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Harmony Decked Inside and Out

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: gachabork

Tags: Belly Chubby pudgy Christmas Absorption Non-Vore Lactation dildo labia holiday Anal Insertion Ribbon lactating Object Vore Candy Cane holly vaginal insertion dark skin Dark skinned anal penetration white hair Christmas lights anal play pussy juice pudgy stomach wreath object stuffing Object Insertion Christmas Gift eggnog Christmas decoration decorated dildo anal lactation? Nipple insertion anal stretching pudgy belly pussy juices Thicc holiday theme puffy vagina ribbon wrap christmas costume helium tank Harmony (gachabork) gift wrap object absorption Puffy labia

(clicking full size removes the weird outline on mobile)
Harmony decorated herself for the holidays, but unfortunately got carried away and all of her ornaments are now partially absorbed into her. She's gonna be passing all of this for weeks!

Merry christmas to all, and to all a good nut. Might do some more holiday stuff when I get the chance :>

bloodwolfvamp - 6 months ago

glad she had fun for holidays

mirrormind101 - 6 months ago

They are ^^ Thanks :)

gachabork - 6 months ago

Sure is!

gachabork - 6 months ago

Appreciate it, hope the holidays are treating you well.

bloodwolfvamp - 6 months ago

she seems having a blast huh?


Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: gachabork

Tags: Belly Food Non-Vore Bloated Maid Belly bulge bloated belly barmaid Maid outfit writing on stomach Bloated Tummy bloated stomach spigot beer tap Mary (gachabork)

good ol' beer belly

Mary the barmaid. She has Autobrewery Syndrome, so anything she eats or drinks becomes fermented like alcohol. She takes advantage of this by drinking a bunch of different things and dispensing it out of a tap installed in her upper intestine, just below her stomach. 

gachabork - 6 months ago


dominate9000 - 6 months ago

looks like chara

SamTheNeko - 8 months ago

Well I wouldn’t put it past someone to do so

gachabork - 8 months ago

I do recall an actual case of the syndrome, though not about anyone selling it. That'd be weird though lol

SamTheNeko - 8 months ago

Isn’t there an actual person who did that?

Val's Predicament

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: gachabork

Tags: Internal View Prey struggling paint 3D Valerie Lovelace

Tanya's belly is nice and soft, but it's a one-way trip!

Just a bit of practice in Paint 3d, probably won't use it too much lol 

mirrormind101 - 10 months ago

Mine won't open now. I had to do it all in one take.

And they said it was better than ms paint?

What a crock.

gachabork - 10 months ago

yeah after a lot of objects are loaded in it starts to slow down and takes even longer to open/save lol

mirrormind101 - 10 months ago

Yeah, I made some paint 3D stuff and it put a strain on my PC when I made somthing too complex.

Be careful with it. It's dodgy at best.

Undernom - 10 months ago

And honestly not bad! Looks like a cute lil Mii~