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Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Aesir Gonna draw some vores. Prolly at least sketch the new years pic but I don't wanna force myself into one idea atm, so maybe we'll poke away at a few things. And maybe watch some XENA. 

Merry Christmas, 2020

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts F/F Naga Lamia Aelia Unwilling Prey Snake girl

The Christmas pic for 2020! Aelia won the vote, and is helping Santa deal with some particularly naughty customers~ 

Aesir - 5 hours ago

All images are released to Subscribers first, then publicly a month later

ResistantMerc - 6 hours ago

Well, this is god damn amazing, But why are those who are naughty receiving such a wonderful gift!

Big D - 6 hours ago

This is a late Christmas when considering even the Russian calendar. Still, whenever you post something is a joyous occasion. :p

Nice to see Aelia again. Though gotta say, was expecting Santa to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, kinda like one of the previous years.

YCH15 BONUS (Futa vers.)

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Willing Unwilling Prey Futa/F Aesirko Hosiery

The bonus art for YCH15!!

You can see other variants and a short timelapse here:

Full length Timelapse available to Subscribers only. 

VoidStarz - 4 days ago

Jeez this is really good >///>

Dehla - 4 days ago

it me

Allard-Liao - 4 days ago

Here's the list:

asdn534Sans - 4 days ago

Looks amazing. Are these all different ocs? If so, their names?

JohnnyF102 - 4 days ago


DanceOfWinds - 4 days ago

That is a prime "buwh" face.

Saffron dying, RIP.

Keeping Warm (2)

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Elf Same Size Bulge Futanari Size difference Leggings Elf prey Futa/F elf ears Futa pred pointed ears Detailed bulges Aesirko

Part 2, in which that little elf meets a predictable end. 

KaZe_DaRKWIND - 6 days ago

Kinda wish it was CV. Well done though

Thatdude8 - 6 days ago

I’m not sure who’s more surprised by this ending in vore, the elf or half the commentators here!

Great work as always Aesir

Donkata - 6 days ago

I was expecting cockvore truth be told lmao. wont complain though.

Rantroper - 7 days ago

Aesirko putting elves where they belong

Big D - 7 days ago

Huh, was actually expecting that the elf gets the D :P

Keeping Warm (1)

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Elf Bulge Non-Vore Futanari Muscle Pre-Vore embarrassed Blushing Leggings elf ears pointed ears pointy ears Aesirko Dick Bulge heart pupils

Have some fun winter Aesirko doodles. I was gonna do more but December was a hell of a month. 

reliuskaiser - 4 days ago


Okzero - 6 days ago

If you're cold they're cold. Bring them inside.

boomerangfish - 7 days ago

Holy hell Aesirko’s bulge

DancingQueen6281 - 7 days ago

I don't blame her, I'd have a hard time not staring lustfully too.

TheKawaiiCommie - 7 days ago

Now this is a classic OwO moment.

Thanks for 3000 Twitter/6500 Pixiv Follows!

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly Angel F/F Bulge Demoness Blonde Post-Vore Horns Feathers pink hair Yellow Eyes nun Tattoo Red Head red skin Red hair pink eyes white hair elf ears pointed ears pointy ears yellow hair gray skin Hosiery alexandra o'driscol

The support is the best!

Reminder that Eka's only really gets my vore art, while Twitter and Pixiv I post EVERYTHING. :) Twitter also gets mini-Timelapses sometimes, shorter versions of the big timelapses subscribers get. 

RandomSpectator - 8 days ago

I’d like to see more Alexandra, completely nude and with her tail out, maybe using it to eat someone who’s preferably enjoying it with Alexandra.

JohnnyF102 - 10 days ago

Ooh nice

boomerangfish - 11 days ago

Best girl gut (congratulations!)

YCH15 - Stuffing Santa Aesirko (Futa vers.)

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Same Size Futanari Futa/F Futa pred Aesirko futa/multiple

YCH15 is complete!

(The Bonus pic will be worked on next)

To view the short minute long timelapse, go here:

To see the full, 7+ minute timelapse, join the Subscribestar~! 

nekobouya - 2 weeks ago

Mmmm.... that look on my catte's face hoping she'll get some of that schmeat before she gets gulped down and added to her.

Demicus - 2 weeks ago

The dick always makes it better~ <3

BakuryuuTyranno - 11 days ago

too many prey.

MuseOfMilo - 2 weeks ago

And this the obvious #1 on my Christmas list for next year. Fingers crossed that I end up stretching our sexy snek’s stomach soon~.

Dehla - 2 weeks ago

Worth it~

DanceOfWinds - 2 weeks ago

Ah yes the

"I'm gonna die but it's really hot" face

Robotdocter - 2 weeks ago

been waiting to see the finished product, looks absolutely amazing as always :o

Are You Feeling Cold?

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: POV Hypnosis Mawshot Uvula Cleavage Pre-Vore Aesirko F/Viewer

Aesirko can get you somewhere nice and warm~

A little PoV thing for Hypnosis Day :)

Also doing a thing on twitter suggesting people draw their OCs reacting and maybe I'll find time to do some bonus doodles: 

Khali - 2 weeks ago

And...did so.

boomerangfish - 2 weeks ago

God this is so good, too bad only female applicants

Vilanda - 2 weeks ago

Welp. Looks like my bones belong to Aesirko now.

Canace - 2 weeks ago

W-Well, a little bit.

reliuskaiser - 2 weeks ago

Not yet, but you look hungry as fuck. I think I might be able to help with that.

Aesirko Mouse Hunting

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge F/? Scales Size difference Fingering mouse girl Female Prey F/F? elf ears long ears pointed ears pointy ears Aesirko

A little size and vore doodle for ya'll. Aesirko doesn't mind when her home gets infested with mice...They're fun to hunt and toy with, afterall. 

TanookiBoy12 - 2 weeks ago

Welp, time to become a mouse!

essedess - 3 weeks ago

Honestly I wouldn't mind an infestation either if the mice looked like that and could be reasoned with. "I will leave this over here for you so don't get into MY food"

coldfire1200 - 3 weeks ago


JustNothing - 3 weeks ago

Well tbh they are >:3

Loonnyx - 3 weeks ago

It goes a lot of each of them, right?
I like it that way too once in a while


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Digestion F/F Naga Fatal Lamia Aelia Unwilling Prey tattoos Tattoo Red hair elf ears long ears pointed ears pointy ears health bar health bars white scales

Woo, I finished it!! :D I just wound up barrelling through the entire Aelia and background coloring tonight. Very glad to have this done.


Teatime - 3 weeks ago

Well done snek. Always appreciate a filled out naga tail.

Noin007 - 1 month ago

I'm so jealous! :o

Rhaegaldragon - 1 month ago

I just love this ~

SmaxTheDestroyer - 1 month ago

Love the skulls and the health bars

Thatdude8 - 1 month ago

I dont think I’ve ever seen Aelia so relaxed and comfortable! Great work as always!

Drawlloween 2020 -Calendar-

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: hair Bones Calendar Drawlloween

The calendar for 2020's Drawlloween. 

BakuryuuTyranno - 1 month ago

good seeing Varysoir's remains there

Thatdude8 - 1 month ago

Really appreciate you posting all these calendars from Drawlloween! They are a lotta fun to look at and watch fill up as October marches on.

Youre the best Aesir!

Superblah - 1 month ago


NekoYuki - 1 month ago

The calendar was one of the funnest things about your Drawlloweens. And awesome to see the older ones uploaded!

Drawlloween 2019 -Calendar-

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: hair Bones Calendar Drawlloween

The calendar for 2019's Drawlloween. 

littleberryprey - 1 month ago

Thank you for posting these.

Drawlloween 2018 -Calendar-

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: hair Bones Calendar Drawlloween

The calendar for 2018's Drawlloween. 

Drawlloween 2018 -OFFLINE-

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

The offline image for 2018's Drawlloween streams. 

jaxbeef - 1 month ago

This image gives off the vibe that during the rest of the year the monster girls just sorta chill together in wait for next years hunt, which would be really cute.

Drawlloween 2017 -Calendar-

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: hair Bones Calendar Drawlloween

The calendar for 2017's Drawlloween. 

Drawlloween 2016 -Calendar-

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: hair Bones Calendar Drawlloween

The partially completed Calender from 2016's Drawlloween. 

Support Aesir!! (v2)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Advertisement

(sorry, I got some advice and re-editted it) 

Kroel - 2 weeks ago

Thank you for responding.

Aesir - 2 weeks ago

All of them! Those $10 project timelapses only get seen by $10 peeps, tho. Sorry those aren't listed, this was made just before CSP released that feature.

Kroel - 2 weeks ago

which level for the timelapse high quality?

Oneofmanynames385 - 1 month ago

I will definitely be giving this a go when I got the spare money to do so >.>

YCH15 - Christmas Time

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F Advertisement


This YCH Auction ends on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 at 11:00 PM EST.

The level of the Finished Picture will depend on the sum of the Winning Bids.


To Place Bids:
Reply with your higher bid amount to the currently-highest-bidder.

All bids must be in $ USD format.


[ Continued ...

nekobouya - 1 month ago

Indeed, merry Chrimbus everyone!

Aesir - 1 month ago

This bid was too late (11:22PM after an extension to 11:20), Dehla wins at $150.

kagaminetim - 1 month ago

nope im too late slots yours

Aesir - 1 month ago

This Bid was placed too late (11:16PM)

Aesir - 1 month ago

Clarifying this for everyone:

Amazonian wins this at 14 (Posted 10:40PM). Because of the Anti-Snipe Policy, the auction on this slot was extended 20 minutes PAST 11PM (So, 11:20PM). Alexis' post was placed at 11:27PM.

Just clarifying to explain!

YCH14 - The Snake Pit

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts F/F Naga Bulge Lamia Aelia Cut-away Internal View Snake girl f/multiple tattoos Tattoo Red hair elf ears long ears pointed ears pointy ears YCH Lamia Pred Hosiery Multiple Preys white scales

A carriage of travelers crossing the desert runs into trouble when they get too close to Aelia's den...Rookie mistake, really.

Earned: $1430


Note: This Picture earned a Bonus Image, coming soon. 

Darksaber - 3 weeks ago

Oh nice! Love I said, love her design ^.^ though I'm not surprised, your characters designs are always great

Aesir - 3 weeks ago

A char I designed for Huntmaster based on a few specifications

Darksaber - 3 weeks ago

Who's the character with the grey skin and orange hair? Her design is super cool

RoTheHuman - 1 month ago

Very nice! Seems absurd to me that so many of them would not be enjoying themselves in there :-D

SherlokKiril - 1 month ago

Congratulations to everyone whose characters are in here and to you, Aesir. It is finally done and looks glorious, didn't know it all happens in a desert, good choice, I must say

eltnevs - 2 months ago

do you feel in charge?

biscuitman - 2 months ago

Gotta love some omega art

nekobouya - 2 months ago

That was the idea behind the picture. It's mostly a harmless looking picture but the signs are there if ya know where to look for them. The world clearly needed more Omega assimilation. But yeah, I love the end result of it.

Demicus - 2 months ago

So many cats lately! I love it!

And this poor kitty looks like she might end up as food for Omega in a moment...

September 2020 - Request Stream

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Non-Vore Scales cat ears Asirko

If you'd like to see more work like this, join my SubscribeStar!

(We only did one due to Drawlloween approaching and a medical issue that prevented me from working) 

Superblah - 2 months ago

May I ask if there will there be a drawlloween calander this year?

WankersCramp - 2 months ago

I love the way you draw bones in bellies.

boomerangfish - 2 months ago

Who's the girl on break? I love her look

Soroxas77 - 2 months ago

What is Aelia coiled around?

July 2020 - Request Stream 2

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Belly Bulge F/? Post-Vore Scars bandages cat ears cat tail

If you'd like to see more work like this, join my SubscribeStar! 

PFP/Chibi Rewards (July/Aug/Sept, 2020)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly Kitsune Demon F/? chibi witch ninja kunoichi Oni octomaid ninja girl Nobodyman Marunomi


I'm sorry. 

bloodwolfvamp - 2 months ago

chibi is awesome

Drawlloween 2020 - #31 Trick or Treat

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts F/F Loli Anal Vore Butt Female Prey Female Pred Big Butt from behind Scherezade bottomless loli prey heterochromia adult pred brown skin Hosiery Drawlloween patting head

It's over! Scherezade gets plenty of cute little treats to trick into her huge ass~

Raffle Winners:

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

whiteness - 2 months ago

you know, I don't think I've ever seen ace draw an AV piece with the prey fully in the pred.

Aesir - 2 months ago

Thank ya!

Superblah - 2 months ago

Was the calander canceled?

HamsterScratch - 2 months ago

It's been quite a ride. Thanks a lot!

Incidentally, is there a completed version of the calendar anywhere? Something about seeing the total casualty count just... Mmm.

Starcrossing - 2 months ago

Congrats on getting through this month! Always happy to see Scherezade, she's always been my favorite character of yours.

Drawlloween 2020 - #30 ...Costume Concept

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Butt Scherezade Drawlloween

This prompt was awful. I was like "Oh I'll use this to do some Halloween costume concepts that've been needed to get done", I finished Scher and just lost all drive because of how unfocused things seemed. Not good.

Short Story by  Jermayan (Bless his heart he still did one) > 

mmcalpine1988 - 2 months ago

If I had the money to do so id like to see her as a futa

Khali - 2 months ago

It's still a neat theme for the costume by far, fits the character. Always loved her base design, so it's great to see her show up again in any case (seems she's rarely used). ^^

fireknight70 - 2 months ago

the Costume it look wonderful and if you feel the need to finish it at a later date that ok with us it still great seeing the costume

Jamaris - 2 months ago

For what it's worth, this is a fantastic costume design!

z3d - 2 months ago

even though you began to lose all drive in it, the costume looks very nice in both the designs and colors chosen : D

Bright - 1 month ago

I really like the x-ray view on this one.

kibroman - 2 months ago


DanceOfWinds - 2 months ago

Sarah ga shinda. Again.

whatisthissheet - 2 months ago

The scenario is so cool, looks awesome.

Catvs - 2 months ago

This one has to be the most interesting so far.
Love it~

MaskedSinner - 2 months ago

The more I look at this pic, the more I like it. Absolutely lovely work.

Ekohime - 2 months ago

Pirates gotta be hoarding that booty. I bet it is another young maiden or two saved for later.

fireknight70 - 2 months ago

I love this it is wonderful

Fuijin11 - 2 months ago

damn its so hot♥ i loved it

Matanuiv - 2 months ago

...Well, maybe? Red hair...

heromc - 2 months ago

My thoughts exactly, that's such a sexy mindfuck!

SpotLight - 2 months ago

no bones about it

MaskedSinner - 2 months ago

Owwnn, these ghots seem to be enjoying thenselves, this is nice :)

SlickDratini - 2 months ago

Those ghosts are actually pretty into it, one of them is even giving her a boobhat!

BigJohnHagerty - 2 months ago

Is she wearing the bones of previous victims? Also ghosts? Damn this one is pretty great

Drawlloween 2020 - #26 Beach House Beasts

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Bulge Cock Vore Cum Futanari Scalie Penis Balls Nudity Big Breasts Kappa Big balls Tattoo pointy teeth hemipenis Ball Bulge Futa/F elf ears hemipenes Naked Female Naked pred long ears pointed ears pointy ears Face Imprint Multiple Preys shark teeth Drawlloween Tramp stamp Suppon Izumi

Suppon Izumi's debut came a little earlier than expected. Still working on some details on her clothes so her clothing might change in the future, but I thought it'd be fun to use her for this.

A Kappa Samurai with an insatiable love for girl's asses. Snapping Turtle themed, she also devours girls as well, and is highly aggressive. Turning girls into cock stew and blowing them into a fat-bottomed girl's asses is her favorite, tho.

Short Story by  Jermayan >...
[ Continued ...

TakanTwins - 2 months ago

I love her and wish to participate in her favourite activity~

Ome - 2 months ago

definitely turned out awesome

Thatdude8 - 2 months ago

I’m curious, does Izumi still have a water bowl on her head like traditional mythological kappa, and if so, can a prey still escape her by bowing and forcing her to do the same out of honor?

Or would such actions just make it easier to shove the persons head down her cock?

KlinKitty - 2 months ago

Ribbed for her pleasure >.>

Thagrahn - 2 months ago

Took me a minute to notice the face bulging out in the back. That means she's loaded up several girls.

Also love that she has the ass of girl she is going to fill pressed against that cock when sucking the other girls down.

Drawlloween 2020 - #25 Hack-o-Lantern

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Bulge Fatal Navel Butt Skull Big Belly Internal View pumpkin Big Breasts Belly bulge skulls Face Imprint Drawlloween Jackolantern SlasherCat Jinks

 lagomorphax3 won 3rd place in the Drawlloween 2020 Contest, so they won a free slot in a day of their choice! They chose SlasherCat day~

She here's Jinks dressed like Junko Enoshima and the last of her friends to get gobbled up.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

MaskedSinner - 2 months ago

Nah, man. The pic is very cool, all the ambience and stuff looks very very nice.

Aesir - 2 months ago

It's ok, I actually went and double checked even tho I literally used last year's pic as a reference. Mistakes happen. If the orange lighting is throwing it off, it's my fault for using it.

MaskedSinner - 2 months ago

Oh...Sorry. I gotta admit, I'm feeling kinda stupid right now hehehe. Anyway, thanks for clearing things up for me, Aesir.

Aesir - 2 months ago

I use the same color palette. There's just an orange lighting here.

MaskedSinner - 2 months ago

It is? I could've sworn until last year she had the more catlike appearance you know? With the black skin and stuff, like a black cat and stuff. I'm sorry, I kinda have a bad memory.

Drawlloween 2020 - #24 Monster Arcade

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Drool Bulge zombie Fatal Bones arcade Skull Belly bulge pointy teeth stitches green hair Ripped clothes sharp teeth Bone Remains red eyes Miya loli prey Face Imprint Zombie girl grey skin black sclera Drawlloween zombie pred

This pic got rushed out FAST cause in the end it was a pretty simple concept. I didn't intend it to be that fast, but in the end I'm glad cause I can feel a headache comin' on...

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

RandomSpectator - 3 months ago

Do you know what’s causing the headache? And is this just the latest of many of them?

Drawlloween 2020 - #23 Tomb Bop

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F Hypnosis Naga Bulge Sex Futanari Fatal Lamia Aelia Anal Sex Nudity Internal View Big Breasts hypnotized Belly bulge Blushing anal penetration Futa/F naked prey Naked Female Futa pred tongue sticking out tongue out Hosiery Multiple Preys Drawlloween Hypnotized prey eyes rolling back DJ BitchTits

This pic was gonna involve more party goers, but it's got a lot of people as is...

Aelia meets DJ Bitchtits I guess. Maybe don't hold your concerts in the tomb-like dens of Lamia.

Raffle Winners:

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

SherlokKiril - 3 months ago

I wish there would be more Egyptian preds stuff here. THank you a lot for creating this character and for your art !

Darksaber - 3 months ago

Hot damn! Also, love seeing DJ Bitchtits again ^.^

Khali - 3 months ago

Heh, lovely. Looks comfy in there, at least till (if) they snap out of it.

At first glance, I thought one or the other had three breasts. Guess Aelia's jabbing something else (with less penetration) into her back there. ;)

Drawlloween 2020 - #22 Say Yes...Possessed

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts F/F Drool Mawshot witch Cleavage Pre-Vore Glasses Mind Control Big Breasts Annabelle Possessed tongue sticking out Witch Pred Drawlloween hypnotized predator

Creepshow has one of my favorite aesthetics and the whole concept behind Annabelle always felt like a Creepshow short.

Young Witch occasionally possessed by her evil tome to eat people.

This char was for a scrapped project.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

Tilalumtar - 3 months ago

Oh god... xD

Jaffek - 3 months ago

Fantastic work, this is super pretty

Reff - 3 months ago

Oh yeah, this is great!

Jacquelope - 3 months ago

So if she turns her prey into fat are they



Thatdude8 - 3 months ago

Imagine being a warlock from D&D and having that as your pact.

Drawlloween 2020 - #21 Labyrinth Laboratory

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly Tail F/F Drool Bulge Vagina cyborg Size difference Nudity Big Breasts horn f/multiple Silhouette red skin pale skin elf ears Nude Female Naked Female pointed ears pointy ears bulging stomach Face Imprint black skin Detailed bulges black sclera Drawlloween Ear Tag cyborg pred Vore Beast Vore beast’s tail Subdermal port

The bg and some things had to be rushed. I'm actually suffering some exhaustion atm and really need to rest for the rest of the night, I'm sorry.

Vore Beast, as always, is fun tho. Mistaken as an attraction in a Haunted House she wandered into.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

Vermono - 3 months ago

I love the tongue sticking out. It's Cute.

Blarginated - 3 months ago

My thought exactly.

psychoboy07 - 3 months ago

You've absolutely no need to apologize. RL should always be a top priority.

Sleep well, and please keep up the amazing work.

bearboy599 - 3 months ago

A haunted house? You mean buffet?

Loonnyx - 3 months ago

Aesir you are the best!

Drawlloween 2020 - #20 The Next Killer App

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Swallowing Butt Female Prey Female Pred Android Transparent Stomach Hosiery Drawlloween android pred

I really wanted to draw some booty today. And some sisterly revenge.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

Bright - 2 months ago

Really nice to see the stretch of the belly with the transparency.

ShadowHawk - 3 months ago

entirely theoretically speaking, where could I get this incredible app?

SherlokKiril - 3 months ago

Am I the only one who is in love with her hair glowing red ? Also nicely shown her emotions... or rather lack of them, she is a robot in the end of the days

Bluebros - 3 months ago

I'm with what this guy said

Bluebros - 3 months ago

Watched this one live. Truly amazing.

Drawlloween 2020 - #19 Vroom Vroom Vampire

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Belly Angel F/F Burp Vampire Digimon Bulge Angewomon Wings mask fangs Horns Big Belly Big Breasts Belly bulge pale skin red eyes vampire pred Face Imprint Detailed bulges black sclera Hosiery Drawlloween burping up feathers Vitalimon

Some of you might know I'm involved in a long running (over a decade) Digimon RP. This is one of my most recent chars, Vitalimon. She's a big Gluttony demon vampire with a particular taste for Angel blood.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

MrNobody - 3 months ago

Or perhaps they come out the other end as vampires?

fireknight70 - 3 months ago

I love this can we see more of your digimon works please

Gorgrath177 - 3 months ago

Dayum. That’s a while. Hope you post things from it someday.

psychoboy07 - 3 months ago

Love the slime effects, the ‘tongue bondage’ (for lack of better words) and the choice of prey. Hot stuff as always

LostOne - 3 months ago

Thanks for the story too!

Drawlloween 2020 - #18 BONUS

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts F/F Loli Butt Dandela Drawlloween

I wish I had come up with this angle first. 

geoshark12 - 3 months ago

this sets off my fear of clowns

caty6662000 - 3 months ago

love it

bearboy599 - 3 months ago

Same. I suffer from sleep paralysis at least once or twice a month.

Raiza - 3 months ago

A colored version of this one in the future would be amazing : 3 Obviously not anytime soon since I know you're super busy with the rest of Drawlloween.

P1an3tv0re - 3 months ago

Yeah. Getting the right angle the first time can be a pain in the ass. And the angle really matters.

Drawlloween 2020 - #18 There's a Clown...!

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F Clown Loli Butt Dandela loli prey Drawlloween

I can't believe I almost finished this before a way better composition came to mind, which I wound up sketching really quick.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

Flashman07 - 2 months ago

Love seeing Dandela, wish we saw more of her but glad to see her again!

amyyy3 - 3 months ago

oh no it reminds me of that one movie where everyone dies and krampus sends them to hell and there were these porcelain monsters eat the kids

Hereforvore - 3 months ago

I always love dandela and lolis :3

GoneForever - 3 months ago

Ah Dandela's back! one of my fav char from aesir :D

SherlokKiril - 3 months ago

I am happy, really happy... Jesus I honestly forget how huge she can be sometimes. Love idea of her swallowing mother first then a kid

Drawlloween 2020 - #17 Batatouille

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Vampire Same Size Bulge Swallowing Navel Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred pink hair Face Imprint grey skin Detailed bulges dahlia Hosiery Drawlloween hand imprints breast imprints

The lack of inspiration I feel with some of these prompts continues to shine through. Hopefully I feel more pumped up in the coming days.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

Big D - 3 months ago

Regarding the lack of inspiration, after your stream where we watched one of the Alien movies, I got an idea. Have you tried making a Xenomorph character? Or one of your characters dressed up as one.

Khali - 3 months ago

Even if the prompts aren't clicking you're still knocking them out of the park (and I'm still amazed how you're able to keep up this pace each year). ^^

Since batty there isn't really using her hands too much force the prey in (up?), she must have some REALLY strong throat muscles to counteract gravity. Love this setup.

PATOU - 3 months ago

What about something with a smile girl? It's been long since the last time.

UnforsakenFantasy - 3 months ago

Omg thats sexy asf

MidNightOwlArt - 3 months ago

It one thing to go down a stomach but to go UP a stomach?
I wonder how that would feel?
Well the prey roll into a ball like a stomach going down or just stay “upward” and bending the knees when getting swallowed?

Drawlloween 2020 - #16 Mummies on a Plane

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Drool Bulge Neko Navel Mummy Big Belly egyptian Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts bandages Implied Oral Vore Detailed bulges Drawlloween Pharoah gold eyes blue lipstick eyeliner blue lips stewardess

Sorry for the low quality one today. This prompt was not very interesting and I'm kind of sore from sleeping wrong.

Hopefully tomorrow is more interesting.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

Bright - 1 month ago

Cute sleeping face.

Jamjo - 2 months ago

I never realized until now just how great having a sleeping pred with a full stomach conveys the fatality of the scene. That's just awesome lol
The pose of the bulge and pred are so awesome too! This is great

Bright - 3 months ago

Remember to take care of yourself.

SherlokKiril - 3 months ago

I was expecting more massive mummy feast, but cute cat girl covering her while she sleeps pays off more than anything. And I am just happy to see Egyptian pred, specifically this one.
Shading in this one may not be as good, but stomach and her sleepy expression are amazing. Also cat girl's "pilot" outfit looks like it went through some fight, perhaps even with gastric juices, I always enjoy details like that

SherlokKiril - 3 months ago

Samuel Jackson would lose his mind in this flight

Drawlloween 2020 - #15 Spooky Sports Network

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Breasts Soft Vore F/F Muscle Vagina Anal Vore Butt muscular wrestling Female Prey Big Breasts Referee Red Head dark skin wrestler Red hair red eyes wrestlers muscular pred Hosiery Drawlloween muscular girl Pro Wrestling pyra flameblade

Here's a character many of you haven't see in a while. Truth is, I've been secretly in the process of remaking her using a combination of a few ideas for diff chars I had that I scrapped.

She seemed like a good fit for a wrestler.

Short Story by  Jermayan > 

PervyLesbian02 - 3 months ago

up the bootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Demicus - 3 months ago

Poor Ref is trying to figure out if that counts or not. And if she'll be next on the menu.

essedess - 3 months ago

"From the top rope, it's a full torso anal clench. She could be in some trouble here."

MrNobody - 3 months ago

Reminds me of the Lucy Lawless v Calista Flockhart fight from Celebrity Deathmatch.

kidclef - 3 months ago

I think I prefer her as a wrestler.