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Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Nope

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Same Size Bulge Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge League of Legends Tristana Yordle

Don't be surprised when I paint this. 

Tsavo - 4 years ago

"Somebody fed Trist. I'me done. GG. [email protected]"

Jamaris - 4 years ago

Oh god yes. ♥ Been waiting for new Tristana stuff. :D

flynnrenning - 4 years ago

I won't be :>

RavenXeo - 4 years ago

I look forward to it~

Agora - 5 years ago

Nah, I wrote a story (Sacrifest) that, *maybe*, inspired this particular drawing of a LoL character.

That or it was just a completely random name drop from Nope in his tags and description; I'm fine with either : D

acetheonly - 5 years ago

What? You wrote a story about league of legends? Where?

Agora - 5 years ago

I just got name dropped, the internets told me!!

This is fanart isn't it?
It's super good fanart. On one of my stories. And I didn't even know about it. This is fucking amazing. GNNNNH

Indighost - 5 years ago

When you say Agora are you referring to this charming canadian bastard? :iconAgora:

mMaffle - 5 years ago

*n64 kid* YESS. YESSS. YESSS. this is beautiful

Furanz - 5 years ago

I knew you'd get straight on a tristana piece after that update.
I love it! ;D

viperxvii - 5 years ago

@[email protected] I was hoping this awesome combination would come together...but never actually thought it would. (New Trist+ Nope's art)

Lucky - 5 years ago


Drudicta - 5 years ago

Nnnhh~ Messy stomach. <3

mouth111 - 5 years ago