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Terminating Employment (Art Jam)

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Oral Vore Scat M/M Fart M/F Same Size Unwilling Anal Vore Farting Gas Willing My Little Pony Disposal Gassy Friendship is Magic Nightclub Cruel Pred Alpha Ray GyroTech Gyro Feather Evvy

The Pantry is a happenin' night scene in Canterlot where accomplished predators happily consume paying guests. They need to be careful, though. Because one employee is about to find out it's eat or be eaten.

My entry for the vore art jam on Vorepone's pony vore server. The theme was Vore Nightclub.

Image is lazily taken from a commission I got from  dudey64

Proofreading was done by TheVoreEngineer, HaHenka, and MightyShockwave 

Tall, Dark, Thirsty Stranger ((Commission))

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Vampire F/M Fatal freckles Human Prey vampiric vore Onomatopoeia vampire pred Vampiress

A crafty vampire tricks her way into an unfortunate human's abode and sucks him dry to the very last drop~
A commission for  vampirkacz
I got a proofreader this time, but still let me know if he missed any typos! The proofreading was done by  VividLucidity who also came up with the name! Thanks! o3o 

How to Ruin a Date

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Scat Belly M/M Fart Same Size Gryphon Unwilling Farting Gas Anus Pony Post-Vore Big Belly Post Vore Scat My Little Pony Internal View Pellet Regurgitation Femboy Disposal m/mm Gassy Friendship is Magic post vore fart Offscreen Vore Alpha Ray GyroTech


This is a commission from  Dragga I got with Gyrotech (Berd) and Zero Itamae (grey fempon).

Looks like Ray thought to put the moves on another stallion out in the middle of nowhere where he thought they'd be safe. Dumb girly horses forgot to look out for berds! 

dudey64 - 4 years ago


thirdspurs - 4 years ago

Honestly they look a little sludgy there :P I'd call it a soft hearted ending.

dudey64 - 5 years ago

Yeah, lovingly processing the lucky couple and giving them a tour of healthy innards, a bonding experience worth a lifetime together.

Killer8496 - 5 years ago

Is it called the love tour because there's some kind of loving affection out of the way he digests and passes his prey?

dudey64 - 5 years ago

I'd say a trip though the love tour would be a pretty solid ending to a date.

Cute Enough To Eat

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Scat Digestion Halloween M/M Sex Gay Fatal My Little Pony Sexual content Disposal RP Log twist ending Alpha Ray bunny costume

Ray gets into shenanigans on Nightmare Night.
This is an RP log done with  fredhailton42
The thumbnail picture is from  HappyDeadPony 

InvalidResponse - 6 years ago


fredhailton42 - 6 years ago

Well, at least one of us had a good Halloween. XD (Hint: both of us having a good Halloween still counts as 'at least one'.)

Don't Forget to Eat Your Greens (Commission)

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Oral Vore M/M Burp Same Size Implied Digestion My Little Pony Male Pred Friendship is Magic Alpha Ray

Alpha Ray did it again, dumb horse. This time he got himself eaten by the ever sexy Quill Weave. At least the pegasus seems to be enjoying himself.

Don't feel too bad, Alpha. At least your body will go to making that pegasus even sexier! o wo

This is a commission from  HappyDeadPony 

InvalidResponse - 5 years ago

Neither. It's a friend of mine

Gallent - 5 years ago

Wait, which of you is the owner of Quill Weave?

Gallent - 5 years ago

Wait, which of you is the owner of Quill Weave?

blooberbloob - 6 years ago

Great job!

InvalidResponse - 6 years ago

He's got the right kind of curves

((This is an RP log between
Alpha Ray and Peter the Gryphon. It contains offensive/lewd things
such as rape and scat, and is not meant to be read by normal people.
With his saddle bag fully
packed, Ray set off to hike toward the mountains early one morning.
He had a week off from work and wanted to do something other than
sitting around and reading. He brought with him the essentials: some
food, a cooking pan, a map, a tent, and two erotic novels starring
all male casts. He made his way

Don't Go Camping With Gryphons (Scat)

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion M/M Fear Gay Fatal Unwilling Rape Pain Unwilling Prey My Little Pony Cruel Alpha Ray

This is an RP log from the wonderfully lewd Hamiltonalts (( )) who I love playing with ^w^

Poor Ray just can't seem to get a break as even his camping trips turn into total disasters! This time a hungry and equally horny Gryphon seems to have set his sites on the little guy. I guess it's too late to help him now. Don't worry. I'm sure there's some alternate reality where he lives a long, healthy life... probably. 

fredhailton42 - 6 years ago

"I'm sure there's some alternate reality where he lives a long, healthy life... probably." Think so, eh? Pretty sure I'll be able to hunt down each one of 'em. ;)

thirdspurs - 6 years ago

Indeed, though I admit, I'm always a bit disapointed when they dont cough up a pellet of their former prey.

Vidofinir - 6 years ago

Gryphons are truly the best predators~ <3

finally found himself with some time off from work, which he had
mixed feelings about. The Nexus had plenty of places to go and see,
but just about all of them were too dangerous for someone like him.
Ray liked to think of himself as being smarter than to go off into
somewhere he could get killed, so he went for a more secluded area
for his time off from work. A small village outside of the city was a
place he always felt like checking out. It seemed quiet and safe, and
it wasnt too fa

A Pony Takes a Tour (RP log)

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Anthro M/M Gay roleplay Fatal Unwilling Rape Unicorn ram My Little Pony Alpha Ray

Alpha Ray is too busy being a dumb horse to realize that he probably shouldn't follow strangers into dark alleys, no matter how hot they are.


Speedyblupi - 5 years ago

"There were a few pockets of air in the waste as well that came in as it moved through his intestines, making gas pockets that would soon become smelly farts."

Morbo says: Farts do not work that way.

Braeburnt - 6 years ago

Okes cx if you'd want to rp ever, I'm always open! :3

InvalidResponse - 6 years ago

Ray can be a pred in certain rps.

Braeburnt - 6 years ago

Cx looks awesome! Just wanting to ask, is Ray a prey only character? Or would you be willing to have some Ray pred cx

guzzled down an entire bottle of water in three gulps as she sat on
her porch and let her sweat drip onto the painted wood. Her morning
jogs weren't nearly as leisurely as those of most of the other lions
in her small town, and after every run, she always found herself
thirsty and hungry! Hungry enough to do some crazy things! But
everyone in her town was a lion as well, so she couldn't, in good
conscience, eat one of them. Travelers were scarce and thus were her
hopes of a good meal that

Into the Lion's Den (RP log)

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Scat Anthro Digestion Feral Fear F/M Pain Head First Fatality Disposal RP Log taunting cruelty

An RP that I did with Trixie the Voracious. He played as Adalwulf and I played as Leona. I don't have any pictures to share of Leona because the reference we used for the RP was owned by another artist and I haven't asked permission to submit it here. Adalwulf is an anthro maned wolf and Leona is an anthro lion, obviously.

WARNING: Contains lengthy disposal. If you don't want to see it, skip the final paragraph. 

Redpod - 6 years ago

nice jeje

cutie do you want to go down willingly or do I have to pin you down?"
Ray asks, he isn't paying full attention to what's happening or where
he is. When he turns around he sees a beautiful white unicorn with
tinted shades and blue hair. Her hair is tangled and slightly matted,
signs that she had just gotten out of bed. He blinks a few times,
trying to remember where he is and how he got there. "Who are
you?" he asks.
gives a playful smirk the unicor

Vinyl's Nasty Habits (RP)

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion Fart Same Size roleplay Fatal Farting Pony Skull Pain Unwilling Prey Post Vore Scat My Little Pony Original Character Disposal RP Log Burping begging Vinyl Scratch Pony Prey TrixietheVoracious Alpha Ray skull crushing Pony Predator

This is a cleaned up version of an RP I did with TrixietheVoracious. Trixie played the part of Vinyl and I was, of course, Ray. The log is written in present tense, which may be a bit awkward to read, but I'm fairly sure that I fixed up all the major grammatical errors. 

Speedyblupi - 5 years ago

Your tenses are all over the place for almost the entire story. You keep switching between past and present tense within sentences, and it really breaks the flow, at least for me.

TrixietheVoracious - 6 years ago

*neighs in your face*

InvalidResponse - 6 years ago

This was an RP log. I wasn't controlling vinyl.

jak123 - 6 years ago

awesome just could of done with some more detailing about vinyl and a masturbation scene

Pretavi - 7 years ago

You could say that, yeah.

was a light green unicorn with brownish-yellow hair and blue eyes. He
hadn’t lived in Ponyville for very long, and that’s what made him
perfect, perfect because no one would notice if he was gone. Late one
on the
outskirts of the Everfree Forest, he
ran toward
Ponyville as fast as his hooves could carry him. His panicked
breathing and huffing revealed that he had been running for a while.
He had forgotten the reason that he had gone into the forest.
Twilight had offered him some s

A Night With the Princess

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: InvalidResponse

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Digestion F/M Same Size Fatal Unwilling Licking urine My Little Pony Disposal taunting begging Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle Alicorn Unwilling to Willing prey Alicorn pred

To keep her hunger for ponies a secret, Twilight satisfies her needs on a helpless stranger. 

dudey64 - 5 years ago

Nice work, Twi giving a lucky pony an experience of a lifetime.

TrixietheVoracious - 7 years ago

Nghh, Trixie approves. Twi as a pred is just too cute.

DethXev - 7 years ago

Not a fan of MLP but I just loved the digestion/scat details ;)

InvalidResponse - 7 years ago

Thank you.

Voraverit - 7 years ago

Lovely story, but I have two editorial notes:
1# In paragraph where twilight is swallowing Ray you have the wrong gender pronoun at one points you say she swallowed "her" tail.
2# is also the slight word choice when you talking about Twilight walking around with digested Ray in her bowels you effectively say she lumbered lumberously, best not to use verb with its adverb form.