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A Lil Fairy Bullying~

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Micro F/F Pre-Vore Fairy Macro/Micro Fingering Female Prey fairy prey tongue out Aesirko eyes rolling back

A fun lil doodle I did last month of Aesirko bullying some cute lil fairies.

If you're a fairy who wanted to be toyed with tho, be careful, cause she also loves to make them disappear in various ways. 

Kroel - 1 day ago

Nice nice

Mamerui - 2 days ago

i like this kind of inks you do with the hard black shading nice.

4KKC - 3 days ago

(´ ▽ `).。o♡

MotherOfMonsters - 4 days ago

Excellent, fairies are absolutely for bullying!

boomerangfish - 4 days ago

Aesirko’s look is so cool, I like seeing it up close

Comic Preview - Sweater for 2 (Pages 2 & 3)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Comic F/F Butt Aesirko

Just posted the sketches for 2 new pages to the Sweater for 2 comic! Gonna work on lining these out in the coming days, then working on the next pages after that.

Things went a bit silent on this project and I apologize, Christmas and New Years really gunked up my time plans. Working on this simultaneously alongside the YCH.

After this comic, I have a poll planned. u vu~

Content for $10+ Subscribers only~ 

Catvs - 11 days ago

This the kinda moment when I don't have control over my wallet.

Allard-Liao - 11 days ago

Mmm. That jawgape in the last full panel.

4KKC - 11 days ago

Yay, more Aesirko are always good~♪

Wirvla - 11 days ago

thats a lovely expression

SheMakesUniqueTreats - 2 weeks ago

Nice bubbles! Very creative

doomed - 2 weeks ago

Oof acidic grave XD

Ger-Fox - 2 weeks ago

nice art~ wonders what stomach she is inside this time~

Year of the Tiger! (2022)

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Micro Macro Non-Vore New Years Celia Hart

I debated whether to post this here, I don't generally like posting nonvore content on Eka's, but I'm rly happy with it. Celia's been featured here once or twice at least.

Celia's animal rep has always bee na tiger, so it felt appropriate to dress her up u vu

Note: This is NOT the usual new year poll pic :V That's still gotta be voted on and will show up publicly in Feb.

Check out the Twitter or Pixiv if you wanna see ALL my art when I release it (Not just...
[ Continued ...

Aesir - 13 days ago

That's her fiance!

Aesir - 13 days ago

It's not

cloudrunnerteeny - 2 weeks ago

it looks like shes doting on the mouse under her, and i find that incredibly cute and wholesome~

UnreliableKnight - 2 weeks ago

Is this not pre-vore? Doesn't that count?

The_Green_Oni - 2 weeks ago

I love the little heart mice.

Dec 2021 - DogKnight (Timelapse)

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F Naga Lamia

Dec 2021 - JS-Xeno (Timelapse)

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Dec 2021 - Zalzas (Timelapse)

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Non-Vore Timelapse

Dec 2021 - JS-Xeno (GIFT)

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Non-Vore Glasses Red Head Red hair Mal Malberry

A gift from JS-Xeno to Malberry! 

Slimeman64 - 3 weeks ago

Merry Christmas!

Dec 2021 - Zalzas (GIFT)

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Non-Vore

A gift by Zalzas for Alter!

Join the Subscribestar! 

Slimeman64 - 3 weeks ago

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Snake (Futa vers.)

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F Christmas Futanari Aesirko

Merry Christmas to all the naughty girls specifically this year! Honestly, if you think about it, Aesirko would be closer to Krampus than Santa, huh? Either way, keep an eye out for her...Or she might get the jump on you~ 

doomed - 3 weeks ago

I’m surprised no one is feeding her Christmas snake

ErRynArya - 3 weeks ago

I fail to see the downside of her getting the jump on me

Christmas Snake

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Christmas Bulge Butt Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt f/multiple Aesirko Multiple Preys

Merry Christmas to all the naughty girls specifically this year! Honestly, if you think about it, Aesirko would be closer to Krampus than Santa, huh? Either way, keep an eye out for her...Or she might get the jump on you~ 

cloudrunnerteeny - 3 weeks ago

im loving the makeup, i always imagined she would use red... but green works *surprisingly* well with her red scales!

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 weeks ago

Naughty or nice they all end up in her gut :p

Bryn Camp Crashing

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Pokemon Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F Absorption Bulge Nipples muscular Demi Big Belly Nudity Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple Bryn Nude Female discarded clothing Multiple Preys pokemon gijinka Arcanine Gijinka

Lil Arcanine fun from last month! Careful when camping in the wild, spray Repel so hungry wild Pokegirls don't wander into your camp! 

TheDog - 2 weeks ago

She is, considering she stands at 9' tall.

Skollas - 3 weeks ago

Favorite pokemon happy to see more

cloudrunnerteeny - 3 weeks ago

while i love plump girls, you convince me more and more of the superiority of toned girls~

AllitheMeal - 3 weeks ago

I love the abs on the belly

JohnnyF102 - 3 weeks ago


Comic Preview - Sweater for 2

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F Aesirko

Finally got the winter comic idea going. Putting the Sadu comic on hold for now, but $10+ Subscribers can see this multipage comic as it's worked on. u vu

The current version is as far as I got tonight, but I'm excited about it so showing it off early.. 

Aesir - 3 weeks ago

Not at the moment, no.

littleberryprey - 3 weeks ago

Do you plan on releasing it publicly sometime later?

doomed - 1 month ago

Oooh this looks good

MrWhatever - 1 month ago

A sweater made extra-long so it wraps around a vore belly? That's some clever design.

YCH18 - Naughty List (BIDDING CLOSED)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: YCH Aesirko

Merry Christmas! The season has left my coffers dry, but I'm here to offer some Xmas spirit for shiny, shiny coin!

Note, this YCH will only be open for bidding for 3 DAYS to give me time to try and finish it before xmas.

Also, adult chars only~

Thank you for reading. :)


This YCH Auction ends on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 at 11:00 PM EST.

The level of the Finished Picture will depend...
[ Continued ...

RandomSpectator - 2 weeks ago

How’s this coming along?

Pokerus - 1 month ago


Pokerus - 1 month ago


Pokerus - 1 month ago


Flamemaster5000 - 1 month ago


Nov 2021 - WandereroftheVoid (Timelapse)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Non-Vore

Nov 2021 - WandereroftheVoid

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Muscle muscular Cyclops Monster girl Muscle Girl black sclera gazer

Another $20 OC Request! This one for WandereroftheVoid who wanted a more muscley female form for their main OC. 

Bloodesplate - 1 month ago

I absolutely love this since I’m a huge fan of the gazer from the monster girl encyclopedia

Nov 2021 - IvISenpai (Timelapse)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Nov 2021 - IvISenpai

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Cut-away Nudity Internal View stomach acids Nude prey

$20 OC Request for IvISenpai! Still trying some new stuff with internals, though it might be hard to tell in this one... 

VictorBound - 3 weeks ago


lewdlemage - 4 weeks ago

LOVE the little character silhouette around her!

RediQ - 1 month ago

oh this is a really lovely intenrnal

P1an3tv0re - 1 month ago

Your internals are always so lovely!!~♡

I just wanna melt away in all of them~♡

IvISenpai - 1 month ago

Shoop! :>

Nov 2021 - Patton (Timelapse)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Nov 2021 - Patton

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Stomach ?/F Female Prey Internal View Talim stomach acid

Ok so since I'm doing all four from the same pool this month I'll just post them as I finish them instead of batches. This was a request for Talim from Soul Calibur by Patton! 

Drawlloween 2021 -Calender-

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: calender Drawlloween

The completed 2021 Calender~ 

TheDog - 2 months ago

Provably doing what she does every day: eating naughty lolis.

MrNobody - 2 months ago

I noticed that our favorite clown/boogeyman girl Dandella never showed up this year.
Wonder what she was up to?

LaceyBarbedWire - 2 months ago

Sad no Dandela this year, but overall an amazing lineup of work! Thank you so much, and congrats!

bigguts - 2 months ago

I count 59 skulls, 3 undefined amounts of cum and one large bone pile.

Pretty good haul this year~

Tyslan03 - 2 months ago

Great job! Thank you for taking the time to draw all those and share your favorite movies with us. Your stream is a large part of why I look forward to October all year.

Drawlloween 2021 - #31 Trick or Treat

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Internal View f/multiple loli prey Aesirko Multiple Preys Drawlloween

Indulge in Aesirko's updated costume to go along with her updated design~

Raffle Winners:

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

ErRynArya - 2 months ago

Is the special treat a rough banging to replace the kid she ate? ;P

Ome - 2 months ago

Wish I coulda seen it finished, but my net had other ideas. This was a really fun year, you've earned some time off now.

4KKC - 2 months ago

Love it so much~
This whole Drawlloween was great and really enjoyable.
Also, little note about special treat for mom's on this one are omega hot.

Slimowrites - 2 months ago

Great Drawlloween Aesir! Loved all of them and the stories.

Tanookicatoon - 2 months ago

Awesome to see you do the whole thing! >w<
It takes a strong artist. lol

Drawlloween 2021 - #30 Monster Kart Rally

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Butt Horns Tail Vore pointy teeth cybernetic sharp teeth elf ears red eyes long ears pointed ears pointy ears White Skin black sclera cybernetics Drawlloween Vore Beast Subdermal port Vote Beast’s tail

I went back and forth on this pic more times than any other this year. From sketches to bgs. Finally just called it quits before I drove myself crazy lmao.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

SubterraDelta30 - 2 weeks ago

What is that thing?!

boomerangfish - 2 months ago

Yesss bodysuits and boots are the best

joe354 - 2 months ago

this would make a cool little game tbh to play as, 8 drivers or more have to out race a creature that gains on them for mistakes.

Ome - 2 months ago

Definitely my fav image of this entire year so far.

Jacquelope - 2 months ago

Anal with no foreplay? Yikes. Well at least the bride isn't hurting. Can't say so much for the prey I don't think.

Aesir - 2 months ago

several eyebrow waggling emoji ya huh ya huh

lewdlemage - 2 months ago

several sweating emoji.... very very very hot

z3d - 2 months ago

That girl getting a pounding seems like a good pair with Mary. Hope we see more of these two more, as they look like a fun couple~

Drawlloween 2021 - #28 The Spider's Website

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Tail F/F drider Bulge Non-Vore Vagina Nipples Butt Bones Pussy Horns Skull Spider girl Arachne Female Prey Final Fantasy webbing skulls Areola Viera Bone Remains elf ears final fantasy XIV long ears pointed ears pointy ears grey skin black sclera Drawlloween drider pred Bunnygirl prey Au'Ra jorogumo rabbit ears rabbit tail Bijin Hakume hakume

Hakume found an easy way to lure prey into her web with this whole 'internet' thing. Now she has loads of meals hangin' around~

Short Story by  Jermayan Here:
(Note: Story make take some time to go public due to rl things)

Featuring Subscribers:

Aesir - 2 months ago

SHE'S been almost every year appearance..........

Mamerui - 2 months ago


kibroman - 2 months ago


Griffon29 - 2 months ago

Hakume is my favorite Drawlloween monster and this turned out great!

Demicus - 2 months ago

I love this chocolate bun that keeps appearing. Need to get her in my own belly sometime~ :3c

Great stuff, Aesir!

Drawlloween 2021 - #27 Tween Wolf

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Saliva Bulge Loli f/multiple Throat bulge Elf prey white hair elf ears toilet paper long ears pointed ears loli prey Saliva strings pointy ears Face Imprint grey skin hand on hip Hosiery Multiple Preys milf pred Drawlloween Hand Imprints Ms. Garou

If Ms. Garou is known to swallow up girls even when she's in a good mood, why would a group TP her house? Mysteries.

Raffle Winner:

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

RedNastyFoxy - 1 month ago

Demi preds are the best! ^__^

Kroel - 2 months ago

Very lovely

Altimos - 2 months ago

For real, no one is bottomless... though, I don't wanna do damage, just prank her. Like flaming bag'o poo on her doorstep kinda stuff...
Maybe scare her while she's disposing of those bones... that'd be a good time to do it <3 <3 <3

HMDVore - 2 months ago


whytho - 2 months ago

I always look forward to this character, but I feel like something is wrong with the expression... maybe that the eyes are closed?

Drawlloween 2021 - #26 Scary Go Round

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Horns pointy teeth sharp teeth elf ears long ears pointed ears pointy ears Face Paint Hosiery Drawlloween Embyr

This pic is the DEFINITION of rushed and I'm rly sorry about that. I even had to erase the lineart and redraw a whole new costume on Embyr.

Hard to tell, but Embyr's picking up some snacks as she walks by at a carnival in her fancy Skeleton costume~

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

Oneofmanynames385 - 2 months ago

I meant her facial expression XD

SlickDratini - 2 months ago

She's handing out skeleton costumes of her own, heh heh~

Dhman - 2 months ago

Sad she would give a nice pred

Oneofmanynames385 - 2 months ago

My bet is a friend or sibling just took the gut plunge~

Allard-Liao - 2 months ago

Your "rushed" is many peoples' "polished diamond."

Demicus - 2 months ago

Niiiiice, cute butt headed down~

And the one helping feed is COOL. Damn!

JustAThing - 2 months ago

1st. I win, 10/10 by the way. Keep up the amazing work.

Drawlloween 2021 - #24 Scare Devil

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly Tail F/F Bulge Butt Horns f/multiple pointy teeth red skin sharp teeth elf ears long ears pointed ears pointy ears Hosiery Multiple Preys Drawlloween sitri

Designed this new Devil girl, Sitri! A Prince of Hell, she just loves toying with mortals~

I think I'm gonna make her default Futa in the future, but for now enjoy pusspuss.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

DrLewdLunch - 2 months ago

Super sexy! Please keep the pusspuss UwU

Robotdocter - 2 months ago

praise the new demon waifu \o/

KlinKitty - 2 months ago

Dat butt-bulge

marceber - 2 months ago

I instantly love the design, specially the horns.

Owl Be Back (No Window)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Tengu Detailed bulges Drawlloween

Windowless version 

thepatrolman - 2 months ago

heh, pun

Drawlloween 2021 - #23 Owl Be Back

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Tengu Detailed bulges Drawlloween

I tried somethin' -fancy- here, hope it looks ok. ' v'

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

Jadex - 2 months ago


jaxbeef - 2 months ago

Really love the reflection effect

MrQuarantine - 2 months ago

Owl be back Samurai, you'll see!

hetcomc - 2 months ago

The reflection looks really cool.

Ilove - 2 months ago

fancy stuff is always nice :D

Drawlloween 2021 - #22 Graveyard Graffiti

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Angel F/F Feathers purple hair Yellow Eyes Tattoo purple skin white hair Hosiery Drawlloween alexandra o'driscol

I have no idea how to draw graffiti.

Something simple for today so I can rest up.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

twilighttrixter - 2 months ago

love this one

Firstfate - 2 months ago

she could have just eaten the would-be graffiti artist to prevent them from committing some form of criminal activity though? (though I kinda doubt that's the intent she had here xD)

FreedomPug - 2 months ago

why does it look like she swallowed a tire. just a bit.

Drawlloween 2021 - #21 ScareBNB

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts F/F Naga Bulge Lamia Butt Aelia Yuri fangs Anna Monster girl Female Prey Snake girl Multiple Preds elf ears long ears pointed ears pointy ears Drawlloween

The 1st place winner,  4KKC, and I came up with this idea after their initial pitch. Something a little hotter and heavier than before, with some delightfully costumed and 'friendly' snakes gobbling up some lovers that just finished working up a hell of a sweat, putting their lusty scent high on the wind for nearby predators to sniff out~

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

ResistantMerc - 2 months ago

I just love this, always puts a smile on my face seeing satisfied snakes

doomed - 2 months ago

never trust a naga , let alone two !

4KKC - 2 months ago

Ah, I love it so so much~

twilighttrixter - 2 months ago

lesby snakes i love it especially the one with the white hair

MandaRose - 2 months ago

Are Aelia and Anna like a couple now? If so, I love that for them (even non-canonically).

Drawlloween 2021 - #20 Paranormal Parachute

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Digestion F/F Naga Bulge Lamia Neko Harpy kelly fangs Feathers Unwilling Prey Monster girl Internal View Snake girl f/multiple Animal Ears tattoos Tattoo elf ears long ears pointed ears pointy ears black sclera Multiple Preys Drawlloween Bone Disposal

Cutting it real close with this one. 2 seperate Subscribers had bluish harpy chars who liked lamia and bone disposal, so why not. Birb girls is close enough to the theme.

Feat. Subscribers:

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

RasenGun37 - 1 month ago

Well then you'd love Jojo Part 7: Steel Ball Run

mibankai1171 - 2 months ago

Its probably easier to do singles to I suppose.

ErRynArya - 2 months ago

Looks less like a dumb birb and more like dumb snek food ;3c

MuseOfMilo - 2 months ago

Kelly Copperscale is looking gorgeous as usual!

Aesir - 2 months ago

Doing a comic would defeat the entire premise of Drawlloween.

Drawlloween 2021 - #19 ...Skull in My Car

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Catgirl Breasts F/F Neko Butt Pre-Vore Glasses Post-Vore Skull Female Prey pink hair Maid Cat prey cat ears white hair elf ears green eyes long ears pointed ears pointy ears Glowing eyes Christine Hosiery Drawlloween heart pupils Bone Disposal

'Someone Left a Skull in My Car'

Two bone disposal in a row, just kind of turned out like that.

Featuring the Subscriber:

What a fun char to draw. ' v'

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

ParanoidPrivate - 2 months ago

i dont think ive ever seen vore featuring an anthropomorphic version of Christine. What a cool idea!

ErRynArya - 2 months ago


It's been my experience that you *are* the maid in most scenarios. If anything, Aesir is just giving you a preview of your fate~

Untiming - 2 months ago

Amazing bone disposal as always.

Raesetsu - 2 months ago

100% agree

Demicus - 2 months ago

The heck you keep finding these vorny kitty maids! Stop eating them all, save some for me!

But really tho, this is top notch~

Drawlloween 2021 - #18 Poltergeist Heist

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F Butt Ghost Post-Vore Skull Female Prey Yellow Eyes Cassandra ghost girl pale skin black sclera Hosiery Drawlloween Bone Disposal

Full disclosure, we literally did this theme 2 years ago with 'Polterheist' so I opted to just do something fun with Cassandra. Don't mind my terrible kanji. Dumbass me made a japanese schoolgirl ghost and named her 'Cassandra'.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

RasenGun37 - 1 month ago

More like cASSandra

shnuff - 2 months ago

Damn, that is a good pose...

DrakeHillside - 2 months ago

Heh, how lovely ~ x3

VFF217 - 2 months ago

Cassandra is one of my favorite Preds, always happy to see more with her.

x9comega - 2 months ago

I absolutely adore this….but why is she casting a shadow? I dunno, I’m my obviously subjective opinion I think it coulda been hotter if we just saw the shadows of the bones coming out behind her instead of her full shadow.

Drawlloween 2021 - #17 Dead Heat

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Maw Saliva Throat Bulge Mawshot Nipples Panties Goth Unwilling Prey Female Prey Sacrifice elemental f/multiple tattoos Areola lipstick dark skin Panty Shot Goth girl Saliva strings tribal tattoos Obsidia tribal markings sacrificial prey glowing insides glowing maw Hosiery Multiple Preys Drawlloween Hand Imprints

Sorry for the lame bg, this one took longer than anticipated. Finally got to design a cute goth girl tho.

Obsidia seems a bit smaller than usual, but what do you expect from an amateur witch conjuring for the first time? She still gets the job done.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

el_dogo_rabbit - 2 months ago

Obsidia and Stella look super cute together

MegaMeat - 2 months ago

Stella is super cute!

Robotdocter - 2 months ago

\o/ woot! more Obsidia

marceber - 2 months ago

Great design for the goth girl and love to see Obsidia bit a bigger belly than normal. I hope this carries to next year where the little goth witch gets strong enough to summon the full Obsidia

klatuk4u - 2 months ago

I love it, but I love the idea of her turning on her summoner and having her for desert~

Aesir - 3 months ago

No, that kind of lamprey mouth isn't very nice lol

JohnnyF102 - 3 months ago

I love it

VFF217 - 3 months ago

Vitalimon's maw looks so warm and inviting.

Dragonjaj - 3 months ago

i want be in there with them

Big D - 3 months ago

She's awesome. Got a quick question, was the mouth inspired from the vampire in overlord?

doomed - 3 months ago

both versions look awesome , but the filter makes it seem like night time

Drawlloween 2021 - #15 Bigfoot Forgot...WiFi

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts F/F Mermaid Giantess Butt Macro/Micro Amazon Internal View Mermaid Prey f/multiple rabbit girl tattoos Macro pred Tattoo dark skin Elaine Muscle Girl tribal tribal markings ekohime Multiple Preys Drawlloween muscular girl Amazoness Konga Rabbit girl Prey

'Bigfoot Forgot the WiFi Password'

I still really dunno how to make night scenes look like they're actually at night cause I'm a dummy but oh well. I tried.

>Subscriber KinkSeekSync's OC Elaine

and Raffle Winners:

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

stressformurder - 2 months ago

Don't know if the same thing for lighting applies to actually DRAWING/COLOURING art, but if so then you need blues! Yellows and oranges are for warmer/day time settings, and blues are for cooler/night time settings.

ElectronGun - 3 months ago

If you want to get better at night scenes maybe find a film set at night pause it on something photogenic and try to draw what you see. Sometimes seeing the real thing you want to capture helps.

marceber - 3 months ago

And i must add, that's a very sexy pose

marceber - 3 months ago

Yeah! Konga is one of my all time favorites. Her hunts are always fun

BSGreyM - 3 months ago

Yay, mermaids are my favorite

Drawlloween 2021 - #14 Ghoulish Mortals

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Butt ghoul Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Monster girl human girl elf ears Nude Female long ears pointed ears pointy ears Multiple pred grey skin ghouls black sclera Drawlloween Multiple prey

I apologize for how small the pic is, I made a mistake during the sketch phase (If the pic is small I'll stretch it out before lining) and didn't realize til I always already almost done lines. The pic in general was meant to be a bit of a needed break so I guess it's better it's on a less interesting pic.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

Recovery565 - 3 months ago

I do have access to an AI-based upscaler. I could run this pic through that and send you the results if you want.

DodongoQueen3 - 3 months ago

My God. Even your “shit art” is god. Sigh man i wish inwas even alittle close

Jack - 3 months ago

Jermayan's stories really add to them and help to flesh the pictures out. It is super neat to have them alongside the drawn art.

marceber - 3 months ago

Love the one lazily resting on the other, the expression is almost a classic of yours

joe354 - 1 month ago

>Crocodile girl in text box
>Alligator girl Tag
Which one is she? unless she just both?

Lithalya - 3 months ago

Best gator girl!

marceber - 3 months ago

Next year we may have a full on Kaiju along the coast

MightyMaw - 3 months ago

Loving the perspective on this one, excellent work! Always happy to see the crocodile girl back, she's one of my favourite designs of yours <3

Untiming - 3 months ago

She must be eating well

Drawlloween 2021 - #12 I <3 UFO

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly Alien F/F Anal Vore Butt rabbit girl purple skin Last look Drawlloween heart pupils striped skin Rabbit girl Prey

I really like drawing the martian...I need to give her a name at some point.

Meeting a half dressed alien at a UFO Convention, tho, wouldn't you be excited? Just don't think about her squirming gut or the muffled sounds from her backside.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here:

(Note: The setting of the story and the pic are different because I didn't decide until I was doing the bg at the end, it's not Jermayan's fault) 

Hawkeye7 - 3 months ago

wow, incredible view of her peering out from deep inside. Fantastic work!

TOBI - 3 months ago

Oh very nice she is one of my favorite's nice work X3

onyxlion - 3 months ago

Jeez, she is very pleasant to look at <3

twilighttrixter - 3 months ago

the gape so good

Stulti - 3 months ago

You /do/ need to give her a name at some point! She's easily my favorite character that you draw! I hope she gets to abduct more people soon in such a similar way.~

Drawlloween 2021 - #11 Apoca-Lips

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Unbirth F/F Unwilling Tentacle eldritch eldritch abomination purple skin elf ears green eyes long ears pointed ears heterochromia pointy ears Glowing eyes Purple flesh black sclera purple insides Hosiery Drawlloween eldritch horror Shul K'yara-at Unwlling Prey

The day chosen by the 3rd place winner, GrapeSpawn!

The lips in question seem to pertain to Shul Kyara-at's dangerous nethers...Oh dear.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

HavocLordX - 3 months ago

Shul Had a good time at least, can't say much about grape though...

SacredHeroine - 3 months ago

This is SO good. I love the struggling look on the girl's face. :3

Khali - 3 months ago

Just love this character. ^^

RandomSpectator - 3 months ago

You know, I don’t get why she doesn’t corrupt the bodies of those she unbirths, beyond enthrallment/mind control, turning them into servants for her and her, uh, is Shub-Niggurath her mother or just her superior? And remaking their bodies into something more useful for their new existence?

Loonnyx - 3 months ago

The best in the moment

Drawlloween 2021 - #10 Sister Axe

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Bulge Monster girl Internal View riley Catgirl Pred Drawlloween SlasherCat Rat girl prey

The day chosen by the 2nd place winner, UptNcro! They chose their big ratgirl Riley to be devoured by SlasherCat~

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

DrakeHillside - 3 months ago

What a nice slurpable tail ~ x3

HotrodChomper - 3 months ago

Wolf and slasher cat are the best preds

BSGreyM - 3 months ago

I love Riley so much

Demicus - 3 months ago

Riley as prey is hot~

HavocLordX - 3 months ago

Shul's up next, bay-b!

Drawlloween 2021 - #9 Cicada Boi

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Soft Vore F/F Butt Unwilling Prey Tail Vore Monster girl Female Prey Honey leotard High Heels bee girl honey digestion abdomen vore Hosiery Drawlloween high heel boots pencil skirt

As I said, no Cicadas nor Bois but I'm just taking it as Bug Day. Sorry again that my sickness has continued thus far. I'm trying new tricks with this style to help it look a little better tho.

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

Stuff76 - 3 months ago

She said see ya later boy

stressformurder - 3 months ago

Ooh this reminds me of echidna wars! I love that bee lady so much and this is so well done!

gundamfanx0000 - 3 months ago

Ever used bee girls & bee girl queen

gundamfanx0000 - 3 months ago

Rver used bee girls?

DrakeHillside - 3 months ago

I see someone has some back tricks ~ x3
Or whatever clever thing I should say ~ xD

Drawlloween 2021 - #8 Crypt Currency

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Maw Saliva mimic Bulge Swallowing Mawshot mimi pointy teeth sharp teeth Last look elf ears long ears pointed ears Saliva strings pointy ears Drawlloween

Still taking it easy while I'm sick, hope the lower quality isn't hurting anyone's Drawlloween fun. ):

Short Story by  Jermayan Here: 

Kroel - 3 months ago

Get well soon

Untiming - 3 months ago

Mimi is always drawlloween fun. Take care of yourself too though.

DrakeHillside - 3 months ago

Got quiet the hoard of treasures there ~ x3

4KKC - 3 months ago

Oh, I love this "one last look" for prey right before final gulp~ And amount of saliva just the right.
And ye, get well, Aesir, being ill is bad.

twilighttrixter - 3 months ago

love it good as always