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was immersed in Dawn's love. All she cared about was the warm feeling
of Dawn's bare chest against her own, the taste of her lips and her
remarkably agile tongue, and the pleasure from Dawn's fingers probing
her cunt. The two of them were only partially undressed; Dawn was
still wearing the blue jacket of her uniform, and Sue still had her
skirt and one half-removed stocking dangling from her left foot.
from the muffled moans and whispers that emanated from their locked
lips, they we

Risky Sex

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Human Unbirth Digestion F/F Swallowing Consensual Sex domination Non-Fatal masturbation lesbian Macro/Micro Willing Shrinking Fingering Insertion Lesbian sex

A Dawn & Sue Story
1.A Toy
2.Risky Sex
3.A Promise Kept
4.Dinner and a Bath

EDIT: Reworked the ending scene a bit. It felt a bit sloppy reading it again.

Here it is, a new thing.

Y'all know it's the end of the world when I write a willing story on my own volition, but I'm...
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Cuddlekins - 2 years ago

Yeh :D I'm all about the details!

anonymous19999 - 2 years ago

on second read, im impressed all over again. so many sexy detaills

Cuddlekins - 3 years ago

Oh totally. Nothing wrong with that!

Agora - 3 years ago

I forgot to mention I lol'd at this:

"for a girl who had to raise herself for the most part, she definitely turned out alright"

Shrinking and eating teenage girls alive for entertainment, sure!

Cuddlekins - 3 years ago

Yeah, it's not as fun if there isn't that threat of death looming o:

laid sweating in her bed, waking up from a short, unsatisfying sleep.
She had three fans blowing on her, her blankets were on the floor,
and she was stark naked, but still, the heat was unbearable. What a
night for the air conditioner to break down; not only was it hotter
than hell, but it was equally as humid and stuffy. Sophie's hair laid
limp over her face and shoulders, clumping in sweaty blobs across her
pale skin.
at her alarm clock, she saw that it was about midnight. Sh

Another Midnight Swim

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Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Mouth Soft Vore Human F/F Inside Mermaid Giantess Swallowing Fatal swimming Unwilling Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Nudity Human Prey Mermaid Pred near drowning


Man, it's been 3 years since I put my first story here, can ya believe it? I didn't even have a gallery yet; I just put a thread on the forum all like 'hey i wrote a thing is it good?' and I guess it was since, three years later, I'm still here writin' shit.

I wouldn't consider this a remake, a redux, or anything like that. More of... a reimagining, I guess? Like, if I had the idea to write this nowadays instead of three years ago, how would it look?
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Cuddlekins - 3 years ago

I guess, but she'd drown awfully quick D:

neko-pet - 3 years ago

nice one! feels like forever since we got a story from you. I half hoped being called a gem might give her the idea to offer to be living jewelry or something in all honesty, lol. would make a new trend. XD

Death_Trance - 3 years ago

Mhmm! ^^ You write really well. I can't wait for more!

Cuddlekins - 3 years ago

Huh, that would certainly help with visualizing the whole thing o:

Death_Trance - 3 years ago

Great read! Very descriptive as always! :D Call me weird, but I like reading your stories when I listen to digestion recordings, especially around the parts where the victim gets inside the pred's belly.

approached the door. It was flanked on both sides by uniformed guards
with pikes. They both looked at her and gave her solemn nods,
recognizing her immediately. "Emma," said the guard on the
left. "It's good that you've come."
was a young woman of seventeen years. Her dark brown hair was tied
into a bun, though wispy bangs still hung over her green eyes. She
wore red velvet trousers and a white shirt, unusual for girls in the
kingdom but, for her, a dress would have

A Nonstandard Exorcism

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Macro Soft Vore Human Unbirth F/F Demon Rape Non-Fatal fighting Macro/Micro Willing Shrinking full tour tentacle rape Stomach Sex fighting in stomach

This is a commission, so what is written here was, for the most part, dictated to me by another.

Here, the bodyguard of a young princess shrinks down and enters her charge's belly to fight a demon! :D Things kinda go wrong, but you'll hafta read to see where it goes. 

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Iunno, I just assumed that. All demons are different, I figured.

MisterEbony - 4 years ago

Truly? How so?

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Iunno, depends on the individual :V

MisterEbony - 4 years ago

There you go. So do you think a demon would be better off focusong on the pain or the pleasure?

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Honey is pretty exquisite, I'd say.

laid curled up in the strange place. It was so dark and cramped, and
she was enveloped in what felt like some sort of fabric. It felt like
she was in some sort of bag, but it didn't seem like a burlap sack or
anything. With no way out, she tried again to remember how she ended
up in this situation. She was walking home from school, took a path
through the woods, and then everything went black. She was still in
her uniform, with the blue blazer, white skirt, and stockings, so as
far as she

A Toy

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Stomach Human F/F Swallowing domination Fatal Unwilling Macro/Micro Struggling Implied Digestion mouthplay Fingering kissing Human Prey lesbians ff/f Human Pred tongue play Lesbian sex cruelty three Girls

A Dawn & Sue Story
1.A Toy
2.Risky Sex
3.A Promise Kept
4.Dinner and a Bath

A young girl awakens to find she has been shrunken by two lesbian classmates. Antics ensue.

Welp, I think I have it done. It's not as long as I thought it'd be, but I think it's something I can be satisfied with....
[ Continued ...

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

lol, thanks! Who knows, maybe :D

Shadowarrior55 - 4 years ago

Really good story! I hope we see these two again!

Agora - 4 years ago

True, poor choice of word on my part!

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Thanks a bunch :D And she's not really dumbfounded, just lost in pleasure since at that time, she's in the process of banging Sue. o:

Agora - 4 years ago

Pictured the lesbian girls as Shinobu and Alice from Kin-Iro Mosaic for some reason. Hey, their bodies' proportions, hair and eye colors matched! :3

Good read, but the finale where little Sue just swallows and shows her empty mouth to a dumb-founded Dawn was ridiculously hot. Right up my alley, there. *claps*

awoke suddenly and sat up. Something was wrong, she knew immediately.
She couldn't remember anything prior to waking up. She was wearing
some weird green skintight outfit that hugged her feminine body
firmly. She combed bright red bangs from her eyes and looked up and
noticed that she was not alone. There sat four other girls, wearing
similar outfits of different colors. The pale girl with long black
hair wore a purple suit, the blonde girl with pigtails a pink suit,
the long brown-haired g

A Tasty Game

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Inside M/F Swallowing Unwilling Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey M/fffff

This a commission so, again, someone else's idea.

Fives girls are kidnapped, shrunk, and forced to play a game of hide and seek. It goes about as well as one would expect.

This one was for  Conn. It took waay too long due to complications, file loss, and this being so long. Anyway, have fun. 

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Thanks much :3

xsilverwarrior7 - 4 years ago

I love this story. Endo vore is always fun to read.

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

We'll see o: Depends on what comes up, I guess, lol. I'm glad you liked this one, though :D

Done25 - 4 years ago

Ohhh, lovely endo story. I do love seeing a squimy belly in action, lovely bulges appearing as the prey push against it. Perhaps next time show off the pred playing with their full round tummy and maybe even masturbating to the sensation for a bit ? <3

apartment's front door swung open as Carrie escorted a young man with
short black hair into her place of dwelling. The man looked over the
fairly tidy room and shrugged.
it doesn't seem as bad as you said, Carrie," he said to the
slender blonde girl. "It's actually a bit bigger than I expect a
place to be for a college student."
if you say so, uhh," Carrie replied. "Uhhh, sorry, I lost
your name, again."
said the man. &q


Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Macro Soft Vore F/M Swallowing masturbation Macro/Micro sandwich Implied Digestion Semi-willing Shrinking Shrunken man Accidental digestion forgetful

This story is a commission, meaning that the events depicted were specified by a third party.

A college man accidentally agrees to let a girl with short-term memory loss eat him. This doesn't end bad in any possible way.


Cuddlekins - 1 year ago

Probably not. This was a commission so it was actually someone else's idea o:

skatertony612 - 1 year ago

wondering if you are gonna write more forgetful style vore stories. they are definately my favorite.

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Yay thanks :D And sure, by all means, do so :D Thanks for the watch, by the way, lol

VoreLover9012 - 4 years ago

I loved this very much, and if it's alright with you I'll like to turn this into a vore comic.

Cuddlekins - 5 years ago

Heh, yeah ^^;

was a warm, sunny day. On a small dock over the calm, blue ocean
stood three young girls. One of the girls, her brown hair tied into a
ponytail with a blue ribbon, looked at her three friends with an
excited smile. She wore a white tank top over her petite torso devoid
of breasts, a pair of short shorts on her thin legs, and blue
flip-flops on her feet.
it's such a nice day," said the girl in a soft, gentle voice to
her friends. "I'm glad we got to hang out here by the oc

Feast At the Bay

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Macro Soft Vore Human F/F Inside Giantess Swallowing Fatal Unwilling Macro/Micro Implied Digestion implied vore Multiple Prey F/FFFF GTS Vore octogirl Octopus girl

"Four girls go hang out at the bay. And, of course, there's something big and hungry in the water."

Finally got something out for you guys. I hope you enjoy this, since I've never written about an octogirl before :< Sort of a new experience, so tried some octopusish things with her :3 

Cuddlekins - 6 years ago

Heh, thanks XD It just kinda turns out that way, I guess.

Zwanzik - 6 years ago

I love how you can fit so much into so short a number of words. I gotta learn how to do that!

the north, far above any civilization, all was white; snow blew in
all directions, clouds swirling over the frozen landscape as two
figures hiked across the land. Both wore heavy coats and pants with
thick black boots, their heads obscured with hats, goggles, and
the two waded through snow up halfway to their knees. With each,
step, the sound of crunching snow filled their ears, accompanying the
sound of wind, which dominated the flat, frozen area. One of the
figures turned

Taste of Winter

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F Inside Swallowing Fatal Unwilling Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Shrinking Multiple Prey F/FF Asian Nudity Cold kimono Shrunken girl Yuki-Onna Cold insides

"Mina and Ami, two friends, are on a hike in the far North. There, they meet a mysterious woman alone on a snowy field. Naturally, they try to interact with the woman. Three guesses on what happens to them, and the first two don't count"

This is a little bit different. Iunno if this has been done before i.e. being eating by someone/something with really cold insides, but if you can, feel free to give me your thoughts. o: 

Cuddlekins - 3 years ago

Yeh, thanks. This was super experimental soo... yeh o:

FenrisWolf - 3 years ago

A very interesting take on what's normally a pretty standard scenario for macro/micro. Well done.

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Oh, thanks o: Glad ya liked it

Skeiron - 4 years ago

Woah! Very well written story with a unique twist :)
I am glad I stumbled upon this !

Cuddlekins - 5 years ago

Aww, thanks :3

clear sky was invisible from the forest floor. Beneath the shadows of
tall, vine-covered trees, a lone girl walked across the muddy ground.
She wore a camo-green jacket covered in pockets and pouches, its
front unbuttoned, revealing a white tank top with a little cleavage
and a little midriff. On her back she wore a beige knapsack, and her
shorts matched the color of her jacket. As her heavy leather boots
sloshed through the muck, she she ran her hand through her long, red
bangs, clearing th

In Her Web

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Macro Soft Vore Human F/F Inside Giantess Swallowing Unwilling Macro/Micro Dridder web Implied Digestion Multiple Prey F/FF

"An explorer named Jessie searches for a lost expedition, which included her older sister, on a mysterious jungle island. And she does it alone, too! Without any weapons! We all know what that means~"

This is a bit more recent. For all of those spider fans out there~ 

Cuddlekins - 4 years ago

Well, feel free to take a look through the rest of my things o:

SirEdgar - 4 years ago

I'm usually a lurker so.....

Cuddlekins - 5 years ago

Thanks. This is fairly old, though o:

SirEdgar - 5 years ago

I really enjoyed it. You have potential :)

Cuddlekins - 6 years ago

Aww thanks :3 Glad there's someone else out there who likes quiet preds~

loud bell chimed out from a school, and people began to pour out from
its front doors, walking home after a long day of classes. Among this
crowd was a young girl, in her late teens, straying from the crowd
and walking alone. She wore a long-sleeved navy blue jacket over her
slender body, its chest left partially unbuttoned to reveal a white
t-shirt underneath. Her white skirt reached halfway down her thin
thighs, and she wore white stockings up to her knees with black flat
shoes on her feet.

The Walk Home

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Macro Soft Vore Human F/F Inside Giantess Naga Swallowing Lamia Unwilling Macro/Micro schoolgirl Implied Digestion Nudity undressing

"On her way home from high school, Melanie takes a shortcut through big, dense woods. Naturally, that's going to end well and she'll surely make it home without anything eating her in an erotic fashion."

This was my second vore story. The tags should speak for themselves. :3 

Cuddlekins - 2 years ago

Ah yeah, this is a way older one, lol. Glad you liked it tho o:

Junogray - 2 years ago

Awesome, came her from panic in the woods as well but before I actually read it, decided I'd start with this one, quality all around

Kreeyz - 3 years ago

Okay , and they're also giving me some drawing ideas too... If I can find some time :p

Cuddlekins - 3 years ago

lol, go for it. I look forward to your feedback.

Kreeyz - 3 years ago

Another great work ! (and I'll have to read all of them now xD)

was a hot, hot day. The intense heat radiating from the asphalt roads
made it near impossible to see anything more than twenty feet away.
The sun shone down on the city, heating the humid air to the point of
being barely hospitable.
this exceptionally infernal day, a young lady walked down the street,
her left hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun. Sweat
covered her pale skin, and her white tank top was sticking to her
body. Her light blonde hair hung limply over her shoulders, a

Midnight Swim

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Macro Soft Vore Human F/F Inside Mermaid Giantess Swallowing Fatal Unwilling Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Nudity

"On an especially hot day, Sophie decides to take a midnight skinny-dip in Lake Huron. In these frigid waters, she meets something she didn't expect, and the only thing bigger than that something is its appetite... and maybe the lake they were swimming in... and maybe a blimp..."

Okay, this was the solely erotic vore story I wrote. At this point, it's a few months old, but for the sake of organization, I have a gallery :3


Cuddlekins - 3 years ago

Woo. Man, this story is old, tho. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on my newer ones o:

Kreeyz - 3 years ago

Finally starting to read your stories (it's about time,right ? XD) and really nice work on this one, I love the 'innocent looking' pred like the mermaid (and I tend to RP my slimegirl like this too :3)

Cuddlekins - 5 years ago

Oh, I dunno o___o It just kinda happens that way. I dunno how to make it left-justified QQ;

Agora - 5 years ago

Thus I begin my journey through your gallery.
Why do you go for centered paragraphs, anyway? Not that I'm picky enough for it to bother me, it just stands out as a peculiar choice!

Nice, pleasant vore scene!

LordHiro - 6 years ago

No problem