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Never Have I Ever - 11

Uploaded: 2 minutes ago

Owner: XiaoRenzhe

Tags: Non-Fatal Full tour Drunk Vore Comic external view hand on belly Willing prey talking to prey in belly

Feeling pretty tipsy, Ash realizes a little too late to do much about it that she’s neglected the issue of her tasty friend. But her other friends seemed to have known something she hadn’t; namely, if Diaz is a closet vorephile, he’s definitely had the necessary augmentations made to partake safely. So safe passage he’ll have, however long that may take.

Apologies for slowing down on the posting of this comic. Had a few busy life events crop up, and sometimes...
[ Continued ...

Hakuryu's hunger

Uploaded: 7 minutes ago

Owner: Wisky

Tags: Oral Vore Feet Digestion Burp Fart Hypnosis Anal Vore Unwilling Prey Mind Control Willing Pred Accidental vore Voreception pussy licking accidental pred feet licking Hypnotized prey accidental prey Azur Lane farting pred Hakuryuu (Azur Lane) Chicago (Azur Lane) Langley (Azur Lane) Purifier (Azur Lane)

Hakuryu finds herself with two Americans and a siren inside her!

Sorry for the short length of this story, I'm going to be away for a few weeks and the new character was just announced so I wanted to get this out there for you all to enjoy.

Since no one really knows much about Hakuryu I might consider a rewrite in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy~! 


Uploaded: 16 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Same Size Zelda Male Pred botw kass

Do you think he lists "Stomach accompaniment" as mandatory or optional on the sheet music?

Prey is up to you, in my headcanon it's Sidon because hubba hubba, one hunk full of another 

The ol' swimming hole

Uploaded: 17 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Digestion Rabbit Bunny Swimsuit public vore savannah

Those cozy swimming holes always looked fun, I wish I'd had one growing up! 

Rossmallo Raffle Win

Uploaded: 19 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Alien Rossmallo mutliple prey

Third twitter raffle win for @rossmallo ( ) , and I'll be honest, I've had real actual meetings about less dire situations than this one. 

Bug Horse

Uploaded: 20 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Pokemon Fat Digestion Feral Scolipede Multiple prey

Bug hoers large 

Amphy Noms

Uploaded: 21 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Pokemon Same Size Ampharos

I love this round friend... 

Sav Snacks 4

Uploaded: 22 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Stuffing Rabbit Bunny savannah

Sav likes puns! Almost as much as she likes EATING PEOPLE WHOLE 

Sav Snacks 3

Uploaded: 23 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Stuffing Rabbit Bunny savannah

Always save room for dessert!

Featuring @petra_bun ( ) , thanks for helping a hungry gal out! 

Sav Snacks 2

Uploaded: 24 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Stuffing Rabbit Bunny savannah

Oh! The thot plickens! 

Sav Snacks 1

Uploaded: 25 minutes ago

Owner: Hookaloof

Tags: Stuffing Rabbit Bunny savannah

Is she REALLY full..? Like... We've all seen her. 

Big Belly Loona (BBL)

Uploaded: 26 minutes ago

Owner: BarsfromMars

Tags: kicking Big Belly Big Breasts Large Breasts tight fit Hellhound Wide hips tight clothes looking at viewer Loona Helluva Boss Loona (Helluva Boss)

found this one lying around so here you go, have another discord doodle. Is she preggers or vore ? You decide ! 

RG9812 - 3 minutes ago

Big loona

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Gwen~

Uploaded: 41 minutes ago

Owner: TheBoxOfPizza

Tags: Belly Bulge F/? Struggling Big Belly Marvel Female Pred marvel comics superhero Superheroine tight clothes Gwen Stacy satisfied predator Spider-Gwen superhero pred

My brain kept telling me to do this and I just had to do it lol
Spider-gwen tum 

Stuffed Neko

Uploaded: 46 minutes ago

Owner: KVCArts

Tags: Soft Vore Stomach Cute M/M M/F Unwilling Neko Macro/Micro Struggling Unwilling Prey Size difference mouse girl Male Pred Multiple Preys

Quickie before my dentist appointment
Poor Neko Boy is stuffed and let the Last Mousie get away~
So full he couldnt do one more~ 

ScarfyScout - 18 minutes ago

coward! reach your arm out and grab her if she's just walking away!

kibroman - 39 minutes ago


KVCArts - 42 minutes ago

Feed your Pet ;)

KVCArts - 42 minutes ago

Lives to eat more cheese~!

Tsavo - 43 minutes ago

Yessss, this is what keeps me going throughout the day.

CrimsonShadow - 11 minutes ago

Thanks again for this.
Btw, I added the character and anime names to the proposed tags.

FireRed2 - 19 minutes ago

Great comic

Drakira - 41 minutes ago

Aww you are what you eat they say.

Pixel Mimikyu

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: StretchySophie

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Belly Soft Vore Same Size Bulge Female Pred Belly bulge Pixel art Mimikyu pokemon girl

Trying out some new pixel art brushes <3 

carlj - 1 hour ago

That's great! I love the way you did the shading ^^

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 hour ago

Looks good

Astolfo Noms~

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: KVCArts

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Stomach Burp Same Size Struggling M/? Big Belly ?/? Belly bulge Male Pred astolfo

Hes cute!
a friend asked for this and I just had to~  

KVCArts - 37 minutes ago


KVCArts - 37 minutes ago


KVCArts - 37 minutes ago

Yeah ngl Ive been seeing him a lot too!
Rather surprising but no complaints here~

KillerZ15 - 40 minutes ago

You too, huh? Astolfo, I'm seeing you everywhere. On DeviantArt... on Eka's... on my FGO account that one time I accidentally summoned you...

BTW, not actually complaining. I'm just noting Astolfo is everywhere, lol.

noytch - 1 hour ago

loving the belly bulged

BrightSideDown - 45 minutes ago

lmao honestly i should of made this into a commercial

BigJohnHagerty - 58 minutes ago


BrightSideDown - 1 hour ago

however you want to interpret it lol

ScarfyScout - 1 hour ago

old spice the deodorant or old spice the body wash

BrightSideDown - 1 hour ago


Slurping down the Princess- Tails Vores Blaze

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: FoxyNoms

Tags: Oral Vore Fox Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Tails blaze Big Belly blaze the cat tails prower mid vore impending digestion tails miles prower miles tails prower Mobian Fox Sonic (Series)

And it seems the Blaze got her just dues ^^' Perhaps Tails found out about her Prison routine, and decided to give the Sol Kingdom a visit. Either way, since Blaze will soon become part of him, I guess this makes Tails king of the Sol Kingdom now XD
That's another Sonic gal added to this fluffy fox's body mass. And I honestly I don't want him to stop >w<
Completed using ClipStudio Paint EX
All Characters drawn are depicted as 18+
Please do not Repost my work.
[ Continued ...

J0kerKirby - 1 hour ago

Poor Blaze... but Tails is also one of my favorite Sonic characters.

SumeraPaleema - 2 hours ago

Agreed. Use every girl to make yourself sexier than all of them combined, Sol King Tails. X3

Dangers of Diplomacy

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Child Swallowing Fatal Loli Unwilling Story Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Regurgitation Fatal Vore Nudity Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Human Pred tiny woman undressing Despair Painful Digestion Accidental vore loli pred fantasy setting tiny prey Barefoot Prey written work eaten twice Underage pred

Okay, here it is in the nick of time: my June story.

Lady Consul Miniri, elected leader of the Republic of Smolonia, heads to the Kingdom Illivias to met with one Queen Ardia to discuss a possible alliance. Things go well with the Queen, but it's a different story for when Miniri meets her daughter...

So, this is a combination of two different things I've wanted to do recently: a story about diplomatic negotiations between normal and tiny nations that ends in vore......
[ Continued ...

G'raha Tia's Confession

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TastyAce

Tags: Love Non-Vore kiss fluff heroine Video Game Kissing Original Character Blushing nervous final fantasy XIV kisses FFXIV Video game character Love confession petting video game heroine Confession G'raha Tia

Commission for ItsStrawbunny! G'raha Tia confesses his love for Aster.
Patrons get exclusive stories, discounted commissions, and more! ^u^
Thanks to SurrealSilent, Mike White, keilmichemm., Lightning_Flash, CaptainVupline, JT Tanu, 101loudswords, Selicia, SpudSorcerer, Matthew Scott Harper, AAAKing, eheh23, CDR2Magi, Krikkiter, Jesse Aldridge, Anonymous, Jconner1, Jac Denzo, MrMilitary101, Mr_Pebbles, scorp29, Wolfknight130,...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: garuruga

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Same Size Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Akagi Azur Lane

Same pose(base) as Atago.
Akagi's stomach still looks roomy.

I changed the brush. This made it easier to color~ 

Gladim - 2 hours ago

Wow another great one, looks like someone got choosen for enhancement.

Shantae and the Pirate's indigestion(GAS WARNING)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: NekuTheEmo

Tags: Belly Fart Farting Gas Big Belly Female Pred f/multiple Gassy Shantae Multiple Preys Tinkerbat Shantae (Series)

Older pic I drew when I was on a shantae binge o3o will upload more later♡ 

carlj - 4 hours ago

Aw thank you ^^
I can't wait to see more!

NekuTheEmo - 4 hours ago

Your amazing stuff reminded me that i had some more shantae stuff i havent posted yet :D

carlj - 4 hours ago

I see, another Shantae connoisseur ^^

Preparation Machine 16

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Riraito

Tags: Gore Blood Fatal Guro Bones gruesome Skull brains lasers Dicing slicing

A Continuation of Vorelover81's series commissioned by Bigluster84.

Amelia sphincter puckered up super tight. Watching her friend pissing and crapping herself in such an undignified manner made her silently vow that she wouldn't go out like such a pussy.

Matilda had always been the idol of the school, and Amelia had always toadied up to her. She could be a bit of a bitch at times, but the perks of being her friend made it all worth it. They'd done everything...
[ Continued ...

Pictures taken before disaster

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: FluffyLizardFunTime

Tags: Sketch Chubby Non-Vore model Nude Female

Wanted to have another go at grayscale. Doesn't feel as heavy as I'd like, but she's fine I guess

If you feel like supporting my work, I recently opened up a Ko Fi -

Alternatively, my ebooks are available here - 

Shantae Post-Vore Fart

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: carlj

Tags: Fart Animation Post-Vore Pixel art Shantae Implied Disposal

Here's another one revolving this time some gas after yet another meal. It might be a warning that she should seek a restroom soon ^^ 

Shantae Post-Vore Boobs

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: carlj

Tags: Breasts Belly Big Breasts post digestion Pixel art Shantae animated small belly

It has been a while since i had done some Shantae sprite editing, so while i'm cooling off from this dreadful heat i decided to go back to it for some quick edits.

Here we have Shantae after a supposedly hefty meal, adjusting her bra as it became a little bit tighter than usual ^^  

carlj - 3 hours ago

Those are the best jiggles ^^

CapturePoint - 4 hours ago

Love that jiggle!

POV||So Cute That I could eat you up~||

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: xHeartlessMidnightx

Tags: Tongue Male Non-Vore Pre-Vore Humanoid fluffy Hair male humanoid glowing eye

>>POV: you were pinned against the wall by Zachary. After taking a glance at you, he would lick his lips, telling you how cute you look. In Fact, Zachary finds you so adorable that he could just eat you whole~ 

xHeartlessMidnightx - 3 hours ago

heh Zachary will gladly do it since you accept it

Slender20 - 3 hours ago

And I would allow it

xHeartlessMidnightx - 3 hours ago

knowing Zachary, he def says so~ ♡

titus12army - 3 hours ago

m-meep r-really

Ravenous Retail

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Xalloir

Tags: Dragon F/? Dragoness dragongirl Female Pred f/multiple Mini Giantess annoyed pred Mini Giantess pred samesize femalepred

Commission for  trinart !!
I loved doing the background hah 

Diaper Filler Uni (pixel art)

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: masterchaos

Tags: Game diaper Disposal bad end Pixel art after vore Diaper disposal Uni hyper dimension neptunia Sentient Scat Sentient Disposal after digestion Sunny the diaper collector

Still not sure if i should add this pictures into the game. There quite poopy and i need a lot of time for some quite non impressive art works...

But anyway. I hope you can at least recognize what i was trying to do here...

Don't worry Uni is a Tsundere. She properly is looking forward to be reunited with Nepgear as poop!  

Arbus1 - 1 hour ago

It will be a cute reunion ^^

masterchaos - 1 hour ago

I mean eventually Sunny may will colect Nepgear too. And then they are reunited;)

Arbus1 - 1 hour ago

Nepgear and uni the poop couple?

Cartoon Hephzibah reference sheet

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Fox Vixen Goddess Non-Vore Cartoon reference sheet 'Bah Helphzibah

Did up another one of these, this time for 'Bah. Didn't have to simplify quite as much, but I added some black lines where her fur pattern changes color, which makes coloring in animation much easier. 

Eric IX: Double Trouble

Contains: M/M, M/MM, Oral, Digestion, Disposal, Disposal References, Scat

Today was not a productive day. Eric sat at his desk; eyes glazed over as he scrolled through his latest project at work. It wasn’t that he was lazy or not good at his job, today just happened to be a b

Eric IX: Double Trouble (Disposal)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: GayPred

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Soft Vore Digestion M/M Fart Story Gas Unwilling Prey Male Prey Disposal m/mm Burping Gassy Male Pred Disposal Scat Willing prey Eric the Predator

Eric has a try a two prey! Can he make them fit?

The latest entry in the Eric series! sorry for being MIA for so long! This was the longest one yet!

Love to hear from you guys, do you want to see more from the Eric series?


GayPred - 1 hour ago

They make a good couple! And yeah, Eric can let his standards slip a bit when he's hungry

GayPred - 1 hour ago

Hahaha, I accidentally stayed up too late to finish this lol, I was really got in a rthym for the ending X3

Xenophage17 - 4 hours ago

Fantastic work, it's great to see the shift in Eric from casual and having control and standards to agressive and teasing. Also love Brayden getting more confident as an accomplice and teasing himself.

Biondracom - 8 hours ago

A wonderful late night surprise

TableManners - 8 hours ago

Every day's a cheat day

Goo buddies getting comfy

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Wallacethespideer

Tags: Breasts Slime Sonic Inside Sonic the Hedgehog Breast Expansion Echidna Non-Vore Transformation Venom Struggling Spreading symbiote shade the echidna breast growth Muscle growth

seems the symbiotes inside Shade's boobs started to spread inside her body causing her to have muscle expansion in process

Preggo Xiana in the Pool

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: NiceGuy18

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Bikini pool Big Belly Big Breasts pregnant belly Xiana in water Playing with self tight bikini

Ever since Xiana graduated, she moved into a new place with one amenity she never thought she'd use; a large pool. How wrong she was? When she became pregnant, she enjoyed that pool more than anything. She loved to slip into her bikini and just rest in the water while the wind blew over her. She loves this much more too, especially for the comments many other men and women would give her at the public pools. Now that she has her own private pool, she can just sit back and relax while her future...
[ Continued ...

kibroman - 37 minutes ago


Chubby Sakura eats ino vore

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: MrBatpool

Still attempting to make a style where a character looks normally chubby but has an entire person on the inside 


Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: pbysteria

Tags: Belly Digestion Burp Bulge Micro/Macro Butt Fairy Size difference smaller pred Female Pred f/multiple Laying on belly Bigger Prey Tiny pred Aloe Multiple Preys Willing prey Interspecies Reviewers Ishuzoku Reviewers

Aloe from Interspecies Reviewers after eating a bunch of elf ladies, some soupier than others. 

carlj - 3 hours ago

I still can't believe that they actually made a milf fairy...

EnderDracolich - 7 hours ago

Ooh! I love the size difference here!

empatheticapathy - 9 hours ago

Fairy preds are just so goddamn great.

pbysteria - 10 hours ago

it's hungry work, but the customers are there

MrBlack - 10 hours ago

Oh fuck yes that's good<3

AllRightAllNight - 9 hours ago

Fun to see more from all these characters!

pokebreeder25 - 10 hours ago

oh jeez. i didn't read the story but just by the title alone i want a comic of this amusment park XD


Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Rifykoh

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Male Anthro Digestion Post Fatal clothed Post-Vore Fanart Big Belly Postvore villain Male Pred Garou le petit castor

When I was a kid, I saw this obscure show called "Le Petit Castor", an old french-canadian cartoon produced in Japan in about 1975. I recently remembered that show and well, here's some vore of "Garou", one of the main villains, a wolf guy!


Twitter ~
Commission queue and info ~

Posted using PostyBirb 

With friends like these 2

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore M/M Godzilla Kaiju Unwilling Prey Male Prey king kong Male Pred Godzilla Prey anguirus

Waking up crammed mostly into the stomach of a creature he considered little more than a pet doesn't improve Godzilla's mood. Anxious to get out the way he got in rather than after a trip through Anguirus's digestive tract, he reacts predictably.

Unfortunately Anguirus anticipated this. It largely serves as an example of why you don't swallow Godzilla headfirst.  

Strega - 4 hours ago

That was so long ago they didn’t have the money for special effects. The breath just looked like dog. Since then it’s become a really bad idea to swallow Godzilla headfirst, as Biollante and Orga discovered.

Ome - 7 hours ago

Plus the radiation breath never did much to anguirus anyway the one time they fought :P

Strega - 11 hours ago

Anguirus has hung around Godzilla for decades and is well aware that the last thing he should do is swallow him completely. He will wait until he's sure G. is dead before the last gulp. Godzilla's best chance at this point is to play dead in the hopes that Anguirus will get greedy and make a mistake.

wolfSnack - 11 hours ago

Godzilla should have waited until he was fully inside to try that. Now it has to recharge.

The Incubus is Stored in the Boobs

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: hypnolatex

Tags: Comic Succubus Demon Breast Expansion F/M Absorption Commission latex Unwilling Cleavage Unwilling Prey Breast Vore dog girl tit vore Cleavage Vore Male Prey Female Pred incubus Demi-human pred Demi-Human demon prey breast growth Boob hug boob crush Latex outfit breast absorption Femboy prey latex clothing cleavage absorption smug pred incubus prey dog girl pred Alora flustered prey pogchamp

The incubus is stored in the boobs, naturally. Just Maggie having a little "fun" with his favorite dog girl Alora! I'm sure he doesn't mind becoming jiggle for a liiiiittle while. ;3

Maggie the Incubus belongs to me.
Alora the dog girl is my friend's original character.
The artist who drew this image wishes to stay anonymous. 

Totallyoriginalusername - 6 minutes ago

Is it me or did her thighs expand aswell?

FRENKI8888 - 1 hour ago

I have english as a second language too. whatever the text is secondary. This was just a twitch reference joke. No big deal.

Moxxieasslover - 1 hour ago

I'm a pogchamp too (i here)

hypnolatex - 2 hours ago

The dialogue was written by a person that doesn't have english as their first language

hypnolatex - 2 hours ago

The dialogue was written by a person that doesn't have english as their first language

Bunny Waitress 'MemeLord'

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Liz

Tags: Breasts Cute Non-Vore latex meme chibi Cleavage Liz bunny suit Bunny Waitress Elizabeth Fitzsimons MemeLord

Having some fun with Memes - I thought of one for my dear OC Liz and this idea works too well. With new characters turning up and Liz wanting them to work the floors or do Cameos in The Gurgling Gut Casino. 

thatonedude236 - 45 minutes ago

All bunny waitresses are currently out of stock.

Please try again later.

If you feel that this statement is in error, contact your local cute OC provider for service.

thatonedude236 - 46 minutes ago

All bunny waitresses are currently out of stock.

Please try again later.

If you feel that this statement is in error, contact your local OC provider for service.

brandon14 - 4 hours ago


ThatBrassyGuy - 11 hours ago

This is a big mood.

FireRed2 - 12 hours ago

So cute i would honestly let ya use the ocs i have for the casino since ur work is amazing X3