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Maxi and the Rattie

Uploaded: 42 seconds ago

Owner: gothmeup

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/M Same Size Belch Male Prey Male Pred Digestion Noises

Whoops rattie went on a date with  ThunderKing and ended up boy pudge 

Who the strong feed

Uploaded: 1 minute ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Kitsune Big Belly Female Pred fox girl

when your charisma is unmatched. 

Alison - Prank

Uploaded: 3 minutes ago

Owner: Ergos

Tags: F/? Big Belly Original Character f/multiple

An odd prank, and not a very well thought out one! 

D&D Ahri builds

Uploaded: 3 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Big Breasts League of Legends Ahri

How a Ahri build could work in D&D 

FireRed2 - 1 minute ago

Great art

Sweat dreams

Uploaded: 4 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Kitsune Size difference smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge Anthro Prey massive belly Dragon prey

finally finsihed off the nightmare dragon for good... i hope. 

Katie/Katherine Ref Sheet

Uploaded: 6 minutes ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Female Mewtwo reference sheet Female Pred Ref sheet Pokemon pred Katie Mewtwo

(College has been getting crazy but I'm almost done with it, uploads and content will be slower than usual.)

The closest science has ever got to creating a God. Katherine (mostly known as Katie) is a cold, smart, and powerful Mewtwo who often lets her primitive desires get the best of her... especially when it comes to devouring other creatures.
She was created by human greed, and it could have very well meant their end if it wasn't for the one person she's come to care...
[ Continued ...

Estee - 45 seconds ago

I welcome this prime example of a predator. May she fill many graveyards with the bones of her prey.

somethingsomething2077 - 1 minute ago

Im happy to see you redesigning her

Something about May and Motherhood

Uploaded: 6 minutes ago

Owner: Anime_Chaos

Tags: Fat Naga Non-Vore Sex Lamia Huge belly Monster girl Huge breasts fat tail

It's not the usual "Mayternity" fare. But someone is (getting) pregnant here before the month ends.

Here we see Linda's girlfriend Alex deciding that she's getting the glutton's dick NOW and that gut isn't going to get in her way.

Not that Linda is taken by any stretch. She already has something of a growing girlfriend group and is frankly pretty irresponsible when it comes to breeding women. If anything, the fat stud is not merely available. She's...
[ Continued ...

Centaur Zai

Uploaded: 6 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Centaur Non-Vore Zang Zai

a friend of mine asked me how would my character Zang Zai would look if she was a centaur, my answer... 

Pregnant Zai

Uploaded: 7 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Pregnancy Kitsune Non-Vore Big Belly Zang Zai

a Zang Zai from another time and space got pregnant for some reason... how strange 

Saria and the Winter wolf

Uploaded: 9 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: F/F Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Anthro Pred

Saria feeding her winter wolf friend 

Vore War Anubis

Uploaded: 10 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari chibi Futa/F Thick thighs Chibi Vore Vore War

a small idea that hit me while playing Vore war and it's basically Anubis joining the war. 

Big Saria sketch

Uploaded: 13 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Big Breasts kimono saria

a sketch meant to show how Saria's cloths looks on her. 

Silence the banshee

Uploaded: 15 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Non-Vore Big Butt ghost girl Thick thighs

Harriet silencing a Banshee

(Accidentally made the banshee love being sat on.) 

Harriet needs Help

Uploaded: 17 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: dwarf Big Butt ghost girl Wide hips Thick thighs

the ghost monk Harriet accidantally fell on someone 

Fed Sona 2

Uploaded: 19 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Post-Vore Big Breasts Big Butt Wide hips Wight gain Sona Buvelle

and here is part 2 

Fed Sona 1

Uploaded: 20 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Big Belly Female Pred League of Legends Sona Buvelle

drew this Sona sketch as a part 1 and part 2 

The Broken Duo

Uploaded: 21 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Big Breasts saria pregnant belly

Saria and her husband, once where one now they are left broken. 

Sona's Groth

Uploaded: 24 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Non-Vore Big Breasts Big Butt League of Legends Wide hips Sona Buvelle

let the support grow a bit and let's see how it goes. 

Bunny girl Sona

Uploaded: 26 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Breast Vore Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts League of Legends Sona Buvelle

Something i forgot to post in easter, but is better late then never 

YCH Big Girl

Uploaded: 27 minutes ago

Owner: Rica431

Tags: Big Breasts Female Sex Domination Milf two looking Size difference Big Breasts horny femdom Big tits characters YCH Rica431 preoccupied

I haven't done YCH for a long time, I need to fix it)
This time I wanted to portray a big anxious female with a slender figure ^v^

You place your bets here! 

Big mom Saria

Uploaded: 28 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Big Breasts saria Thick thighs

Saria ended up eating a lot and now she is really big. 

Lucy Vore Belly

Uploaded: 28 minutes ago

Owner: SaintxTail

Tags: Same Size Big Belly Female Pred fairy tail Lucy Heartfilia

A thank you commission for one of my supporters. If you support me for multiple months on certain tiers you can unlock a free thank you commission :)

Check out to see how and if this is still being offered. 

Zang Karrin return

Uploaded: 29 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: d&d Kitsune Non-Vore Thick thighs Zang Karrin

Karrin, a spirite that lives inside Zang Zai return for a breaf moment to the world of the living and she is very open to a lot of things. 


Uploaded: 31 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Human d&d Non-Vore dress Big Breasts

a noble brat my D&D character Zai took in as an adopted child. 

I'm back

Uploaded: 33 minutes ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Big Breasts Wide hips Thick thighs TheFoxmask

I'm back and drawing everything i feel like drawing again. i have a lot of things to work on such as posting more then 40 images i have made as well as some drawings i made before my pen broke. there might be a mix of vore and non vore, but it is a massive load i am going to be posting in the new folder i made and i do not feel like jumping to one folder and the next to post it all so i'm posting it here.

Anyways, i hope you enjoy my work and hopefully i am not dragged away for a...
[ Continued ...

(TW: GURO) Riza-chan as a zombie

Uploaded: 35 minutes ago

Owner: ExpPerfect

Tags: Gore Non-Vore zombie Fatal dead Guro entrails Brain Brain vore Zombie girl

this is my OC, Ri-chan ^^
just evening stuff, ha-ha
commissions are open! 

Mayternity [8/8]

Uploaded: 37 minutes ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Breasts Pregnancy Breast Expansion Non-Vore Female Milf thighs Big Breasts Big Butt 3D Huge breasts mayternity post pregnancy Honey Select mayternity 2022

At the very least, she'll make it into the Guinness world records on several factors. 

Ryan-Drakel - 4 minutes ago

eesh, no profit from that? That hurts.

Animetiddies - 32 minutes ago

You could almost say her breasts got blown out of proportion,almost if it wasnt for her ass

Lily T. x Nathan 2 (Colored Gift)

Uploaded: 40 minutes ago

Owner: brandon14

Tags: Breasts Belly Male M/F Non-Vore Female Sex Milf Butt romance Big Belly Huge belly Size difference pillow Big Breasts Sexual content Shota huge ass Original Character Big Butt Original Characters Huge breasts underage sex Huge butt Straight sex gigantic breasts Big ass Straight Shota Hyper breasts Naked Female Thick thighs lewd Age Difference shotacon naked male NSFW gigantic ass Thicc younger guy Underage older woman x younger guy

Summary: Well, you know how it goes like the previous post

This post is another gift from the original artist, and is colored by me. Though, I do own Lily Titania, I do not have the right to keep Nathan and the original doodle; both said pieces belong to  smog1. If you wish to see the original sketch, click the link below.

Original Art: 

[COM] Slumber Surprise

Uploaded: 50 minutes ago

Owner: lXlNeMiSiSlXl

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Burp Demon F/M Same Size Commission Bulge F/? Fatal Belch Unwilling Demoness Unwilling Prey Big Belly Mass Vore Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Izzy f/multiple Belly bulge Onomatopoeia Digestion Noises Multiple Preys

A Commission of my Izzy by  Soulwave !

Quirky topic this one, I haven't really thought or done random/spontaneous vore before, the idea was that she yawned and gained a huge prey-stuffed gut. She doesn't care about the logic though obvious, she just likes to be stuffed~

I haven't drawn Izzy for a long while so it's great to be TOLD I have too to get my ass in gear. I'm aware she has fans out there from the older days when she was more regular..

[ Continued ...

Abigail Ref Sheet

Uploaded: 56 minutes ago

Owner: BellyOfTheWubblies

Tags: Anthro Fat Non-Vore BBW Mawshot claws Lesbian Big Belly SSBBW Female Pred huge ass Huge breasts huge thighs

Made a new OC, a grizzly bear named Abigail. Have had some intense bear obsession for a while and decided to indulge in it myself since I don't know anyone with a grizzly bear gal to get things with. She will be easily as predatory as my panda, and likely be pretty much the panda's girlfriend. Much fatter by default since grizzlies are biiig and my panda was built as a sona using my irl proportions, just with a 9'0" height. And grizzly made taller cause extra tall, extra big bears are hot,...
[ Continued ...

DragonqueenShyvana - 46 minutes ago

Understand thx

MisterDirtyDuwang - 53 minutes ago

This is something I did as a practice. So for myself.

DragonqueenShyvana - 59 minutes ago

Is this are for you or a com ???

Ultra Greedy Butt

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Gumdrop

Tags: Micro Giantess Anal Vore Butt Macro/Micro greed close up Binding of Isaac ass shot Ultra Greed

I regret nothing. All will share in the horrors that is my headspace 95% of the time.

Rule 63 Ultra Greed anal vore, hell yeah 

Sendi (sketchy) Vore sequence page #2

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: MisterDirtyDuwang

Tags: F/F Female Pred Female Prey Head First Same S

Oh yeah~ It's all coming together~

Sendi (sketchy) Vore sequence page #1

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: MisterDirtyDuwang

Tags: F/F Same Size Swallowing Swallowed Head First Female Prey Female Pred Swallowed alive shortstack Same Size Oral Vore Same sized vore

Welp I think I overdid it a bit with this one... I wanted to draw 2 pages at most to practice but I ended up making more than 5... 

darkness4991 - 36 minutes ago

when's it this sneks turn to tuck you away <3

Junogray - 40 minutes ago

Mint getting another snake tour! I love these and hope more do come along, always good fun

AmarthTheRiolu - 1 hour ago

Hey, if you ever want to feed Mint to a riolu, let me know~ vulpix, Ninetales and Lucario also available~

Lofis - 1 hour ago

Maybe it will continue ;3

AmarthTheRiolu - 1 hour ago

Woo, you're making a lovely series out of this!

A Closer Look Down Mr. Wolf

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: vnila

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Anthro M/F Maw Saliva Swallowing Swallowed Macro/Micro Willing Canine dog girl Size difference Micro Prey Willing Pred Female Prey Internal View throat shot Throat bulge Safe Male Pred Anthro Prey furry prey Furry Pred wolf anthro Nude Female Anthro Pred Wolf Pred Canine Pred mouth open safevore Willing prey Bad Guys The Bad Guys (Movie) mr. wolf

Decided to go for a closer look inside Mr. Wolf’s maw and…oops! Down I go~

I know this one looks pretty different from the last time I drew Mr. Wolf, but I’m a lot happier with this piece! I made it after I saw the movie, so his shapes stuck in my head and I think I was able to stylize him a lot better!

Thanks for looking at my art~ For more art and occasional WIPs, check out my Twitter! 

A Fertile Bride

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: DLeagueman

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Fire Emblem Huge belly cecilia Bride Wedding dress Fire Emblem Heroes fire emblem binding blade

Cecilia is ready for the Bridal Festival even her little ones are getting riled up

hope you guys like it ^^ 

How does snakes taste like?

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: carlj

Tags: Swallowing Cheek bulge prey in mouth Sarah Golpert Prey in cheek joily

Ok so, I have to explain this one:

I had a silly idea when I remembered a scene from an episode of an old cartoon called "I Am Weasel". The episode was called "I Are Bellhop" (thanks to Joily for reminding me) and this is pretty much the product of that memory.

At first I thought the usual: find an artist that could put down this idea, but then I noticed all the headache that would come to try to explain this to them. joke I...
[ Continued ...

carlj - 5 minutes ago

The joke here, is that Joily doesn't bathe XD

Cowrie - 25 minutes ago

You know, snakes aren't actually slimy.

Ashgar CV

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: LittleRover

Tags: Feral Cock Vore Size difference Patreon Ovipositer



Patreon reward for featuring him being slurped up by Kori's ovipositor~

Posted using PostyBirb 

Kaiju Mishap

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: zearo8

Tags: Male Kaiju Multiple Preys

So Zearo got caught up in a monster brawl but he's making the most of his situation 

Saint Streaming

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Going to be planning things out for 30 Days of Monsters later in the year, might try to get some sketches done.  

Stay healty Page 12

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: JustNothing

Tags: Oral Vore Scat F/F Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Vore Comic 3D Furry Pred Young pred adult prey Older Prey 3D Render Younger pred Underage pred

Don't forget to vote for the next comic:
Also I should have said that first, but the next Comic has No furrys :P 

JustNothing - 1 hour ago


TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 hour ago

Well thats not good

JustNothing - 1 hour ago

You almost missed the debut of smol Lena! :O
Also yes she is :3

Abyssal - 1 hour ago

I somehow missed this set, is that a smol Lena? That's adorable!

Same Size Art Pack1

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: SaintxTail

A same size / hentai pinup pack. If you'd like to support me and/or buy this sketch pack visit to see how