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Kirbster231 - 9 days ago

i really do like my characters in turnips style its really good

Renael - 9 days ago

I really think the new coloring style you've adopted accents all of your pieces really well!

Twinkle - 10 days ago

She was very inspired by Helluva boss that's for sure! ;D

Twinkle - 10 days ago

Heheh, maybe she used to be an I.M.P employee, but now she is the CEO of her own company!

Twinkle - 10 days ago

Heheh, maybe she used to be an I.M.P employee, but now she is the CEO of her own company!

Twinkle - 10 days ago

Heheh, maybe she used to be an I.M.P employee, but now she is the CEO of her own company!

DARK13 - 11 days ago

Red demoness pred bosses are hot X3 very nice!

Tsavo - 11 days ago

Mmm, Uni belly. Well done.

JohnnyF102 - 11 days ago

I live how it’s detailed

Spider8Fiend - 11 days ago

Now that is a splendid tummy indeed!

Mettra - 11 days ago

Cute ^^

carlj - 11 days ago

That's a big belly ^^

Spider8Fiend - 12 days ago

It’s like I always say, you can never have too many eyeballs popping out of your noggin

Loonnyx - 12 days ago

So sexy this Belly

Spider8Fiend - 2 weeks ago

Such a mean pred. Clearly she knows what she's doing!

MelancholyClownD - 2 weeks ago

Goddamnit, you're right. I didn't view the image at max size. Brunette is just as great anyways.

MalchiorDagon - 2 weeks ago

Isn't that brown?

MelancholyClownD - 2 weeks ago

Red hair, sharp teeth & a long tongue? Now, that's a pred! Spectacular work!

NagaSqueezie - 2 weeks ago

Thanks for feeding Naeva such a filling dinner! ^w^

MelancholyClownD - 2 weeks ago

It's nice everyone is happy in a situation like this!

Badfurson - 3 weeks ago

Coolio! Nice belly work~ Can’t wait to see how well you do with my order!

ELSD - 3 weeks ago

No problem
And.. you are my inspiration ;w;

TurnipUpp - 3 weeks ago

oh gosh thank you!! ; w;

ELSD - 3 weeks ago

It's without a doubt incredible to see how you improve too much for each drawing you publish

you are amazing :3

KVCArts - 1 month ago


Cypher1 - 1 month ago

Lovely art of one of my favorite preds, nicely done!

Catvs - 1 month ago

Looks very satisfying. ^w^

carlj - 1 month ago

Now i wonder what happens when she goes hard XD

JohnnyF102 - 1 month ago

Very nice

DLeagueman - 1 month ago

Celia won't tolerate any trouble makers

thanks again for this ^^

trapsaintgey - 1 month ago

Oh she's so cute !
and with such a nice tum :)

MelancholyClownD - 1 month ago

I like how she's casually strolling with a huge gut like that while being annoyed! This is a great one!

ThatOneVoraphile - 1 month ago

That internal facial expression really nails it for me for some reason.

flareblitzle - 1 month ago

I remember seeing this guy as a pred before. I guess he now knows how it feels to be on the opposite end.

whitefunky - 1 month ago

I’m right there with Badfurson, you always do such an awesome job with these sequences! You make amazing artwork anyways, but you really do an fantastic job with weight gain

guymcguyman - 1 month ago

Very cute!

boomerangfish - 1 month ago

oh hell yeah dragon girl

Microchip - 2 weeks ago


Spider8Fiend - 1 month ago

Now really, is that any way for a proper lady to behave? Belching up dragonfly wings, of all the nerve! Clearly someone forgot their manners, but uh... who has the nerve to tell a 7 foot spider to stop eating people?

Catvs - 1 month ago


LaggyHoodieV2 - 1 month ago

don't think i don't see that hand down there

carlj - 1 month ago

Biggest Fans deserve a spot on her biggest assets

kibroman - 1 month ago

I like
good work

Catvs - 1 month ago

Love a happy pred~

Disalign - 1 month ago

Never seen such a happy pred. I suppose she's happy to be digesting a fan!

ihhh - 1 month ago

Mystic likes it too.

BlueIce - 1 month ago

She looks absolutely adorable in that pose

Catvs - 1 month ago

I'm adoring how happy she looks.

Regicide - 1 month ago

that's a nice tum

Spider8Fiend - 1 month ago

Something about her truly innocent and friendly smile just makes this all the more fun XD

KheraTheWolf - 1 month ago

Thanks again! I love how it turned out!

kibroman - 1 month ago

I like much

colemercer - 1 month ago

The best boy need more preys~

HiddenIke - 1 month ago

What a cutie as always, that Astolfo!

Killboo - 1 month ago

I dunno maybe it's not enough, he should have more >:^ )

boomerangfish - 1 month ago

That’s what I’m talking about!

denysvision3 - 2 months ago

Tbh, i will kiss her and paly with her gains as well

redsquallff8 - 2 months ago

I need to meet her irl lol

GluttonousBitch - 2 months ago


SeranaTaluhn - 2 months ago

Arisu lookin like such a cute heckin Fatty!~ Thank you so much again this is by far my Favorite commission from you to date! Soooo sooooft ;w;

Robotdocter - 2 months ago

omfg i love that last panel :P

ASithTrooper - 2 weeks ago

More like.

“Heretic’s End.”

Smasherfan69 - 2 months ago


boomerangfish - 2 months ago

This is Very good

DLeagueman - 2 months ago

A happy Umu makes for a good day ^^

Spider8Fiend - 2 months ago

All worship the glorious tummy!

NotMax - 2 months ago

Soft belly D.Va is always a win. Nice work!

GluttonousBitch - 2 months ago

Love the two very different kinds of belly! great stuff

Robotdocter - 2 months ago

Thank you so much again, i love how it turned out! :D

kat624 - 2 months ago

Always good to see a goblin pred X3

empatheticapathy - 2 months ago

Every goblin pred is precious.

Rowigrath - 2 months ago

I see Pixxy is bein' fat, as usual! Nicely done, TurnipUpp!

Badfurson - 2 months ago

Love this~ Always down for more Gobbo fat!

SerenaBlaze - 2 months ago

Oh wow ❤

Setsuna605 - 2 months ago

Elma is best Dragon

IvISenpai - 2 months ago

Elma is the best dragon cult

The Core - 2 months ago

she went drinking with co-workers, things didn't end well for them, or maybe it did lol

HungryPinkie - 2 months ago

Mmmmm wonder if tohru is in there♡ so soft i just wanna squeeze!

BlueIce - 2 months ago

Now this is a quality pred, love the expression she has

The K - 2 months ago

Her burp is incredible.

GluttonousBitch - 2 months ago

Lilith stole my shirt! She's asking for a churning

PixelMood - 2 months ago

Big burp

EnderDracolich - 2 months ago

She's cute as hell. Trans pride!

GigiFabulous - 2 months ago


Catvs - 2 months ago

So rare I find a male hottie I wanna get vored by~ great stuff.

BigJohnHagerty - 2 months ago

I’m surprised anyone even remembers Kung Jin

thepatrolman - 2 months ago

Yep, Erin will spit mobi out later

kibroman - 2 months ago

is very fantastic
and I like the anger of the naga
But, she will be fine right?

GassyBlossom31 - 2 months ago

Oh how the tables have turned lol

boomerangfish - 2 months ago

She's cute... she can accidentally eat me next

thepatrolman - 2 months ago

Thank you so much again for doing this commission for me, love how you drew mobi and erin!

strongjimmy - 2 months ago

Everything down to her big blue belly is absolutely perfect! I'm glad you really like her and enjoyed doing this! Thanks again ^^

strongjimmy - 2 months ago

Heh. Happy you like my OC, Tsavo. Been meaning to get her into the world of vore for awhile ^^

JohnnyF102 - 2 months ago


Tsavo - 2 months ago

Burp face? Face bulge? I'm melting.

Spider8Fiend - 2 months ago

Oh my, that belly bump and curves... the shading gives it such depth! I love it!

MandaRose - 2 months ago

I haven't seen a lot of macro/micro from you, this is so unbelievably excellent.

IvISenpai - 2 months ago

Haha human go gurgle

TurnipUpp - 2 months ago

thank you!!!

Robotdocter - 2 months ago

love the characters and the way you drew them :o

Spider8Fiend - 3 months ago

Whose a happy kitty? She is! Though I imagine she'd rip me a new one if I said that to her face, not that I could blame her. ^_^"

GramzonTheDragon - 3 months ago

oh wow, nice

Angeltsunakappa - 3 months ago

That looks cute. She reminds me of this like girl band "Josie and the pussycats " but I know it's not

kat624 - 3 months ago

Awwww I wanna hug both of them! X3

Castirony - 3 months ago

Oh wow, this rocks. Trait theft is absoutely amazing, and this portrays it perfectly.

Kirbster231 - 3 months ago

me too wholesome vores are my favorite and who knows maybe ill get to dabble in other things XD

Spider8Fiend - 3 months ago

I hope you get to see more vore like this in the future ^_^

Kirbster231 - 3 months ago

oh indeed wholesome vore is very much my forte and i enjoy this piece alot <3

Birichino - 2 months ago

That's a pretty loud stomach for a mime...

RitaNexus - 4 months ago

I love how the one on the left is just vibing while the other is like "fuck fuck fuck fuck"

kibroman - 4 months ago

very cute dragon girl

JohnnyF102 - 4 months ago

Ooh dragon girl

Doit4theBellies - 4 months ago

Such a crude yet cute belch! She’s truly satisfied

Spider8Fiend - 4 months ago

Belching Fire is a concept I don’t see enough of, so I’m glad it’s used here :)

Bluezilla - 4 months ago

This is very sexy~ great job~

Slimimi - 4 months ago

The sweater is breathable, this slime is not. XD

FrozenSquirrel - 4 months ago

Momento Mori indeed lol

TheForsaken - 4 months ago

I see that Unus Annus hoodie!!

PixelMood - 4 months ago

Oh I love it!

Spider8Fiend - 4 months ago

Frog girls are the best and I compel anyone to prove me otherwise.

allihserf - 4 months ago

Thank you so much again for this! Penny looks so adorable with that cute expression and big tum! Was worth the wait to get this :D

denysvision - 4 months ago

I think i should date both of them

Blackheartedreaper2 - 5 months ago

Hell yeah more Io pred.

Demonking44 - 5 months ago

Weight gain is truly a blessing~

Mettra - 5 months ago

Nice & thicc~

DLeagueman - 5 months ago

So big and squishy :3

Twinkle - 5 months ago

Heh, both of these two, are guys ^^

kibroman - 5 months ago

cute drawing
I love how you have drawn her expression

Kirbster231 - 5 months ago

i do know cause thats me in there X3

Twinkle - 5 months ago

Yo-Urp! You know it!

Twinkle - 5 months ago

It's a meeee! Twinklio!

jazzyboy12 - 5 months ago

Gotta love spunky tomboys UwU

Perrincatte - 5 months ago

smol pred good! theyre super cute too, love how you drew them :>

denysvision - 5 months ago

i will make love with that demon

saitofang - 5 months ago

tbh, I like the demon girl, but that taller voracious lady has aesthetics that are more up my alley!

Blackheartedreaper2 - 5 months ago

Now that's a sexy demon

Ebur64 - 5 months ago

I just want to say again how much I love the way you drew them together. They look so cute. And Maeve looks so full.

TurnipUpp - 5 months ago

thank you!!

DLeagueman - 5 months ago

Lovely job on this ^^

Bright - 5 months ago

Really cool picture.

MrEaten - 5 months ago

First art I’ve seen of Queen Azshara, I love it!

Spider8Fiend - 5 months ago

Now that is a beautiful sea creature! Well done!

gassygirl - 5 months ago

Love The Burp! This Is Really Well Done!

DLeagueman - 5 months ago

Lovely job ^^


Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TurnipUpp

Tags: Maw F/? Dryad Big Belly Female Pred Inviting laying down

Commission for  Neraciro 

balanced-guy - 5 months ago

I like the amount of detail in this one, especially the leg lines.


I can agree

Spider8Fiend - 6 months ago

Oh that’s just adorable! And it looks like Candi is happy to be Snowwy’s meal. Willing prey can be pretty great sometimes :)

UnreliableKnight - 6 months ago

And such a nummy Snowwflake <3

DLeagueman - 6 months ago

cute kitty :3

Robotdocter - 6 months ago

She's pretty cute :)

CadenGallic - 6 months ago

I honestly don't care.

Regicide - 6 months ago

it's nonbinary pred mate

CadenGallic - 6 months ago

Ooh, smartly dressed male pred. Probably some anime i've not heard of.

HiddenIke - 6 months ago

Such a cutie!

Class is in session, I suppose!

JadeThePanda - 5 months ago

They look very satisfied cx

DLeagueman - 6 months ago

Lovely job on this ^^

taito - 6 months ago

Whoa...her hair is so....gooey. That's neat.

Spider8Fiend - 6 months ago

You did a truly lovely job with this. The belly bulges, the different reactions of the various prey, Ubor’s teasing smile... well done!

Undernom - 6 months ago

Veeeeeeeeery nice~

ASithTrooper - 4 months ago

hmm yes.

the floor here is made out of floor.

SherlokKiril - 4 months ago

She is just so adorable ! Girls with freckles look so sweet in sweaters. Nice work on stomach sonuds too !

BlueIce - 7 months ago

belly sloshes are the best lol

Spider8Fiend - 7 months ago

She's oh so eloquent XD

MintyTa - 7 months ago

You drew Mentha heckin gud!

NagaRelic - 7 months ago

imma just say
That T o n g u e

Predaking54 - 7 months ago


MagicBoy69 - 8 months ago

Cute :3

SpooshJiggles - 8 months ago

Thanks again! He looks so cute in your style<3

GluttonousBitch - 7 months ago

You're just getting better and better at bulges

gooos - 8 months ago

Detective Joana Ridge

EmissaryOfRainbows - 8 months ago

What's her name?

Spider8Fiend - 8 months ago

Neat! I have a character of mine do the same, honestly, though she’s so forgetful she usually digests them by accident XD

gooos - 8 months ago

So basically she uses her stomach to transport criminals (usually other preds) back to the PD, but every so often she'll just take 'em home to digest if they're especially bad.

Bright - 8 months ago

She seems to be enjoying herself in there.

Jaffek - 8 months ago

I love these, thank you so much again!

TurnipUpp - 8 months ago

Thank you! I'm trying to get better at it, I'm taking inspiration from some of y'all on here.

VeryBatty - 8 months ago

I think this is one of your best internals yet! Nice work

JohnnyF102 - 8 months ago

Oh nice I like it

JohnnyF102 - 8 months ago

Oh nice I like it

Gepfu - 4 months ago

What a lovely burp!

Doughnutz2000 - 8 months ago

Love it! For a second I thought this was a commission for Mettra :P

hauntz - 8 months ago

you did her justice, this is wonderful

PixelMood - 8 months ago

Wow I fuc**** love her style!

Spider8Fiend - 8 months ago

Oh goodness. With all these stripes and tassels, I can only imagine how long this one took to finish ^_^”


Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: TurnipUpp

Tags: Slime F/? Slimegirl Big Belly Female Pred laying on gut bulging stomach resting on belly slime girl vore blinding bangs

Commission for Sagitto6 on twiitter

had a lot of fun on this one >w<  

ironman362 - 8 months ago

Good job one this one!

Spider8Fiend - 8 months ago

Yeah, of your recent work, it’s my favorite. What magic did you use to make it, you monstrously awesome witch!

I’ll send you a PM about the commission either tonight or tomorrow.

TurnipUpp - 8 months ago

aw gosh thats so sweet!!! Im proud of this one myself im so happy yall like it as well!!!

Spider8Fiend - 8 months ago

Oh. Oh my goodness, I LOVE how you drew this slime girl. Too often, I find that slime girls are drawn too gelatinous or too solid to feel like they are really “there.” Like, when they are gelatinous, they are also see through and it feels like they aren’t really there, sort of like bad CGI in a film. And when they’re too solid, it feels like they aren’t really a slime girl.

This pic, however, finds a good balance in-between and I love it. I cannot express how much fun it is to look at this. Well done on this, well and truly. I’ll save up money and commission you for my own slime girl character ASAP.

EnderDracolich - 8 months ago

Nice big belly!