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Garrysrevenge - 1 month ago

so wait, in the last panel did she just think it'd be a good idea to go outside without pants, or is she still inside?

SomeoneThatExists - 7 months ago

Why do I forget that dawn has blue hair

Growthfan96 - 9 months ago

Vore that ends in digestion and then giantess growth or some type of expansion is literally the best thing ever.

LimelleBoi - 9 months ago

Oh, this is your first post-digestion try?
Very Nice, i must say.

Drillkiller - 9 months ago

This needs to continue with her nomming the other girls, Dawn is so underutilized

ShinMegamiDerpy - 7 months ago

Incredible Mawshot! :O

Yinyangmaster2017 - 10 months ago

Is there going to be a part 3 with weight gain?

Cooler4567 - 10 months ago

Dawn's my favorite Pokégirl, would love to be eaten by her!

Haxxtra - 11 months ago

Dawn used bite, then swallow, Belch and finally stockpile.
even though she's a trainer, she would actually be a really good part of any competitive pokemon team

great job on the art BTW ^^

LimelleBoi - 11 months ago

Dawn is the best :0?

SomeoneThatExists - 7 months ago


Nekochow - 10 months ago

Love that shirt lift

Cooler4567 - 10 months ago

So do I and her cute panties exposed too, so cute!

Spookums - 11 months ago

this is the hottest image of dawn on the internet.

The K - 11 months ago

I love the way Dawn lifts her skirt up and points to her belly.