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New Student - First Alpha Release

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Birichino

Tags: Catgirl POV Soft Vore Game Lamia Alpha Monster girl foodplay Endosoma Visual Novel Food in stomach Endo vore F/You Vore game F/reader F/Viewer visual novel vore 2nd person prey New Student

I had hoped to develop more of this before releasing it, but due to life circumstances I don't expect to be able to do much for a while, so here's where I am with my latest project.

I wanted to learn how to use Ren'Py, so I figured a vore VN would be a good way to practice.

I'm only using free assets and have no artistic ability to create my own, so some elements are a little janky. Particularly, sprite sizes are not uniform, but if anyone would like to submit art...
[ Continued ...

Junogray - 5 months ago

Finally got around to this: Thoughts, I love what you have so far, it's heart warming and comfy at every turn, the flow and choices come off naturally and blend well. this is looking great so far and look forward to any more you do with it

dobyvatel - 5 months ago

i loved the game! please keep the up the good work

psaykotic - 6 months ago

I can respect the urge to hold back until you feel you've put your best foot forward. That being said, I think you're selling yourself a bit short, even as it is now you've demonstrated more than enough of the game's potential. I think you'd have people buzzing in the forums for more content pretty quick. I know I've been looking forward to updates on a lot of the other games for a while now, but I can say without a doubt that yours just jumped to the top of the list. Truly looking forward to your next update. If you get any more dinner paths done I hope you post them ^-^

Birichino - 6 months ago

It's pretty new! I figured I wouldn't bother making a forum post until it's more fleshed out, and there's no sense getting everyone's hopes up before I have the time to work on it. Still, I'm really happy to get such a glowing review! For now, the plan is to just build each of the dinner paths when I can, but when I unveil it proper we'll see if enough people share your opinion to justify some Day 2 content.

psaykotic - 6 months ago

Love the writing on this one, and the image movement and transitions looked great, especially the close up on the cat girl when she offers to eat you, that was perfect and such a simple seeming thing to really give that part of the story the POV the player didn't know they needed. Someone mentioned that not having the correct pictures for the characters didn't really take away from the story at all, and I absolutely agree. Looking at the writing so far, the smooth gameplay and difference between flavor text choices and alternate path choices, this game has so much potential for being one of the best among its peers. I'm surprised I've never heard of it until now, is this not listed in the vore game forums here, or is it just that new?

The cool night air washes over me. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to sleep lately. I also don’t know why that’s driven me to roam the streets in search of peace, but there is a certain magic about my small city at night. It’s quiet, uncluttered, even dark enough to see some stars.
I’ve always loved stars. We understand now that they’re ancient cosmic fires which dwarf the world we know, but their beauty reaches us from so incredibly far away


Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Birichino

Tags: F/F Floating Giantess writing Non-fatal Macro/Micro self vore Female Prey Female Pred Safe endosmatophilia Endosoma happy ending Endo vore giantess pred safe pred Pocket Dimension

This is actually an older idea I shelved until  LivesInAStomach's Endo-Rama contest posed the perfect call to action for it. The concept is one I've tinkered with before, but I made an effort to make it into something extra special for its public release, especially when it's my first time entering a contest! 

HelloIExist - 1 month ago

I'd love to see this story be continued!

Birichino - 9 months ago

Thank you! I was trying to make something unique, so that's good to hear. I guess when you have all the power in the world (literally, since it's her private world), it's other things that have value to you.

Birichino - 9 months ago

I mostly had to work from this:

But like I said, the system for user tagging should be like DA's. :iconClosetedTiny:

Birichino - 9 months ago

I mostly had to work from this:

But I the system for user tagging should be :icon<name>:, for :iconDulce:

ClosetedTiny - 9 months ago

I have been wondering about that as well, is there a walkthrough I can find in order to do this? I've tagged Dulce many times in the past and always wished to tag her properly.

“I, um...worked as a caterer.” Sage began, nursing the smooth drink his memories seemed to flow from, “That Lit course I took? Yeah, the entire rest of the program was even more worthless. But, my best friend was there to look out for me when I learned that. Brian and I went all the way back to high school...he really got to say ‘I told you so’ a lot when I ended up as his employee. Unfortunately, I sucked at cooking. And no, not like the sandwiches you bagged on, I

Back to Life

Uploaded: 11 months ago

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Tags: Digestion Post-Vore Backstory Lore tan skinned Belly Rubbing Drunk pred

Sage's Mysterious Tragic Backstory is here!

This ended up taking a while, between both physical and emotional obstacles, but even though I've stepped into some areas I have little experience with, I'm pretty pleased with how this came out, even if I think I'll be able to do better down the line.

And don't worry; I haven't forgotten about Maggie. 

Birichino - 4 months ago

Eventually, but I just have so much I need to do lately it could be a long time.

trugabuga - 4 months ago

Are you planning on continuing this story by any chance?

YepMcNope - 7 months ago

Glad as ever to be back! I'd forgotten just how much your stuff was an inspiration to me until I read it again.

Mhm, I could tell that a lot of it was just nice coincidence fitting into place. A lot of clever writing is just being able to make connections between old ideas and new ideas. Still, there were definitely some deliberate seeds you planted to take advantage of down the line, and I love that sort of thing.

Sorry to hear you're in a rough patch. We all get those sometimes, and nobody should ever blame you for that. It's good to hear you have plans, though. (What's this I've seen around about the possibility of a VN? Obviously that's a big commitment, but if you're prepared for that, I'm sure it'd turn out fantastic. No pressure though.)

It's definitely a very "you" series! I think the best media thrives from creators who understand their limits and play to their personal strengths. That's definitely an example of what's going on right here. For someone experienced with traditional romance media it's all too easy to fall into the trappings of it or assume there's a "right" way to handle it. But to someone not bound by those expectations, there's a lot more room to just explore unique character relationships.

Yeah, that's definitely a better way of putting what I thought. They're coming to a mutual understanding of the other side through the sort of exposure that neither would normally have, and that's opening their minds to ideas and interpretations that they would have never otherwise considered, even in relation to their roots. As was established, the distinction of "humanity" is earned in the eyes of a pred, but by giving multiple individuals that distinction and having them in her life, she's forced to face "human" sides of her left over from her transformation that she'd been ignoring.

I'm sleeping alright. Not the best, but not the worst. Staying up until 3 or 4 isn't a huge deal with my mostly-afternoon class schedule anyhow. I hope you're sleeping well, too!

Birichino - 7 months ago

I've missed your reviews! Yeah, I've had those hold out for the right thing/getting tired situations, too.

I really enjoy the dynamic between Sage and Rosemary! I'm probably not as clever as you think, but since I'm writing something I like (and refresh my memory before each new chapter), both the way the characters behave and the way past events tie into the storyline can come pretty naturally. Which isn't to say I didn't work hard on Sage's MTB, of course. Although other points are appealing way in advance and it's just a matter of finding the right opportunity to bring them in, like the appearance of a Thyme.

Well, a criminal would naturally hate cops, but if nothing else, Rosemary's likely to develop a personal stake if she doesn't discover one from her past. I wish I could promise more was coming soon, but I'm in a rough patch. There are plans and hopes, though.

Rose'M being a bottle fairy was one of those ideas that snuck up on me. It wasn't part of her base design, but a girl with toxin resistance and a diet mostly consisting of drunk creeps is likely to acquire a taste for booze even without sorrows to drown. It's an interesting new side of her though, isn't it?

It's funny how much of this series thrives on my hangups. It never even occurred to me to push a more traditional romance because I don't get into most romance stories. It's a mostly blank part of my brain, so I'm filling it in myself. It's lucky my bluntness works well here.

I wouldn't say that Rosemary is becoming more human, though. At least not in terms of morality. She has the same heart as when she started, but having people see it is new and scary to her. Likewise, Sage's desire to be a good person hasn't faltered, but his idea of what that means is changing in the unprecedented world of predators. They're growing outward without losing their roots, even if both carry a fear that they might.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, as always! And I hope you're sleeping okay, too.

YepMcNope - 7 months ago

And of course, the belly rubs and the all-night embrace were incredible, lol. I like the fact that the two are able to so earnestly and directly talk about being attracted to each other. I do love a good will they-won't they romance drama, but I think fiction is sorely missing this type of romantic buildup- despite being common IRL. Recognizing openly that there might be feelings, and just feeling things out, is the kind of stuff ya gotta love to see more of.

(Oh yeah, and the will they-won't they tension is more than filled by "the offer" that still stands, haha.)

There's also something really interesting about the way the characters are changing, with Rosemary becoming more ""human"" and Sage moving in the other direction, such that they're getting closer to meeting in the middle. I'm sure I could find more to comment on here some other time, but it's 3:30 in the morning, so, y'know. (I've been typing this comment for 30 minutes??? wtf. terminal rambler right here)

All-around, another great entry in a great series! I look forward to whatever comes next, and I also look forward to reading the other two stories of yours I've missed.


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Owner: Birichino

Tags: writing entrapment Crying teasing f/multiple taunting Endosoma sadistic predator Cruel Pred cruel prey crying prey Infiltrator

I didn't want to ruin the surprise, but the most accurate species name the Brownie last story rejected was "Infiltrator". Although some live in the outside world and grow strong, it's in the nature of most to find a human host to take nourishment from through their inner realm, and grow skilled at navigating this world of mind and body.

The Takers think only of themselves and only in the moment, living hedonistically and often sadistically. They're extremely harmful to...
[ Continued ...

Birichino - 7 months ago

Generally speaking, if a Taker's ever done anything good, it wasn't on purpose. Although, I wouldn't say this lady's that interested in "justice" either...

ClosetedTiny - 7 months ago

Damn, this was something unexpected. But I am perfectly fine with Justice Vore! I just hope that all of the prey inside of her deserved it because of their own actions.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Brownies may be the only kind that's safe from her, since she'd rather have housekeeping than a few more toys. There are quite a few other factions I hope to write about over time, though, and they're just about all at risk.

Fortunately, this woman is a rare and exceptional case. Even being aware of Infiltrators is rare, let alone being able to overpower one from the outside. The kind of control she's exerting comes from years of dedicated practice; she's passionate about her work.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 year ago

And here school girl was starting to grow on me, admittedly the bob cut instantly sold me on her. But man what a scary person to run into. And did I catch that right? She also traps brownies? If so shes truly a monster.

It is hard for me to say what I am. I have heard many terms for my kind, but none have sounded right for me. I do not have a name, either, but I do know what I love: I care very much for my home, and my human.
My human is named Samantha. She has strawberry-blonde hair and hazel eyes, is a bit tall (which she’s insecure about), and keeps fit despite her slender frame. If we were the same size, she would actually look quite similar to me. Although my colours are different, and my body is la


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Birichino

Tags: Non-Vore writing unaware first-person tiny woman Slice of Life tiny man

In Scottish folklore, Brownies are household spirits that help out with chores and bring good fortune when they're treated properly. Samantha's best friend here isn't literally a Brownie, but her way of life puts her in the faction bearing their name, even if she doesn't know one exists.

While I'm working on a non-vore project, I thought it would be good to keep producing something that actually releases, so when I find the motivation I can delve further into the lore here. My older...
[ Continued ...

Birichino - 7 months ago

Yeah, it's nice when things work out well. I don't really expect to visit these two again, but I'm sure things will work out for them, and their living situation is actually very common for Brownies.

ClosetedTiny - 7 months ago

This was another Beautiful one! I always love some "Good is rewarded" type of stories and I am looking forward to reading the next chapter! I hope that it continues to be wholesome!

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Oh yes, role reversal where a cruel pred is shown their place is always lots of fun.

I did notice that the "F-pred M-foil" dynamic was a signature of yours. I tended to find it gave your stuff a kind of light novel-y feel (which, don't get me wrong, is not a bad thing at all from my perspective), but I've always been confident you could handle other dynamics well. I've always enjoyed the interactions between Amana and Sarah, for instance. So to see you're branching out is great!

I'm really liking this whole world you're setting up involving this species already! For all that I praise your characters, you've also got pretty darn solid worldbuilding as well for each of these series of yours.

There's a lot of potential for storytelling involving these two, the Brownie and Samantha, and there's also all *sorts* of different directions you could go with writing about this species. Once again, I'm really impressed by how much inspiration goes into these. I'll be sure to read "Takers" soon!

Birichino - 1 year ago

Thank you! I do have an interest in role reversal, particularly in the scenarios where the initial predator is needlessly cruel, but it is quite rare to see.

I made an effort to step out of my usual "F-pred M-foil" template with these before I developed bad habits, so I'm glad the Brownie is still compelling! Her life really isn't perfect, but it's against her kind's nature to reveal themselves. If Samantha is ever truly in need, though, she'll do it without hesitation.

Brownies (and the other "Outsiders", Survivors and Boggarts) are indeed the same species as the parasites, but without being inside a host, they can't survive on psychic energy alone. There is a minimum amount of energy that must be collected from thinking things, and more thought means more energy, so while there are a few clever workarounds, every member of the species must be around living things -very preferably humans- to survive. So yes, those particular parasites (though they call themselves Takers), are more or less cruel for cruelty's sake.

Ah, yeah. Eka's doesn't have the best filing system, so that happened while I was trying to haggle for my paragraph indentation. I just made a folder for these, though, so the good news is that Amana is still parasite-free.

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Ooh, yet another really interesting concept! While the concept of parasites in vore isn't necessarily new, it's definitely one of those ideas that aren't played around with enough. It's one of the many forms of role reversal, which is in and of itself an underrated concept.

This would usually be the part where I comment on the dynamic between the two main characters, but you've done something unique among your stories by making it so one-sided. Regardless, I couldn't help but feel my heart warmed by all the tiny acts of kindness from our lovely little Brownie narrator toward the poor girl Samantha. You could say she's sort of like a personification of "the simple pleasures in life," in that sense.

Still, it feels like it must be a lonely life for the both of them, what with Samantha not knowing there's someone with her, and the Brownie only being able to give and never receive, even if giving does make her happy.

The gang of three heavily implies that they think the Brownie is one of them, which does raise plenty of questions. If she's a parasite, then how is she surviving without entering a host and feeding off them? Does this species not actually *have* to act parasitic in order to survive? That'd be an interesting twist of an old trope, that now it's the *prey* who are cruel simply for the sake of being cruel.

I haven't read the sequel yet, but... there wouldn't happen to be a reason it's in the Amana folder, right? That seems like it was an accident to me.

Two men walked along the city sidewalk, their longcoats billowing in the cooling night air. Wearing fedoras and walking in-step as they were, one could be mistaken for a reflection at a glance, but closer observation revealed their distinctions. The man to their left wore a black coat, and a blood-red tie peeked out from beneath his matching vest. Although little of it showed, the dress shirt underneath was a silver-grey hue, with the collar folded down, and his black trousers matched his coat.


Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: F/M writing Big Belly teasing f/multiple Drunk pred taunting pred Same-Size Vore lore heavy

They're back! I've been trying a few other things, but I didn't forget about Rosemary and Sage! Which is good, because this may well be the last story I complete before my birthday next week.

Enjoy a peek into Sage's Mysterious Tragic Backstory. 

Birichino - 1 year ago

Thank you so much! I know it's been a while, but I am planning to loop around back to this series when I can. Glad you're enjoying it!

BlueB140 - 1 year ago

Oh my god I love these stories!!! They’re so cute i love Sage and Rosemary so much <3 It’s so hard waiting for each chapter I love this series!!!

Birichino - 1 year ago

Congratulations! I'll need a bit to get to it, but it's already great that you took the initiative to write your own work!

Interesting that the length matched though...maybe this is just a good span for a short story to be with parameters like this.

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

...So, much to my surprise, I ended up writing that story after all.

And speaking of story length, it ended up almost exactly the same length as this one. What are the odds of that?

Thanks again for the idea~

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Figured as much~ And yeah, I'll see what I come up with.

I don't think the stories are too short at all, and that's coming from someone who is always left wanting more, haha. Each chapter is a respectable length and tells its own self-contained smaller story within the scale of the overarching plot.

“Take me to him.”
“Confirm your deposit and we can begin.”
Visibly frustrated, the gruff man produced a paper from his pocket bearing a string of numbers. The level-headed interlocutor received it with a right hand clad in black leather, and produced a smartphone from his pocket with the ungloved left. Comparing the paper’s contents to the information on his phone, he nodded in approval.
“Everything appears to be in order,” the bespectacled younger ma

The Angel

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Digestion dungeon writing Post-Vore talking to prey teasing taunting horny pred vore day shortstack pred gamer girl pred

It's...almost still close to Vore Day, right? At least, that's when I started this one. Can I offer you a thirsty gremlin in these trying times?

To be honest, this taught me that I can't put too many objectives on my work at once. Trying to broach a new character type is hard enough, but trying to celebrate 8/8 at the same time compromised the dynamics a bit.

Still, Happy Vore Day! 

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

I see. Yeah, I totally get that. I'll be sure to respect your wishes carefully, should you decide you're willing to share your DA with me.

And I totally get not being inherently proud of what you produce, but I definitely think you've written plenty to be proud of.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Well, I can share it privately, but I've been keeping them mutually secret. DA has a lot of fossilized "cringe" I wouldn't want the Eka's crowd to see, and I don't want an overt confession I'm into vore rather than just aware of it on a DA with a username I use elsewhere (and so can get doxxed by). So I'd have to ask you to be subtle and merciful if you comment there.

It's good that that came across. They're not exactly held apart by a stable structure, just a stubborn one. I guess it makes sense though; life is too chaotic to think when you're in school, but now they've been living stably for a while, seeing each other almost every day no less.

And thank you for saying so! I'm not the type to take a lot of pride in my work by default, so that's really nice to hear.

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Oho, is that so? (Now I gotta find your DA, hmm...)

Yeah, you could describe the dynamic that way, lol. But it's not like things aren't progressing at *all*. Maybe they're going at a snail's pace as they expertly misinterpret each other's intentions, but you can feel the two of them getting closer in their own way, learning about each other as they learn about themselves.

Anyhow, no problem! I plan on sticking around and posting my thoughts on whatever you put out for as long as I can. It's always a special occasion when you drop a new story.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Never worry about being late! Early this month, someone commented on one of my old DA stories, and it was the sweetest thing. I hadn't uploaded to DA in 8 years.

I'm glad you like them! I realized I ended up giving them a very "Shut up and kiss already!" dynamic, so I worried they might be frustrating, but it's kind of a complicated tapestry of misunderstanding between them.

Angel is a very warped manifestation of "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!" Despite being an actual predator, she's filled with both limitless ambition and limitless potential...but the potential isn't quite where she'd like it to be. If I had to summarize these characters in one word, it would probably be "awkward", but I'm happy I could make that compelling. Thanks for all the encouragement!

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Got to this one quite late. But regardless, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Yet another really fun character dynamic. A nice spin on the classic duo of the hotheaded expert and the competent manager cleaning up after her, but with a really cute romantic and teasing angle. And you've got peak banter, as always.

I love the idea of Angel using her programming abilities to express the way she feels in the face of Damien's reluctance, exploring her thoughts and desires she can't otherwise explore... (yet?) A surprisingly-personal reason behind what initially seems like a simple flight of fancy and self-satisfaction.

Overall just a really fun and charming introduction to these characters. I see a lot of potential in these two, exploring their relationship and seeing what kinds of creations Angel will come up with.

Now then, I'm off to read the latest chapter of Roommates!

Sage approached the dented door, looking around for any sign of an ambush. Behind his back, he held a sleek balisong, its blade already drawn. Seeing no threats on the outside, he gently turned the doorknob, but found it locked. Biting a lip, he brought himself to knock firmly on the door.
He heard no footsteps, but after a moment the door unlocked. Tensing his grip on the knife, he took a deep breath as the door opened, then released it in relief at seeing Rosemary behind it. She quickly usher


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Tags: Digestion writing Post-Vore teasing lore heavy

I've discovered I slow down a lot when I have to write dialogue that isn't fun. Still, it's not all easy living with -or being- a predator...

Does this one even count as vore? 

Birichino - 1 year ago

Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

Thank you, though!

Matteo42 - 1 year ago

Yeah to be honest, curtains are a vital sign of how a relationship is going, in my opinion. If I had any drive for it, I would write a whole book about how different curtain shapes/colors/patterns mean different things, like how specific flowers means specific things.

Great story though :D
I'm really enjoying it!

Birichino - 1 year ago

It's an awkward situation! And territory it's not all that fun to write for, but like you said, I felt was important to cover for their relationship to really be stable.

Maggie's a fast learner. She may not be strong or fast, but her social skills are on another level, as well. She's got her own life going on as well, but yeah, she'll be around if they need her.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Thank you so much!

Well, secret as it is, it gets talked about fairly casually. If you're near enough conversations, I wonder what you might pick up...

Birichino - 1 year ago

I'm really glad to hear that it wasn't COMPLETELY obvious she'd be fine. And I'll admit Sage's past isn't totally worked out yet, but I've got an idea...

The 20-something named Sage breathed in the cool night air. Although the temperature had dropped in the last two days, he was still plenty comfortable in his usual attire of a strange T-shirt and black jeans. From the end of the road, he saw headlights, but traffic was just uncommon, not unheard of.
As he struggled to pry his phone from the tight pockets of his pants, he considered investing in a watch. The ability most had to light up would be useful in navigating his bedroom too, since he&rsq


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Tags: F/F Same Size writing redhead prey banter Teasing Pred delivery girl lore heavy

Mistakes aren't always a bad thing.

This one took a bit longer because I fussed a lot about getting the timing right, but going forward I'll just say that stories can be as long as they need to be. So, good news for everyone who's enjoying the banter and bits of lore. 

Birichino - 1 year ago

I'm flattered! Thank you for appreciating it.

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

I certainly am passionate! I can't say any other writer or artist on this site has given me this much to say about their work, haha.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Well, as of that next one, I'm finally clear to skip ahead without it being strange that nothing exceptional happened in that time, so that's a nice option. I may use the space to explore other ideas for a bit, but I do have more ideas for these characters.

Thank you for the compliment! Any actual developments with Maggie may be far off, but she'll at least have a presence until then.

It's okay. At least you're passionate, and that makes me feel I've accomplished something.

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Oh, nice! I'll be sure to jump on that right after writing this, then.

Well, the vore itself has been light, true, but honestly the teasing and discussion of it can be just as satisfying. There's something about discussing these topics semi-casually but with the proper amount of caution that I find appealing. And I must admit that the setup of Rosemary holding herself back for the sake of companionship while always having the offer open is alluring in itself.

No, I don't think things are moving too fast. If you're worried you could maybe toss a couple of day skips in there or something, but I don't think it's a problem. What we have here is a couple of individuals who are both going through unfamiliar territory. Sage is learning more about the nature of predators for the first time and overcoming his preconceptions, while Rosemary is opening up about her inner workings and doing some introspection as a result. And by the looks of things, both are just generally not really quite used to such agreeable company. For two people in such a position, it's only natural for things to move a little quickly. It seems like they're both what the other needed for quite some time. (And it's not like there's been any massive developments juuust yet, "the offer" aside.)

And yeah, about Maggie, that is true! There was all that stuff mentioned earlier about willpower in relation to digestion. Clearly Maggie has the resolve to keep in one piece at the very least. So what might that say about her? Knowing you, I'm sure there's gonna be something I won't be expecting. You always are good at making characters multi-dimensional.

I was expecting to keep this brief, but it looks like I've dropped another rambling wall on you... Sorry about that.

Birichino - 1 year ago

You're in luck! I literally just posted the next one before I saw these!

I would say the vore has been a pretty light touch so far, but if what I did include is satisfying, that's great news.

Their relationship is...well, whatever and however it might go, it's sure to be fairly intense. I hope it's not moving too fast when not even a week has passed.

Rosemary's got a lot of experiences behind her smarmy attitude! Eventually, these two will have to talk about their Tragic Backstories(tm), but until then, that's a very good guess.

Maggie is an interesting one. If I were to hint at anything about her, I'd say that she has a lot more inner strength than you'd think. At least, strength enough to resist that brunette's innards.

Rosemary lay on her living room couch, belly still bouncing and swaying with the struggles of her prey. The roommate she’d taken to calling by his surname of Sage sat across from her, seeming only slightly calmer than he had been after his role as bait in the hunt.
“ long will she last?” the boy finally broke the silence, his golden eyes frozen on the churning gut before him.
The young woman brushed her ebony bangs up from violet eyes with a hand, “It varies,&rdqu

Sage, Rosemary

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Tags: Digestion F/F writing Fatal Vore Squirming Prey Teasing Pred gurgling belly lore heavy

The aftermath of

One of the main inspirations for this series was wanting to get into the most popular vore tropes and consolidate them into some consistent mechanics, so I hope you enjoy lore as much as vore. 

Birichino - 1 year ago

Ha, thanks! To be honest, I would give more info about what characters look like up front, and used to, but it makes the writing flow unnaturally. Now I'm mostly finding where an adjective would fit smoothly as I go. Nice to hear that enhances the experience.

Matteo42 - 1 year ago

Oh that's fine for me. Even if it doesn't fit the setting perfectly, it's not some major plot hole or anything, and still definitely makes the story more fun to read.

Side not, I really like how you didn't put any narrator voice to tell us about this world, instead letting us discover it piece by piece. Those exhibitions I keep on seeing every so often "Girl A is exactly this tall, has tits this size, wears this and like this", or "in this world, people eat each other all the time! It's perfectly normal, and everything makes perfect sense!"...
yeah I'd way rather have more casual, less-shoved-in-your-face settings and casts where you get to know the playing roles over time, and feel more integrated in it!

So once again, thank you for writing the way you do xD

Birichino - 1 year ago

It's definitely my preference, even if it doesn't have as much of a place in the standard same-size setting I'm trying to consolidate here.

Matteo42 - 1 year ago

Oh fuck yeah, safe vore is my shit :D

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Yep! Honestly, I think that leans much better into the setting you have going on here. In a scenario that is built around the precedent of being an ordinary vore setup with a twist, it only makes sense to have the characters be pretty ordinary people (quirks on account of the setting aside, obviously). But there's a lot to explore in the minds and personalities of ordinary people! They don't really need to be anything specific to be compelling. That's what slice-of-life is all about, after all.

“Okay, dude, you can stop pretending.”
The young woman crossed her arms with annoyance. The boy before her was about the same age, but had all the energy of an octogenarian at death’s door. “You clearly get what’s going on here,”she continued.
The young man in question avoided her glare. He had come to her house about a room for rent, but not even bothered to feign enthusiasm. The truth was that he was willing to accept whatever she presented him with. &ldqu


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Tags: F/F Same Size writing Implied Digestion Female Pred teasing Implied Fatality Pred turned prey chubby pred dark skinned pred

I've never really addressed Same-Size before, only having taking any interest in it recently, and I'm still not actually a fan of digestion, but seeing the kinds of worlds it often appears in, I got to thinking about the kind of lives people must have in them and what mechanics could keep things stable.

The vore may be somewhat secondary to my original love of writing banter this time around.

Unfortunately, Eka's has a newfound problem with anything written in...
[ Continued ...

ImmortalPrey - 1 year ago

Dang, you really are good! Had a recommendation mentioning you and I certainly wasn't dissapointed. Third party characters are strangely underused I'm vore~

Birichino - 1 year ago

Glad you enjoyed it! Rosemary's a pretty easygoing girl, so I guess this was the natural outcome of her not thinking entirely with her stomach. Still, it's nice to hear their relationship has appeal.

ImmortalPrey - 1 year ago

I love when predator and prey relationships get this casual, especially when the prey doesn't actually want to get eaten.
Will they, won't they relationships are best in vore.

YepMcNope - 1 year ago

Yeah, I totally get that. There's a lot of writing out there which just sort of expects you to accept the tropes and not really think about them, since they're written to be erotica first and a story second. But I think you really nail the balance between the two!

Birichino - 1 year ago

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me to see people enjoy my work like this!

I think a major reason I'm writing these is because a lot of the vore tropes didn't quite sit right with me, so I'm doing my best to consolidate them into some consistent rules here. I guess it's like straightening an askew picture frame.


Hot breath washes over the


explorer as the predator brings her close to soft, parting lips.

She squirms at the touch of the gigantic tongue, already sliding up her legs. The muscle soon gently cradles her whole body, and the massive, slender fingers that had brought her up to it withdraw as she is brought into the


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Tags: F/F Giantess writing Female Pred Inside stomach Endosoma F/You

Amana is many things, and maybe a few more now, but she's not a liar. 

Birichino - 7 months ago

Thanks! I'm pretty proud of it.

AGuyWithBigHair - 7 months ago

Finished this little trilogy.
Absolutely lovely and I love the contrast between Amana and Amy.

Birichino - 7 months ago

Thank you so much. Yeah, Amana's probably the gentlest type of character I've written (or at least Amy is), so she's very comfy.

ClosetedTiny - 7 months ago

This was beautiful! I love how sincere Amana is and the entire series felt very soft.

Birichino - 8 months ago

Not many predators let that happen, so it makes sense! Thanks.


Tessalia was a hero. She was heir to the Lightning Clan, daughter and future replacement to the leader of her Tribe, and the final victor in the contention with humanity’s Champion she had inherited from birth. She was also, much less to her enjoyment, a first-time man-eater, having swallowed the fallen-feigning Champion in question two hours ago. While she had enjoyed the process slightly more than she would feel comfortable admitt

Enter, Mira

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Tags: F/M Story writing Dragon Girl Inside stomach Endosoma Endo vore

This took a bit longer than expected, and ended up more lore than vore, but I suppose people suddenly relieved of, or in one case, finally hoping to realize, their lifelong raison d'etre have a lot to think about. 

Birichino - 7 months ago

It's hard to get back on track once something distracts you, but I hope I can help motivate you!

Rejnka - 7 months ago

I mean, I feel like it's plenty satisfying with just the two stories! I should start writing some vore myself. Well, technically I already have, but I'm not too good about finishing them... ehehe~

Birichino - 7 months ago

Thanks! There actually is more to the notes I have for it, but I haven't had the time to continue. I do like my vore with intimacy, though; it really keeps things engaging.

Rejnka - 7 months ago

I really like this series! not much more to say other than that. Nothing like a bit of intimacy with vore. Also it's a fun scenario.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Oh, thank you for caring so much!

Well, I only last month even became able to write more, but I'm having a hard time getting back into the headspace for it. If I do, it'll probably be the Amana storyline or a new idea first, but I don't plan to abandon this saga, either.

Sorry if that keeps you in suspense, but it's where I am now.


You lean against the soft stomach wall, gaze fixed upon the timid girl before you. Or rather, the timid girl around you. Although the delicate body looking back at you is real, the mind inside it is that of a giantess. The same giantess whose stomach now massages your body with nervous undulation.


“...I’m sorry

Nervous Stomach

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Tags: F/F F/? Inside stomach Endosoma F/You Accidental teasing

Since people seem fond of her, here's more of my apologetic predator! You've found a way you can escape her stomach, but is the price something you're willing to live with? 

Birichino - 1 year ago

Hopefully! I can't say I have the future well-planned, but it's certainly in Amana's best interest to accrue "tenants"

Birichino - 1 year ago

Thanks! I've actually been a fan of this idea personally well before I figured I'd write anything. Now the challenge is expanding it to a series.

rotta287 - 1 year ago

This could become a very wholesome series with the passengers rotating in and out of Amana. Also relationship dynamics and whatnot.

minasan - 1 year ago

I find the avatar inside the stomach a really original and interesting idea. The nondigestion works quite well with it. Could have some interesting dynamics with passengers.

Birichino - 1 year ago

That's so nice to hear! I'm pretty proud of Amana, but I'm trying to space things out so that no stories I still have ideas for get neglected.


Something’s shaking you. The spot you’re laying is soft and warm, but...wet. And loud. A symphony of strange gurgles surrounds you as push yourself up from the spongy floor and sit upright.


“Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay!” a small voice comes from beside you. Looking over, you see a girl, d


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Tags: F/? writing Non-fatal Inside stomach F/reader

Just a short scenario I think about sometimes. Hope the twist wasn't too obvious... 

Birichino - 7 months ago

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it, at least!

ClosetedTiny - 7 months ago

The twist was obvious, but I loved it! I have to read the next few chapters!

Birichino - 1 year ago


rotta287 - 1 year ago

What a twist, I dig it.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Well, so am I so far, but I'll let you all know as soon as I work it out! Thanks for tuning in!


Wake up, Senpai~”


Your eyes slowly open, revealing the girl looking down at you. Her long chestnut hair is loose today,

with bangs partially obscured by her enormous glasses. In truth, the coke-bottle lenses seem completely opaque to you, but s


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Tags: F/? Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Female Pred Implied Fatality yandere F/You Yandere Pred

Megumi is your dear friend and sole lab partner at the school you attend. She's plucky, sweet, and adorably nerdy, but there's a lot you still don't know about her...

This is my first time centering a story around fatality, but when dealing with a yandere, nothing else will do. By the way, the school system in this world features a strange mix of college and high school, so it's not that strange that Megumi is 18 and a groundbreaking scientist, but still embroiled in high school...
[ Continued ...

Birichino - 1 year ago

Thank you! I'm glad to hear it!

Khalcifieron - 1 year ago

Very nice story, I really like it!


Lightning tore through the heavens. A peal of deafening thunder rang out. Drenched in rain, the Champion dove at his foe, shattering only the rock behind the beast with his hardened fist. He had trained nearly his whole life for this battle, but the creature was more than just powerful.




A Champion's Duty

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Tags: F/M Macro/Micro Dragon Girl dragon girl pred

It's been years since I wrote vore, but here's my first submission on Eka's! It may be the start of an adventure... 

Birichino - 1 year ago

Thanks! I don't know when I'll get to them, but I do have ideas for other installments. And yeah, I've noticed non-fatal is a bit scarce.

Observer888 - 1 year ago

Oh okay. Id like those too if you continue.

Mechdragon1k - 1 year ago

I like this fic but wish it went longer. Like the fact that it is a non fatal vore with emotional charge and reluctant prey. Not to many works pull that off.

Birichino - 1 year ago

Actually, I have a fairly big plot outline I could continue from, but it doesn't include full tour or accidental digestion (allusions and threats to deliberate, though). There's a character who never made it in who would love full tour if it came up, though.

Observer888 - 1 year ago

Any chance for a 2nd part? Maybe with full tour or accidental digestion