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Rumps with Wolves

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Wolf Fox Weight Gain Breast Expansion Butt Hyper Scarlet Butt Expansion Huge butt hyper butt armello Magna

Now all softened up, she's grown to be nearly Magna's size!  tastytales did a fantastic write-up corresponding with this picture that you can find here:

Vore part can be found here:

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here!

WIPs: ...
[ Continued ...

Base54 - 5 hours ago

I think we're seeing things from River's point of view, the wolf besides Scarlet is Magna.

gorgonzoladealer - 6 hours ago

Luckily I’m a fox person.

denysvision - 6 hours ago

Two cutes with big and roud asets,you're art is absolutly marvelous as allways

welp - 13 hours ago

Just the canonical Magna we all know and love

Skelebro3 - 19 hours ago

Both look beautiful. I wish i was adding to them

Serious Foxbutt

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Fox Anthro Vixen Weight Gain Absorption Anal Vore Scalie intestines Female Pred Komodo dragon Scarlet komodo Fox Pred Belly humping Vixen Pred armello reptile prey scalie prey furry/scalie Scarlet pred volodar volodar prey

More of the squishy Bandit King getting softer!  tastytales did a fantastic write-up corresponding with this picture that you can find here:

Weight gain follow-up can be found here, with a bit of size growth too:

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here!

[ Continued ...

SamanthaLovesVoring - 9 hours ago

It's been so long since we had a gurgling intestines view! Fucking love those! Thanks!~

welp - 13 hours ago

Nice to see more Armello! I hope my girl Elyssia gets her time to shine at some point too!

Tafillia - 15 hours ago

Lucky snek snack

skullcrusheramk - 20 hours ago

Amazing as always ^^

Always look forward to all your uploads.

Asaneman - 21 hours ago

Thank you! It's always fun to draw!


Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Belly Fox Digestion Kitsune Feral Butt ninetails Big Belly nine tails Huge butt feral fox butt squish Nine-tailed Fox Nioh

Quick picture done featuring some of the Nioh foxes, waiting for the viewer to decide which side to appease (and likely feed!)

There's very little art of the Nioh characters, much less the cute niohpets you collect throughout the game. Wanted to help change that and hopefully others will follow suit! The game's real great and has a ton of quality of life improvements over the original, making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Hey, if you want...
[ Continued ...

Asaneman - 16 hours ago

Kamaitachi are really cool! Definitely a fun boss

Codo - 17 hours ago

Aaaaand now all I can imagine is the Kamaitachi done in your style. Cuz whoofuh, that thing is awesome. <3

BUT! All the same, great job on this one! Love the way you did the effect on the eyes for the left one. :D

Tilalumtar - 7 days ago

Why not just... Both? :3

gorgonzoladealer - 8 days ago

Any difference between the two?

Base54 - 8 days ago

Dang, beat me to it.


Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Male M/M Weight Gain M/F Butt Mightyena Balls Hyper Post-Vore Butt Expansion Male Pred Huge butt Hyper Balls Balls expansion

Follow-up to:

With Rami having digested the pair, and Vole having reformed first!

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here!

WIPs, with a non-props edit:

Mightyena, Absol, Luxray © Nintendo 

KingOfRust - 12 days ago

i regretfully delice


Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Pokemon Belly Soft Vore Anthro Digestion M/M M/F Bulge Mightyena Absol Big Belly Luxray Female Prey Male Prey Implied reformation Onomatopoeia M/multiple prey Male Pred Stomach Noises Multiple Preys story in description stripper pole absol prey Luxray prey mightyena pred

More readable gdocs version can be found here:


Rami loved his job, but he’d be the first to tell you that he’s not exactly appealing to the classiest of audiences. Sure, his career at the strip club had introduced him to plenty of terribly polite ladies and gentlemen… but due to the nature of his job, he saw a large part of his clientele when they’re at their absolute basest, rendered quite dimwitted...
[ Continued ...

starfighter101 - 9 days ago

that was so hot! I wish i was in the absol's or Luxray's position~

gordon12xx - 10 days ago

now that would seem sexy

KingOfRust - 12 days ago

fun times to them all

Electoral Processing

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Breasts Cat Belly Anthro Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion Feline Bulge Swallowing SWAT Kats Anal Vore Butt Panties Big Belly Mayor Female Pred Smothering Throat bulge Facesitting Onomatopoeia Butt Expansion Huge breasts Butt Smother Furry Pred Huge butt Anthro Pred Stomach Noises Laying on belly Callie Briggs hyper butt

Patreon picture done a little while back featuring Callie Briggs taking out Mayor Manx and Commander Feral, and showing off to Razor! Enjoy!

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here!
:patreonicon: Patreon


Callie Briggs, Razor © Hanna-Barbera 

Base54 - 4 days ago

If you told me before today vore would introduce me to a new show to watch, I'd never speak to you again. And yet, here I am, watching SWAT Kats because of vore.

AfraArt - 2 weeks ago

Glad to see SWAT KATS get some attention!~

Anyathefutaknight - 2 weeks ago

I'd love for her to sit on my face

denysvision - 2 weeks ago

She will be the greatest and the thiccnes mayor i ever imagine,

JustThatDude - 2 weeks ago

Mayor? At this size, she should be running for a higher position! Wonderful job, as usual!


Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Belly Fox Anthro Digestion Vixen Weight Gain Breast Expansion Masturbation ninja TMNT kunoichi Big Belly Arctic fox Butt Expansion arctic vixen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ninja girl Vixen Pred alopex Alopex pred

It was late at night, and music filled the entire New York park. Many people had attended the event, but among the crowd was Alopex, a mutant arctic fox wearing her ninja hood, and her friend Alex, a mutant fox also wearing the hood of his blue jacket. Both were in the crowd, enjoying the music and the atmosphere while trying to lay low. But suddenly,


Alopex's stomach growled with hunger, causing her to blush. Alex turned to hear this and saw Alopex...
[ Continued ...

denysvision - 3 weeks ago

how many time have alopex to find out she was one who eated alex?

GonzaII1313 - 3 weeks ago

Great as always :3

KingOfRust - 3 weeks ago

looks like i came at a bad time *walks backwards slowly and the turns to the right and ran as fast as i could*

Sixty9FeetUnder - 3 weeks ago

I was going to say something witty in the comments but I had to replace it to make a comment about the 69,420 letters of text in the description.

StormyRange - 3 weeks ago

Woah her gut totally annihilated that belly O: <3


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Belly Feral Weight Gain F/? Anal Vore Butt Post-Vore Luxray Female Pred f/multiple Feral Pred Huge butt hyper butt Multiple Preys story in description Luxray pred

More readable gdocs version can be found here:


“A peace treaty? Are you certain about this? It seems a little… uncharacteristic of you canines.”

Claudia, the (abnormally tall) luxray chieftess of the Amp Plains, was staring incredulously at the manectric lain sprawled out before her, restrained to the ground by her faithful luxios. It had been a strange visit; she was...
[ Continued ...

Mackpac - 4 weeks ago

3 hours of sleep before a test after reading this?
Worth it B)

Asaneman - 4 weeks ago


denysvision - 4 weeks ago

Her butt is ridiculously thicc,and i love it

MimicLeaf123 - 4 weeks ago

That Lux is THICC...
Also great story to. (•^•)

GonzaII1313 - 4 weeks ago

Another great storyn:3

Big Blue

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Breasts Nintendo Belly Stomach Anthro Krystal StarFox Star Fox Big Belly Big Breasts krystal pred

Just a quick picture of her done for fun, enjoy!

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here!
:patreonicon: Patreon

WIPs, with a non-vore and herm edit:

Krystal © Nintendo 

AylaTheCat - 1 month ago

Love the futa edit!

apples323 - 1 month ago

Would be fun to see her have a showdown with our boy Galdon:

apples323 - 1 month ago

Would be fun to see her have a showdown with our boy Galdon:

MirceaKitsune - 1 month ago

Absolutely godly! Thank you for making something so lovable ^.^

Neogmaingodz - 1 month ago

Love the krystal

Pizza Time

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Belly Fox Anthro Vixen Bulge F/? ninja pizza TMNT Big Breasts Arctic fox Huge breasts arctic vixen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fox Pred Anthro Pred Vixen Pred alopex

Quick picture of Alopex, been meaning to draw her for a long while now.

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here!
:patreonicon: Patreon

WIPs, with a non-vore edit:

Alopex © Nickelodeon 

OERN - 1 month ago

"Oh no, Mr. Aziz is gonna kill me for being late.

Ome - 1 month ago

I just finished catching up on all the TPB for this series XD

ScaryMottersters - 1 month ago

I'm not paying for these.

DefinitlyOrginal - 1 month ago

“Hey, that guy stole somebodies pizza!”

MirceaKitsune - 1 month ago

Not instead: Have me with that pizza <3

Eko Expansion

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Belly Dragon Fox Digestion Kitsune Vixen Weight Gain M/F Bulge Anal Vore Story Butt Digested vicky Facesitting Butt Expansion Male Pred Victoria Dragon prey ass expansion Fox Pred male/? Stomach Noises story in description asaneman eko Vick

Dragons. Sometimes, they were like urban legends, never directly seen but rumored in furtive whispers to be responsible for strange rashes of disappearances in the woods and mysterious claw marks along trees; sometimes, they were forces of nature that descended upon villages and filled the air with the sound of thunder and the despairing cries of helpless victims; but to Eko, they were all the same: lunch.

The ones who were smart, careful, and knew how to cover their tracks and set...
[ Continued ...

Asaneman - 1 month ago


GonzaII1313 - 1 month ago

Love your work and this story :3

Dooot - 1 month ago

Sheesh you haven't done any female preds in ages. Did you lose interst in them or are your commisioners just mega male pred fans?

Jackal Junk

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Male Digestion Weight Gain Cock Vore Fatal Anal Vore Story Butt Balls Lucario Post-Vore Implied Digestion Male Pred Huge butt huge balls post vore weight gain story in description

The Lucario huffed slightly, his paws glowing with aura as a wall of glowing blue flames slowly sprouted up around the clearing in the forest. He chuckled slightly as he looked towards the two Pokémon before him. Funny, how easy it was to catch prey like this… especially with how their inflated egos left them feeling untouchable.

He let out a soft chuckle as his aura sensors slowly lowered, and he took a stomp toward them, already licking his lips. “Now… where were we…” he asked,...
[ Continued ...

GonzaII1313 - 1 month ago

Loved the story

Skelebro3 - 1 month ago

Ever hed of a ball massage? Id love to give him one

Anyathefutaknight - 1 month ago

I'd love to have him on my team

Spreading Faith

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Expansion Weight Gain Female faith Butt Post-Vore Female Pred Big Butt Butt Expansion Pokemon pred Huge butt hyper butt Thievul Thievul Pred

Faith let out a contented sigh as she leaned back against the wall. The poké ball she gently stuffed up her tailhole a couple of minutes earlier was making its way through her sinuous bowels, heading to her stomach. Pretty satisfied with the trainer she got to snack on that night, she let that massive rump of hers squish against the wall as she inspected the gurgled young man’s belongings. She frowned some at first, as she didn’t find anything particularly interesting: a gym badge, a couple of...
[ Continued ...

SubterraDelta30 - 1 month ago


wolfSnack - 2 months ago

Amazing story, as always! The world always needs more MILF Thievul preds~

Spunky Spice

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Belly Feral Weight Gain Cock Vore Anal Vore Butt Balls ninetales Big Butt Male Pred Spice Feral Pred Pokemon pred Femboy Pred ninetales pred

What’s that? Well, of course I won!

That isn’t to say it was an easy victory; the competition was truly exceptional this year. I must admit when that Lopunny went up and gave her Mirror Coat performance I thought my tails were trussed! ...Ah, Pardon me, that’s a Ninetales expression. It means you’re in a spot of trouble.

Of course she ended up being no trouble at all, needless to say it takes more than making your fur shimmer to impress our wonderful panel of judges...
[ Continued ...

Xgamingodz - 1 month ago


yerbabuena - 2 months ago

Those descriptions are always delightful among the art~!

Asaneman - 2 months ago


dustinwasham1997 - 2 months ago

nice art

Voracious Valorie

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Anthro Weight Gain Female Butt Hyper Post-Vore ninetales Huge breasts Huge butt Hyper breasts hyper ass alolan ninetales Anthro Pokemon ninetales pred Valorie

 Crash wrote a fantastic story to correlate, you can find it here!:

This was a quick picture for a friend, featuring a massive Valorie!


Ninetales © Nintendo 

Aastarte - 2 months ago

Not a big fan of pokemon, but this is simply superb. If I start getting into them, it is totally your fault! ^^

QueenTyrahnee - 2 months ago

Voracious Valorie sure likes her calories!

LightSpeed - 2 months ago

Murrrr, Alolan Ninetails, She's Beautiful. ^w^

denysvision - 2 months ago

the perfect body arives

MirceaKitsune - 2 months ago

Beautiful vix <3

Serious Goddess Chub

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Big Breasts Belly Fox Anthro Expansion Digestion Weight Gain M/F Absorption Goddess God Anal Vore Butt Amaterasu Okami Balls Female Prey Big Butt Big balls Butt Expansion Male Pred Kyubi anal beads Furry Pred Anthro Pred goddess prey sentient fat yokai watch Kyubi Yokai Watch

“Enjoying ourselves back there, are we?”

Kyubi smirked as he felt Amaterasu pressing her muzzle between his plump, doughy ass cheeks. After he recently devoured her in a fit of passion, the goddess had revived, albeit without her divine strength and abilities. She had also lost a significant portion of her body weight, being quite the skinny girl compared to the busty and wide-hipped goddess he had originally gorged himself on. It wasn’t difficult to figure out where Ammy’s lost...
[ Continued ...

Znonymous - 2 months ago

Hah, he does that again might start ending up really busty to go with the sexy soft feminine looks.

jason7657 - 2 months ago

Loved both of these. Personally would love to see a part three where Ammy gets revenge.

Uchihabiscuit - 2 months ago

That's a hungry boy, he should have a few more thicc ladies fed to him

MirceaKitsune - 2 months ago

Truly a goddess indeed <3

Goddess Chub

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Fox Anthro Expansion Digestion Weight Gain M/F Absorption Goddess Bulge Trap Butt Amaterasu Okami Balls Female Prey Femboy Huge breasts Male Pred Kyubi Huge butt huge balls Hyper Balls Femboy Pred Trap pred goddess prey sentient fat yokai watch Okami Amaterasu Kyubi Yokai Watch

As the final bulge sank down Kyubi’s neck, he let out a huge sigh followed by a few rapid pants. He couldn’t believe he’d done it!

Amaterasu, the sun goddess, was in his stomach, her massively curvaceous body nearly double the size and weight of himself. The fox typically played the submissive role in their relationship, by virtue of her being far more powerful than himself. However, after hours of exploring Ammy’s heavenly curves after their latest meal together, he decided he...
[ Continued ...

Asaneman - 2 months ago

Happy to hear it!

Nekochow - 2 months ago

This is an amazing sequence, it's rare to see M/F from you but it's always appreciated! Kyubi is really cute, especially post-WG!

JackJackal - 2 months ago

Oh goodness! I also felt a surge of affirmation from my balls with this!

MirceaKitsune - 2 months ago

Adorable and amazing work as usual <3

Luscious Lopunny

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Belly Expansion Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion Rabbit Anal Vore Story Butt Hyper Lopunny Butt Expansion Rabbit pred Implied Anal Vore story in description lopunny pred

Clack Clack! A Pokéball, Purple in nature tumbled to the floor. Designed to capture any pokémon without failure, yet it completely missed its target, crashing into the ground where an unsuspecting Lopunny once stood. Yet, she leaped with elegance and dodged the inevitable… the ‘M’ inscribed on the ball was now filled with the earth’s goopy mire. Shio plucked the sphere from the ground, wiping away the sludge with his hand, making the distinct inscription visible again. He sighed in his...
[ Continued ...

Sosere - 2 months ago

Yes, yes, yes and most of all... Yes. X3

JustThatDude - 2 months ago

Shiro may have been an average trainer, but he was a delicious snack!

Really love your art style and how full you make your preds!

MirceaKitsune - 2 months ago

Simply adorable ^.^

Big Girl

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Fox Anthro Digestion Kitsune Weight Gain Bulge F/? Hips Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts Onomatopoeia Wide hips Thick thighs Stomach Noises Hayami

Eleventh month raffle picture, this was for  alexis01 featuring their girl Hayami all plumped up!

WIPs, including a non-vore alt:

Hayami ©  alexis01 

Flamewarproductions - 2 months ago

for you

Speciesunkn0wn - 2 months ago


Fat Cat

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Anthro Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Feline Same Size Feline pred Anthro Pred pokemon prey Opéra Kranz solatorobo

:patreonicon: Patreon voted idea for last month, they wanted Opéra Kranz gurgling up  Radar's zoroark! Enjoy!

WIPs, with a prey internal version and a nipple alt:

Opéra Kranz © CyberConnect2 

denysvision - 2 months ago

a purrrfecftion betwin fur and prey,i like it

voidrunner - 2 months ago

Ooo, me please~ xD

NekuTheEmo - 2 months ago

Wild, i thought it was Lilac from Freedom Planet for a second. I love this.

MirceaKitsune - 2 months ago

It's hard to imagine how it can get any more perfect and beautiful than this.

reliuskaiser - 2 months ago


Chubby Camille

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Breasts Belly Anthro Digestion Bat Weight Gain Story Post-Vore bat girl Huge breasts gryphon prey camille Flying Fox story in description flying fox bat Kea

Camille yawned as she stretched her arms above her head, feeling the way her heavy jugs perched on her chest while her chubby gut sagged out below.

I really overdid it this time… this is way above maximum glide weight!

The bat frowned as she pinched one of her watermelon-sized black-furred breasts, feeling the sumptuous squish of her fat and the faint sloshing of the fertile fluids within. Her other hand dug into the folds of chub on her belly, disturbing...
[ Continued ...

TotalMickey - 2 months ago

Fantastic story and art fameroni, simply wonderful!

Speciesunkn0wn - 2 months ago

I wanna hug that huge, fluffy bat. She looks so soft and snuggly~

Asaneman - 2 months ago


strijing987 - 2 months ago

Cute and thicc? I love it

Asaneman - 2 months ago

innit that the truth

Fat Freya

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Anthro Expansion Weight Gain Rat Anal Vore Story Butt Big Belly Final Fantasy Final Fantasy IX Butt Expansion Freya FFIX tail expansion story in description Freya Crescent

“Hmmmn….” Freya hummed to herself while resting against her engorged and practically roaring belly which had contained an opponent she never expected to encounter…let alone defeat in such an unconventional and lurid fashion. She thought back to the large, black scaled reptile man that had fallen prey to her strange urge and whose feet were the only visible part of him outside her soft plush ass cheeks her tail slid across the underside of his feet as they slowly got pulled inside her. She’d...
[ Continued ...

denysvision - 2 months ago

you have something special,you're art is very satified and real

RemnArtX - 2 months ago

As I said that other day... Mwah! Such a fantastic job.

Really makes me wanna commission you!

reliuskaiser - 2 months ago

I love your art so much.

MirceaKitsune - 2 months ago

She is gorgeous <3

Data Compression

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Renamon Fox Expansion Weight Gain Breast Expansion Digimon Anal Vore Lugia Female Pred Butt Expansion ass expansion Fox Pred pokemon prey digimon pred renamon pred Lugia prey digimon/pokemon

Renamon wasn’t afraid to let out a greedy little moan as the Lugia’s head sunk between her fat rumpcheeks, his fat body being completely sealed under her soft fur. She’d caught herself quite the meal, he was easily larger than herself by size, but that would just make the gains all the better. Her insides made a few hungry noises as the last parts of his body deposited into her stomach, the fat Lugia’s protests being suddenly drowned out by the growling of her stomach.

[ Continued ...

loopyman25 - 2 months ago

An excellent balance Rena. Love your work man and enjoyed potato's blurb as well!

FanficFetishist - 3 months ago

Mmmfff. Her body is one I'd love to ravage.

MirceaKitsune - 3 months ago

Renamon truly is a goddess! As well as an amazing pred <3

Azuris - 3 months ago

Love it when smaller preds make meals of larger prey and melt them completely down into chub. Nice work!

Bunny Buns

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Belly Wolf Digestion Weight Gain Rabbit Bunny Anal Vore Butt Female Pred Big Butt Butt Expansion Bunny pred Wolf Prey ass expansion Rabbit pred sorrel Dragon Ball Super DBS sorrel dbs DBZS Bunny/Wolf rabbit/wolf

Shio watched as the rabbit leaped around her crudely constructed training area; hopping from boulder to boulder gracefully as she practiced her flying kicks. The winged wolf had long lost track of how long he had been watching the strange woman; a skilled Warrior if he had to guess, though she dressed more like a rogue or a scout.

The rabbit stopped suddenly on the largest boulder, her ears perking up from the holes in her large yellow hat. Shio gasped and took cover behind the...
[ Continued ...

Doughnutz2000 - 3 months ago

Maybe I've been playing too much League of Legends, but I had the slightest Teemo vibe, cursed XD

Speciesunkn0wn - 3 months ago

She does look cozy~

Resileaf - 3 months ago

Upward dog? Lost opportunity to say up dog there.

dark55321 - 3 months ago

Legit surprised Shio got some vore before Hop (not that I'm complaining since Shio is a pretty cool pred as well).

StormyRange - 3 months ago

Ah jeez that's amazing, great stuff as always O: <3

Monster Gone

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Fox Fat Kitsune Weight Gain Butt Post-Vore Big Breasts Big Butt fat ass Kea

Weight gain follow-up to:

Of the big dragoness all gurgled up into chub!


Kea is mine 

ObsidianSnake - 3 months ago

How do we report comments as 'awesome'?

Flamewarproductions - 3 months ago

Hrrnnggrhhh Colonel. I'm trying to sneak up on more monsters, but I'm dummy thicc and that clap of my gargantuan ass cheeks keeps alerting their fight or flight response.

Stalbon - 3 months ago

Quite a magnificent piece, my friend!

Millusio - 3 months ago

This is absolutely beautiful.
Very well done !

Speciesunkn0wn - 3 months ago

She's gorgeous~

Monster Hunted

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Breasts Lizard Belly Dragon Fox Anthro Digestion F/F Kitsune Vixen Weight Gain Monster Bulge Dragoness Furry/Furry Anthro Prey monster hunter Dragon prey Anthro/Anthro Anthro Pred kitsune predator Vixen Pred Dragoness Prey story in description furry/scalie Furry/Scaly nergigante Kea fox/dragon

Kea was a girl who always knew what she wanted and how to get it, but perhaps eating such a massive monster was a little too much for her. Maybe. Barely able to stand on her feet after gulping down a huge prey like Aurora, Kea let out a soft sigh as she felt the last inches of the Nergi’s horns slide down her throat. She placed her right hand on her hugely swollen gut which covered most of her eyesight, already feeling the furious squirming prey inside. Her left hand was still a little covered...
[ Continued ...

ShioMagwolf - 3 months ago

Truly awesome job on this, I hope everyone likes the story I wrote for it as well!


Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Plant Weight Gain F/? Butt Post-Vore Plant Girl Roserade

Patreon voted idea for last month, they specifically wanted a solo pic of big bootied Roserade! Enjoy!


Roserade © Nintendo 

Blue22Mew - 3 months ago

Roserade probably best none legendary grass type or even poison type in my opinion

StormyRange - 3 months ago

Oh gosh I get the title pun you shenanigan you >:U

RemnArtX - 3 months ago

YOOOOOOOOO HOw much have I been missing.

You really nailed the design man, I like it!

Azuris - 3 months ago

Hot damn! That's some pretty nice plant booty. Nice work!

Sibling Squish

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Wolf Feral Weight Gain Butt Post-Vore Canine Feral Pred Post-Vore weight gain Zacian Zamazenta

Weight gain follow-up, featuring Zacian being the big sister!

WIPs, with a male Zamazenta edit:

Zacian and Zamazenta (Hero of Many Battles form) © Nintendo 

VirizionHorizon - 3 months ago

Yeah, this was not the right picture to say this on... ('-' *)

Asaneman - 3 months ago

It is implied they got ate in the previous pic, so

VirizionHorizon - 3 months ago

I don't know why but, Virizion would be perfect for something like this. Great job! :O

MDSBro3Steven - 4 months ago

Two quick questions. Do you plan on drawing anything for christmas? If so, will it be a collab?

RegiRegio - 4 months ago

I'd love to see more, great work on this piece!

Swords of Just-ass

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Digestion Feral Weight Gain Anal Vore Legendary Digested Butt Expansion Pokemon pred Cobalion pokemon prey Multiple Preys Virizion terrakion Legendary prey Zacian legendary pred virizion prey Zacian pred Cobalion prey Swords of Justice Swords of Justice prey Terrakion prey

More Zacian, this time taking care of those other "sword" legendaries!
This is a collab with  TastyTales, you can find his part here:

And a fun little weight gain follow-up is here, featuring Zacian showing off her gains to chunky Zamazenta!:


Zacian (Hero of Many Battles form) © Nintendo 

Papyrus1234567 - 3 months ago

Yup everything is under control!

TimberWolf25 - 3 months ago

Considering Zacian can learn Sacred Sword in game, this might explain it.

Art is still amazingly spot on, even if you may/may not hear that often.
There always had been certain pokemon I'd like seen drawn in your style.

moonlightshy - 4 months ago


Anon2727 - 4 months ago

Nice butt uwu

Stuffed Kurama

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Belly Male Anthro Digestion Bulge Cock Vore beast Butt Balls ninetails M/? Big Butt Big balls Male Pred Nine Tailed Fox Kurama

Folk really wanted a male Kurama pic too, so here's a quick pic of him thoroughly stuffed! Enjoy!

WIPs, with a balls-only edit:

Kurama © Shueisha 

Dods - 4 months ago

Nothing I love more than some good cock vore, cept when they shoot the ropes of cumgested prey away, THAT easily is better than seeing them go down. Would LOVE to see that.

C107galaxytachyon - 4 months ago

Wait a minute...

Why isn’t his cock within frame here?

StormyRange - 4 months ago

Kurama is always great, lovely work =v=

MirceaKitsune - 4 months ago

Yes I will ^_^

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 months ago

Hmmm~ Maybe I will~

Lux Butt

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Feral Weight Gain Butt Balls Post-Vore Luxray Big Butt Big balls Male Pred Feral Pred Luxray pred

Weight gain follow-up to the previous Luxray pic:


Luxray © Nintendo 

Badfurson - 4 months ago

I imagine that won't be a difficult proposition...

Lux Nut

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon M/M Feral M/F Feline Cock Vore Anal Vore Absol Cum Digestion Luxray Male Pred Feral Pred Pokemon pred feral prey pokemon prey absol prey Luxray pred Luxray prey Multiple prey

 Smuxray did a fun corresponding write-up for his patreon idea here:

Thanks again!

:patreonicon: Patreon voted idea for last month, featuring a male Luxray having scarfed a female Luxray down into his balls and an Absol up his rear!


Luxray, Absol © Nintendo 

PyroOutlander - 4 months ago

Very nice indeed

Thievul's PC

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Pokemon Fox Vixen Anal Vore Butt pokeball Insertion Big Butt Objection Object Vore Pokemon pred Fox Pred crotch bulge Vixen Pred Pokeball in ass Thievul Thievul Pred

Follow-up collab with  Zira, with Faith the Thievul having fun with the full pokeball she had! Her part is here:

Now we just gotta wait for it to open up and let her take care of the critter inside!


Thievul © Nintendo
Faith is mine 

PegaSUS - 4 months ago

Always adore the prodding of shapes in that area!

Just takes the right [i]poke[/i] to open that ball, too.

Azuris - 4 months ago

Now that's a nice, plush booty! Great work on this!

Speciesunkn0wn - 4 months ago

We gonna get a part 3 to this with what's inside~?

Asaneman - 4 months ago

Definitely wished they did that, but hey, at worst it can be stylized to be whiskers or shaved off

nyanyan - 4 months ago

Nice. I, too, rather enjoy Thievul's design. And this is well made. I have a weakness to cute things, and foxes are my favorite Nickit and Thievul are pretty high on my 'I like that's list of Pokemon.

I do have one gripe about the way they designed it though... there's no difference between male and female. Which means even females have the mustache. (Which is not included here, btw. Which I prefer.)

Seriously, I took a little time looking at it's model in game, and my female had a mustache...that should be male only :/

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 months ago

I love Kurama <3 Glad to seem em in some pics looking nice and soft~

Nine-tailed Feast

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Fox Digestion Kitsune Vixen Weight Gain F/? Hyper ninetails Huge belly Mass Vore Female Pred f/multiple Huge breasts Huge butt Fox Pred Kurama kitsune predator genderbent pred macro/macro Vixen Pred Multiple Preys kitsune pred Nine-tailed Fox Crossgender Nine-tailed beast

Gllrrrrp!! Kurama smiled as she felt Shukaku’s fat belly slide down her warm, fleshy gullet and past her generous breasts. All the other tailed beasts were already gurgling away in her ravenous belly, Kurama finally getting her chance to take her time and savor her meal when she got to the one-tailed beast. He tasted absolutely divine, despite looking a bunch of sand given form. Kurama tilted her head up and took another swallow, feeling his feet slither down her gullet. Her final meal...
[ Continued ...

Badfurson - 4 months ago

Excellent work! I’ve always considered Kurama to be the highlight of the show.

MirceaKitsune - 4 months ago

Biiiig foxy <3

Freya's Food

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Belly Anthro Digestion Rat Female Pred Big Breasts Final Fantasy Square Enix Final Fantasy IX Freya Anthro Pred Burmecian Freya Crescent

Quick pic done for my discord server, featuring a very full Freya Crescent!
 Slurshie wrote an awesome story up for it, you can find it here:

WIPs, with a less gurgly edit:

Freya Crescent © Square Enix 

TaciturnTiger - 3 months ago

Holy fuck, fat-titted Freya as the predator. Glorious. ;-;

JamKat - 4 months ago

So soft! Love it X3

Prancer - 4 months ago

Oh god I'm sorry I'm so used to just seeing stories in the description with you. How foolish of me. -w-

Asaneman - 4 months ago

it's linked in the description

Prancer - 4 months ago

Hnnnngh no STORY WHY

Thick Challenger

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Pokemon Fox Anthro Vixen Weight Gain Butt Post-Vore Big Breasts Big Butt vulpine Pokemon pred Huge butt Post-Vore Growth Anthro Pokemon Ikfoxan Thievul Thievul Pred Nickit

Collab with  Zira, featuring the new fox pokemon all thickened up!
You can find part one here:


Thievul © Nintendo 

Asaneman - 4 months ago


Terrafox - 4 months ago

Well actually its a maybe pokemon as Nintendo hasn't conformed it yet as reddit release a few new pokemon that are also maybes.

LightSpeed - 4 months ago

Murrrrr... Foxes are always soo sexy in your art style. ^/////^

TimberWolf25 - 4 months ago

Ahut new pokemon?!? Darn, its like every other day, S&S drop another bombshell of a new species whenever I'm not looking. I'm so far behind.

Great so far.

Randomguy01 - 4 months ago

If I challenge her will she let me live

Party Welcomed

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Wolf Anthro Weight Gain Non-Vore Gay Butt river Lesbian Post-Vore Big Breasts Scarlet Big Butt armello butt squish

WG portion of a collab between me,  TRPCAfterDark, and  tastytales!

You can find their parts here:
Part one:


Scarlet, River © League of Geeks 

TastyTales - 4 months ago

Thanks again for collabing on this, I really enjoyed writing these two again.

Flamewarproductions - 4 months ago

If touching butts w/ your homie is "gay" then I don't wanna be straight no cap

Neznamy - 4 months ago

I still need to get this game.

Dismissed Pet

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Wolf Fox Digestion Vixen Feral Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M wow Story pet World of Warcraft Big Belly smaller pred Male Prey Female Pred vulpine Butt Expansion Wolf Prey Fox Pred feral prey Bigger Prey anthro/feral Vixen Pred Pet Prey story in description vulpera Vulpera Pred Fenryr

Farasa; Hunter, Vulpera and new member of the Horde, had been informed of how to tame a beast she had heard was impressive and a challenge; an avatar of the Vryukul’s legendary wolf demigod Fenryr. The small anthro fox, wearing simple clothes and wielding a comparatively large rifle she had scavenged from The Alliance during one of their attacks on her people’s caravans, looked over the wolf that was easily large enough for her to use as a mount. She tapped her foot and studied his glowing...
[ Continued ...

JamKat - 4 months ago

God this is amazing! <3

LightSpeed - 4 months ago

Murrrr... I LOVE small pred Large Prey! ^3^

Azuris - 4 months ago

Certainly wasn't expecting World of Warcraft vore, but you do it quite nicely.

TimberWolf25 - 4 months ago

I really like the idea for the scenario. Summoning a creature/familiar, only to use it for a quick meal.
Made even better that it's a mount, yet rather than having a steed, now becomes a glorified meaty bag. The story put it well into perspective too.
Getting vibes of role reversal, also a fan of larger prey and those paws.

Perfect overall.

HisashiHinata - 4 months ago

YES. There is so much yes in this picture!

Cushioned Collie

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Anthro Weight Gain Hyper Post-Vore Butt Expansion ass expansion Anthro Pred Merveille Million hyper ass hyper butt post vore weight gain little tail bronx Merveille Promotions!

Fun little follow-up to:

With Merveille Million having taken care of any dissidents!


Merveille Million © CyberConnect2 

JamKat - 4 months ago

booteh <3

Gunbot1333 - 5 months ago

Oh wow, she is so darn curvy, in a sexy way. I like seeing art of her.

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

Damn just look at all those promotions

Kurvaz Chow

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Belly Anthro Expansion Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion Female Story Canine Collie Big Belly Female Pred Furry Pred Anthro Pred Canine Pred Merveille Million story in description little tail bronx collie pred Merveille Free Promotions!

They say that when faced with a power hungry dictator you should let them work themselves up while you work on your own efforts, others say you should stop them in your tracks, and some of them…


Well, the ‘hungry’ part gets used by someone else as is the case with the former secretary Merveille and her recently acquired ‘promotion’ that bulged out from her stomach with some lumps that were still pushing and squirming. The Kurvaz were a...

[ Continued ...

JamKat - 4 months ago

Wonderful sequence and story! Awesome work!

CarnivorousVixen - 5 months ago

So beautiful. I'm absolutely in love with everything Solatorobo/Tail Concerto

LightSpeed - 5 months ago

Murrrrr!!! Sooo sexy! ^3^

Asaneman - 5 months ago

I've removed it, thanks for the heads up

balanced-guy - 5 months ago

The yellow text is hard to read in the description, maybe use a darker yellow or gold colour tone?

Rat Rump

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Anthro Expansion Anal Weight Gain Same Size Rat Anal Vore Female Pred f/multiple Butt Expansion Furry Pred Anthro Pred Magic the Gathering rat pred ink-eyes tail expansion ink eyes

Voted patreon idea for last month, featuring Ink-Eyes having some fun with her victims!

Thanks again for the support!


Ink-Eyes © Wizards of the Coast 

wutterumeen - 5 months ago

Oh no bro, i can't doom blade her, she is black, oh god oh fuck, she is gonna 'consume essence' me for sure, i hope she doesnt mimd paying 1B and casting 'smother' on me with dat booty tho first, i think my pener got that viglance, he ain't tapping when he attacks if u picking up what in putting down.

TalynWuff - 5 months ago

IF I muse be assassinated, it's via this ass.

limelightu - 5 months ago

That new fat's gotta give her at least +0/+4!

coldfire1200 - 5 months ago

Omg its is her xD my favor ninja card for my EDH deck

CapturePoint - 5 months ago

Dat ass? Rat ass!


Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Anthro Digestion Weight Gain StarFox Female Willing lynx Star Fox Digested fay Female Prey Female Pred Miyu Fara Feline pred Fox prey Canine Pred Fara Phoenix spaniel story in description lynx pred Fay spaniel Star fox vore Miyu Lynx Fara Phoenix prey Fara prey

When Fay and Miyu asked her for help putting together a romantic ‘anniversary dinner’, it seemed like such a sweet, innocuous little request. All of this was the last thing Fara expected.

Almost her entire field of view was taken up by the massive belly resting draped over her lower body, thick white fur hiding skin stretched taut around the little occupant tucked away beneath all of that fluff and flab. Every once in a while, the stomach pinning her to the bed would shake,...
[ Continued ...

JamKat - 5 months ago

So good! Always love the little stories added in. <3

Tafillia - 5 months ago


MirceaKitsune - 5 months ago

They're both so cute! It would be so hard to decide who's lovely belly to end up in.

RedFox26 - 5 months ago

Amazing <3


Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Pokemon Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Kitsune Vixen Weight Gain Female Willing Post-Vore ninetales Implied Digestion Big Belly Huge belly Nudity Female Pred f/multiple Onomatopoeia Huge breasts Wide hips Anthro Pred Thick thighs Stomach Noises kitsune predator Vixen Pred Multiple Preys Icetales alolan ninetales kitsune pred ninetales pred Valorie alolan ninetales pred

Valorie stretched her arms out to the ceiling, smiling as she listened to the gwurbling and burbling coming from her massive dome of a gut, a trophy from last night’s feast. She glanced over her huge, full breasts to peek at her soft, pudgy rear, feeling a bit of pride at the immense curve of her ass she now carried. “Mmmm, all you delicious preysluts really helped pad out my figure just how I like it; huge and soft. I might even ask how I could thank you, but with how all of you practically...
[ Continued ...

JamKat - 5 months ago

So big! <3

KaiYuga - 5 months ago

Seems friendly enough

Badfurson - 5 months ago

Oh yeah, I remember that image. Didn’t recognize her.

Asaneman - 5 months ago

Very old pic - was a fire ninetales back then, the owner of the character wanted her changed to an Icetales now.

Badfurson - 5 months ago

I don't recall, which was the last image she was in?

Menacing Marian

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Fox Anthro Chubby Vixen Non-Vore Female BBW Pre-Vore Collar Disney Big Breasts Maid Huge breasts Wide hips Robin Hood Thick thighs Potbelly Looming from below maid marian

Sort of a before picture to correlate with  generalguy64's Maid Marian vore story! You can find it here:


Maid Marian © Disney 

AdiposeRex - 20 hours ago

The finger on the hip is a nice touch.

JamKat - 5 months ago

Squishy -w-

Asaneman - 5 months ago

He sure will!

largerarge - 5 months ago

glad you still have a knack on drawing maid Marian, it would be nice to see a unclothed with a masive belly though.

other than that great job :)

SweetTastyPrey - 5 months ago

Robin Hood is gonna have a lot to handle.
Very nice work!

Fluff Gut

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Belly Anthro Fat Non-Vore overweight Samoyed ms fluff

Poor Fluff, those college buffet cafeterias do nobody any good - poor girl's been putting on the weight!

Was a quick little doodle for a chat I'm in - there will be a bit of an art dump over the next few days.


Ms Fluff is mine 

JamKat - 5 months ago

dat belleh -w-

LightSpeed - 5 months ago

Murrrr, I'd enroll in her class. ^////^

WankersCramp - 5 months ago

Being her student results in either getting a great education... Or becoming part of a great pair of thighs and a perfect booty.

KattFox - 5 months ago

Whats the chat

Badfurson - 5 months ago

Hmm. I wonder if that’s against dress code.

Ama & Kyubi

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Belly Wolf Kitsune Weight Gain Cock Vore Anal Vore Butt Amaterasu Okami Balls Lugia Huge belly Female Pred Big Butt Huge breasts Male Pred Kyubi Huge butt huge balls Wolf Pred pokemon prey yokai watch Lugia prey Yokai Pred Okami Amaterasu Kyubi Yokai Watch

Slulp! The remnant of the colossal Luiga was crammed into the greater rear of Amaterasu. The sun goddess utilised her plush tail to slide the final part of the hulking behemoth into its new home, where the rest of its legendary brethren lay. She revealed an apathetic tone to the quandary of the Pokemon within as her rear muscles contracted, pulling the final spikes of Lugia’s tail into her. Amaterasu grinned, shutting her eyes and resonating an ecstatic growl, reverberating through her...
[ Continued ...

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

Hey Sane,
You are currently offline but I wanted to let you know that you've got a Mod on your server who's abusing their powers. No point in setting rules if your staff aren't going to follow them. :(

"Three tries and you are out" doesn't allot to much when no one follows such guidelines.

Bummed cause your community there was really cool and seemed like everyone was chill, friendly and all around a great bunch to talk to and share content with.

Asaneman - 6 months ago

ayy sweet man!

ThatWeirdo - 6 months ago

This may be my favorite piece on this whole site. Fucken fantastic, my dude.

reliuskaiser - 6 months ago

Lovely squish~

Badfurson - 6 months ago

Better be careful, or he might end up there too...

More Zork

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Breasts Pokemon Fox Anthro Krystal StarFox Anal Vore zoroark Fox Pred pokemon prey zoroark prey krystal pred

Seventh month raffle for  crescezoroark, featuring Krystal having some more fun with Zoroarks!


Krystal, Zoroark © Nintendo
Rai ©  radarn
Cresce ©  CresceZoroark 

Xxrazzi - 6 months ago

I love that someone as skilled as you draws both my favorite pokemon and topic so often! A gem in a sea of silver

JamKat - 6 months ago

So plush. <3
So squishy. <3

starfighter101 - 6 months ago

lucky zoroarks~ I would love to help Krystal add some padding to that phenomenal figure of hers

DarkGloose12 - 6 months ago

So cute ^-^

MirceaKitsune - 6 months ago

What more can I even say other than absolutely wonderful ^_^

Sloshy Simone

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Breasts Belly Fox Anthro Digestion Vixen Bulge Butt Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt Arctic fox arctic vixen Fox Pred Anthro Pred Vixen Pred Simone Arctic fox pred arctic vixen pred Sheep and Wolves

“Didn’t anyone teach you any manners?” Simone sighed. Shlurp was the only noise in response. “I mean, really? Coming to my garden out of nowhere and accusing me of being a spy?” Splorch. She shook her head, feeling the sheep’s woolly hide and legs sliding up her ass. The vixen’s gut surged outwards from the mass of the intruder. Her plush tail waved in delight as the sheep was sucked further inside her inside.

Plurmp! Simone trembled with pleasure as the sheep completely vanished...
[ Continued ...

JamKat - 6 months ago


Neoninja - 6 months ago

Everyday I grow closer to being a furry

LightSpeed - 6 months ago

Murrrr... she's Beautiful! ^3^

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

You draw some of the most curvy and plump Foxes and Wolfs around Asaneman. Just amazing.

MirceaKitsune - 6 months ago

She is just wonderful and perfect ^__^

Wobbly Wolf

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Wolf Male Feral Butt Balls Canine Big Belly Huge belly Big Butt from behind Male Pred Feral Pred Huge butt huge balls Canine Pred Hyper Balls red wolf feral wolf

This is Aster, a heavy, jiggly feral wolf! He's a character that was more popular than expected after doodling his owner, Zae. She'll be introduced soon, hopefully! She's intending to be a shaman-esque character and he's her pet wolf, forming a cute little pairing that helps one another out! While she's quite quiet and timid, Aster is not. He fiercely protects her - and dealing with all those baddies has resulted in a massive rump!

Correlates with an awesome story by...
[ Continued ...

Asaneman - 4 months ago

There is not, sorry!

Meliodaskodei - 4 months ago

is there another female version ?

GoldOasis - 6 months ago

Is it ok if I wanna bang the chonky boi?

RossTheEmeraldFox - 6 months ago

Asaneman: *Uploads art*

People wanting to share art in Vore discord servers:
"owo yis, this will work"

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

What a plump and fluffy Wolf Butt. Those fuzzy balls are ones you could just bury your face in, though would be pretty musky. :3