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Rhonda was having a very difficult day so far. First, she had overslept and so the half hour she had allotted herself to prepare for the day was now gone. In a flurry of activity she simultaneously pulled up her white khaki work pants over her long, slender legs and wriggled into her balled-up red polo, smoothing out the wrinkles by hand until it (mostly) covered her
café au lait
midriff. Her stomach responded to this agitation with an impatient growl. Rh

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Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Decker

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Black Woman Ebony Pred

F/F, Soft, Oral, Same Size

Just a fun little story I wrote to get back into the swing of writing! 

coldwar368 - 6 months ago

I loved them! You had fun writing and cute girls. Also you had ebony representation which I love

Decker - 6 months ago

Oh wow, I'm kind of surprised anyone remembers my photomanips! Thank you so much!

coldwar368 - 6 months ago

Yo I saw this on works to be shared and I forgot to comment, but this is a good story. I always liked your manip writing so seeing it in full story just reminds me how much I love your creative voice

Whereaminow27 - 6 months ago

Ehh, she should have gotten a choice.