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Bleary-eyed, Dominic awoke in the morning as usual, completely naked, but with balls that were a lot bigger than what he normally woke up with. He approached himself in the mirror with a lot more tenacity than usual, having figured out what no man had ever found out before, an actual method to make your dick bigger. He flexed at himself in the mirror, as if to congratulate himself on his feat yesterday in being able to eat an egg in a very unorthodox way. He was feeling electric from how big his

Experimentation part 2

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An extension of the previous story, these two were meant to be a single unit but I didn't want to leave you guys without a post for a very long time. Anyways, here is the rest of this installment.

Proper vore and muscle growth is coming soon though, And you guys will have a say in this story too! 

HalloweenZilla - 1 day ago

It would be nice if he secretly ate Jordan

HalloweenZilla - 1 day ago

It would be nice if he secretly ate Jordan

plaant - 2 days ago

Looking forward to more!

My body was a noise circus over the night, yet I managed to sleep okay. I could feel my stomach try its hardest to digest someone who may as well be made out of rock.

“Good morning babe” I said, rubbing my stomach, with a still very cramped, very undigested Easton.




Epilogue Part 1

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One more chapter and I swear I'm done with this story, all the parts in my head sounded so short to write but ended up being longer than I could have imagined.

DudeBoi54 - 1 year ago

Yays! Now they either canlive together and become SO GOD DAMN SEXY or Jordan is going to eat Mark.... Hoping for the first option folks.

Mab2 - 1 year ago

Oh my, this is an excellent twist to the narrative I like it. ^-^

Even though I had an amazing night with Easton yesterday, I was seething with lust the next morning. My balls had shrunk down to 70 pounds of Vicky from 100 last night, but for some reason they felt SO fucking hungry, like now that they had a taste of a supermodel and had digested her over 2 weeks, it felt like they needed more, so much fucking more.

That, and my stomach was starting to feel the same too, it is having a similar experience where I need to keep it occupied

Now or never

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The Finale in the story between Mark and Easton, there will be an epilogue to this story featuring the digestion sequence, but for now this is where I will leave it at.
Tell me what you thought about it in the comments! I would love to hear your feedback. 

DudeBoi54 - 1 year ago

..... Oh. Oh. OH! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOO- Ok sweet.

MuscleGod - 1 year ago

I'm kinda spoiling a bit here so don't read this if you don't want to.

Technically she's not dead yet, she's in Tyler's balls and will not digest nearly as fast as Easton or Tyler will. It just depends on what Mark will do with her

End of spoiler

DudeBoi54 - 1 year ago

Shame Jordan had to die...

dragonkingdc - 1 year ago

Its good, still would of liked #2 more

Animetiddies - 1 year ago

Good story. wouldve been nice if he made jordan a supermodel then ate her


Waking up, I saw the familiar two orbs below me, which were now the size of another person.

Light peered through the window, my naked body was still completely drenched in sweat from the night before, I had wondered if it was a wet dream after all, but no


Passing around the school whore

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This one took much MUCH longer than I previously thought it would, as a result I haven't started writing the final entry and will be taking a short break before I do. Sorry to those of you who wanted Mark to shoot ALL of Vicky into Jordan, I had other plans for her. However, because of this, the poll from the previous post will still be up, you can offer your own suggestions if you want to as well. I will try to incorporate the ideas posted as I deem fit. You can make a comment on either this...
[ Continued ...

Fiaura54 - 1 year ago

3 - CV One for each ball.

Borgle - 1 year ago

Cv Easton ov Jordan

Sleepyshaman - 1 year ago


Borgle - 1 year ago


Curito - 1 year ago

3 oral on easton cv on jordan.


“What’s up stud?” Vicky said.

Still groggy from waking up, and still thinking that I might be having a wet dream with Vicky, I said “wha… what’s going on Vicky?”

She looked at me with lust burning in her eyes, eyeing my still massive dick and balls. “You’re gonna be me new cum

The making of a predator

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Part 5 in the series of Mark and Easton, sorry guys I know what I said in the past two posts but I just can't stop myself from writing lol!
Also, here is a poll, respond in the comments for what you think which ending this story should take
1. Mark eats Easton (My personal choice)
2. Mark eats Jordan and continues his relationship with Easton
3. Mark eats BOTH Jordan and Easton
4. Alternate ending: Easton eats BOTH Jordan and Mark 

Spytra - 10 months ago


Tijana4769 - 1 year ago


deke - 1 year ago

2 - I think Mark going from using Easton for his cum to choosing him over Jordan is interesting.

Borgle - 1 year ago


dragonkingdc - 1 year ago