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Jezebell, the Stalker Futa

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Non-Vore Futanari Pre-Vore Mini Giantess Hyper Cock Hyper Balls Futanari Pred stalker pred

A quick $20 commission by  VoreLover9012

Also the first ever art of Jezebell! The stalker futa willing to do anything for her beloved. 

Casual Mary

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Non-Vore Futanari Penis Non-Fatal

Just a quick $20 commission by the wonderful  VoreLover9012 

doomed - 1 month ago

i need more of these two

DeathStar66 - 2 months ago

More of Mary and Tom ^^

AGuyWithBigHair - 2 months ago

Mary might be able to be convinced... sadly Thomas doesn't want neighbors

Undrgrnd831 - 2 months ago

By my math, she still has one more room available. I'm interested in moving in :p

James17 - 2 months ago

Such a big home for little Tom haha, I do hope he gets used to being in there forever!

Character Questions:

Questions for Tom:

Q: Now what you think about Mary?

"Well... she can bit a bit much at times. And frankly she isn't that bright. But she is just about the nicest giant I have ever met. If I DO have to be stuck in someone's nuts, which I reallt wish I didn't

Answers to Questions For My Characters

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Giantess Futanari genie minotaur Female Prey Male Prey interview Futa pred genie prey Permanent Entrapment Q and A eternal entrapment

Made a blogpost forever ago asking for questions for my OCs I might do something with. Well after getting another yesterday and realizing I still hadn't done anything with them I decided to bite the bullet and answer them.

Sorry it is just a text interview, but I might make some of them into short comics or something in the future. Or maybe not.

Either way, hope the in character replies are decent enough for ya and if any of you have any questions just drop a...
[ Continued ...

Rosespider - 2 months ago

Maybe you can do some fanart of Jessica and Aida

AGuyWithBigHair - 3 months ago

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised as well. Just wish I could have done a bit more with them then just text answers.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 3 months ago

deepest lore. Its nice to see that even the new characters got questions, really adds more to their personality.

Jessica was having a good day. It wasn’t super bright out, so

she didn’t

have to hang a blanket over the windows.


he had slept in until noon without any interruptions.


nd the randoms she was currently playing Moga 2 with weren’t complete shit and seemed to know how to manage

Make a Wish

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Same Size Cock Vore Futanari genie servant Cum Transformation Futa/F Futa pred genie girl genie prey cummification Permanent Entrapment Shutin slob pred eternal entrapment

When a magic lamp falls into the hands of a disheveled looking shut in, the genie within feels they are in the perfect position to mess with a mortal for their own amusement.

She soon finds out that is not the case.

After fighting with this story off and on I present it as proof I am not dead. I still plan on pumping out more Tom and Mary, but times are a bit hectic... which sadly seems to be becoming the new normal.

For some reason the .txt just...
[ Continued ...

Xabab - 3 months ago

> World of Vorecraft just released a new expansion after all


Tysia - 3 months ago

Love it. There really needs to be more good entrapment stories like this. Hoping for more in the future!

AGuyWithBigHair - 3 months ago

Eh, this is one of my 'sadder' stories honestly. Aida took pleasure of messing with mortal lives, but Jessica isn't much of a hero either.

Sorry to disappoint but Jessica is perfectly content with her minimalist lifestyle. And rather than worry about 'genie tricks' she just ignores her most of the time. One of the first wishes she made after 'rediscovery' of Aida was that she can't have wet dreams anymore because waking up to a genie clawing their way out of her cock was 'freaky as hell'

AGuyWithBigHair - 3 months ago

Glad you liked! Jessica would have to finish her wishes first. But after that you could... though you would be rubbing for quite a while :p

Evilpancake - 4 months ago

that's a fun idea, enjoyed it

Alexus Taurus, the Modern Day Minotaur

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: pudgy Maw Cock Vore Futanari Mini Giantess piercings Futa pred Futa/? strong fat

As magic faded from the world, Alexus changed with it. She began to shrink from her towering height before finally stopping at a still respectable 15 ft tall.

Eventually she managed to leave the labyrinth and see a brand new world... and proceed to fill outwards by the easy access to wonderful modern day foods.

Since then she has carved a space for herself in the modern day life. She started her own construction company, which she also does lifting for and can often...
[ Continued ...

JohnnyB - 5 months ago

B r u h your waifu bait is top notch

UnknownGamer21 - 5 months ago

XD... I wouldn't mind being one of those 17

AGuyWithBigHair - 5 months ago

I might, though I honestly made her more as an RP character... but then again Tom and Mary started as an RP idea that never turned into a thing so maybe sooner than even I think.

AGuyWithBigHair - 5 months ago

What?! Never... often... okay but it was only like 17 times.

AGuyWithBigHair - 5 months ago

Thanks! I forgot to mention it, but Alexus has plenty of room. Inlcuding 4 stomachs.

Alexus Taurus, the Ancient Minotaur

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore Futanari minotaur fit mythical creature winking

The legendary monster that stalked the halls of the labyrinth. Myths passed down about her have been a bit exaggerated in some ways... and downplayed in others.

A being that grew to monstrous size due to the concentration of magic that covered the earth in ancient times. Standing at 100ft tall in her prime she was a terror to mortal men... but times change.

A new OC that I commissioned. Because I am seemingly determined to keep rewriting my stories and not post them...
[ Continued ...

AGuyWithBigHair - 5 months ago

Thanks, I appreciate that. Just kinda annoys me I either hit writers block, or get in a cycle of 'is this good enough or should I do a rewrite'

Ignoreme79 - 5 months ago

I get that! Look at me, haven't posted a single story I've written here! You're stuff is great though man, and this OC is awesome! Thanks for sharing her.

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

She got that thicc dicc

Blowing Off Some Steam

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari Macro/Micro Blowjob unaware pred Futa/M Giantess Predator Futa pred tiny prey Permanent Entrapment stress relief

Commission of the blowjob scene from my story

Samantha tries to relieve some pent up stress for Mary, unknowingly leading to some extra stress for a certain tiny.

Art by  MelancholicMash


zelphi - 5 months ago

ooh cool Commission, cool that it's based on that scene from your story. wonder if there's going to be a holloween story

UnknownGamer21 - 6 months ago

X3 still, just wanted to share some thoughts. Thanks for explaining the whole size-different

AGuyWithBigHair - 6 months ago

To be fair, he is supposed to be pushed up against a 'wall' trying to find anything to possibly hold onto. So the angle might make it seem smaller than it is.

So it isn't the WHOLE of her left nut. There is a decent size difference between Thomas and his 'housing'.

And while Sam thinks it's arousing, she's more than happy to Mary as the only one with a unique 'roommate'. :P

UnknownGamer21 - 6 months ago

Imagine if Samatha and Mary do this enough times, Tom gets freed from that Scutum that... honestly looks way smaller on the inside than no the outside compared to his size.

... also imagine Mary getting Smatha a 'roommate' so he has someone besides Mary to talk to

Samantha and Mary Uniforms

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Implied Vore Resigned Prey Endosoma Cock Bulge Futa/M Futa pred friendly pred hidden prey Tall Girl Permanent Entrapment work clothes

Here we finally get to see the Mellons uniform.

Also, a reveal that Sam also works at Mellons maybe.

Art by  MelancholicMash 

UnknownGamer21 - 5 months ago

yay ^^

AGuyWithBigHair - 5 months ago

I can get behind this. It is now canon that in a parallel universe Thomas and his twin Sister Julie ended up in each of Mary's breasts.

UnknownGamer21 - 5 months ago

I just thought of something... in another universe, Tom probably would've ended up inside Mary's breasts... one of them at least

TheMysteriousSadSack - 6 months ago

big peen bulge is appreciated

zelphi - 6 months ago

cute colors

Samantha and Mary Gym Clothes

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Implied Vore Resigned Prey Endosoma Cock Bulge Futa/M Futa pred friendly pred hidden prey Tall Girl gym clothes Permanent Entrapment

And so here are Sam and Mary dressed up and ready for a good workout. Also the first art of Samantha!

Still gonna mark this as vore since Thomas is definitely part of that bulge in Mary's shorts.

Art by  MelancholicMash 

zelphi - 6 months ago

Same thing if Sam find a tiny and ubs it

AGuyWithBigHair - 6 months ago

A very lewd mech fight. :P

*secretly makes notes*

zelphi - 6 months ago

heh, i thought of something if Marry fought with another futa with a tiny in their balls it would be like a mech fight XD

The sounds of the instruments were woven masterfully into the melody. From the noble violin, to strong reverberating percussion, all came together through the car speakers to form the classical piece known to even the most casual of listeners as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
And Mary was hating every, single, second of it.
“Come on Tooooom. There has to be SOMETHIN’ else you’d listen to? Classic Rock? Punk? Pop? HELL I’ll even put on COUNTRY for you! Just please let me ch

Tom in the Dick of Mary: Gym Rats

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Blowjob Size difference Male Prey Resigned Prey Endosoma Large Pred Futa pred tiny man tiny prey Permanent Entrapment

After a hectic day at work, Tom and Mary are headed to the gym. Things take quite the turn when Mary bumps into a friend of hers though...

As usual, please let me know what you liked or what criticisms you have.

Previous Chapter: 

Nalzindar - 7 months ago

This was (in my opinion), the funniest situation from Tom and Mary so far, I loved this chapter^^
But when it comes to the music, at least it was Beethoven and not Mozart! Though, Mary should have put on Beethoven's ninth symphony (Ode to Joy), at least that one can be enjoyable. And when it comes to Dukas,put on The Sorceress Apprentice ; ) and both Mary and Tom can have a "magical moment" together!

The incident at the gym where Mary's friend gave her a blowjob, whereupon getting a panic out of it was pure gold, absolutely hilarious XD
However, I hope that the unlikely couple can find something they both can enjoy together.
I am looking forward to read more from you : )

hentialover399 - 8 months ago

I love them !!! And I really enjoyed reading their story so far, hope you get more free time so you could tells us more about them XD

hentialover399 - 8 months ago

Ooooh that sounds funny and yummy. XD!!!

zelphi - 8 months ago

awesome new chapter, wonder what sorts of of idea Sam has for the duo

AGuyWithBigHair - 8 months ago

Thanks! I hope to keep bringing these stories to everybody, and hopefully keep meeting people's expectations.

Tom and Mary: Quarantine Trouble

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Macro/Micro Male Prey Resigned Prey porn Endosoma quarantine Futa/M Futa pred Permanent Entrapment

A bit of topical silliness from Tom and Mary, that I didn't think would make a full story. Mary finds plenty of ways to keep her and Thomas busy while waiting out the pandemic.

Once again by the wonderful  MelancholicMash 

zelphi - 11 months ago

your story kinda reminds me of acsmine's work but instead with CV

TheMysteriousSadSack - 11 months ago

Nothin like browsing free porn with your nut buddy am I right?

Ignoreme79 - 11 months ago

Ha! wonder if she ever pulls up Eka's, I bet they would find plenty of stuff to keep them busy~ Awesome as always. hopefully they are both staying nice and safe inside during all this...even if one of them doesn't have a choice! xD

It was a bright and sunny morning… or at least Thomas thought it was. It was kind of hard to tell through a thick layer of scrotum. But he hadn’t woken up screaming, so he supposed that was probably about the brightest and sunniest he could manage given his current circumstances.
Thomas felt oddly… better about his situation this morning. At least compared to yesterday. Sure, not much had changed. He had still opened his eyes to find himself stewing in semen. Still roused from his

Tom in the Dick of Mary: Hard Workers

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Cum Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Micro Prey Male Prey Resigned Prey Endosoma groping Futa/M endowed Larger pred Permanent Entrapment Futanari Pred

It's the start of the third day of Thomas 'living' with Mary, and the weekend is over.

Now as Mary heads to work with Thomas in tow, the tiny must try to adjust to not only being Mary's roommate but her coworker as well.

As always I appreciate hearing what you guys think I did wrong or right so I can continue/not those things.

Previous story: 

zelphi - 10 months ago

it's pretty good so far keep up the story

Nalzindar - 10 months ago

I am glad to see these two characters of yours once more, I am sure Mary would have been the perfect woman for Thomas if he had been a tad bigger XD
It is funny to see a person who for once isn't cum digested but are alive to experience a few ups and downs through a day. I wonder what will happens next :3

Soulary - 10 months ago

Great work! Keep it up ^u^

James17 - 11 months ago

Hehe, I love it so far. I do wonder if Tommy will ever get out, though, from the tag "Permanent Entrapment", I think it is clear that he is never going to see anything but her inner scrotum again~

DeathStar66 - 11 months ago

I hope a next part soon ^^

It was a rough patch in Leila’s relationship. It wasn’t that Clover and her weren’t compatible. Quite the opposite. They loved the same hobbies. Leila loved to cook, vegan especially, and Clover was more than happy to try anything she gave her. Both enjoyed riding bareback through the fields, then relaxing in the grass.
They had been the best of friends for years before finally moving in with each other. Leila knew that Clover would do anything for her… which is what made this is

Love Doctor

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Non-Fatal couple Centauress Unwilling Prey Male Prey unaware pred Horse Cock Futa/M Futa pred fairy prey Centauress pred eternal entrapment

Leila and Clover have a dream relationship... well almost. So when a doctor of love seems to have solved all their worries Leila is ecstatic.

But something seems a bit weird...

I had another side tracking idea and threw this story together today. I am planning on doing more Tom and Mary stuff promise!

All comments and criticism are appreciated. 

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 year ago

Huh. So that is why the tag didn't show up. I thought the tag system was just being goofy.

Oh well, works well enough in this case. After all, he DID want to get away from his princely duties in the first place.

Undrgrnd831 - 1 year ago

Eternal entrapment? Permanent not enough, huh? Lol

Good story though. He should learn to love his position, he's gonna be there for a long, long time.

UnknownGamer21 - 1 year ago

Your welcome

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 year ago

Thanks for that. Don't know how I missed that. Fixed.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 year ago

Nothing like putting a real dick in his place am I right

Jeremy stood at the altar. The gathered attendants stood in almost complete silence. A concerned priest at his left looked at him with a somewhat pitying gaze and said that Jeremy could now kiss the bride. The lithe man gulped, before building up the courage to hesitantly lean in.
And plant a kiss on the gargantuan cock that twitched in front of him. The owner of the phallus, an eight foot tall futa named Jezebell, was positively delighted. Meanwhile the smaller man simply wondered at ex

Happily Married

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Absorption Cock Vore Futanari Non-Fatal Cum Digestion Size difference Male Prey married couple marriage stalker stalking Futa/F CTF Futa/M Cruel Pred Futa pred yandere Permanent Entrapment Mini Giantess pred stalker pred

Well, things have been super hectic even before the virus and I have had trouble writing lately.

So in order to get past the downer funk, I decided to finish rewriting an old greentext that I posted anonymously that  JohnnyB managed to save and drag up for me. So thanks for that man.

Probably not the best, but I wanted to at least put SOMETHING out and I felt this was a good way to get the less happy thoughts out of the way before returning to the more...
[ Continued ...

Houyo - 6 months ago

That look of her face poking out of the dick at the end was not. Nice story.

AGuyWithBigHair - 10 months ago

I am planning on it... eventually. Things are a bit crazy right now, and I am trying to do some more stuff with Tom and Mary first.

Soulary - 10 months ago

Will there be a sequel?!

C107galaxytachyon - 11 months ago


Sure am finding it hard to tell whether or not you really intended this story to go tpin the direction it did.

Ignoreme79 - 1 year ago

Don't push yourself man, I'm more than happy to wait. Your stories are worth it

Mary's New Friend (Nude Version)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Micro Prey Male Prey Endosoma Futa/M Large Pred Futa pred Permanent Entrapment

Commission of the characters Thomas and Mary from my story here:
Done by the wonderful  MelancholicMash

Alternative Clothed Version: 

nukers1 - 6 months ago

Thomas is so lucky

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 year ago

Of course! I'm flattered you liked it enough to want to draw them.

VoreLover9012 - 1 year ago

Would it be alright if I draw them ? I really like the story <3

UnknownGamer21 - 1 year ago

Wow, she is HUNG. Wonder how tight her pants are for poor Tommy Dinks-IN

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 year ago

Yeah Tommy lucked out on snagging some premium real estate :P

JohnnyB - 1 year ago


TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 year ago

She pretty hung, gives tom lots of space to strecth out

UnknownGamer21 - 1 year ago

Somehow a pleasant couple of roommates, I like them

It was a peaceful night, with the stars and moon shining bright. On nights like these Thomas enjoyed nothing more than relaxing in his hot tub, watching the celestial bodies dance above. The tiny couldn’t believe how far he had come. It seemed like only yesterday he would have never even dared to hope he could be out under the sky without fear. If only his past self could see him now, the first tiny president.
He had everything he could have ever hoped for. Security, the respect of his

Tom in the Dick of Mary

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Micro Prey Male Prey Endosoma Futa/M Large Pred Futa pred Permanent Entrapment

Continuation of

In this chapter Tom and Mary officially start their life as 'roommates'. Mary wants to learn more about her new friend and decides to have a chat.

You may be asking yourself, "Did he really name his characters just to make a dumb Tom, Dick, and Harry joke?" Yes. Yes I did.

Constructive criticism is welcome. Or if you liked it feel free to tell me what I got right. Also second upload since for...
[ Continued ...

JohnnyB - 1 year ago

Understandable, ive had similar issues as well

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 year ago

It is coming. Things have been pretty hectic with life BEFORE corona got involved so I can't say exactly when.

JohnnyB - 1 year ago

Man this is too good, whens the next installment?

zelphi - 1 year ago

interesting continuation to a interesting story, and equaly interested in where you might take this

Undrgrnd831 - 1 year ago

Those are my favorite, too. I'd love to see how they are after a few years to get used to their new normal.

Thomas had experienced many lows in his life. Persecuted, chased, separated from those he knew and loved never to see them again. Tossed about by a cruel and uncaring world. That was just the lot in life of a Tiny. Heck, in some cases it could just be a Tuesday. The 'giants' were the ones that made the rules, and they had ruled that Thomas and his kind were no better than rats. It was the way things had been, and by the looks of it the way things would continue to be.
It was business as

Tom Meets Mary

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AGuyWithBigHair

Tags: Cock Vore Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Male Prey Endosoma Futa/M Permanent Entrapment Futanari Pred

In a world where where tinies, miniature humans, are treated as vermin, Thomas has lived a hard life trying to survive.

That life is turned upside down though when he meets Mary, a giantess packing a little extra between her legs who has a unique idea on how to 'help' the little guy.

First post on Eka's so feel free to give constructive criticism. Planning on writing more about the misadventures of these two. 

CraftyCarneCafe - 1 year ago

A very well written story. I look forward to seeing more with this pair. You even did a good job on the dialogue, which a lot of writers have trouble with.

Tysia - 1 year ago

Big fan of permanent entrapment, implied or otherwise. Even better with unwilling prey. Great stuff, lookin' forward to more of these two!

JohnnyB - 1 year ago


Silhouette - 1 year ago

Great so far. Looking forward to seeing the adventures they get up to, together.

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 year ago

I'm glad you liked them that much to save them. Kind of a weird request but mind sending me the greentext? It would help if I do decide to rewrite it.