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Bite of the Queen


She was much more powerful than she looked; this was a choice on her part. A mere five feet tall, she wore her messy red hair short, and wore a fairly plain set of travelling clothes. She was cute enough to catch the eye of most people who saw her; she was also a learned sorceress, and only someone with great worldly experience could have picked her out as someon

Bite of the Queen

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This one is named after an actual spell from the dnd 3.5 spell compendium called bite of the king. This one is pretty to the point, part of why I started and finished it just since the last thing I posted.

I may do more with this character but I also might never bother. The only reason I included any sort of story is because I liked emphasizing the theme of his not even being important enough for her to dwell on the attack or its outcome even while digesting him.  

Brainfood - 10 months ago

See, I wondered whether a sorcerer could cast it, but the book didnt give any indication i could see as to whether it was even an arcane or divine spell (or both). And yeah, I thought it was funny that it never specifies the result of actually killing someone with it, which leaves it totally open to interpretation. Idk if it's a thing in 3.5, but in pathfinder (idk which edition) there's a magical beast (and a beast form spell that allows the transformation) called a forked cat that can use the swallow whole ability on creatures up to one size category larger than their own. Default size is small but can also shapeshift to be up to size huge, I seems totally broken.

IvesBentonEaton - 10 months ago

Ah, yes, [i]bite of the king[/i]—an 8th level domain spell that requires a 15th level or higher cleric with either the Gluttony or Hunger domains to cast.

Of course, the spell description neglects to state what happens if the victim dies before the spell expires some 15+ rounds later. Does a half digested body appear in an adjacent space? Several gallons of chime or dung? Inquiring minds want to…well, no, they don't really want to know.

Still, it's the only spell in "canonical" D&D 3.5 that allows for same-size vore. There are tricks you can do with [i]enlarge person[/i], [i]reduce person[/i], [i]permanency[/i], and [i]amorphous form[/i] (the latter is also from the [i]Spell Compendium[/i]), but that's not really the same.

Anyway, good story. That guy totally failed at rogue-ing. Good ones would have managed the sneak attack; smart ones would have been over the horizon. :P

EmissaryOfRainbows - 10 months ago

Awesome work, particularly on the disposal! Personally I would love to see this character again


Elora moved silently in the dark corridor, her elven feet testing every footstep carefully before committing weight to it. She was not especially experienced, but she figured if she’d been able to pick the lock on the front door, it probably wasn’t more than she could handle. She’d told the local barkeep where she was going, but otherwise hadn’t trusted her recently acquired friends to give her a fair share of the

The Mimic

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I've decided to do a few fantasy themed things; forgive me if some of them turn out indicating a little too much attention to the actual dnd 5e monster manual.

I have a fully written out one coming once I've edited it down because the first 3/4 of it is all lead up lmao.  

cartoon_oracle - 10 months ago

So far so good! Glad to see you writing again


The fairy’s name was Nilly, but that probably wouldn’t matter soon. The legendary hero, practically a giant in her reckoning, was engaged in a fierce contest of strength with a shadowy being whose aura of sheer evil nearly overwhelmed her senses. A passenger on Link’s journey, she paid close attention when he found himself up against a foe that might best him, ready to do what she had to to help him at a moment’s n

What The Fairy Sees

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I may decide to follow this up with another using multiple fairies, but there are other things I'd like to get done first.

I always liked the idea of Link eating the fairies like they're just like any other healing item. Of course, when they're there to save him, they have to do it themselves.

I may do shorter ones like this more often if stretching it out is too daunting.  

PhantaRheiComics - 1 year ago

oOO, Nice to see someone else take an interest in *literally* using fairies! Just casual vore, no extra thought given to his meal. I look forward to what you do next with this, whenever you get to it.

sevensix - 1 year ago

Oh, hey, someone finally did it. Nice.

(It'll be interesting if a future story gives more characterization to the fairies as individuals, and shows their chatter/banter with Link and each other and maybe helping him in other ways before their turn comes up.)


When Erin opened her eyes, all she could see was a growling maw full of incredibly pointy teeth. Terrified, her eyes followed a thread of hot drool as it dripped slowly down, reached her face, and then ran down onto the forest floor she lay on. She was pinned by the monstrously large, furry creature on top of her, the clawed paws nearly crushing her arms as she struggled. She’d found her: the werewolf on top of her, fur shining in t


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Hey y'all, I've decided to come back, have a little thing I wrote.  

Halcyon - 1 year ago

This was such a wonderful story! So glad to see you back and I can't wait to see what else you come up with :3

sevensix - 1 year ago

Not even one last facial before she buried her? Harsh.

heromc - 1 year ago

Welcome Back! I hope you add some of your old stories, the one feeding the dog was amazing!

TETRO - 1 year ago

Guess who's back, back again
Brainfood's back, tell a friend

Welcome back. You're writing's good. I've missed it.

rubuio91 - 1 year ago

Weird... their old stories were available until a few days ago...