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[Animation] Asari Hospitality

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Belly Alien Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Fatal Animation video Big Belly Huge belly Nudity Betrayal Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts 3D Mass Effect Tali Sci-Fi Butt Expansion sound effects Sound implied fatal Liara Asari Tali'Zorah breast growth Digestion Noises Belly Rubbing squirming belly Liara T'soni Willing to unwilling prey Willing to unwilling Alien Predator Betrayal Vore butt growth alien pred annoyed pred alien prey Asari pred Honey Select tali'zorah vas normandy Liara Pred

So nearly two years back, I posted my first and extremely rough animation in Honey Select. I would like to think I've improved a bit since then.

Thank you so dang much to  kanilan for their help in making these vore bellies possible, we both had to pull off some black magic in order to get them to work. If you have Honey Select 1, you can try these bellies out here:

As always, all other assets belong to...
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97thSilentium - 3 days ago

For something that only came out a few days ago, this is one of the best vore animations I've seen. The angles, the texture on Liara's belly, it's all so good.

Goldendevil21 - 4 days ago

Have to say, this was a great animation.

First the voices, great job using the voices to match up with the situation to make the scene better. Can't Imagine it was easy to find and plug in their dialogue. Though did find the dialogue to be quite quiet. Could barely hear it over the glumps and glurks.

Also really enjoy the sliding of Liara's hand over her belly. The sound effect was great.

And just love the belly animation. Each animator had a different style and just love yours. The part where Liara twitches her feet when Tali moves around was another great small addition.

And just loved seeing Liara's boobs expand from her absorption. Only think that could have made it better is if they jiggled at the end a little more.

Battelbro - 5 days ago

This is so awesome

Destiny4life - 5 days ago

This was awesome really great work GooInABox and  kanilan i hope to see more like this in the future.

E1R0R - 6 days ago

Wow that was great, always great to see same size vore. Looking forward to your future work!

reliuskaiser - 3 months ago

Nooooooo im a marketable nightmaaaareeee!

DoniVores - 3 months ago

Nice Fat Tush

RasenGun37 - 3 months ago


RasenGun37 - 3 months ago

New Fate Tattoo

kairos64 - 3 months ago

Better then actual NFT's on every single account

MelonGRG - 9 months ago

Makes you wonder how she couldn't have noticed

Ryan-Drakel - 9 months ago

Wolf gals don't seem to bothered. But look at it this way~
They get a place all to themselves to fool around in.

Vorachist22 - 9 months ago

Great work.

doomed - 9 months ago

lmao , i guess she wants to save them rather than digest lmao

TW - 9 months ago

That was great. nicely done.

Trade Offer

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Breasts F/F Breast Expansion meme Implied Vore Nudity Girlfriend Big Breasts suit 3D Huge breasts Offer breast growth Trading Honey Select

Your guess is as good as mine as to why I made this.

Template available here: 

GurglingGoodness - 6 days ago

I guess this is what they mean by "Win-Win"!

moonpunch101 - 1 year ago

By the looks of it she's already made the trade for you. :P

blepblepblep - 1 year ago

Hell, have all my old lovers for all I care.

walkingbyself - 1 year ago

I will accept this trade agreement.

brandon14 - 1 year ago

Trade... GRANTED.

I have no mouth and I speak for the trees.

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: scenery Belly Unbirth F/F Forest Dryad Non-fatal river Unwilling Prey Nudity Female Prey Female Pred 3D Green Skin earth day Nude pred mouthless dryad pred Honey Select

Who knows how a peaceful dryad was able to get the upper hand over a lumberjack in the wrong part of the woods. Regardless, the forester can expect a very long stay in her captor's womb.

I got my hands on a new belly model for this scene. It's still not perfect, and it's only usable in certain nude situations, but at least it's mostly seamless. My endless quest for a flawless vore belly in Honey Select shall continue evermore.

Happy Earth Day!

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Jbcoolerninja23 - 8 months ago

Damn you should of called it
"i have no mouth yet i must feed"

Matteo42 - 11 months ago

You a fan of IHNMaIMS? my god that abbreviation is horrible

JeebyHeebies - 1 year ago

She is a dryad, she unbirths for the trees.
You're not coming out, for she is not pleased.

Groblek - 1 year ago

Fun! It's dangerous to mess with Dryads.

threk - 1 year ago

I am the Lorax; I speak for the trees.

And for some fucking reason

They're speaking Vietnamese

Recursive Gluttony

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Comic Belly Digestion F/F self vore Female Prey Female Pred 3D Fourth Wall Breakage loop Recursive Vore F/self Stretched clothing Honey Select Recursion

I'll try to get back to making the real multi-page comics sometime before the end of the year, but for now I hope this four-panel strip will suffice.

Honey Select is a product of Illusion. All mods and custom content belong to their respective owners and/or creators. 

Bright - 1 year ago

Cool idea

Evbro22 - 1 year ago

Of course. I was just suggesting. Though if you ever do attempt it one day, I’d like it to be AV. Regardless, I love your work!

GooInABox - 1 year ago

So something like [url=]this[/url]?

That would be quite the challenge. Maybe one day, but I need to improve my animation skills for that.

GooInABox - 1 year ago

"What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun."

unknownHavock - 1 year ago

Creative. I like that.

HS Digestion and BE Animation Test

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Belly Digestion Breast Expansion F/? Avatar Animation Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts 3D Korra 3D Animation Avatar Legend of Korra Honey Select

Welp, I guess I'm an animator now.

I originally wasn't going to post this as it was supposed to be just a test on whether or not I could animate digestion and breast expansion within Honey Select, but I figured I might as well go the extra mile and make it look somewhat decent for viewing. This is only my second or third animation attempt, so the movements may look a little stiff.

And yeah, the .gif format takes away all of the quality. Here's the mp4 version:...
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LizAndFrankie - 1 year ago

That look at the end... so good.~

GooInABox - 1 year ago

Go for it! Feel free to post the final result in your gallery if you wish!

GooInABox - 1 year ago

At this rate, I'll be able to build a house of cards. Let's see how big I can make it before it collapses.

GooInABox - 1 year ago

Thank you! And you're right, trying to get same-size scenes in Honey Select is difficult enough when the characters aren't moving, and even then I have to use implied camera angles to hide the inevitable clipping. The jaws/mouth can be scaled up, but the larger I make the mouth the more inhuman and freakish the faces appear until they look like the enemies from Amnesia The Dark Descent. I doubt I'll be able to smoothly animate more than a hand or a foot being swallowed down unless I go into Giantess territory.

...which probably explains why anal vore is so popular in the vore animation community.

EmissaryOfRainbows - 1 year ago

Mind if I add some audio to this?

The New Normal

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Belly F/? jogging Big Belly Female Pred modern Pandemic Masks 3D Stretched clothing modern setting Honey Select

I wanted to see if I could improve the belly models that I often use, as it's somewhat immersion-breaking to see a 100% same-colored stomach prop placed on top of a character model who's wearing a shirt and/or pants.

Through the power of texture projectors, let there be stretchy faux-clothing!

(Honey Select is a product of Illusion. All mods and custom content belong to their respective owners and/or creators. Mask models were provided by zeki.kalagoglu through...
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There is a Predator Among Us

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Oral Vore Comic Belly F/F space astronaut Video Game Female Prey Female Pred 3D Honey Select Among us

I haven't actually played this game yet, funnily enough.

(Honey Select is a product of Illusion. All mods and custom content belong to their respective owners and/or creators.) 

Jbcoolerninja23 - 8 months ago

Im sorry but i have to say it
.... Red... Sus

Horsolol - 1 year ago

You Absolute chad Scottish drunken cyclop I'm going to give you potassium

shadepelt2 - 2 years ago

Sounds about right honestly.

GooInABox - 2 years ago

I finally bought the game and have had some fun with it. If I were to remake the comic to be more accurate, I would either have the vote be skipped or have blue be jettisoned for a "sus self report".

thefatty9581 - 2 years ago

Machiguan moment

"Stealth" Mission

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Belly Digestion Absorption Cock Vore Futanari Fatal Anal Vore Unwilling Prey Breast Vore Cum Digestion H/F Cleavage Vore Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts h/ff 3D Huge breasts Stealth secret agent H/? Hermaphrodite Pred Hermaphrodite huge cock huge balls Digestion Noises bodysuit breast absorption cum disposal Multiple Preys stealthy pred Honey Select

Sure, consuming the guards seemed like a great idea at first, but then digestion kicked in at an inopportune moment. So much for that No Alert bonus.

This was just something I threw together between renders of my next game update, hopefully I'll get that out soon.

(Honey Select is a product of Illusion. All mods and custom content belong to their respective owners and/or creators.) 

The Data Bust Cover

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Comic Alien Human F/F Breast Expansion Absorption Reformation Willing Breast Vore Robot Cleavage Vore Human Prey multiple arms 3D Multiple Breasts Sci-Fi Huge breasts Android cleavage absorption Robot Pred alien prey sentient fat Willing prey android pred Non-Fatal(?) Honey Select

I said that I would upload this comic to my gallery, and here it is. Please note that this comic is very light on vore and is more breast-expansion oriented. This was originally posted to the forums a couple of months before I posted my game, so expect the quality to be lower than my previous works. Again like the AV School comic, I'll only promote this page and set the others to scrapbook mode to avoid littering the gallery. If you wish to download the entire thing, here's the link:...
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Slayerhero90 - 2 years ago

super cute, and interesting scenario! i love it, and that's coming from someone who usually prefers other types of breast vore

VoidInVoid - 2 years ago

Ah, I see. I was worried I'd miss out on your future content.

GooInABox - 2 years ago

I originally uploaded all the images as "self only" before switching them all over to "everyone" after I uploaded all of them, so that might be the reason.

VoidInVoid - 2 years ago

You want to know something weird? I didn't get a message you posted this, despite watching you.

AV School Comic Page 0

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Comic Expansion F/F Absorption Anal Vore skirt school Unwilling Prey Anal Sex F/FF F/FFF Nudity F/H School girl Female Pred Big Breasts Sexual content huge ass Big Butt 3D f/multiple Skirts Implied Fatality Onomatopoeia Butt Expansion Huge butt ass expansion Big ass Hermaphrodite school girl uniform Casual vore Comic pages Hermaphrodite Prey Willing prey Disinterested pred Honey Select ice pop

For those of you waiting for the v8 update on my game, I've got some good news, some bad news, and some more good news.

The good news is that I've recently had a creative burst.
The bad news is that I didn't use it to work on my game.
The other good news is that I created this short comic instead, which is now available to view in its entirety right here.

To keep from spamming the gallery, I'll set all the other pages to Scrapbook Mode and only promote...
[ Continued ...

hotpocketshogun - 2 years ago

I love the casual public lewdness and vore on display~

Eat Saber

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Belly F/? Pun Video Game Female Pred 3D virtual reality light saber VR 3D Model Honey Select Beat Saber

I had this stupid pun nagging in my brain for a couple of days and this was the only way I could get rid of it.

(Honey Select is a product of Illusion. All mods and custom content belong to their respective owners and/or creators. Beat Saber is a product of Beat Games.) 

VR Mods Are Fun

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Comic Belly Human Elf F/F Fantasy Same Size F/? Pre-Vore Post-Vore Unwilling Prey Video Game Female Pred 3D Huge breasts Skyrim VR

A big thanks to all the modders out there who help make good games great.

...and yes, I have used a certain mod in Skyrim VR and it works reasonably well with the VR body mod.

This is my first submission outside of the forums. I may occasionally drop stuff here that doesn't fit with my current game development.

(Speaking of mods, any and all props used in the making of this and related work belong to their respective owners, the names of some...
[ Continued ...

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 years ago

Add another thing to try in vr lol