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Uploaded: 26 minutes ago

Owner: allihserf

Tags: Giantess Naga rebirth womb Internal View inside womb Saninaka

Within the depths of Nina's body lies a place that very few have the privilege to be in, her womb. Accessible from within her stomach world through winding paths and hidden tunnels, heavily guarded and only a select few are granted access to help guide those that are newly reborn. Most reborn into demon nagas had their life cut off short, and felt unfulfilled while residing within the Soul Realm.

After Freya spent her time lamenting her own early death, she started to feel very...
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Firmork8 - 18 minutes ago

OwO Secrets everywhere


Uploaded: 57 minutes ago

Owner: SpaghettiCultists

Tags: Soft Vore Same Size F/? schoolgirl Big Belly Huge belly Video Game Female Pred Playing with Prey Unknown prey Thigh highs Controller danganronpa chiaki nanami N64

A commission for gglolp on twitter.

Is Danganronpa any good? I never really played the games. 

theunknownspy - 16 minutes ago

Danganronpa is very good

Just.... don’t get attached to anyone

benjdsen815 - 20 minutes ago

i love the Danganronpa games and anime and great to see a full chiaki

Robotdocter - 41 minutes ago

this looks amazing, especially love how soft your style is, shown very well here imo :O

TheBoxOfPizza - 52 minutes ago

It is one of my favorites game, personally, I recommend it!
Great job with this own btw!

Undernom - 53 minutes ago

It's a good game, has a lot of fun characters. Kinda dumb and overcomplicated at times.

art block and corgez's son

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Spytra


Morning Stretch

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Navaras

Tags: Furry Belly Anthro Female F/? Taur stretching stretch Implied Vore Big Belly Size difference Red panda Female Pred Round Belly Furry Pred Anthro Pred Large Pred taur pred ambiguous prey

A big red, or rather 'green', panda taur sporting a very full belly the morning after a night with friends! Meet Lexin, a girl who is more than happy to be your sleeping bag, just don't expect to be coming back out anytime soon~

Commissions Open! All info here: 

Navaras - 34 minutes ago

Forget and go about her day, more often than not!

HungryPinkie - 43 minutes ago

Mmmm forget and let it do its thing? Or forget and just go about her day. Both are equally sexy

Navaras - 45 minutes ago

Well she certainly won't send you to the sewers. Though she might forget why her belly feels nice and full

HungryPinkie - 55 minutes ago

This red panda wants to be that big taurs friend! Hehe i dont mind takin a nap in bellies, though for some reason i keep wakin up in the sewers. . .

A New Challenger Appears

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: PumpkinSugarSpice

Tags: Pokemon Non-Vore trainer girly boy Stockings pink hair Femboy Original Character pkmn pokemon trainer oc fairy type Oc Pokemon trainer Hoppip Grass type

I don’t normally create fem boy characters but I wanted to attempt the fashion to see if I can do it...possible pred or prey maybe with his partner Hoppip XD

Probably a fairy/ grass type although I like messing with expectations

No idea on a name atm, if anyone has any ideas let me know XD

I was told and just watched the trailer for the new game...I’m cautiously optimistic XD 

SaoYuuki - 1 hour ago

so CUTE!

Princesses in Quickpoop (SCAT)

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: brandon14

Tags: Breasts Scat Nintendo Human Non-Vore Female Peach Quicksand Forest Pooping Butt Daisy Willing Sinking Rosalina hyper scat crown Super Mario Bros Big Breasts Princess Peach huge ass Big Butt Princess Daisy close up Huge breasts ahegao Shitting Huge butt Princess Rosalina gigantic breasts Big ass Hyper breasts Naked Female human female lewd Non-Fatal? gigantic ass hyper ass Fatal? quickpoop Shitting Nipples

Summary: Looks like the hella busty ladies fell into the pit. Meh, it's no problem because they are enjoying them from head to toe! Due to the effects of the quickpoop, their nipples start pushing out them chocolate logs!

I do not own the pictures and the princesses. They belong to their respective owners. To see the original artist and other variants, click the links below.

Original Artist:
Small Closeup:...
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SAMANTHA'S SKETCHES! [Build Your Own Price]

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Drazelleverse

Tags: Samantha sketches fetish Livestream Streaming Picarto insta-grat Drazelle same-day


THIS LIVESTREAM WILL BEGIN AT Noon MST! That's 2 PM EST, 11 AM PST and will run until 4 PM MST(unless I run out of art to work on)!


1 - If you are interested in a sketch, use the price guide above to build your commission idea, or "commission pitch" as I tend to call them.

2 - Type out the commission pitch and email it to...
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Fiora's new sparing partner

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: benjdsen815

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Sex Lesbian Stockings Lesbian sex moist High Heels Blushing League of Legends anal beads strap-on Naked Female Thick thighs fiora sextoy Irelia booty grab

Drawn by  Megumipan616
Irelia needed some sword practice lucky for her Fiora is willing to teach her 

Sui being Sui

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: Digestion F/? skirt Big Belly sweater Female Pred Red Head lipstick Red hair bimbo heterochromia Sui suibelly Sui Springfield auburn hair Dumb Pred bimbo pred

Sui stuns the world with her brilliant intellect and comprehension of euphemisms.

Please consider throwing monies my way so I can keep living and drawing stuff 

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 hour ago

Aw yeah, more of the lovely Sui!

AustinDR - 2 hours ago



Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Stratothrax

Tags: Big Wolf Werewolf Predator Monster Large Domination Growth Alpha Transformation massive huge powerful Harem Size difference knot cum inflation size play dominance sizeplay knotting tight fit huge cock size growth expansion hard vore implied cumflation squirting Sigma growth hyper Canine penis large male strong massive

Chapter 1:

Zooming in using the browser seems to make the line length more reasonable and easier to read ❤

Monster power fantasy. Eat and become Stronger, Bigger, Dominant.

Rain is a survivor who got the short end of the stick in life. Reborn as a terrifying and dangerous monster everything changes and he has the chance to truly grow. 


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Tyuqa

Tags: Demon Demoness slaanesh warhammer Post-Vore Demon pred line art Warhammer 40k

I've been getting into Age of Sigmar recently and I'm excited about the new Hedonites of Slaanesh. So in celebration here's a daemonette who is gurgling some unfortunate soul. 

Ani Sex Sketches

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TeruyukiKiryuin

Tags: Riding BBW Sex Cum Milf Mother open maw Cumshot handjob Husband chubby girl mature woman Husband and Wife face riding Ani Ani O'Brien

Ani is so fun to draw. So I made a few sketches of her giving her husband a fun time :3 

Giant Things & Tiny Things 278

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: jaggedjagd

Tags: Non-Vore

Hillander names are often a combination of the parents' names.


If you're enjoying my comics and would like to support what I do, take a peek at my Patreon!

Jagged's Patreon 

Just4comments - 1 hour ago

Ah, so like that goat-name sort of thing? Like with Asriel?

Jungle Dangers #8 preview 2

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: RyanC

Tags: Comic Jungle busty loincloth spider Spiderweb Big Breasts tarantula Spider Vore jungle girl Comic Vore busty prey Multiple Preys comic cover page Jungle Girl Prey cretaceousseas giantspider

In the darkest recesses of the jungle, a cult of women known as "the brides of the moon" have asked Ayla for her help after a string of sudden disappearances. Searching for the missing women, Ayla discovers the burrow of a massive tarantula but won't be telling anyone what she found.

5 Pages, PDF, Spider Attack and webbing (implied vore)

Artwork by Eirhjien

Written by RyanC

Get your copy on the Secret Stash gumroad store
[ Continued ...

This is How Air Tanks Work, RIght?

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Drazelleverse

Tags: Sketch sequence Male Inflation hose Gothyk steamy sugar glider same-day drazelleverse air tank

Brandon is at it again, this time inflating specific parts of his body with an air tank.

Hope you've got another quarters!

Brandon (c) Bboddy on Furaffinity

Art (c) me 

Full Hapu

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TeruyukiKiryuin

Tags: Pokemon Same Size F/? Loli Struggling pokegirl Unknown prey loli pred Hapu Human characters in pokemon

A gift for a discord friend. I really like Hapu, definitely one of my favorite pokegirls 

Cleopatra Ref

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TeruyukiKiryuin

Tags: Non-Vore witch Ref sheet Cleopatra Cleopatra O'Brien

Name: Cleopatra O'Brien

Race: Hybrid (Witch/Human)

Age: 19

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 157 lbs

Birthday: October 31

Position: Switch (Pred Leaning)

Cleo is a young energetic happy go lucky girl. The second youngest of five children. In her free time, Cleo likes to bake pastries and practice spells. She can get quite nosy with things, and that usually gets her eaten. Due to an irremovable...
[ Continued ...

AustinDR - 3 hours ago

Aw, that makes sense after reading that frog comic. Cancer help but admit I was jealous of that frog.

Escaping the Rain (Request)

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: BBBbrowser

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/M Long Size difference sweater Male Prey Female Pred belly expansion Mini Giantess Belly bulge underbelly happy pred Raining Long skirt tree girl Mini Giantess pred Egle

Looks like Bright was stuck in the forest when it started to rain. He took cover under a tree, but it seems the tree had the better idea of him taking cover in her before she went off to enjoy some fun in the lack of sun.

Here's request number 5 for  Bright, who asked for me to draw Egle having eaten his persona after going up to her branches to escape the rain. Just a nice cute piece to help me get back into a bit of the groove of things. 

kibroman - 58 minutes ago


TravelingDruid - 3 hours ago

Quite adorable. Love this.

Ending on a High Note
by Thecheese01
Haley stepped into the shower, basking in the luxuriously warm water as it ran down auburn hair and soaked into every crack and crevice, easing away the irritations and frustrations of another day at the office. She gave a long, deep sigh as tension melted away, replaced by soothing warmth and the pleasant trickle of water across bare skin.
All things considered, it really hadn’t been that bad of a Friday. Just more of the same, honestly, although the u

Ending on a High Note

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: thecheese01

Tags: Soft Vore Human F/F Same Size Consensual roleplay shower Non-Fatal Masturbation Lesbian Yuri Willing romance mouthplay Oral Sex Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Sexual content Human Pred Teasing Pred Willing prey Shower sex

She felt, more than saw, the kiss expand. The lips against her own spread, and her face was gradually enveloped in even greater warmth paired with near total darkness. Alison’s tongue retreated, only to return as it lapped along her chin, her neck, her clavicle, each press sending another faint shiver coursing through the redhead’s body.

Hey, you see those tags over there, on the right side of the—no, no! Don't look directly at them! They're easy to anger, and they can...
[ Continued ...

After game snack extra

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Rokka

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Same Size schoolgirl Implied Digestion volleyball girl Breast groping

A little follow up I had 7th heaven design, hope you enjoy it 

kibroman - 58 minutes ago


AustinDR - 3 hours ago

But for how long is the question.


Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: RoK

Tags: Snake Sketch Anthro Non-Vore Scaly design snake predator Rough Sketch

Just a little snake boyo ~ the anthro version of the naga one 

RoK - 2 hours ago

thanks !

Devo - 2 hours ago

Oooh, snek-boi is pretty <3

mushroomhead666 - 1 hour ago

2 things I really love frog vore and BBW prey :)

Suibelly - 3 hours ago

Glad to see this beastie managed to snag a properly plump morsel

Ref Nicky

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Zex

Tags: Non-Vore

Piece by 

Zenith- - 1 hour ago

Maybe she was in there for many hours, but just the last hour was her undoing

The K - 2 hours ago

Love it! Suki is one of my favorite Avatar characters ever, and to see her with a big sloshy belly is a dream come true.

Spider8Fiend - 3 hours ago

Not much of a princess if she cannot endure a belly for an hour...

Loonnyx - 4 hours ago

Can I rub that belly?

Kidd88094 - 3 hours ago

Mmph~, I would love to help her out if you know what I mean~. Fantastic job <3

Poll 1 winner - Leona - 2

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: FreyaHart

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F Same Size Post-Vore Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Leona League of Legends from below Diana

I finally did it! I found some time to draw a second part :D
I'm really really happy about how this poll went, so I planned some more I will do in the future (11 more for now, to be precise :3 )
I'm still a bit unsure which poll I want to make next, but for now I'll just say that each of them have a champion that lots of people usually hate 

Kidd88094 - 3 hours ago

Omfg yesssss! This looks so good!

A new toy

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Mark45

Tags: Male Anal F/M Non-Vore Female Domination Rape Tentacle Implied Vore Nudity Monster girl Male Prey Female Pred Anal Insertion Monster Girl Quest nude male Nude prey luka dominant pred Black Alice Shevron Luka(Monster girl quest) Black Alice(Monster girl quest) Luka (MGQ)

Another commission featuring Black Alice.

This one was made by  Shevron, and he did a great job with the atmosphere and the lighting in this picture. It really fits Black Alice's character and the setting.

Black Alice is a character from the game Monster girl quest which belongs to Torotoro Resistance.

She was originally designed by Setouchi/Blackse.

Additional links :

Shevron's deviantart account:
[ Continued ...

Samantha and Lily - The unexpected cousin 09

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: kattu

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Samantha F/M Same Size Bulge F/? Butt Mass Vore f/multiple lily Multiple Preys

Concept, story and characters: Kattu/PaoGordo.
Art done by the awesome ICUdhara.

ICUdhara's page:

So here it is! After promising a new Samantha story and deciding to reboot her, I present ‘The unexpected cousin’, a new introduction of Samantha into Gabi and Emily universe!

Samantha is Lily’s cousin, an 18 years old with a very childish...
[ Continued ...

TheWitness - 14 minutes ago

I'm pretty sure Samantha would have eaten everyone at the hospital

Darkatio - 34 minutes ago

I can't imagine they Samantha meet Emily...they gonna be the dream team...or maybe the doom duo. Nice...reboot..remake? I'm confused XD

Altimos - 1 hour ago

Next comic... Samantha meets Emily X3
Beautiful comic as always Kattu... ICUdhara does freaking amazing work.
Love you both for what you give to the community <3 <3 <3

Pixel - 2 hours ago

obvious solution, gabi eats sam

Deviantfan16 - 2 hours ago

Legend says that if Samantha and Emily are ever brought together, the Consumption of the world is all but assured to occur in short order.

Samantha and Lily - The unexpected cousin 08

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: kattu

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Samantha F/M Same Size Bulge F/? Butt Mass Vore f/multiple lily Multiple Preys

Concept, story and characters: Kattu/PaoGordo.
Art done by the awesome ICUdhara.

ICUdhara's page:

So here it is! After promising a new Samantha story and deciding to reboot her, I present ‘The unexpected cousin’, a new introduction of Samantha into Gabi and Emily universe!

Samantha is Lily’s cousin, an 18 years old with a very childish...
[ Continued ...

SerenaBlaze - 2 hours ago

Gabi being no bra wet-shirt like casualy. X3

Samantha and Lily - The unexpected cousin 07

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: kattu

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Samantha F/M Same Size Bulge F/? Butt Mass Vore f/multiple lily Multiple Preys

Concept, story and characters: Kattu/PaoGordo.
Art done by the awesome ICUdhara.

ICUdhara's page:

So here it is! After promising a new Samantha story and deciding to reboot her, I present ‘The unexpected cousin’, a new introduction of Samantha into Gabi and Emily universe!

Samantha is Lily’s cousin, an 18 years old with a very childish...
[ Continued ...

SerenaBlaze - 2 hours ago

Butt, gut n kirby sam~ x3

Sixth month relaxation ride by Punkocalypse

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: tredur

Tags: Breasts Love Centaur Human Pregnancy Non-Vore Sex Futanari Taur lovers wolftaur Magic Penis Non-Fatal couple romance Big Belly Size difference Nudity Wolfboy loving knot mpreg erection Big Breasts married couple romantic size play hospital vulva Animal Ears H/H Male Pregnancy Elasticity Monster Boy wolf boy Hermaphrodite Dire wolf intersex hyper pregnancy maleherm belly worship hpreg animal tail child friends

This is not my artwork but a commission I asked to the artist Punkocalypse, whom can be reach at
I had the permission of the artist to post it in my own account.
This scene is part of my commission story "Renewal Saga: Taylor's Tales" by Doombeez; The edited version will be posted here eventually.

Taylor and Vale, still with a lot of time to go before...
[ Continued ...

Bouncy Breasts (GIF LOOP)

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Lofis

Tags: Breasts Human Non-Vore Female Animation solo Nudity gif Big Breasts bouncy Blushing loop gif animation Nude Female Naked Female animated animated gif looping animation Bouncing breasts Mint Chocolate

Mint showing off her magnificent bouncy boobers~

An animation test to get more satisfying movement out of it
took me all morning and I haven't had breakfast yet.

Hope you guys enjoy some good tits!~ 

UBFanDrake - 15 minutes ago

is that a fact?~

Lofis - 1 hour ago

Had a digestion sequence in the works but my computer couldnt handle the project ;-;

Beeper29 - 1 hour ago

M a s s i v e dohoonkabankaloos.

Lofis - 2 hours ago

Maybe theyre inside her tits~

UBFanDrake - 3 hours ago

i wonder if any lucky ones are still in there alive

Nice view bunny!

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: PeculiarArt

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Rabbit Bunny Naga Lamia plushie Lola Bunny

And the last bunny is consumed!

Bunnies and lamias fit together really well.

These are all real functional human sized toys available here

Curious or have questions? Contact us via discord peculiart#2034

For more original toy content visit 

Three Men Walk Into A Bar...

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Alien Hard Vore M/M Cooking Cock Vore Reformation Futanari Rape Sadism Power Rangers bladder vore Sadistic Human Prey Male Prey Multiple Preds Garrus Disposal rimming Cooking/Prep Mass Effect Dragon Ball Z dragon ball Male Pred Frieza sadistic pred Garrus Vakarian alien pred Futanari Pred Scat/Disposal Power Rangers SPD Doggy Cruger

It all starts when three different aliens, Doggy Cruger, Garrus Vakarian, and Freiza himself, meet one another in a bar. Soon they hit it off in this Patreon story and are eager to find the Dragon Balls to have all kinds of vorish fun at the expense of a newly-wished-for human victim. Loooot of rather cruel fun indeed. But if you're into that...enjoy! 

Croc Savage's Ideal Night

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Evergreenplate

Tags: Oral Vore F/M Sex Crocodile Maw shot internals Size difference adoption Big Breasts Safe Endosoma Thicc abdominal bulge


Even big girls need love, inside and out! She's got a voracious hunger, and a large meal causes her to become extremely stimulated, it's a wonder she can maintain her physique. 

mirrormind101 - 4 hours ago

She seems nice enough ^^

threk - 5 hours ago

He is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fucking will.

And d'aawwwww, she's so cute.

empatheticapathy - 6 hours ago

She's actually really sexy.

The Perils of Sleeping on the Couch

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: DrWolf

Tags: POV Scat Digestion Anal F/? Fatal Anal Vore Fatal Vore Accidental Female Pred Big Butt Disposal Facesitting Accidental digestion Big ass Unknown prey Accidental AV Accidental vore Digestion Noises Sleeping pred accidental pred 2nd Person

You fell asleep on the couch, and when you're sleepy roommate comes out to get a midnight snack, she ends up enjoying more than just cold pizza.

If the writing in this quick little story seems different from usual, that's because a substantial amount was contributed by TheRussian! This one is an edited cut of an RP I did with TheRussian on discord. Not really a fully fleshed out story, but a decent stop-gap until I get my next big story ready.

As always, hope y'all...
[ Continued ...

KyngSama - 1 hour ago

I've been enjoying reading your perils series the most. Mostly because I'm a sucker for Accidental pred's who are unaware of their prey. If I were to give one piece of feedback, It could be add some more detail in the disposal part. Like how the pred is feeling or the consistency of the turd. Is there any bone? Etc. This one in particular I liked the most so far but the bus one is a close second :)

Ghrelin - 1 hour ago

oh, uh... oh no! terrible...
he had a good run for a minute, there.

Ghrelin - 1 hour ago

This makes me so happy to hear ;v;

Ghrelin - 1 hour ago

I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

Ghrelin - 1 hour ago

we're calling it "determination"

Furanz - 2 hours ago

The absolute GREED on that animal!!

Make it quick

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: AFox196

Tags: Furry Wolf Fox Male Anthro multiple Non-Vore Butt Anus shy Humanoid Canine Canid tail hole vulpine Blushing NSFW HD blue fur looking at viewer Simple background Back View. Hq

Here, just take a quick look before someone catches us

If the resolution gets down you can just click it or download it, most say some of my highest detailed drawings I’ve made  

BalouCyan - 5 hours ago

Dinner is served x3

Garkel Birthday Surprise 1

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: DrakentheBlack

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore violence Neko mouthplay Micro Prey Insertion Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Sexual content Multiple Preds neera Mouseboy Catgirl Pred tiny prey Neko Pred Borrower brownie Multiple prey

This was a fan-art/art-trade that I received from my friend  Nalzindar part one of it at least.

In this story, the brownie Britany has become quite pent up as a result of having to watch Brendan and Kristen have sex all night. To resolve this, she makes her way to an underground shop to buy something she can use to relieve herself. Unfortunately, neeras are causing trouble for the brownie community, a serious problem that is only made worse in combination with the larger neko...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Littlelich96

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Big Belly Female Prey Internal View Male Pred Monster Pred Skinny pred bones in belly pred wearing prey's clothes

The things that go bump in the night are usually just lookiny for a midnight snack~ careful or youll end up a bump on their belly  

Shrimp tied and fried

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Littlelich96

Tags: M/M Cooking Bondage Male Prey Male Pred chubby pred

I dont do cooking very often but when i do.... ???? 

 The pond was clear and still. Sunlight glinted and danced down through the forest canopy, illuminating the deceptively deep water. Small shells and pebbles lined the shore. Sitting amidst the stones, back-to-back, were Loran and Anki.  The faun was weaving a wicker basket, while the naga was tying a line to a piece of reed to form a makeshift fishing rod. She grunted softly, struggling to get the string to affix. “Want me to do it?” Anki glanced over at the naga. &ld

Seasons, Chapter 2

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: EnderDracolich

Tags: Naga Lesbian Female Prey Female Pred Deer girl Mention of Vore

This is the second chapter of a new vore story I'm working on. It will be released in serialized installments.

The format will be primarily slice of life, focusing (at least for now) on the activities of a young deer girl named Anki. The setting is low fantasy.

This story will be my first experiment in writing an 'Ouroboros Story', formatted after the story of the same name by  aces. What that means is that if the POV character is eaten, the story will continue...
[ Continued ...