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ASS-et Denial

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Evbro22

Tags: Scat Fart Anal Vore writing Farting Gas self vore Marvel Post Vore Scat Female Pred Self-Vore Compression Gassy Black widow hyper anus implosion Natasha Romanoff Implied Oral Vore hyper ass Imploding F/self Permanent Entrapment written work self anal vore suicide vore

Black Widow is forced to use an pill that will allow her to avoid being captured ever again.

A story I commissioned from  KittyBoi

Uploaded with their permission.  

KittyBoi - 3 months ago

Always fun working with ya ^^

Hayley Williams’ Backstage Pass

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Evbro22

Tags: F/F Fart Anal Vore Farting Gas self vore Female Prey Female Pred Self-Vore Facesitting Gassy celebrity implosion gas tf F/self Fart tf fart transformation hayley williams self anal vore

Hayley Williams fulfills her fantasy to become a fart with the help of a lucky fangirl.

Original commissioned from GaseousEntity and uploaded with their permission.

Set in the same universe as GaseousEntity's other Self-AV stories:


"Twin Snakes": 

Rapunzel and Flynn snuggled in their bed at the tower. They were still hiding from the kingdom since Flynn was saved from his execution in the tower Rapunzel was trapped in. Flynn and Rapunzel were completely nude in bed sitting in the dark looking up at the ceiling. Rapunzel had her long hair wrapped around Flynn's body and he had a hand on one of her buttcheeks, which were much bigger now, due to Rapunzel having sucked Gothel into her ass and digesting her. They were happy in that moment toget

The Night To Remember

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Evbro22

Tags: F/F F/M Fart Anal Vore Farting Gas Blowjob self vore Disney Male Prey Female Pred Self-Vore tangled Gassy Rapunzel Vaginal sex implosion Imploding F/self boobjob Permanent Entrapment Flynn Rider self anal vore sex in ass

In order to spend the rest of her life with Flynn, Rapunzel must make him and herself disappear forever.

Sequel to Coolwoman's story, "The Execution Day":

Originally commissioned from Coolwoman.

Edited and updated by myself. 

Evbro22 - 11 months ago

Thanks for the comment! I think you may have just gave me an idea for my next story! But it’ll only have Rapunzel, Flynn/Eugene, and Cassandra from the TV series.

anyonarex - 11 months ago

That was fun, would love to see her do this to the rest of the cast. X3

Queen Elsa of Arendelle walked down the stone stairs that led to the dungeon of the Southern Isles castle. She had been contacted via letter to travel there and discuss an urgent matter regarding Hans Westergard, the former, disgraced prince who, 5 years ago, tried to kill Elsa and her younger sister Anna, who hated Hans with a Fierce fury. Elsa also hated Hans, but only because Anna had frequent nightmares of him leaving her to freeze to death, though She never told Elsa about this. Instead, An

A Better Life (Chapter 1)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Evbro22

Tags: Unbirth F/M Willing Frozen Implied Unbirth Regression Elsa Hans implied regression Regression (implied)

Queen Elsa of Arendelle travels to the Southern Isles to end the life of Hans Westergard, but in doing so, she gives him a new one.

I didn't Include an actual unbirth scene because I didn't think it'd be necessary or appropriate given the scenario. Oh, and there will be more of this storyline eventually, but will not include any vore in the future.

Also I fucking LOVE Frozen as a fandom. 

Evbro22 - 1 year ago

Is this too much Fanfiction material for this site?
Please give it a chance.

Where She Really Belongs (AV, Fart TF)

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Evbro22

Tags: Fart Anal Vore Farting Gassy Nicki Minaj Iggy Azalea Ariana Grande Fart tf fart transformation vacuum butt

A fanmade sequel to GaseousEntity’s story “Where She Belongs”

Iggy Azalea has a plan to bring back all the women who were gasified by Nicki Minaj.

No offence intended to those featured in this story. 

pridmore2 - 2 years ago

you should do more fanmade sequels