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Spinel; It did so much of the work to start with on it’s own. i learned to make sure their on top or i’m helping them from then on out. I would have just eaten the hind quarters but it’s kind of has that “backwash” vibe…


You ever dig through your porn folder and see something for the bilionth time and think “What could go wrong?”. Well i do!

Stay sharp~ 

ForgetfulHatter - 4 years ago

ahahaha the last face XD

it was at this moment ...... realized it fucked up

Hereforvore - 5 years ago

I'm usually not that keen on gyro, but the way it's like they were halfway being turned to cum and the nagas 'oh shit' expression make this amazing XD

ublover1 - 5 years ago

lucky lucky little guy how id want too die :P

ButtPlug - 5 years ago


shdingo - 5 years ago

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Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: shdingo

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part 1 

CapturePoint - 5 years ago

Awww, the tail wag is very nice.