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is Nessa PREGNANT ?!

Uploaded: 10 hours ago


Tags: Pokemon Cute Pregnancy F/F Burp Anime Same Size Fatal Bikini Hungry Cartoon Implied Digestion F/FF Internal View Female Pred Inside view sonia X-ray Gloria Bikini Top cartoony belly rub pregnant? Lying lie Cute pred Hungry Pred pregnant looking Fake Pregnant tricked cute prey lying pred Kicking Prey sword and shield tricking pokemon sword and shield poke girl Nessa Nessa as pred internal shots Poke girls Nessa pred Nessa vore

NAAAAH She's just fat!!!
Stuffed with Gloria and Sonia.
can be related to the previous Nessa piece. (don't has to be)
I call this "fast food art"

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linthia - 1 hour ago

Much better as Nessa's meal I guess~

Hozomat - 3 hours ago

In all honesty, I personally prefer when you draw preds with modest proportions, just like that.
Otherwise, the technic is great.
Nessa's expression and the internal are adorable.

gorgonzoladealer - 4 hours ago

Ah, Nessa's a cutie.

UnknownPerson9876 - 6 hours ago

This is just awesome!

JudasArtworks - 8 hours ago

very nice!

paswor - 20 hours ago

Impresive art this is so awesome

curiousss - 1 day ago


TimberWolf25 - 1 day ago

I might even try the idea out myself.
Most artists I watch have been getting in on the pokeball craze too.

SamanthaLovesVoring - 1 day ago

I’m definitely not!

DemHoundDays - 1 day ago

And nobody's complaining.


Uploaded: 4 days ago


Tags: Oral Vore Belly Stomach Human F/F F/M Same Size cup Bulge F/? Nipples freckles Panties underwear Betrayal 4th wall tea Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred morning Lacey Smug Breaking the 4th Wall sleepover Red Head Roommates Bathrobe Wide hips Red hair curly hair stretch marks stretchy belly Unknown prey Thick thighs side view Half Naked bath robe cheeky Lace looking at viewer morning after smug pred hand imprints 4th wall breaking talking to viewer Friend Prey friend pred exibitionism exibitionist pred exibitionist

(In case you can't read the cup) "Your sexy roomies cup, who invited this girl to sleep over"
the CUP says it all.
This was one of today's warm-up sketches study of a girl's portrait before I started to work on my main projects.
I liked it, so I finished it up.

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Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

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BIGBIG - 1 day ago

Perhaps what ZaphodBeevlebrox said was true.
Some people where abel to read it withouth any trouble some not though.

ezechiel - 2 days ago

I was not able to read it as well.

TurkaTree - 2 days ago

mmmmmm, I'm with Viceroy on that one. Though I prefer a more simple naval shape.

HexLove - 2 days ago

what a beautiful portrait!

BIGBIG - 2 days ago

No it does not >:O

SPLODE animation (GIF)

Uploaded: 8 days ago


Tags: strong Gore Non-Vore Cum Futanari Fatal Muscle kill Animation explosion Fatality Humiliation killed gif burst bursting Male Prey cum inflation Killing Musclegut brutal humiliating brutality Hermaphrodite Muscle Girl gif animation Futa/M Futa pred Strong female cumflation exploding Strongfat humiliating death bursting from cum

full view for better experience >
You'v been warned!
Not the usual stuff I do but this was FUN to make :D
A warm up for animation. Would definitely want to do more animation in the near future.
The idea of the subject started as a joke in my head. Then I thought why not ... lets have some more fucked up things in our world!... right? :D

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
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Paperthedegenerate - 17 hours ago

I think the "Holy shit" voice clip from Unreal Tournament would fit this

dominate9000 - 1 day ago

what a way to go... blown up by a cock

Gabriel0813 - 4 days ago


rexstars35 - 4 days ago

Man they blew up his bumbum ????

Ursa - 6 days ago

you're welcome!

eastsportman - 2 days ago

Good Lord! <3

Potatomaximus - 6 days ago

I’m a proud supporter of the hairy cooter experience

Royal_Starlord - 8 days ago

You're right.

Not unless you give her a third nipple piercing on her navel :'D

BIGBIG - 8 days ago

NO it doesn't! :D

Royal_Starlord - 8 days ago

Her belly is looking like a third boob now~♥

Z3r0V0r3sG1v3n - 6 days ago

Holy hell, I'm a big fuckin fan of these lewder navels you doin Big!

HMDVore - 7 days ago

Holyfucking shit

HMDVore - 7 days ago

Holyfucking shit

Daduke - 8 days ago

Great as always That belly button does makes it look like she has a tit for a gut >.>

morq - 8 days ago

Have i ever mentioned that i just looooovvvveeee the way you draw breast. It looks so great. The nipples. The areolas. The volume. The sag. It is perfect

Geckoman7019 - 2 days ago

Kind of want to see more of the mom as well

harharharhah - 7 days ago

My only contestion about this is that Thanksgiving is an American holiday.. so.. Shakespearean English would be anachronistic. But it's perfect in every other way!

BIGBIG - 8 days ago

I think the issue might be in your end
try to open it in a separate tab like this >

LizAndFrankie - 8 days ago

This is beyond words! This might be our absolute favorite piece by you so far, BigBig! ^^ <3

Max_C - 8 days ago

Your work never ceases to amaze!

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 11 days ago

Nice really nice you really need to make some more artworks that are based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also why did Pepper vore pore Christine Everhart ?

Rhaegaldragon - 2 weeks ago


BIGBIG - 2 weeks ago

Then you probably missed some of my art -
and so

torontofan - 2 weeks ago

This may just be the most photorealistic vore I've ever seen! :o

SecretLadybug - 3 weeks ago

Yes! Pepper vore is something that I’ve been really wanting to see for a while!

GassyBlossom31 - 2 weeks ago

Loving this and the banter is on point too.

HexLove - 3 weeks ago

you got a great likeness!

UnknownAlias - 3 weeks ago

This is awesome! I’d love to see her try and squeeze into the Rescue armor now. Although if this pic takes place at the end of Iron Man 1 then by the time we get to endgame where she gets the armor she will have been eating people for over a decade. I can only imagine how much she would’ve grown over that period. She’d definitely be a full giantess, possibly even bigger than Scott’s giant man form. She probably could’ve eaten a large portion of Thano’s army during the final battle.

jak55 - 3 weeks ago


Lara's Market Snack 2

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago


Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F Giantess Bulge Butt Fighter slave Big Belly Size difference Female Prey Slave Prey Female Pred lara croft tomb raider shirtless f/multiple Mini Giantess Onomatopoeia upskirt ponytail outlined bulge Stomach Noises underboob Face Imprint Detailed bulges Multiple Preys hand imprints bulge outline feet imprints breast imprints butt imprint outlined prey Fighter girl Multiple prey shadow of the the tomb rider

FULL SCREEN for BETTER EXPERIENCE (hit F11 for "full-on" fullscreen >
Commission for GuyMaverick
An unofficial continuation of The previous post >
Lara was doing so well in eating all the people that she grew too big for tomb raiding.
She stayed creative though and find some new ways to exploit her potentials....
[ Continued ...

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 11 days ago

Nice really nice can you tell me how Lara became a giantess ?

Umhuebr - 2 weeks ago

Tfw there's some people who unironically act like those two tourists there when traveling abroad

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

Ooh, that's one cozy taxi ride -w-

madsci - 3 weeks ago

how on earth did you get that navel to be so photo realistic?! jesus the detail in this pic

Bossa - 3 weeks ago

I really like your Coca Cola ads lol

Lara's Market Snack 1

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago


Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Bulge Butt Fighter slave Big Belly Female Prey Slave Prey Female Pred lara croft tomb raider f/multiple Onomatopoeia ponytail outlined bulge Stomach Noises Face Imprint Detailed bulges Multiple Preys hand imprints bulge outline feet imprints breast imprints butt imprint outlined prey Fighter girl Multiple prey shadow of the the tomb rider

commission for  artlover8999 Who basically is rewriting the Tomb Raider,
Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider trilogy
so that preds are a normal part of society, have been forever. Lara's trying to find magical methods
of cloning people so that there's not a shortage of prey for preds to feast on.
This scene in particular is from the Shadow of the Tomb Raider game.

Unofficial next part >...
[ Continued ...

Umhuebr - 2 weeks ago

Your profile pic made this comment the whole lot better

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

Damn 0.0 That's one perfect belly

F1reDem0n - 3 weeks ago

And not a conspiracy for White Power that was started by 4chan as a trolling prank.


maxnine - 3 weeks ago

now that's a damn good haul.

FRENKI88 - 3 weeks ago

EVERY GIRL? BOI you have a wild imagination. and i thought my idea of a vore multiverse was wild.

Beach ball

Uploaded: 4 weeks ago


Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Bulge Unwilling Demi Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Demi-Human Patting belly from below bulging stomach Face Imprint Detailed bulges Multiple Preys hand imprints feet bulge darjingwriter

Commission for Darling of their OC Bridgette York having a beach snack
Ahh summer.

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

"Jill's sister JULIE" comic with F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, same size out NOW !!!

all my comics-es here >
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JamKat - 3 weeks ago


Love the expression on her face >w<

AviDragoon - 3 weeks ago

Fuck dude, the way you draw bodies is nuts. in the best possible way

GluttonousBitch - 3 weeks ago

your art is just incredible as always!

BigJohnHagerty - 4 weeks ago

Fellow in the background reacting the same way I would

KaZe_DaRKWIND - 4 weeks ago

The softer lines on the feet look much better than the others

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

Great ahegao vore face -w-

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

Grat ahegao vore face -w-

FattyPatty - 3 weeks ago

Surely we know some weirdos in japan who could do it.. So much hi quality hentai out there..

PixelMood - 4 weeks ago

One of my favorite draw from you BIGBIG =D

BIGBIG - 4 weeks ago

I was thinking the same thing.
Though Mainly I was questioning that "who" would be up for the task?

BIGBIG - 4 weeks ago

Only if commissioned in the upcoming commission stream.

Theblob - 4 weeks ago

Will there be an internal of this?

pingpong101 - 1 month ago

oh I'm so glad there is finally vore of these two :)

BurningRuby1909 - 1 month ago

Hehe oh i see *smiles*

BIGBIG - 1 month ago

Both surprises and amazes.
No Stress ;D

Brenden1k - 4 weeks ago

I hope you show what happens with block c and the narrator survives but not unscathed.

BIGBIG - 1 month ago

Written by aces

Makuta - 1 month ago

Awesome story for the awesome picture.

SenpaiVore - 1 month ago

Was the story commissioned by Aces or written by Aces?

Dragon808tr - 1 month ago

Your stuff for me is very hit and miss Bigbig, since i find overly large bellys unrealistic. That being said, this was an amazingly written story! I have a bit of a soft spot for human cattle and aliens eating humans (like that twilight zone episode) plus i enjoy hearing about human prep! The demonstration was a nice touch as well as the bits of worldbuilding. All together a nicely written and satisfying story! Good job!

plaguetyranno - 11 days ago

You put so much effort into the scales, it's very impressive. Were they from a photo or did you draw them by hand? Either way, they look great.

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

Ooh, some si-fi goodies! 0w0

Great hologram use! Quite lewd indeed

Sriseru - 3 weeks ago

Oooh, I LOVE their design! ^w^

Bright - 1 month ago

Ooh, neat texture on her skin.

twitchystitch - 1 month ago

Towering alien pred with multiboob, mega thiccness and actually lOOKS genuienly alien?? HELL YEAH~

At last, the true purpose of humanity; serving up as a delicious meal to our mighty alien matriarch overlords!

loveurass - 2 weeks ago

Their flesh is not theirs, it’s hers. Their bodies belong to her body and they should be thankful she let them borrow their flesh for as long as she did. Such an honor to be her food.

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

Amazing angle! oof <3

Pinhead2212 - 3 weeks ago

Wow, when you do open up for commissions again I'd love to commission you. This is truly amazing!

SearKahn - 3 weeks ago

Theres not enough Hachishakusama vore like this

willofwii - 4 weeks ago

Oh man panel one of the two guys in her mouth with that soft look on her face was stunning! I love it!


Uploaded: 1 month ago


Tags: Oral Vore sequence Soft Vore Chubby Expansion Digestion Halloween F/F Burp Weight Gain Breast Expansion Same Size Fatal Nipples Navel witch Growth busty pigtails Costume Goth bulging Big Belly Size difference Full Belly Mass Vore Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts short shorts Original Character Big Butt f/multiple midriff bet Tattoo Mini Giantess piercings Onomatopoeia tongue piercing Dialogue Huge breasts Ripped clothes Wide hips braids stretch marks Big ass Thick thighs veronika striped socks Potbelly Goth girl redesign Stomach Noises tight dress navel piercing bulging stomach Thigh highs Face Imprint Twintails busty pred Detailed bulges Multiple Preys hand imprints bones in belly breast imprints skeletal bulges 2019

A little late to the game but if my schedule was a lassie,
She would look just like "VRONIKA" here, on that last day of her bet.
All the art's are in progress being made so do keep an EYE out for them ;)

So this is VERONICA (Yes the same Veronika that is my OC)
Wanted to give her some new looks and regular size for this one.
because why not? FUN RIGHT?!

HAPPY late HALLOWEEN to you all!
YOU damned beautiful PERVERTS!!!

[ Continued ...

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

She growing, huehueh. Nice <3

Mizuna - 4 weeks ago

What girls will do for money number 878

DemHoundDays - 1 month ago

She has a lovely chest tattoo :3

Also, nice to see some more graphic digestion from you~

Raesetsu - 1 month ago

I'd pay good money to see an internal version of this.

Demonking44 - 1 month ago

Post digestion and weight gain....

She is gonna be HUUUGE

Ezekail - 1 month ago

I want to be that guy inside the belly with his face buried in Zuza’s ass. That looks like the best spot to be.

ifdre - 1 month ago

OK. I got it.

BIGBIG - 1 month ago

Apparently they'v been competing with one another.
And how many did they eat is up to you.

ifdre - 1 month ago

What were they actually doing? And how much people did each of them eat?

BardicLasher - 1 month ago

Totally eat Zuzana, omnomnom.


Uploaded: 1 month ago


Tags: Belly Stomach Halloween Child Stuffing Same Size Commission Bulge Swallowing Magic witch candy Hungry bulging Child Prey Big Belly Female Pred object swallowing hat Belly bulge F/children robe Object Vore greedy Food stuffing Hungry Pred F/?? bigbig bulging stomach Stomach Bulges Candy Vore A0IISA Witch Pred Mathilda greedy pred stomach buldge Halloween 2019

Commission for  a0iisa
Of his Character Mathilda enjoying the extra candy that comes with the children for Halloween

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

all my comics-es here >
or directly in the shop > 

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

All the candy <3

Hentai7733 - 1 month ago

I can never get enough witches fro you

maxnine - 1 month ago

i thought you were going to take a break after that big comic you released! not that im complaining youve been absolutely on fire lately!.

Bright - 1 month ago

Marvelous picture. Definitely got the Halloween vore spirit down.

BIGBIG - 1 month ago


MetaKitsune - 1 month ago

On the bright side he can still speak to gis dead friends right?

GassyBlossom31 - 1 month ago

Hmmm, I might need to invite some friends to your place. Evilgrin

Demonking44 - 1 month ago

This needs to be a series or at least a POV comic.

meepstercreepster - 1 month ago

ya gotta do some more sister stuff

BIGBIG - 1 month ago

Or there is a green rug reflecting the light from a pc or another further placed window.

JamKat - 3 weeks ago

Wow, the atmosphere and sense of depth on this pic is off the charts. :o

Sinsoffate - 1 month ago

ive never noticed how much youve imrpoved till now. They have pores, the attention to detail that you put in is beyond that of any artist i follow. I commend you.

EnderDracolich - 1 month ago

So, they're both giantesses, based on the size of the buildings. Which implies that their prey were also giantesses. Which is hot! Don't see many giantess-on-giantess same-sized pictures.

EnderDracolich - 1 month ago

Nice! I prefer this ending.

Derikdon - 1 month ago

This is hilarious. I love it.

LizardWizard444 - 1 month ago

I'm a sucker for witches

F1reDem0n - 1 month ago

Love the outlines showing against the inside of her belly. Just really makes this all the more sexy. :3

FRENKI88 - 1 month ago

The first picture lead me to believe that they are about 3-4 m. However second picture shows that 10m.
Still atractive but it´s at the line of not attractive.

glorp - 1 month ago

Dayum nice tiddy veins

HansCingr - 1 month ago

delicious vampire

Vampire Trouble 1/3

Uploaded: 1 month ago


Tags: Belly Chubby Fat Halloween Vampire Saliva Same Size BBW Milf Pre-Vore freckles Bikini Hungry Costume neck Lesbian bow Hunter fangs Licking Implied Vore Big Belly Size difference vampire hunter BBW Prey Big Breasts Original Character Big Butt Mini Giantess piercings coat Red Head Huge breasts Corset jewelry Red hair BBW pred Thick thighs Hungry Pred crossbow vampire pred zuzana Halloween costume neck lick vampire prey Halloween 2019 hunter prey hunter pred licking neck

Veronica and Zuzana dressed as ancient enemies.
A Vampire and its Hunter isn't a good combo within a friendship. Let's see what happens next!!!

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

Both Veronica and Zuzana belong to me.


Ursa - 1 month ago


JamKat - 1 month ago

Lmao, the look on her face. XD

bakr4 - 1 month ago

Zuzana, because who can say no to plump vampire

thespyfurry69 - 1 month ago

I meant both variants

blackovanossar - 1 month ago

zuzana obviously win... because nobody think she can be eaten in any reality XD
but i found it more interesting if veronica eat her. for one time ^^

Godeater - 1 month ago

This is a damn master piece it got nearly everything i look for in a vore comic i love the rwists and hoe thing play out I would love to see if this continues in a 3 comic but my selfish desire.

I'm glad you were about to over come the difficulty you faced in those month and can wait to see what you make next.

bellylov3rs - 1 month ago

Well it's not ninja but One Piece just had a huge pirate fest with all the pirates from the world in it's newest movie if that counts for anything

Any_ILL - 1 month ago

I'm afraid it doesn't work. The US offer the option to use a "guest account" but when I change that to my country that option disappear and it asks me to create a paypal account no matter what which I can't do. That's too bad, paypal is the only one to my knowledge that I cannot use.

BIGBIG - 1 month ago

Not sure yet.

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 1 month ago

Nice really nice I am very exited to read this comic and by the way are you going to write a sequel for Jill's Sister Julie ?

Trick or threat

Uploaded: 2 months ago


Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Evil Belly Soft Vore Plump Same Size F/? Stretchy Navel witch horror Bikini skirt October Hips Implied Digestion Big Belly creepy Female Pred Big Breasts hat Trick or Treat Bikini Top Implied Fatality Huge breasts Wide hips stretch marks underboob Witch Pred Jason Voorhees creeptober jamie christopher hewlett

Spooktober is here!
Wanted to try a style where I admit the mix of photo quality with cartoon stylization.
(You might be more familiar with this style through the artist "Jamie Hewlett" who also created artwork for the famous "Gorillaz"
This was an experiment for me and wanted to see where I can go with it. I think there is still a long way to go to get it really work, but... for now, I kind of like it?
Tell me what do you think yourself.
[ Continued ...

Lindinle - 2 months ago

No. I kean here right eye is rotated weird

AfraArt - 2 months ago

Witches night out with Jason VOREhees
This woman has some great taste for her men

Eddibble - 2 months ago

That’s a huge ass hat

Eddibble - 2 months ago

Dats a big ass at

BIGBIG - 2 months ago

Creepy aren't they?

Update "Where is the BIGBIG?"

Uploaded: 2 months ago


Tags: Non-Vore bigbig Update


Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

redsquallff8 - 1 month ago

Glad to see you doing this awesome

Frednurk - 2 months ago

No I know. We've just lost good artists to the siren song of reputable work before. You're the best, I'd hate to lose you.

BIGBIG - 2 months ago

I didn't said nothing of sort.

Frednurk - 2 months ago

If you ever have to shut down your vore work for the SFW stuff... well, it'll be a dark day for all of us.

Can you handle having all those blue balls on your conscience? :p

missingno - 2 months ago

i still can't find waldo though

ThirtyCelcius - 3 months ago

my god

ThirtyCelcius - 3 months ago

Just clicked the post, hold my beer im going in

BIGBIG - 3 months ago

It actualy was the starter yes.

C107galaxytachyon - 3 months ago

Huh. Was this at all inspired by that question I asked you earlier about, BIGBIG?

BIGBIG - 3 months ago

Umbrelloid did great!

JamKat - 2 months ago

NOICE! Love that belly size and how she's just lounging on her pillows. :)

Also, the small servant girls are a great touch!

MiranTheWolf - 2 months ago

...(cant resist)...


justhere - 3 months ago

I absolutely love your use of color notes!!!

BIGBIG - 3 months ago

At some point I wasn't really concerned about the likeness of the characters (not that's its plausible to bring generic anime characters in to real life with a likeness other than same colors and hair style.)
Here I mostly focused on the colors and composition.

Nemyon - 3 months ago

Mhmm lovely view maestro

BIGBIG - 2 months ago

There is non.
Good thinking. next time if I do something like this where I do more gender versions I'll do a fota version as well.

Sumi - 2 months ago

Is there a version of this with Tohru with a dick by chance?

BIGBIG - 2 months ago

You should download the app. that should solve the problem for the phone.

SuperSlosh - 2 months ago

Ah, I am on my phone. I didn't know imgur on mobile was ass

BIGBIG - 2 months ago

I did not. Are you using a phone? Because for me it's all good.

ToughTreeRoots - 3 months ago

Yes, despite part of me still semi not liking vore. Actually talking to the people who make it makes me sorta realize they aren't all masochists who enjoy seeing people suffer (that was original thought i when first saw vore)

BIGBIG - 3 months ago

It changed with your ageing? :D

ToughTreeRoots - 3 months ago

This is me mostly apologizing to you cause when i was younger I basically hated a lot of stuff including your art. Its solid now

BIGBIG - 3 months ago

I don't get much hate. This is the first XD
Thanks I guess? :D

ToughTreeRoots - 3 months ago

Years ago i hated your art and everything about it. Now, for some reason it gets me off. And after seeing way worse shit than this i could honestly care less now. Then again you probably get a lot of hate anyways cause well...vore

Genetics Class

Uploaded: 3 months ago


Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Predator Same Size Bulge Swallowing BBW Milf Glasses skirt school heavy teacher multiple vore Implied Digestion Implied Vore Size difference threat Female Prey Female Pred hefty girls Student Burping Implied Fatality dominant Belly bulge Swallowed alive tight fit Tight Belly jewelry Blushing BBW pred Teacher/Student f/ffffff Earrings tight clothes threatening teacher pred oral vore implied bulging stomach redhead prey threat of vore heavy belly school setting Multiple Preys milf pred school vore f pred hefty heavy pred swallowed whole and alive PTG Predator Technology Genetics Prominence student vore f prey Heavy girl

I thought it would be a fun thing to use one of my teacher crushes
from my earlier school years, so I tried to depict her in a slightly modified way.

Once again, a PTG (Predator Technology Genetics) world scene from a class of genetics.
These students study so they can make better genetic improvements on the serum that
makes some wealthy and influential women grow bigger, taller, stronger, and hungrier
so they can gobble them down easier — such...
[ Continued ...

DestroyMEinstead - 9 hours ago

I would love to see Gwen Palmer and the thumbnail girl in some future work! Out of curiosity have you ever considered doing some work that's closer to same size, more normalized proportions? Instead of gargantuan press with massive tits?

plaguetyranno - 2 months ago

For some reason, I'm most impressed with the attention to detail in the background!

Deska - 3 months ago

Your PTG setting might be one of my absolute favorites! Heres hoping to see more of this classroom stuff! :D

Vore boy - 3 months ago

Awesome ^.^ I hope we see Miss. Anderson again. Her design is awesome!

Rhaegaldragon - 3 months ago

Ooooh lovely!


Uploaded: 4 months ago


Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Fat Digestion F/F Same Size Bulge Swallowing F/? BBW Stretchy artist busty freckles Bikini feeding Nadia bulging Big Belly Size difference summer thick SSBBW Mass Vore Female Pred Big Breasts Vore Comic Original Character Big Butt f/multiple Mini Giantess Onomatopoeia Breaking the 4th Wall tight fit Red Head Cute pred Blushing Veronica Huge butt BBW pred stretch marks small prey Thick thighs tight clothes anonymous prey Stomach Noises thick butt YCH bulging stomach zuzana zuzka vore day anon prey Voreday Multiple Preys steam punk viewer prey F/Viewer you as prey 2019 self prey Vore Day 2019 Voreday 2019

Thankfully Zuzana here was able to help me out
so It didn't take any of my time to prepare something for 8.8
how great is that...

Happy vore day and...
Who am I kidding ??! Go now and have a good FAP

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

The other Jill's MOM universe comics here
[ Continued ...

HansCingr - 3 months ago

I just can't believe how your art can still become better and better

JamKat - 3 months ago

Oof. This is REALLY good! <3

Rhaegaldragon - 3 months ago

Best Series 8/8

Jarmelhrax - 3 months ago

Your Mustache...

Make it Bigger.

eastsportman - 4 months ago

Aww, Nadia looking out for poor Zuzana. That artist needs to apologize! lol

Dip in Wendy

Uploaded: 4 months ago


Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Burp F/M Same Size Fatal freckles twins Implied Digestion Pleading Big Belly Size difference fan art talking to prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt Implied Fatality taunting cartoony Onomatopoeia Red Head Huge breasts Blushing Wide hips Red hair teenage pred Thick thighs bigbig Stomach Noises discarded clothing Gravity Falls Dipper Pines smaller prey Larger pred Wendy Corduroy head between breasts Underage prey

 BeanyStalk's recent work inspired me to once more get back to one of my favorite shows "Gravity falls"
Here you have a milf Wendy doing some GOOD O'L VORE for you.

I've been working a lot on The next Jill's MOM comic. A big portion of it is done! Still, a lot to go but it's coming along NICELY!!!
Stay tuned for MORE arts and VORE DAY!!!! ;)

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!
[ Continued ...

Animepoke12 - 4 months ago

We need wendy vore with scat from someone idk who but someone because we need more gravity falls vore with scat

GoTee1 - 4 months ago

Oh, wow, that's an... interesting blending of styles.

BIGBIG - 4 months ago

I really don't think it's the eyes. The head alone could could be used for a 3d gravity falls model It might be the difference between the head and the body its probably a bit to much indeed.

TheDragonBoy - 4 months ago

Yes, more Gravity Falls vore :)
Is there gonna be an internal version maybe?

Anon2727 - 4 months ago

Will you make a post digestion pic as well?? O3O

(also I legit think a gravity falls inspired vore comic would literally make you rich)

Birichino - 1 month ago

That's why you just use Magneton.

Grinnsinn - 2 months ago

"Heh, Thanks for the meal looser. Until next time!"


ArcaneSigil - 3 months ago

Welcome to Alola (aka Hawaii) where it's NORMAL to wear a swim suit all the time, no matter what your job is.

SmexyNation - 3 months ago

Hot damn, this is noice!

TheDarkStar - 4 months ago

Wow, that actually makes me really happy. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Anyway, it's cool that you're working on other stuff, because honestly anything you make is pure gold.

EpicMaster626 - 3 months ago

This feels like one of those weird game ads, like for game of sultans.

Still great art, tho.

Reiko - 4 months ago

More dark skin predators and prey please ;] Yours are so great!

Sub - 5 months ago

It would be nice to see the result of both options

stardustshoesaders - 5 months ago

That spice is good on anything

SenpaiVore - 5 months ago

RPG or Visual Novel?

Rhaegaldragon - 5 months ago

Best one yet! :3

CarriedEmperor - 5 months ago

*The Elder Scrolls Oblivion theme plays while Scarlett terrorizes everyone*

JamKat - 5 months ago

Love your internal views! :)

Sira - 5 months ago

Love it~

Natolin - 5 months ago


TheSystem - 5 months ago


Yidra - 5 months ago

Buff, You make giant boobs so well... I can't even...

F1reDem0n - 5 months ago

Love how her breasts spill over her bikini, but not overly so.

And how her bikini bottom presses up and into her low lips. >3<

donitard - 5 months ago

oh my god, that is amazing.

BIGBIG - 5 months ago

how it isn't for any kind of size?

Villainous Torture

Uploaded: 5 months ago


Tags: F/M Same Size Sex Bondage Nipples torture BDSM Invalid Tag Tentacle Unwilling Prey Fanart Big Belly fan art Willing Pred Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts monster/f Big Butt tentacle monster Big tits dementia Big ass Monster Pred tentacle sex demencia villainous black hat Doctor Flug

Black hat: "It seems NOTHING works on you. Not even my signature nipple tug of agony. Give me back the Doctor... I need him"
Demencia: *OUURP* "Nh-NEVER!... (((P-punish me more.)))"

"Fan" art of Villainous Black hat and Demencia.
They totally had it coming...

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

all my comics-es here >...
[ Continued ...

RyanKrakinski - 5 months ago

Yeah, the cheerleader was going right under her. She doesn’t even eat the hero at the beginning despite him being labeled as breakfast. Still, she’s clearly got an appetite for human flesh.

DrashaTheImmortal - 5 months ago

your right , damn what a tease

RyanKrakinski - 5 months ago

So far, she’s only eaten one person.

RyanKrakinski - 5 months ago

She unfortunately doesn’t. If you look closely, she was tasting her.

ZaphodBeeblebrox - 5 months ago

He's voiced by Markiplier

F1reDem0n - 5 months ago

Thick Milfs are amazing. More so when they have a big round belly and heavy breasts. >3>

JamKat - 5 months ago

Ooh, nice muscles and belly curves! One sexy milf! <3

DoctorLucy - 5 months ago

Still better than unrealistic balloon tits am I right?

BIGBIG - 5 months ago

Might be the stretchy dress that confuses you.
It's just about as loose to not hold the tits tightly together as in most cases you see but leave them a little hanging space, which I love the grotesque aesthetics of.

bakr4 - 5 months ago

looking gooded

maxdogaming - 4 months ago

She add nicely

JamKat - 5 months ago

Looks hella good! Woof! -w-

Curls - 5 months ago

I feel the opposite but that’s why they’re great! There’s an option for both of us.

CalypsoIam - 5 months ago

I like it a lot more with the armpit hair. It feels appropriate.

Reiko - 5 months ago

Great Series, great pic @[email protected] Would love to see Mako get some revenge ;P But Satsuki never looked better~!

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 4 months ago

Nice really nice I love the very worried Mako in the background I wonder if she wants to join Ryuko inside of Satsuki's belly

BIGBIG - 5 months ago

mmmooo55 - 5 months ago

woah! whats that hidden power behind her panties?!
the red lights behind her panties are threatening to cause mass destruction or something.

JamKat - 5 months ago

Nice pointy nips

Deletedb3498ti324 - 5 months ago

Artwork of the finest quality.

Pokemon Fail

Uploaded: 6 months ago


Tags: Breasts Pokemon Belly May F/F Dawn Same Size Bulge Milf Swallowed jessie busty bulging clothes F/FF Big Belly thick Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts hiding Team Rocket Belly bulge Swallowed alive tight fit Lying tricked prey tricked Clothes Steal Multiple Preys milf pred lying pred pokemon girls small clothes tricking eaten by girl poke girl small clothing

Team rocket scoring again
╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

"Jill's sister JULIE" comic with F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, same size out NOW !!!

all my comics-es here >
or directly in the shop >...
[ Continued ...

zenitharms - 5 months ago

Dude, you really should do something featuring Cynthia or Diantha as preds. They would look great in your style!

DrakeHillside - 5 months ago

Yep ~

yEeTbOi - 6 months ago

Yep that's totally Dawn who totally didn't steal May's kerchief. 100% authentic, 0% lies

Zikio - 6 months ago

Post digestion :3 plz!! We need see the results

BIGBIG - 6 months ago

In a way.

Edward - 6 months ago

Oh, I see. Regardless of time, I'll always love your stuff and all you've contributed to this community, thx so much for your work.

RhinoSalt - 6 months ago

Amazing sense of depth, dude.

BIGBIG - 6 months ago

Pieces like this usually take 6 to 8 hours daily. This one took 3 days because there where three figures.
The upload rate didn't dropped because of how long it takes but mostly because my life got much busier. Im also at a milestone right now where I want to take on projects that will be worth my time instead of just producing art on a conveyor belt that have low value for me.

Edward - 6 months ago

I know I'm late, but I gotta ask: Ho long does it take to finish a masterpiece like this?? I have noticed that from a few years back your style was simpler with a highdr post rate, and now it's miles better though the post rate dropped quite a lot. I'm not complaining, been in love with your work ever since I entered the portal, just want to know how time consuming it is to produce high quality material.

BIGBIG - 6 months ago

You're welcome to get inspired ;)

PonycardM - 6 months ago

Now I just want to see you do Pikala
She might just be the cutiest woman in the pokemon universe!
I can just imagen her eating all of her Pikachu's

Turbotowns - 6 months ago

Hot damn!~

Rhaegaldragon - 6 months ago

Cute comic :3

JamKat - 6 months ago

Great weight gain work -w-

MrQuarantine - 6 months ago

Dude that fucking pikachu is both the stuff of nightmares and an awesome slice of comedy gold. XD

Ripley and the Alien

Uploaded: 6 months ago


Tags: Breasts Belly Alien F/F F/M Same Size Bulge F/? Milf Hips Fanart Big Belly fan art Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts big hips Big Butt f/multiple Human Pred xenomorph Sci-Fi Belly bulge Big tits f/alien celebrity Big ass Unknown prey inside belly photorealistic Ellen Ripley Multiple Preys milf pred Ripley Sigourney weaver actress pred alien partner

"What took you so long? I had to pretend I was one of them"
SO you ate the others??!!

Ripley's tactics over 9000

I seriously love all the movies.
(Same technique as with the sansa picture The face is photo-bashed)

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
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[ Continued ...

runner - 5 months ago

I’m surprised no has written a story about something like this.

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 6 months ago

I did and I am still pretty confused and by the way are you planing to write a story that is based on the drawing ?

Wanderingspirit1333 - 6 months ago

Wanderingspirit1333 - 6 months ago

Wanderingspirit1333 - 6 months ago

I freakin love this!

If like ripley, you should checkout my story about her on my account

Hungry Sansa

Uploaded: 6 months ago


Tags: Breasts Belly winter Fantasy Same Size Bulge Female F/? Butt realistic Big Belly fan art Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt f/multiple Belly bulge Red Head Realism Red hair actress Unknown prey bigbig Game of Thrones Sansa Stark TV show Multiple Preys TV series song of ice and fire Little Bird Bran Stark

Bonus points for the creative title.
Who did she eat? Only Bran knows!
I used a photo bashing on her face

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

all my comics-es here >
or directly in the shop > 

Umhuebr - 6 months ago

I was gonna mention just that lmao
Some meme pages on fb posted this

glorp - 6 months ago

Love the art, but seeing this on a Facebook page called "memes without bottom text" was weird.

raigekink - 6 months ago

my god... she ate the show's continuity and competence!

franciscofranco - 6 months ago

This is beyond exceptional. No, I think its the best thing I've ever seen

BIGBIG - 6 months ago

Whew Sheet. Really? Could you linke it?

Fubuki's Faction

Uploaded: 7 months ago


Tags: Oral Vore Big Breasts Belly destruction F/F F/M Giantess Bulge F/? Crush Butt crushing Panties japan Implied Vore Big Belly Size difference fan art Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Fanfiction Big Butt f/multiple Mini Giantess Belly bulge piercings telekinesis Huge breasts Object Vore upskirt High Heels F/object Unknown prey greedy Thick thighs Licking Lips crouching telekinetic smaller prey pierced nipples Multiple Preys One punch man Fubuki story in description Miss Blizzard

FULL SCREEN (Hit F11 for better experience)>
Short thing
written by

The B-Class hero Fubuki had decided on taking a new tactic for "recruitment" of new heroes to her faction.
Rather than convince them to join her team, the giant woman instead devoured them, padding out her already curvaceous body.

Lifting a woman into the air with a casual...
[ Continued ...

Berkut - 6 months ago

OH NO... the Impreza STI

BIGBIG - 7 months ago

I liked it better but I was too far in to invert all the writings as well.

DrakeHillside - 7 months ago

Heheh, not the worst faction to become a part of. x3 Would gladly join ~ Or at least help her with her recruitment. B3

emikochan - 7 months ago

One way to reach S class :D

Potatomaximus - 7 months ago

Yo why is the image inverted?

BIGBIG - 11 days ago

Im almost there working on it. A few projects behind ;)

frosthunter - 11 days ago

when will be out the next picture ? bigbig ? awesome work :D

Adelais - 1 month ago

This is my favorite series of yours; I'd love to see a continuation of it!

MetaKitsune - 4 months ago

Honestly hope she doesnt eat him, he's been so nice, maybe he'll just get lucky, can never tell with her

MetaKitsune - 4 months ago

It's actually kinda nice to see preds not try and eat every human they see and a guy potentially get lucky, I mean Zuzana is hot and i would personally rather see her stuff her face than go down her throat

actual EASTER vore 2019

Uploaded: 7 months ago


Tags: Eating Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Swallowing BBW Swallowed Butt busty freckles Redheaded Nadia Invalid Tag easter Bunny girl Big Belly Size difference fan art thick Female Prey Feet first BBW Prey Female Pred Big Breasts cameo illustration Multiple Preds Original Character size play big hips Big Butt f/multiple Eaten Alive quote Mini Giantess Original Characters Red Head Big tits Easter Bunny Swallowing whole BBW pred Big ass Thick thighs Sexy Pred Mid Swallow sexy female Marty inside mouth bigbig thick butt thick hips thick ass Eaten Whole zuzana A0IISA Artists busty pred adjectivenouncombo stickyglobule Sexy outfit Multiple Preys feedfancier cross-crescent Bunny girl prey Oc's swallowed whole and alive sexy prey BigClaudia breasts in throat bigger pred F/FFFFFFFFFF Eaten easter 2019 marty she wrote Solman

"A picture that comes later than planed is an even better picture because it more likely that the artist put more time in to it!"
✮✮BIGBIG of the SLAVS✮✮

While I was doodling the main attraction which is non other than
Zuzana alongside Nadia, I came to realize
I actually had no idea what to draw in the background.
Then came the idea when I looked in to the chat of my stream.
[ Continued ...

Callen - 6 months ago

hey bigbig you should do a follow up with how it ends

SeekGr - 7 months ago

Awesome stuff as always!
And you drew furries! xD

Yidra - 7 months ago

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :D

BIGBIG - 7 months ago

Because pizza is good

Lindinle - 7 months ago

Why is someone being suffocated by pizza dough?