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bellyfan596 - 2 weeks ago

god your art is great.

Vinnie - 2 weeks ago

Oh no, I meant the prey inside the belly. But the preys butt and back is bulging from the belly.

Burner - 2 weeks ago

Thank you ~

Burner - 2 weeks ago


Burner - 2 weeks ago

The prey on the back? I will think about it ^^

Know Your Place! [Colored]

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Mermaid Giantess Bulge Swallowing BBW stuck ariel Disney Lightning BBW Prey neck bulge Huge breasts The Little Mermaid Mermaid Pred Detailed bulges

And here is the final version of Queen Ariel dealing with the sea-witch

Colors made by  Pegadygor 

encasementfan - 1 month ago

I'm hoping you do Soul Calibur girls again.

Been wanting to see Cassandra and Sophitia trapped/devoured and squirming together.

lokiikol - 1 month ago

got any more jamice vore comic men.

C107galaxytachyon - 1 month ago

How'd we get here from here?

RG9812 - 1 month ago

hail to the queen

KillerZ15 - 1 month ago

Always love the colors Pegadygor does for you.

Voregotten Castle

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: F/F bed Unwilling Prey Huge belly Castle f/multiple mia Huge breasts Mileena Tinkerbell Face Imprint Detailed bulges princess daphne Multiple Preys Hand Imprints Breast Imprints Princess What’s-Her-Name

Another sweet present made by  Pegadygor

Some princesses made a un"vore"gettable night with Mia.

Mileena (Mortal Kombat)
Daphne (Dragon's Lair)
What's-her-name (Earthworm Jim)
The Fat Princess 

Satyllicascabin - 1 month ago

Such a great feast for Mia

Jacquelope - 1 month ago

The one with the teeth though

DrakeHillside - 1 month ago

Indeed. Looks like this must have been a very un"vore"gettable night for sure ~x3

Stomach Of Darkness

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/M Bulge Huge belly Female Pred Heart of Darkness small pred Shadows Noelle mefudoka transparent belly

Present made by  Pegadygor

Noelle breaks the game by cosplaying Andy 

RG9812 - 1 month ago

very nice stomach bulge work

deathknight - 1 month ago

I know in that game you could get eaten a lot....

Tempest - 1 month ago


Now THAT is a role reversal. And nice seeing Noelle again. xD

Satyllicascabin - 1 month ago

Amazing! We dindn't expect a sequel. Nice work! ^^

thequietmanno1 - 1 month ago

ursula's a bit too chunky to be easily swallowed

KillerZ15 - 1 month ago

I honestly didn't expect a sequel. Ursula probably didn't either, lol.

joe354 - 1 month ago

OOO nice lovely follow up! still gonna wait on the uno reverse card tho but still amazing work!

joe354 - 1 month ago


Not So Little Mermaid [Colored]

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Mermaid Giantess Non-Vore BBW Cleavage ariel Disney Lightning crown Huge breasts The Little Mermaid Earrings Ursula the sea witch


Ariel and Ursula in switched roles.
She's now a little bit bigger and badder than before

Colors made by  Pegadygor 

Angel - 2 months ago

I don't know whether to pity Ursula or envy her. ^^

joe354 - 2 months ago

Do you think you can do a follow uo with this airel is ursla belly? Pls i reallt want to see that now

Tempest - 2 months ago

Interesting to see this role reversal. xD

doomed - 2 months ago

ursula better not get stuck or sink any deeper... she may never be sen again hehe

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

Near as i can make out, if their bodies don't merge ala the jasmine/Zelda comic, they just remain trapped inside their predator, able to deform their bodies with their struggles, but otherwise totally trapped inside the pred at their convince, and said preds usually have no intention of ever letting them out.

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

Near as i can make out, if their bodies don't merge ala the jasmine/Zelda comic, they just remain trapped inside their predator, able to deform their bodies with their struggles, but otherwise totally trapped inside the pred at their convince, and said preds usually have no intention of ever letting them out.

carlj - 2 months ago

I genuinely thought i was getting Rick Rolled by a vore picture XD

dagar - 2 months ago

One thing I'm always hoping to see is more of the aftermath. Like, absorbed fully? Or some story that explains how your concept of vore works. Is there a permancny? Is there a point where it becomes just impossible to escape? Do they still make the bulges at that point or are they settled in properly by that point?

GreenJester - 2 months ago

Singing after being vored? That's new to me!

GreenJester - 2 months ago

God I love how you draw bellies so much, it's so well detailed!

lokiikol - 2 months ago

get any more Jasmine comic men.!!!

SnakeEyes - 1 month ago

You are one of my favorite artists. I love your style

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

Nah, more like trapped inside ursula's belly until she lets them out- and she doesn't want to let such succulent mortals go.

GreenJester - 2 months ago

You're bulges are godlike honestly. The poor girls are screwed

RG9812 - 2 months ago

God you do a good vore with Ursula

joe354 - 2 months ago

Just saw a gif about the pelican from the show. Those were great bulges and good inspiration!

Don't Fool The Saleswoman

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Digestion F/F Non-Fatal entrapment Round Belly mia High Heels Earrings long ears bouncy belly Struggling prey purple outfit antiheroine

Belly and color practice

And some backstory about Mia 

carlj - 2 months ago

There's something about a pred struggling to put on a dress with a huge squirming belly that's just...unf <3

strongjimmy - 2 months ago

Interesting! All nice and snug!

doomed - 2 months ago

never digested, but kept prisoner forever forever lmao

Harleking31 - 2 months ago


Ilv18 - 2 months ago

I love the concept of a pred having a collection of preys inside her gut instead of digesting them
I would love to see more of her.

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

I love the rubber-latex clothing these girls have
though if i recall correctly, Ursula in her vanessa disguise doesn't count as a princess?

Dragonjaj - 2 months ago

Dive dive dive

Nagafanguy34 - 2 months ago

I will take off all my clothes

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

well, now i can't wait for the rest!

Tempest - 2 months ago

Interesting cover. :D

KalebAdvent - 2 months ago

At this rate, they're gonna come out as identical twins.

SSJBura - 2 months ago

Yay! Glad to see this!
Love the effect too!

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

TBH, i've kinda lost track of who's who, especially since Zelda and Jasmine have started fuzing hair designs and colours

Dragonjaj - 2 months ago

is it wrong i hope it wins in a draw with them fusing so completely that she dose not know who she is?

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

It's always cool to see another continuation in this epic sequence.

Foodchain (Sumi > Cora > Business Woman)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Butt Glasses Struggling F/F/F Huge breasts Cora stretchy belly buisness suit Voreception matryoshka vore Sumi Detailed bulges emoji buisness woman

Art Trade with  Tempest

Sumi was eaten by Cora before she's nommed by the infamous Business Woman.

I wish you a happy coming vore day ~ 

BlackRock - 2 months ago

My goodness! :O

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

I'd love to see more of her in his style honestly
stretchy is a good look for her.

carlj - 2 months ago

That's one weird Matryoshka ^^

Groudonfanguy - 2 months ago

Can you finish the Zelda/Jasmine one, please

DrakeHillside - 2 months ago

Quiet the situation for sure ~x3

The Beauty Is A Beast

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Belly F/F Bulge Swallowing Butt Struggling Disney dress belle bulged belly mia High Heels Huge butt Beauty and the Beast Face Imprint Disney Princesses Belle (Disney)

Belle sends Mia to a enjoyable place. High-heels included.

Some of my older art, which I restored 

Burner - 2 months ago

She was vored by Rosella before. (and theoretical by the partyball)

PINGASsien - 2 months ago

Lol good joke !

carlj - 2 months ago

Lovely ^^

Angel - 2 months ago

Clothes, heels and all, how greedy. <3

The K - 2 months ago

Belle looks great with that bouncing big belly. Love your style.

Into The Stomach Until Midnight

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: F/F Swallowing Disney dress necklace Throat bulge neck bulge Cinderella stuck in throat ella Hand Imprints Hammerspace glittering prey in neck

Cinderella vore

Before the last stroke of midnight, Ella is one of the most powerful princess in vore.

Yay, my scanner is back. 

Paperguy456 - 2 months ago


Burner - 2 months ago

Tearproof, thanks to the Fairy Godmother ^^

Burner - 2 months ago

More for the prey than for her xD

carlj - 2 months ago

Hope that choker isn't giving her any trouble ^^

Burner - 2 months ago

Yep, it's pyrography with acryl colors

carlj - 3 months ago

Looks like they are the ones needing assistance ^^

almindore58 - 3 months ago

love it

GreenJester - 3 months ago

I love the way you draw bellies and prey. It looks so pleasing to me

Tempest - 3 months ago

That is cute. xD

thequietmanno1 - 3 months ago

i always love your arts

Naughty Keitara

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Catgirl Breasts F/F Bulge Muscle soldier muscular Aura blue hair fighting prey stretchy belly Muscle Girl Sixpack Hammerspace Belly Keitara Face Imprint buff girl muscular girl Kneepads VORE Arena

My catgirl Keitara after some sparring.
She's a beast in close combat and her prey tries hard to break trough the abs.  

Bowyer2 - 3 months ago

I love it. Hope to see of her like that in the future.

Tempest - 3 months ago

She looks really cool, love her design. :D

Naughty Nocturna

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts F/F Bulge latex encasement Slimegirl Engulfed Huge breasts kasumi dead or alive bodysuit Nocturna Face Imprint Detailed bulges Breast Imprints Finishing Move VORE Arena

Another engulfed concept of the VORE - Arena.
Nocturna is a latex-morphing woman with strong flexibility and crowd control.

She looks a little like Teen Titan's Raven.. damm parallel dimensions.

Nocturna is  Pegadygor 's character
Her prey is Kasumi from the Dead or Alive games 

gundamfanx0000 - 2 months ago

Kooks like raven

ParallelBlack - 3 months ago

Oh dang, is she trapped inside her leg, or does Nocturna have a genie thing going on?

joe354 - 3 months ago

Vwry cute work here burner

thequietmanno1 - 3 months ago

that's new to me too- is this some sort of parallel dimensional vore tournament?

ALAMOS123 - 3 months ago

love her design! what's "VORE - Arena"?

Zoekin - 3 months ago

She looks wonderful!

thequietmanno1 - 3 months ago

she's got room for a few more in there

carlj - 3 months ago

Her inventory also seems full...or is it?

doomed - 3 months ago

more like greedy

carlj - 3 months ago

Lovely ^^

RG9812 - 3 months ago

I am sure they are fine where they are

Demon Savior / Cover

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Comic Non-Vore parody doom Imp hell demons Summoning pink hair netherworld cacodemon hellknight SNES Megan cover art box art super nintendo Underage

New cover art. SNES box style.
Gonna change the title "Ah! My Demoness" into "Demon Savior"

Demons in the background based on DOOM monsters
Megan is created by me 

KillerZ15 - 3 months ago

Lol. I understand all too well now.

Burner - 3 months ago

Well, Megan is like red riding hood and the demons are her "two stupid dogs" xD

EelWayne - 3 months ago


klatuk4u - 3 months ago


Moonlightshadow - 3 months ago

'^ ' !!!

Ermenegildo - 12 days ago

Can you maje elsa of frozen thar eats chun li from street fighter?

BlackRock - 3 months ago


doomed - 3 months ago


doomed - 3 months ago


thequietmanno1 - 3 months ago

i wonder how many ladies they can fit inside one lamp
or one bra/pair of baggy pants, as it stands

First Vore Lessons [No Text]

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge latex ariel Vanessa Struggling Disney Unwilling Pred F/FFF Jasmine belle f/multiple Ursula stretchy belly Face Imprint Detailed bulges Multiple Preys Princess Jasmine Rosella King's Quest 7 Belle (Disney)

Princess Rosella and her mentor "Vanessa"

No text version.

Characters from Disney and Sierra

Colors made by  Pegadygor 

GreenJester - 2 months ago

I love the way you draw bellies so dman much

thequietmanno1 - 3 months ago

might be fun to see Ursula and Vanessa each having a go at boring some princesses
not a lot of vore artwork out there with Vanessa, sadly

carlj - 3 months ago

Your work is always so much fun ^^

FireRed2 - 3 months ago

Great work

V.I.P. Lounge (Or Lunch)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Navel Huge belly Huge breasts celebrity lounge Struggling prey Hand Imprints Breast Imprints

Just pyrographic/color practice with a favorite celebrity

Including some puns 

DaLamon3232 - 3 months ago

She kinda looks like taylor swift

doomed - 3 months ago

dancer imprisoned in a belly + belly dancer

Crazycat15 - 4 months ago

very nice <3

carlj - 4 months ago

Eh, i guess you can call her a "Belly dancer" XD

joe354 - 4 months ago

Very nice work!

lokiikol - 4 months ago

git more of --Jasmine/Zelda 37 men.

lokiikol - 4 months ago

nice got more men.

doomed - 4 months ago

the perfect escape

joe354 - 4 months ago

Lol vute work here burner. Fusions to fission vore lol. Never seen this before

Thecakeislie - 4 months ago


bellyfan596 - 13 days ago

well it's like milf though instead of being a mother, shes a grandma.

Burner - 4 months ago

I'm glad to hear that.
I know the definition of milf, but gilf is something new, lol

bellyfan596 - 4 months ago

cant believe im saying this.
but you made ursula into a gilf. the only gilf id even consider.

joe354 - 4 months ago

OOOO nice~ even if it abit messy it still fantastic work

KillerZ15 - 4 months ago

Ursula's either really hungry or really greedy.

Oh, who am I kidding, she's both.

Winx Gulp

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Same Size Bulge Navel Fairy Post-Vore Huge belly bulged belly Round Belly Layla dark skin fairy prey Flora Fairy pred Winx Club Skinny pred popped navel shiny skin Bellybutton play Acryl colors

Layla gulped Flora
Characters from Winx Club

This was a experimental work. Made with pyrography and acryl colors 

Killboo - 4 months ago

Woah, is this traditional, cause it looks pretty cool

joe354 - 4 months ago

This is a very interesting pic I say, never seen woodwork of vore on here ever and the colors help to make it pop well!

carlj - 4 months ago

I love your style ^^

doomed - 4 months ago


The K - 4 months ago

That is the coolest popped belly button I have ever seen and a very creative way of showing it.

Pred-Princess Rosella

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Fart Bulge Farting Gas Struggling Disney Jasmine f/multiple Gassy bouncy belly Face Imprint pregnant belly Detailed bulges Multiple Preys Princess Jasmine Hand Imprints woohoo! Rosella King's Quest 7 Imaginary face Heart imprint

Another King's Quest debut with Rosella of Daventry gulping disney girls.
Yeah, not sure how Roberta Williams would react to this. It's just my childhood's game.

I like the concept with Rosella trying the role as dominant pred, but fails.
Added with some cartoony gags and the "WooHoo" from the Sims.

The handprint in the last panel is a titanic reference 

carlj - 5 months ago

I absolutely love this!
The bulges are so good and i love the implication that she's just keeping them in there forever ^^
Also that little fart on the first pic XD

EmissaryOfRainbows - 5 months ago

This is awesome

Satyllicascabin - 5 months ago

Wow! Rosella is a cute pred. Hope we could see more of her. Keep it up!

The K - 5 months ago

I love these bulges on her stomach.

klatuk4u - 5 months ago

Nice to see Rosella~

Uh, Stretchy

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Bulge Swallowing BBW Zelda Stretchy Anal Vore Butt Disney Full tour the legend of zelda Huge breasts The Little Mermaid BBW pred Ursula stretchy belly Struggling prey Face Imprint Detailed bulges escaping prey Ursula the sea witch Breast Imprints

Ursula thought she was sending another busty unfortunatly soul into her stomach.
But she underestimated Princess Zelda, who had a lot of experience in Vore. With her power, agility and wisdom it was nearly impossible to keep her inside the chubby belly.
After a long struggle through the bowels, the Princess of Hyrule reached the backdoor out of her stomach prison.

Maybe the Sea Witch would have other plans for her .. 

Barteljaap0202 - 5 months ago

Whoo ursula

thequietmanno1 - 5 months ago

loving the incorporation of their natural stretchiness into vore
I'm guessing ursula's not one to quit on a meal once she's made her mind up.
If zelda won't submit quietly, then she'll just have to find other way to make her hers

albyirma1 - 5 months ago

Yeah me too, I love her titties during the throat gulp!

doomed - 5 months ago

shes not gonna escape that fat ass lol

DrRose - 5 months ago

Dont suck her in
Dont suck her in
Dont suck her in

More Panic Than Strawberry

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Same Size Bulge latex Struggling Female Prey Female Pred Huge breasts strawberry panic Detailed bulges Girlslove Shizuma Hanazono Nagisa Aoi

A long forgotten Strawberry Panic request about Shizuma catching Nagisa 

SwordkingX5 - 5 months ago

At least like this Shizuma has no way of losing her to anyone else.

Nemyon - 5 months ago

you doing perfect bulges on whole Eka :)

carlj - 6 months ago

Lovely ^^

almindore58 - 6 months ago

Now to make them tits bigger

VToons - 6 months ago

I know that anime :3
I made some pictures of it years ago ^^

"WooHoo" Inside?

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Princess Belly F/F Bulge Hearts Non-Fatal Yuri Post-Vore ariel Struggling Pencil Disney F/FF mia imprints sex in belly King's Quest woohoo! Love inside belly Rosella Belle (Disney) Vanessa (Ursula) Girlslove

First the group noticed that someone was missing.
Then the group realized there was something big in her friends stomach.
Now the group notices that something big in her stomach is having a happy "WooHoo" together.
Happy End.  

iPhone83 - 6 months ago

Can you do more of Mia?, why not another heartsuit comic?

Angel - 6 months ago

Hehe, nice. Silly vore is best. <3

Soundwave - 6 months ago

I'm thinking of DuckTales. Got the theme playing in my head right now.

carlj - 6 months ago

Lovely ^^

zerowag - 6 months ago

Only thing that's missing from this awesome pic is the sims crystal above the heads xD. This is a very wholesome scene.

carlj - 9 months ago

This came from your fever dreams? Yours are way better than mine XD

The K - 9 months ago

A song about burping can only be a amazing song.

RG9812 - 9 months ago

Now that some fever dream

Lilladybug - 9 months ago

Uvee go swaaang~

thequietmanno1 - 9 months ago

anything that causes them in particular?
would love to send you some stuff to help bring more of these visions into reality

ChaosReaper55 - 4 months ago

When will there be more?

mirandascrazydream - 7 months ago

Really Love this series

Flame14 - 9 months ago

Hope the other one gets free. I liked her design more of the two.

Blahblahbum - 9 months ago

OMG! This is one of my all time fav series on Eka's! Tyvm for continuing it!

taito - 9 months ago

Cool. ^_^

Margaery Tyrell and a TOO Curious Maid

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts F/F Same Size Bulge Swallowing Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Huge breasts cartoon physics hard swallow huge bulge pencil art Game of Thrones Face Imprint Margaery Tyrell Breast Imprints Mira Forrester stretched neck

- One day Margaery Tyrell caught her maid sneaking arround her room.
But why put her into the jail? If the curious maid likes to explore, her lady knows a special place..

My first Game of Thrones art with my favorite character of the show
Hope you enjoy ~ 

albyirma1 - 9 months ago

I agree :D!

albyirma1 - 9 months ago

Yeah, me too!

carlj - 9 months ago

Love those cartoony throat bulges ^^

RG9812 - 9 months ago

very nice job dude

xblurp - 9 months ago

I wouldn't mind seeing a follow up to this XD.

Collecting The Naughty Girls - Colored

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F bag Bulge Stretchy Struggling Collaboration f/multiple Object Vore Colab Face Imprint Detailed bulges Multiple prey Christmas sack

Wonder if she fits through the chimney after this..

Colors made by  Ergos

Merry Christmas everyone ~ 

zerowag - 9 months ago

well I mean in reg lore Santa uses magic to fit down the chimney, so yeah I feel she could do that too, XD

Killboo - 9 months ago

Is this Taylor Swift? It kinda looks like her.

MelancholyClownD - 9 months ago

Neat coloring! I didn't expect Ergos to color this, but what a wonderful surprise!

thequietmanno1 - 9 months ago

merry christmas burner
can't wait to see what happens to these girls when they're dragged back to the north pole for further 'punishment'...

Allyourbasearebelongtous - 9 months ago

Have You seen Santa Slay?

kibroman - 9 months ago

very nice

thequietmanno1 - 9 months ago

hot damn

almindore58 - 9 months ago

It's so hot

FireRed2 - 9 months ago

Great work

doomed - 9 months ago

Oh how I’ve missed this hehe

I Follow You Through Everyone's Stomach

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Same Size Bulge Macro/Micro Disney F/FF Huge belly Chel Huge breasts The Little Mermaid High Heels Shantae pencil drawing Detailed bulges The Road to El Dorado face imprints Rosella Belle (Disney) Poster size Oil pastel The beauty and the beast morgane castillo captain morgane and the golden turtle King's Quest IV

The Little Mermaid and the Princeless Bride in a romantic vorish adventure ~

In poster size.
I experimented with coal, oil pastel, and colored pencils.

Characters (from left to right):

Ermenegildo - 4 months ago

Can you make ariel that eats catwoman for some reason?

Satyllicascabin - 5 months ago

Nice work! I have not seen Chel in you artstyle. I loved how you drew her as a pred.
Hope to see more of her from you ^^

carlj - 9 months ago

I am a simple man, i see mah girl Shantae with a big squirming belly and i am happy ^^

almindore58 - 9 months ago

This gonna be an actual thing? Sweet!

MelancholyClownD - 9 months ago

You draw such lovely preds! I'm a big fan of Chel especially with a big belly!

Collecting The Naughty Girls

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Christmas bag Bulge lineart Struggling Female Pred f/multiple sack Huge breasts Object Vore High Heels Detailed bulges Multiple Preys

I wish everyone happy Holidays ^^

Thank you all for the support! 

RG9812 - 9 months ago

happy holidays

MelancholyClownD - 10 months ago

Being eaten by her is definitely way better than getting a lump of coal!

MelancholyClownD - 10 months ago

Way better than a lump of coal!

Gold_King - 10 months ago

Burner! You're back! Didn't even notice. Welcome back. New stuffs pretty good.

Anono1323 - 10 months ago

Hope we get some more anime/cartoon stuff in the future, merry christmas!

FloozyFox - 10 months ago

Now that she knows about her, will she be letting her out or keeping her down anyway?

MelancholyClownD - 10 months ago

Pregnancy cravings sure are weird, especially for her! Good job!

thequietmanno1 - 10 months ago

guess she's carrying two inside her from now on- least she's room enough for both of them

ironman362 - 10 months ago

Love it!

carlj - 10 months ago

Great work! Love me some pregnant pred ^^

Princesses Are Heavier Than She Thought

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Mermaid Same Size Bulge Stretchy Uvula Navel ariel Struggling Disney Big Belly Huge belly Female Prey Human Prey Mermaid Prey Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple Scylla Ursula Face Imprint Detailed bulges Multiple Preys Hand Imprints Rosella King's Quest 7 Belle (Disney) Scylla Pred

More vore with Ursula ^-^

Her smurf skin is a little bit problematic, but I was afraid I ruin the picture if I chose her lavender color.

The captured princesses:
Belle (The Beauty and The Beast)
Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Rosella (King's Quest VII) (I know, shes not from Disney, but I really like her~) 

Anono1323 - 11 months ago

Will we ever see more...sexual vore from you one day? Like girks smiling while making bulges?

ALAMOS123 - 11 months ago

amazing stuff! the way you do bulges is like no other, i love it!

MaxTwenty - 11 months ago

Don't think she'd have any compunctions about eating a crossover princess, probably good there. Nice work

DarkArtist - 11 months ago

Very nicely done. I imagine her stomach has the space though for em. XP

Legofan333 - 11 months ago


She's Busy.. Really ~

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human F/F Same Size Bulge Swallowing Stretchy Navel Implied Digestion Text Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Onomatopoeia Huge breasts Latina celebrity pencil drawing cartoon physics Stomach Noises Face Imprint hoop earrings

Selena strikes again.

I'm sorry about the quality.
It's a DIN A3 size, so not possible for scanning.
Made with several photos.  

franciscofranco - 10 months ago

Wow, this is really increadable! this is like instantly one of my all time favs

bellyfan596 - 11 months ago

now i wanna see you recreate mib2s vore sequence.

Burner - 11 months ago

Gonna check it out, thanks for the tip~

Juiceback - 11 months ago

I love it, thank you

strongjimmy - 11 months ago

You really have an incredible and unique style of doing vore. Very cartoony and detailed. Glad to see you active again ^^

Selena Gomez Rulez Today

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human F/F Same Size Bulge Swallowing Navel Struggling Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple Latina celebrity cartoon physics Face Imprint Multiple Preys Breast Imprints butt imprint celebrity vore hoop earrings

Looks like Taylor and her friends are on tour the other way..

My first try to mix photo drawing with cartoony guts.
Hope you like it. 

mordor12 - 11 months ago

Very nice and good to see u back been following your work for a very longtime

MelancholyClownD - 11 months ago

I see, that's pretty good too.

Vinnie - 11 months ago

This is amazing, hope to see more art with a realistic looking woman with a bulging belly.

thequietmanno1 - 11 months ago

tbh, i've always got the impression that burner's preds don't 'digest' so much as they keep their prey trapped inside them for pleasure and fun- though you're right, the bulges are the best part of his works

MelancholyClownD - 11 months ago

Taylor, sure is gonna go through a bad "breakup" with Selena's stomach or maybe break down is more accurate! Hopefully she doesn't make a song about it. Horrible jokes aside, this is great work! The preys bosom, butt and even high heel poking out is icing on the cake!

Anono1323 - 11 months ago

See you guys in another 9 years :3....i hope not...

timmy10051 - 11 months ago


almindore58 - 11 months ago

Yahoo!!! Your back!!!

doomed - 11 months ago

burner is back? YAHOOOO!!!!!!!

sadlyknight - 11 months ago

Nice to see finally return. I hope you can enjoy yourself.

Chibi Celebrity Contest

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Belly F/F Bulge chibi Squirming Struggling Unwilling Prey - f/multiple Ashley Graham celebrity Face Imprint Ariana Grande Multiple prey

Hello there.

It has been some time. I'm still trying fto catch up.
Here are some newstyle elements. Hope you enjoy it. 

Burner - 11 months ago

Im glad to be back.
Thanks for your support, guys ^^

Wolfsage - 11 months ago

Glad to se that you are back

RandomInjury - 11 months ago

Man it's been years.

ClarAya - 11 months ago

Saw Ashley Graham and immediately thought Resident Evil 4

GnomeishDelight - 11 months ago

Glad to see you back. Hope things are going well for you.

EKG - Colored

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: F/F Non-Vore Lines Silhouette Huge breasts heartbeat display EKG

Side effects for the heart after eating a busty prey.

Colored version from a friend. 

almindore58 - 11 months ago

And yet another ages long wait

Coldbrush - 3 years ago

Actually. This kinda would be right before the pred eats the busty prey. I dont know, but Ive always been a huge fan of the build up between a prey and pred before the vore takes place. Especially if its consensual.

Infact, what if this was the heartbeat of a nervous pred. Getting all nervous and such, seeing this busty prey infront of him/her as the vore is about to happen?

Blahblahbum - 3 years ago

Damn, very nice.

Whereaminow27 - 3 years ago

This is a neat idea. I like it !

LowProfile - 3 years ago

makes me think more that the presumed pred just makes a habit of inserting people into each of her bones and organs and just happened to shove a busty beauty into her heart ;)

Wigglin' Uvula - Colored

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Burner

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Belch Uvula Stuffed Burping coloration bouncing footprint high heel changing sequence

Colored version.
Made by a friend. 

AzurePheonix - 3 years ago

Hope this ends in full tour.

157and493 - 3 years ago

I am so confused about what is happening in this picture, but I know I am enjoying it.

joe354 - 3 years ago

Your friend coloring is top tier as well

joe354 - 3 years ago

Awesome work mate!

balanced-guy - 3 years ago

Heh the mushroom at the end looks like the Bowsette Mushroom.

Angel - 3 years ago

Heh, that would be a sight. ^^

Kelly - 3 years ago

Amazing comic ~ <3

Thunderluigi - 3 years ago

And he looks like a fusion between himself, Peach AND daisy

Burner - 3 years ago

Maybe it turns her into a precious angel-princess ~

Cartoonfan12345 - 3 years ago

To me it looks like Daisy pushes Peach (and herself) in.

Kelly - 3 years ago

Both from what I can tell ~

psychoboy07 - 3 years ago

A bit confused as to whether Daisy pushes Peach in, or if both were somehow pulled into the pipe?