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pokebreeder25 - 3 months ago

jeez thats fast for digestion

Meowsticdude - 3 months ago

Love the idea of watching your friend get instantly turned to shit and then following after them

mifigor19 - 3 months ago

That's a really quick digestion

crankzzz - 3 months ago

*Puts on "Me next!" T-shirt and lines up*

Mecho - 6 months ago

Just really like the coloring, the art line and the overall look of this!

Coalyard - 6 months ago

This is a really fun character design!

shrunkenone - 7 months ago

If you're ever open for commissions, I'd love to get some POVs of her, sometime. :)

Coillte - 7 months ago

I'd say she's down for anything haha!

shrunkenone - 7 months ago

Also, does she only eat full sized prey, or is she glutton enough that even micros are sent down the hatch to join her massive meals?

Look Out Below

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Coillte

Tags: Gryphon Cock Vore Bird Avian Post-Vore Skull Cum Digestion skeleton Male Pred Bone Remains Bird Pred horsecock avian predator Bird Predator Post Vore Cum Cock vore implied avian pred cum disposal Bone Disposal bones in cum

Commission for Q123 on FA!
Sorry for the lack of art, not getting many vore related commissions lately. 

JackJackal - 2 months ago

very!! <3

RossTheEmeraldFox - 2 months ago

Very lewdly I imagine~

allquiettoday - 7 months ago

lol, what a dick move

JackJackal - 7 months ago

How do you even fly with such a big dong!?

ATailDesired - 8 months ago

Guess she needed to fail a while class.

JackJackal - 8 months ago


Nightmare49 - 8 months ago

lol. she is sooo full!

JesseDelgado - 8 months ago

Dat ass

Ratpost - 8 months ago


Cl3F - 8 months ago

While I'll always enjoy a good willing pred/willing-unwilling prey, there's just something special about a prey wanting to be in their place more than the pred doesn't want to be in theirs, whether it's because the pred's full, they naively think swallowing prey alive is wrong on some level, the two are friends, or the pred hasn't discovered the joys and satisfaction of a large, squirming meal sliding down their throat to be digested in their belly.

Ratpost - 9 months ago


RexLou - 9 months ago

Something about such assertive prey is always really cute! I think the stomach internal you have at the end really sells how much she wanted it.

sheppard74 - 9 months ago

Love her determination and his pure shock. Lovely

Ratpost - 9 months ago

Abit rude

Ratpost - 9 months ago

Thanks for the improvements

Ratpost - 9 months ago


Coillte - 9 months ago

Most welcome, dear!

Coillte - 9 months ago

no1 care

filthyboigoji - 4 months ago

0/10, doesnt have the draenei male dick beard

AbyssThePortal - 10 months ago

Oh my who's this pretty boy? Because boy do I LIKE HIM OWO

muhboobz - 8 months ago

Dooris looking hella fine

RedNastyFoxy - 10 months ago

Huff, wish I was his next prey! :3

StormyGem - 10 months ago

Sounds painful. Or maybe it gives them constant orgasms, who knows?

Psycho_wolvesbane - 10 months ago

Actually it's quite the opposite, it's super slow consumption hehe.

TETRO - 10 months ago

It's always fun when prey get to see themselves turned into shit before they're fully swallowed.

mibankai1171 - 10 months ago

interesting idea

Mooning Bug

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Coillte

Tags: Pokemon Male Feral Non-Vore puffy Horse Cock hyper anus Hyper Cock Hyper Balls Scolipede hyper ass pokephilia puffy anus

Commission for UWiggityWotM8 on FA!  

doomed - 10 months ago

dang i wanna climb inside

doomed - 10 months ago

dang i wanna climb inside

mifigor19 - 11 months ago

That's nice that prey brought a diaper for pred

RDash5000 - 11 months ago

huh... the white unicorn looks like an old OC of mine. literally only the cutie mark is different. and there's no freckles in mine.

KonHagino - 11 months ago

I so would love to see her star in a comic.

runner - 11 months ago

It’s a damn sham she doesn’t do vore

Doggo Booty

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Coillte

Tags: Dog Demon Non-Vore Hyper Horns lips puffy Canine Canid hyper anus Hyper Balls donut hyper ass hyper lips puffy anus Donut Anus

Commission for UWiggityWotM8 on FA! 

HMDVore - 11 months ago

holy fuck your art is making me question everything about myself

FalcortheWolf - 11 months ago

Oh I just want to climb in

DarkPinkie - 11 months ago


Yang738 - 11 months ago

Amazing. I love it ☺️

In The Garden

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Coillte

Tags: Male Non-Vore Skunk Hyper puffy Mustelid hyper anus hyper ass Thicc puffy anus puffy butthole male skunk

Commission for AmateurCooper on FA! 

NamelessLurker - 10 months ago

I mean, it's still better than being trapped in pokeball stasis indefinitely.

mifigor19 - 1 year ago

Well these won't help you in battle anymore tho

DarkPinkie - 1 year ago

This is what happens to all your boxed pokemon when you get whited out in a nuzlocke.

Poopy Pokes - Scat Pack

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Coillte

Tags: Scat Pokemon Non-Vore Pooping waste fecal Shitting Pooing Fecal Matter


Some poopy Pokemon for you!
Not post vore sadly, but next time I do one of these I will include bones and stuff!

20 images in all for just $5!

Thanks for looking! 

Salisha - 1 year ago

Yo, wake me up when Piggy POOPS please!~

FalcortheWolf - 1 year ago

Could I get a sniff? If not could I churn up into some more of that stink?

wiseguy288 - 1 year ago

Me thinks who evers in there ain't coming out in one piece.

scag2807 - 1 year ago

I love it! I want to join

RexLou - 1 year ago

This manages to check off an uncanny amount of boxes all in three glorious panels. Great belches, great gains, great size difference? Check to all of those and more! You seem to be excellent and pleasing both your audience and your customers. Really great work!

Oppossum Maw

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Coillte

Tags: Mouth Tongue Slime Drool Maw Saliva Non-Vore Mawshot Oral open maw Opossum Slimey Possum drooling

Commission for Artic1010 on FA! 


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Coillte

Tags: Oral Vore Demon Saliva coyote Skunk Oral Spit Hyper H/M Male Prey hooves donkey Hermaphrodite Pred Hermaphrodite legs sticking out

Commission for Shadecerule/NexyB on FA! 

Badfurson - 1 year ago

Thin bodies with huge bellies are absolutely wonderful~

Badfurson - 1 year ago

Geez, I love this so much! The way you handle bellies, especially on Shortstack predators, is incredible~

javitinkfizz - 1 year ago


empatheticapathy - 1 year ago

So cute and satisfied.

kibroman - 1 year ago

There is only one word for this image:

`` fabulous ''

good work

doomfister - 1 year ago

You will in time when i get around to lemoning it ;)

DarkPinkie - 1 year ago

I would love to hear the story behind this image... Just to figure out what is going on...

Servothehusky - 1 year ago

nice! thank you

NagaRelic - 1 year ago

Seems like a fun time for all

RobotBeholder - 3 months ago

It's two separate timelines.

Badfurson - 1 year ago

Still love this idea! And the execution is excellent, makes me wanna try a similar idea.

Jrew - 1 year ago

wait what just happened? They both ate each other?

TETRO - 1 year ago

Gee Bill, how come your mom lets you have two Lunas?

mibankai1171 - 1 year ago

Showing both outcomes, very nice ^_^

Bluezilla - 1 year ago

Aww I love this~ great job~ also what a kinky Pokémon~

heromc - 1 year ago

This is almost too cute!

RyouBoy - 1 year ago

wow, it's amazing!

RexLou - 1 year ago

Really great content with a big ol' bug and a lil' trainer girl! Not often you see content with Team Plasma, but the certainly work nicely as prey. Gotta say, it must feel liberating for a girl like her to end up as a snack for a Scolipede.

TakanTwins - 1 year ago

OKay that's adorable and wonderful <3 Love the work on this

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

That's one way to date I guess!