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Tae Fucking Melts

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: F/F Non-Vore Shadow Fatal snuff Acid crazy Melting Betrayal murder Persona female victim yandere painful death acid burns acid drowning Persona 5 crazy pred Futaba Sakura Tae Takemi melting flesh

So this is a bit of an experiment. I am not completely sure if I am happy with it, but as a small test, it was fun. I plan on rewriting this in the future, with a LOT more detail :) So look forward to that. 

A GILF's Gluttony

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Digestion F/F Same Size grandmother F/FF Female Prey Female Pred girl scout mexican female victim Older Pred young prey girl scouts Cruel Pred female vore cruel predator girl scout cookies Younger Prey Cruel digestion Same Size Oral Vore gilf mature pred old woman Older predator mexican woman Same sized vore Multiple prey GILFpred

So recently I have really been wanting to see more fine-wined mature women take on the role of pred, and as they say, be the change you want to see.

I left the race of this GILF up to the readers mind, but next time they will probably be Japanese/Chinese/Korean, as having older Asian women as preds is even BETTER.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this. 

Animepoke12 - 13 days ago

It's not working for some reason

GirlsVoreBoys - 13 days ago

Have you seen Yubi Nuwa? She's my OC. What do you think of her?

bellylov3rs - 13 days ago

Mhm exactly, to be savored and enjoyed and worshipped as the great fine ladies that they are.

radmann - 13 days ago

100% correct. I've been really wanting to see more GILF preds for a while, and simply had to write up some for myself and others to enjoy. They are so much fun, not just due to their experience, but also because they really are like a fine wine to enjoy.

bellylov3rs - 13 days ago

Indeed that was my first thought upon seeing her too. So she was firmly in my head while reading it.
Silver aged preds need more love they display such elegance and power in all form, from sexual to predatory, you don't get to that she without being the best after all and learning many trucks and skills over the decades.

The Forms of Gluttony

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion Hard Vore M/F Same Size Fatal Unwilling shin megami tensei Fatal Vore Female Prey Disposal Persona Male Pred Shitting Disregard of Life Cruel digestion Persona 5 Ann Takamaki Yusuke kitagawa disregard for life

Okay, so I have been in a strangely massive 'Yusuke as pred' mood, and HAD to fix those cravings. It took me a few to think up the best scenario and prey for this story, but I think this worked out decently enough :) I had fun writing this, and I hope anyone else out there who likes Yusuke pred as well enjoys this a ton!

(Seriously though, if anyone else enjoys Yusuke pred, let me know, as I seek kindred spirits.) 

KimMadcox - 2 weeks ago

Mmmmh, nice one^^

Futaba's Finger Food

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Giantess F/? Fatal Bones Bikini Macro/Micro haru Implied Digestion Implied Vore Fatality F/FF Fatal Vore Swimsuit Burping Implied Fatality Smug Onomatopoeia Persona Shrunken girl Shrunken woman Bone Remains shrunken women Giantess Predator Cruel Pred Digestion Noises Shrunken girls giantess pred Multiple Preys Futaba bones in belly Persona 5 Futaba Sakura Haru Okumura Ann Takamaki

So I've recently been teaching myself how to use SFM/MMD/Blender, and my first few renders weren't anything fetish related, but of course, as you all know, this was going to come sooner or later, and I honestly feel this came out really darn nicely. I used a bit of Photoshop as well, but most of this is naturally just done up using the SFM models and such.

I don't own any of these models, I just wrote up the dialogue, set up the scenes and gave it all life. Hope you all enjoy a...
[ Continued ...

PIUMaster765 - 2 weeks ago

I absolutely love this, but I would love a external belly shot

radmann - 3 weeks ago


ASithTrooper - 4 weeks ago

What the fuck.

Deviantfan16 - 1 month ago

Okay. Good thing I got discord recently

radmann - 1 month ago

If ya wanna keep chatting I'm happy to do so in Discord at: NEET#5989 :)

Deviantfan16 - 1 month ago

What ideas do you got?

I meant her getting curvier and probably taller. Though her being a giantess and my idea aren't mutually exclusive.

radmann - 6 days ago

Thank you a ton! I am so glad to hear you thought so!! :D

Iseta - 6 days ago

Oooohh~ that was soo hoot~ we need more like this

radmann - 3 weeks ago

Thank you so, so much. Reading this made my day, and I am SO darn happy to hear you enjoyed this. I love the idea that Haru is a sadistic pred who takes her time, and makes sure her prey feels the pain, without actually being too badly damaged before the worst to come hehe. Thank you, I do plan on doing my best to.

radmann - 3 weeks ago

I agree, Haru is one of the best preds, and I do have more planned for her :) Since she is my second fave girl.

radmann - 3 weeks ago

I agree, Haru is one of the best preds, and I do have more planned for her :) Since she is my second fave girl.

A Fatties Feast

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Fatal Vore Female Prey Female Pred Original Character exercise Graphic digestion one shot fat pred Roommates Implied f/m breathless skinny prey Mean pred Mean prey obese pred obese girl out of

Just a relatively short story focusing on fat, vore, and an obese pred who is not as innocent and nice as you might think she would be.

Just a fun little write up to get myself back into writing. 

Uchihabiscuit - 1 month ago

That was a great read dude, hope we can see more of her in the future

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Threesome

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Love Character Human Anal Demon Goddess Non-Vore Consensual Sex lovers humor couple Blowjob hathor Anal Sex Oral Sex shin megami tensei science Long story threesome Cow Girl action fucking Safe submissive demon girl ass grab Ass Play Lilim ass worship Vaginal sex world building strange journey demon girls

Well here is, officially, my LONGEST and LARGEST commission to date. Over 40 pages. Over 12K words. It's fucking huge. It's filled with sex, assplay, sexy demon girls, kinks of all the erotic kinds, and did I mention there was sex?

Seriously though, this was one HELL of a fun project to work on for my friend/client, and I can only hope that you all enjoy it as much as we did. 

Bobrocks - 2 months ago

What type of fucking zoo is that?!

KR75 - 2 months ago

radmann's done it again! Really well written story. I enjoyed how descriptive you were for the eating scenes and digesting scenes. Always love the Persona 4 and 5 stories from you.

The Midnight Channel: Dumping Grounds

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Scat Digestion M/F Sex Rape Masturbation Non-Consensual twisted cumming Female Prey Cheating Disposal M/ff Human Pred Suave M/FFFF Persona masturbating female victim Male Pred m/fff Painful sex psychopath Shitting Painful Digestion Persona 4 Rise Kujikawa Male Human Psychotic Cruel Pred Yukiko Amagi Chie Satonaka Naoto Shirogane human predator painful death Multiple Preys Shitting out Yu Narukami toilet disposal cumming on scat masculine Shitting in a Garbage Bag Multiple prey

Looks like Yu IS indeed quite the lady killer... Literally... At least he has quite the tasty group of gals around to snack on.

A SUPER fucking fun commission for my great pal  selfrog that I forgot to upload before my trip at the end of last year.

Anyway, LOTS of vore and disposal. Hopefully you all enjoy ;) 

radmann - 2 months ago

Arigato my dude! It was an absolutely fun time to write, and I was given QUITE the enjoyable parameters to work with hehe. Yu is such a fun guy to make a pred, and having him dump the P4 gals is always, well, a treat ;) I've been wanting to write something like this for a good long while, and I finally got the chance to.

Uchihabiscuit - 2 months ago

This has to be one of your best, the way you describe the digestion and disposal are a pleasure to read and you make Yu into a great pred, overral great work

radmann - 2 months ago

Thank you :) I am glad to hear you enjoyed it.

TheRPKing - 2 months ago

Good story

radmann - 1 month ago

:D Might just have to do that some time! It makes me super duper happy to hear that you loved it!

Anon2727 - 1 month ago

God damn I love this story so much! Please consider making a part two! <3 <3

radmann - 2 months ago

Super glad to hear :) It was definitely a fun one to write up, and I am really glad how it came out.

Lokalhjul - 2 months ago

Amazing, I love the concept and execution of the story!

radmann - 2 months ago

Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed the story.

Futaba's Flavorful Evening Fuck

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Burp Same Size Sex Belch Belching couple Sadistic Female Prey Female Pred Sexual content Implied Fatality Graphic digestion Couple vore Persona Bound Prey graphic sex sadistic predator Cruel Pred sadistic pred Implied F/F Implied weight gain implied multiple prey bound and gagged NEET Cruel digestion burping up items Persona 5 Sadayo Kawakami Futaba Sakura Makoto Niijima Ann Takamaki Akira Kurusu burping in face graphic vore Couple pred NEET pred Shiho Shiho Shizui pred sex

A story in which Futaba and Akira have a wonderful evening together... It's not so wonderful for Shiho, who is going to get digested and popped inside of Futaba's stomach while the loving and sadistic couple fuck.

Yeah, it's a super self-satisfying story that is really just smut for the sake of it, but I enjoyed writing it, and realized I haven't written anything for myself in a while.

Also yes, for those of you who like some of the messier stuff, there will be an alt...
[ Continued ...

blazeveritas - 3 months ago

to my computer then

radmann - 3 months ago

Oh, it might be because you’re viewing it on mobile? It’s a PDF which won’t display correctly on mobile devices sadly :c

radmann - 3 months ago

What do you mean? :o

blazeveritas - 3 months ago

why is this amazing story1/2 blank?

Bayo's Brunch Teaser

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Weight Gain Stuffing Non-Vore hamburger witch Burger belly expansion burgers Bayonetta teaser Belly bulge Short Story stuffing weight gain teaser trailer Very short Story

A VERY short teaser for a quick short I wrote for someone, but will be expanded upon later in the future. Still some fun stuffing details so far, so I hope it gets you all excited. 

EmissaryOfRainbows - 4 months ago

Good so far!

algog8 - 4 months ago

Hoping for literal tons of burgers

saintheartwing - 4 months ago

Looking good so far!

Futaba's Snack Cake

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion F/F Giantess Same Size horror Belching Size difference smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred molestation larger prey large prey Persona small pred Clothing damage teacher prey bone breaking mind break Cruel Pred Cosmic Horror cruel predator yandere Younger pred lovecraftian Disregard of Life mind rape Short Pred Cruel digestion Yandere Pred Belching Clothes bones in belly Persona 5 Sadayo Kawakami Futaba Sakura Makoto Niijima Haru Okumura Ann Takamaki Akira Kurusu Belching up clothing NEET pred Cognitive Dissonance Otherworldly mementos

Seems that the tables are turned here, with Futaba being the teacher, and Kawakami learning the hard lesson: never get in the way of the NEET gremlin and her hunk of a key item, lest you want to become nothing more than a snack for the sadistic shut-in's darker side.

This was definitely a very fun one to write up. I was having a grand time combining cosmic and Lovecraftian horror, with the erotic vore elements, because honestly, it makes so much sense to have those accompany...
[ Continued ...

Uchihabiscuit - 4 months ago

Awesome story dude, keep up the good work!

Nita's Wiafu Feast (Part 1)

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Anime Weight Gain Belch Bones Digested Anime Vore Sadistic Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple neeta Graphic digestion Persona digestive juices BBW pred Bound Prey sadistic predator Cruel Pred sadistic pred Digestion Noises Nita melting digestion melting clothes super sonico Revy Black Lagoon bound and gagged NEET Multiple Preys bones in belly Persona 5 melting prey Sadayo Kawakami anime girl anime girl vore rebecca lee NEET pred Multiple prey Female/Multi

HOLY SHIT! An ACTUAL solo story featuring Nita? Yep! You read that right! I've been neglecting this 'poor' "hungry NEET" for too long now! >:c She was demanding to be fed, and to have a story people could enjoy that was all to herself! Well, I couldn't let her down now could I?

Here is a story I've been wanting to do for QUITE a while now, and it involves her eating some of my fave wiafu's who I have wanted to be seen turned into NEET fat! Revy, Super Sonico, and...
[ Continued ...

Uchihabiscuit - 5 months ago

This is only the first part and I'm in love already

The Corruption Begins

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Oral Vore Cat Soft Vore Chubby Digestion Burp Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Fatal Animation Loli Story Panties unaware Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore gif Male Prey Female Pred fatal digestion Human Pred Graphic digestion unaware predator Persona animal prey unaware pred Young pred bone breaking animated feral prey Digestion Noises loli pred Morgana human/animal Unaware digestion Loli predator story in description Persona 5 Futaba Sakura

Here is a very fun AU I've been working on with my wonderful artist friend who wishes to remain anonymous, but wants to have the work they've been putting into this with me shared! :D

Here we have an alternate Persona 5 universe where Futaba is no more than a wee lass, but something in her is different... Well, naturally the people and things she will soon come to digest will be a lot different, but she herself is a natural born pred with a pentiant for yummy squirming meals to fuel...
[ Continued ...

bellylov3rs - 13 days ago

Woof what an utterly fantastic gif. Too bad Loli Futaba didn't get to be awake to enjoy her filling meal. Hope to see more from your friend they do fantasic work

Anon2727 - 1 month ago

Oh my godness!<3 What else does she unintentionally swallow and digest? UWU

Rygami375 - 3 months ago

Well that was mildly sad seeing morgana beg like that.
This was really good tho.

Turbotowns - 4 months ago


rustybeats - 5 months ago

Absolutely amazing gif and story. Really nice to see a pred like this and some light bone breaking. What a lucky fuzzy noodle.

Yukiko's Myster Meat

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Gore Guro Meat torture Food play Humiliation unaware vore Cannibalism Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred ignorant Human Pred Persona female victim Male Pred unaware pred Painful Meat Grinder Food preparation Persona 4 Yukiko Amagi Chie Satonaka Nanako Dojima male dominance human cattle Yu Narukami

Just a silly story about Yu making lunch for his girlfriend Chie with the "aid" of their good friend Yukiko. Don't worry, what she lacks in cooking skills and usefulness in combat, she makes up for in flavor. 

A Lesson In Fear

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Digestion Burp Stuffing Non-Vore hamburger Bloated feeding Force Feeding Implied Digestion Implied Vore Binge Stuffed belly shirt Persona 3 Persona temptation bloated belly Hinted-Digestion gut bulge Cruel Pred cruel predator hinted vore mocking Yukari Takeba Mitsuru Kirijo button popping Binge eating Bloated Tummy

This is a personal story I've been wanting to do up for a friend and myself for a while now, and since I am currently on vocation, I decided to do it.

I wanted to play around with mind break, stuffing, and other vorish themes, without going full on into vore itself... JUST yet ;)

This is also a bit of a gift for  consumptionz for being such a wonderful friend, I hope you enjoy as much as I did writing it. 

radmann - 6 months ago

^_^ Of course!!! So happy you enjoyed it!!!

ConsumptionZ - 6 months ago

Thank you again you wonderful(ER) friend!

radmann - 6 months ago

<3 Thank you!!! I really need to do more stuffing scenes! And yes, pale bellies are very good!

madsci - 6 months ago

Beautiful stuffing scene - I love me a pale belly :D

Boa's Bayonetta Buttsnack

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Anime Fart Anal Vore Farting witch Manga Non-Fatal fighting entrapment Female Prey Female Pred Bayonetta action one piece Anime and Manga Endosoma fighting prey Boa Hancock Entrapment Vore Witch Prey Hammerspace

Two beautiful duke it out, and one of them ends up as a butt plug for the other :P Guess you can't figure out which one.

Commission for the wonderful  cranberryknights1 

grz01 - 2 months ago

Great story, love the interactions and detail

The five teenage girls all sat on the kotatsu, their bodies completely nude and the size of paper dolls. The TV was blaring the gaudy advertisement for the local Junes, with bright cheery suns dancing from side to side as products on sale were shown off.
None of the girls truly knew what was happening, as they had only awaken from their seemingly deep sleep moments ago. It was a thud, almost like a thunderous clap, as wood and glass were slammed together.

An Investigation Into Nanako's Tummy

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Giantess Belch Loli Belching Panties implied scat F/FF F/FFF F/FFFF f/multiple Burping Marie Persona Shrunken girl Shrunken woman shrunken prey Nude Female Giantess Vore Persona 4 Rise Kujikawa Giantess Predator Yukiko Amagi Chie Satonaka Nanako Dojima Naoto Shirogane Implied Disposal loli pred Nude prey Shrunken girls tiny prey giantess pred Multiple Preys panty entrapment

Just a short story about Nanako gobbling up the other main Persona 4 girls who have been shrunken, because she is best Persona 4 girl.

I just wanted to do a little bit of personal writing practice to get something out, so I could recharge my writing for everything else I am doing. (Don't worry, commissions are still underway, just needed to recharge with this :) )

Hopefully everyone enjoys.

(Sorry, Ekas loves to fuck with the formatting of the story...
[ Continued ...

Xenophage17 - 6 months ago

Love Nanako, although I'm mostly male focused she is a happy exception. great work :)

Arcanist - 6 months ago

There is far too little Nanako pred stories on eka’s and it’s always a delight to see one! I love reading your stories and agree that she is certainly the best. Rarely do I get the pleasure of reading a story where prey are trapped in the belly with already melting prey and people slop. Although the implied disposal is a bit of a tease (just messing around, teasing is great!). Can’t wait to see more work from you, and here’s to hoping you get all the recharging and relaxing you need.

“This was a mistake…” Nita huffed to herself as she glanced around at her living room, filled to the brim with more than a handful of girls with bulging guts hanging lol, and some that were lacking a full gut, eyeing those who had been lucky enough to snag a meal. “Michiko… Seriously? I just went and ordered another pizza because you keep eating any pizza girl who comes to the door!” Nita glared at the smirking, pale and freckled faced of the purple horned and fat tailed dragon gi

Vore Day With The NEET

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp party Milf mimi Kevin Silly Mass Vore Female Pred Multiple Preds indigestion bear girl alan Male Pred Olivia Sillyness shy pred Nita splatoon vore day NEET Multiple Preys milf pred Moth Girl belloc Glutt Goddess of Gluttony NEET pred michiko squirell boy Vore Day 2019 kevin and alan

I don't know why I made a 'Christmas with the Kranks' pun with the title, since I hate that movie, but seeing as both that movie and this story are a comedy of errors focusing on a holiday, well, I thought it might work.

Here is a silly short collection of interconnected stories involving a bunch of recognizable gal preds (and a few guys here and there) making Nita's vore day a living Hell in the way only friends can.

I hope everyone enjoys it a ton, I know it's...
[ Continued ...

ConsumptionZ - 7 months ago

No refrigerator is safe around the almighty Glutt!

404Error - 7 months ago

God, this was so cute. Thanks a bunch for including Mimi in this lovely short story!

rustybeats - 7 months ago

This is amazing, really great idea bud. Such a cute and fun slice of life. There's something oddly comfy about seeing predators goofing off. Thanks for giving my girl Erina such a lovely debut.

Belloc - 7 months ago

Looks like Nita had a very full Vore Day. XD Cute story!

radmann - 7 months ago

Really glad I was able to have your boi's in the story!! :D Super happy to hear you enjoyed it as well. Had such a fun time writing it!

Uchihabiscuit - 7 months ago

Thanks for the answer

radmann - 7 months ago

From the fact that she has her set of powers, along with the fact that she already prides herself on being "perfectly Japanese" due to her family line, and all that jazz, naturally she finds anyone NOT of her people lower than herself. Why not dislike imperfection when you and your people are perfect? is her though process, along with the fact that it also gives her a mental excuse to do horrible things to them and not her own people.
(Plus too often I see in doujins the Japanese girl go kaiju on Japan instead of other places, so it's fun having the Japanese girl LOVE her country instead.)

Uchihabiscuit - 7 months ago

Where does her dislike of foreigners come from?

The breeze was cool against the back of each of the girls necks as they stood in the grassy fields, the stone ruins on one side, and the gigantic magical school on the other. The sky was almost completely void of clouds, save for the odd straggler here and there still lingering around even after the cold morning air had warmed up to be a pleasantly warm day, a wind blowing down on the giggling girls anytime the sun started to heat up their black witch uniforms.
Atsuko was wavin

radmann - 8 months ago

Ah! Muchas gracias! Sé que un día lo harás, siempre y cuando practiques y te diviertas. Gracias por el favorito, y estoy muy contento de que lo hayas disfrutado!

xvx17 - 8 months ago

Historia maravillosa, me encanta como te expresas. Espero llegar a escribir asi algun dia. Esto va directo a mis favoritos :D

The afternoon sun shined its way through the cracked windows of the now almost completely empty classroom 2D. The quiet murmur of lingering students chatting about the day full of classes, or what they would be doing later that evening wafted its way into the surprisingly roomy wooden room, where a single soul was occupying some of the unfilled space. A soft scratching of ballpoint on off-white study sheets and overly exasperated sighs signified the work trapped women, her eyes glancing up at

radmann - 8 months ago

Really happy to hear you enjoyed it! And thank you for the comment! :D I've been wanting to do even MORE detailed work recently, and I thought this might be a fun experiment to start to get more in. I also love how much of a sadist Haru is, so I figured she would start catching wind of this sort of thing, and do a little work to get the perfect "shot" haha. With Ann that was sort of a quick moment addition to add to a higher prey count, but I could always write up a small side thing with Ann and Shiho. Absolutely! More is coming very soon!

KR75 - 8 months ago

Really enjoyed the story. Loved the detailed description of Makoto's adventure into Kawakami's belly. Enjoyed Haru's reaction. Hoping that we get to hear more about Ann's demise and flavor. Thanks for the story, looking forward to more!

Liberty smiled over at Calgary, who was licking her lips as she looked at the tied up girl who was placed on the picnic table, surrounded by beer, burgers, and a healthy dose of maple syrup. “Isn’t this a bit cliche, eh?” Cal snorted, addressing her blonde, star spangled friend as she approached the meal whimpering on the table. Liberty giggled at the lack of self awareness from her friend, and walked over closer to the table, the bound girls eyes getting wide as she saw the blonde Amer

Freedom Is A Dish Best Shared

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Stuffing Gift American Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Drunk Cliche burgers Beer canadian syrup canada bikini clad female vore chubby pred Drunk pred Canada Day Gassy Pred Tied up prey Tanned skin gift story

Hey everyone, happy Canada day to all my friends and everyone else up further North. I am a proud resident of Freedom land, but I love all my great friends up in Canada, and wanted to do up a small little gift to celebrate their countries big day! (Don't worry, I am planning on doing something to celebrate my own wonderful countries (soon to come) birthday as well! :D)

This is just all in good fun, and is just meant as a silly little gift, so there is no reason for anyone to get...
[ Continued ...

radmann - 8 months ago

:D Indeed indeed! I hope you're having a great day celebrating!

madsci - 8 months ago

happy canada day to you to eh!

What should have been a calm, Thursday afternoon was anything but that for the quiet small suburban californian neighborhood. The sound of police and emergency sirens blaring cut through the air, as the rough crackle of kicked up gravel crunched under heavy black boots, as heavily armored officers quickly ran from position to cover, chatter cutting through their microphones: this was a real shit situation.
Only four hours ago, phone call after phone call was called into the Los

IdunnoAnymore - 2 months ago

As a mozzie main. Nice, and you dod us some good ny showing we can ne be useful with the punch even if it means we still get cucked.

Crusaders - 9 months ago

STAY WITH ME братуха!

Misterchef - 9 months ago

Why you ahve to do that to my boy mozzie?

Misterchef - 9 months ago

DB1224 - 9 months ago

It is cruel, brutal, heartless, painful, bloody and horrifying.
I loved every second of it.

Keep up the good work !

Ann's Girls Night In (GRAPHIC AF)

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Hard Vore Gore Blood violence Fatal snuff writing dead horror Gas slave Sadism Obese Fatal Vore Navel Vore splatter Sadistic Cannibalism Female Prey Female Pred graphic Violet slob f/multiple Facesitting Mika Gassy fat pred Meat Grinder ass licking sadistic predator Horrifying Multiple Preys Gassy Pred Sadayo Kawakami Futaba Sakura Makoto Niijima Haru Okumura Ann Takamaki obese pred written work obese girl slob pred

An incredibly graphic (an incredibly fun to write) story, of a disgustingly obese Ann terrorizing and annihilating the rest of her friends and rivals in a messy evening of carnage and lustful hunger.

Many thanks to the lovely person who commissioned this who wishes to stay anonymous. 

The soft sunlight shown through the stained glass windows of the quiet church that hid itself away from the stores and apartments neighboring it. The calm silence was broken when the dark haired, uniform laiden girl let out a small sigh, that cut through the early morning air. Hifumi brought her fist slowly up to her smooth, near perfect lips, and touched her knuckle to them, doing her best to concentrate on the task at hand. That current task for her, was figuring out the best move to use on

(GRAPHIC AF) A Shogi Players Final Play

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Scat F/F Hard Vore Fatal Unwilling Gas torture Sweat Unwilling Prey Fatality Hard Digestion Fatal Vore Female Prey Female Pred slob Disposal Violent Persona cruelty neck snap Cruel Pred fat ass cruel predator Drunk pred disgustingly fat Gassy Pred Persona 5 clothing removal Hifumi Togo slob pred Ichiko Ohya slobby pred


So, here is the follow up of sorts to the last Ohya story. I do want to eventually write a soft vore version of this up for those who don't like the graphic stuff, but the commissioner  lunchforagirl112 and I had so much fun talking about a brutal, gross hard vore story, that I just had to do it.

So for those who like their vore with more pain and crunchiness to it, here you go! Enjoy, as much as I think myself and...
[ Continued ...

radmann - 10 months ago

Perfect. Now, the question is: what did you think of the story?

SomeoneThatExists - 10 months ago

OK I read the tags

The naked girl was sitting over in the corner of the dark, foul smelling room, tears were rolling down her eyes as she hugged her legs and body close. The girl heard loud scraping and other crying and screaming sounds ring out from the other side of the metal door trapping her inside the room she was currently residing in. The girl, like most other people of the world, was your average Pokemon trainer. She had been exploring the Petalburg woods after hearing a report of some legendary Pokemon

Mewtwo (Hunger) Strikes

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Pokemon Digestion M/M Cock Vore peeing piss Mewtwo Food play Preparation Human Prey M/ff Cruel molestation Cruel Pred Digestion Noises scat transformation mewtwo pred piss digestion

Clearly trainers are better suited as the master of all legendary's food instead of going around and capturing pokemon.

A commission done up for  saintheartwing 

madsci - 11 months ago

Gotta love some cruel vore >:3

Speedyblupi - 1 year ago

"The golden shower managed to cover a good deal of the plants and soil before Mewtwo’s balls slowly shrunk their way back to normal."

Good. As everyone on the internet knows: Pee is stored in the balls.

radmann - 1 year ago


crankzzz - 1 year ago

Shittified~ Love it! great read~

404Error - 1 year ago


Dylan’s and Tori’s lust filled moans snapped Stacy out of her grim fantasy of ending her life, her skin crawled at the thoughts that had just invaded her head. Stacy felt broken, she wanted to die, but there was still this sad sense of… Hope? No, it wasn’t hope, but something was keeping her alive. Stacy just sat there, her eyes red after the past hour of crying, they finally stopped with a heavy sob as she wiped her gunk laced face.
Stacy truly thought Dylan had loved

Tori's Torture Continues

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Stuffing Fart Giantess Sex Farting Gas torture Female Prey Female Pred graphic Cheating Sexual content slob Cruel Graphic digestion Shrunken woman slobby mind break Cruel Pred abused Abusive NEET NEET pred

Was it all just a nightmare for Stacy? Nah, slob NEET's always win!

A directors cut of sorts to the previous story: this was wonderfully commissioned by  madsci and I am really happy to give the original story the best TRUE conclusion it could have! 

AngelTheGood - 10 months ago

Love this kinda of gross!

InsertName - 1 year ago

Same as last time; this is genuinely sad. And I love it.

Kelly - 1 year ago

I cant get enought of this <3

xvx17 - 1 year ago

Could someone explain to me how to publish a story?

Stacy was the definition of perfection, the type of girl who your parents would be more proud of than their own son, even though she wouldn’t want you to feel that way. Stacy was the type of girl every guy in American dreamed of marrying one day and starting a family with. Stacy was tall, smart, athletic, good looking: The whole package. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, with the sun shining calmly through the upstairs window of Stacy’s room. While the light would usually wake most people

Tori The Total Bitch

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Uh oh, a NEET girl getting to completely and utterly destroy her preppy sister in some of the most horrible, degrading, and inhuman ways a gross ogre of a girl can do?... Yes, this made me very, VERY happy to write. Big thank you to  madsci for commissioning this to life! 

TheLordVampire - 5 months ago

This bitch needs a series!

AngelTheGood - 10 months ago

Great characters!

Kelly - 1 year ago

AHHHH this is one of the best story I ever read on here <3 <3 <3

radmann - 1 year ago

Isn't it though? (It's more sad that it didn't happen to Stacy sooner hehehehe)

And many thank yous! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!!

InsertName - 1 year ago

Honestly, this is just sad...
And I love it <3

The sun outside Autumnfield High was a calm one, students were making their way to their various academic courses spread out over the campus, and the day was nearing its completion. The mixture of humans, and the lesser creatures known as furs intermingled, most furs however tried their hardest to just keep their heads down and to their own species, as like on most days: a good deal of their friends or siblings were already digesting away in a various horrific manner inside one of the humans.

bellylov3rs - 13 days ago

While these can be fun the world building always pulls me out of it. Like no furs would willing to to such a school or live in such a society so one sided. The only time it makes sense is if there's reformation afterwards, so despite the pain they're still around after becoming a meal. Otherwise the school would run out of furs day 1.

Good cock vore though

TheHumanPred - 7 months ago

Love the Human predator, which there was more !!!!

It had been a few days since the invite for the biggest tournament arrived into the velvet red hands of the thief of hearts, and the gang still couldn’t believe it even had happened. Joker, their leader had been invited to battle against some of the greatest fictional icons in Futaba's favorite hobby: gaming, and the short, orange haired geek couldn’t be happier. Well, that is until she realized that Joker was constantly getting hit on by the numerous ladies of the competition. Samus Aran

Hungry Orange Girls

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After Joker battles his way through the Ultimate Brawl, Futaba meets a new friend with a similar problem, but thinks of a devilish way to fix it, and their hunger.

This story is based off the absolutely wonderful pics drawn up by my GREAT friend

Go check them out here:
[ Continued ...

madsci - 11 months ago

Love the digestion in this! Futaba for life!

radmann - 1 year ago

Thank you a ton! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

EatAGinga - 1 year ago

That was awesome!

maniacalfork - 1 year ago

You did a fantastic job, I love the digestion and swallowing!

radmann - 1 year ago

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