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Family Cuddles

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: EveKitsune

Tags: Cute Mermaid Non-Vore Mother/Daughter cuddles Reffy

Another cute piece drawn by that close friend of mine. One of the first official pieces of art I ever got of Mari, when she still had her old outfit.

Reffy belongs to  Reff
Mari belongs to me

Art drawn by 

Mari Aquaria

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: EveKitsune

Tags: Mermaid Non-Vore loli

This is a picture of my little mermaid character, Marilyn Violet Aquaria that I got shortly after I changed her outfit from a top and cloak... thing... with a skirt to this dress. This piece was drawn by a very close friend of mine.

Mari belongs to me
Art drawn by 

DraconicKitsune - 11 days ago

I should probably get around to learning to swim.

I will admit, the armband having a similar design to the marking on her flipper s a cute touch.

A Heavenly Treat for a Littlemer

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: EveKitsune

Tags: Oral Vore Angel Cute F/F Mermaid Underage Consensual loli Angel prey Underage Pred small pred loli pred Mermaid Pred

This one was also obtained by  Reff from Saint as a gift for me, and is... technically the first vore piece I got for Mari, back before I changed her outfit a little... so thanks to both her and Saint.

Pearl the angel belongs to  Reff
Mari belongs to me!

Art drawn by  Saintxtail

HarvestMageRR - 11 days ago

Cute. =)

Littlemer's (Un)birthday

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: EveKitsune

Tags: Unbirth Cute F/F Mermaid Consensual Underage Prey Female Prey Mermaid Prey Female Pred Mother/Daughter sleeping prey Motherly Vore loli prey Mermaid Pred kind predator Reffy motherly love

This is a wonderful gift I got from  Reff for my birthday this year a few months back, featuring a certain littlemer resting in her mother's womb~

Reffy belongs to  Reff
Mari belongs to me~!

Art was drawn by 

UzumakiPredator - 9 days ago

A very merry unbirthday to Littlemer.

the land known as Elentia, there lies a village by the name of
Hosaku, situated in a valley of the same name. In this village, a
unique form of what some would called magic known as spirit
channeling is practiced. In particular, a unique method of spirit
channeling is practiced: the Hosaku Channeling Technique. On this
day, one young medium, a neko by the name of Yuii Kaneki would be
about to take her first important test as a spirit medium in
of Yuii's room, a human woman

Yuii's First Channeling

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: EveKitsune

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore spirit loli Neko Human Pred loli pred loli prey Neko prey Neko Pred

So, this story of one of my recently created characters, Yuii Kaneki, and how she first sort of... got interested in vore, as well as the first time she channeled a spirit.
Huge thanks to  Reff for, one, encouraging me to try asking for a gallery and to write stories, and two, for making the world of Elentia and allowing my characters(Not just the ones related to hers) to live in that world. Hope you like it!