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Helping Out a Friend

Uploaded: 1 minute ago

Owner: OERN

Tags: Chubby Fat BBW Unwilling Anal Vore Non-Fatal BDSM voluptuous Orgy Endosoma

A rather large woman had a little trouble convincing her boyfriend to try out vore.

So, her girlfriends, along with a camera crew, stepped in to help.  

Silica aftermath

Uploaded: 2 minutes ago

Owner: smog1

Tags: Belly Weight Gain Commission Non-Vore Topless Big Breasts aftermath after vore Silica shocked pred bra wont fit

Forgot to post this one about 2 months ago I think

commission for  Hereforvore 

Grimdead - 4 minutes ago

Nicely done

Character Profile - Li'l Luyu

Uploaded: 29 minutes ago

Owner: Illuminaughty

Tags: Breasts Belly Anthro Weight Gain Fart Female BBW domination Anal Vore Bird Magic Farting Butt hips turkey Amazon ssbbw Female Pred teasing farts small giantess luyu mama manaba Milf Shrinking

Illumianguhty comics are for +18 and up only
Please do not redistribute, repost, or edit our art.

Behind the scenes, artwork like this will be exclusives to Patrons on Illuminaughty's Patreon.
And once we reach $400 a month we'll grant Silver Pyramid investors (and higher) voting features
that will allow investors to vote on character designs should we run into an indecisive design issue.
Our patreon will launch December 1,...
[ Continued ...

You caught...Oh no, you GOT caught

Uploaded: 52 minutes ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: Micro Macro Pikachu Pokemon Paws Feet Non-Vore trainer Macro/Micro

Patreon reward for Miles. He wanted to catch me, but got caught instead :3c

If you like my art, please, consider giving support my Patreon:

Shy Lucario POV

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: POV Micro Macro Pokemon Paws Feet Butt anus Lucario Macro/Micro Implied Anal Vore

Patreon reward for Graffychu. A simple macro Pov sequence involving a shy Lucario :3

If you like my art, please, consider giving support my Patreon:

Randomguy01 - 15 minutes ago

Can I crawl inside

MirceaKitsune - 58 minutes ago

I do <3 <3 <3

Cow Girl's Request

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Fumika

Tags: Giantess Commission Non-Vore Nudity cow girl Huge breasts Fumika Goblin Slayer

Goblin slayer in not interested in anything but goblins Example .
Out of the fall animes I am watching, this one is the best. But The time I got reincarnated as a slime is a close second.

Patreon reward done by:thedaibijin

Fumika - 21 minutes ago

Naa you go in direct, hard, and hope for the best.

CaptainElusive - 32 minutes ago

...I get the feeling like she's missing a few steps here.

Fumika - 45 minutes ago

Naaa, cowgirl just wants some love.

Fumika - 45 minutes ago

Glad you liked it. Are you watching the series as well?

bearboy599 - 56 minutes ago

Haha damn Goblin Slayer. Thought he was gonna get gulped down

Plum Tum

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: SinningSneasel

Tags: Slime Predator Slimegirl Slimeboy

An older pic to start up the gallery
My slime character plum, relaxing as they digest. 


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: NightmareBros

Tags: Snake Belly Anthro Multiple Prey Snake girl boa constrictor Scalie Schoolie

drew more snek, because why not. 

Royal_Starlord - 34 minutes ago

♥ ♥ ♥

smog1 - 41 minutes ago

She looks beautiful :3

rd16 - 53 minutes ago

Yes love therapy snek

[Commission] Flipphone Snack [2/2][DIGESTION]

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: Mouth Dragon Stomach Digestion M/M Throat Fatal Macro/Micro Internal View Akemi cell phone Nightfury Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan

Commissioned by: SpeedyBolt
Guest-starring FuryFizz

Danny's trip into the center of the OTF continues. But, he soon finds out why the dragons' pilots have to wear special suits...

Second page~! Internals! DIGESTY THINGS! YE BOYE~

Akemi was tricky to draw, but thakfully there exists an official art book that provided references for how he looks without the plane parts on, so yay! :)

I also made the internals kinda look...
[ Continued ...

SaoYuuki - 1 minute ago

Poor Danny, he was so cute... *busts in and resurrects the cutie*

Btw, love it~!

October - 1 hour ago


[Commission] Flipphone Snack [1/2]

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: Mouth Dragon M/M Saliva Mawshot Macro/Micro Akemi cell phone Nightfury Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan

Commissioned by: SpeedyBolt
Guest-starring: FuryFizz

Danny the nightfury's little siesta gets interrupted as someone spots his napping spot - a discarded flip phone, and tosses it aside. To make matters even worse for him? A certain plane-morphing, phone-eating dragon was a little peckish...

Part 1 of a two page comic featuring Akemi from Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan as the pred~

Stay tuned for the second page~ 


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Despacito20

Tags: Non-Vore Character Sheet Original Character


DoctorDischord - 41 minutes ago

I love him 10/10


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Despacito20

Tags: Belly Same Size F/? Big Belly Female Pred star wars Nude Female braces Grievous Grieve-Tan



Uploaded: 1 hour ago


Tags: Non-Vore

Expandodick in action 

The dark Alley

It was an all but forgotten corner of the town, where Mark skulked on his way to his evening’s entertainment. All in all, he doubted anyone here would care about his presence, but still, he kept himself quiet as he moved through. The place was forgotten, but far from abandoned. It was a vicious cycle the region was caught in. As it drifted from the eye of the town at large, shadowy dealings crept in, which f

TDoDK; The Dark Alley

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: DrakeZephyr

Tags: Human Vixen Anal Vore

So once upon a time...last month I think, somebody told me I hadn't done AV for a while, so I thought to myself... that's true, and I just so happen to have set up a format to do just about whatever I want voraciously. On that merry note, here's the latest Den of Dari'Karra, and what is certainly my laziest euphomism to date. Enjoy

If you want to see my work earlier, check out some of my non-writing projects in production, or just give a dragon a snack, why not check out my...
[ Continued ...

YamiTakashi - 1 hour ago

Np buddy ^3^

Grimdead - 1 hour ago

Thank you UwU

YamiTakashi - 1 hour ago

Nicely done ^w^

Widowmakers prey

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Coolwoman

Tags: Unbirth Cum Digestion Tracer cum disposal Widowmaker

Tracer should have thought better 

CMSN Stream 17-18/11/18 LO FireRed23

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: A0IISA

Tags: Breasts Belly Same Size Commission Bulge F/? Fire emblem Female Pred Tiki Coloured Sketch

For  FireRed2

Tiki & Fire Emblem series © Intelligent Systems & Nintendo

vore titans part1: jinx and starfire

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: dolnamker

Tags: F/F Female Cock Vore jinx starfire drinking Teen Titans cumming Cum Digestion willing pred Female Prey Female Pred Vore story Beer cumgestion Cum Transformation Jinx(character) alien pred willing prey starfire teen titans Jinx Teen titans

the first part of what i hope will be an onggoing or at least long series

in this first part it appairs jinx and starfire have a small secret plan togheter  

Sketches/Digital Practice

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Niskra

Tags: sketches Futanari Big Belly Stuffed belly Digital Art vore belly Reptile Pred

yay i did digital stuff... and decided to do the ol' futa with a belly.. not sure how to feel on that yet.
also swollenbellygirl has a great belly.  

raven has fun with starfire

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: dolnamker

Tags: Soft Vore Demon Anal Vore raven starfire Teen Titans raven teen titans Vore story starfire teen titans

this is my first story here its a bit short but i hope you enjoy 

ConsumptionZ - 2 hours ago

Thanks again for this one, A0! I'm still blown away at how you really brang out the size of Candy's lower body. The shading and lines really emphasize that the big butt is certainly more soft than firm! I was on the fence of having her vore gut not rip through her outfit but the stripes on her torso really emphasize just how round she is.

Vanessa looks beautiful as well from her chubby arm you to nailing the image in my head of the posing and angle! I was super excited to see your bulge work due to me loving her dress so much and once again you've taken my breath away from me.

CMSN Stream 17/11/-18 Alis10101

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: A0IISA

Tags: Belly Stuffing Commission Non-Vore Thanksgiving Original Characters dragon ball belly stuffing Coloured Sketch dragon ball xenoverse Yarrow Carole Akwii

For  Alis10101

Yarrow ©  KentaKoukuji
Carole & Akwii © Alis10101
Dragon Ball-franchise © Akira Toriyama, Funanimation, Toei Animation & Sueisha
Dragon Ball Xenoverse © Dimps & Bandai Namco

Beak (BNHA Original Character)

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: StretchySophie

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Same Size pelican latex Butt storage Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts Original Character superhero Boku no Hero Academia My Hero Academia Pelican Girl

Real Name: Jessica Pluck
Hero Name: Beak
Quirk Name: Pelican

A transfer student from England, Jessica is a pelican girl with large ambitions. With the ability to fly and store people within her impenetrable beak, she specializes as a “rescue” hero. She scoops up civilians in her beak, swallowing them if she needs more room, and then regurgitating them when she gets to safety. She can also use this ability to capture villains.

While her quirk might...
[ Continued ...

TerraBolt - 31 minutes ago

Heh, she would probably be good friends with Tsuyu~ XD

VincentShadowScale - 51 minutes ago

I imagine that'll involve a number of fly-by noms~ Or maybe even a vacuum like suck >w>

StretchySophie - 1 hour ago

She’s gotta develop her finishing moves too!

VincentShadowScale - 2 hours ago

Heh, she better train her quirk plenty to maximize her capacity~

Discord vore Octavia by oNichaN-xD p.1

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: animehero64

Tags: My Little Pony Discord Octavia Equestria Girls Octavia Melody

My Commission of Discord vore Equestria Girls Octavia by oNichaN-xD.

Credit goes
oNichaN-xD ( )

Hereforvore - 2 hours ago

Mmm, onichans stuff is always great.

New Dump, New Software (Scat)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Scottglass

Tags: Scat Tail Cute Digestion F/? Toilet Fatal Butt pee Macro/Micro urine Post Vore Scat Female Pred disposal f/multiple shitting turds corn Bitty inside toilet Unknown pred Undigested food New software

I won’t tell you what cutie this butt hanging over a loo belongs to yet, but she certainly has an appetite for micros in corn salad~

(Technical difficulties for the last lil while meant I couldn’t work on my lewd art for a little while, but I’m back and finishing up commissions as this uploads!)

I got my lil paws on a new art software and this quick try was me messing with what I can do with the brushes~

Lemme know how it looks <3 

Scottglass - 2 hours ago

Good points! I’m just kinda a fan of full skeletons imbedded in them >w<
I’ll mess with it~
Also, this pred isn’t actually a carnivore by birth~

Philosoraptor - 2 hours ago

One thing that would make these kind of scat scenes seem more realistic would be having the bones being jumbled around and scattered because the same enzymes that dissolved away the flesh would have dissolved the ligaments holding them together, not to mention the continuous muscular churning and folding of the stomach and peristaltic contractions through many feet of intestines. Most true carnivores would probably dissolve such small bones as well. This is still far more realistic though than having complete skulls of same size prey impossibly passing through the small intestines of the predator as we see in so much of the scat oriented artwork. Thanks for sharing!

Scottglass - 3 hours ago

Indeed X3

Thornix - 3 hours ago

I hope that it will stay "shitty" after all x3

Scottglass - 3 hours ago

Aw thank ye~
I hope it means my content will have more polish~

Gengar learned *Prey Eater*

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: icudhara

Tags: Pokemon Soft Vore Stomach Digestion M/F licking vore comic gengar Vore Digestion

Dangerous TM for Pokemon, do not use without protection. Any pokemon with such a move begins to eat his master.

Support me on Patreon→→→ 

Done25 - 4 hours ago

That's a cute look on her face. <3

Renaloose (Part 3)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Unknowncertainty

Tags: Renamon Weight Gain Lacy post-digestion weight gain Latency

Well now the house is empty its time to venture out on the town 

MirceaKitsune - 1 hour ago

*kisses it gladly*

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

So dang thick

Renaloose (Part 2)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Unknowncertainty

Tags: Renamon F/M Lacy Latency

Now she has had everything ;3 

MirceaKitsune - 1 hour ago

Why would you ever want out <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

Lucky them~

Renaloose (Part 1)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Unknowncertainty

Tags: Renamon Female Pre-Vore Lacy Latency

This is a little sequence I started a bit ago of my Renamon character Latency. Lacy for short.

Whats that in her mouth? 

Unknowncertainty - 5 hours ago


MirceaKitsune - 5 hours ago

Everything but a soon to be lucky soul <3

Coon Vibes [Animated]

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: extremelydevious

Tags: Raccoon Dragon Blue Non-Vore Dragoness Size difference ko knocked out vibrations vibration incapacitated

After some fun pats, Dasp activates the Coon vibe powers and Blu is KO 

Headshot COMM

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: axiabetty

Tags: Commission Non-Vore portrait

art by me
Oc@ DarkByteDeer on FA 


Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: axiabetty

Tags: Centaur Commission Non-Vore Centauress Chakat Hermaphrodite

art by me
commission for hp1741a on FA


axiabetty - 5 hours ago

Thank you! ♡

YamiTakashi - 5 hours ago

Aw cute <3

Night Parents COMM

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: axiabetty

Tags: Pregnancy Milk Commission Non-Vore Sex milking boob squish boobs expansion

art by me
Ocs belong to Xander.Epik and amber-gray on FA 


Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: axiabetty

Tags: Commission Non-Vore Tentacle YCH

art by me
OC belongs to iconkittehskye on FA

Interested into one? only 8€ for one, 18€ to buy 3!

Any sex/species! 


Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: axiabetty

Tags: Commission Non-Vore Bondage genitals BDSM bondage/BDSM YCH

art by me
OC belongs to iconkittehskye on FA

Interested into one? only 8€ for one, 18€ to buy 3!

Any sex/species! 

Genital GORE YCH

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: axiabetty

Tags: Gore Non-Vore genitals YCH

art/base by me
Oc @ Lyr

Any sex and species, for 7€ 


Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: axiabetty

Tags: Anthro Commission Non-Vore Sex Cum Cumshot

art by me
Ocs to their owners from Telegram 

The News Girl

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: NeyNey

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp F/M M/F Fatal Unwilling Non-Fatal Willing Implied Disposal Casual vore pregnant belly Consent discussion

This story was written in a script format. I originally started it as a comic or I guess film script, it was only going to be a few scenes long initially, but I kept going with it for awhile and originally posted it to the forums here years ago.

It's basically about a guy named Matt who lives in a world where swallowing people is an accepted thing, as long as there is consent, its fine. The world started out as trying to be somewhat plausible and treated vore as a more casual...
[ Continued ...

Nerds night in

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: DanzoLegend

Tags: eating Sketch Glasses Funny Silly Post-Vore gaming pizza F/FF Size difference crown teasing friendship taunting long hair blushing braids Stomach Bulges Andy pizza delivery girl post vore weight gain itisha firestarter Short Comic nerd phoenix pizza delivery girl prey

Just a simple little cute comic of Itisha and nerd andy having a night in while danzo goes out to train. the phoenix pulls andy close, a big smirk on her face, while andy blushes, accepting her fate. however hours later they were just on the couch, fat on pizza and pizza delivery girls and gaming together. such a cute couple of friends :V

(Itisha belongs to  SoliliaFirestarter and nerd and belongs to  Calvinj100

nbe21 - 5 hours ago

Hehehe <3

DanzoLegend - 6 hours ago

*may have planned for this x3*

nbe21 - 6 hours ago

Mmm these girls are lovely....but since Danzo is going out alone...*evil grin and licks lips as he goes doggo hunting*

Jojo noms a Weeb! (scat)

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: DanzoLegend

Tags: Scat Belly Human Fur Feral smelly Fart M/F Bulge pooping Farting gas Cut-away Canine Size difference Human Prey Gassy dark skin shitting Feral Pred Dog Pred dog ears tail wagging lewd Scat pile Arguing danzo itisha firestarter Dark Fur skull in scat dogzo dog tail june the weeb jojo the dog gasey covering nose

Danzo really needs to put up a warning that jojo can nom people.... eventually he will get around to it, til then, our local weeb will constantly be the one to test what could happen. she went over to jojo who is oddly a pretty smart doggo, and started taunting the dog, calling him stupid and stuff. As expected he gulped her down and layed on his hyper gigantic belly as he digested her. however the problem arrised when it was time to push her out. danzo's shit is already bad enough, Jojo's...
[ Continued ...

nbe21 - 5 hours ago

Mmhmm it is to be expected.

DanzoLegend - 6 hours ago

he is a really ravenous dog. i mean look at his owners

nbe21 - 6 hours ago

How dare you insult doggo! *watches the doggo nom and crap out the weeb* Good boy! So cute and ravenous i love it!

Pool Slurps [colouring]

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: jyles

Tags: Belly Giantess pool Navel Vore swimsuit kemonomimi Belly bulge Colouring starcrossing Shirley Canikin

Looks like Shirley is practicing her navel vore at the local pool! And it seems like amongst the swimmers are some familiar faces, too...

Coloured version of

First day back on the ball! Trying to get my momentum back by getting some colouring done. :D

Original lineart by  starcrossing!

Kyoko (nine-tailed fox girl) and Ria (axolotl girl) belongs to Wokkyu
Shirley belongs to me 

jyles - 5 hours ago

Glad to hear you love it! :3

gzdten - 5 hours ago

I'm not usually a bug fan of navel vore
this one's really good <3