Please be advised the story contains the following: fantasy setting, teasing male dragon pred, unwilling male dragon prey. Masturbation, M/M sex and rape. Size difference (bigger pred and smaller prey), oral vore, belly bloat. Fatal graphic digestion, scat. Reader's discretion is advised – enjoy!

All characters featured within this story are fictional, above the legal age of consent and have head to body ratio 1 to 7 or higher.


Ignis was a big and scary volcanic dragon. His eyes were glowing like hot magma, and his body was clad in tough dark scales with spots of gray soot here and there. He lived in a semi-extinct volcano's crater, enjoying the warmth of molten lava which was showing on the surface occasionally. As any other volcanic dragon, he was highly territorial and slayed all big predators in his hunting grounds, including other dragons.

To be honest, he didn't even remember where exactly were the borders of his territory, so he just kept expanding them when he was in a mood for that. But this morning, when he raised from the huge pile of gold he was resting on and came out from his comfy cave onto the rocky plateau, he saw another winged beast challenging his supremacy in the skies to the south. Of course, he couldn't forgive such an audacity.

Ignis jumped off the cliff, letting himself fall halfway down to the ground to gain some momentum before opening his big red wings wide, rising high in the air in just a few flaps. He looked like a spot of pure darkness in the blue sky and immediately got noticed by the other dragon, who reasonably turned around and started escaping as fast as he could. But no matter how hard he tried, the distance between them was imminently shortening, letting Ignis get a better look at the intruder.

It was a young green dragon, at least one third smaller than Ignis himself. His body was slender and feminine, giving Ignis a false impression of him being not a dragon, but a dragoness. A thought of fucking her into all holes and finally continuing his lineage dominated his mind, encouraging him to fly even faster. The chase lasted for at least an hour, and the volcano Ignis lived in vanished behind the horizon. When only a hundred yards was separating Ignis from the green dragon's tail tip, the intruder suddenly fell into a nosedive.

The green beast semi-closed his wings, flying between the tall tree trunks and flew into the waterfall. Ignis just smashed into those trees with his broad wings and uprooted them without receiving any damage. He didn't dare to do the same trick with the waterfall though – who knows how wide was the entrance to the cave behind it? His body might be tough enough to shrug off wood, but rocks were a totally different story.

Instead, the big black dragon plopped into the lake, making water sizzle on his back as his muscles heated quite a lot after flying so fast for so long. His stomach let out a hungry groan, making the water go in circles from the predator's body and giving him another idea of what he could do to that 'dragoness'… He approached the waterfall, not swimming but walking on the bottom of the lake. He snorted as thin water suspension filled up his nostrils, making them sizzle and black smoke rise from them.

"If you think you can hide from me in there, you're mistaken…" Ignis said in a deep rumbling voice.

The intruder didn't reply, even though he certainly couldn't miss those words even behind the waterfall noise. Ignis narrowed his glowing eyes and stepped into the wall of falling water, gritting his teeth as it cooled down his back far more than he was comfortable with. But even if he wasn't fond of water overall, it wasn't nearly enough to stop him from entering the cave behind it, which was barely big enough to fit him with his wings opened.

"I… I'm sorry that I've trespassed your territory! I will never do it again, I promise!" The green dragon babbled.

He was absolutely horrified by the look of his uncalled guest. Forest dragons were one of the weakest of all dragons, and even among them Virens was far from an apex to say the least. He had no illusions about fighting – a single swing of Ignis's clawed paw would be enough to snap his spine, so he simply had to talk his way out of this at all costs.

"You… you can even take my horde if you want, just… just please, don't hurt me…" Virens begged and backed down as the volcanic dragon kept approaching him.

"You call this puny pile of junk a horde?" Ignis asked and laughed and making the green dragon whimper as the labor of his entire life was ridiculed and then crushed by Ignis's paw as he stomped on it.

"B-but… it's all I have…" Virens babbled.

The green dragon kept backing down until his rear bumped against the rocky wall and there was no more way to escape. He tucked his tail under his belly and trembled with his entire body from terror as Ignis reached his snout with his paw. To his surprise, he didn't hit him or start strangling him. Instead, he rubbed his chin suspiciously gently.

"I don't need your horde, but your body shall do… It's been a really long while since I met a female…" Ignis crooned, showing miracles of romance for a hulking monstrosity like him.

Virens frozen in terror, and his breath sped up. The big dragon thought that he was a dragoness and thus was still holding back. But as soon as he knows that he was a male – he was as good as dead. Female dragons had a cloaca, and male dragons had their dicks hidden under their scales until they get erected, so he might as well trick the bigger predator by letting him use his tailhole and survive till he leaves. And then… then he will fly as fast and as far as he can, to the place where he will never find him…

"S-sure… if that's what you want… just please, be gentle…" Virens babbled, making Ignis chuckle.

"As gentle as a volcanic dragon can be…" Ignis cooed, watching how the green dragon laid on top of his tiny horde, perking his rear up for him. "Damn, just look at that booty…" He added, approaching Virens and grasping his ass cheeks tightly, making him gasp and moan in a mixture of lust and discomfort.

The green dragon trembled with his entire body as the predator climbed on top of him, rubbing his chubby scaly belly against his smooth back. Unlike any other dragons, forest dragons barely had any spikes poking out from their bodies – no wonder small and slender Virens looked like a female to Ignis. Virens gasped as Ignis pressed the moist tip of his shaft against his ass, beginning to push it deeper and deeper into his body.

The sensitive walls of his colon were stretched by the predator's rippling length, and his moans only got louder. Even if he didn't want to admit that – it felt pretty damn good to him. His slender belly bulged out subtly when the massive shaft was shoved into him completely, and Ignis even showed miracles of patience, giving his partner a few seconds to get used to it.

"Damn, you're so tight…" Ignis murmured in bliss and rubbed Virens's belly with his paw, making him shiver involuntarily. "Almost feel bad for ruining your hole…" He added with a sassy chuckle.

Then he started thrusting, slowly at first but gradually speeding up more and more. Virens couldn't help but moaned like a whore, dipping his claws into the golden goblets and coins of his horde from pleasure. Even if he tried his best to not get aroused, he couldn't change his nature and make the stimulation of his prostate any less pleasant, so his shaft began peeking out from its slit.

"No… for the sake of divines… get back in there…" Virens thought to himself in despair, but just as the rest of his body, his dick didn't care and only got bigger and harder with every thrust of Ignis's.

The predator's paw was getting lower and lower to Virens's crotch, making the green dragon tremble in terror. Then the moist tip of his shaft touched Ignis's fingers, but the black dragon didn't go mad or anything, instead grasping the green dragon's shaft firmly and beginning to stroke it.

"Seems like you actually have a dick… though it is as small as your horde…" Ignis chuckled, making the green dragon blush.

"You… you knew I was a male?" Virens babbled.

"Not really, though calling you a male would be too generous – you didn't even try to resist and opened your legs for me at the first call…" Ignis said sassily, leaning down to the webbed ear of the green dragon. "Makes me think that you actually wanted to be my little bitch…" Ignis cooed, nipping that ear with his lips and making Virens shiver with his entire body involuntarily.

"I… I thought you would kill me if I don't lay with you…" Virens mumbled, huffing and panting as he genuinely enjoyed that.

"True… but look at yourself now – your dick is even harder than mine…" Ignis giggled mischievously, rubbing Virens's shaft with his paw lazily, feeling how it throbbed synchronously with his own thrusts, oozing with sticky pre like crazy. "You're definitely enjoying this, aren't you, bitchie?" Ignis added thrusting into Virens's ass faster and harder and making the green dragon moan in lust.

"Yes… yes, I am…" Virens babbled, seeing no point in denying the obvious. His tail lapped around Ignis's hind paw, and his wings slightly opened involuntarily. His entire body was radiating lust and joy, and he felt horribly embarrassed because of that.

"You know you're a disgrace for the whole dragon kind because of that, bitchie?" Ignis crooned, jerking Virens off and humping into his butt faster and faster.

"Y-yes… I do…" Virens whimpered, being humiliated as never before in his life yet unable to stop enjoying such belittling treatment from a bigger and stronger male.

"M-m-m, it's always nice to see bitch dragons like you knowing what they are and where is their place…" Ignis cooed.

He stuck out his tongue and ran it along the smooth back of Virens's all the way up to his head. The green dragon couldn't help but moaned like a whore from arousal. His breath was deep and fast and his heart was racing as he got stuck on the verge of his orgasm. Ignis surely noticed that and opened his mouth, biting into his prey's neck playfully yet hard enough to cut through his scales and make him shudder and bleed a little bit.

It was the final straw which made Virens blow his load into Ignis's paw with a lusty moan. He strained his tailhole around the predator's dick involuntarily, milking it in a really pleasant way. It took Ignis just a couple more thrusts to blow his own load into Virens's butt. It was steaming hot, just like the rest of his body, but the discomfort it gave to Virens was negligible compared to the bliss he felt after climax. The volcanic dragon pulled his dick out from Virens's rear, letting some of his cum leak out from the abused tailhole of the green dragon.

"M-m-m, if that's any consolation – you were almost as pleasant to fuck as a real female…" Ignis cooed, looking at the panting mess he turned Virens into. "Makes me wonder if you will taste as good as a real female too…" He added, licking his lips hungrily and making the green dragon snap back to reality from his blissful afterglow.

"T-taste? What do you mean?" Virens babbled, sprawled on his horde and still unable to fully control his body after orgasm.

"Chasing and fucking you was a quite exhausting endeavor, so I'm really, really hungry now…" Ignis said with drool leaking from his maw and his belly growling intimidatingly.

"N-no… please… I will be more useful for you alive! You… you can fuck me as much as you want! I will be your bitch for the rest of my life, I swear!" Virens babbled, ready to say just anything to change Ignis's mind, crawling back until he bumped into the wall.

"Well, you will be my bitch for the rest of your life anyway…" Ignis chuckled.

He grasped Virens by his neck and pulled his head towards his maw. Of course, the green dragon resisted desperately, but just as before it was absolutely no use. Ignis opened his big maw, washing Virens's snout with his hot humid breath and making him ogle in terror at its glowing interior, framed with razor-sharp teeth. One bite of those teeth was enough to end his misery, but the green dragon wanted to live so desperately…

"Plhe-e-eze… don't…" He wheezed his final plea before the predator shoved his entire head into his maw.

Ignis licked all over Virens's snout, enjoying its wonderful flavor spiced up with fresh blood, oozing from the bite on his neck. He savored it for a few moments before shoving the prey's head even deeper, into his throat. His scaly neck bulged out with its shape immediately – even if Virens was smaller than Ignis, he still was a dragon, a huge scaly beast and a huge meal as well. But dragons were more than capable to consume same size preys, and cannibalism was quite common among them…

Gulp after gulp, Ignis seemingly effortlessly swallowed Virens's long neck all the way down to his shoulders. He really appreciated the fact the green dragon had no spikes – he slid down his throat like he was born for that. The green dragon flapped his wings and pushed with all four paws of his, trying to tug his head out from the predator's gullet. Ignis easily overpowered that resistance, grasping Virens's wings and pinning them to his back before stretching his jaws over his prey's chest.

"Please! I don't want to be eaten!" Virens cried out, but only muffled moans could be heard through Ignis's flesh.

Virens felt how the walls of Ignis's throat stretched over both front paws and wings of his, keeping them immobilized. Now he could only helplessly swing his tail and scratch the rocky floor with the claws on his hind paws. His head, meanwhile, was passing through the bigger dragon's chest. He heard the predator's loud thumping heartbeat and deep breath, as well as the disturbing hungry gurgling of his stomach, which was getting louder and louder with every inch he passed through Ignis's gullet.

Ignis didn't care much about Virens's pleas. He was no use to him other than a filling meal, and he didn't feel any remorse for following his instincts and doing what was meant to be done by nature. Gulp after gulp, Ignis devoured Virens's entire chest and then his flat belly. Soon, his jaws reached the green dragon's junk, and he just couldn't miss the opportunity to tease him even more.

Virens felt, how his snout pressed against the tightly clenched fleshy sphincter, gradually squeezing through it into the much roomier fleshy chamber of Ignis's stomach. The air was really hot and stuffy in there – not surprising since the predator was a volcanic dragon. And as if it wasn't bad enough on its own, Virens felt Ignis's tongue lapping around his semi-hard dick and beginning to lick it thoroughly. A bizarre mixture of terror and arousal bubbled in the green dragon's mind, making him squirm with his entire body in the predator's gullet.

To Ignis that squirming felt wonderfully, encouraging him to keep licking his prey's junk more and more intensively. Every lick was bringing the green dragon closer and closer to his orgasm, until he finally came with a lusty moan. His dick squirted a few spurts of semen onto Ignis's tongue, letting the predator enjoy the flavor of the 'special sauce' of his prey in addition to the overall quite delicious body of his. Virens, meanwhile, softened like a lump of dragon meat, desperately trying to catch his breath after this unexpected orgasm and letting the predator finish his meal with ease and joy.

Ignis did just that, tilting his head up and letting Virens slide down his esophagus under his own weight. The predator's neck swelled beyond belief, letting the green dragon's booty and thighs pass through it into the growing belly of the beast. Ignis slurped in Virens's limp legs like noodles, spending a few moments licking all over his prey's paws to enjoy the last bits of his divine flavor before snapping his jaws shut and making the final big gulp.

Virens moaned and whined as more and more of his body got crammed into Ignis's stomach by the big dragon's powerful throat muscles. He was forced to curl down into fetal position under the pressure of those bouncy fleshy walls. His weight made Ignis's scaly belly sag all the way down to the ground. Its sides distend so much that they could clearly be seen from behind despite the volcanic dragon had quite a meaty posterior.

"M-m-m, you were really, really delicious, bitchie…" Ignis cooed, licking his lips and rubbing his monstrously swollen gut in satisfaction.

"N-no… this can't be real…" Virens babbled, unable to cope with what had just happened to him.

"Oh, trust me, it is as real as it can get…" Ignis chuckled.

The volcanic dragon winced and let out a thunderous belch, compacting the green dragon inside his stomach. Virens moaned and whined as the already tight confines of the predator's flesh became simply unbearable. The outlines of his curled body became clearly visible through the taut scaly hide of the predator's abdomen. Virens could barely hear the sounds of the outer world anymore, but he heard the sounds of the predator's internals pretty damn clearly. Heartbeat, breath and especially bowel gurgling of Ignis's were terrifying the green dragon. He was eaten. Literally. And if he doesn't do something about this – he will die in this horrible stomach of a volcanic dragon!

"Please… please, let me out! I don't want to die!!!" Virens begged, making Ignis chuckle.

"You should've thought about that before trespassing on my territory, bitchie… Now quit your whining and enjoy your final moments while you still can…" Ignis cooed.

He waddled towards the pile of gold and sat in it like in a giant bean bag chair. He rubbed his engorged belly with both paws lovingly. Virens moaned and whined as the predator's belly swayed from side to side when he walked. He tried his best to straighten up, stretching the predator's stomach from the inside with all limbs of his, leaving his moving paw prints on the tightly strained belly of the beast here and there. He had no idea what in the world he was trying to do, but he just couldn't sit still and wait for his demise in there.

"M-m-m, keep struggling, bitchie… it feels soo good…" Ignis murmured, lolling out his tongue from pleasure.

He moved one of his paws lower, reaching his crotch and grasping his shaft, which was pretty damn hard from all those pleasant stimulations coming from the inside. He began rubbing it shamelessly, making his gut all jiggle and wobble. Virens couldn't help but felt even more embarrassed and miserable, even though it seemed impossible at this point.

"How can you masturbate while I am freaking dying in your gut?!" He cried out in despair as the caustic gastric juices began oozing from the fleshy walls of Ignis's stomach in abundance, gathering in a puddle under his rear and gradually rising up around his body.

"With a great pleasure, of course!" Ignis replied sassily.

It wasn't the first time he did this, and it definitely won't be the last time. The strong eats the weak, it is an unbreakable law of nature and Ignis wasn't going to challenge it. Virens's paws slipped off the slimy stomach walls, which immediately collapsed around him again, forcing him to curl into a tight ball and squeezing out another hearty belch from Ignis's throat.

"UR-R-RP!!! Ugh, boy, you surely are a feisty one…" Ignis mumbled.

Potent gastric juices of the volcanic dragon seeped between the scales of Virens's, reaching his tender skin and beginning to burn it really badly. He began thrashing even harder, but it only resulted in his skin being eaten away even faster and revealing his bleeding flesh to the acids.

"Let me out!!! It hurts so much!!!" Virens bellowed in agony, making Ignis sigh.

As much as he enjoyed teasing his preys, he didn't like making them suffer more than necessary. So, he strained his abs and relaxed his throat, letting out a thunderous belch and removing all the air out from his stomach. It made Virens's struggles intensify for a short while, until he lost his consciousness from suffocation and became an immobile chunk of dragon meat.

His agony felt so good to Ignis that it made him blow his load on the ground with a lusty roar before it even ended. His entire body strained involuntarily and so did his abs, crushing poor Virens's chest and ending his misery. Ignis leant back in the gold pile, huffing and panting in bliss and rubbing his now still belly with both paws, enjoying the feeling of warmth and fullness inside.

"Digest well, bitchie…" Ignis cooed as he gradually drifted asleep.

Virens did just what he told him to do. Potent gastric juices of the volcanic dragon broke his dead body into thick nutrient sludge of meat and bones in less than an hour. That sludge gradually seeped deeper, into the predator's long and tangled intestines. Its color was turning more and more brown as it passed through the countless fleshy loops, providing Ignis's body with tons of energy and nutrients.

Dragons were growing for their entire lives, and so did Ignis, growing at least a couple feet longer after consuming such a massive prey. But of course, not all nutrients went to the right places. A few hundred pounds went to Ignis's thighs and booty, making the black dragon quite a bit curvier. Some of it got stuck on his waist, making him just a tad bit chubby. It shouldn't be a big deal though – his flight back home would be a perfect way to burn off that extra weight and turn it into muscles of steel.

The digested remains of Virens gathered in the large intestine of Ignis's, shifting the bulge to the lower part of his belly and giving him a strong urge to shit which he couldn't ignore. He woke up with a moan and looked down at his gut, smiling mischievously.

"Seems like you've done baking in there, huh? Time to let you out then…" Ignis cooed.

He went to the corner of the cave, squatting down and straining his abs while relaxing his anus. A blast of smelly gas escaped from his rear, soon followed by the first greasy log of shit, filled with fractured bones of the unfortunate forest dragon. Ignis huffed and strained his tailhole involuntarily, chopping the first log off, but it was immediately followed by another one and another one…

The pile of dragon crap was growing while the bulge on his belly was gradually shrinking down as its nasty contents were pouring out from his butt. The feeling of countless fractured bones, scraping against the sensitive walls of his colon, was extremely arousing to Ignis. His shaft was already rock-hard and dripped with pre like crazy. Suddenly, something got stuck in the dragon's butt.

"N-ngh, come on, get out from there, stubborn bitchie…" Ignis moaned.

He strained his abs as hard as he could until he heard a loud snap and the cracked skull of Virens's popped out from his rear, followed by an avalanche of semi-liquid shit. It was the final straw which made Ignis blow another load without even touching himself. Spurts of semen gradually turned into a steady stream of smelly piss as he just couldn't keep it all in his bladder anymore.

At least fifty gallons of urine was brewed from the unfortunate forest dragon. But nothing lasts forever, and this big dump wasn't an exception. Ignis stepped aside and looked at the mess he made with satisfaction.

"Thank you for the meal, bitchie! You served the best purpose you could in your worthless life and became a part of a real dragon like me…" Ignis said sassily, snapping the forehead of Virens's skull with his claw. "I guess you wouldn't mind if I take some of your gold, would you?" He added with a naughty giggle.

He put a few hundred pounds of precious shiny metal into the old rusty chest and grasped it in his front paws, waddling to the exit from the cave on his back paws awkwardly.

"Goodbye forever, bitchie!" He said before pouncing through the waterfall and rising in the sky to never return back to this cave.

There is Always a Bigger Dragon

By: RedNastyFox

For: Checkmate aka tEMp50

July 28, 2023