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GoneForever - 15 hours ago

Ah some love for Interspecies Reviewers! Great story btw :D

SwordkingX5 - 3 days ago

Wow I didn't expect my suggestion to actually become a story.
I'm surprised at how little vore there is of this series.

awakener - 5 days ago

*Tatsumaki, not tsubaki. Man I would be dead right now

colemercer - 5 days ago

Tatsumaki is the queen of loli pred

awakener - 6 days ago

If I had to pick one of them though, I’d probably go with the Hestia H’s lol. Nothing against Tsubaki, but I feel like the after sex cuddles would get difficult with her being about half my height, of course assuming there even would be cuddles and I don’t get flung out the window like some human garbage after a one night stand.

Coolwoman - 6 days ago

Completely agree

Coolwoman - 6 days ago

Big boob loli of course

awakener - 4 days ago

Or rather a part of her

awakener - 4 days ago

At first he will because the woman he loves is eating him to basically kill him, but then he would calm down because then he could always be with Mizuhara.

Coolwoman - 5 days ago

Not bad idea but he might not think of it as punishment

awakener - 5 days ago

Maybe Kazuya made Sumi uncomfortable on their practice date so she Mizuhara eats him to punish him for making things worse for the girl?

Coolwoman - 5 days ago

I guess we will see. I love both Sumi and Ruka. I will make one where Mizuhara gets a chance at being a pred

wutterumeen - 1 month ago

I had to stop for a minute after read8ng the 'ara ara' lmao

g14141 - 1 month ago

Great! Already loved sasha

NekoSanNeverDie - 1 month ago

You could do the next chapter with Subaru going to the library and the potion's effects coming back little by little, because for her to stop, she would have to have the love of her life inside of her.

ReiREND - 2 months ago

Why the title is "wrong Potion" if she gave her the RIGHT potion?

CoCoDu111 - 2 months ago

I really liked it and I can't wait to see a new story on "Re Zero" ^^ especially if you put Echidna in the story since I find her rather sexy ^^. And as another character it would be nice if you put "Theresia Van Astrea" as the main character and she eats some girls so that she can grow up and have better "assets" ^^ but I think it would be difficult to put her in history . Anyway I can't wait to see more and I like the end of this story where Rem teases Subaru at the very end like in your other story where Emilia sucks Subaru's cock while there were the "leftovers" "from Rem and Ram on that dick ^^

theking1659d33 - 2 months ago

Maybe you can add Emilia if you want

dekabreak - 2 months ago

Yes, been waiting for Bakarina vore for quite a while, and i am glad to see it finally appear.

Well, guess there is no more worry of any future bad ending when the heroine is fertilizer now.

Wanderingspirit1333 - 2 months ago

Finally Bakarina’s getting the attention she deserves

KuyaFred - 1 month ago

ngl towards the end it gets a bit sad

harpylove - 2 months ago

I hope to see more of High Elf Archer in the future if possible.

harpylove - 2 months ago

I hope to see more of High Elf Archer in the future if possible.

theonlymatt - 2 months ago

I was just watching the movie last night, this is very well timed, I love it :D

Coolwoman - 2 months ago

Vore Gambling

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Coolwoman

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Anime Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Unwilling Prey Big Belly Belly rubs Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt Disposal Big Thighs Digestion Noises burping up clothes bones in scat Kakegurui yumeko jabami skull in scat hair in scat Mary Saotome

What a best girl that has almost nothing on here

Which series of preds should I do next, All the Helltaker demon girls or the Food Wars Girls?

Art by Mr Skull 

awakener - 3 months ago

Looking forward to it

Coolwoman - 3 months ago

I will be doing both sets of girls and i think im starting with Helltaker

awakener - 3 months ago

Why not both? I would love to see Erina describe all of the girls’ tastes after eating them, but I would also like to see Judgement stuff both her breasts and her belly with the Cerberus girls.

CoCoDu111 - 3 months ago

I LOVED ^^ I really hope that you will make a sequel;) I also liked how Mary suffered since I like to read the details of digestion ^^ I can't wait to see more

derpsquid42 - 3 months ago

Oh, I'd love a helltaker series! Despite all the porn on other sites, there's not that much here.

panzerkampfvorgen - 3 months ago

fuck yeah! glad you finished this off! nice that Samantha got quite the meals. 4 in one day, and then becoming the new apex pred of the school!

Mario2982 - 3 months ago

Nevermind, found it on his twitter, thanks for introducing me to a great artist though.

Mario2982 - 3 months ago

If possible could you send a link to that picture of michiru considering I cant find it anywhere?

Arbus1 - 3 months ago

Michiru <3

FeiFei - 3 months ago

Uhmm...nice fic..tho needs more vore like past one =D

RiderKick78 - 3 months ago

Natsumetalsonic's Naga story reminds me of this. Recommend him if you like this story.

FeiFei - 4 months ago

Alway love to see this kind of story with darkness on it very nice,hope will se more involving this character =D

SmaxTheDestroyer - 4 months ago

Darkness is always such a gut slut. It’s fun to see her get gobbled.

Samus's Fall In The Cave

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Coolwoman

Tags: Oral Vore Nintendo Digestion F/F Weight Gain Naga Fatal Lamia Lesbian Yuri Willing Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Lesbian sex Samus Aran Naga Pred Digestion Noises Lamia Pred zero suit samus pleasurable digestion

This is another commission done for Blackheart55 with Samus going into the cave and not the jungle

Art by Unknown 

Robotdocter - 4 months ago

not a huge fan of lamia/naga pred but this was a pretty fun read :)

Derpus - 4 months ago

man, this is some good stuff

panzerkampfvorgen - 4 months ago

ASithTrooper, what music? Bullet For My Valentine? they have a good tune called "riot"! we'll burn it down, we'll lose control! (don't mind the stupid excuse to add modern rock song lyrics, I also like anime! glad to see the Lich get some snacks!)

ASithTrooper - 4 months ago

Music make you lose control.

LuaKitsune - 5 months ago

Cool Naruko really knows how to attract her preys

CoCoDu111 - 5 months ago

Usually I don't like F / M too much and I prefer M / F or ultimately F / F (even if I have a preference for M / F) but I really loved how Naruko teased this food ;)

GeometryDashGamer - 5 months ago

More Mikoto pred yeesssssssss

xvx17 - 5 months ago

Otra de tus maravillosas historias, directo a mis favoritas!

Xexy - 5 months ago

thespyfurry69 - 5 months ago

Link to the picture?

liwenyu - 5 months ago

This is really a good story, hope theKuroko Shirai can revive

A Lizard Girl Revenge

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Coolwoman

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Pooping Unwilling Post-Vore Struggling Big Belly Post Vore Scat Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts lizard girl Big Butt Disposal post-digestion Big Thighs Digestion Noises Sweating burping up clothes tower of god bones in scat bones in belly Gassy Pred bone imprints hair in scat Anaak Jahad Endorsi Jahad Lizard girl pred

This is just one of the new waifus this season I'm making a pred of. Others coming from, Princess Connect, Sing Yesterday For Me, Gleipnr, Kaguya Sama and My Next Life As A Villanous all will have at least one 1 pred but I wanted to start with Anaak from Tower Of god

Art by Unknown Artist 

theonlymatt - 5 months ago

Nooooo. best girl!

Xexy - 5 months ago

Art by Ahgot:

theonlymatt - 5 months ago

I'm definitely looking forward to that one

awakener - 5 months ago

I’m looking forward to my next life because with her being so kind to everyone, I can only imagine the MC ending up either being offered her friends bodies or it being some kind of accident and her friends not only accept what’s happening but embrace it so that they can be with their scarred friend forever.

Coolwoman - 5 months ago

Ms Catatrina is the pred for that series and perhaps Maria did run out of sweets

Coolwoman - 5 months ago

I agree i think i just might make one

Hunterdabest999 - 5 months ago

I love halibel can you make he's some commintion

Hunterdabest999 - 5 months ago

I think more halibel preds should be made

Coolwoman - 5 months ago

Same she is my favorite bleach pred

theonlymatt - 5 months ago

Man, I love Rukia as a pred, don't know why

Cactaur98 - 5 months ago

Come to think of it, I’m impressed she was able to knock him out with a single punch! That comment must have been pretty offensive to piss her off that much.

VoreLover9012 - 5 months ago

Found the image :

StygianSkies - 6 months ago

Haha how'd I miss this earlier, thanks for contributing. I'd love if a wave of Kaguya content got jumpstarted with the new season

colemercer - 6 months ago

yes, finally more megumin pred content

Coolwoman - 6 months ago

Thank you!

Hexera - 6 months ago

Great story about best girl!

Flame14 - 4 months ago


RiZan - 4 months ago

Here you go.

Flame14 - 5 months ago

Link to the thumbnail please!

2littlebigcreepers - 6 months ago

I'm surprised no one commented on this yet! It's awesome!

Odin1366 - 5 months ago

Very nice.

Coolwoman - 5 months ago

Midnight and Nejire are some planned Preds

Odin1366 - 5 months ago

I think you should have continued, bring in Hatsume, Midnight, Nejire, Mellisa, maybe even Inko and Nanna. It good be really fun and sexy.

Cactaur98 - 6 months ago


Coolwoman - 6 months ago

That is an interesting concept. I do want to write more MHA so perhaps Toru can be a pred soon

theonlymatt - 6 months ago

You won't get to see it, though ;)

NewRebellion - 6 months ago

Despite you having my second best girl eating my best girl, I did quite enjoy this story. Nice work!

denysvision - 6 months ago

This is fiction,all of it is ilustrated and is not conected with other character,if you don't like it just go away

MetaKitsune - 6 months ago

I know its vore but... None of this makes sense in series contex.. Especially the dorms used to protect the students

KaZe_DaRKWIND - 6 months ago

Hoping the invisible predator happens in public

Taliaofaxeris - 6 months ago

Also you say ony 2 left but you can have girls such as Kendo and Camie or some of the pro heros

Coolwoman - 6 months ago

Ive never thought of having her as prey but perhaps I can get her in the one tomorrow!

Taliaofaxeris - 6 months ago

I hope to see Toru become a prey. It's be so nice as all the brown logs are visible but all the hair and bones and the skull are invisible even though the pred feels hersef pushing them out

theonlymatt - 6 months ago

I am loving this series, it's like dominoes