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Water was seething in the tub, heated to boiling by large burners below. The bottom of the tub was faintly charring from the heat, and the steam was rising like smoke from a chimney. The water’s surface popped with occasional bubbles, and the heat of the boiling water seemed to fill the whole room.
Their bodies were naked, and the two of them were entangled. Miranda moaned huskily, her mouth sealed to the doctor’s, their lips pressing wetly together. She held the back of the doctor&

The Perfect Woman 04

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Tags: snuff yuri cannibalism dolcett exhibitionism Mass Effect swallowed alive degradation Corruption masochism cloning Miranda lawson boiled alive

Miranda finally pushes the envelope too far and becomes a liability to Cerberus. But someone else might find a use for her... 

Az-Pekt - 1 month ago

I must say, you are marvelous! "The Perfect Woman" is turning me on on so many levels, each time you are triggering all of mine fetishes and kinks! And most important: you are developing character so well. Her degradation from first part is so believable, and also everything is so having sense. I know it's hard to get appreciation when you are writter of some sick fanfics, but you are having my gratitude for sure! You did very well and I want to see some more your stuff in the future! Keep it up and thank you!

“Yami-chaaaan~! Won’t you pleeeaase—?❤”
The principal’s face deformed like a ball of dough, flying headlong into a fist formed from golden tresses. The deadpan visage of “Golden Darkness” Yami stared into her book, a collection of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe in the original English. Currently, she was on Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Sciences.
Blood spilled from the principal’s nose, and his cheek caved in a way that probably shou

Concubines of the Carnivore King 05

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Tags: snuff yuri Harem cannibalism resurrection Cooking/Prep reluctant prey to love ru tsundere cooked alive Yami dubious prey Pettanko willing prey coerced pred Mikan Yuuki Rito Yuuki Momo Velia Deviluke To Love Ru Darkness

Yami has noticed changes in Rito's behavior, and she wants to find out what is causing them. But once she finds out, will she disapprove, or start to get interested...?

hawkeye7513 - 3 months ago

Thankyou for the chapter

thatasiandude - 3 months ago

Once again, another excellent chapter!
Very much looking forwards to the 6th chapter. Every one has been better than the last.

EvilFuzzy9 - 3 months ago

Still no idea why the site stopped processing .rtf documents, but at least .doc seems to work? Better than nothing. And it's not like I wasn't having to approach it in a kind of circuitous fashion anyway, haha...

Momo had Rito pinned down between her legs, straddling him in the bathroom. It was a familiar scene, if a little more aggressive than usual on her part. But Rito had gotten slipperier lately, and she’d needed to be crafty to get him alone. He was unusually watchful, unusually careful, unusually withdrawn. In the end, she’d needed to corner him when he already had his pants down and proceed from there. She was stooping low over him, her breasts hanging so that they were nearly in his

Concubines of the Carnivore King 04

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Tags: Sex yuri Harem Incest Oral Sex dolcett Reluctant Predator lala satalin deviluke Mikan Yuuki Rito Yuuki Momo Velia Deviluke To Love Ru Darkness Haruna Sairenji Nana Astar Deviluke

Rito has become more reluctant after his recent slip-up, so Momo tries to warm him back up. Maybe they can even come to an agreement...

thatasiandude - 4 months ago

I'm actually not a fan of the male-meat thing. Even the gender-swap stuff isn't really my thing because I can't see a the "girl" as a girl. Run really is one of the very few exceptions to this notion due to plot reasons.
Still, I have a few chapters, at least, planned for this story as long as Fuzzy is willing to continue writing it!

AbbottWarr - 4 months ago

Perhaps if Riko had a Cook-Cook Cannibal-kun experience it would shake some of Rito's misgivings?

hawkeye7513 - 4 months ago

Thankyou for more CoCK

expected Lala and Nana to react very differently to her proposition.
She wasn’t disappointed.
of course,” said Lala, innocently smiling. “Isn’t something
like that only natural? We can all be happy as Rito’s wives and
enjoy many delicious feasts. And be
the feasts, ourselves❤”
way!” said Nana, blushing a furious red. “With that beast? Even
if it’s… just in that
way, it would still be too gross. I won’t do it. Not for HIM!”
as planned. She could

thatasiandude - 4 months ago

I'm not exactly sure if I'd be comfortable with other people watching what someone else is writing for me?

GrandGrandEater - 4 months ago

Oh sorry, got in the zone with a guy named FFSnake, good writer if you checked his works.
Still might be good if you did a stream of what your writing about and get paid of how people react, Pic.TV is a good place.

EvilFuzzy9 - 4 months ago

Uh... what? I don’t stream. And I haven’t used writing dot com in years. You might have me confused with someone else.

GrandGrandEater - 4 months ago

I wish wouldn't put that 'You pay to get all access, *cue Goophy laugh* but on free we screw your limited abilities.'. Still a good chapter and when is your next writing stream?

thatasiandude - 4 months ago

Whelp, yet another excellent chapter. Not a clue as to where chapter 4 goes, but I'm sure it will continue the wonderful... erm... insanity?

I love you, Kotaro.”
love you too, Hanako.”
was late in the afternoon in the local park. A young couple were
seated on a bench looking over the pond, watching the sun dip lower
in the sky. They snuggled each other very intimately, hardly seeming
to care that someone might happen to see them in this position.
their defense, it wasn’t as if they were doing anything indecent.
They weren’t even kissing. They were just sitting and making
googly-eyes at each other, smilin

Veal and Friends

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Tags: Consensual snuff sushi lesbian yuri yomi tomo Dismemberment Female Prey dolcett aphrodisiac Sakaki Azumanga Daioh osaka chiyo Trophy nyamo Yukari Sashimi willing prey raw Kaorin

Chiyo learns of something very special she can do to make her friends happy. 

sevensix - 1 month ago


clancy688 - 1 month ago

sevensix - 1 month ago

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Page not found. You can use the search if you were looking for something![/quote]

EvilFuzzy9 - 5 months ago

Yeah, actually. That’s the image the commissioner gave me to use as a reference.

clancy688 - 5 months ago

I'm wondering... did this image in any way inspire this story? ^^

was bewildered. His bare backside was on the bathroom floor, and
smooth, sleek ropes were wrapped around his wrists and ankles. He was
tied up on the floor, blinking owlishly as he tried to make sense of
what had just happened.
and Mikan had been taking a bath, as had become their routine
recently. They’d all but finished bathing and gotten out of the
tub, ready to start drying off, when a blast of comparatively cold
air swept in through the suddenly opened bathroom door, cutting into

Concubines of the Carnivore King 01

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Tags: snuff Cannibal yuri Harem Female Prey dolcett resurrection reluctant prey to love ru cooked alive willing prey regenerating prey Mikan Yuuki Rito Yuuki Momo Velia Deviluke To Love Ru Darkness

The harem plan is proceeding apace, and now it's to move it to the next level. Momo plans to make Rito a carnivore in the most literal sense, and Mikan is the best place to start. 

AbbottWarr - 6 months ago

Greatly enjoyed and looking forward to more, do you think we might see Riko "on the table" in this series?

EvilFuzzy9 - 6 months ago

Never even heard of it.

GrandGrandEater - 6 months ago

Damn, I need to finish the Darkness saga to see how Rito confronts Black-Darkness in the finals 4 chapters. Good work by the way...have you ever read Blood Lad?

thatasiandude - 6 months ago

Another simply marvelous piece. Glad you enjoyed TLR enough to write this one as it's a great read. Thanks again, and decidedly looking forwards to any further trips you decide to take in this particular harem-verse!

had been a fun night out so far. Even Raven, as dour as she could
sometimes be, had to admit that it was nice to loosen up like this
once in a while. She and Terra were out with Jynx, enjoying a girls’
night on the town. Starfire had gone back to Tameran to visit with
family, and the guys were busy out on patrol. But it was a peaceful
night, and they didn’t expect to see anything crazy. So it was
alright for them to get a little drunk and play some stupid games.
was late now, and the

A Game of Desire

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Tags: Non-Vore Sex Futanari raven terra yuri Teen Titans Implied Vore Oral Sex Stripping dolcett Cooking/Prep jynx DC Comics Bets Implied Snuff deepthroating

It's a girls' night out and Jynx, Raven, and Terra decide to play one final game for the evening: with a catch. Winner takes all... 

BardicLasher - 6 months ago

Great story!

EvilFuzzy9 - 7 months ago

Haha, yeah. Now and then.

emilbootanimefreak - 7 months ago

Shame we don't get to see Jinx eat Raven and Terra, but it was still a fun read.

thatasiandude - 7 months ago

Wait, you have other people who commission dolcett-verses? I never knew.

EvilFuzzy9 - 7 months ago

Oh. I must have mixed up the spelling with the Pokemon. Derp.

arched her back, leaning over the grill. Her belly was aching
lightly, a faintest burning sensation presenting itself to her mind.
The blonde felt her breasts throb and tingle, the skin taut and
crispy where they were pressing down on the bars of the grill.
generous tits were cooking, and she imagined that Hayate would be
quite appreciative of the look of the sear marks running across the
tops and undersides of her breasts: black bars of charring that
spanned the breadth of her brown

Servant's Snacktime 02

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Tags: Blood snuff Guro sushi slave Sadistic cannibalism Female Prey dolcett large breasts Master/Pet degradation Male Pred masochism Gynophagia grilled Hayate Ayasaki Hayate the Combat Butler Hayate no Gotoku willing prey raw Enthusiastic prey

Athena's love for Hayate is a tragic one, and regrets over the past make her devotion absolute. It isn't just that she's a mindlessly masochistic meatgirl like all her master's OTHER concubines... no, of course, she's special.

That's what she likes to tell herself, anyway. But deep down, she knows the truth. And when she's with him, she's able to accept it without regret.  

thatasiandude - 7 months ago

I think you put everything perfectly into words. The Hayate-verse I've... erm... cultivated(?)... works perfectly for the absurdity of it all. It is wholly, wonderfully unrealistic in it's wanton depravity and makes no apologies for any of the content.
Thanks again for the latest work!

was new to the Cannibal Cookout forums. She had discovered them
completely by accident while browsing the internet, following one of
the suggested search terms while randomly lazing around and going
down a deep rabbit hole. She stumbled across this site while reading
up on something that seemed mildly interesting, and she had gone
through the forums curiously.
was surprised by its contents. At first, she thought it had to be
some sort of gag site. A joke thing, like she saw sometimes. B

Mommy's Meal, Daughter's Delight

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Owner: EvilFuzzy9

Tags: Commission Mother mom snuff Cannibal lesbian yuri Incest daughter necrophilia butchering dolcett Sacrifice Mother/Daughter

While staying with her mom, a college student discovers an interesting site, and an exhilarating fetish... 

Slimshod - 4 months ago

This was all kinds of great, yo. I really liked how the mom kept toying with the idea that she'd end up cooked someday but ultimately enjoyed her daughter.

The teasing lead up was handled really well as was the butchering. Having the mom wiggling around really helped keep it interesting and exciting.

BardicLasher - 7 months ago

...Kiiiinda hope there's a follow up to this.

x9comega - 9 months ago

I disagree, I actually liked that she died before the cooking. If nothing else it allowed for a swifter process, not having to constantly cut back to the preys perspective, and better treated the prey as Meat.

Kelly - 9 months ago

Loved the story the first part was more enjoyable but the ending was lovely

do you mean you already delivered her? We haven't seen
anything."Yolei was speaking into her phone, standing
behind a tree. She could hear the other three chatting some way off
in the distance, their voices soft and slightly muffled through
the leaves."I
don't know what to tell you. According to the registry, she was
delivered an hour and a half ago. She was signed for and
we didn't get her. We've been waiting here all this time, and we

Digital Dolcett 03

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Tags: snuff Cannibal yuri Female Prey Female Pred dolcett exhibitionism Cooking/Prep Digimon Adventures spitroasting Sora Takenouchi kari kamiya Mimi Tachikawa Yolei Inoue willing prey Enthusiastic prey Abandonment Discarding

Yolei, Kari, Sora, and Mimi had ordered a meatgirl roast for their reunion. But thanks to a mix-up in delivery, Yolei ends up having to offer to get roasted instead. 

Werewolf-Hero - 9 months ago

A good story. Kari enjoining it was great.

KaiserDunk - 1 year ago

I like the willingness of Yolei to ride the spit. Too bad the rest of the female Digidestined couldn't keep her freely given meat to themselves.

Drakira - 1 year ago

Loved the story. It was fantastic. Also the thing Kari did with Yolei's tongue was just the perfect amount of teasing and humiliation before they left her. Thank you for making this lovely story ^.^

“Voila! Have a look at my newest darling baby!



gestured theatrically


a large contraption, a monstrosity of pipes and gears that lay supine across the floor of her personal workshop. There was something crocodilian about the oblong assembly

Nerazhul - 7 months ago

I'm not really knowledgeable about the fandom, but regardless it is a very interesting, very unique take on the perils of a Heroine, one that is in a way very funny if you think about it.
Together with your excellent writing skills, this makes for a very good and enjoyble read.