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London, 1 May 2028

At this time of spring, the evening sky was still bright and warm. There was barely a lazy cloud to trouble its pale bright blue. Down in the streets of one of the busiest capital cities in the world, though, the young Jamaican woman hesitated amidst the bustle of the evening crowd. People of all social classes, all colours, all types of dress flowed like mingled streams around her, heading ho

French_snack - 4 days ago

Thank you! They're certainly quite joyful about attracting their prey. ;)

Lipsy - 4 days ago

I cant get enough of these stories. The characters are to die for :)

French_snack - 4 days ago

Thanks. Let's see how Abha does at the competition! :)

Sleepless - 5 days ago

I'm so pleased Abha is back. I can't wait to meet her :)

Nice twist with Caramel!

French_snack - 6 days ago

They seem set to do so. :) While Abha enjoys feeling pleasantly full, in London!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 16 April 2028

Her blades, responding to the swift movements of her body, performed a controlled skid across the ice, their sound mingling with the whoosh of her racket and the sharp, echoing

as she slammed it up into the shuttlecock. The feathered cork hurtled back throug

French_snack - 3 weeks ago

Ha ha! Summer has got herself quite a reputation. :D Thanks!

StaticDancer - 3 weeks ago

I love gentle willing vore <3 I also love summer being a total vore whore! :D
Bring on part 3!!!

French_snack - 1 month ago

Thanks! We'll see how she does at the competition. :)

Sleepless - 1 month ago

Fantastic as ever. Cannot wait for part 3. Summer is a dream :)

French_snack - 1 month ago

She'd be pleased to hear you say so! :D

Milan, Italy, 18 February 2026

This was it. The moment she had been training so hard for, over these past four years. She could feel her heart thumping hard inside her chest, her breath coming in and out slowly in the cold air, which stung the tip of her cold nose. The murmur of the crowd, the shrill whine of a loudspeaker on standby. The sound of the other girls around her steadying their breath too.

Story 236 - part 1

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Consensual Fatal Willing Shrinking human/human IVC shrunken prey International Vore Competition

And... here we go! The first of many parts in the story of the IVC world final. :)

This is all I've written so far, though I've got the rest of the story fully planned out. In part 1, we see characters known and unknown, and spend a bit of time with them in the build-up to the big event.

= = = = =
Part 2:  

French_snack - 1 month ago

Thank you! Maybe I'm a softie, but I do like gentle, friendly vore. I'm glad you enjoy these!

Erika is fiercely competitive and a sore loser. And a sore winner. She may be a bit different when she's not competing, though.

HappyBlanket - 1 month ago

The reason I like these stories so much is the gentle nature of the vore. Who wouldn't want to be eaten by a girl like Mariella or Eva?
I'm not so sure about Erika though. She doesn't seem very friendly.

French_snack - 1 month ago

That's a nice way of putting it! They'll set a few hearts fluttering while they're eagerly eating people up. :)

lazylayjay - 1 month ago

The IVC girls have new competition with these enchanting rookies. If they don't win they will steal a few hearts.

I have a liking for incestuous vore and I'm hoping that Eva might give in to Leo later.

French_snack - 1 month ago

"What would Granny say?" is probably always a good way of embarrassing a dutiful grandson, and calming his ardour! :D

I'm already quite fond of Eva too, but there are girls we haven't met yet. ;)

Jossie strode into the house, with one arm around Ryan and the other round Julia, all but sweeping them along with her as they hurried to match her pace. The tiles of the hallway felt cool under her bare feet, but the warmth of her still full-sized prey seeped pleasantly into her as she held them close. Her white dress rustled into an enjoyably sensuous caress against her legs as she walked.

“Hey, Lindsay!” she calle

French_snack - 2 months ago

Thanks! It was indeed a bit inconsiderate of Jossie. She probably owes Mia an apology. ;)

And she may have developed a taste for celebrities now!

Sleepless - 2 months ago

That was fun! Eating your host is very impolite. I wonder what other A listers Jossie has her sights on

French_snack - 2 months ago

Jossie may look fun and friendly, but she's dangerous, yes! She finds ways to get her own enjoyment, no matter what that means for others. It's best to watch her from a certain distance. ;)

Lipsy - 2 months ago

Jossie is a complete psychopath! But thats what makes these stories fun

Sets things up nicely for the short film coming out

French_snack - 2 months ago

Thank you! :)

Josephine Courtemanche slowed her step, and raised her left hand palm-downward over her sky-blue eyes, against the glare of the sun. She was wearing her stylish pink-tinged dark sunglasses, but the afternoon sun was right in her eyes. It shone down brightly from a cloudless blue sky.

She was not in Los Angeles proper, here, and she had got the taxi to drop her off at the far end of Sunset Boulevard, where the low density, hyper-

Story 235 - part 1

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Consensual Willing Non-Consensual Unwilling Prey Micro Prey shrunken prey Forbidden Dish Jossie

This is a tale of casual vore. Girls having fun.

Jossie is a character created by TheWiking2000. And we previously saw her and her friends in my Story 226.

The Forbidden Dish and the character of Lindsay were created by mariusmule. Janice, who appears briefly, was created and developed by mariusmule and oishi1.

All other characters are my own.

- - - - -
Part 2: 

Ragnow - 2 months ago

Hell yeah, a new Forbidden Dish story!

French_snack - 2 months ago

Thanks! :)

Pabulum - 2 months ago

This is a great story. Good to have new FD material on the portal. Keep up the good work.

Saturday, December 4, 2027 – Berlin

Their living room felt pleasantly warm, on the floor up above their shop. The glow of the room’s orange-yellow light added to an overall feeling of cosiness, while outside the windows, through the gauzy curtain, they could just glimpse one of the festive streetlights – white and gold bulbs patterned into a twinkling reindeer.


Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Christmas Consensual Fatal Willing Human Pred IVC shrunken prey

T'is the season... for our favourite German couple to eat someone!

Merry Christmas! 

French_snack - 4 months ago

Thanks. I figured what she was feeling in her mouth (movement, texture...) would become all the more enjoyable for her, yes.

French_snack - 4 months ago

*Exciting* surprises. :D

nerdelation8 - 4 months ago

The girls' relationship was really sweet. And having a blind girl experience the vore through her other senses was interesting.

nerdelation8 - 4 months ago

It's really sweet how in love those girls are with each other. And having a pred who can't see and uses her other senses was really interesting.

Pabulum - 4 months ago

Sharing a belly with a sexy stranger! Christmas is all about surprises :)

The train chuffed, fast but quiet, over the south-west England countryside. With her legs crossed under her skirt, and the remains of a simple sandwich lunch on the foldable table in front of her, Annikki Cottersbrook gazed out, comfortably idle, at the fields that seemed to hurry past outside. Her gaze lingered on a pretty, meandering stream emerging from a patch of woodland, children playing in the clear sunlit water near an old stone bridge, until that too was gone, left behind as the train s

Story 233

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Consensual Willing Annikki Human Pred IVC shrunken prey

A cheerful bit of vore in winter! New (one-off?) characters, and the return of a long-time IVC favourite. 

French_snack - 4 months ago

Ca se pourrait ! En tout cas, oui, elle est heureuse de sa vie actuelle. :)

Diabolique - 4 months ago

La structure sociale britannique reste un mystère pour moi, mais il est bon de savoir que vous avez atteint l'élite.
Annikki semble heureuse de sa vie. C'est peut-être elle qui mange Caramel?

French_snack - 4 months ago

Aren't we all! :D Thanks. And yes, there are layers to the British nobility. Medieval kings needed barons (and other nobles) through whom to govern the various parts of the kingdom, and in turn, barons began to limit the powers of the king. The Magna Carta in 1215 and the first English parliament in 1265 were largely barons' way of muscling in on the king.

Sleepless - 4 months ago

I never knew british aristocracy was so complicated. I thought it was just kings queens princes and princesses!
I enjoyed the story, especially Annikki. She's always been one of my faves. I'm quite jealous of her husband lol

French_snack - 4 months ago

Who indeed! I'd certainly quite like to disappear inside one of them. :) Thanks!

…” Ale’ann murmured, half-closing her eyes with pleasure as she swallowed the last of the guards. He wriggled and struggled, hard, as her gullet squeezed him forcefully down, and he slid deeper inside her. She moistened her lips with just the tip of her pink tongue.

“Aahh…” she breathed, contented, as she opened her eyes again. She had

Star Wars: Force Feeding - Epilogue

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Fatal Non-Consensual Shrinking star wars Jedi

Now with wiggly guards in her tummy, will Ale'ann succeed in rescuing her Master?

Star Wars: Force Feeding - Prelude:
Star Wars: Force Feeding (film):

CoolKaios - 4 months ago

I remember reading your stories for quite some time I was always a fan.

French_snack - 4 months ago

Thank you! Yes: tummies for justice! :p Ale'ann was certainly pleased to have a good excuse to eat them.

CoolKaios - 4 months ago

What a lovely story. Surprisingly rich, and complex. I liked how her actions were justified and it just made the vore scenario so much more palatable.

French_snack - 5 months ago

Thank you very much! We discussed her character together at the start, so that we could plan the three parts (story - video -story). And Ale'ann has definitely been a lot of fun to write!

I haven't got any further plans for her at present, but I don't think I'll be forgetting her entirely. :)

VortexFoodsTM - 5 months ago

I had no idea there actually was a written story to this as well! Wiking's video was great already, and these two stories are a great addition. I think you added a lot to Ale'ann's character, she's such a perfectly mischievous pred! :D
Do you plan on writing more of these? Or are you going to leave it with these two for now?

They drew attention inevitably, as they trudged back through town, joking and laughing and dripping water. A trio of young men even came up and asked whether they were okay, whether they’d had an accident, whether they were hurt. Flapping faintly in the warm breeze, the tall red flag of the Realm, flying high above the town with its yellow-gold star in the corner and its stylised white lotus, seemed almost to watch them too, reminding them of the Chinese authorities’ vigilant eyes up

French_snack - 2 months ago

Thanks! As it isn't vore, I'm not sure many people have read it. But I enjoyed writing it. I've been into reading "hard" (realistic) fiction set in the future, and I wanted to give it a try myself.

As you say, I'm not aware of any story set on Venus with vampires. The idea simply came to me that, with Venus' very long nights, it would be an ideal place for vampires to live a fairly normal life and mingle with the population, if Venus were colonised. I liked the thought, and tried to see what I could make of it!

oldman40k2003 - 2 months ago

A surprisingly touching story, and a science fiction combination I don't think I've seen before.

Jìngqiáng Maier (

) stepped out of the white domed spaceport and onto the ochre, resin-bound stone pathway outside. He looked around, at the residential houses lining the street, similar to one another in design and about two hundred years old now. Like most buildings over on Earth, they were the result of construction by nanotech, and pleasantly scen

Vampires of Venus - part 1

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Vampire Non-Vore Venus future Female vampire

Part 2:

The title of the story tells you what it is, really. A bit of speculative fiction on my part, future history, but with vampires in it too.

My previous vampire story can be found here: 

French_snack - 6 months ago

Thanks!! It was a new sort of challenge, putting together a coherent setting for a realistic future on another world. In part 2, we come to how vampires fit in there.

dreamweevil - 6 months ago

I've always loved your writing style and this is no exception - gorgeous descriptions and a lot of effort on world-building. Looking forward to reading part 2!

Shard River flowed past as they watched, its serene stream of clear water glistening in the late afternoon sunlight. The three women stood on its bank, on the edge of the forest, gazing quietly at the warm blue colour of the sky and the lush green trees on the opposite side of the water.

It was peaceful here, Milly thought with a soft smile.


French_snack - 7 months ago

Maybe Milly would have had an opportunity to think of that, if she hadn't eaten the mermaid a moment later. ;)

Thanks! The general assumption among a lot of giant preds seems to be, regarding humans and other 'littles': "Well, they're not *really* people. How could they be; they're so small!" Milly has a different perspective, though, having spent so much time talking with tinies and also with littles. Her view is "they're proper people, but it's okay of course to eat them: that's what they're for".

Kasra - 7 months ago

Silly Milly, it's hard for a mermaid to tell you how the river compares to the forest when they haven't been in the forest before!

I enjoy how...non-hostile the predation scenes are, and the casual remarks along the lines of "they behave like 'normal size' people."

And the teasing is downright delightful.

The clouds broke as they were finishing breakfast, unleashing a torrent of rain onto the forest. Thunder boomed, and the rain pelted loudly at the roof of Milly’s hut, lashing sideways also in through the window frame and open doorway. With her mouth full of half-chewed nuts, she got up and hurried to push the door shut. The wind blew it back open, spraying her with a burst of cold rain.

“Wow!” Tinatalan exclai

Donotlike13 - 7 months ago

Hope for more soon, seems like it took longer since the last Felarya story.

Kasra - 7 months ago

I do get nervous for Calina with a hungry Elli around, I must admit.

French_snack - 7 months ago

Well, it's a girls' day out! :D Oh, Calina knows she's pushing Elli. She just has to be careful to do that in a measured way.

French_snack - 7 months ago


Kasra - 7 months ago

Gotta love the casual gossiping! And things are surprisingly pleasant between Elli and Calina.

“You’ll be all right, though? You’re sure?”

Milly beamed at him with a loving, reassuring smile. “I’ll be fine, Yemic!” She reached up and gently touched his cheek. “I won’t be on my own, once the girls arrive, and Ciel knows all about staying safe in the forest. Besides, I
this. I need to feel…” She paused, her lovely brown

Story 230 - part 1

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Fatal Felarya Unwilling Non-Consensual Milly Catgirl prey Mermaid Prey Macro pred ciel Tinatalan Neko prey giantess pred merman prey cat boy prey

This is a Felarya story.

Tinatalan and the world of Felarya itself belong of course to :Karbo. Ciel belongs to Asuroth. Elli belongs to TheWiking2000. Nevenez belongs to mariusmule.

Nevenez' scene is best understood after reading this recent story by mariusmule: . In fact I wrote most of her scene before that story was published, then adjusted it in part.

Lixie, you might remember, first...
[ Continued ...

Donotlike13 - 7 months ago

Best case for whoever eats Lea is sudden vomiting induced by Crisis, Anna, or another friend with only a upset stomach to show for their efforts.
Worst case I see Crisis being desperate (or angry) enough to cut whoever ate Lea wide open to get her out.

French_snack - 7 months ago

That would be unfortunate for both of them, if someone (or something) else eats Lixie before Calina can catch her!

Kasra - 7 months ago

One must have goals in life! Though I dunno if Lixie'll slip, Calina's probably not the only one gunning for her.

nap25 - 7 months ago

I don't want either of them to die, but for me vore is always better when the prey is a character you've spent time and can empathize with. And those two spend plenty of time with preds who could accidentally eat them, or be convinced by fellow preds to cough them back up. :)

French_snack - 7 months ago

Plus, Lixie's giving Calina something to look forward to! :D

Ava allowed herself to fall back onto the soft fluffy bed with a sleepily contented sigh. She gazed up idly at the ceiling, and reached vaguely, without looking, towards her half-drunk bottle of beer on the bedstand.

A short slender black girl with short frizzy hair, she was wearing light mauve pyjamas with white stars speckled all over them. Sitting together on the carpet by the side of the bed, her friends Leah and Maddie were

Earth girls are filling

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Lizard Soft Vore Stuffing Fatal Non-Consensual Unwilling Prey shrunken prey shrunken women Shrinking Prey shrinking woman Animal/F vore day Reptile Predator Avrinn Loda Xnixi Earth girls Kiyomi Yamazaki

A bit of monster vore, for a change! This is a continuation to Prinny's delightfully vore-filled tale "Earth Girls Are Edible" ( ).

The characters of Avrinn Loda, Xnixi and Kiyomi are Prinny's, as is the type of creature that does the eating here.

Happy Vore Day! :) 

French_snack - 8 months ago

Thanks. It was such a fun story, I really wanted to write a follow-up. Everything seems to be going well for Avrinn and Xnixi, and the lizards are all safely back in their habitat. But poor Kiyomi, so lovely and talented, has been completely digested by now.

Leah would have enjoyed watching Kiyomi's stellar career, listening to all her new songs and going to her concerts. But since Leah is now being digested as well, she'll luckily never find out that her idol's career has come to a sudden stop. ;)

And I have to say, your picture certainly helped inspire me to mention Kiyomi in this story!

Nalzindar - 8 months ago

Wow, incredible nice to see this gang again along with the pesky lizards. I am glad you chose up this particular story from Prinny to continue. The style, description and setting was great, and we got to see not only the aliens again, but also many mentions about Kiyomi's pop-career. The internal scenes was also very good and I enjoyed them much.

I can agree with Arvinn that it was almost a shame the Japanese singer would probably be digested already, her music (and appearance) would probably have been given Kiyomi quite a career.
Shamelessly fun as always, keep it up : )

French_snack - 8 months ago

Thanks! And I think you may enjoy it. Prinny's "Earth girl" stories, and others, are shamelessly fun vore. :D

French_snack - 8 months ago

I just couldn't resist! Prinny made the setting wonderfully appealing. :)

Kasra - 8 months ago

This is great! And a setting I was previously unaware of, I'll have to check it out.

There was a flash of white light in the void. From that flash, which soon faded into the deep cold blackness of empty space, emerged a single, battered-looking starfighter ship. The ship slowed, decelerating to an aimless drift, as the pilot assessed her position.

“Well, here we are,” she said with a grimace. “One of the pleasant tourist spots of the galaxy.” Ale’ann Trexx, a young woman in her earl

Star Wars: Force Feeding – Prelude

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Fatal Non-Consensual Shrinking star wars Jedi

This is the result of cooperation between Wiking and me. As you probably know, he's making a Star Wars vore video in which a lovely young woman shrinks and eats people. Here's a screenshot: .

Wiking asked me whether I'd be interested in writing a prelude of sorts to the scene of his short film. We discussed the character, her background and other stuff, and I wrote this.

[ Continued ...

French_snack - 9 months ago

Thanks! Credit must go to Wiking for the idea of using the Force to shrink and eat people. But I enjoyed writing this story on that premise!

Mouthplayer - 9 months ago

I read this on DA but it will not display comments (I have noticed that other comments I have written have also disappeared).

I loved this new Star Wars with a vore twist. What a devilishly good use of the Force!

French_snack - 9 months ago

I can't take credit for the title: Wiking came up with that! :) He asked me if I could think of a better one, but: obviously not, because I'm awful at titles. So we're using his.

immortalsane - 9 months ago

I will come back and read this, but I just stopped by to say: your pun game is over 9000. Holy shit, that pun.

These are chess mo
ments from some of the games in the African IVC qualifiers:

Grace (white) v. Nelly (black).
The state of play just before Laura’s capture. Laura is the pawn on square d4.


French_snack - 10 months ago

Merci. :)

Diabolique - 10 months ago

Ton engagement à créer un résultat crédible doit être félicité. S'il y avait des prix pour avoir écrit vore, vous gagneriez beaucoup.

French_snack - 10 months ago

Well, I enjoy writing them, so... :)

Sleepless - 10 months ago

I appreciate the lengths you go to make these stories different to others.

French_snack - 10 months ago

Thanks! I preferred to keep the games coherent if I could.

When she regained the use of
her senses, she found that she was sitting with her panties-clad bottom on the shrink-pad, feeling a little disoriented. The world around her seemed blurred, a flurry of colours. She blinked, and shook her head.

“Are you all right?” Ali’s voice asked from somewhere far above. “You fell over.”

French_snack - 9 months ago

Thanks very much! That's exactly what I try to do. :)

HappyBlanket - 9 months ago

I love the way you write vore stories. All the characters are like everyday folks having fun. You make it sound so enjoyable. I can't wait for the next one :)

French_snack - 10 months ago

Merci ! Je suis content que ça vous ait plu. Et oui, je suis un peu envieux de Felix !

Diabolique - 10 months ago

Enfin l'histoire est terminée et les positions sont décidées. Ce fut un voyage amusant à travers l'Afrique avec une fin agréable sur une jolie île. Un homme chanceux se retrouvera ce soir dans une jolie fille!

French_snack - 10 months ago

That's a nice neat way of describing Felix's next few hours! :D

Thanks very much. :)

The other tables had now all been cleared away. Erika paced impatiently around the last remaining table, with thirty-two shrunken men and women all standing more or less neatly in position on its che
ssboard. A large screen hanging from the ceiling displayed a stylised representation of that board, so that spectators could more easily follow the final game of the day.

The twenty-nine people inside her were weighi

French_snack - 10 months ago

Thanks! Erika was very determined. And yes, Paddy is a lucky blighter in there! :D

Pabulum - 10 months ago

Wow. Erika has come smashing through to take victory. She was barely mentioned early the story but now she's the champion! That was nicely concealed.
Paddt stuck between the boobs and butt of two women sounds like heaven!

French_snack - 10 months ago

Vivee probably did have a plan to beat her, but Erika outmanoeuvred her. Sometimes it's not the nicest people who win!

Sleepless - 10 months ago

This is a shock result, Erika is a very good player but I thought Vivee had a plan to beat her.
But I guess Erika is fun in her own way.

French_snack - 10 months ago

Grace was lucky that the doctor was very understanding. It must have been quite a ride for the people in her tummy, though! Imagine... :D

“Pawn b4 to b3,” Melodi said. The fairly tall, skinny white man with brown hair, dark chocolate on his bare chest, walked forward to stand confronting three of Vivee’s rearguard pawns – and the king they were shielding.

Vivee frowned a little, pensive. Melodi was making another deliberate sacrifice – but why? Did the defending champion simply suppose that Vivee’s stomach capacity was inferior

French_snack - 10 months ago

Poor Erika: She's *trying* to be very serious about it all! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

Sleepless - 10 months ago

I am enjoying this a lot - I think Vivee vs Erika is a good match because Erika is so nasty that she's actually funny. I wouldn't mind if she won to be honest.

French_snack - 10 months ago

En tout cas, Vivee ne va pas la sous-estimer ! Elle a la hargne de gagner, cette Erika.

Diabolique - 10 months ago

Erika est une adversaire étonnamment dangereuse, le dernier match sera une confrontation intéressante de personnalités. J'ai hâte de savoir qui sera dans l'avion pour la Corée.

French_snack - 10 months ago

Yes, I think Erika would be almost disappointed if she didn't have an opportunity for an unpleasant confrontation!

“Yes, I know I agreed to it. But you have to admit, it’s kind of a big…” Véronique Lablanche, with her elegantly styled blond hair and red jacket, was pacing one of the corridors beyond the competition room, holding her mobile phone to the side of her head. She paused as the male voice on the other end of the line interrupted her firmly. Her cameraman stood nearby, looking somewhat at a loose end; he had left his equipment in the room where the second round action

French_snack - 10 months ago

Certainly not what he was expecting when he got up that morning! :D

lazylayjay - 10 months ago

It's so much fun reading the small sections of these stories like Kyle losing his tour group and...oops, he's a food volunteer in a vore competition. Life is full of surprises huh?

French_snack - 11 months ago

You're very welcome! :)

French_snack - 11 months ago

Thanks; I enjoy writing those casual types of scenes. :) And Michelle is certainly going to be watching Ali cautiously now!

Bellyache - 11 months ago

As someone who enjoys f/f casual vore I found Veronique's sign off immensely satisfying. Thankyou :)

Grace was feeling –all things considered– rather proud of herself.

And very twitchy, shifting her hot bottom uncomfortably on her chair.

She had eaten, so far, nine of Nelly’s shrinkies, while Nelly had eaten up seven of hers. She had valiantly kept on capturing and eating the appetising, tiny people, even though every time she caught one caus

French_snack - 11 months ago

There will be. Perhaps within the next two or three days, even.

HomoErectus - 11 months ago

Is there more of this story?

kibroman - 11 months ago

My apologies will not happen again and thank you very much for everything. I'm thinking of writing felarya stories and publishing them, and the first story where I leave zoekin with katrika I imagine this:

Katrika recovers her form (with the help of Vivian I suppose), she does not remember Anna but she feels that she is a very important person to her.
When Velvet eats her other half, she dreams in a dream that Katrika is with Anna and plans to kill her (because she thinks it is important to Katrika).
Katrika confronts Velvet to save Anna and defeats her but this death wound and confesses that she loves Anna, Anna tries to do everything possible to keep her alive until Temi arrives and saves her.
What do you think, will people like it?

I will keep commenting on the stories you post and sometimes I ask you for some advice to make good stories.
Well thank you very much for everything and I am very sorry for the inconvenience that I have caused you. I wish you the best of luck and you are a very kind person. :)

French_snack - 11 months ago

Thanks. But yes, patience is needed now...

French_snack - 11 months ago

Please don't post the same question multiple times. Especially on a page which is for reacting to an IVC story. Yes, you can imagine whatever you like.

“Bishop to h3!” Jamelia said triumphantly. Penny, her black bishop on square e6, looked up and nodded, then walked her way dia
gonally down the board, towards where a dark-skinned, portly man with a bishop’s mitre and white chocolate on his chest were standing. Vivee, playing white, gave a brief grimace.

“An exchange, then,” she said mildly.

French_snack - 11 months ago

They're certainly having fun! :)

Sleepless - 11 months ago

Wonderful. Love the shrinkies playing kings and queens (and then being eaten) :-)

French_snack - 11 months ago

Well, Alessia describes it as being a small enough handicap as to realistically be due to chance. Erika, of course, disagrees. Whether rightly or wrongly... who knows?

Ladybellylover - 11 months ago

Part 6 and we're still not past the first round of the competition! You are really treating us with this epic!

Jamelia is hanging on in there but Vivee is still favorite I'd say.

I'm starting to think Erika might have a point. The organizers don't know that Joy is trying to defraud some bookies and Alessia has confirmed that her shrinkies are harder to swallow.

French_snack - 11 months ago

Thanks! It's more fun, sometimes, when not all of the contestants are pleasant. ;)

“Pawn to
d4,” Anisha said. And watched, rather pleased, as one of her little men took a couple of steps forward on the board. “Your move,” she went on, looking across at Elizabeth. The young Ghanaian woman, though, had her eyes closed and her head bowed, her hands joined in prayer, her pretty lips murmuring some inaudible whisper. “Oh, sorry,” Anisha said quickly. “I didn’t see you were praying.”

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thanks. I don't think it'll be too long now before the next part. :)

HappyBlanket - 1 year ago

These stories of my favourite. I hope you manage to post the rest soon. I want Elizabeth to win <3

French_snack - 1 year ago

Merci. Les "pièces" sur l'échiquier semblent s'y plaire tout autant que les joueuses qui les mangent ! :)

Diabolique - 1 year ago

Je n'aurais jamais pensé que les échecs et le vore feraient une combinaison aussi excitante, les joueurs semblent certainement en profiter. je suis curieux de savoir qui va gagner pour participer au prochain tour. Je soutiens Elizabeth, elle est ravissante.

French_snack - 1 year ago

Interesting predictions! You'll find out (at some point) whether you're right. :) I do think the chess makes it more fun for the competitors and the prey alike!

Standing at
the bedside mirror in her hotel room, Joy Lelosa slowly applied the gloss of her light red lipstick, pretending to pay no notice to the two men behind her as they talked. She was fairly petite, in her early twenties at most, her curly long African hair dyed brown, with a faintly bored look on her pretty face as she looked herself over critically in the mirror. She ran her tongue slowly over her upper incisors.

French_snack - 1 year ago

Maybe Ali is just trying to see what she can get away with. ;)

You can turn off the new version on DA (that's what I've done), but only temporarily, I think.

Ladybellylover - 1 year ago

I'm considering closing my DA account, I cannot get used to the new version and suddenly Ekas seems the better option. I might comment on here more often.

I do not expect Jamelia to make it past round one but I hope she has some fun before she goes back to eating her father's business associates in her luxurious home in Algeria.

I had forgotten how much I have enjoyed Ali and Alessia in the previous couple stories. Ali in particular seems to be daring each time.

French_snack - 1 year ago

Well, they can't *all* be nice. It makes it more competitive! :D

Bellyache - 1 year ago

Wow! More new characters. Joy is an inventive twist, vore for a quick few bucks. Can't say I blame her.
Who does Erika think she is! Attitude.

French_snack - 1 year ago

Or slightly worried, perhaps. ;)

She did. A while later, Anisha sat back in her chair at the dinner table, in the cosy upstairs dining room, and folded her hands over her tummy with a soft little sigh of simple pleasure.

“Okay, Viv, I kind of hate to say it, but… that was delicious,” she admitted, and licked her lips. She had taken a big second helping after the first.


French_snack - 1 year ago

Merci ! C'est une remarque qui me fait beaucoup plaisir.

Diabolique - 1 year ago

Comme d'habitude, je suis attiré par la chaleur de ces personnages. Tu écris vore avec beaucoup de goût. J'attends avec impatience les prochains versements.

Diabolique - 1 year ago

Comme d'habitude, je suis attiré par la chaleur de ces personnages. Vous écrivez vore avec beaucoup de goût. J'attends avec impatience les prochains versements.

Ladybellylover - 1 year ago

I like what you have done with Caramel, very inventive. The preds have another competition to keep them occupied.

I thought 3 parts was a bit short but this explains why. Nice build up. Now for the main event!

French_snack - 1 year ago

It certainly promises to be a tough competition! Vivee is quite ready, and has a good appetite... but so, indeed, does Nelly. And Nelly is a trained athlete!

A while later, she
picked up the last of her little people – a fairly short-statured, slender woman. This one would be easy to eat, one last easy mouthful of pleasure. She held her up, with her fingertips pressed gently but firmly round the shrinkie’s bare shoulders, and eyed her. The tiny woman gazed back at her with awestruck delight on her face, and Nelly was pleased to find that she was still feeling
as she looked at thi

French_snack - 1 year ago

Exactly! Being swallowed is the one thrilling experience that no-one around can brag about having done. A once-in-a-lifetime change to your routine!

Ladybellylover - 1 year ago

Nelly might find that practice can only get you so far, as my wife can testify. Sometimes you just have to accept that some girls have big

I found Laura's reaction to learning about vore very amusing, When you've got everything you need,there's always vore!

French_snack - 1 year ago

Vivee does, apparently! ;) And yes, Laura certainly intends to go out in a hot haze of pleasure!

Sleepless - 1 year ago

Amazing. I'm addicted. Rich prey on the menu at the IVC! Who will get to eat poor unsatisfied Laura and give her the climax to end all climaxes?

I'm sorry to say that I'm more interested in the side characters than the centerpiece Vivee, maybe because we haven't met them before. Vivee is nice though - but seriously who has a chicken as a house pet? Lol

French_snack - 1 year ago

I can understand that, actually! :D That poor hen is a rescued animal who should be able to look forward to a good home.

Thank you. That's something I enjoy writing: 'realistic' characters, with their own lives to lead. Who simply, in addition to the other things going on in their life, enjoy eating people now and then.

Bright sunlight poured through the streets of the North African town, its luminosity enhancing the warm colours of the squarish buildings – creamy white, vivid yellow, pastel orange. The
fronds of palms trees swayed ever so lightly in a welcome breeze, under the hot blue sky. There were few people out and about, in what was evidently a wealthy area of town. Escaping the mid-afternoon sun, the privileged local residents were staying indoors, or perhaps some were out at plea

Story 227 - part 1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Consensual Fatal Willing Micro Prey IVC Africa shrunken prey International Vore Competition Vivee

Welcome to the IVC African vore qualifier!

This story is going to be long, and I’m far from having finished it, but since many of you would quite like something with vore to read during confinement, I’m putting online what I’ve written so far - the first three parts.

As with previous editions, many of the pred and prey characters are based on requests / suggestions by readers.

Here we go! :)

= = = =
Part 2:...
[ Continued ...

French_snack - 1 year ago

Haha, yes, that would be one very awkward phone call! :D

Anisha has certainly made herself a lot of enemies. But she doesn't care too much, because she's also made herself a lot of fans!

Ladybellylover - 1 year ago

I often forget that you post your stories here as well as Deviantart, probably because it is much easier to read on there.

Thanks for including my pred idea. Jamelia is wonderful. Her father must be exasperated. He's probably glad that the competition means she will be out of the house for a few days, he might get some business done!

I would love to hear him make that awkward phone call to Mr Ghannouchi's office - "yes, about that, I'm very sorry but my daughter has eaten him".

Good news for footballing nations that France are a player down for the next world cup ;)

French_snack - 1 year ago

She'll be a bit annoyed, but it won't make her change her behaviour. ;)

Sleepless - 1 year ago

I like the new girls already! My favorite so far has to be Jamelia. She is so grounded but I bet she doesn't care!

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thanks; I'm glad you're enjoying them. :) And yes, a lot of people in France will be slightly peeved at naughty Anisha!

The three of them sat round t
heir downstairs table again, Lykke and Teagan side by side on a bench with their backs to a wooden partition, and Jossie on a chair opposite them. Laid out between them in the centre of the table were twelve small shot glasses, colourful with cocktails and liqueurs. Four contained an Alabama slammer, a translucent bright orange mix of amaretto, orange juice and gin. Four held a black rose – a dark yet bright, nebula-like swirl of black vodka an

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thanks! I think Jossie also hoped Teagan would end up inside Lykke's hot tummy, but... well, at least this way we might see her again some day!

lazylayjay - 1 year ago

Took me a while to get my bearings as I thought this was a new IVC story. But once it got going it was immense.
I kind of wanted Teagen to get eaten in the end.

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thanks for that thoughtful comment! Not surprisingly, I too have a fondness for shy, uncertain, petite first-time pred girls, who brighten up and become cutely voracious when they find out they really *enjoy* swallowing wriggly shrinkies. :)

Teagan must have had at least a dozen in her tummy by the end, sloshing around and being churned amidst all the liqueurs and cocktails. No wonder she had a bit of a poorly tummy and felt queasy when she woke up the next morning.

And I'm glad you also like her toilet scene! As nice and considerate as she was to her prey while she ate them, now that she's digested them, there's just one thing for her to do. If she can manage to finish (well, she'll have to!), despite the embarrassment of Lykke sitting on her bare lap while she's doing it!

Nonagon - 1 year ago

I really like how this one turned out. I actually felt kinda bad for Teagan during the story, enjoyable as it was. She's just so nice - I love the idea of a small, shy pred like her, which is not something you see that much of, or at least not as much as preds like Lykke and Jossie and the idea of Lykke just "pushing her" all drunk into a shrinker didn't seem right. It's all tied together really well by having the first time, careful and mindful about her prey's well being pred just casually sitting on the toilet, mindlessly pushing the remains of her prey out of her, it was real cute as well as extremely sexy. To me at least, I guess.

I'd love to see more of Teag, ideally outside of her two friends tummies - maybe they take a liking to the pred she turned out to be, enough to stop drooling about her? I don't know what you've got planned, but if you think about continuing this one here's at least one interested reader.

Eddie enjoyed the shiver of excitement that passed thro
ugh him. His hand fidgeted with nervous, eager anticipation through his sandy-dark hair, and he looked around once more. The other shrunken men and only shrunken woman on the teal blue linoleum floor looked similarly excited. Despite it being winter, bright sunlight streamed in through the window, bathing over some of them in its warm gentle glow. Some were shifting their feet, others breathing in and out deeply and audibly.

Story 226 - part 1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F F/M squish Consensual Fatal Crush Unwilling Willing Non-Consensual Micro Prey Shrunken man Shrunken woman shrunken prey Forbidden Dish Jossie

This is pretty much shameless vore, almost from start to finish. A girls’ night out, with lots of people ending up swallowed. And digested.

Be aware there’s a short toilet scene at the end. It also, for the first time in one of my stories, contains some squishing - young ladies stomping on tiny guys, for fun.

Jossie is TheWiking2000’s creation. She first appeared in the fantastic animated film Shrunk and Drunk:...
[ Continued ...

French_snack - 1 year ago

Glad you like it! :D

Sleepless - 1 year ago

Woohoo Forbidden Dish! Now with a side of squishing. It doesn't get much better thsn this.

Reference list of my stories

Here’s a list of my stories from n°201 onward, indicating what each one is. Colour-coded for convenience:
is the International Vore Competition (including the Vore Quiz and the Vore Restaurant),
is Felarya,
is DotE,

Reference list of my stories (201 onward)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Felarya IVC

Here’s a reference list of my most recent stories, up to and including Story 234 ('Weihnachtsküsse'). I hope it can be useful.

For earlier stories (1 to 200), see here: . The list was getting so long that this website no longer accepted new versions, so I split it.

The IVC is a setting I invited myself. The Vore Restaurant was invented by bedfordsb, based on the IVC. Felarya is the creation of Karbo. The Forbidden Dish is the...
[ Continued ...

It was a cold, cold night and the sky pitch dark above. But the bright, cheery glow from the Christmas market huts seemed, almost by magic, to chase away some of frosty chill from the air, and kindle a glimmer of warmth somewhere deep and special in Ida’s soul. She squeezed her wife’s hand, only just able to feel Marlene’s bodily warmth through the thick winter gloves they were both wearing.

It was December 5

A Christmas swallow

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore F/F Christmas Consensual Fatal German Lesbian Willing germany IVC Marlene Ida Ida and Marlene

Everyone’s favourite German IVC couple are back! Christmas is coming in Berlin - a time for love, and to indulge in slightly naughty pleasures.

Merry Christmas!  

French_snack - 1 year ago

You might have met Ida and Marlene! There's something special about a Christmas market, and these two ladies very much like to delve into its gently festive atmosphere.

I hope you've been having a cheerful Christmas too. :)

TheWiking2000 - 1 year ago

And here I just missed an opportunity to go to a German Christmas market a few weeks ago but then you come along take me right there anyway! Lovely, cute story with a nice, lovely ending. Merry Xmass!

French_snack - 1 year ago

I hope so! I'll try to. :)

lazylayjay - 1 year ago


lazylayjay - 1 year ago

Well that was fun. Everybody in the christmas spirit. Will this be a regular christmas yjong?

Jack was true to his word; after dinner, he drove her home. Ethan had experienced the evening from the level of Jess’ tummy, hidden by the fresh clothes she had changed into after her dance class. He had heard them both, as they talked, asking about each other with cautiously polite interest at first, and then with open, friendly curiosity. Jess told him about practicing her oboe at home, and about her soft spot for buying large, framed photographs of beautiful sunsets, whenever she could

French_snack - 1 year ago

<I>"It can be terrifying on one end but nice in another since you serve a purpose to someone that you've liked as a person."</I>

Yes, exactly. It's possible to read this story and imagine Ethan finding a real sense of contentment.

And the Doctor Who episode you're thinking of is "Blink" - still one of the best in the series. :)

FutanariPrincess - 1 year ago

And with that... I know that my personal point of view is that I wish I was the victim. And as the victim, I personally wish to have some sense of agency after the transformation so with the man constantly saying in the ring that he was suffering in the previous chapter, of the fact that she is thinking completely differently from what he is and he has no way to tell her since he's just a ring... That is depressing to me but I see how it isn't to others since I also like pet play. The fact that you have a lack of agency and are just stuck as someone else's plaything can be a thing that people enjoy, and thus knowing that for the rest of existence you're just a piece of jewelry... It can be terrifying on one end but nice in another since you serve a purpose to someone that you've liked as a person. Just like in a Dr. Who episode that I rewatched in a film career that a guy had after getting sent back in time by a Weeping Angel, he helped the person that he saw as beautiful before he got sent back in time by working with The Doctor to tell her how to survive against them.

FutanariPrincess - 1 year ago

Yes, that is interesting. The fact that on the other platform it is not of the man's well being in the relationship mentally but the idea that he is well because even though other things happened, he was eternally snuggled at her belly button. Different ways to view art.

French_snack - 1 year ago

It's been interesting to see that readers have different ways of reading it. Here on the Portal, you've mostly taken it as horror. On deviantArt, my regular readers have taken it more light-heartedly. In any case, I'm glad you enjoyed it in your own way.

FutanariPrincess - 1 year ago

Pretty bloody depressing, yet enjoyable. Enjoyable in the fact that this was fuckin horribly heartbreaking and depressing and I'm glad that you were good at making horror. Unlike Becoming the Centaur's Foal, this was meant to be horror to me and it succeeded. Thank you. You truly have made me feel like shit continuing to read this for how horrible the MC is.

He was half-asleep by the time Jess got up to get ready for bed. He allowed himself to feel lulled by the motions of her walk, the light sway of her hips. She went to the toilet, then into h
er bedroom, and got undressed. That woke him up properly. She stripped out of her blouse, unbuckled her belt and wriggled her hips to let her trousers fall down around her feet, stepping out of them. She bent down –squeezing him very tightly in her navel– to pick up her clothes, f

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thanks! It's not the type of story I usually write, but I got quite into it too. :)

Part 3 is now up: .

shortprey20 - 1 year ago

Not my type of story usually but i admit im pretty invested into Ethans and Jess relationship now! Will she change him back, or will she leave him there and cheat on him with jack? So many burning questions!

muslone - 1 year ago

Wonderful story as always

Jessica held his hand and tugged at him lightly, looking over her shoulder at him with a bright eager grin as she all but skipped on ahead up the street. Her soft warm fingers were interlocked with his, and he gave her hand a tender squeeze, smiling at the gleam in her warm brown eyes.

“Come on!” she exclaimed, her pretty mouth open in a broad grin, her white teeth seeming to flash at him. “We’re almost t

Hers - part 1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Non-Vore Consensual Transformation Willing Clara Angie Magical transformation

It’s been a while, but here’s my new story! This one focuses on magical transformation (and not into food, for once). Clara and Angie appear, but aren’t at the centre of the story.

Developed from a starting concept mentioned by Maethlon, which I liked and just had to do something with. I hope you all enjoy it!

- - - -

Part 2: 

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thanks! Well, there's this one right here, but I'll also try to get a short vore story out for Christmas.

French_snack - 1 year ago

Just a tradition that started accidentally. When I began writing here, I couldn't think of good titles for my first two stories, so I called them "Story 1" and "Story 2". Then the pattern just continued.

The best way to navigate my stories is to look at the folders they're in. Each folder corresponds to a setting (or a theme). Or you can have a look at the reference list here: .

muslone - 1 year ago

I am glad to see you are back. I look forward to your stories.

Moonsniper - 1 year ago

Why are a lot of your story’s numbered? Is it a story or the order they were created

Moonsniper - 1 year ago

Why are a lot of your story’s numbered? Is it a story or the order they were created

They had blocked off access to the portal. They –Reena assumed– being the police, or maybe the local authorities, or perhaps even the government and its security services. Or something. Anyway, she wasn’t supposed to go near it.

It had appeared just a few days ago, right inside town, towards the back end of a narrow alley. Just a few streets from her flat! Very soon, it had been all that everyone was talking ab

Story 222

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Fatal Felarya Unwilling Fairy Non-Consensual Lucilya Fairy pred

Another short one. A bit of simple Felaryan vore.

This one is for Karbo - and for all of you too, of course. 

French_snack - 1 year ago

Hehe; thank you! :D And Lucilya certainly does enjoy the simple joys in life. Eating up tasty humans, and delighting in the wonders they bring with them! It was fun to place myself in the mindset of someone who's never seen a mirror before, who finds herself fascinated and who can get a lot out of finding ways to have fun with it.

Kasra - 1 year ago

Excellent work!

I like the inclusion of a less worldly predator; a fairy impressed by a mirror is simply delightful. And the idea of a portal appearing and being accused of being an odd art installation, to the point of trying to recreate it, is hilarious.

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thanks. I hadn't done many of those recently. Back to basics!

Krauser - 1 year ago

Nice. Liked the internal scene.

Le ciel est d’un noir profond, autour d’un soleil étincelant. Le sol, fait de roche sans vie et de cratères, de parois abruptes et de poussière, semble immuable. Pas un murmure de vent ; pas le moindre bruit. Et personne pour entendre ce silence.

Dans ce ciel noir où les étoiles, nombreuses, scintillent à peine, un objet approche, descend vers ce sol gris depuis les ab&i

Le premier homme mangé sur la Lune

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Consensual Fatal moon Willing Shrunken man Human Pred shrunken prey

This very short vore story is written in French. The title means ‘The first man eaten on the Moon’.  

atak - 1 year ago

Thank you for being willing to translate it for the rest of us! I was all ready to go use Google Translate but you'll do a FAR better job!

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thank you! A short flight of fancy can be pleasant to write, and I'm glad it's also enjoyable to discover and read.

Diabolique - 1 year ago

C'est un vol fantastique de fantaisie. Parfois, les plus courts donnent le plus de plaisir!

Imback - 1 year ago

Thanks! I'll probably do it this weekend then.

corporatebanana - 1 year ago

Oh I don't blame you, write what you want. I'd probably do exactly the same thing, if I could be bothered to write at all, much less in my second language instead of my first.

It was a pleasantly warm night, the heat from the past day rising quietly from the forest and into the cool night air. Night birds hooted. Small creatures rustled in the undergrowth, foraging amidst the fronds of low green plants and fallen leaves. Inside her cave, Jora slept, lying on her side on the soft furs Jade had given her, and held Tanny cuddled snugly in her arms.

When her eyes fluttered open, she was unsure what had wo

Story 220

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Giantess Toilet Fatal Felarya Unwilling crisis Non-Consensual Milly Jora Neko prey

This is a Felaryan story, continuing from the events of Story 204 and Story 215.

Jora and Tanny belong to Ravana3k. Crisis, Léa, Anna and Temi belong to Karbo, as does the world of Felarya itself. Milly, Calina and Tina (the tomthumb) are my own. The human wandering through the forest all on her own belongs to Mariusmule (girlfood), and her scene continues from (and is a brief homage to) his story ‘A Stranger in Felarya’.

Be advised this story contains a briefly...
[ Continued ...

French_snack - 1 year ago

Those nekos were certainly ruthless. Milly even felt a little bit bad for her meal. Though she gobbled it up quite happily all the same, stuffing her tummy. :)

Heh, I'm having fun with Crisis and Jora trying to work out how their relationship should be. Glad you're enjoying it!

Kasra - 1 year ago

Crisis' relationship with Jora is absolutely adorable, I must say. And I enjoyed the reunion between Milly and Calina!

Though I'd never thought of the smaller folk bringing along an alternative meal in exchange for passage, it really is quite ingenious. Though overeating CAN be a problem..

The gardener hummed as he knelt down, quite cautiously as his knees were becoming a little stiff with age, and began to shovel fresh, moist dark earth down between the delicate pink and orange flowers of the flowerbed. It was raining, but just very slightly, a faint warm drizzle that felt fresh and pleasant on his crinkled face. All around him, the neatly tended castle gardens were lush and colourful with life.

Behind him rose t

Story 219

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Fatal Unwilling Dragoness Non-Consensual dragon-girl Amellazia

A tale of the dragon-girl Amellazia.

She was first created by Karbo who drew her here: .

It was PrinnyDood-Abides, though, who then named her and developed her further, by writing a story about her: . A belated happy birthday to you, Prinny! :)

Both that first picture and that first story established her taste for eating princesses, and it’s been a recurrent theme in subsequent...
[ Continued ...

French_snack - 1 year ago

That's a nice way of seeing it. I would agree: I'd be quite happy if Amellazia caught and ate her much-wanted treat, savouring every moment as she sloshed that smoothly delicious princess in her mouth and then swallowed her down; but I'd also be quite happy if, out of respect and admiration for her, she let her go. Still, I'm not sure she'd be able to resist eating such a wonderfully tempting catch!

Ixtili - 1 year ago

On the one hand Amellazia's obsession with Wilenni really does it for the Fatal Romantic in me. On the other hand the thought that Wilenni is the princess she let's get away does it for the General Romantic in me.

French_snack - 1 year ago

That would be lovely, yes! And Karbo definitely wouldn't mind, as long as he's credited. I'd be delighted to see the result. :)

Nalzindar - 1 year ago

Thanks yourself for writing this and for expanding many of the Felarya characters ;P
I have long wanted to draw one of Karbo's characters and see how it will go with my manga style,do you think it would be OK if I made a picture of Amellazia and Wilenni at some point if the opportunity should arise?

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thank you very much! I wanted, indeed, to leave open the possibility that Wilenni evaded her voracious 'fan' in the end, while also suggesting implicitly that Amellazia *did* eat her up. Prinny has said he may one day write how that last encounter between them went, and if so I'll discover what actually happened. ;)

As for Amellazia, my perception of her is that, in addition to finding princesses delicious, she is in fact interested in how they live their lives, and she's interested in human arts and crafts in general. We see here that she positively admires Wilenni (while also wanting very much to savour her and then swallow her down!), and I had fun imagining her having an in-depth knowledge of the genealogy of royal and aristocratic lineages. She keeps track (more or less) of the various princesses, countesses and duke's daughters she's eaten!

As the questions got harder, they got more answers wrong in the third round, managing to bank just £460. Erin was
voted off. The rounds got shorter. In round four, Abena, the only player to receive three questions, got them all right, while Carissa got both her answers wrong and was voted out. Mariella and Billie-Jo had missed one each, and it was Billie-Jo who was sent off at the end of round five. Mariella was ousted in round six, leaving just Abena, Kim and Patricia in

Story 218 - The Odd One Out - part 4

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Game F/M Consensual Toilet Fatal Willing Annikki Human Pred IVC

Be aware this part contains an explicit toilet scene.

Back to part 3:
Back to part 1: 

blankuser935 - 1 year ago

Thank you! <3

French_snack - 1 year ago

She's in 200 and 211:

blankuser935 - 1 year ago

Which other stories does Summer appear in? :)

French_snack - 1 year ago

You're the first person to pick up on that! :D Based merely on seeing him in "Death in Paradise", I think Kris Marshall would make a good Doctor, so I decided he'd be the 14th Doctor within the timeline of the IVC world. Of course, in a few years' time, reading that part of this story will seem a little strange, when some other actress or actor has been cast for the part in real life...

Mouthplayer - 1 year ago

Loved the story but I have to comment on Kris Marshall being the next Doctor Who - I'm very disappointed that they went back to a male actor. Shame on you BBC!


Annikki leaned back comfortably in the soft-padded, two-person seat in the middle of the sleekly elegant gondola, and gazed round in quiet marvel at Venice’s Grand Canal.

A ride on a gondola was a bit of a kitsch-romantic tourist trap, but at this moment she felt so happy and relaxed, she really didn’t care. Gianni had wanted to do the classic thing and take her out onto the water, and she had been quite content to l

Story 218 - The Odd One Out - part 1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Game F/M Consensual Fatal Willing Shrinking Annikki Human Pred IVC

This story is set in the IVC setting.

Kim, Tiffany, Erin and Billie-Jo belong to bedfordsb, as does the Vore Restaurant. Mariella was created by TaintedVanilla. Gianni was created by eccentrichousewife. Other characters and settings are my own.

Part 2: 

DontTellMyWife - 1 year ago

Liked on DA and same again here!

French_snack - 1 year ago

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. :)

hamletvalley - 1 year ago

oh boy! A new IVC! You're fantastic at these! <3

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Though the galaxy is at peace, there are still dangers. Emperor Fel’s new order of Imperial Knight


needs to grow in numbers before it can help keep

his subjects


DotE NG: ep. 3: Captives - part 1

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Swallowing F/? Female Pred star wars eel animal prey F/animal

Defenders of the Empire: Next Generation, episode 3. Captives!

Our valiant Imperials no longer have pesky Rebels to fight, but there are other threats.

The opening scroll is here: .

The planet in this story is inspired by the planet in the Doctor Who episode ‘Midnight’.

Episode 3, part 2:
Back to episode 2: 

It was a warm, peaceful evening, the sort that filled


with a simple quiet gladness. The bright sun was descending slowly, without hurry, beyond the high top of the trees, and the clear warm sky was splashed with beautiful colours of orange and soft yellow and pink, reflected off the few wispy clouds. Birds chirped and chirruped, unseen somewhere up in the trees, and a large blue insect with scintillating, iridescent dark wi

Story 216

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Felarya Fairy Enita Liri

First story from me in two months. Writing it did me a world of good; I really needed to force myself to take a break from work.

I know this story isn’t part of what I had planned, but I wanted to write something fairly short, for the satisfaction of getting it done, after two months of not writing anything.

So, this is a short and simple tale about Felaryan fairies.

Liri is a character of Karbo’s. She first appeared in this picture of his: ...
[ Continued ...

French_snack - 2 years ago

Well Enita was cautious, but yes: They trusted him easily enough.

French_snack - 2 years ago


Krauser - 2 years ago

The fairies are pretty lucky Jarl didnt poison the food or anything. They let their guard down. I was wondering if that would happen.

Kasra - 2 years ago

Very nice! Enjoyed that little fairy-fight.