Eventful Week: Sunday

You try to remain asleep as you feel something poking you somewhere. After all, you are still tired and really would like to rest a bit more. But this interference continues, getting even worse by every second. Grunting a bit, you try and turn around in your half sleep status, wan t ing to continue resting. But something is in your way, stopping you from doing that. It almost feels like you are pinned in your place. You groan and open your eyes halfway, trying to look around and get your memories from where you were and probably still are , back. After your eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness in here, you can see nothing but your own body being surrounded by large walls of flesh, some kind of liquid being all over them and your scales as well. That is when you remember where you are. Inside the crop of a Deadly Nadder. So, rolling over isn’t really something you can do in here, your body needing to curl up quite a bit to even fit in here. And it is still a bit tight. However, you don’t really mind being pressed up against the soft flesh, as it feels rather comfortable. But you then feel the disturbance again, it being some kin d of poking. You shake your head a bit, trying to get your s t ill sleepy mind to focus and pin down the location the feeling is coming from. And you quickly find out that it’s coming from your crop. Seems like the little dragon inside of it is also already awake and wants to come out. However, you don’t really see any reason in that, given that he wouldn’t really get anywhere before Stormfly decides to let you two out. However, the purple scaled reptile continues to poke your flesh, a bit more rapidly now. Frowning a bit, you wonder why he is doing that. After all, he must have realized that you have felt it by now. But as he keeps on going, it makes you feel a bit uneasy. So, to make sure that there isn’t something wrong with him, you contract your crop a bit and gently bring the Terrible Terror up your throat, feeling his tiny frame getting pushed to wrong way through your neck. He then arrives at the back of your maw, and you lower your head and spread your jaws apart a bit, letting the tiny reptile slide over your tongue on your midsection. There he quickly stands back up, shaking his body a bit, sprinkling your saliva all over the place. Not really having a place to take cover, you can’t do anything more than closing your eyes and look away, still feeling some droplets hit you. But as you are already covered in spit, you can’t really complain about it too much. So, you then look back at the purple scaled dragon, who still looks rather uneasy, frowning and whimpering at you. At first, you fear that you have accidentally hurt him somehow. You quickly move the dragon around a bit with your claws, trying to find the injury. But you can’t find anything on his body, not even the tiniest scratch. So, that can’t be the thing making him feel bad. Therefore, you growl gently at him, trying to figure out what’s wrong. But he just continues to let out whimpers and shake even a bit. However, he also seems bit shy and embarrassed, which doesn’t lead you anywhere closer to an explanation. That is until you remember what he and you did yesterday. The tiny guy needs to go relieve himself.

After all, he drank a whole lot of water for his size yesterday. And that water of course doesn’t simply disappear, so it needs to come out at some point. So, now you need to get him out as quickly as possible , because you don’t want him to do it in here. Therefore, you start to gently but yet firmly push your claws against the flesh surrounding you, just like the Terrible Terror did with you. And as you did, you soon can hear Stormfly start to wake up, squawking a bit. It seems like the Nadder however doesn’t realize that you need to get out as quickly as possible. Not really having any time left to explain this for her, you simply let out your distress call, which you use if something is going wrong during a fight with the Dragon Hunters . And even if you do it at a lower volume, not wanting to scream out loud with the Terrible Terror right next to you, the sleepy dragon quickly understands and stands up, causing her bulging midsection with you two in it to sway around a bit. After that, you can feel the flesh around you starting to press down on you, quickly starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. But at least, it is over quickly, as you then can feel the sphincter of the crop widening again, letting you and the tiny reptile pass through into the throat of the Nadder. After not even a few seconds, you can see the light again, as your head is getting pushed out of the open maw of Stormfly , as she is rather quick with bringing you and the smaller dragon back up after your call. However, you therefore land on the ground a bit ungently, grunting a bit as you hit the wooden floor without any softening. You at least manage to catch the tiny dragon with your wings before he hits the ground as well. However, he quickly starts to struggle within your grasp. Realizing that he probably doesn’t have any time anymore, you quickly let go of him and the Terrible Terror practically dashes out the door before flapping his wings and flying off to somewhere private to do his business.

You groan a bit, feeling all the wet saliva on your body, which only starts to flow off you slowly. At least, Stormfly is so kind to lick the fluids off your scales. But as she is still a bit tired, she just gives you a few big licks, before yawning loudly. The Deadly Nadder then curls up and lays h er self back down on the ground. You however did just go through too much within a too short amount of time to fall back asleep again. So, you stretch your body a bit, groaning as you hear a few of your bones popping back into place after being squeezed up inside the tight belly of the blue scaled dragon the whole night . You then look around, after you heard a quiet and confused growl. Seems like all the commotion woke the nearby Razorwhip up, who now looks at you two with a sleep y and confused expression. She blinks a few times, trying to figure out what was happening. And with the silver scaled dragon back up, so are the three humans inside her crop, her midsection soon starting to shift and move, the trio within seemingly wanting back out again. Windshear whimpers a bit, not really liking the commotion within her crop. Looking a bit distressed, she looks over towards the Deadly Nadder, who seems rather annoyed as she would have preferred to sleep a bit more. But she still decides to help her student and stands up, yawning loudly, before stepping closer to the Razorwhip . Stormfly shakes her head a bit, seemingly trying to get her sleepiness out of her system as quickly as possible. She then walks towards the silver scaled dragon, st opping in front of her. The Deadly Nadder then just makes a few coughing noises, seemingly trying to tell her friend how to spit the three humans back out of her crop. You roll your eyes a bit, thinking that this had been a bit too obvious to explicitly tell to the Razorwhip . After all, puking your meal back out if it brings you discomfort is one of the normal things to do as a dragon . Or for any living thing for as much as you know . But nonetheless, it seems like that this advice indeed did help Windshear, as she nods quickly, before she starts to concentrate. After a moment of silence, you can hear some coughs and hacks starting to come from the silver scaled reptile, her belly making weird movements alongside them. With a few more nasty noises, you can spot a first bulge entering the throat of the Razorwhip again, seemingly being a female judging by the two bulges directly below the head of the person. And with a few more coughs , Windshear opens her maw and spits out a in saliva covered Astrid back out. The female quickly starts to crawl out of the parted jaws as soon as she could get a grip on the planks of the ground. As her legs get spit back out again, she sighs a bit, laying on the floor of her own hut, covered in saliva once again. You smirk a bit, as you can see that she isn’t lying too far away from the stain on the ground of the hut you and Stormfly left there at the beginning of the week. It seems like the cum got completely absorbed by the wood and only the outlines of it are still visible. But that is more than enough to let you remember that pleasant day. Meanwhile, the Razorwhip does her best to puke the other two back out as well, her throat bulging out with each of the humans. With a lot of time and patience, Windshear finally has all three of the riders back out and is now panting a bit. You are sure that her throat must feel rather sore now because of it, as the first-time regurgitation something is never all too pleasant. But you must admit that she managed to do so rather well for this probably being her first time doing so. At least with such large prey. And it seems like Stormfly is thinking the same, as she licks the head of the silver scaled dragon a bit, like congratulating her to the little success. Windshear smiles at that, seemingly proud of herself as well.

Meanwhile, the three humans groan a bit and start to wipe the fluids off their naked bodies. While Heather and Astrid chuckle about something, you soon can see your rider walking up towards you. He continues to try his best to get the sticky saliva off his skin, as he starts talking to you.

“I am going to wash myself and get some clothes and then we make our ride, okay?”

He suggests with a calm voice. You growl a bit in disapproval, not really feeling in the mood for a training flight today as well. But your rider quickly shakes his head.

“No. There is no excuse for you today. You agreed to it yesterday, remember?”

The one-legged Viking says with a smirk, just getting another annoyed growl out of you as a result . But he is right. You did agree to th is flight yesterday. So, there isn’t really any way for you to get out of this one. But you didn’t really fly all week except the beginning of it. So, a little bit of exercise shouldn’t hurt you. Therefore, you just nod silently, you rider quickly getting what you mean.

“Don’t worry, bud. You will like it.”

He assures you, as he steps closer to you, petting your head gently with both his hands. You lean into his touch, enjoying the feeling of it. But he quickly stops again and starts to head out of his girlfriend’s hut.

“Be right back.”

Hiccup says as a little goodbye, leaving you five alone for now. So, you look over to the other dragons. While Windshear doesn’t look too bad, you still can see that she is a bit exhausted from puking out the two humans earl ier . It seems like she hasn’t adjusted to the bigger meals completely yet. And in the meantime, the Deadly Nadder has fallen asleep again, not really caring what happens around her. However, your ears then pick up a new sound, it being one of something approaching the hut quietly. It surely can’t be Hiccup, as he just left this house. While the two female humans talk to each other, you investigate this weird noise, walking closer to the door. However , you suddenly flinch a bit back , hearing a faint sound coming from it. Frowning at that , you walk closer to inspect what that was . But you calm down quickly, as you realize that it’s just the Terrible Terror who came back, looking a lot more relaxed now. It seems like he was released just in time to do his business. You smile a bit and want to let him into the hut. However, you then realize that the two young women inside don’t know about the tiny dragon. And while the chance for this is rather slim, there is still the possibility that they might want to know more about the tiny dragon and then this somehow could indeed lead to them finding the Light Fury. And the white scaled dragon already seemed rather shy towards humans. And that was before the encounter with the Dragon Hunters, which definitely didn’t help her position towards humans. So, you don’t really want your riders finding out anything about her. Even with this far-fetched idea, you still fear that it might become reality, especially when you hear the voice of the blonde Viking talking to you.

“Hey, Toothless ? Who is there?”

She asks curiously, starting to walk over to you. It seems like you weren’t the only one who picked up the strange noise, as Astrid is standing right behind you, only your large body covering the view of the Terrible Terror from her. You start to panic a bit, not really knowing what to do. After all, you don’t even know if your fear is justifiable or just some paranoia messing with your mind. Finally, you decide to go with the safe route and turn around towards the approaching Astrid and sit down… on the purple scaled dragon . Your plan is to squish him to the ground, pinning him in place so that the two females wouldn’t be able to spot him . However, y our eyes widen a bit, as you accidentally hit him perfectly, his sitting body being pushed between your cheeks towards your pucker, touching it with his head. However, there is now way back now, so you need to pull this one through. You press your teeth together, not accepting any kind of objections from your body this time . You were able to fit two humans in your rear. So, a tiny dragon should fit as well , even if your colons aren’t stretched beforehand . With that thought in mind, you press your butt down firmly on the tiny reptile, the Terrible Terror struggling a bit out of surprise, making this anything but easier for you. Nonetheless, you are determined to finally manage to pull something into your ass. But it just doesn’t seem to wor k , as your sphincter isn’t stretching for the purple scaled dragon. Internally, you start to blame yourself. After all, Stormfly was able to pull in a whole grown dragon into her ass and you struggle with something so small. And you know that your colons can stretch wide enough , as Astrid and Hiccup had needed way more space as the Terrible Terror does now. So, you grunt a bit as you press your rear down more, feeling the head of the tiny reptile pressing against your closed pucker . The purple scaled reptile squirms around in surprise, not really realizing what is going on. Therefore, he tries to crawl into you. You have to give it your best to not make any noises or weird looks. You then finally can feel your pucker giving in and widen over the body of the Terrible Terror, who quickly starts to scurry into your ass. You can feel his form squirming around inside your colons, which he luckily pushes himself into, as you still can’t control them really yet . You made some improvements, like you can make some small sucks, but nowhere near the skill that Stormfly has for example. Nonetheless, your pulls together with the movement of the tiny reptile result in the Terrible Terror soon being mostly inside your body, his warm form within your bowels causing you quite the arousal. As you can feel your pucker closing after the rear of the dragon again, you stand back up and look over towards Astrid, like wanting to show her that there is nothing. She looks over towards the entrance to her hut that you had covered from her sight with your body, not spotting anything suspicious. And with a final pull, you can feel the thin tail of the purple scaled reptile getting sucked into your rear as well , the squirming form of the tiny dragon causing you to get quite horny , resulting in you feel ing your blood getting pumped towards your crotch . And it seems that not only you do notice your shaft starting to rise from between your scales, quickly growing as your body pumps more blood into it. Astrid chuckles a bit, while Heather seems more weirded out by that , as she had walked over towards the two of you . That is until the blond female nudges her shoulder lightly with her elbow and nods towards your crotch.

“I actually was in there for about three days.”

Astrid admits to her friend, almost sounding proud of it. Heather on the other hand seems rather shocked by that statement.

“What? You were in there? For multiple days?”

She asks, sounding like she isn’t taking the headstrong Viking seriously. But Astrid just continues to nod at that, smirking over towards the other human.

“You bet I was. I even managed to take it.”

Astrid shows off a bit, as if it had been her initiating it. But Heather seems to not buy this statement.

“Yeah, sure. You would have been teared apart if that thing would have entered you.”

The black-haired Viking stated, getting a little frown from the other female. Your rider’s girlfriend then crosses her arms and looks over to the other human with slightly annoyed expression.

“You bet I did.”

She states, almost sounding proud of the fact that she had managed to take your cock into herself. You meanwhile roll your eyes a bit. You had just barely managed to fit half of your shaft into her. It wasn’t even into her womanhood, but her rear instead, as you knew that the colons are way stretchier than her pussy. And even then, you were worried that you might hurt her with that. Nonetheless, it seems like Astrid is currently in the right mood to brag with her abilities. But it looks like Heather doesn’t believe her, as she looks over to the other female with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, sure.”

She remarks sarcastically, definitely not taking Astrid seriously. Despite your knowledge of the blond-haired Viking not really liking to talk about the stuff you did with her, or to her, she seems a bit annoyed by that remark. She looks over towards the other Viking, as if she just challenged her.

“Yeah. I did .

Astrid asserts with a stern voice, crossing her arms as she looks over to Heather. The black-haired human then glances over to her and shakes her head with a smile.

“No, you did not …”

“Yes, I did!”

“No way!”

“I did!”


The two go back and forth with that, you looking from one to the other each time they deny the others opinion. That is until Heather nods a bit.

“Okay… then prove it.”

She demands, catching Astrid a bit off guard. But the Viking doesn’t like herself being in a position like this, where she is challenged to do something like that. But nonetheless, she wants to prove her point to Heather. Therefore, she nods.

“Okay… but only if you let yourself get swallowed by his shaft afterwards if I manage to do so . I am sure Toothless wouldn’t mind~”

You hear up at those words, your ears going straight up. After all, the girlfriend of your rider is definitely correct with that assumption. But you must admit that you would have never guess that she would suggest it to her friend. And you weren’t expecting the answer either, as Heather looks over to the other female with a mischievous smirk.

“Only if you come along~”

She suggests, getting your hopes even higher. Astrid seems like she is a bit caught off guard by that. After all, she wanted to let Heather enter your balls as a punishment if her assumption would turn out to be wrong. On the other hand, she must admit that she didn’t really dislike it inside your musky testicles. Therefore , after a few moments of weighing her options, the blond Viking just shrugs.

“Sure, why not. But first, I want to prove that you are wrong ~”

The other Viking teases her black-haired friend, before walking up to you. Despite having heard what the two were talking about, you are still a bit surprised when your rider’s girlfriend approaches you with a mischievous smile and a slight swaying on her hips. She then smiles widely and starts to pet your head.

“Hey there, Toothless. You wouldn’t mind helping us out with our little bet now, would you?”

Astrid asks curiously. The stern and headstrong female you normally see in her seems to be completely gone and replaced with this more eager and naughtier version of herself. But that doesn’t stop you one bit. After all, you remember the time you used the blond-haired Viking within the crop of her own dragon quite gladly. So, you quickly nod, getting a horny glance of Astrid. She then turns her head back towards Heather.

Then let’s begin the bet ~”

Astrid says towards the other human, before turning her gaze back towards you. After that, she puts her head towards your ears, before whispering into them.

“Just one time, okay? Just g et it as deep in as you can and then back out .”

The blond-haired Viking requests from you. At first, you are a bit disappointed to not get to go all out on the human. However, you already did so once and with Astrid being the one finally initiating this kind of stuff, you decide to go her way. After all, you will get to insert the two females into your balls, so you definitely will get your release that way. So, you give Astrid a quick and affectionate lick over her body , wanting to say that you are in on it . Your tongue however m ostly goes over her chest, as you remember how that part tasted the best. And it still does. However, this time the young woman laughs at that instead of getting angry like last time. She then smirks a bit and looks over towards H ea ther.

“Okay, I guess that means that he is okay with this .”

She announces with a smile. The other female human nods and walks towards you two, nodding a bit.

“Seems like it.”

Heather says, before crossing her arms again.

“Well, then show me if you are as stretchy as you claim to be, Astrid.”

She adds with a teasing tone, seemingly rather interested by now if her friend did make up the fact or is really about to take in your hard cock. Astrid nods and then looks over towards you. With a smile, she gets down to the ground, laying herself on a little carpet on the floor and raising her rear into the air. You wait for a moment, wanting to make sure that you won’t do anything wrong this time. After all, you don’t want to get the female to be angry with you again, when it already seems that she is starting to accept and even appreciate your little plays. And after you don’t start to initiate, Astrid looks over her shoulders towards you.

“I am waiting, Toothless~”

She says with a playful tone, swaying her rear a bit like she wants to lure you with it. That is definitely enough for you to make sure that you won’t do anything wrong and therefore, start to walk towards the female on the ground. You stand directly above her, her ass perfectly aligned with your member. You then look down between your forelegs, wanting to make sure that you aim correctly. So, you position yourself the right way and then give it a nod towards the human lying below you. She smirks a bit and closes her eyes, taking in deep breaths to prepare herself for what is about to happen. You then gently bring your cock closer towards her rear. You must admit that you are a bit surprised as you feel way less resistance this time when compared to about a week ago, when you had used her to relieve yourself within the crop of Stormfly . Now, her pucker immediately starts to stretch over the tip of your hard dick, letting it slide in without too much difficulty. You must hold yourself back from starting to hump the female, as you feel the warm and tight flesh around your shaft. But you somewhat promised it to Astrid, so you do your best to do this her way. With that thought in mind, you continue to push your member deeper with some wet sounds, the young woman laying beneath you soon starting to shudder from the feeling. But you continue to push, while Heather walks over towards the two of your and crouches down, looking at how much your cock has already entered the ass of her friend. She just chuckles a bit.

“Come on, Astrid. That was just the tip~”

She says with a teasing tone, as she can see that most of your hard shaft is still free. Wanting to prove of what Astrid is capable of, you start to insert your dick a bit faster, as you still can feel just barely any resistances coming from her insides. It takes some more inches before you can feel that the progress is starting to slow down, as the shivering body of the female Viking is getting tighter. You can still move forward, but at a slower pace now , as the colons of the human have to stretch and widen more before they can take in the large shaft of yours. Thanks to the occasional squirms of the Terrible Terror inside your rear, your cock remains hard, making this whole ordeal even possible in the first place . So, you continue to push your cock into the willing human, who groans and moans with each little bit your hard shaft enters her rear. You can feel your dick being about halfway inside her ass now. This was how much you managed to fit last time. At least, that is how much you did insert to be correct, as you didn’t want to hurt her back then. But it seems like the human is sturdier than you have thought, as you still make remarkable progress at this point.

“About halfway there, Astrid. Not bad.”

Heather comments, as she continues to watch her friend taking in your cock. After the progress starts to slow down even more, you start to fear that you might not manage to insert your shaft completely into the willing human. So, before your hurt her, you want to stop and pull back out and cut your losses. However, when Astrid feels you stopping to go deeper into her , she looks up at your face.

“Come on, Toothless… I can take it… trust me…”

She assures you between deep pants. You frown at that . It really is just a bit more than a fourth of your cock that is s till outside her ass. Her belly must be bulging out by now. You hesitate, not sure what to do.


Comes from Astrid again, quieter this time. You sigh and finally decide to go with Astrid ’s request and push again, catching the human a bit off guard seemingly, as she lets out a loud moan. You can feel that almost your complete member is now inside of Astrid, probably just about a fifth of it not being inside her yet. However, the progress you make now is close to none, as the body of the female seemingly can’t take more. You are already rather impressed by that, as you only had managed to fit half your cock last time. Either that had made the bowels of the female wider or they are stretchier because Astrid isn’t fighting back now. But that doesn’t help with the fact that the female seemingly can’t take anymore , despite her obvious attempts to do so . You can see that her eyes and teeth are pressed together, her hands gripping the carpet firmly and she barely takes in any air. Meanwhile, Heather is sure of her victory , as she can see that you aren’t getting any deeper into the human’s butt .

“Seems like you didn’t manage to get his shaft in completely. It is still rather impressive, I must admit that.”

She says with a chuckle, before thinking for a bit.

“We didn’t even made an agreement for what happens if you lose, did we? Well, how about-”

However, the black-haired Viking does get interrupted by a loud moan like shout coming from Astrid. You didn’t want her to lose. Even if it means that you must be a bit rough with her, you want to make sure that your rider’s girlfriend wins this. After all, she begged you to continue. So, you aren’t going to be satisfied with anything but success for her . With that, you shove your cock in completely with brute force, causing the female to let out such a loud noise. However, there is also the sound of a slap, as your crotch slams against the cheeks of the human. And this can only mean, that Astrid did manage to take in your dick until the base of it, you feeling your hard member completely surrounded by the warm flesh of the human. Therefore , you quickly pull your cock back out, as you do expect that taking your whole rod must have been a bit painful at least. As you do so, you can feel the human getting dragged back a bit as well, before you can feel your slick shaft getting exposed to the cool air again. With a loud pop, you tip exits Astrid as well and leaves her panting body on the carpet. Her pucker and colons are widened and still stretched open, seemingly needing a few moments to close again. You quickly move your head down to her, hoping that you didn’t hurt her too much. But Astrid smiles widely, and even manages to pet your head a bit with one of her hands.

“Thanks for helping with the last bit.”

She says quietly to you with a smirk, before continuing to rest on the floor a bit. After a few moments though, Astrid starts to stand back up, using your head as support. She then looks over towards the other female Viking with a victorious expression on her face.

“Told you I would manage to do so.”

The blond-haired female says to her friend in a teasing way, crossing her arms at that. The other rolls her eyes a bit before nodding.

“Okay, I admit it. You did win this bet.”

Heather says, raising her hands in a defensive matter. Your rider’s girlfriend then gestures towards your crotch, while still looking towards the other female.

“Well then, I think you are in for a cum bath with me.”

Astrid says, referring to what the other Viking must do now. Heather seems to be thinking for a moment before talking again.

“That sounds lovely. How about you lead the way? After all, it seems like you already have some experience with the Night Fury~”

She suggests , before looking over towards you. You can’t even believe what is happening right now. After all, it seems like both humans are about to get into your cock. And while that should be definitely easier compared to what you just did with the Terrible Terror, you are still not really sure about this one. At least your sack felt rather full with Astrid being inside of it alone a couple of days ago. And now they want to go in there together. Luckily for them, you are rather curious if you can manage that large amount of prey inside your testicles. Meanwhile, Astrid walks over towards the other human and then grabs her by the arm.

“Oh, no. You are going in first. I won’t let you chicken out on this one.”

The blond-haired female says, as she drags the other back towards you. As you see that, you sit down on your haunches, so that the two will have easier access to your still hard shaft. You then can hear Heather letting out a sigh, as she sees that there is no way out of this one.

“Okay, okay… So, what do I do now?”

She asks, sounding rather curious on what she has to do now to enter your hard shaft. Thanks to the tiny purple dragon squirming around inside your colons, your erection should be around long enough to get the two humans into it . But you already know that it will be rather difficult to prevent yourself from having your climax before both women are stored within your testicles, as your member is already leaking a bit pre . As the black-haired Viking then lowers herself between your forelegs towards your pulsating rod, Astrid chuckles a bit.

“Easy. Just push your hands into it. Toothless then will take care of the rest.

She assures while patting your side a bit. You meanwhile don’t take your eyes off Heather, trying to make sure that you have a calm and friendly expression on your face to prevent the female from worrying about this too much. So, she just shrugs and looks back towards your shaft.

“Okay, then…”

The female says, mostly to herself as she is trying to motivate herself to start doing this. After all, she already knows it is safe and Astrid will be right behind her. So, there is not really any reason to worry. Furthermore, she clearly lost the bet. Therefore, it’s only fair that she does this now, even if it is still rather strange for her to do . But with a little shake of her head, the female Viking sits herself on the carpet and scoots over towards your cock. She takes a last sigh, before putting her hands on your tip. That feeling alone is already rather arousing to you. But you know that you will have to concentrate yourself a lot the next few minutes, as you must hold your climax back until both the humans are within your sack. Otherwise, your cock will get soft again after the orgasm , leaving no chance to get anyone in there afterwards . You then can feel the fingers of one of Heather’s hands at the tip of your cock, trying to gently push themselves into it. The female seems a bit surprised to how easy her whole hand slips into your dick, not even causing it to bulge out.


The young woman says quietly in surprise, causing Astrid to chuckle.

“Can you speed things up a bit? I am getting cold.”

Clams the blond-haired female, seemingly teasing her friend to get things done quicker. Heather glance s back at her friend, before rolling her eyes and turning back towards your hard shaft in front of you. Thanks to her hand already sticking inside you, she can start to smell the musky scent emitting out of the open tip. It is rather interesting for the human.

“Here we go.”

Says Heather before pushing her second hand into your cock as well with one swift move, your tip widening easily for that. You let out a little moan because of that, resulting in a smirk on Astrid’s face. The other female then pushes her arms into your warm and pulsating dick, your shaft slowly starting to bulge out a bit because of that. Remembering the words of her friend to speed things up, Heather closes her eyes and pushes her head in between her arms, trying to get this over as quickly as possible. You groan at that, while your shaft quickly gets a good and firm hold on the female and starts to pull her in deeper. Your moan again loudly as you can feel the breasts of the human getting pulled into your shaft, your tip needing to widen a bit more to fit them. It seems like your cock is just as eager as your mind, as it quickly starts to suck the human in deeper, slurping in her belly and hips with seemingly no to b arely any issues at all. Only her rear slows things down a bit again. However, with a bit of stretching and a little hump, you manage to get it into your cock as well with another groan from your side. The legs then get sucked in relatively easy again, them being the thinnest parts of Heather. So, they take bar el y any time to disappear into your tip, her head having already entered your sperm filled balls. While this is definitely hard , you somehow managed to withhold your orgasm until now. But you are only halfway done yet, so you need to keep your focus up and running.

As Astrid sees that only the feet of her friend are sticking out of your cock, she gets on her knees and crawls towards it. You wonder a bit what she is planning to do . Your question is quickly answered as you can see the female getting a hold on the other’s feet. At first, you think that she might want to try and pull her back out for whatever reason. And while the human is definitely anything but weak, you already know that she wouldn’t stand a chance against you, especially with Heather being almost completely within your body. However, you then realize that she isn’t pulling one bit. No, she just holds on to them as they get sucked into your cock, dragging her hands in as well. It seems like she wants to do something like a smooth transition between the two of them. Not that you mind. You just press your eyelids together for a few seconds, as you are still trying your best to delay your climax as much as possible to make sure that the two are within you before that. However, the pleasure is getting bigger and bigger. While you could still feel clearly how Heather went in, you can barely concentrate on the feeling of Astrid’s body within your pulsating hard rod, your mind being too clouded from all the pleasure coming from your crotch , while your dick is sucking in the female on its own .

You can barely feel what is even going on anymore. You can’t really feel when Heather’s body stops and where Astrid’s begins. It is just all pure pleasure as you feel the bodies sliding into your shaft and filling your balls. Your claws tear the carpet you are standing on up a bit, while you can see the blurry image of the flailing legs of your rider’s girlfriend entering the tip of your hard shaft. You pant heavily and you can feel drool running out of your maw, before your grunt and close your eyes again , trying to suck in the remaining parts of Astrid as quickly as possible, not sure how long you will manage to hold yourself back anymore. Your shaft follows your orders, taking in the female at a faster pace now. After a few more ‘swallows’ your tip widens a bit around the feet of the human, before taking them in as well, while you can barely remain standing straight , despite already sitting on the ground. Then your member takes in the young woman in completely, closing itself after her . However, you aren’t done yet, as the body still must get deposited into your balls before you can grant yourself the luxury of an orgasm. So, you grit your teeth together even harder, groaning and moaning loudly as more of Astrid gets pushed towards your internal sack, your cock starting to lose the moving bulg es it had for the last few minutes. With your claws already digging a bit into the wood underneath the carpet, you can feel the legs of your prey getting squeezed through your shaft towards your balls, her upper body already being inside them. However, after a few more seconds, you can’t control yourself any longer, and you reach your climax. Letting out a loud moan, you can feel your cock getting flooded with cum, the white and thick fluid quickly shooting out of your tip. You close your eyes and decide to just give in to the pleasant feeling instead of being mad about not being able to shove Astrid in completely before that. Maybe your rod will remain hard due to the tiny reptile within your rear, and you can give it another try. However, while your sperm is flowing out of your dick , the body of the human isn’t. It seems like that Heather is holding on to Astrid, prevent ing her getting ejaculated out again. You smile at that, while still feeling your shaft shooting out your load. After that, your legs can’t carry your upper body anymore and you collapse to the ground, your chest and head falling down on the now cum stained carpet. Meanwhile, your shaft relaxes a bit again, as the climax is now over. That gives the opportunity for the two females to get Astrid in side your balls completely. And with a few pulls, which send shivers down your spine, you can feel that they accomplish their goal, as the blond-haired Viking joins her friend inside your sack.

You lay on your belly on the carpet, panting heavily, feeling the two Vikings within your balls and the Terrible Terror inside your rear. You never would have guessed that so much would happen today, especially before it is even midday. But you of course don’t mind it as you take in deep and loud breaths, while Sto r mfly and Windshear just continue to look at you. You blush a bit, having completely forgotten about the two other dragons being in here as well, despite their size making them difficult to overlook. The Deadly Nadder has a smirk on her face, while the silver scaled dragon looks rather surprised by what she has just witnessed. She never would have guessed that her rider would be willing to do something like that. That leaves the Razorwhip thinking if she could do something like that with her rider as well, when the two are back out on their own again. After all, she learned a lot from Stormfly yesterday and is now a bit eager to test this stuff out on Heather. And as it seems, the black-haired Viking doesn’t mind some experimenting as well.

Just a few minutes after you managed to get your breathing back together, you can hear someone approaching the hut, the occasional metallic clicking indicating that it must be Hiccup with his metal leg. And it is indeed your rider, as he walks into the building, having your saddle and further equipment under his arm. After he has entered the hut, he looks around a bit, seeing Stormfly , Win d shear, and finally you. He then lets out a big sigh.

“Do I even want to know where they are?”

Hiccup asks, sounding a bit done, as he can already guess that the two female Vikings, which he currently can’t spot, probably are within one of the three dragons in front of him. And he is obviously right, as you can feel the commotion coming from your sack, which makes it rather difficult for you to remain silent and look innocent. You wonder a bit why the two are even moving in there so much, as it shouldn’t be too difficult to get into a comfortable position. But somehow, you manage to keep your mask on, as your human shakes his head and walks over to you, wanting to put the saddle on you.

“I am sure they will show up again.”

Your rider says out loud, mostly to himself. He then arrives at you and places all the stuff on the ground, before starting to put it on your body. You try your best to hold still as your human attaches your equipment on your body, which is quite difficult with a dragon squirming inside your bowels and two young women going down on each other inside your balls. At least, that is the most logical explanation you can come up with right now on why they are moving so much inside your sack. You actually have to press your teeth together a bit to hold your excitement down. You are sure if you wouldn’t have orgasmed just a few moments ago, your shaft would have been rock hard by now. However, you then realize that you don’t really have to hide all this from Hiccup anymore. After all, he already knows that the two females are either within you or one of their dragons. Furthermore, the two went into you willingly. So, you don’t have to keep their current location within your testicles a secret. However, you decided to still try and play dumb, as it is more fun that way. Even if Hiccup probably wouldn’t be mad or shocked if he would find out, you still find it amusing to try to prevent him from knowing where Heather and Astrid are. So, you do your best to keep your bulging crotch from the view of your rider as he puts on your saddle and fixes it on your body with a few leather straps. Meanwhile, the Terrible Terror isn’t big enough to cause your midsection to bulge out so much that it would be noticeable, as he gets sucked deeper and deeper within your bowels. You aren’t really doing this on purpose, and it seems more like your body is doing this automatically . However, you don’t really mind, as it is then safe to assume that he shouldn’t be able to get back out without your consent. After a while, your rider is done, having attached the saddle to your back before sitting on it, clicking his metal leg into the stirrup, which controls your tailfin . He moves his prosthesis around a bit, looking back in the meantime to make sure that the attached tailfin does move the right way . After having made sure that he has attached everything correctly, Hiccup turns his head back around, petting your head a bit.

“Okay, bud. Let’s go.”

He says, signaling to you that he is ready to go. And as you are so too, you quickly run out of the hut and jump off the wooden planks, spreading your wings widely. Quickly starting to flap them in union, you start to rise to the sky, feeling the cool air on this slightly clouded day. Soon, Hiccup moves his leg a bit, as you two turn around in the air, as you want to make your typical route around the island. As you turn midflight, you can feel the bodies of the two females within your balls get ting thrown off balance a bit. You smile a t that , as you remember the pleasant feeling you had a few days prior, when you did the same with just Astrid being trapped inside your crotch during your patrol flight. But now with two females in there, the feeling should be twice as good. With that thought in mind, you speed up a bit, eager to feel the two thrashing around inside you. Realizing that you are in a good mood today, Hiccup smiles as well and decides to take a longer route, which leads alongside a cliffside on one end of the island, a great place for sharp turns and nosedives. So, you two do exactly that, you flying between the large walls of stone with the crashing water below you with incredible speed. Of course, you are still a tiny bit slower than your maximum, as you are carrying way more weight than usual. But that doesn’t stop you too much from enjoying the feeling , making sharp turns, nosedives, barrel rolls and practically anything that results with Astrid and Heather getting thrown around inside you . After a while, you two are through the tiny obstacle course and rise towards the sky again, flying even over the large volcano of the island.

You smile happily as you finally can feel the freedom again as you fly over the island, not having seen this for the last five days at least . You can see everything from up here. From the spot you met the Light Fury the first time, to the Dragon’s Edge and the beach where you woke up after getting shot down by the Dragon Hunters . You are just a tiny bit concerned about the wellbeing of the Light Fury. But you are mostly sure that she is fine. After all, she seemed rather okay the last time you saw her. So, you focus back on flying around, feeling the weight of the three humans and tiny dragon trying to slow you down and pull you back to wards the ground. But you just flap your wings again and soar through the sky, nonetheless. There is just something about flying around with your human that means the world to you. And you don’t even think that just because of the humans squirming inside your balls or the Terrible Terror getting squeezed around your intensities. Sure, that is a nice extra. But you still like the feeling of flying itself . Maybe it simply comes from the fact that you are a dragon and therefore born to do this . However, that doesn’t make this experience less exciting and pleasant in anyway. You then feel Hiccup’s hand striking your head gently, meaning that he wants to say something to you. So, you look back towards the human on your back.

“Let’s land down there and take a break, bud.”

Suggests your rider, as he points towards a stream he has spotted down in the forest. You smirk a bit , as it is the same one you have been at yesterday with the other dragons . After stopping to flap your wings, you let yourself glide down in circles, enjoying the fact of the two females getting pushed against the side of your nuts by the inertia force coming from your movement. After a while, the ground is rather close. So, you flap your wings a few times to reduce your speed a bit and then let yourself fall to the ground again, landing securely on all your four claws. You rider smile s happily and pets your head.

“Another perfect landing.”

Hiccup compliments you, before pulling his prothesis out of the metal construction and gets off your back. He then steps over towards the river and spots the school of catfish that you had feasted on yesterday.

“Seems like we can make ourselves lunch here.”

The human concludes before walking back towards you.

“How about you get us some fish and I go gather some wood for a fire?”

He suggests, to which you nod quickly. Your human smiles and then starts to gather some firewood , while you walk over towards the stream. Thanks to your large meal yesterday, you aren’t really hungry yet . So, you just pull out two rather small fish. At least small for you. They should be more than enough to get your rider sated. With a quick slap on a rock, you make sure to put the two animals out of their misery quickly, as you know that humans don’t swallow their food whole. You don’t really understand why, as you think that it feels way better that way. But you also must admit that the way your rider does cook the fish with fire does bring a completely new taste out of them. You then bring the two fish back towards the place where you have separated from your rider. Hiccup soon comes back, holding a lot of different dry sticks and twigs in his arms. He smiles a bit as he sees you carrying the two fish over towards him. The human then drops the wood to the ground, before putting most of it i n one pile, surrounding it with stones. You lay the fish down , right next to him and then quickly gather some wood as well and set i t down near the pile, wanting to make sure that you have enough fuel for the fire . Your human then picks up a rather thick branch and holds it in front of you. You don’t even need to hear the command by now, instinctively lighting the wood on fire with a rather weak plasma blast.


Says your rider quickly, before placing the burning stick in the pile of wood, the flames soon starting to spread towards the remaining sticks and branches as well. Hiccup gives the fire a few blows, making sure that the flames are big enough to light up the whole pile. While the flames start to devour the dry wood, the human picks up two rather long and straight branches from the extra pile, before sticking the fish on them. He then shoves the other ends of these sticks into the ground near the fire, making sure that the two fish are close enough to the flames so that they will get roasted with time. While he does all that, you curl up near him and lay yourself down on the soft grass, deciding to rest a bit while your human makes himself his food. You two then just continue to sit next to the campfire, listening to the crackling of the flames turning the wood into ash and feeling the warmth coming from this. While you lay yourself down on the soft grass and close your eyes for a bit, you human looks out for his fish, eventually turning the sticks they are attached to around, so that both sides will be cooked equally. After a few minutes, he picks up his food, as it is done and starts eating the still warm flesh of the fish, almost burning his tongue in the process. Meanwhile, you take notice of what you three occupants are doing. It seems like the two young women within your sack are either resting as well or have even fallen asleep, as they just lay next to each other, leaning against your flesh without any movements . The Terrible Terror on the other hand is still squirming around a bit. At first, you are worried that he might be scared from the fact that he is currently trapped within your bowels. But the movements seem too calm for that. He doesn’t flail around or tries to bite or claw at your flesh. It seems more like he is curious and wants to explore the depths of your colons. Well, as long as he doesn’t reach your stomach without you noticing, everything should be fine. You then continue to rest, enjoying the few moments of silence after the week full of action. However, you relaxation doesn’t hold for long, as you can hear the sound of wing flapping coming closer. So, you lift your head and open your eyes again, looking towards the source of the sound, as does your human. He smiles a bit, as he can spot Stormfly and Windshear flying over towards you.

“Hey, girls.”

Greets your human the dragons, while he is standing up and walking towards them, as they land nearby. You wonder a bit if they come here to continue the training of the Razorwhip or if it has something to do with you or Hiccup. And it seems that the later thing is the case, as the silver scaled dragon walks over towards you and growls a few times. While her voice is mostly calm, you can spot a bit of distress coming from it. You aren’t really sure what her reasoning is, but you are pretty sure that she wants her rider back. Maybe they need to be somewhere soon and therefore , have to leave. So, you nod, signaling to Windshear that you understand her request. Meanwhile, Hiccup frowns a bit, definitely not understanding what is going on. Therefore, he walks closer to you, while looking over towards the female dragon.

“What is it, bud? Does she have a problem of some kind?”

He asks, sounding a bit concerned about his friend’s dragon. However, you quickly shake your head, trying to make him understand that there is nothing to worry about. At least not for him. But you don’t really want to explain him the whole situation now, as he will see it in a few moments anyways. You then walk over towards Stormfly , wanting to use her to get the two humans back out, just like you did when only Astrid had been inside your balls. However, much to the surprise of the Deadly Nadder and you , the Razorwhip interferences with a loud growl, before turning around and raising her tail. Your eyes widen, not having expected that. You look back over towards the blue scaled dragon, who seems surprised as well, but ultimately doesn’t seem to be moved too much by that. She just shrugs and nods towards Windshear, signaling to you that she is fine if you would use her instead. So, you nod towards the silver scaled dragon, who almost seems excited by that. Your rider frowns a bit. While he has a tiny assumption about what could be going down right now, he doesn’t seem too confident with his guess. So, his eyes still widen in shock as you suddenly push your upper body on the Razorwhip’s . He either is too surprised to say something or interested enough that he doesn’t want to interfere. There is just one current problem, you aren’t hard. That isn’t really something that you had considered being a possible problem. So, you think quickly, your chest laying on the back of the silver scaled dragon. Luckily, you soon get an idea and shake your hips a bit. By that movement, you can feel the two humans getting thrown around inside your testicles. Furthermore, the two start to move around again after that , either needing to readjust their position now or moving around as you just woke them up. Either way, their limbs touch and rub along your sensitive flesh, letting your cock quickly rise from between your scales and grow to its full size. With that, you are ready and start to insert your rod into the rear of the Razorwhip , who shudders at your dick entering her. You wonder a bit if this is her first time as well or if she maybe has ever mated with another dragon before. Judging by how easily your shaft slips into her behind, you guess that this isn’t her first time. Either that or Windshear is a natural as she manages to keep her cool mostly as you push your hard shaft into her moist and warm insides. Furthermore, the last ass you had your member inside of was Astrid’s. So, maybe it just feels wider now, as the body of the dragon is naturally way bigger than the one of a human. As you don’t know when the silver scaled dragon will need to leave, you decide to hurry up a bit , as you already had your pleasure earlier today. So, you quickly start humping the Razorwhip with a rather fast pacing, pushing your cock deep into her ass each time, both of you starting to moan and pant loudly. Hiccup’s eyes widen as he stares at you two in shock, while Stormfly just enjoys the show. With the quick humping of yours, you can feel your climax being about to arriv e soon . However, it’s not only your pace that seems to work like some kind of catalyst for your orgasm, but the feeling of the two humans withing your sack. As you move your hips back and forth so quickly, the two get thrown around in there like crazy, probably having problems to keep their heads over the sloshing cum inside their musky prison.

You moan loudly as you push your stiff rod deep into the female dragon, feeling your orgasm coming quickly. And so do the two young women inside your balls , as the fleshy walls press down on them , pushing their heads under the surface of cum within your sack . You can feel one after the other going into your cock, stretching it to its absolute limits, causing you to scream out loudly , as you have never felt anything comparable before . After all, it’s not only the two of them who start to get pushed out of your shaft, but a rather big load as well. However, your sperm is soon getting stopped by the large frames of the females, causing a jam inside your rod. But as more and more of the thick white fluid get pushed out of your sack, the pressure on the bodies of Astrid and Heather increases as well . You roll your eyes, feeling and immersive amount of pure lust emitting from your crotch, the feeling being absolutely overwhelming and incomparable to you. You scream out loudly, as you can feel the forms of the two women finally moving again. However, with the pressure behind your climax, they get completely shot into the depths of the Razorwhip , who lets out a loud moan as well because of that. She can feel the large amount of warm fluids together with the two bodies of the females getting pushed into her colons, the two young women quickly starting to struggle and squirm around. With that, Windshear reaches her climax as well, her clit shooting out her load, which just lands on the forest ground . After all that, you quickly pull your cock back out and get off the silver scaled dragon. You were a bit overwhelmed by all that, your body never having felt something like that before .

Therefore , you feel rather dizzy and giddy from all this action, the world spinning for you. Together with the lack of air, you actually start to feel sick. Like ‘you are about to puke’ sick. So, you stumble a few feet back, not really having your balance right, as your blood hasn’t come back to your legs and brain. Furthermore, you feel like you have held your breath throughout the short fun , as your lungs ache heavily and you feel the need to take in deep breaths, which you quickly do, panting loudly as a result. However, it doesn’t help quickly enough, as you can feel your stomach about to turn, which isn’t all that pleasant. You give it your maximum effort, trying to keep the content of your stomach down there. Sadly, this doesn’t work too well, as you feel a large lump start ing to make its way up your throat. You quickly press your teeth together, not wanting to let your meal go. So, you quickly start swallowing, trying to prevent the food from your stomach to even make it to your maw. And with a few loud gulps you actually manage the bulge inside your throat to slow down and eventually change direction, getting pushed back down towards your belly again. With a few more loud swallows, you get everything into your crop, where it should be staying for now and not come back up . However, during all this commotion, you didn’t manage to get yourself some air. So, you let the stuff stay inside your crop for now, and take in some deep breaths, filling your lungs with the necessary oxygen again. As you do so, you actually can feel something weird within your crop. It seems like there is something moving within it. Your eyes then widen a bit as you remember the Terrible Terror. You had completely forgotten about him. Seems like all the commotion had dragged him from your colons into your stomach. Luckily, he shouldn’t have been in there for long enough to get hurt by your acids, as dragon scales are slightly a cid resistant . So, he should be fine. But as you want to make sure that h e is a l right and because you are rather certain that he just had been completely thrown around inside your stomach, you quickly bring him back up your throat and gently place the purple scaled dragon on the ground. The Terrible Terror does seem fine, as his scales are all still intact. He just stumbles around a bit, seemingly dizzy from having his body moved around so much the last few minutes. You growl quietly as an apology, before looking up, wanting to see what the others are doing. But luckily, everyone is currently focused on Windshear, who starts to press the two Vikings out, Hiccup standing near her rear to help Astrid and Heather to get out of the dragon’s rectum , which leaks from the large amount of cum you just shot into her . You then turn your attention back towards the Terrible Terror and nudge him away a bit. The tiny dragon shakes his head to see clear again and then looks up at you a bit confused. So, you nod towards the forest behind him, trying to tell him to get away before the others spot him. And the purple scaled dragon quickly understands and flies away, hiding himself from the view of the humans. You look after him for a bit, before turning your attention back towards the others

You can see the two in sperm covered females stumbling around, their knees seemingly not being very supportive right now, causing them to not really have any control over their sense of balance. But their dragons are quickly there to hold them, giving them something to lean against while trying to make the world stop spinning. You are sure that the two might be mad at you again. After all, Astrid had not been happy each time she left your body in any way , even if she was the one initiating this time . And you are almost sure that this won’t be any different. However, she has some kind of smirk on her face, her eyes quickly turning towards Hiccup, who still seems a bit stunned by everything that just happened. She then goes away from Stormfly and walks over towards her boyfriend, her naked body shining in the sunlight because of her cum covered skin. The seemingly still horny Viking than gives Hiccup a long and big kiss on his lips, who seems rather surprised by that. However, she quickly starts to give him a few more on his mouth and neck, while undoing his belt and pulling down his pants with her hands. Your human luckily understands quickly and helps her to undress himself, while continuing to make out with each other. Heather meanwhile shakes her head with a smirk and starts to walk off with her dragon, probably heading back towards Dragon’s Edge, granting the two lovebirds a bit of privacy. Meanwhile, Astrid has pulled her boyfriend towards the forest ground and lets Hiccup take her from behind. The two quickly start to make some moaning noises, Hiccup’s upper body almost laying on top of his love while they do it , with his arms around the body of Astrid, kneading her breast with one of his hands while the other helps him stabilize his body. However, this does grant you the view of Hiccup’s behind , as it almost looks like the same position Astrid was in early this day and you can’t help but get an idea and a mischievous grin on your muzzle. You don’t really know why, but today, you are rather in heat as well, you shaft not having subsided yet at all . Furthermore, you actually still have some sperm left inside your sack, which already works on producing new as well . Therefore, you walk over towards the two humans, and position yourself over your rider. Hiccup does seem to take a moment before he notices your form o ver his and he quickly wants to pull out of Astrid to get away.

“Wow, wow. What are you doing, Toothless?”

He asks a bit in shock between pants. However, before he can get away, Astrid gets a hold of his arm and pulls him back into place. She then looks over her shoulder towards her boyfriend, smiling mischievously.

“What is it, Hiccup? Don’t want to please your dragon? How a bad rider you are…”

The blond-haired Viking says with a playful voice, before nodding towards you, making sure that your rider stays in place with her strong grip. You smile back towards her, wanting to thank her for this. Meanwhile, Hiccup looks back and forth between the two of you, before letting out a sigh.

“Just… be gentle, okay?”

He asks you, which you of course accept as a condition. Your human then turns his attention back towards the young woman laying underneath him. He seemingly tries to blend out what is about to come, as he quickly starts to hump her again. But that doesn’t stop you, as you position your hard and pulsating cock with the pucker of your rider. As you then have the right position, you simply push forwards just a bit, letting your dick stay in place, while Hiccup slowly starts to insert it into himself with each recoil from the humps he is doing to mate with Astrid. This way, you let his ass get used to the size of your shaft. And much to your surprise, his sphincter widens and allows your cock to enter rather quickly. At least it does take way less time as you would have expected to. However, he is still a bit tighter than Astrid. So, you don’t think that you will fit as much inside him than you did with her. But that doesn’t really matter now, as you can already tell that it is deep enough for your plan. You then start to take the initiative and slowly begin to thrust your cock deeper into your rider. He groans at the beginning and flinches a bit, as he feels your big and warm member enter his rear , while he continues to fuck his girlfriend. However, now you are the one in charge of the pacing, as you rock your rider’s body back and forth a bit with each hump.

You then can feel your smaller climax reaching you. So, you push your cock deep into the ass of your best friend, wanting to push your last remaining sperm into him. It doesn’t go in as deep as it was when your tried it with Astrid earlier this day, but still remarkable deep for a human. You then feel your cum going through your shaft. It feels rather soothing to you, as you cock actually got a bit sore from pushing the two females in and out of it within one day. So, just feeling the warm and sooth sperm getting pushed through your dick feels rather relaxing. Meanwhile, Hiccup and Astrid are moaning out loudly. After all, as you pushed your cock as deep into the male as possible, you also pushed his member as deep as possible into the pussy of his girlfriend, who seem to both enjoy this greatly. You can then feel your sperm getting shot out of your tip and into the depths of your rider’s behind. This triggers a chain reaction, as Hiccup then has his own orgasm because of th is which in return causes Astrid to reach her climax as well . After a few moments of loud moans coming from the three of you, you get your dick out of the widened rear of your rider and take a step back.

You see the two humans l ying on the ground, both panting heavily f rom their orgasms. You are almost sure that you see a faint bulge on the belly of your rider, seemingly being caused by the load you shot into him. You can’t help but smirk, not really having expected that , as you had been sure that you didn’t have that much cum left. But the white and thick fluids flowing out of the rear of your rider’s ass tells you otherwise . However, you then realize that the two are already exposed to the cold air for quite some time . And with how exhausted the two must be now, you can’t help but feel like giving them a warm place to rest. So, you walk over towards their feet and take all four of them into your maw, instantly feeling that their bodies are slightly colder than normally. It definitely is rather cool today, despite the sun being out. Well, the two won’t need to worry about that too much, as you curl your tongue around the shanks before moving your maw forward taking in more of the couple. You never have swallowed to humans at once before . But after you had managed to swallow a struggling Flightmare , you are rather confid e nt that you should be able to pull this one off as well. So, you quickly start to swallow as you can feel their feet touching the entrance to your throat. Meanwhile, you continue to move your open mouth forward, taking in more and more of the two humans laying on top of each other , while licking all over the parts inside your maw, enjoying the mixed flavor of the male and female. That is about the time the two come back to their senses and look towards you. At first, they seem a bit confused by what you are doing. But after a few moments, they accept it.

“Seems like Toothless is getting us a warm room again.”

Comments Astrid with a happy tone, getting a nod from Hiccup. The two then start kissing each other again. Not as viciously as before, more loving this time. You are rather glad about that, as they press their bodies together with that, making this way easier for you. You widen your jaws a bit more as you take in their rears, licking over them as they are getting pulled towards your throat. After you are around their bellies, you grunt a bit before raising your head towards the sky. The weight of the two humans inside your maw and throat almost throws you a bit off balance. But you quickly manage to catch yourself again and continue to swallow, letting gravity help you with this one. However, as you can feel the rears of the two traveling down your throat, they suddenly get stuck. Your eyes widen a bit at that, not understanding why. You are sure that your throat should be able to fit the two humans completely, as they shouldn’t really be wider than the Flightmare was with his folded wings. However, as you continue to swallow and gulp with a bit more force now, you can feel something blocking their path. It takes you a few moments before you realize that it is the leather strap from your saddle around your neck that is preventing the two to glide deeper into your body. You groan a bit, as you don’t really want to spit the two humans back out to let Hiccup take off your saddle just to swallow the two again. So, you start to take even more forceful gulps, trying your best to somehow get them past the obstacle. You can feel the wider part of your preys getting slowly but surely past the leather strap. But that is just very little progress with a lot of effort. Also, this causes your windpipe to be pressed together, resulting in barely any air supply for your l u ngs currently. So, you decide to brute force once again, pressing your neck muscles together like never before. The two humans see m to realize that, as your throat is getting way tighter around their lower bodies.

“Toothless, stop being so rough.”

Demands Astrid, not really liking your current way. Meanwhile, Hiccup is already thinking about why you are doing this. And even though he can’t see it from his current position, he soon realizes what the problem is, as he had constructed the saddle.

“He can’t. There is a leather strap around his neck. I think he has troubles getting us past that one…”

He concludes while his girlfriend looks at him. She then rolls her eyes a bit and puts her hand towards her mouth. Sticking two fingers into it, she lets out a loud whistle, catch ing the attention of her dragon. Stormfly quickly comes over and spots the problem. Without even the command coming from her rider, the Deadly Nadder shots one of her spines towards your neck, managing to cut the leather while leaving your body unharmed. Hiccup seemingly wants to protest as he realizes what Stormfly is doing. But he is quickly cut off, as his head together with the one of the female Viking enters your throat, as you just took a large swallow as you were freed from the obstacle. This results in the upper bodies of the two humans practically shooting down your throat, almost causing you to choke. But you quickly manage to get a hold of yourself and control over your throat again. The feet and legs of the riders are now inside your crop, while their heads are a little bit past the entrance to your throat. As you now can take things in an easier pace again, you start to take a few gentler swallows, pushing the rest of your preys into your belly as well. Meanwhile, Stormfly watches the large bulge on your neck traveling down towards your midsection, which then bulges out a bit. After you feel their heads entering your crop as well, you sink your head again and take in loud and deep breaths, as your windpipe is finally not blocked anymore. As you manage to catch your breath again, you can feel the two humans inside your belly adjusting themselves, getting into a comfortable position.

“Was it really necessary to let Stormfly destroy the saddle?”

Asks Hiccup after a few moments, seemingly not all too happy at what the Deadly Nadder did.

“Come on, it’s one leather strap. I am sure you will manage to fix it. Furthermore, if you haven’t notice d , your dragon was choking on us. And I didn’t really want him to suffer like that. So, I let Stormfly help him.”

Astrid explains quickly and with a voice between stern and yet somewhat soft. It seems like she is trying to share her opini o n and thought process, while not wanting to start a fight. And it seems like that your rider doesn’t want to engage into an argument as well, as he starts to chuckle a bit.

“Since when are you on Toothless’ side ? I am pretty sure I heard you complaining about him nonstop. And that was this week.”

He says with a smirk. You can feel Astrid giving him a slight punch against his shoulder for that.

“Well, I changed my mind, obviously.”

She adds afterwards before you can feel her hand striking your flesh gently.

“After all, I was just a bit afraid and confused by what he did. But now I know that he isn’t dangerous. Just a bit playful.”

You roll your eyes at that. After all, you are now seen as the naughty and voracious dragon by the two of them, while you definitely know that this title belongs to the Deadly Nadder next to you. After all, she was it who started this whole ordeal last weekend, not you. However, you are still rather glad at how this all turned out. You smile a bit at that. However, you then feel a nudge on your side. You quickly spin your head around and look at what it has caused it. It is the Light Fury. As you haven’t even realized that she had appeared a few moments ago, you are rather surprised by that. Smiling happily, you nudge her back with your snout, overjoyed to see her again. She chuckles cutely at that. But then she starts to walk off. You wonder a bit where she is going and not sure if you should follow her. Luckily, the Light Fury seems to get wind of your hesitation and stops, looking at you. With a nod of her head towards the direction she is going to, you finally get the message that you are supposed to come with her. So, you do exactly that, following her swiftly. You two walk through the forest for the next couple of minutes, the sky shining in a mix of pink and red, as the sunset is lighting up the sky with these beautiful colors. You haven’t even realized how much time has passed, as it is clearly evening already. However, you simply can’t take your eyes off the white scaled dragon in front of you. And you don’t even take advantage of your position of walking behind her, her rear being in plain sight for you. You look at her complete body. Her white, shiny scales with a little light blue sparkle to them. Her seemingly soft and tender wings, that are folded on her back. Her slender, yet muscular legs, as they move around to carry her body forward. And her long tail with the cute and round tailfins at its tip, swaying slowly behind her. And of course, her head. Her cute, little ears and snout, her nice and tender looking lips, with a fire power maybe even superior to yours hidden behind her throat, her wide, blue, and most importantly beautiful eyes. Even if you can’t currently see most of these features as her head is turned away from you , you adore them . Even if you only know her by about a week by now, you would trust her with your life, not to mention being willing to be her mate for life.

But you are a bit nervous to ask her about that. After all, the only way to ask a possible mate to be your mate for life is to… well… mate. Like properly… doing it into the right opening… and you don’t really want to engage into that. Not that you wouldn’t like to do it. It is more like that you are afraid f ro m the possible reaction of the beauty of a dragon. After all, there are two possible outcomes: she goes along with it or she doesn’t. If she does, then everything is perfect. But if she doesn’t… then it is probably over. She then could just be majorly weirded out by that and wouldn’t behave sweet, caring, and gentle around you anymore . Or even worse , thinks that you try to take advantage of her and then would be either scared or angry at you, both being outcomes that you don’t want to happen. You frown a bit, looking into seemingly nothingness as you think about this. What would be more worth? The current situation of uncertainty or trying to engage at her, possibly ruin the nice relationship you have with the Light Fury? Permanent uncertainty or eternal happiness at the risk of endless sorrow? You try to weigh the two options inside your head, not really knowing which to go for. You don’t want her to not like you anymore. However, you also would hate yourself if you had the possibility for your relationship with the beauty of a dragon to get even deeper and not take the opportunity for it, maybe even losing her exactly because of your lack of self-confidence and hesitation to get this over with. But if she doesn’t see you that way and you would lose her as a friend, you would hate yourself for the rest of your life for having engaged in the first place.

Maybe you need to look into the past and look for clues if she would like you as a mate or not. Your first encounter with each other was rather platonic, not any clues of her liking you really much . Well, at least if you count getting puked out by Stormfly ‘platonic’. However, you also fed her fish that day in a rather unusual way for dragon, you two almost touching your lips while doing so. Or did your lips actual ly touch ? You aren’t sure anymore. The next day, you brought her breakfast and protected her from a Speed Stinger. She definitely must have realized that you really like her when you fought the feral dragon for her. But who would have just left her alone with the raging reptile after spending the entire previous day with her ? So, there is the chance that she just saw it as an act of friendship. The next special thing between you two was the encounter after the Terrible Terror ran away and you helped her find him. But as you handed over the tiny dragon to the Light Fury, it did seem like you two kissed. However, thinking about the situation afterwards just makes you think that that might had been accidental and not a serious kiss. However, she seemed a bit jealous of Windshear and the Flightmare when she thought that you had something going on with each of them. But maybe she was just worried that she could lose a friend. But then she stuffed you into her pussy, her most sacred and most private place of all. So, that definitely must count as her at least liking you, right? But maybe that was just a punishment for you doing some stuff with the Flightmare , as the smell inside her had been quite intense. And she didn’t seem so happy either when you made her cum you back out. But then you realize that she wouldn’t have punished you out of jealousy if she wouldn’t want to keep you for herself. But if that is true, why did she just watch you humping another dragon and not even be concerned or lightly offended by that? Or maybe she came later and didn’t even see your humping the Razorwhip ? Grunting quietly to yourself, you don’t really think that the travel through the past helped at all, as you aren’t one bit closer to the question if she would like to be your mate or no t .

Suddenly, your foot gets stuck, causing you to stumble. With your head being anywhere but at your surroundings, you seemingly overlooked a root sticking out of the ground, causing you to lose your footing and after a few attempts to catch yourself again, fall to the ground. The sound of your body flopping to the grass causes the Light Fury to stop walking and turn around to you. She chuckles cutely as she sees you laying on the ground, shaking your head a bit to try and get a clear mind again. The beauty then walks over and sits down in front of you, looking down with a caring smile . Blushing a bit out of embarrassment, you try and get back up quickly, wanting to pretend that this just didn’t happen. However, you then can hear some laughter coming from a nearby tree, it being the Terrible Terror, who seemingly finds your fall rather amusing. You growl a bit at him, not happy with his behavior. But that doesn’t stop the purple scaled dragon from laughing at you. You think of a way to bring him to shut up, as you think that he is ruining the moment, not to mention making a fool out of you. However, before you get a good idea, you suddenly hear a tiny explosion coming from the tree the Terrible Terror is in, a few surprised squeals coming from the tiny dragon afterwards. You then can see the purple scaled reptile dropping to the ground with the branch he was sitting on, the ending of the stick that was attached to the tree being black and smoking a bit. You are a bit confused at that, before you see the Light Fury walking over towards the tiny dragon and picking him up with her maw by his tail. She shot his branch, so that he would fall down . You haven’t even realized that she had shot a plasma blast at the tree.

The white scaled dragon then continues to walk, now with the struggling Terrible Terror hanging from her maw. You continue to follow her for another few minutes before you finally arrive at the place the female dragon seemingly wants to show you. It’s a little clearing at a cliffside, the ground being covered in soft grass and many different flowers. Furthermore, you can see the sun low on the horizon from here. And with the thick forest surrounding the little place, it almost feels private and exclusive to the two of you. You then look back towards the Light Fury, who gesture s to you to come closer. While you quickly do so, the female dragon sets the tiny one do wn on the grass , placing her foot on his tail to make sure that he doesn’t get away. As you then stand in front of the female, she smiles cutely again, before pressing her lips against yours, giving you a kiss all out of the sudden. And this time, you can’t find any other explanation to why she could be doing this. This is definitely a kiss out of affection. So, you of course quickly return it and enjoy the moment. It almost feels like eternity while your lips are pressed together, you two having closed your eyes during this. However, the Light Fury eventually breaks it, as you probably would have never broken it yourself. She then smirks again , before picking the Terrible Terror back up with her maw and walk ing towards the middle of the clearing. You smile as well, wondering what the female has in mind. As you arrive at her, she lays down on the grass, before rolling on her back, while continuing to hold her gaze towards you. You ask yourself if you should be doing the same or continue to wait for the Light Fury to give you any orders or something like that. However, it seems that the female dragon knows you already rather well, as she nods towards her belly. You frown a bit, wondering what you should be doing with her belly. However, you then realize that she wasn’t gesturing towards her midsection, but the part below that, as she ha s her hindlegs spread apart and therefore her pussy in your plain sight. You recoil slightly as you spot it, resulting in a chuckle from the Light Fury. However, with that the Terrible Terror sees his chance, as the teeth of the white scaled dragon aren’t pressing down on him tightly anymore, and quickly starts to scurry away. But as the little rascal had made fun of you a few moments ago , you quickly leap onto him and catch him with your maw, quickly taking him into it. The Light Fury growls softly at that, seemingly happy that you managed to catch him. It really seems like she has a plan with the tiny dragon. As you are sure that the female will let you know what she wants you to do, you quickly return to your previous position, standing in front of her lying body in the soft grass, while the Terrible Terror struggles inside your maw.

And it seems that you are correct, as the Light Fury nods towards her nether region again before licking her snout a bit. You understand quickly and lower your head towards her pussy. You then let your tongue glide out of your maw, having the tiny dragon pinned against your cheek and start to gently lick over her folds. She groans and purrs at that. You try your best to do this as perfectly as possible, despite your lack of experience with this, licking over her clit before pushing your tongue into the organ a bit, before turning your attention to the opening again. You are mostly just trying around and listen to the reaction of the Light Fury, repeating the positions and licks where her pleasure is audible in form of quiet and soft moans coming over her lips. However, you then realize that you are feeling a bit dizzy. You shake your head a bit, trying to get a clear mind again. But you quickly feel something get a hold of your brain again. You need a few seconds to realize that this are the pheromones coming out of the womanhood of the female dragon. And judging by the mischievous look she is giving you, she definitely knew that this would happened when you start to pleasure her orally. It really seems like she has a certain plan she is following. Not that you mind of course. However, with this you realize that your assumption is correct. She wants to be your mate. Why else would she do this to you? Making you lick her pussy and getting your all aroused by her scent just out of fun? No, that doesn’t sound logical. However, you don’t have any time to think about that, as you feel the pheromones getting you all naughty and aroused. They even managed to let your cock rise from your crotch again . And while you had been sure that it would be done for today and that you don’t have any cum left anyway, your body proves your otherwise, your member being hard and ready. You walk over the Light Fury, so that you cock can reach her pussy. However, the Light Fury protests with a few soft and teasing growls. You get back to your previous position again, with your head by her clit . She then smirks a bit, before making the sound of spitting with her lips. You frown a bit, before you understand what she means. With a mischievous smirk on your face, your tongue starts to lick all over the tiny dragon within your maw, while you move your claw around her clit a bit, making sure that she is wet enough for what she has suggested. Or at least with what you understood.

You lick over the tiny reptile a couple of times again , making sure that he is all lubed up. After all, you don’t want to hurt either him or the Light Fury. And with your cock already having quite some work done today, you want to make sure that it doesn’t get sore from the outside as well . Therefore, you continue to rub your claw over her pussy, the pre soon starting to come out of it . After you are sure that the small reptile is all wet enough, you push him out of your maw, letting him fall on the moist clit of the white scaled dragon. The purple scaled reptile doesn’t really know what is happening and just squirms around aimlessly, causing the Light Fury to let out a little shudder . Not wanting to grant him the opportunity to run off again, you quickly press down on him with your claw, easily pressing his body between the lips of the female. The white scaled dragon moans at that, her clit quickly starting to get a hold of the squirming prey. However, you also quickly make sure that the only escape way of the Terrible Terror is cut off , as you step over the Light Fury and push your hard shaft into her pussy, while you start to kiss her again. She happily returns the kiss, letting out a little moan as she can feel the tip of your cock entering her. You must admit that this just feels right. The last few days you must admit, you were a bit naughtier than normally and had quite some fun with your member. However, the inside of the Light Fury just feels the best. Not too tight, not too loose. It just wraps around your cock perfectly. Maybe it’s because she is a member of a similar species to yours or maybe because this your first time to mate with someone properly, instead of shoving your cock into their ass. But you decide to ignore that now, as you rather are right here, right now instead of being lost in thoughts and memories. You feel the Terrible Terror struggling against the tip of your hard member. So, you start pushing your cock deeper into the female, who shudders at that, moaning out loudly. She then continues to kiss and caress your head, while you start to mate with her, shoving her dick into her clit rapidly. This moment feels really intense for you. Not just from the pleasure you are receiving out of it, but also because of the dragon you are doing it with. While you had your fun with the others, be it Stormfly , the Flightmare , or even Astrid, it mostly was just that. Fun. But this feels deeper. This not only is to grant you two the feeling of a climax but also something more, something way more important than just you two giving in to your lust. You aren’t sure how to describe it. It just feels… good… warm… comfortable… both relaxing yet thrilling. It just is a completely new feeling for you. And by the loving expression of the Light Fury, she is feeling the exact same as you currently do. With that, you shove your cock and therefore the purple scaled dragon deep into the pussy of the female dragon. You feel her tail curling and tightening around yours by that, her eyes rolling a bit.

You then continue to pick up the pace, actually shaking the two humans around inside your crop by that movement , causing them to protest a bit. However, you decide to ignore them for now . Yet, you aren’t too rough with the Light Fury, as you want this to be perfect for both of you. And by the frequence of her pants increasing, you can guess that she is about to reach her climax, just like you are. You two then scream out in union, both reaching your climax at the same time. You feel your cock shooting every last remaining droplet of semen out of your balls into the Light Fury. The Terrible Terror within her must currently be coated in both your cum. You then start to pant loudly, just like your mate does. After a few deep breaths, you pull your shaft back out and give the female some space. You can see some of your and the Light Fury’s cum flowing out of her pussy. But it seems like most of it remains inside her, together with the Terrible Terror, as the widened lips of the Light Fury quickly close themselves again. However, you then hear her start ing to whimper. It sounds a bit comically, like she is teasing. You smile a bit before nudging her chest and neck with your head, before laying down next to her and you two start to cuddle , her tail still being wrapped around yours, while you two start to nudge and rub your bodies against each other . While the two humans within your crop start to calm down again, you start to lick the Light Fury’s scales affectionately, causing the female dragon to let out loud purrs and she even closes her eyes at that sensation. You feel her scales underneath your tongue, feeling hot, soft , and smooth. The purrs that come from her are hypnotic and you feel yourself getting lost in the moment, as does the L ight F ury... You feel comfortable in this position, being curled up together in a loving and intimate position. As you two lay there, snuggled up against each other and watch ing the beautiful sunset, you can see something flying into your view. You have to squint your eyes a bit to make out what kind of dragon it is. You then smile a bit when you can make out the silhouette of a Razorwhip with a human riding it. It must be Heather and Windshear that finally decided to leave and go on their own adventures again. On the inside, you hope a bit that the silver scaled dragon will remember what she has learned from Stormfly and maybe even practice a bit with her rider before the next time they come back here. But then you feel the head of the Light Fury push itself against your neck , seemingly wanting your attention back . You look over to her, seeing the beautiful fire of the sunset sparkle in her calm blue eyes, this being probably the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen. After giving her snout a little lick, she chuckles a bit, giving you one in return. Even if it is only for about two seconds, you enjoy the sensation of her warm and soft tongue running over your scales. You two then stare at each other for a while, yet it feels like hours , while the sun starts to disappear behind the horizon together with the orange, yellow and red light, making place for the hundreds of thousands of sparkling stars in the dark blue sky . You both smile happily and nudge your snouts against each other’s, being over the moon that you’re spending this evening with each other. You then start to cuddle up against her more, wanting to do nothing but be ing here with your mate until the sun will rise again tomorrow .