want with you. Stand up!”

Faedra got up off Jakkie and Jakkie looked up at Faedra. She didn’t want to obey her, but she found her body acting of its own accord. It was almost as if she were an observer in her own body, unable to do anything but watch on in horror as the events were unfolding in front of her. Faedra smirked her toothy smile as if she knew exactly what Jakkie was feeling.

“I’ll admit, I was rather impressed earlier, usually no one manages to get away from me. You probably would have, if not for that tracker in your neck. Strip down”

Jakkie thought back to when she felt the sharp jab into her neck. How could she not have noticed. To her horror Jakkie started removing her clothes as she begged her body not to obey. She took off her clothes, then her bra and finally her underwear. Stark naked in front of the woman that hours before had her by the throat, ready to be devoured. Faedra resumed.

“But my dear, this is what you get when you mess with Black Rose. Now then, why don’t we get down to business hm? I was going to make it pleasurable for you the first time, let you slip out peacefully. But I’m not sure you deserve that anymore. Say goodbye to the world, this is going to be your last night in it. Step towards me”

Jakkie wanted to scream, beg, and cry but she couldn’t, all she could do was watch as her body stepped over towards Faedra, who promptly grabbed her by the shoulders, opening her maw once more, letting the heat of her breath wash over her. Once again Jakkie was faced with the darkness of the dragons throat, pulsing open as if begging to accept her. And this time, it would. She lifted Jakkie up and guided her head into her maw, Faedra’s tongue dancing across Jakkie’s face as her cheeks stretched to accept the Shiba into them. Faedra moaned as if enjoying her flavour as she pushed her in deeper with a satisfying swallow, Jakkie’s head hitting the back of the dragons throat and being pulled down within. Jakkie was trying to do anything to allow her to respond, to struggle. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Jakkie’s face was forced into the tight esophagus, getting coated in saliva and surrounded by a suffocating heat. Jakkie couldn’t breathe again, but this time rather than being choked, she was being eaten alive, the throat vacuum sealed to her face. Faedra guided Jakkie deeper into her, slowly swallowing her shoulders, her breasts, bit by bit the Shiba was devoured, an indent of his body travelling down the dragoness’s throat until soon all that was left on the outside were Jakkie’s feet.

Jakkie’s snout was forced up against the entrance of the stomach which opened to accept her. It was a tight fit, that was only getting tighter as she started spilling in. The air inside had an acrid scent that burned to breathe, although she could breath it as she gasped. Jakkie was horrified as she no longer felt the cool outside air on her paws, realising that she was now completely inside of Faedra’s body, tightly curled up into a fetal position. She had been eaten, and there was nothing she could do about it now. Faedra felt Jakkie settle into her body, patting her now engorged belly with clear outlines of the poor creature within. Letting out a loud belch she flopped herself down onto Jakkie’s couch, jostling the poor Shiba as she started to tease her prize.

“Nice and comfy inside there? Don’t worry, it won’t be for long. Even now my body is preparing to break you down into nothing. I’m going to make sure you feel all of it, for as long as your body can stand.”

Faedra snapped her fingers and suddenly Jakkie felt control return to her body. She erupted into a scream as she started to thrash around inside Faedra’s stomach, causing the dragoness to have a pleasured look on her face. She always loved when they fought for their worthless lives. She used her tail to start teasing womanhood, enjoying the sounds of muffled screams coming from within.

Jakkie on the other hand was panicking, unable to grasp that this was really happening. This was still a dream, right? It had to be a dream. Liquids started to leak into the chamber she was trapped in, dripping down on her and pooling in the bottom of her stomach, everywhere it touched starting to tingle a bit. It gurgled loudly around her, and she could hear the loud throbbing of Faedra’s heart. As she fought she felt Faedra’s stomach squeeze in on her hard. It crushed her in hard, as the stomach walls rubbed against her, making the tingling fluid coat her entirely. She cried out.

“Let me out!! Let me out please!! I’ll do anything”

The stomach relented after a moment give the Shiba a break, but the tingling sensation was now entirely coated in those fluids, the tingling now over most of her body. Faedra moaned in pleasure, Jakkie’s screams only seeming to fuel her lust as she bucked her hips against the bulge Jakkie made, using her long tail to tease her penetrate herself while the shiba struggled within. She wanted to add fuel to the fire.

“Sorry dear, but you’re just meat now, ready to be broken down and added to my gorgeous body. After I’m done with you, you won’t be recognizable at all. If you think this is bad, it’s only the beginning sweety, you haven’t even begun to understand the true misery in store for you—BUUUORP!!”

Faedra burped and emptied her entire stomach of oxygen, causing it clamp down hard on her again and writhe in pain as the acids filled the remaining space, causing some to get in Jakkies mouth, eyes, and nose. She thrashed around heavily in pain to Faedra’s delight. After what felt like forever to Jakkie, Faedra decided to swallow some air down, causing the stomach to expand slightly, though it did feel tighter around her than before. The air lowered the acids back down into a pool, which was now up to the shiba’s stomach inside the chamber. Jakkie coughed and sputtered, feeling weak and in pain after her experience. She was completely soaked in digestive fluids, her eyes and lungs burned, and it was starting to feel hot inside of that chamber. The stomach gurgled intensely as the walls rubbed against the shiba. She had not noticed yet, but her fur was starting to fall off in clumps as the rubbing continued. The tingling sensation was growing more intense, becoming harder to ignore, especially in areas where her body contacted them. Jakkie sobbed and curled up, needing to take a break from struggling.

“Why are you doing this to me? It was just some stupid data..”

Faedra was moaning and panting in ecstasy as she penetrated herself with her tail, rubbing her stomach with her hands. The outline in the stomach was less featured than before, becoming slight more rounded as the stomach balled up it’s prisoner tighter and tighter. She couldn’t resist the urge to taunt her some more. She spoke in a breathy tone.

“I love my job. I take care of security for the company, and they look away from what happens to would be thieves like you, it’s a beneficial arrangement. From the moment you came to my desk, I knew I would be having you. You could say I have an... eye for these sort of things”

She chuckled as she continued pleasuring herself, rubbing her gut gently but moving one of her hands up to play with her chest as she bucked her hips. Jakkie could feel the movement from inside of the stomach, the acids sloshing and lapping up against her face. The stomach began to squeeze down on her again, clamping hard and rubbing all around her, removing more fur and helping the acids contact her skin directly. She slammed her eyes shut but it did little to the already acid damaged eye lids. Jakkie could feel the acids in her eyes and even though she couldn’t see inside the chamber, she knew she was probably blind. The tingling sensation transitioned into a burning sensation all over her body, her skin red as the upper layers had been burned off. it was like her own personal hell. She began to thrash and writhe with renewed energy, as the stomach let up once more, this time feeling even tighter around her than before. It was as if the stomach was slowly compacting her into a smaller and smaller ball. She screamed and cried out, unable to focus on making words as the burning got stronger, more intense. It felt as if someone were holding a giant magnifying glass with light from the sun onto her.

Faedra heard the screaming and started to penetrate herself deeper, her eyes rolling up as she was reaching climax. She let out a scream of ecstasy as her body tensed in massive orgasm, even her stomach, which once again forced the poor Shiba into a crushing burning hell. Several pops could be heard as the Shiba’s bones popped from their sockets and broke, and a few ribs were busted. The Shiba let out a loud cry before falling quiet within. Faedra panted as she recovered from earthshattering bliss to see her stomach was much rounder then before. She chuckled, panting in between each word, rubbing it gently

“Heh, that didn’t sound good. Still having fun in there?”

Jakkie was in pain all over her body, impossibly crumpled up, the tight stomach compressed nearly impossibly around her. She tried to struggle only to find she couldn’t move much. The acids in the stomach were turning red in color as chunks of red flesh began to float around and several of her limbs had bones poking out. Luckily the Shiba could no longer see. The acids continued to eat away at her, she could feel herself getting more compressed by the minute, the stomach gurling loudly as she started to slowly sink down into the acids, finding her body unable to support herself. Over time the pain started to numb, as the acids damaged the nerve endings to Jakkie’s brain, replaced by a warm sensation taking over. Soon she felt the acids rising up her neck, her chin, her mouth and finally her nose as she sunk down within. Unable to breathe air no longer, it wasn’t long until the Shiba found everything in her mind slowly going dark, until she slipped into unconsciousness. With a final gurgle and a large belch, all the air was released from Faedra’s stomach.

“Heh, guess not, you were fun my dear, too bad we can’t do this again. But I’ll see you on my hips and ass. Have a good sleep. Forever”

She chuckled and fell asleep on Jakkie’s couch, as time passed the dragons stomach shrank in size until morning where there was barely anything left. The dragon got up, and left the scene, no one ever finding anything of Jakkie again.