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Iris could honestly not believe her luck.



had started off fairly well for the thirteen-going-fourteen year old,

with a meeting of

her friends Bianca and Georgia within the first few moments of her stepping outside her house.

Iris' unusual fusion

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Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon F/F Unwilling Prey F/FF fusion Iris Unaware Prey Pokemon Battle

When Iris is drawn to the forests one day, some years after becoming champion, an unusual event takes place that changes her in more than one way...

/Story written for Gamdann! I will admit that I had a lot of fun writing this story, and yes this does mean I am back. Life threw a vicious ball straight at me and caught me somewhere I least wanted it to, but I'm back on track and ready to write.

/If anyone has a commission, request or a trade in mind, send me a Private...
[ Continued ...

It had been three years since the fourth ninja war, and for the village hidden in the leaves, many of the ninja and civilians were enjoying the time of peace that the villages had all called for.

For many ninja, it gave them the much needed opportunity to advance their skills or create new ones, as a lack of missions of many different types often saw some of them lounging around the village, doing anything they could to help out.

Tenten's unique technique

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Tags: F/F Non-fatal shizune tenten Mind Control F/FF Ayame Hanabi Hyuga Sakura Haruno Ino yamanaka Naruto Uzumaki Willing prey implied lesbian

Tenten's easy D-rank mission turns into something much more when she discovers a book in the Library, and is hooked by the name alone...

//Commission written for gamdann at 10,580 words! My longest thus far, and hopefully my foray into lengthier stories for everyone's reading pleasure. 

rugli - 4 years ago

Wow, this story is super hot :)
Well I think this story could also do with sequel and further explorations of happenings.

darklord42 - 4 years ago

Or have naruko eat them and make them hers

Daniel14541 - 4 years ago

Naruko added in the future?

darklord42 - 4 years ago

Ok well that is an idea the girls he eats would be his women But Hinata can not be the top girl

Enteresting - 4 years ago

Writing Male predators is something I'm slowly getting into, and hopefully aim to bring into stories at some point.

The citizens of Deter v

illage were

unconcerned as they went about their daily lives, the radio and television airing reports of rare and powerful Pokémon appearing in the Alola regi

on on each of the four islands, all because of the efforts of the Aether foundation.

The town was mapped on a small island far to the south wh

Buzzwole's Invasion

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Tags: Pokemon Absorption adult prey Buzzwole

A small city, located in the Alolan region, comes under attack by a swarm of Buzzwole.

//Best description I can give without giving anything away. It took me a bit to write this, and I had to re-write a few areas. Hope everyone enjoys!

//Written for Anonymity at dead on 3,000 words. 

“Come on guys!” spoke a well dressed teenager a

s she hoisted her backpack, guiding them towards a fairly sized cave near a mountain. “You’ve heard the rumours haven’t you?” she asked, looking back at her four other companions.

“Sis we’ve been over this.” Another teenager said exasperatedly, looking mildly ann

Rise of a New Empire

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Tags: M/M M/F Non-fatal Tail Vore teenage prey sleeping prey implied transformation M/MFMMF

Five teenagers are given the chance to go on a camping trip into a cave on a small mountain. However, something lurks within that has one intention...

//This story was... awesome, and fun to write. Thanks to Saintheartwing for giving me the idea from a series called Slugterra.

//Written at 3,645 words! And half of that was done this afternoon. Talk about a breakthrough, hehehe. But I ask, please leave a review or two, the more reviews I get the better I can tackle...
[ Continued ...

The starry sky that hung over the village hidden in the leaves was nothing short of relaxing on a cool, crisp night like this. A weak breeze lightly blew through the village, slightly ruffling clothes worn by still awake citizens, both civilian and ninja-alike, but did nothing to stop them from heading to their destinations.

For one eighteen year-old Hinata Hyuga, heiress of the Hyuga clan, she

Hinata's Quest

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Tags: Oral Vore Anal Vore tenten Breast Vore Hinata Hyūga tired prey sleeping prey Sakura Haruno Ino yamanaka Naruto Uzumaki Willing prey

Hinata Hyuga, heiress to the Hyuga clan, is jealous of Ino for snatching up the man she loves. So she decides to find a way to 'Dispose' of her.

//7004 words written for puck5! Had, surprisingly, a tough time writing this due to a lot going on in life. Thankfully that is 'Somewhat' sorted so I can get back to writing among other things. If anyone is curious as to what's going on, drop me a message and I'll be happy to get back to you. 

scarlet sky above looked ever so beautiful as the setting sun beamed
its light through the trees, the forest alive with nature and
wildlife that chirped, chattered or scuttled away from any would-be
threats. For many, this location was a getaway from the city life
down south, easily a good hour’s drive away and quite secluded as
well, letting many that travelled here do so in peace.
often than not, the forest would have a varied amount of visitors,
mainly children with adults or teena

A scaly Dilemma

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Tags: Human F/F F/M Fart Naga Lamia Farting Gas Oral Sex Human Prey Snake girl f/multiple Gassy Lamia Pred Multiple Preys

A group of troubled teens go into the woods for a camping trip, unaware of the real nature behind the woods themselves...

/Request written for TongueCuddlingLouise! A bit out of the norm for my sort of writing, but this really helped with getting out of the writing slump I went into around Christmas. Hope it's to everyone's liking and please leave a review! They help me improve and understand what areas I could expand on. 

flash of lightning slammed down outside the window, failing to
distract the only occupant of the room as she read a magazine,
sitting comfortably on a thick chair. Next to her was an open door
that she could glance out of if need be, a reception desk directly in
sight while next to her sat two monitors on a desk, both of them
showing the reception area not immediately visible.
soft hum escaped her lips as she un-crossed her legs and sat up,
gently placing the magazine down and standing up.

The Twins new mother

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Tags: Unbirth Pregnancy F/F Story Lesbian F/FF Regression max123

A hard-working widow who lost her family many years ago is given the opportunity for a new family.

Note: I wrote the latter half of this story in the evening time, running on caffeine, and got dead tired towards the end.

Note 2: I am not taking any other commissions as of the moment, due to having another to work on and a request to get done.

This story was written for Max123 and totals at 6,011 words. Hope you enjoy! 

Apostolos - 2 years ago

Hmm reading this again, it seems like a potential match made in heaven between Juliet and Uncle Ross, maybe Papa Ross soon enough as they have both lost so much and are possibly bonding over getting the twins from their birth mother

Dragonknight007 - 4 years ago

So good that you had to say it twice XD

tinytina72 - 4 years ago


tinytina72 - 4 years ago


Enteresting - 5 years ago

Thank you!

were the three things that went through his mind as he was cast back
into the void from whence he came. His defeat and subsequence
humiliation before being discarded still burned freshly into his
mind, the endless dark keeping him trapped within its depths no
matter which way he turned or which path he took.
more than brief echoes shattered the silence now and then, his
master’s words and schemes occasionally hitting his ears as he
wandered, trying to

Demon of Hunger

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Tags: Oral Vore demon/f demongo

Having been summoned back to the world of the living, Demongo questions how and why, until he is given an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

Author's note: This... was a challenge. Trying to write it from the angle I did was much harder than I expected, and half of it I had to re-write twice, if not three times, to get it reading decently.

Hope everyone enjoys this! Please read and review!

Commission written at 3,790 words for Saintheartwing! 

coming! Our god is returning to us!”
ground lightly quaked as the unnamed village, located somewhere in
the world or ruin hidden amongst a thick group of trees, rapidly
began to get to work. Adults and teenagers were rushing around and
setting everything up, a large totem pole at the back of the village
with several large wooden poles around it, the pathway leading there
having several large houses either side to create a sort of road.
the world having fallen into ruin ov

Feast of a Monster-God

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Tags: Oral Vore Monster Child Prey Sacrifice

The world fell to ruin one year ago, and now a titan roams the world looking for children to devour. His name? Humbaba.


This took me a lot longer than expected. Wow. Being sick will do that to you. Thankfully, I'm better now.

Commission written at 2005 words for Saintheartwing! Hope you (and everyone else) enjoys! :D 

Odinboy666 - 5 years ago

I hope the teenager organises a band of boys and girls to go defeat the god :-p, great story!

Enteresting - 5 years ago

Final Fantasy 6 is where the monster comes from, and the time period is a mix of futuristic and modern.

Junogray - 5 years ago

Not bad, I kinda like the world build up we set up here, though I wonder a little about what kind of time period they were at when their world reached destruction (mondern times, futuristic, medival, etc... )

myriad of emotions that crossed over one nineteen year old Naruto
Uzumaki’s face ranged between dumbfounded confusion and outright
shock. The reason for this was due to his sensei, and current Hokage,
Kakashi Hatake having placed out three folders in front of him on the
table. “Hold on Kakashi-sensei.” The blond said, his shock having
subsided briefly. “Explain by what you mean.”
peace that we have created...” Kakashi began, already partially
regretting telling him what wa

Naruto's Wedding

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Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F temari Ayame taunting rapid digestion Naruto Uzumaki Mei Terumi Tsunade Senju Kakashi Hatake Kurotsuchi

A commission written for puck5, complete at 5001 words!

When Naruto receives several marriage requests as a single man, he has little choice in the matter. Though to keep the peace, he has to do something, right? 

darklord42 - 6 years ago


Flame14 - 6 years ago

A personal preference. Hinata's initial concept design had a few subtle clues that she had been created with the idea of being with Naruto, or that there would at least be some romantic related trait to their relationship.

Please don't go thinking I'm trying to start some sort of pairing war as that's not the case. I'm simply referencing an old picture of the creators design and making a conclusion based off of what I saw in it.

darklord42 - 6 years ago

True but really I never really did see Naruto and hinata as a couple really

Flame14 - 6 years ago

Nor did most of the others.

darklord42 - 6 years ago

So Hinata has never talked to Naruto much as kids as I recall

local bar, known to everyone in the Village Hidden in the leaves as
the Swirling Tides, often saw a lot of ninja pass through its doors.
Many patrons would come here for a good drink at the end of the day,
some looking for a good time with someone of the same or opposite
sex, making it a general hotspot for any ninja that wanted a good or
relaxing time.
was here that three well-known female ninja could be found; the
famous genjutsu mistress of the leaf Kurenai Yuhi, the snake mistress

Shizune's Decision

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Tags: Oral Vore Evil Digestion F/F Anal Vore drinking shizune Breast Vore taunting Sakura Haruno Anko Mitarashi Naruto Uzumaki Kurenai Yuhi

Set 5 years after the war ended, Shizune goes drinking with Anko and Kurenai. A drunken decision leads to some pretty large consequences...

This took me longer than I'd have liked to write, but it's done. Totaled at 5,038 words.

Enjoy! And please leave feedback! I lurve feedback. 

nysmnyd - 6 years ago

The simplest solution is to find a way around it rather than finding a substitute, it adds more variety to the work and depending on what you choose, make it flow better.

Enteresting - 6 years ago

Thanks for pointing that out. The main reason being is, I don't like using "her" so often as readers would get confused as to who's who.

nysmnyd - 6 years ago

You should really stop referring to them by the colour of their hair, it looks really lazy and you repeat it way too often.

The K - 6 years ago

Nice to see some Shizune vore action. She was great in this.

Flame14 - 6 years ago

Well I'll start by saying I haven't had the chance to give this a detailed read and simply skimmed through it. School work getting in the way and all.
Anyway, I'd like to say I was pleasantly surprised to see Shizune as the focus of this. It just seems so many people forget about her which I find to be a great shame. The fact that she eats not one, but three Kunoichi (though not all in one sitting) is a very enjoyable thought. I do however feel bad for her near the end as it just seems that Shizune always gets the short stick eventually.

Not to sure how I feel about Sakura being to one to come out on top in this, despite how it does make some sense with her being Tsunade's second student. Loved the mention of Hinata and her pregnancy.

I'll give this a full read and hopefully better review at a later time. Still, good work.

Uzumaki was bored as he sat on his bed, reading from a scroll that
had been delivered earlier in the day. “More revision to do for the
Hokage seat...” he grumbled, his eyes drifting to the large pile of
paper on the small desk he had in his new house. “Even
Kakashi-sensei didn’t have this much to do!”
blond had been studying and training viciously for the past three
months, learning how to master the usage of his sage chakra and how
to apply it to various jutsu he had learne

Kushina's Meal

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat F/F F/M Sex Control passion Unwilling Pred Oral Sex F/fm Hinata Hyūga Unaware digestion Kushina Uzumaki Naruto Uzumaki

Requested by Flame14.

The loss of the Kyuubi occasionally gave Kushina the urge to feast. One particular night, she loses control of herself and it takes over... 

Enteresting - 6 years ago

I will for checking out other stories and practicing. Thank you.

Flame14 - 6 years ago

Practice makes perfect as they say. Try reading some of the other Naruto related vore stories here and pay attention to how they are being written out. Focus on the ones that give you the best imagery with their writing and that seem to flow from one point to another.

Just keep practicing when you can and looking for feedback on your stories. It really does help. I'll be keeping my eyes open for any other stories you write, and your welcome to use the list of ideas I sent you if you want. Mind you don't need to keep the ideas exactly the same or using the same characters I did.

Enteresting - 6 years ago

I did try my best with this one, but as I haven't written anything for a while it was kind of hard to find something that was different. And yes Kushina will be a little more of a pred in the near future, though it'll take me a while to get something solid that doesn't read or feel the same.

Flame14 - 6 years ago

While enjoyable I have to admit that this one didn't feel all that different from your other stories. It is good to see Kushina getting to be on the pred side of things and I do hope you have more appearances for her later on.

darklord42 - 6 years ago

Think you can do that