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Name: Annabelle ‘Annie’ Rose

Nationality: Latino (Brazilian-American)


Caramel skin, wavy armpit-length black hair, black eyes

4 ft 10, DD cup and bubble butt

Apple build

Usually wears tight jeans, a tube top, sneakers, beanie and round glasses

Loves: Kathleen, vore, video games, swearing, being unbirthed

Annie bio

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Gorgrath177

Tags: Lesbian lewd shortstack

My second OC, Annabelle Rose. Saved over and over throughout her childhood and teens by Kathleen from a fate as just another bowel movement. In the process she fell head-over-heels for her guardian angel. 

panzerkampfvorgen - 1 year ago

now THIS is a character I can get behind seeing more of the fantasy loving come from! Warhammer 40K, the best Sci-fi fantasy universe ever! jeez, imagine if Annie and Kathleen had an adventure in Cosplay and wore stuff from I wanna figure out how to get that idea!