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Daily Doodle 56

Uploaded: 34 minutes ago

Owner: WHTB

Tags: Catgirl Monster Willing ?/F

Low-effort mode tonight.

At least I don't have to do lineart to go with it, this time. This is my last doodle for the February daily drawing challenge. Whee! 

JacktheDragon - 29 minutes ago

This is quite nice, hot and awesome~

JacktheDragon - 30 minutes ago

Jeez that looks painful

More Clover Shaming

Uploaded: 42 minutes ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Non-Vore Bunny girl sign green hair shame Loppine shaming

Pic for Ardith, of his bunny girl Clover being punished for buying me Stardew Valley ;.; 

thatonedude236 - 7 minutes ago

I agree with this

Vale666 - 10 minutes ago

Faaaaarmmmm gameeeeees suuuuuuucksss!

Darklordtheo - 24 minutes ago

I remember my first farming sim. The scarecrows weren't half as good looking.

Plantastrophe - 01

Uploaded: 46 minutes ago

Owner: Sketchwork

Tags: Sketch Comic Plant Jungle Color Lola Nudity Female Prey Big Breasts Naked Female Sketchwork

Plants Vs Lola who will come out victorious?

Catch the full comic at
alongside other things as well and as always i appreciate all the support that allows me to make these. 

LordStorm - 18 minutes ago

Based on previous data....i'm gonna say plants XD


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Owner: glitch0077

Hereforvore - 39 minutes ago

Hahaha, nice

Crushing hunger sketch

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: ResidentRainbows

Tags: Vore Sexy Tummy Text Lombax titties rainbows

Just sketching another hungry hottie ~<3 

ResidentRainbows - 1 hour ago

My, my. My girls are always hungry, we'll be on the prowl for quite some time ;3

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 hour ago

I don't see any reason why we shouldn't <3

ResidentRainbows - 1 hour ago

Oh, i agree ;>
Let's find some more fodder for this cutie, yeah??

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 hour ago

They do fit her belly well, I think they should stay there a few more hours~

Starfire Recharges (Request Stream Sketch)

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Silent_E

Tags: Belly Digestion F/? starfire Teen Titans starfire teen titans

Something I promise to all of my donators on sketch request night is that even if I don't get your sketch done on stream that night, I'll get it for you sometime later. This is the result of that, for Truck, a nice picture of Starfire flying off after scooping up some unfortunate. 

darc22005 - 57 minutes ago

Ahh good to hear, you were quite busy, not gonna hound ya about it XD Hell I gave ya plenty of trouble with the char your working on for me XD


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Owner: glitch0077

Bandit Juli *scat*

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Scat waste Wasteland shitting crapping Wastelander Logs Juliana Pendragon shitting out banbit

Bloodborne's Juliana as a wasteland bandit, letting out the remains of a former settler. Looks like they couldn't pay the toll... 


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Owner: glitch0077


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: glitch0077

Chymes - A Night in the Woods Vore Story

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Taniciusthefox

Tags: Vore Bear Fox Digestion Rabbit Gay Yaoi Unwilling Story gregg romance Fanfiction Painful Night in the Woods Angus


The following story has heavy spoilers for Night in the Woods, being based on a slight alteration to the game’s ending. It should not be read if you have not yet completed the game (or if things like vore and digestion make you squeamish, for that matter).




“…You don’t want to turn him over to the police, do you?” The large bear broke the silence, an unconscious man in a robe...
[ Continued ...

Q&A - Ask your Questions!

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: BSGreyM

Tags: Naga QnA

A lot of you are enjoying my comic, and I am filled with such warm feelings with all the positive feedback I've received. It makes me feel guilty, though. The story I'm taking may take a little while before it gets to the vore part, so I want to throw you guys a bone for being so patient with me.

If you have anything you'd like to say or ask, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll try to make a habit of drawing some more pictures that aren't pure character development once in...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: elmonais

Tags: Feet Clown Hypnosis Non-Vore Orihime Bleach barefoot hypnotized inoue not vore Orihime Inoue

This is the hypnosis pic of this month from patreon.
i hope you like
Orihime ha sido atrapada por una malvada chica payaso, y está tratando de hipnotizarla. Pero ¿qué hará después de eso?
Please consider supporting me on patreon to get full size images, .psd, commissions raffles, commissions discounts and you can suggest situations and characters:

not so slender woman

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: SpaghettiZ

Tags: Vore Belly Same Size F/? Implied Digestion Big Belly Female Pred Slendergirl Slender woman

decided to do some fan art of AustinDR's Slender Woman! She's a totally cutie. I'd definitely recommend you check him out! 

AustinDR - 1 hour ago

Again, thanks a lot on this. I really appreciate it.

pine - 2 hours ago


Eevee wants belly rubs (Interactive)

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Underside

Tags: Furry Eevee Nintendo Pokemon Belly Feral Post-Vore rubbing belly bulge Interactive Digestion Implied ambiguous gender

This Eevee had a big meal and just wants you to rub its tummy.

Dang, this came out way smaller than I expected. I managed to keep it under 10kb, even smaller than the preview images.

Like the title implies, use your mouse to rub the belly. 

Going on Break

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Succubus Demoness Smoking relaxed succubus pred smoking pred

The radio succubus relaxing after an interview. It went well for her. Not so well for her guest. 

Vale666 - 11 minutes ago

Kawaiiiiii but who is the Sponsor ? Dam dam dammmm

rjkirentol - 20 minutes ago

even more squee

Succubus Radio Hostess

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Succubus Non-Vore Demoness Conservative

Insta-grat for spoiler, of a currently unnamed succubus who operates and extra-dimensional radio show. She pulls people in for interviews, shows, lewds things, noms and doesn't afraid of the FCC.  

rjkirentol - 21 minutes ago


RavenXeo - 1 hour ago

I wonder why she is so busty~~~~~~? x3

“Remember, I’ll be
back at 8:00am to pick them up,” Ms. Debston croaked from behind
the wheel of the van. “And, while I understand accidents do happen,
try not to let too many of them run away.”
Jim chuckled guiltily, recalling the last time he’d suggested an
orphan might have run away. “You sure you’re going to be okay
with eight additional little kids all night long?” Ms. Debston
looked at Jim skeptically.
“Of course we’re
sure. This was mostly our idea after all,” Jim

Gathering Danger

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Tyslan03

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F F/M party Unwilling Child Prey Child Pred implied vore Underage Prey diaper Underage Pred Eaten while eating

Kind of an indirect request from  FULLGUT. Anna's having a slumber party with a bunch of kids from her old orphanage. Nothing could possibly go wrong...

The grammar and spelling mistakes in children's dialog in intentional.

If you haven't already, check out FULLGUT's stuff. He makes awesome comics and even drew the picture of Anna that's linked in the story. 

FULLGUT - 1 hour ago

BRO!! THAT WAS AWESOME! I love the family dynamic and Anna is such a fun pred awesome job man! Loving this series

FULLGUT - 2 hours ago

Yo I can't wait to read this!!! Thank you bro!

Kabei - 2 hours ago

Love the danger stories. I'm hoping for Ana to eat marge

Personal Changing Room [Patreon Pin-Up #64]

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Anal Same Size Bulge Anal Vore Butt beach Big Belly Nudity Female Prey Female Pred belly bulge Nude Female Changing Room

After arriving at the beach, the girls needed to change into their suits, however, before stripping down, Dani decided she wanted a little more privacy than what was offered by the changing room itself. Starcross, knowing what that meant, took her clothes off and bent over to allow Dani inside her to change. Before heading in though, Dani grabbed Star's clothes off the floor, and took the bag with their swimsuits inside with her, denying Star the ability to finish changing while she waited for...
[ Continued ...

DissociatedChaos - 2 hours ago

Would totally do that with Star. XD

neko1992 - 2 hours ago

Thats an interesting changing room

StyxxianArmada - 3 hours ago

Yiur one of my most favorite artists on this site, nice work

RossTheEmeraldFox - 3 hours ago

Dang.. If only I had enough to patreon.. Or.. Commission.. ;~;

The courtroom - 38-2

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: jameshoward

Tags: Non-Vore patreon

Hey, kids, wanna see more of this?? Then check out the pretty link bellow! 

Lurkergonnalurk - 1 hour ago

"I´m gonna do the best I can!"

DJScoots10 - 3 hours ago

Now he gonna eat him

RossTheEmeraldFox - 3 hours ago


Alduin Wins part 2

Uploaded: 3 hours ago


Tags: Dragon Butt Balls Post-Vore Skyrim Alduin

And just like that They become Butt Fat The End? 

RossTheEmeraldFox - 3 hours ago

"Wait a second how did I get back here?"
"Merasmus! Come out Wizard!"

Eevee wants belly rubs (Post-Vore)

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Underside

Tags: Furry Eevee Nintendo Pokemon Belly Feral Tummy Post-Vore belly bulge ambiguous gender

This is a bit of a mock-up for the rendered finished flash.
The shading on the tummy is speculative and probably a bit optimistic. 

Aries193 - 1 hour ago

Well i would say its pretty good for Flash never could get into it myself but i wouldnt mind seeing more of this in the future.

Underside - 2 hours ago

Thanks. I didn't expect to finish this tonight so I put up a couple WIP rasters.
It's intended to be more flash practice, I took some shortcuts and posted it tonight rather than wait until morning to finish it up.

Aries193 - 2 hours ago

Very nice i would rub that belly from the inside or outside. Hope im not coming off too strong.

Underside - 2 hours ago

I finished up a bit faster than I expected, so now you can. [url=]Interactive version[/url]

Aries193 - 3 hours ago

I would rub that belly all day. *rubs*

Alexwwpyro - 1 hour ago

I would like to see more MLP stuff

four_fleets - 1 hour ago

I half expected CV~

Darqfang - 2 hours ago

A's tastes do not run that way. He prefers nonfatal vore. More endosomaphillia.

FreelancerSmurf - 3 hours ago

Jealous of A right now! I love this!

DARKSOUL12 - 3 hours ago

Told you

Eevee wants belly rubs (Pre-Vore)

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Underside

Tags: Furry Eevee Nintendo Pokemon Feral Pre-Vore ambiguous gender

Here's a bit of a prevore preview of a little flash I'm making.
This is an image of the base I'm working on. 

Underside - 3 hours ago

Damn you're fast. O.O
I just posted this.

Thank you for the comment though.

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 hours ago

How adorable~

Myuutsuu85 - 4 hours ago

Such a fun adventure <3
I love this comic dearly

Alduin Wins

Uploaded: 4 hours ago


Tags: Vore Dragon Skyrim Alduin Dovahkiin Paarthunax

What If Alduin Devoured Paarthunax and The DragonBorn? Well this hopfully 

RossTheEmeraldFox - 3 hours ago


Or.. Uh.. [Better Response]
Did it.

DARKSOUL12 - 3 hours ago

Your funny I like you

RossTheEmeraldFox - 3 hours ago


DARKSOUL12 - 3 hours ago

Yeah sure for humans. But for other beings it may be a different story. FUN THEORIES! :3

RossTheEmeraldFox - 3 hours ago

Did you know it is physically impossible to burp and fart at the same time?
Fun facts.

Between a cock and a soft place pg 2 WIP

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: livinlovindude

Tags: Pokemon Human Anal Vore Gardevoir Mewtwo Impending Doom rectum Vaginal sex anal gape

wrong hole, but he definitely felt that. 

Some Quality Time (2/2)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: aquadragon35

More fun with nrrdiskunk 

Havoc - 16 minutes ago

* Thumbs up * Confirmed adorable, I approve!

aquadragon35 - 1 hour ago

One way to find out

YoshiDragon336 - 1 hour ago

You keep cupcakes in your belly?

ken115 - 2 hours ago

wish I could commission for a bit of art but sadly got no money to buy it :/

JacktheDragon - 4 hours ago

This...this is too cute

Between a cock and a soft place pg 1 WIP

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: livinlovindude

Tags: Pokemon Human hug Anal Vore Gardevoir Mewtwo Shrinking rectum

Gardevoir decides to have much fun by doing two lewd things at once! 

Darqfang - 2 hours ago

Dis gun be gud

getting into this lifestyle, Ren was quite a flat girl, she was as
flat as a board, not even showing mosquito bites and had no junk in
her trunk whatsoever, pure bone it felt like whenever she sat on a
was teased constantly because of it in middle school. Girls mocked
her shape, often cornering her and pushing her frail body around and
shoving their breasts and plump asses in her face as to show
superiority with their blooming bodies, males poked fun at her and
said no one eve

The Birth of a Predator

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: VoraciousRen

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Scat Digestion F/F Fatal Child Prey Child Pred Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred Cruel burping

Ren is a 13 year old middle schooler who unfortunately has not had the benefit of blossoming any womanly features, and has under-gone quite the bit of bullying because of it.

Sick of the treatment she looks up methods onto quickly developing her body, and hence a Predator is born.

Note: I plan on making this a series, the idea much to exciting for me just to let go as she consumes prey as much as possible as she finishes Middle School and High school up! Hope you...
[ Continued ...

VoraciousRen - 10 minutes ago

Oh dear that was an accident I didn't even notice that! Thank you for pointing that out!

dragonvenom - 1 hour ago

Good story but why do you have it tagged F/M when she never ate any male?

dst3313 - 1 hour ago

I love the concept and character already. I do hope you will do a little more proofreading in the series going forward however; there were a few minor errors.

VoraciousRen - 2 hours ago

Thank you~! <3

SonOfDarkness - 3 hours ago

Welcome to the club, btw.

Zelda gets around 04

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: thechimpo

Tags: Frog Zelda bikini ?/F pantyhose hosiery

the kingdom is ruined!

Commission I ordered from 

Thagrahn - 3 hours ago

She has lost her boots, shield, and sword...

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

No sword to save you this time

Lake Monster Love

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Love Human Male Cute Monster Adorable Non-Vore heart Pre-Vore Reptile Aquatic valentine friend cuddle snuggle friendship Jess cuddling nuzzle snuggling MINE ilbv friendly Best Friend Lake Monster nuzzling Snuzzle Snuzzling Besties

Giving him so much snuggles till he tells me to stop.
I kind of drew this up on the spot, adorable.

Does this count as chibi?

Jess is  azathura00
Art and ilbv is  ilbv

Friend Is Food

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Leo-Leonardo-III

Tags: Pokemon Soft Vore Stomach Lugia Kiba folfbat

Collab with pixel666 showing our dear friend Kiba becoming food for his own pillow <3
First time ever drawing a Lugia, had to learn while I was sketchin it out :P

Lines © Self
Color ©
Lugia snack © 

JacktheDragon - 5 hours ago

I love lugia vore and this is quite a nice and cute comic~

Insta Grat Stream

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Doing standard insta-grats. $15 single character, +7 for extra characters.  

DanzoLegend - 4 hours ago

Of course when at work q..q

Watching for big giraffe balls

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: jacobgord12345

Tags: Vore Pokemon Male Cock Vore Animal Giraffe mammal Latios Big balls

so the thought came to me when i looked at a giraffe pic, "hot damn those things look like they would be perfect for cock vore" so i decided to do a cock vore pic of a giraffe and i noticed that these things are vary good when it comes to cock vore, as they are vary tall and have long legs so they could be holding alot in that nice ball sack of theres ://P

well anyway hope you guys injoy this, tried doing a detailed backround as well and i like it~! 

moonlightshy - 2 hours ago

*rubs carefully*

CalinBeast - 3 hours ago

Now to send the pictures to National Geographic. d:

Thederangedone - 3 hours ago

Careful there, you might join them...

jacobgord12345 - 3 hours ago

Hey i cant help my self when it comes to cock vore x//3

JacktheDragon - 4 hours ago

Also giraffe is a rare pred so is nice to see them in "action" and see them use that cock of theirs as well~

RNG roast 1: Rose, Shantae and Etna

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Ento

Tags: Human Demon Rose Cooking Unwilling Spit Demoness Disgaea Boiling Preparation Cooking vore Spitroast Etna Shantae tied up Homestuck Rose Lalonde Half-Genie apple gag Basted

Been a while since I did a buncha sketches on a page like this.
Anyways, a the title suggests, the victims here and their cooking methods were decided by RNG.
Because I was bored and Horny.

Anyways, I put a literal fuck-ton of characters into's List function. As the title says, I rolled Rose Lalonde (Homestuck), Shantae (Take a guess), and Etna(Disgaea), being Prepped, Boiled, and Spitroasted respectively.

It was an interesting experience....
[ Continued ...

Ento - 2 hours ago

I couldn't agree more~
And, with the sheer amount of characters on the list, it'll stay fresh with new characters too.

LordStorm - 3 hours ago

Ah I've done RNG decided cooking before,it can be a lot of fun and gets the imagination flowing:D

Slurp! |Page 04|

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: 1ZUMY

Tags: #digestion #comic #comics #vore #swallowedalive #consensualvore #vorarephilia #tonguefetish

Astrid is gonna swallow her prey! :3 Wanted to me more colorful with this one!


MPennanti - 1 hour ago

Jeez, every post gets more awesome. Great work!

Moebius - 1 hour ago

This is seriously beutiful <3

Hola - 4 hours ago

Love your style! Keep the good work.

Zwanzik - 4 hours ago

I am loving your style!

1ZUMY - 5 hours ago

^_^ Aw, thank you so much!!!

Starina's Dayjob

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: raigekink

Tags: Chubby Non-Vore pigtails waitress green hair purple eyes

Well, here she is again! Showing off the non-little side of Starina now. Here she is at her day job, being a waitress! Naturally, her perky and bubbly attitude make her a great candidate for dealing with people. Great thing she is a bit thick too, i mean, who would trust a skinny waitress' menu suggestions? After the stress of adulting, she'll go unwind and get into her littlespace. Considering how much she'll have to run around at times helping people, it's a wonder she is able to function so...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: raigekink

Tags: Non-Vore pirate booty boots dickgirl genderswap red head Eyepatch pirate hat

So this is the dickgirl i drew into some of my other works and is now a regular OC! Anita is all about enjoying life to her fullest, one day she got bored and on a dare she summoned a demon named Meringue from the Netherworld to make a deal with. As she was drunk, she insulted the demon, and demanded the ability to change her gender at will for a day. Meringue gave her a relic called the Bangle of Metis, and would put a hold on Anita's soul. At the end of 24 hours, simply remove it from her...
[ Continued ...

Better we go to sleep [Trade]

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: TaiRedFox

Tags: Soft Vore Fox Bulge Big Belly Internal View Big Breasts Sloth shemale Between breasts

Could "Chewie and Binks Show" be worse than the Star Wars: Holiday Special? :P

Symbol's part of the trade:

Here >>

Art © TaiRedFox

Tai (Pred) © TaiRedFox

Symbol (Prey) © Symbol

Chewbacca and Jar Jar Binks © Star Wars 

darc22005 - 2 hours ago

Extremely cute

StormyRange - 4 hours ago

Nice comic \ouo\
I've seen the Holiday Special like 7 times with Rifftrax; it's quite the hoot />w>/

Vore Reference - Maxi

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: FidchellVore

Tags: Pokemon Fox Reference reference sheet Maxi Braixen Maximillion

Maxi belongs to ChubbyWolfie. 

CalinBeast - 3 hours ago

Male Braixens are always interesting to see.

Thefoxcyan - 4 hours ago

Amazing art

Garth is Bull

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Sexy Giant Anthro Predator strong Large Bovine Non-Vore Muscle Hungry minotaur bull huge powerful Intense buff Stud shirtless beef Mean bare chest tough abs Beefy bovine pred muscled protector Garth Pecs Minotaur Pred Anthro Bull Muscled Bovine Body Guard Bull Predator Bull Pred Bovine Predator Minotaur Predator Dominating Predator Hungry Bovine Hungry Bull Hungry Minotaur Male Minotaur Male Bull Male Bovine Beefcake Studmuffin

Never call him a cow, you might get a hoof to the privates and stuffed into his abs for good measure. He is always looking to have some(one) protein to add to his bulk.

Art © khramchee formerly chumi-chan
Garth ©  ilbv



Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: raigekink

Tags: Non-Vore Milf panties hips pink hair big butt apron green eyes

More OC time! This is Madison, Saga and Amber's mother and Rachel's older sister. Madison was quite the wildchild when she was younger, but now she's a middle aged mom with 2 daughters and not exactly able to be as carefree as she once was. Madison has impulse control issues, she used to have quite the ravenous appetites (both actual food and sexually) seeing as how she was raised by a strict Catholic mom. She's always exhausted cleaning up and laundry always seems to be dirty, (or maybe she is...
[ Continued ...

Expect the Unexpected

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: kdanielss

Tags: Vore animation gif babs bunny loop Furry Pred licking lips tiny toon adventures patreon

Well, I didn’t expect to be working on this, but the next project would be a short Babs Bunny vore animation.

If you want to see the project at this moment check it out on my Patreon account.

Expect the finished animation on my YouTube sometime in March. 

CarnivorousVixen - 1 hour ago

Thirded o3o

CarnivorousVixen - 4 hours ago

This will be fantastic o3o

MirceaKitsune - 4 hours ago

So very seconded...

MirceaKitsune - 4 hours ago

I truly hope to see this going further. That licking just can't be for nothing <3

empatheticapathy - 5 hours ago

I'd be downright honored to get eaten by her.

This'll win back Scott for sure!

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: GokaiVore

Tags: Cooking grill Preparation food prep Basting wok Ramona Flowers Kim Pines Knives Chau Scott Pilgrim Food preparation Frying

commission for  ento of Knives taking care of some love rivals in a delicious way.  

GokaiVore - 3 hours ago

should be done.

GokaiVore - 3 hours ago

should be done.

LordStorm - 3 hours ago

Mmmm stir-fry and grilled? Sounds like dinner tonight :D

GokaiVore - 3 hours ago

<3 no problem glad ya like it

GokaiVore - 3 hours ago

<3 thanks

Some Quality Time (1/2)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: aquadragon35

Dat belly nibble though....

Something I doodled up for nrrdiskunk's bday, then colored for Valentines