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The lion dephonn

Uploaded: 3 minutes ago

Owner: DanzoLegend

Tags: Tail Male Cute Lion Non-Vore Fursona Technology gear flying smexy belt drones gears headset technomancy

Well this time had to come. so a thing about me, i ADORE lions and Mermaids. i love them all so much and for now i just decided to do the lion because the lion is fun <3 and i looooooooooove technomancers and so i had to make myself a lion technomancers. also i guess everyone gets to know my real name ^^"" well hope you guys like this sketch. 


Uploaded: 6 minutes ago

Owner: bigbig 


Uploaded: 11 minutes ago

Owner: Hughoftheskies

Tags: Non-Vore



Uploaded: 13 minutes ago

Owner: Hughoftheskies

Tags: Non-Vore


On the beach

Uploaded: 30 minutes ago

Owner: Beliroz

Tags: Belly F/? bikini Big Belly Potbelly

There we go! Looks like she had a tad too much though.

Tried to add some more proper-like shadows in this one. And my ref suddenly turned her head so I had to turn this girl's ehad as well. I dread 3/4 because it's so easy to fuck up, but I think it turned out surprisingly good, along with the hand. 

Stella Dominance

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: chaotic123

Tags: F/F Breast Expansion F/FFF large belly f/multiple

Sketch belongs to Natsumemetalsonic

Left - shizuka and right - Stella. Characters from Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

The story between these 2 is that they always argue who cares for Ikki the most. They decided that they would have a eating competition to see who would eat more than the other. This competition was slightly different when instead of food they would swallow the people who were also rivals for Ikki attention.

As you can see from the picture...
[ Continued ...

chaotic123 - 2 hours ago

do you want to see this coloured

chaotic123 - 2 hours ago

this was a sketch request on sketch night.

this can be coloured but I, you or someone else needs to ask natsumemetalsonic to and pay

Whereaminow27 - 2 hours ago

So this was a Commission? or is there a chance that this gets colored?


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: NightmareBros

Tags: size difference axolotl

last of the height chart sillyness

Honestly, I think I'll keep Custom of the Sea Charly as a brown Axolotl simpy for Charly Brown puns.
Don't ask me why she's brown in-context of the setting though, it's probably just another wacky ship accident involving Hansel and Gretel crossed with Cave of the Snollygoster, except they had to put Charly in some space/future Industrial Deep Fryer because she's not going to fit into a oven (she can barely fit into the apron) 

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

so silly..

KIll Bill: The Third

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: kenshirosan666

Tags: Vore Belly F/F Same Size Bulge Big Belly same size vore

Another part of the Kill Bill sequence 


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: shyvur

Tags: Feet Plant Headfirst Woman Prey sandals


Belloc - 3 hours ago

Them plants need their nutrients.

The Child in the Rain - Neshik

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: CMvoreroom

Tags: Child Non-Vore Rain image Crying CMvoreroom Neshik General Neshik

So I had this laying around, not knowing when I should post it. Since I've been doing commissions here and there I haven't had the time to do more story base work on my page, and Neshik is one of them. So I decided, since I'm still busy, I would post this for the time being.

I have no idea for the story behind this yet, however I do remember thinking it would be a good idea showing what her life was like before she become what she is now.

The story for this and her...
[ Continued ...

anema_sesuna - 58 minutes ago

She either needs a hug or a nice warm acid bath

anthony050 - 4 hours ago

Awww I feel so bad for her. she looks so sad, I would give her a hug just to try and make her feel better.

vegeta002 - 6 hours ago

Looks miserable. I'm sure Vert would welcome her, she always wanted a little sister.

Provided no Eka's Portal-style antics occur....

StormyRange - 6 hours ago

Awh, needs the hugs <u>
Great work on the lines, I especially like the line shading you do >w<

Daily Doodle 23

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: WHTB

Tags: Catgirl ?/?

I've been working all night on my DOS game, so I didn't have much time to do this one.

This big monster is certainly in the process of making lunch out of someone, but this catgirl is just wondering when it's going to be her turn. 

it always so busy here?” Markus asked to his date who sat across
from him. He didn’t want to say why, but he was really regretting
doing this on a friday night now.
I’m not sure? It doesn’t seem that different that normal. Why?”
Rika seemed as though the question had unbalanced her train of
thought. She looked over into the main area of the restaurant where
people were received and led to tables as fast as they opened up.
no reason

Cocky Pasta 1

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Vuin

Tags: Anthro Cock Vore hyper Sweat entrapment musk Mother/Son Hermaphrodite stepfather Casual vore scrotum vore Tag this

Markus is a little nervous about his date meeting his parents for the first time. 

Camlio420 - 3 hours ago

Okay I gotta voice a gripe and it's because I love your stories that I have too. While I could understand letting the asshole have his way on the mountain cabin story because the husband was kind of a controlling prude Dick. I don't understand how being horny can excuse Rika letting her boyfriend of Three years get swatted across the face like that. Especially since from their dynamic he seems like a nice faithful if easily embarrassed guy. But who wouldn't be easily embarrassed when your lover has a Dick as big as you?

Just saying that it doesn't feel reasonable for Rika to not say anything about this just because she's horny because the chemicals that cause horniness are the same ones that make anger stronger. Hormones.

Scion - 4 hours ago

Yes! Awesome dynamic :)

Killjoy364 - 6 hours ago

nice to see you writing again hope to read the second story soon

Wobble wobble~

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Howe

Tags: Belly Tummy Bunny Post-Vore Jean wobble Rabbit pred Mint Bun Mint bunny

Jean's dates look better as her waistline anyway~ 

ChaoskampfNunc - 7 hours ago

It's hard to argue with that, its an empirical fact that 100% of people look better as bunny fat

NekuTheEmo - 7 hours ago

Ohh my <3333

Fran's Snack 6

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: expansion Digestion Anal Vore


Fran's Snack 5.4

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Digestion smelly Fart Anal Vore Farting Butt gas farts Gassy


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: CarnivorousVixen

Tags: Digestion lesbian kissing Internal View

For  NiceGuy18 

RavenXeo - 10 hours ago

how morbidly sweet.

Fran's Snack 5

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Anal Vore

Fran's Snack 4.5

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Anal Vore lightningjolt

Fran's Snack 4

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Anal Vore lightningjolt

Fran's Snack 3

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Anal Vore lightningjolt

Fran's Snack 2.5

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Anal Vore lightningjolt

Fran's Snack 2

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Anal Vore lightningjolt

Fran's Snack 1.5

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Anal Vore lightningjolt

Fran's Snack 1

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Vore Anal Commission Anal Vore lightningjolt Karps

Sketch commission sequence for karps

Fran belongs to karps

LJ belongs to LightningJolt 

Bedroom Stay

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: CrazedCultist

Tags: Breasts Soft Vore F/F Anal Vore Butt Micro Prey Female Pred 3D Render

Commission for  VoreGloreX4
A kinda follow up of of Small Girl Using the alternate Entrance

Also Butts  

Whereaminow27 - 9 hours ago

She might not be coming back out this time :P


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: dezzykitsune

Tags: Pokemon Soft Vore Servine

More grass snek  

Spunkomatic66 - 1 hour ago

s n e k


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: dezzykitsune

Tags: Soft Vore pakkun lizard Secret of Mana

A picture illustration that I was using for a short story. Also, more Pakkun  

WPBcrazy - 18 minutes ago

if only the Pakkun kept you in there and had you struggle your way out, ya know?

Royal_Starlord - 10 hours ago

Love the little lizard. ^w^


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Howe

Tags: Fat corgi vore belly Digestion Noises

All his friends are going to his hips~ 

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 hours ago

The best way to keep your friends close is to make them part of your ass

Cycle of Birth and Unbirth - full comic draft

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Groblek

Tags: Comic Unbirth Pregnancy Sex birth twins Unwilling Prey Age regression f/multiple Unovulation Unconception

This should be the full comic - let's see if it works. Edit: Yes! Though the viewer seems to have issues aligning things from a word doc. But at least this one's viewable in preview.

Since  LadyDrasami just posted her drafts of this comic I commissioned from her a while back, I figured I'd add the text and let you all see what the finished story looks like. (With her permission, of course.)

If you like it, don't forget to visit her page and comment there...
[ Continued ...

Groblek - 2 hours ago

Yeah, I found a note in the "technical stuff" forum mentioning that the previewer supported embedded images, then had to play with it a lot to get this to work. I think there's a file size limit, I kept getting "unknown errors" until I got Word to compress the images to make the file under 2 mega

Groblek - 2 hours ago

I'm glad you appreciate it. I have the same problem, which is why I kept beating my head against the technical difficulties until I got it to work.

zbuilders - 3 hours ago

Love being able to read this on mobile without having to long click on each page to open in new tab

LowProfile - 8 hours ago

i like the comic in general, but i think it's more important that you included it all as part of a Word document upload--opens up interesting possibilities for others' uploads :)

Belloc - 3 hours ago

You rocking these diaper pics.

A Wild Demon Appears

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: ThelittledDeonCat

Tags: M/F Female Prey inside stomach Male Pred

And I made him regret it 

lordamaterasu03 - 21 minutes ago

and that's why you should make sure to not leave giant eye balls inside your stomach.

Demons take note.

deaddanny - 11 hours ago

The your avatar makes perfect sense now.

Ekas Portal: 10

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: StalkOBroccoli

Tags: Non-Vore Katojana Victor htfcuddles ekas Ekas Portal

i found 3 pictures in an old folder on my last hardrive from may of 2013. 20-fucking-13.
i threw this together in a couple minutes for shits and giggles. i may sketch more for this, just to keep me out of my art rut. because im actually drawing a lot now. dont expect YEARS in between each post from now on. hahaha!
still, kinda surreal finding these images, i thought the whole folder of my old art was lost. kinda didnt sweat it either, but i REALLY see a difference in my art from...
[ Continued ...

Humbug - 10 hours ago

Jeez, yeah, this is way different, even considering the artistic style you're emulating. :D


Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Noxyoursox

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Pokemon Soft Vore Stomach Swallowing Fatal Unwilling Snorlax bones ?/F Unwilling Prey head first Female Prey Internal View Human Prey stomach acids remains Pokemon pred feet sticking out

My internet was down so I drew a sketchy vore comic, then today I cleaned up some areas and colored it. It's still pretty rough though. ^^; 

phil is yummey - 12 hours ago

i like it

Folder Thumbnail

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: ZRex030

Tags: Non-Vore

This isn't mine I just found it online and hate it when the thumbnail is a picture youd want to see up close. Enjoy. 


Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: jaxbeef

Tags: Furry Pred alien pred post vore weight gain

Another OC really, Jaxbeef?

Yep! and this time its a Snooty uptight long necked alien dog girl with a voracious Appetite,
Her name is Cassie. (Y'know if the title didn't make it clear)  

Royal_Starlord - 12 hours ago

Cute spais woofer. :P~♥

jaxbeef - 12 hours ago

I plan on doing some doodles of said bulges later on.

ChaoskampfNunc - 12 hours ago

She looks so angry, I love her. I'm sure that neck will make beautiful bulges

Don't get cocky, Yuugi Hoshiguma!

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Reaverbot

Tags: Digestion touhou Cock Vore Cum Fatal Fatality cum digestion yuugi hoshiguma Drunk pred Second Person POV forgotten prey

You're a drink server in Former Hell with a crush on a certain muscular, busty oni who frequests the establishment, but you've never gotten close enough to do much... Until tonight. You're about to find out that Yuugi packs a little bit more than meats the eye!

A second person vore story I wrote in the span of a day. Just a repurposing of an old idea I had. Contains CV, H/M, cum digestion 

Superblah - 9 hours ago

>forgotten prey

ItsSomething - 10 hours ago

Despite having been written in the span of a day, this is good stuff. Yuugi is a natural fit for being a pred even among Touhous thanks to her big, strong physique. And, well, making her a futa that can eat people with her dick? That's just even better!

And of course, second-person stories are always fun! Great work, Reav.

NyxNoctum - 12 hours ago

I absolutely loved this story more than i should have

Beatrix felice kiss

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: tyrion13

Tags: Catgirl Werewolf wolfgirl F/M Macro/Micro kissing Underage Pred Beatrix Felice loli pred shador

Beatrix got a new pet. Her name is Felice. She kinda went and started nomming Beatrix's older brother Shador. Well I guess this is one way to get him back. That's huh totally all she's doing. He'll be safer in Beatrix's stomach after all right?

Art by  Maximumimpulse Felice belongs to  Felicekitty 

Sylveon12345 - 6 hours ago

Yeah its adorable maybe ill end up there some day

SoliliaFirestarter - 7 hours ago

awwwww soooooooooo cute :V

tyrion13 - 9 hours ago

haha, thanks. I've been feeling like being more predish with her lately

Sylveon12345 - 13 hours ago

Its adorable i love beatrix as a pred

[Commission] InflatoMeal (2/2)

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: Pokemon M/M Feral Melting Soft Digestion jolteon transformation vore Pool Toy

Commissioned by: ShrikeAlvaron
Guest-starring JeisonShaymin

[ Part One Heeere!

After the Shaymin has been completely turned into sentient rubber and plastic, the Jolteon can begin consuming its prey whole without worrying about any potential struggle. Its fangs are sharp enough to puncture through the flesh to help aid with digestion.

The Jolteon will not need to feed again for a week.
[ Continued ...

Belloc - 3 hours ago

Nice goopy digestion!

JacktheDragon - 14 hours ago

Lovely comic and interesting way of digestion lol...heh x3

Sylveon12345 - 14 hours ago

This is adorable!

ChaoskampfNunc - 14 hours ago

Nice piece, not enough pool toys in vore! Which is an.. odd statement but hey vore is already weird X3

[Commission] InflatoMeal (1/2)

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: Pokemon M/M Feral shaymin jolteon transformation vore Pool Toy

Commissioned by: ShrikeAlvaron
Guest-starring JeisonShaymin

On today's episode of Wild PokeEarth, we observe the hunting and feeding habits of the Jolteon. This unique specimen has evolved a unique method of capturing its prey - special compounds in its saliva break down the prey - a wild Shaymin in this instance - to a more easilly consumable state.

- - -

Comic commission coming your way woop woop
This one is actually pretty interesting...
[ Continued ...

Belloc - 3 hours ago

Oh my god, that drool~

MirceaKitsune - 5 hours ago

This is oddly adorable <3

MementoMori - 10 hours ago

>///< That last panel... dang..~ Good work! <3

JacktheDragon - 14 hours ago

Poor little guy but still interesting looking comic! X3

ChaoskampfNunc - 14 hours ago

That inside the maw shot is pretty awesome

Plushie Beatrix

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: tyrion13

Tags: Werewolf Non-Vore plushie loli Beatrix

Cute plushie from  The Saint of ravens
plushie stream 

SoliliaFirestarter - 7 hours ago

*swoops down to steal the plush*

tyrion13 - 11 hours ago

I do too

Kego115 - 11 hours ago

I want a beatrix plushie

Jimjohn101 - 13 hours ago

I know I looked it up XD So tempting hehe

tyrion13 - 14 hours ago

Would be about that for a real one

Jim Profile Pic

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Jimjohn101

Tags: Non-Vore switch jim boi doggo Not very good art pupper Jim the dog boy

Jim the (not) Pupper

Drew a new profile picture ^^ Thought my favorite character could use some more love.

This is of course my Doggo boy switch Jim. He is a happy dog.

Matter of fact if you don't like this character you should not watch me. Most of my personal stuff will involve him ^^  

Jimjohn101 - 1 hour ago

Now who should we get the bones from big birb? X3

SoliliaFirestarter - 1 hour ago

:V I would loooooove that a lot <3

Jimjohn101 - 1 hour ago

Thanks Belloc ^^ Yup he is just happy to be here~ That face is ready to hear those magic words XD

Belloc - 2 hours ago

Awesome work! Love that (not) pupper smile.

Jimjohn101 - 5 hours ago

X3 Silly birb think he is a real pupper. Birb and doge should play fetch sometime.

Prologue: Filling a Naga's Belly

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: GrandTheftRoshi

Tags: Human Underage Naga Female Lamia Struggling Underage Prey Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred snake woman female predator snake girl Original Characters Painful Naga Pred Naga Predator Lamia Pred lamia/human

This was my first submission to my gallery! I haven't yet moved on with the story just yet, but I may continue it for the sake of others to read and enjoy! 

StardustAdrian - 4 hours ago

This is great! Keep it up!

SmaxTheDestroyer - 5 hours ago

I like! Hope to see more soon! :-)

GrandTheftRoshi - 14 hours ago

Aww thank you! I hope to write more of this later on, but I'll bet you won't guess who the naga is :P

sn0riat - 15 hours ago

Lovely story! Im looking forward to see more! Also... I see Heather, I like x3

“Ugh, all these classes are so
boring! I can’t wait for home economics, there’s a good class.”
A boy with soft orange hair and a fiery voice to match chuckled to
his friends. They were just leaving their math class, something that
had left them all burned out.
“I didn’t take you for a cook,
Kori, you’re such a fireball I’d think you burn everything you
touch.” A girl, three years younger, yet in the same grade because
of her intelligence, giggled at the idea of her friend cooki

Forced to have a family.

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: AegisOfRoses

Tags: Vore Unbirth rebirth entrapment Incest Brother/Sister short girl de-ageing

Five kids go into their new Home Economics semester, but an interesting teacher isn't who she appears to be. Story has a fun epilogue, but only one unbirth sequence.

I placed an Easter egg in this story, and it has to do with Ms. Luxuria. Can you tell me who she is, and prove it? Maybe I put these sorts of hidden messages throughout my newer works, depend on if they are popular. I'll think of a prize I can give out... 

AegisOfRoses - 2 hours ago

To be honest, I forgot about him, and Ms. Luxuria probably did too! XD

AegisOfRoses - 2 hours ago

Maybe, but you still have to prove it. You can't catch a criminal with no proof!

acrylic - 10 hours ago

And what happened to poor Jamison?

AndThen - 12 hours ago

Was the easter egg lust? ;D

AegisOfRoses - 13 hours ago

I'll be sure to think about it, maybe I can find a way to integrate those other ideas into the same timeline, and of course all of this takes place in the main timeline that most of my stories will take place in.

Noisy Planes: Avia Hangar

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: dudey64

Tags: Belly Fart Farting gas Pony Implied Digestion plane girls My Little Pony onomatopoeia Gassy Friendship is Magic fuel plane pony fuel tank Implied Conversion

Bio-conversion, churning from meals to fuel, can be a long and arduous process for plonies. It is of utmost importance that they are taken care of during this time to keep them happy and healthy as they will be kept in their hangar's for weeks to months until diges- conversion is complete.

During this time airfield personel are required to give plonies their daily dosage of intensive belly scrubbing and personal care. Some plonies tend to make use of this to ease off some of their...
[ Continued ...

dudey64 - 45 seconds ago

Yus, big healthy airliners, and thanks! ^^

dudey64 - 1 minute ago


Battle541 - 3 hours ago

Somepony bring thier gas mask?

sanyo2100 - 6 hours ago

Beautiful and hilarious and sexy, all at once!

11Ragnarok11 - 10 hours ago

Love it! Never seen a gassy pony plane before! ^=^

Noisy Planes: Avia Airfield

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: dudey64

Tags: Belly Fart Farting My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Plonies can occasionally be a little troublesome on the airfield, especially after they've had their fill of revitalizing poni- meals on a quick stop during flight.

(Avia is an oc of  Audax, who's a delight to watch churn down a few dozen meals.) 

Battle541 - 3 hours ago


Emma Devouring her Snack

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F Swallowing loli pirate Space Pirate loli pred Loli predator

Space pirate Emma gobbling down Contrilia. Wearing Captain Alpha's hat as she does so.  

Vale666 - 9 hours ago

Emmaaaaa honeeeey

raigekink - 12 hours ago

don't think i've ever seen emma as a pred before. it feels weird xD

x9comega - 13 hours ago

I feel like Space Pirate Emma is minus on Feesh Aliom in this pic >.>

DanzoLegend - 14 hours ago

She's gonna grow up to have a figure like alpha if she eats good like thia.

Eissen - 15 hours ago


dudey64 - 16 hours ago

Looks snug and warm, albeit a little wet~