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We Bare Bellies

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: Polar bear Belly Bear Stomach Non-Vore panda We Bare bears Ice Bear

The puns continue with the bears |3 Patreon reward for GollyGosh, who wanted tobe teased and cuddled against some bear tummies :3 I had fun drawing this one <3 

Muttsmutt - 5 years ago

The collar is an adorably nice touch!

Rhysion - 5 years ago

Eep! Truly a dangerous place to be!~

hydranoid2009 - 5 years ago

Please tell me there will be a part 2 <3

not a fishie

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

yep, breath play ^^; and ranger does too so I drew this for him out of the blue n.n; note: don't like the content ? hate the content ? don't comment :P 

Jesse01 - 3 years ago

I love this! Breath play using a tail is a fun combination!
I hope you make more like this.

Sparky_the_chu - 12 years ago

well, it's a little hard to explain ^^;

789789y7bestloverinworld - 12 years ago

what chu drawing about sparky?

dragonsavior8498 - 12 years ago

just a question....exactlly what is breath play?

Akram - 12 years ago

Yeh :3 you can make anything awsome ^-^