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Hexagoo - 7 days ago

Cutest Wolf ive seen so far. Fo sho

benjdsen815 - 7 days ago

wow that is one beautiful lamb, Fiora might be a little hot looking at those thicc asscheeks

SuperSentaiVelvet - 13 days ago

Never tell a pred they're fat. That's another way to get eaten for sure.

StarvingArtist4073 - 13 days ago

I love how the watch says 0 bpm on it cuz I guess she’s dead. Must have been a long workout to get to that point.

WankersCramp - 13 days ago

Jogging preds, jogging with a belly full of prey is never not sexy.

RG9812 - 3 weeks ago

And this is why look before ya sit

SlickDratini - 3 weeks ago

You'll get much more than belly rubs if I just push him down a little further...


Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Wolf Digestion Willing Mercy Overwatch

She is a healer

3D render from my friend on bird app: 

SuperSentaiVelvet - 3 weeks ago

I know BizarreRaccoon too. He watches me and he does some great 3d work.

BuckleYourPants - 3 weeks ago

She Looks sooooo fluffy ,i wanna hug her! ^^

Fox Lady

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Anthro Digestion Krystal Burp Weight Gain F/M StarFox Big Belly Digestion Noises krystal pred

Krystal hungry (1/?) idk 

FitMe - 3 weeks ago

This is absolutely fantastic. You've done wonderful dialogue here!

NotMax - 3 weeks ago

I love preds being "kind" and comforting prey during digestion. I can already tell this is gonna be a fun sequence.

b72777 - 3 weeks ago

thank you kc105, very cool

BuckleYourPants - 3 weeks ago

Part 2 The Others did find Out :3

AfraArt - 3 weeks ago

That's my gal~

cryspibacon - 4 weeks ago

God she's so <3 She's in my top 5 favorite preds on this site fr

Undecided - 4 weeks ago

Never enough Cherry pred content, she looks wonderful in your style!

SuperSentaiVelvet - 4 weeks ago

I thought she liked being fat?


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Bones Digested Size difference Internal View Burping bone bulge bones in belly


cryspibacon - 1 month ago

hell yeah! sliding through your lover's bowels also doesn't sound all that bad

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 month ago

Nothing more sensual for a predator than feeling your lover's former body sliding through your bloated intestines

SuperSentaiVelvet - 2 weeks ago

Well, he'll come back by demon summoning.

Ixtili - 4 weeks ago

Resurrection is smart but don't forget to soul bind your object of obsession and put a summoning spell on them. You wouldn't want some other pred making off with them in body or soul after all.

JeebyHeebies - 1 month ago

yeah, way better than the ones that just melt rivals

b72777 - 1 month ago

Lore drop

WankersCramp - 1 month ago

Yes! Bones in belly! Amazing job!

Updatedautopsy - 1 month ago

Except... No, it doesn't actually get the battle system right...
The acid is green. Green attacks heal you. White does damage.

Undernom - 1 month ago

Less Heartache, more Heartburn.

But really, you nailed this one. Great stuff as always!

HallaDeck - 1 month ago

God i always love whenever vore art makes use of the battle system like that, the soul being totally covered up by acids, locked into an un-dodgeable attack. Lovely touch~

cantcomeupwithsomething - 1 month ago

Such an unfair attack patten

SuperSentaiVelvet - 1 month ago

She is adorable in your style!

Zero Suit Nat

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Wolf Stomach Digestion rear view Zero suit Black fur Multiple Preys Ripping clothes

Nat likes to cosplay at conventions 

WankersCramp - 1 month ago

I don't think that suit can take anymore people.

ChubbChubbyArt - 1 month ago


benjdsen815 - 1 month ago

what a cute Wolf in Samus's suit


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Macro Wolf Giantess water pool Macro/Micro Mass Vore Burping Wolf Pred Water Park giantess pred

Voretober Day 7/ Path 


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Weight Gain talking to prey Postvore SCP voretober Mal0 scp-1471

Voretober Day 5/ Moonlight 

DamnedFox - 1 month ago

Mal0 my beloved

nope01 - 1 month ago

Youre the perfect size for a good hug!

b72777 - 1 month ago

Kc makes for a really good pred, nice work


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Dragon Digestion knight Unwilling Prey Size difference Burping Male Pred Dragon prey health bar

Voretober Day 2: Hero

Kc saving the day! 

HangryDemon - 1 month ago

Saving the princess and getting a damn good meal out of it too

b72777 - 1 month ago

What a Chad

egg67 - 2 months ago

I love you as pred holy fuck, bro

KC105 - 2 months ago

They fugged in the royal palace

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 months ago

And then they fugged


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: sequence Digestion Weight Gain Anal Vore Male Pred Protogen

gift art for a friend 

hotpotcoldspag - 1 month ago

Ooh! I didn't know that Buddy could digest. Not complaining~

AssImilate - 2 months ago

I wanna meet this protogen!

SuperSentaiVelvet - 2 months ago

Wait until Nat knows what he did to her husband.


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Wolf Size difference cosplay Harley Quinn joker Multiple Preys voretober

voretober day 1: Villians 

Evergreenplate - 1 month ago

Well that's awkward

SlickDratini - 2 months ago

Just listening to everyone else at the party becoming MULCH. Beautiful~

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 months ago

Hope she's got room for one more from the sounds of things

HMDVore - 2 months ago

Very hot

DarkArtist - 2 months ago

I mean, you can easily have room when your villagers move onto your hips. XP

dmnxd - 2 months ago

Isabelle is always awesome :3 Espacially when digesting

GramzonTheDragon - 2 months ago

it's a lower resolution image than normal

JeebyHeebies - 2 months ago

How come this can't be fullscreened?

gigaredpanther - 2 months ago

Sometimes 'being saved' just means getting gurgled up by a more trustworthy pred!

Alastorr - 2 months ago

Digest? Ew

SlickDratini - 2 months ago

Love this so much. <3

Undernom - 2 months ago

A favorite of mine from you, you nailed this one!

Coffee Shop

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: sequence Wolf Unwilling Prey Coffee Shop Multiple Preys

Cant stop her 

Cheer Leader

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Digestion Post-Vore cheerleader Burping cocky pred

Dead weight 

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 months ago

They made the cut for position as thigh fat

Office Pervs

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Unwilling Prey german shepherd Office Office Vore Office Lady Multiple Preys

Serves them right 

BigDiesel - 2 months ago

Well now they get to add to what they admired!

Wolf Summer (3/4)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: sequence Wolf Soft Vore Inflation rear view Water Inflation

Bigger belly! 

locomaniac5297 - 1 month ago

Where’s 4?

Marshmellow845 - 2 months ago

I always love this concept of water inflation and vore! Amazing work!

Wolf Summer (2/4)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Wolf Anal Vore Size difference Internal View rear view

More bigger 


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: sequence Wolf Unwilling Prey Internal View Male Pred

I tried it 

Vren - 2 months ago

First time being a pred?

Soniclover - 2 months ago

He'll be fine...

I want a promotion-

Undernom - 2 months ago

Gosh he makes such a good pred~

hotpotcoldspag - 2 months ago

Amazing stuff <3


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Dragon Mass Vore Jean Dragon Girl rear view Minecraft Multiple Preys Ender dragon

Ender Dragon 

Tachyon70 - 1 month ago

Thicc dragon

WankersCramp - 2 months ago

I want to do battle with her.

Undernom - 2 months ago

Massive bottom Jean

Boots with the fur

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 months ago

Minecraft mommy~

WankersCramp - 2 months ago

This is amazing, you did awesome work on the bulges.

SuperSentaiVelvet - 2 months ago

I like the detail on the bones at the bottom. I have a macabre mind when it comes to bones in belly, but I love this.

Undernom - 2 months ago

Oh what a cutie!


Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Furry sequence Wolf Anthro Milf Anal Vore Goat Female Pred rear view Undertale Toriel milf pred

its warm in there 

BMSmithers - 3 months ago

unlikely, she is a drawing

N0ahtheking - 3 months ago

can she unbirth me?

Undernom - 3 months ago

Toriel in YOUR style is a VERY powerful combination~

N0ahtheking - 3 months ago

* walks in and just watches *

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 months ago

How do you get closer than a literal molecular bond

spicysaucego - 2 months ago

without the context that this is about vore that sounds creepy, but with context it does actually sound romantic lol

Undernom - 3 months ago

What fun! Nothing quite like walking into the theater with two and leaving as one~ How romantic~

SuperSentaiVelvet - 3 months ago

I enjoyed every single page.

2good2btru - 3 months ago

For some, this is heaven, for others, it is hell. (So much fat to burn through. >~<)

RedNastyFoxy - 3 months ago

Such a magnificent fox lady she is! ^__^

tiredtomato - 3 months ago

I wasn't even super crazy about this character but, uh
[i]holy SHIT this is good[/i]

(still haven't even watched the movie though)

NommySandy - 3 months ago

Did she ate the wolf?

filthyboigoji - 4 months ago

wan UB off the table?

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 months ago

Yeah but then you end up smelling like wolf stomach for the whole of your vacation

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 months ago

Seems they'll be getting some company in her tum


Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Furry Wolf Anthro Wolf girl Wolf Pred bulging stomach wife/husband

Wolf couple shenanigans 

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 months ago

Don't think they'll be a couple for long at this rate

Relaxing [COMM]

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Furry Wolf Anthro Struggling internals Internal View

Normal day

Comm for someone on twitter 

CakePisces - 4 months ago

yooo pretty hot sequence!

BuckleYourPants - 4 months ago

I am a big Fan of this one :3

Huntress [COMM]

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Furry Stomach Anthro Digestion huntress Unwilling Prey internals dress Internal View Human Prey Anthro Pred Dead By Daylight

Commission for

Nat as Huntress and kc being there being the gut worshiper he is. 

Gummysquid - 4 months ago

Oh not got both girlfriends~!!

Avpete - 4 months ago



Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: KC105

Tags: Furry sequence Wolf Anthro Anal Vore Bones Skull Wolf girl Burping Facesitting Anthro Prey Furry Pred Wolf Pred Mal0 scp-1471

Now you'll think twice before you ignore her... 

Moxxieasslover - 4 months ago

i gonna ignore her :D