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Tags: Weight Gain Breast Expansion Non-Vore Implied Digestion Implied Vore huge ass Huge breasts Huge butt ass expansion

Too many tasty prey around and it's making my clothes not fit anymore :/ 

Oh, hey hun. How was your day?

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Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/? Talking Prey Huge breasts Digestion Noises vorebelly laying on back

Been doodling lately :)
At some point I'm gonna figure out how to do belly bulges and imprints

Edit: Added nips 

Fed [Sketch]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Digestion Cock Vore Futanari thighs Big Belly line art Big Breasts Big balls Huge breasts big cock big dick huge cock Futa pred Prey Outline Futa/? Multiple Preys bones in belly

POV of a tiny looking at a well fed futa pred. I wonder where she will put you?

Haven't drawn in a long time, what do you guys think? Should I keep going? 

Big Catch [Sketch]

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Tags: POV Digestion Cock Vore Futanari thighs erection line art Big Breasts Big balls Huge breasts big cock big dick huge cock Pred POV Futa pred Futa/? erect penis

POV of a large chested futa laying on her back, resting her legs on her latest addition to her collection.

I haven't drawn in over a decade, but I am really liking this. 

DoniVores - 1 year ago

Haha, thanks! :)
I was hit with a bit of creativity in the AM last night and I feverishly created the two pieces posted. Didn't know I was capable of a drawing that looked like something honestly.
I'm sorry, no plans on writing at this time.

Pseudousia - 1 year ago

HOLY COW! He liiiiiives!
So, you’re doing sketches now?
Any plans of writing more stories?

 From a glance Alice looked heavily pregnant. Her stomach shot straight out where her ribs ended, making a taught, bulbous, and round gut in front of her. She looked pregnant, but she wasn't pregnant at all. It wasn't fat either. In fact she would have a very thin waist if it wasn't for her stomach. The only place on her body that seemed to store fat was her hips and tits. Slender arms, pretty face, delicate hands and neck, soft milky skin, and strong thighs, ass, and back to support

Swimmer's Surprise

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Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion Breast Expansion F/M Sex Non-consensual Huge belly Vore story belly expansion

Wrote this a while ago, just finished cleaning it up. Not as raunchy as the rest of my stuff, but still quite sexual. Enjoy. 

DoniVores - 2 years ago

Wow! Sorry for the late reply, but that's really great to hear! I was really trying to describe people and places with as few words as possible, and it's great to hear I was able to do that with Alice.

And yeah, I was tired of the "me hungry, me eat you" stuff. Vore is something else besides being hungry, which to be honest sounds uncomfortable.

Hope you are around when I release something.

That1dude - 3 years ago

This is the only story I have read that the character just wants to be big, very big, and stuffs him/her self silly and doesn't know about vore but finds out on accident and feels guilty about it but loves how big it makes them. Their goal isn't to eat people to sate a hunger. Their goal is to get as big possible at any cost. Plus you brought quite a bit of character to the character in very little time. All in all it is a great story and very well written.

DoniVores - 3 years ago

Thanks! What about it did you like?

That1dude - 3 years ago

Please make a sequel to this! Or at least another story with this feel. This is one of the best pieces I have seen and you did a fantastic job with it! Keep up the good work!

DoniVores - 4 years ago

The idea is the story is written in her perspective. She doesn't like digestion because it makes her tummy shrink, and therefore doesn't think about it, and she is too enamoured with her inflated gut to care for the kid. I'll think about those qualities for a different story though.

Never have I
seen a woman so curvy or tall. I must be half of her height. Her
shape is ridiculous, to say the least. An hourglass in the extreme.
Her bosom looks massive, pillowy, and hangs so heavy off of her
chest. Each globe must be twice the size of her head, maybe a couple
feet across. Each. My legs feel loose as I stare up past them to
her face, trying my best to keep eye contact.
The Hum of her
voice brought me back into reality. "Hey, I hope this isn't too
forward, but I w

Emily and Alyssa

Uploaded: 7 years ago

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Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F Breast Expansion F/M Giantess Absorption Sex Lesbian Implied Digestion Implied Vore Shrinking Oral Sex hourglass Mini Giantess breast smothering Huge breasts sexual vore Huge butt Hourglass Expansion Attribute Siphoning

To all my watchers:
Remember me? I have said in the past, that my writing is done with. It seems in the past couple days inspiration has found me, and shoved my face into a keyboard. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it!

Check the tags if you want loose spoilers as to what I have written. 

DoniVores - 6 years ago

Thank you! I have practiced over the years, but never finished a story. So glad I made this, and you enjoyed it :)

Ridwanwolf - 6 years ago

the last story you wrote was 4 years ago.

You know for being rusty. You blew me out of the water with this one. KEEP IT UP

DoniVores - 6 years ago

Thanks a plenty! :D

Tanmanm1 - 6 years ago

Wow! What a way to come back! Good job!

This story contains Vore (f/mf) and nudity, just thought I would let you know. Enjoy.
Once upon a time there was a cliche introduction sentence and two boys. The boys names were Ron and Tom. Ron and Tom are in high school and go to the same dance class. They don't do it because they have any interest in dancing, they do it because of their very, very attractive dance teacher. This incredible dance teacher's name is Ms.V. The boys enjoyed spending their afternoons following and watc

DoniVores - 8 years ago

Yeah, that's a good point. Perhaps I should just do that. Thanks for your advice.

algog8 - 8 years ago

Hey, just read this again, Really like it.

About inspiration: Most people have a problem with it when they're expecting every piece to be good.

That's why people write alot when they're killing time. There's no expectation to do well.

If you ask me, I like the idea of a goddess who just feeds on these universe sized women. getting bigger and bigger.

DoniVores - 9 years ago

Damn straight it was! I enjoy my works. Thanks for the comment :)

Neznamy - 9 years ago

Now that was just the story I was looking for today. Great work.

algog8 - 9 years ago

There's no need for apologies, I'm already thankful you wrote this one.


Uploaded: 11 years ago

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Tags: Eating Big Breasts Belly Giant Male F/M eater Female lovers Bikini pool massive huge voralicious

Started as a dream, then doodle, then drawing.
So the idea is that is me and my girlfriend :3

Recently remastered by master Frakass here: 

DoniVores - 10 years ago

Well would you look at that :P

Fidel2323 - 10 years ago

the breasts are cool^^

reminds me a little bit of this:

Voralicious by Frakass

Uploaded: 11 years ago

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Tags: Eating Oral Vore Big Breasts Belly Giant Soft Vore Male F/M Same Size eater Female lovers frakass freckles Bikini pool massive huge

So Frakass ( ) is only my favourite artist ever and asked if I had any requests for drawings. Of course I almost had a heart attack and after careful thought I choose for him to redo one of my feeble attempts at drawing.


If you know not of him I URGE you to see his stuff: 

DoniVores - 8 years ago

Vore art never seems to get old :P
Albeit, you did surprise me, haha.
Finalization of acts always speaks volumes to me.
Glad you liked it :)

essedess - 8 years ago

Last reply made 2 years ago....ah well im gonna say it anyway "In Action" is my favorite type of art :)

DoniVores - 11 years ago

I know, it's SO AWESOME!
Frakass' style of drawing has lots of life in it to me; I like his art style better than anything I have seen.
Glad you liked it :D

Max_C - 11 years ago

Frakass is, indeed one of the best vore artists out there. You've managed to get him to do something he rarely does.... actually draw vore "in action."

Nice belly shot here. Her breasts look soft and inviting too.

DoniVores - 11 years ago

You know it!
Thanks for the comment. :)

This story is a continuation to "Mind of a Witness" and contains Vorare (Endomatophilia, f/m), large breasts, awesomeness, and is not complete.
I slowly climb down the tree, my body feeling as though it were made of jelly. Though, ironically, I will soon to be just that; nothing more than matter in her stomach to add to her voluptuous form. I excited and fearful, my body shaking from both. My life is about to end, but what an ending I am about to receive. My foot touches the gr

Mind of a Witness 2

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: DoniVores

Tags: Big Breasts Belly Giant Stomach Male Expansion Breast Expansion F/M huge Engulfed vorarephilia teat

This is a unfinished continuation of "Mind of a Witness"
Contains all sort of fun stuff that little people shouldn't read about.
This is a story about vore, and it is very, very sexually arousing.
I don't think I will be finishing it so please enjoy what I have completed. If anyone thinks they can finish it, note me and we will work something out.

Dudeox05 - 8 years ago

On the contrary to the other guy, I happen to enjoy exactly this type of thing! If it were possible in reality, the way I'd wish to go out would be to unexpectedly have a beautiful woman sweep me out of my comfort zone to treat me as food to be added permanently to her body. To give me that one way ticket to a long, tingly, hot digestion.
But that's me, and I'm odd. :P

DoniVores - 11 years ago

(This is a wonderful comment, thank you :) )
Well the idea behind it was the continuation of the first story as requested by one of my commenters. And I agree, I didn't feel to much as I got in past the beginning while writing it. Oh well. *Shrug*

Explorer30305 - 11 years ago

I dunno... It felt... kinda... empty.
Basically the entire scene was a swallowing scene, and though it was a nice swallowing scene, they don't have any meaning without context.
Knowing that happened in the last Witness story gives some background information, but other than the size of her breasts, we don't really see much that indicates what happened before...
The result just feels like a random vore scene. No rhyme or reason, just vore. I didn't like it. Well, I liked it enough to comment on it, but I don't plan on ever reading it again.

Don't take this as discouragement, just a critique.

Contains Vore, breast expantion, seduction, a boring begining, and probably terrible narration.
Finally, it's lunch break, and I can get a break from this stuffy office. I think I will go to the park today, some fresh air will be nice and I think I saw a good tree to sit in and eat lunch. I grab my keys, and lunch bag and head out. Today I am going to take the stairs, been sitting in the office all day, no photo copy runs or anything, just sitting in that damned chair all day. Finally, out

Mind of a WItness

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: DoniVores

Tags: Eating Big Breasts Belly Giant Stomach Male Expansion Breast Expansion F/M Absorption huge vorarephilia teat

Got randomly inspired last night, and this is what I whipped up in a mere thirty minutes.
Comments are encouraged! (especially on the narration style)

A (unfinished) continuation has been made! 

DoniVores - 11 years ago

Vore as it is happening is something I get to into and it is very hard to describe and give it justice. And since I can only write what I am comprehensive of, it serves as quite a task and I feel no longer vigour in it. I will send you what I have, if you feel like writing on it, be my guest.

Gypa - 11 years ago

You can send the sequel to me if you like, but if you feel that you can do better with it before you sent me any thing you can just do that also.

DoniVores - 11 years ago

I am no experienced/professional/learned writer; This shit is hard.
I got a page of stuff, want me to continue working on it or should I send you what I got?

Gypa - 11 years ago

"I working on the devouring of the narrator." most important factor any way.

DoniVores - 11 years ago

Well exploring her other features wont work out, but I working on the devouring of the narrator.

Breast vore attempt
Our story begins with Jane, the young single mother of two, in her laundry room, resting one arm on the window sill texting on her phone to her girlfriend (common phrase for good plutonic relationship with another female) while waiting for the laundry. They were talking about finding Jane a man,
Jane: I don't know if I want to yet
Sid: what are you talking about? "I don't know if i want to yet?" you gotta get back into the swing of things. Jake has

Jane - Still growing

Uploaded: 12 years ago

Owner: DoniVores

Tags: Breasts Sex Mother mom Breast Vore mommy Growing

The rare breast vore story, I have one.

Duncan-Idaho - 10 years ago

Trust me man, I have searched harder for his work than anyone, I used every chan I know of, the wayback machine internet archive, I messaged both him and his girlfriend, and have asked many people around both DA and here. Dveltmands responded to me and said he lost his stories and doesn't feel like re-writing them. It is a tragedy, and I still hope that I can find a way to track some of them down, because they are a prime reason I write the way I do as well.

DoniVores - 10 years ago

Thank you. Your incestual themes remind me of the writer that inspired me to write (these perverted stories). His username was Dveltmands (I think), and unfortunately he removed his account and his work. If you search his name, you might be able to find some of his work.

Duncan-Idaho - 10 years ago

Yea I have, and I love them all. I think you are a great writer.

DoniVores - 10 years ago

Fuck yes! I didn't feel too great about this one while writing it, but I am glad it was good enough for 'over the shoulder'. Have you read my other works? ^^

Duncan-Idaho - 10 years ago

I just came so hard it went over my shoulder. I love this story so much.

 Alisa is a very pretty, young lady. She has C cup sized breasts, a thin waist, straight black hair, a bit of ass and thighs, and is taller than average, about 5'11". She is 23 years old and lives with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Daniel, works as an accountant, and although his work makes him busy most of the time he still finds lots of time for Alisa. Alisa works at a local cafe, though recently she has been taking money out of the cashier. Though you may think that she is just

Alisa - the empty Belly

Uploaded: 12 years ago

Owner: DoniVores

Tags: Big Breasts Belly Giant Expansion Breast Expansion Giantess Same Size Sex Butt Growth tall huge Growing

My first story, and first published one. I'd like to think it good for my first story :3
This involves Samesize vore and lots of sexy sexy growth :3
Comments are appreciated! 

DoniVores - 11 years ago

(Thanks for the comment <3)
Told you, you would like it ^^
Try "Jane - still growing" (it's breast vore).
If that doesn't do it there is a short one called "Mind of a witness."
Thanks again, Friend :)

the lone Drow - 11 years ago

that was sexy!

DoniVores - 12 years ago

Oh sorry, I forgot to indent them more :P

Entity - 12 years ago

I think you should break it down in to paragraphs so that's it easier to read,it's a little overwhelming otherwise.