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Backdoor Buttershy Bite

Uploaded: 31 seconds ago

Owner: Optica

Tags: Tail F/F Feral Weight Gain Female Butt meal lunch Implied Digestion Implied Vore My Little Pony 3D Implied reformation Pegasus Fluttershy Twilight Sparkle Alicorn large ass Source Filmmaker SFM bottom heavy ponyville Thicc Willing prey

Fluttershy and Twilight prefer to keep their voracious arrangement in private, but the weather was warmer than usual for Ponyville, today. "It's rude to stare, Anon..."

Ponyville Scenery by Discopears
Fluttershy & Twilight by AeridicCore
Hayburger & Drink by Dracagon

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The Young Defenders meet the city manager!

Uploaded: 8 minutes ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Cat Dragon Digestion F/F Bunny Same Size Mouse Fatal Unwilling Samantha Weltzin Implied Digestion Implied Vore Phone Sally Redmont Monique Risqueaux Tracy Lopez Cynthia Lowell Phone in predator

tfw the meal squishing through your intestines just happened to be the lady your campus organization was supposed to meet with that day, and they realize what you did, so you have to eat everyone in the room.

 %5BDinobonoid%5D is responsible for this.  

Thefoxcyan - 1 minute ago

On the bright side: more food!

KingOfRust - 3 minutes ago

They done messed up

Cozy Stomach

Uploaded: 23 minutes ago

Owner: allihserf

Tags: Stomach Non-Fatal Relaxing Size difference gentle Female Prey Safe

Commission i finished for someone. Had a lot of fun drawing this one :3

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Mettra - 3 minutes ago


RG9812 - 29 minutes ago

She looks lovely

Mettra - 3 minutes ago

so cute also first comment

Off to jail.

Uploaded: 54 minutes ago

Owner: LordOfGee

Tags: Chubby Non-Vore BBW tummy time alien girl Thicc fortnite borger lass of fat she of adipose

part of an art trade with my friend on discord 

LordOfGee - 29 minutes ago


AustinDR - 52 minutes ago


Pikachus make good fuel (1/3)

Uploaded: 57 minutes ago

Owner: Sosere

Tags: Pikachu Pokemon Pokemon pred fennekin pokemon prey pikachu prey fennekin pred

Ayyy guess what...
It's Fennekin day. 

MSPfan - 32 minutes ago

man i hope fennekin is gonna get even bigger.

EmissaryOfRainbows - 32 minutes ago

Good angle

QuartzLover913 - 1 hour ago

wonder who’s in there

Undernom - 1 hour ago


thicceater - 1 hour ago

Oooo she looks so full!
Just wanna see her shake that belly full of gurgly gems

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 hour ago

Well she isn't wrong is she?

RitaNexus - 2 minutes ago

Yeah there's a super ouroboros thing going on here.

RitaNexus - 2 minutes ago


RitaNexus - 2 minutes ago

Glad to see other people have the same idea!

Zen_Coyote - 32 minutes ago

This is a concept I was just thinking about the other day, excellent execution

Dan3012 - 38 minutes ago

This is weird in some way but I like it great work

GonzaII1313 - 15 minutes ago

Love this style and the bones :)

RG9812 - 23 minutes ago

talk about cleaning the bowels

SunnyHero - 34 minutes ago

Thanks. I hope so too haeuhaeuhaeu <3

SunnyHero - 35 minutes ago


SunnyHero - 35 minutes ago

thanks :D I'm having sum fun

Ms Fortune's Funny Meal

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: ScoIipedes

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size Skullgirls ms fortune Cerebella dullahan Nadia Fortune Vice versa Dullahan Pred

Get it? Funny Meal? Because Cereballa is a Cl---

Kind of a follow-up to the previous Ms Fortune pic from... whenever I drew that lmao.
Moving on from Valentine she tackles the Medici Muscle, and somehow comes out on top, both figuratively and literally.

Vice Versa will be letting the Medici know that they're next. 

ScoIipedes - 42 minutes ago

Its weird cos I do actually love Cerebella's design, I just struggle thinking of ideas with her as pred haha

Thank you though!Glad you like it

Ouroboros 95 - 45 minutes ago

Cerebella really doesn’t have any luck in your Skullgirls pictures, huh? Not that I mind.

Love the position Fortune’s in. The sign of a true glutton.

Messiah - 1 hour ago


[PIXEL ART] Carrot

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: PixelMood

Tags: screencap Anime Rabbit Non-Vore Manga japanese smile rabbit girl screenshot one piece pixel Pixel art kimono smiling blond hair white fur Screen Shot carrot (one piece) PixelMood

Here is Carrot from episode 922 of One Piece!

29 colors

(Did this a few month ago) 

Garvi Vore Animation Test

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Jarmelhrax

Tags: Breasts Digestion F/? Fatal flash Animation Big Belly gif Female Pred Big Breasts Gaintess Ass cheeks


Idk I think she is walking or something? I couldn't be bothered to animate her breasts or her belly BUT LOOK AT EM EARS SON. THEY M O V E 

Bonding With Your Pokemon

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Ihumin

Tags: Pokemon Human Anthro Non-Vore Lesbian Kissing pokemon trainer Human/Anthro

> My Pokemon trainer gal, Mauve, enjoying the company of one of her cherished Pokemon, Ivy. Other trainers are always jealous how she manages to become so well-bonded with her Pokemon so quickly... if only they knew her little secret!

Click here to see a vore story involving Mauve

> Credits...
Belize7 (commissioned artist)

Too Much Spell Juice

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Kimbunny

Tags: Furry fire Fox Anthro Vixen Rabbit Bunny Non-Vore Magic Accident library spell surprise Mistake spellcasting SFW spell juice

So, most people don't know this about me...but I dabble in magic every so often!

When I was younger, my teachers would always tell me that I showed so much promise! But no matter how much I practiced, I could never really get magic under my control.

I'm not sure what it is! I can read the spells, I have the magic energy and I know how to draw on it...but every time I do, it's almost like too much comes out! Over the years, I've mostly given up on magic because of this....
[ Continued ...

KingOfRust - 1 hour ago


KingOfRust - 1 hour ago

fire magic but theres multiple fire spells but nothing i need but i would not mind sticking around here its vary fascinating

Kimbunny - 1 hour ago

heeeee, thank yyooouuu! I really love how this came out. It's just sooooo pretty =^.^=

Kimbunny - 1 hour ago

It's the hot flamy sparky kind of magic!

MirceaKitsune - 1 hour ago

Very pretty and amazing ^_^

Dare/Ask My Own Characters (VoreQ&A) (OPEN)

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: MidNightOwlArt

Tags: Male Rabbit Pre-Vore owl Implied Vore Original Character females Sam The Rabbit Reech the Rabbit MidNightOwlArt Zoe The Rabbit QAndA ask my ocs Midnight the Owl dare my OC

Sense i’m off work for a while i want to do some small request from you guys.
I’m also over 800 watchers which STILL surprise me!
thank you so much for you following me! I really appreciate it!

for the Eka’s portal people i really do love it there everyone is real nice and loves my art.
if you’re also on Eka and follow me thank you so much to!

Now for what going on with this pic it simple.
you ask a question and I...
[ Continued ...

MidNightOwlArt - 1 minute ago

That’s what I kind of figured you meant but still.
I don’t think i can even make a “old” version of Zoe i’m to used to making more detailed characters like Sonic characters or humans now.
I’m sorry but i might have to decline this idea i think it a awesome idea but it just not for me.
Again i’m sorry.

But who know, maybe i’ll think about it and try it out some day?

ShadowABolt - 23 minutes ago

Its another name for a cartoon thats bouncy and stretchy. Like Tom and Jerry or old Mickey Mouse. My chu is an "Inkblot" which is those black and white toons with the pac man eyes. Basically asking - What if Zoe was a toon that had a dynamic like Tom and Jerry except they actually ate each other.

Whitefangs - 28 minutes ago

I got a question for Zoe~ If you could unbirth any kind of pokemon which one will that be?

MidNightOwlArt - 42 minutes ago

What? Rubberhose toon? That such a random question I don’t even know how to answer it myself.

ShadowABolt - 1 hour ago

This is just part of my crusade to see people as rubberhose toons, but ZOE! If you were a toon like myself, how would you look and who would be your rival that you either eat a lot or get eaten by?

Swallowing Stem

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: doomfister

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/M Bulge Pony Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey moth Suffocation My Little Pony Male Prey bulged belly Belly bulge implied fatal pony/pony Belly Rubbing pony prey Earth Pony pony pred Earth Pony Pred earth pony predator Bug-zapper Pony Predator moth pony stem bedstraw

“You really are pathetic aren’t you,” chided bug as she wrapped her hind legs around her thrashing middle as she easily contained her lively meals motions. The moth pony putting up a fight, but it was too little too late, as they were already entombed in Bug’s barrel to be digested at her leisure. This little dance wouldn’t change that fate, it just meant the tawny twit would die tired, as Bug’s belly was already gearing up to convert the animated lump into little more than a meaty chyme. ...
[ Continued ...

SlideV - 1 hour ago

Looks like Bug Zapper finally lived up to her name.

Spider8Fiend - 1 hour ago

A sweet sequence of girlfriends being in a happy relationship deserves appreciation and compassion in kind, vore or non-vore related. I look forward to seeing whatever you draw next, especially if it is as fun as this :)

Rawberry - 1 hour ago

Once again thank you for your sweet comment! ;_;;

Spider8Fiend - 1 hour ago

Aaah, there’s a reformation ending. That’s sweet! Well done, this is one of the more romantic pieces I’ve seen like this, and I’ll be sure to remember it for a while :)

Rawberry - 1 hour ago

Aha, that idea is what the commissioner had in mind, I think~ It is a fun idea... -v -

Spider8Fiend - 1 hour ago

Oh no, now she’s run out of girlfriends to eat! I wonder if she’ll really digest them, and if so, where she’ll find a new girlfriend to love and maybe eat?

Though now the idea of these three practicing safe vore regularly to have sex and have fun is an exciting one, if I must admit ^_^”

2nd Years Vore P1

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Rawberry

Tags: Predator Same Size Lesbian Yuri Big Belly fat pred Love Live Same Size Oral Vore smug pred Big Belly Bulge love live vore love live sunshine you watanabe Love Live! masturbating prey Takami Chika Riko Sakurauchi

A commission of Riko Sakurauchi from Love Live! Sunshine!! with her girlfriends You Watanabe and Chika Takami.

God I still don't know how to tag things on this website I'm sorry god 

Rawberry - 1 hour ago

Thank you so much!! ;;w;;

Spider8Fiend - 1 hour ago

I’m not familiar with the series, but this is plenty cute and fun! Well done!

Soul Sucker

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: OverLogic

Tags: Soul Vore Succubus Soul F/M draining kiara soul absorption

"I'mma suck you dry, boy..."

She took it too literal... Well, at least this is one of those cases when she leaves the body.

Ah, voracious girl.

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Hideout Raid

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Tongue Frog Digestion Disguise Weight Gain Fart Fatal Pooping Unwilling Farting messy hair Butt Gas crushing Bones Skull Unwilling Prey Melting Fatal Vore frog girl Suffocation Female Prey Female Pred Big Butt Disposal tongue play Graphic digestion remains Gassy Deku Painful Digestion rapid digestion tongue wrap melting digestion Quick Digestion Tsuyu Asui Boku no Hero Academia My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya bones in scat Gassy Pred Himiko Toga Froppy Izuku Quirk Iida Tenya

Part 1 of the Famished Froppy series, commissioned by  Mab2

During a raid on a League of Villains Hideout, Froppy is separated and attacked by a blood-hungry master of disguise. Thankfully, all cute girls have a weakness: another cute girl's gut! 


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: BSGreyM

Tags: nectar alraune Alraune Pred space station 13 SS13

Lorna is a an Alraune, her odd biology giving her unique traits compared to most aboard Space Station 13. She tends to give off a pleasing scent designed to lure in small rodents, but given her size sometimes it is more efficient to load up with a big meal instead. Inside her gut, a thick nectar gathers with the scent of sweet flowers as well as an odd element of hot pepper-like vegetables found on her planet. Curiosity tends to bring her meals to her, though she has been known to keep a...
[ Continued ...

DollyFailFail - 1 hour ago

An excellent character. I too liked to spessmens from time to time, though I've long since lost the time to play through entire rounds

Gorgrath177 - 2 hours ago

KingOfRust - 2 hours ago

she hates pollution and polluters i assume

BSGreyM - 2 hours ago

I have a few other cute scenes in mind to draw soon. Probably the next content will be more Sap in the Grass though.
hugs kisses <3 <3 <3

whatisthissheet - 3 hours ago

Space station 13 is the shit.
Also realy nice dialogue and internal here, lovely scenario.

Sable's snack

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: CarnivorousVixen

Tags: Hedgehog Rabbit Female Sable animal crossing Female Prey Female Pred Chrissy

Never had any intention on uploading this, but I'm probably not gonna be drawing much at all for a while so here ya go 

StormyRange - 1 hour ago

What a darling lil sequence! =v=

NekuTheEmo - 3 hours ago

Always wondered when she took a lunch break, also wondered where alot of the villagers went o3o

GinRyuKaza - 3 hours ago

I'd love to be in that belly! Though I really like Katt now too >>

KingOfRust - 3 hours ago

im fine with your animal crossing art but im more of a doom eternal kind of guy speaking of doom are you planing doing a picture with Isabelle and Doom guy

Come In My Side

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TyronneVB

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Snake Breasts Belly Wolf Stomach Human Anthro Digestion cobra Stuffing F/M Saliva Hug Female Lamia Hybrid Reptile Size difference Internal View Human Prey Snake Vore Snake Pred Female Pred stomach acids Viper Arctic fox Belly bulge Amelia cobra naga Hungry Pred Sexy Pred female vore Voreception Sexy Belly Lamia Pred friendly pred Sexy Pose girl vore Lamia vore reptile vore Guy prey Arctichybrid TJ prey TJ arctichybrid belly inside Tyronne Amelia Cobra Amelia vore

Art to Amelia Cobra

Later, after eating me Amelia realized that I was not alone, she proceeds to plunge her bulging belly to push me deeper into her second stomach making room for dessert, with a seductive movement she catches Tj in a warm embrace, sweaty and excited she tries to devour him 

KingOfRust - 3 hours ago

umm why do i have a feeling that would happen to me

A Perspective on Indigestion

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Badfurson

Tags: POV Cat Male Fat Inside Feline stretching Unwilling Prey animal crossing first person M/? sphincter indigestion bowels Confusion attempted escape villager punchy Wide thighs Male/Unspecified

You decide to move into town, only to find it empty. Aside from the strange sounds echoing throughout town, it appears to be deserted. Searching several buildings for the source of the noise, you eventually track it to a singular building. Inside you find a feline of immense proportions, sat in the room. An immense belch loosed from his lips clues you into the origin of the noise you were chasing-but this still doesn’t give you any answers as to the missing townsfolk! Curious, you move...

[ Continued ...

Badfurson - 3 hours ago

It’s amazing, right? Bronze really went all in with the image! Hopefully you enjoyed the story just as much!

Badfurson - 3 hours ago

Glad to hear it! I had a lot of fun coming up with the story, and I’m really happy with how well the image matches up with it!

MirceaKitsune - 3 hours ago

This so gorgeous in every way <3

DoctorDischord - 3 hours ago

This is actually perfect. I love how absolutely massive this kitty looks, and how casually he just scarfed someone down. Not to mention how gassy this diet seems to have made him. All a really good combination

Maractus (Fire Alpaca Practice)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: hiddenprey

Tags: Pokemon Non-Vore Maractus Critique Please

I'm back~!
A friend of mind convinced me to get Fire Alpaca, in fact get back to drawing in general.

This was the first drawing that I finally cut my teeth on the program with.

I might make this a character. When I looked at Maractu's eyes I imagined scientist glasses so went that route.


But~ yeah! Any FA users have any tricks or advice lemme know, and lemme know whatcha think of the art :) 

thicceater - 1 minute ago

Ooooo yeees
Shortstack preds are the beeest~
Especially with much bigger prey!

JohnnyF102 - 2 hours ago

Oh nice I like it

JohnnyF102 - 2 hours ago

Oh nice I like it

Badfurson - 3 hours ago

Love those bulges! You're always real great at those...

Ambient Tone

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Badfurson

Tags: Chubby Fat Anal Non-Vore Female metal Penis Balls Robot dildo 3D Large Breasts Android Potbelly redesign Emote Wide thighs Led Space-Future

This is a work done by Ximema, found here on Twitter:

And here, on FA:

And they deserve every scrap of credit for this amazing rendition of one of my characters-especially considering this design is a complete rework/reimagining of the original model. I can't even begin to convey how impressed I am that the original design:

[ Continued ...

joeburp22181 - 3 hours ago

What a gorgeous herm!

Badfurson - 3 hours ago

They're all pretty good, yeah!

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

I can't tell what I like most about her, her enormous tits, her enormous cock or her enormous bslls~

[Patreon] Bulma's Big Binge Part 2

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Metalforever

Tags: Stuffing Non-Vore Bunny girl Big Belly leotard Round Belly Dragon Ball Z Bulma bunny suit dbz

March Patreon reward for MystifiedBeef.

EmissaryOfRainbows - 4 hours ago

Kinda weird to go to a buffet in a bunny girl outfit though

KingOfRust - 4 hours ago

i think theres more than food in there

The Clock is Ticking

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Phorcyz19

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Same Size Post-Vore Implied Digestion Green Skin Implied Fatality taunting green hair Punk girl sharp teeth humanoid pred RWBY Crocodile girl croc girl Tock metal teeth rwby vore

Tock's new bio in Amity Arena made me really want to do some more more art of her. I mean, any character described as thinking of herself as a predator and enjoying "playing with her food" needs some vore representation. 

EmissaryOfRainbows - 3 hours ago

That is a really nice design goddamn

dogair1 - 3 hours ago

yes I like her

What Now Brown Cow?

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: OERN

Tags: Furry Belly Human Anthro Chubby Fat F/M Cow Bovine Female BBW Anal Vore Butt Non-Fatal Non-Consensual voluptuous Human Prey Feet first Male Prey Female Pred huge ass Huge breasts Endosoma BBW pred Thick thighs ass shot

Will you let the farm hand go, or is he doomed to spend the next few hours bouncing between your stomachs? 

Darian - 4 hours ago

That's a lovely model! Not enough anthro-herbavore preds.

joeburp22181 - 4 hours ago

Now Brown Cow Takes The Boy How She Wants to.

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

Lucky for him cows are herbivores

UnknownGamer21 - 4 hours ago

As the brown cow, I'd probably yank him in. He'd be safe, and I'd let him go later... just need something to do as you wait on the farm for things to happen, ya know?

RyuZuu - 1 hour ago

Very nice work as always!!

linthia - 4 hours ago

Don't play with food~

benjdsen815 - 4 hours ago

nicely done love the detail and great facial expression on the pred

new boy!!

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: SnowCryptid

Tags: Predator Non-Vore Mawshot Femboy Original Character character reference sharp teeth Monster Boy

he just wants to have fun!! said fun might include eating you

i just reaaaaally wanted to make an ocean-based monster boy honestly  

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

But mean bully preds are the best~<3

SnowCryptid - 4 hours ago

cause he's a bully. he straight up likes bullying his prey, chasing them around, letting them think they've escaped before quickly zooming after them etc
hes a nasty boy :p

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

Yeah they're great <3 I don't know why you're calling him nasty :p

SnowCryptid - 4 hours ago

ik they have "killer" in their other name and all but they're just...such cuties

SnowCryptid - 4 hours ago

oh of course sure thing. who wouldn't wanna marry a nasty orca boy

Feeling Too Hot (2/2)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: hamilton4

Tags: Breasts Saliva Non-Vore Female mask arousal large insertion exhibitionism one piece deepthroat Sex Toy Boa Sandersonia implied orgasm

Turns out no Sandersonia isn’t sick, she’s just overstimulated! With everybody wearing masks she saw an opportunity to go around discretely experiencing her deep throat fetish all day. What she didn’t count on is just how horny this would make her.

I couldn’t resist this. Not only am I enjoying the dildo-mask trend going around but it just fits my head canon that Sandersonia has a deep throat fetish so perfectly.

Also, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! 

KaZe_DaRKWIND - 41 minutes ago

I see dildo-masks somewhat often in art, but is there an IRL equivalent?

hamilton4 - 3 hours ago


KingOfRust - 5 hours ago

oh she was sweating because of a little Funtime correct?

Feeling Too Hot (1/2)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: hamilton4

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Female mask arousal exhibitionism one piece Throat bulge Sex Toy Boa Sandersonia hidden sex toy

With everything going around, masks are very common. Sandersonia here seems to have caught on and started wearing one out as well. But… she seems to be burning up! Did she already catch something!? 

Meet the Artist Meme

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: MotherOfMonsters

Tags: Non-Vore original Ash (MoM)


I'm only like three years late to this party, it's fine. My last attempt at a self-insert wasn't working for me, so I tweaked them to be more accurate and ended up with this.

Not sure how much I'll be involving my own image in vore stuff, but you'll probably see a few pieces. Maybe micro oral stuff. Gotta keep up that pred image somehow.

Yeah sorry for the handwriting, I haven't broken out the tablet in nearly a year.

This sort of...
[ Continued ...

StormyRange - 55 minutes ago

That's super nice, very well done!!

AcevisElecion - 2 hours ago

Martial arts and Mimics sound like a way better combo than they have any right being lol.

Looks fantastic!

Aqualite - 4 hours ago

I absolutely love this. You look fantastic here ^^

MotherOfMonsters - 4 hours ago

Thank youuu~
This is [i]slightly[/i] idealized naturally, but I appreciate it. <3

10crunkedbiscuits - 5 hours ago

Oh my god! You’re adorable~!

empatheticapathy - 4 hours ago

That second panel is amazing.

denysvision - 4 hours ago

this is what i call it "pro gamer move"

anysizebutsmall - 4 hours ago

Big damn

OofSketch - 5 hours ago

probably playing animal crossing XD

KingOfRust - 5 hours ago

so snacking and playing?

Kim Bunny's Delicious Anal Meal

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Anal Vore Unwilling Prey mockery H/F Female Prey Female Pred Multiple Preds implied soul vore RP Log Careless Pred cruelty Hermaphrodite Public Humiliation SS13 laughter Centauress prey hedonism Belittling Rabbit girl pred Cessation Digestion in stomach Kimberly Anna Tilson Item Garbage Disposal Rifle Belongings

A Centauric female was minding her own business in the bar one shift on VORE station, when comes upon her a hungry, teasing herm girl. A Rabbit / Bunny girl by the name of Kimberly Anna Tilson. Promising a fun time, instead, what Jackie gets, is a FACEFUL OF HER HUGE, THICK ASS, but not before seeing her herm dick, the she-male seemed to be full of surprises! Sexuality ensues as other people help send Jackie to her untimely demise, even joking about the cessation of her existence. ...
[ Continued ...

joeburp22181 - 2 hours ago

You deserve it. You're awesome Kim!

Kimbunny - 2 hours ago

*squeeeee* oh goodness, that makes me really happy to hear =^.^=

joeburp22181 - 2 hours ago

Ye! Was a blast. One of the best RP I ever had <3

Kimbunny - 2 hours ago

Hehehe this was a really fun one! You happened to catch me in one of my rare predatory moods <3