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The Life Of A Horny Femboy

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Coolwoman

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Scat Belly Soft Vore Digestion Burp Weight Gain Fart M/F Bulge Toilet Fatal Pooping Farting Penis Butt Masturbation Gas Willing Big Belly Kissing Female Prey Big Breasts Femboy Big Butt Disposal Gassy Male Pred dark skin Big Thighs Flushing Digestion Noises pleasurable digestion Femboy Pred Face Imprint Multiple Preys Large dick bones in scat bone bulge orginal character hair in scat Items in scat Christina Lich

This is a very different post...not only is it something original but its Male vore. What can I say femboy vore is hot. I've had lots of inspiration for making this and just had to get it on somewhere. I really like the idea of a dark skinned femboy so I'll probably do more with him in the future 

xvx17 - 3 weeks ago

I would have liked a little more conversation between the femboy and his prey, but I suppose he was too hungry to talk. Very good story!

ConflictPanta - 9 days ago

You should do one with gawr gura

Avora111 - 1 month ago

I love your streamer vore story's please more especially if you do the hollow live eng girls

Hivelord - 1 month ago

From where is the thumbnail from? I really like it.

Misterchef - 1 month ago

Please do more stuff with cara dune. She is such a awesome and atractive character

grz01 - 20 hours ago

Seriously hot horny story, many thanks

F3t1sh - 1 month ago

This is amazing.. thanks alot!

Coolwoman - 1 month ago

Same for both

SuperheroFood - 1 month ago

Great work. Love Lara Croft, and love her being eaten.

nomnomvore - 1 month ago

Loved it~ Always love unwilling to willing, and snakes are also really good.

kibroman - 1 month ago

you keep it up :)

Coolwoman - 1 month ago

Im sure another fate story will happen. I havent seen any of the fate swries and honestly had no idea there was even games.

Thank you for such kind words

kibroman - 1 month ago

I hope to see more of these types of stories in the future
either from Fate / Grand or another series
You're a great writer

Coolwoman - 1 month ago

Im happy you enjoyed it!

kibroman - 1 month ago

fantastic story
I liked it a lot
There aren't many Fate / Grand stories with unbirth
I am very glad that you created this story

Coolwoman - 1 month ago

Konosuba content is always a plus

Coolwoman - 1 month ago

Yun yun is on my list of characters i need to write about but im not sure when I will

FeiFei - 1 month ago

nice reading konosuba girls getting eaten...tho darkness needs more humiliation lol

Trex4 - 2 months ago

Are you going to do yunyun next

grz01 - 2 months ago

mmmm seriously hot who wouldn't wanna be at that bus stop eh?

AustinDR - 2 months ago

So Annie are you okay? So Annie are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?

Coolwoman - 2 months ago

I do like the idea

Lilykitty - 2 months ago

Very good, although I think that if Suzuka had shit inside a couple of Christmas gift boxes to hide the remains, it would have been a much more fun ending, maybe even sending them to Kuro as a Christmas present.

elliotalien08 - 2 months ago

We don't see enough suzuka vore

Coolwoman - 1 month ago

I can't say a part 3 is something that will ever happen. Thats really up to the commissioner

animalson1989 - 1 month ago

Great Job! I noticed that Steven isnt anywhere to be found while his girlfriend is eating everyone. Is there gonna be a part 3? I imagine she'd want him by her side as they both devour any stragglers in the city. Does this happen after he's left?

Wiz's Resuce Mission

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Coolwoman

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Anime Naga Sex Lamia darkness Non-Fatal Mind Control Kissing Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred anal penetration Lamia Pred konosuba Willing prey Wiz Lalatina Dustiness Ford

A commission for Blackheart
Did this a long time ago like last year around August and forgot to upload it so here it is now

Art by ponpo 

MasterSword - 2 months ago

wow !!! what a good story .... you should do one of Windygirk and arigameplays ????????????

casual lurker - 2 months ago

i used to be subscribed to this woman. but she got a lil' boring to me.

Coolwoman - 2 months ago

Im glad you like it!

doomed - 2 months ago

this is great dude . im glad you posted a story about amouranth first .

mifigor19 - 2 months ago

Well she really has a lot of simps I see

BroTato - 2 months ago

We have Watame on the lowest level of the food chain, then Okayu, Mio and Botan

Haachama is the apex predator among apex predators

Also we have Kiara who can't revive if turned into poop... We have a lot of materials here

Coolwoman - 2 months ago

Posted the Amouranth story

doomed - 2 months ago

no problem , PM me if you need more. i also suggest you try cosplayers too

Coolwoman - 2 months ago

Ill check em all out! Writing about streamers rn is pretty fun so these suggestions really help

Coolwoman - 2 months ago

No problem Bossman

Blaze32202 - 2 months ago


Coolwoman - 2 months ago

Blaze32202 - 2 months ago

Also loved the story.

Blaze32202 - 2 months ago

Link to artist please.

Ratpost - 2 months ago

Karin is also flat maybe have her eat ino Sakura to get saske love

Tyroneblacksmith5 - 2 months ago

I love ino as prey, good job

Redeyeddemon - 2 months ago

If you make a story with Dimitrescu I'll probably die!! Great stuff as always!

Redeyeddemon - 2 months ago

If you make a story with Dimitrescu I'll probably die!! Great stuff as always!

Evbro22 - 2 months ago

A Lady Dimitrescu vore story? Sounds fun!

Tyroneblacksmith5 - 2 months ago

Nice, can't wait

Coolwoman - 2 months ago

Ikr my next one for Demon Slayer will be Kanao so look out for that sometime

Tyroneblacksmith5 - 2 months ago

Nice, i'm glad someone is making demon slayer content. There isn't a lot, surprisingly

BroTato - 2 months ago

Shinobu pred is a nice concept considering she has a body filled with poison to kill demons

tresty - 2 months ago

edit: I just see you have the long series, lol but I think the original character may be hard to imagine, it would be good to have a character profile path. it may be better reading experience.

tresty - 2 months ago

I wish you write a long series(may be cut by a lot of episodes) with a single pred, your stories are great but it's a bit too short. I think it's better to have long one than a lot of short ones, but you did great man, keep doing.

Deadshot1510 - 2 months ago

really good work but could you do one with esdeath and akame next?

theonlymatt - 2 months ago

I loved this anime because that bitch fed two of the girls to her dog and taunted their teammates about how they ended up as shit. I don't like animal vore, but that taunting was on point.

theonlymatt - 2 months ago

I really liked the lead up in this one!

F3t1sh - 2 months ago

Man your willing stories are always amazing!

Coolwoman - 3 months ago

Thanks i know there is going to be at least one more but after that im not sure

Coolwoman - 3 months ago

Thank you. Koneko is amazing

Minicar - 3 months ago

Another excellent continuation. Really enjoying the story so far

xvx17 - 3 months ago

oh this couldn't be better, my favorite high school DxD character

TableManners - 2 months ago

What a great story! You've gotten really good at this =)

Coolwoman - 3 months ago

Thank you lemme change it

leoze - 3 months ago

Is a awesome story.
(But you mistype the name of's bodyattk)

*i search for the art in a bigger resolution(^^')

Coolwoman - 3 months ago

Oh i might in content on here. Its pretty dry but the show itself is amazing

Deadipool - 3 months ago

So umm "incredibly lacking?" In what way
Not to be that guy but its one of the most highest rated shows in anime... i'm not one to talk as i hate madoka