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just dont hurt me trainer...

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Pokemon Female Absol Crying porn hurt

if you want this...
it's okay trainer...
but please...
...please be gentle and dont hurt me!

AvengedRitsuko - 1 year ago

....*Pets head* Poor thing

albinator427 - 9 years ago

aww poor absol D:, but awesome job as always!


Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Pokemon Pinup Mewtwo

look what i caught :P 

thepokemonguy - 8 years ago

*snaps a photo, then taps mewtwo*
looky what I got

Haosonic - 9 years ago

- poke mewtwo - poke poke -

electricalsnake - 9 years ago

Pounce not punce x3

electricalsnake - 9 years ago

oooo, very nice, love it :3
*gets ready to punce and wake him up*

KingMewtwo - 9 years ago

well I think CyBeR_pAnDa might add to that belly if he keeps rubbing it

SolidScale - 9 years ago

With a foot paw like that, I don't think I'd run away.

Very, very nicely done. :3


Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Paws Bat Female badger Forceswerwolf Teeth threesome porcupine suami barbed girls essille quills mirriam hindpaws barbedgirls ef16 ef 16 triforce nails triangle

And something new of the -barbed girls-!
This time a traditional picture for the art show of -eurofurence 16-!
(My first time for a traditonal piece for a con...)
I hope you like/will like this one! Let me know what you think! tnx

Label: "Barbed Girls"
Picture name: "Triforce"
Characters: "Suami" (porcupine), "Mirriam" (bat) and "Essille" (badger)
Artist: myself

greetings ...
[ Continued ...

Kiala_Tiagra - 9 years ago

before we knew it she gonna swoop down and gobble someone

Daniel092004 - 9 years ago

Wow! I think that's the most conceivable looking herm I've ever seen. ^^ Very nice job.

squeek II

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Anthro Anal Bunny Skunk Skunkhase Forceswerwolf Anal Vore Hybrid Penis Tailhole

i thought i post this re-edited commission here too ... maybe some anal vore fans would like the view :P 

JoseCA - 7 years ago

definitely a hot view :)

Javeloz - 8 years ago

Yes. Very. o////o

SesshouFan22 - 9 years ago

so hawtt o.o


Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: fire Male Bunny Skunk Skunkhase Forceswerwolf Mawshot Magic Hybrid Penis Invalid Tag solo Skunny Bunk knot skuny pin

hot? x3 dont burn yourself on me :P
well, its ok i'll dont hurt you, even if you touch it.

(original drawn as a commission but i
edited the finished commission and changed it into
a fully different topic picuture for myself
to upload on 

SesshouFan22 - 9 years ago

*touches and fingers sizzles* :3

AcidRenamon CharSheet

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Digimon Forceswerwolf Acid Acidrenamon

i did a charsheet to solve the problem that she cant post edits from artists pictures.

acidrenamon is created by me and acidrenamon but is owned by her as fursona

yes it is the original pose from the most known renamon reference picture.
digimon © digimon, toei, bandai...

Stank - 10 years ago

Because... she's hot and has a corresponding green symbol! :D

Chris13 - 10 years ago

What a brilliant chracater. ^.^ And what a cool detail that you show her mouth when it's open and her arm without the glove. It makes her so much more real to picture in a vore situation.

bluemoon the lucario - 10 years ago

Love her! Renamon is one of my favorite charaters! Now she comes in acid form, yes!

ArchTeryx - 10 years ago

Heh. She looks like someone that'd be working in my National Cancer Institute lab!

ForcesWerwolf - 10 years ago

huh why? x3


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Furry Renamon Fox Anthro Digimon Skunk Sex Forceswerwolf green Hybrid Acid Acidrenamon

something for acidrenamon
the sexy black white green skunk renamon

art (c) by me
acidrenamon (c) by herself

markense - 10 years ago

Am i the only one that thinks she has a face of a pikachu?

Kiala_Tiagra - 10 years ago

wow.....that biohazard tattoo on renamon seems to fit her

she is a virus after all

flamedramon cosplay skunkhase

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Digimon Skunkhase Forceswerwolf armor Skunny Bunk cosplay Flamedramon

Well what can i say...
reverse squiggely?

the armor of flamedramon...
i just had to draw that!
now it's mine! x3 hehehe~

yupp i wanted to take the original pose
from the most known pic of flamey. 

dragon_lady - 10 years ago

Very badass i love it Flamedrahase!

Codo - 10 years ago

;~; You beautiful beautiful person you! Hooray flamedramon! \o/ One of, if not, THE most badass digimon!

Smittee - 10 years ago

Ooo, I like this. Not just because I'm a digimon fan, but because this is drawn so well. Very nice details.

prisoner - 10 years ago

This is badass. :D

Len_The_Fox - 10 years ago

Hm, Nice. Much harder to swallow i imagine.

sdrawkcaB nomaneR - Renamon Backwards

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Furry Renamon Anthro Digimon Female Sex Forceswerwolf Butt Anus pussy Tailhole backwards nomaner

sdrawkcaB nomaneR
Renamon Backwards

i just had to draw that :P

hope you like... i mean ... oh no like!
ouhm i gues like was right x3 ... or both?

renamon © digimon/toei/bandai...
art by me 

Randomguy01 - 1 year ago

Nice work.

Maybe she can unbirth me

bluemoon the lucario - 10 years ago

id lick it after all iam a lucario and i love renamon

Sparky_the_chu - 10 years ago

yay, I saw the wip of this one! :3 great job! n.n

miercobene - 10 years ago

This is definitely, by far, one of your best pics. More poses like this please! ^_^ FAV'D.

MilkChocolate - 10 years ago

That is so freaking hawt.

Barbed Girls: "MIRRIAM" the second posing

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Furry Paws Anthro Bat Female Sex Forceswerwolf ears pussy barbed girls hindpaw 2010 mirriam hindpaws spreading

just image what you could do with her x3
its up to you *licks her paws* squreeek!

the second posing..."

first posing: link
barbed girls informations: link

mirriam (and the barbed girls) are ©opyrighted to me.
tnx and thank you for the comments  

jkssmtrfkr - 10 years ago

If she's looking for a job, I think Cirque de Soliel might be hiring...

Noir - 10 years ago

So are there any openings willing to accomidate one silky panthress? if so, where do i sign up.. cause i want in on that!

You see what i did there?

malik - 10 years ago

That asshole looks inviting

Barbed Girls - "Mirriam's First Skunkbunny" COLLAB w/ Bloodh.

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Furry Paws Anthro Bat Sex Skunkhase Forceswerwolf Hybrid claws Skunkbunny Skunny Bunk barbed girls hindpaw mirriam claw bloodhound

and now back to the Barbed Girls stuff :3

this is a COLLAB between me and bloodhound from FA

she did the sketch + lines
and i did the inks, colors + shadings.

original sketch can be found here

skunkhase and mirriam (and the barbed girls) are under my ©opyright

LeSarthois - 10 years ago

How cute =3


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Tongue Wolf fight Dragon Anthro clean Sword Forceswerwolf knight Drena drenath black flesh aethian

aethian commissioned this a while ago, i just finished it now. SORRY for the long waiting time, but glad you liked it :3

aethian © himself
drena © is mine! :P

PS: no i dont tell you who will win, and there will be no follow up :P
are you the typ to let him win beating the dragon or are you the type to dream to see her forcing him down her throat :P its your imagination :P 

zephilia - 8 years ago

Love it may be my new desktop

Len_The_Fox - 10 years ago

Nice pic, and i do like the open end you leave on it :3 Though i cant help but imagine him botching his attack there and jumping Down the dragons throught X3

ForcesWerwolf - 10 years ago

same here

Kiala_Tiagra - 10 years ago

this is th first time i see a blade like that

ForcesWerwolf - 10 years ago

i only drawn what i got told to draw :P i dont know. ask aethian

open full color commission slot auction

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Commission Skunkhase Forceswerwolf Auction slot furbuy

now in the new year i need to do this:
its my first time to do a slot this way (and will be the only way for now on)
so dont dissapoint me x3 plz.

Auction Ends: Jan-9-10 19:07:53 PDT
(or 60 minutes after last bid)

Auction Description
Full Color Digital Commission Slot (1 or 2 chars)
Pin-up, Mature, Adult, Paw, Vore, Macro, Micro, Stomp and Clean.
for all other...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Renamon Uvuzi Skunkhase tanjia Renagamon essille

:3 i think i need no words :3
happy 2010! 

Crimson - 10 years ago


ForcesWerwolf - 10 years ago

yes it takes longer of course. but the longer you use a style the faster you get. until you change to a new technic again

Zephyx - 10 years ago

I think the fact that you have two styles within your own(as in there's a more cartoonish style as we see with renaga and the barbed girls as opposed to you're most recent rendition of Forces with Uvuzi being a more, realistic standard) set make this picture all the more definitive of just how much you've improved :3 Very well done, can't wait to see how far you go in the coming years ^^

jasamprn - 10 years ago

Wow.. from good to outright amazing. 0.0

Strega - 10 years ago

You've gotten so much better in just a few years. Does it take you longer to do drawings now, or is it about the same?

Barbed Girls - "Don't Try This At Home 2o1o"

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ForcesWerwolf

Tags: Paws Anthro Sex Forceswerwolf rocket 2009 porcupine suami barbed girls hindpaw 2010 essille silvester happy new year bager firework quills


bye bye 2oo9
happy new year 2o1o!
the barbed girls are © forceswerwolf
of course don't try this at home x3
and the girls are not stupid as well! :P just posing for the picture (i hope so lol)


dfni234k3h - 5 years ago


yourprey - 10 years ago

here is what i think is going to happen. it will shoot into her ass and explode causing a major assgasm, which causes her to cum.

and idk how it works, i just thought of it as soon as i saw the pic, lol

Noctivagus - 10 years ago

You know, I know a man who -did- try this at home. It ended... badly.

Ninatiels - 10 years ago

two things I like.. anal and explosives.. though I dont think they go together well like this... well, either way. as long as there is a nice fireball I am happy

prisoner - 10 years ago

That's a nine beer idea if you ask me. I think this drawing is SO great. ^^