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Admiring His Work

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Belly Pregnancy Non-Vore lovers Butt loincloth Nudity Grass Skirt ahoge tribal Thick thighs hyper pregnancy hyper penis Simple background

Samoa had been getting very big lately. Her bra can no longer support her melons of a chest, but her most notible feature was her gravid tummy. And that's all thanks wonderful yet fertile lover, Gael! Blessed with a penis that can guarantee a filled womb of children, Gael coudln't help but to admire his work all those months ago.

An amazing birthday gift drawn by  Gael2000 Once again, thank you so much for this wonderful pic. 

Gael2000 - 3 days ago

Really glad you like!!! And no worries = w=

WatermelonArtist - 3 days ago

Oh, happy birthday then

What a Deal!

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Comic Belly Soft Vore Tail F/F Kitsune Mother Nipples Implied Vore Nudity Stripping kimono Mother/Daughter Two girls Bathhouse steamy onsen kitsune predator noisy digestion

Harvester and Sachiko are known for their cold relationship towards each other; though it's mainly one-sided with Harvester being the unapproving type. However, despite her efforts to shoo Sachi away from her son's life, Mama Harvester is going to have to learn to accept her as part of the family.

In an attempt to warm up to each other, Sachi proposed a girl's day out to the local onsen to relax and get to know each other more. As they arrived Mama Harvester noticed a notice...
[ Continued ...

NavigerousVore - 9 days ago

Well I'd say they where pretty close now

SmaxTheDestroyer - 9 days ago

She thought about it. She thought HARD about it.

doomed - 9 days ago

its a great deal

Washing Indignantly

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Tail Kitsune F/? Butt embarrassed Large Breasts Belly bulge soap Endosoma Pouting ass shot covering breasts pouty pred

Wanting to wash herself, Mama Harvester decided to take a refreshing bath. Unfortunately she happened to get noticed during a not so decent moment...

Sketch commission done by  Scyn 

Nyamaru - 2 weeks ago

Sexy mama~

All to Myself

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F kicking Female Prey Internal View Female Pred table leaning stretchy belly Angry prey hand on belly girls und panzer picking teeth Simple background Kicking Prey leaning backward Kicking in belly nonna Klara Artist-san

Nonna and Klara have been Katyusha's subordinates for quite a long time. They both enjoy serving under Katyusha's wing and wish to devote any time they have to serve Kat. Unfortunately this obsession of Katyusha would turn to the worse after an argument between Nonna and Klara resulted in a devourment. Believing that Klara would one day take Katyusha all to herself, Nonna had no choice but to devour Klara once and for all to secure her future with the leader of Pravda.

[ Continued ...

NavigerousVore - 3 weeks ago

She's a fighter!

Maho - 3 weeks ago

beautiful to see Klara in vore art for the first time

Asleep and Full part 2

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Comic Soft Vore Tail Stomach Kitsune Burp Mother Nudity esophagus Internal View throat shot f/multiple Endosoma Mother/Son naked prey mouth shot grumble Angry prey scared prey Multiple Preys picking teeth Lighting Magic upset prey Rumbling stomach

Mama's gut always has room for one more. But I wonder how Kame, Haruki, and Sachiko ended up in here...

Part 2 of a gift a friend got me from  Kaijinx 

Kerbalmaster - 1 month ago

I wonder if mama harvester likes having 'guests' give her some internal rubs or massages

theusernameisuser - 1 month ago

Understandable, thank you for the responses :)

digestor - 1 month ago

i always wondered what it would be like to look up in a stomach as a big long burp was burping.

FriskyBusiness - 1 month ago

If people were to commission art of my OC, I much prefer if they were of my close friends.

theusernameisuser - 1 month ago

Looking forward to it! Totally unrelated hypothetical question but how would you feel about someone else commissioning works of her? Would you prefer they run the idea by you first? If there were any OC I'd do it for, she's pretty much at the top of the list

Asleep and Full part 1

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: POV Oral Vore Breasts Tongue Comic Belly Soft Vore Dark Kitsune Throat Mawshot Mother tree Navel esophagus Female Pred throat shot napping Belly bulge kimono asleep outdoors Inviting tongue out Multiple Preys viewer prey F/Viewer clothes too small Inviting pred

Out in the meadow, Mama Harvester naps below an old and large tree. You notice how her round belly seems to be larger than normal, with her kimono barely even covering up her navel. Out of curiosity, you approach the napping kitsune, wondering about her unusually large belly.

But, due to your nature of approaching the kitsune, Mama Harvester has taken notice of you and awaken from her slumber. But she's not upset or anything of that nature. She invites you even closer with a...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Tail Stomach Kitsune Mother Nudity Internal View Stomach View stomach acids kimono Growling Angry prey nip slip hand on belly motherly pred Stomach growl Simple background taunting pred begging prey disolving clothes begging to be let go

Even despite the happy relationship that Haruki and Sachiko possess, Mama Harvester still isn't very approving. Like a mother's instinct, Harvester just doesn't find Sachiko good enough for her son.

Commission done by  MRRATTLEBONES 

Vola - 1 month ago

That's adorable and... sexy~

FriskyBusiness - 1 month ago

Nah, even despite the digestions, enough crying from Haruki will force Mama Harvester to revive her. If there's one she can't bear to see more is her own son upset.

Vola - 1 month ago

So in the end she's done for ?

Nyamaru - 1 month ago

This is fantastic~

doomed - 1 month ago

Looks like she’s getting digested instead of married lol

Summer Breeze

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Tail Pregnancy Kitsune Grass Non-Vore Vagina Navel Barefoot Nudity smile windy kimono partial nudity outdoors Blushing stretch marks smiling pregnant belly

Nothing like a refreshing summer breeze to help cool off after a warm day. Mama Harvester seems to be enjoying every bit of it.

Commission done by Crazy Glitter on Twitter 

DariusWest - 2 months ago

..."makes me feel fine,
Golden like the jasmine In my mind"...

Spit Them Out

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Kitsune M/F Mother Forest Cleavage embarrassed Female Prey Belly bulge kimono outdoors Male Pred Mother/Son Struggling prey threat of vore grumpy pred Kicking in belly

Within the village that the kitsune family live almong, Mama Harvester tries her best to raise her boys as the best as she can. Although the boys try to be the best that their mama wishes them to be, sometimes they break the rules, one specifically more than other. Kame, much like his mother, is a voracious type and loves satisfying his hunger with large meals, specifically the local villager girls. Many times Mama Harvester would lecture Kame NOT to swallow the villagers. It is nothing more...
[ Continued ...

James17 - 2 months ago

Eternity in his Mama's belly, I would guess~ I sometimes wonder if she'll ever let him out. Last I heard it was over 70 years in there!

nbe21 - 2 months ago

Well if he's a bad boy he'll at least be good tit fat.

A Hidden Secret part 3

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Tail F/F Kitsune Bulge F/? Post-Vore Struggling indoors Belly bulge kimono Endosoma regretful predator Struggling prey Witch Prey leftover clothes covering mouth struggling in stomach active belly

No one can know of Harvester's embarassing secret. It would not look good on her image with the village.

Final part of a commission I got from  BronzeBanana 

FriskyBusiness - 2 months ago

You decide, I've kept it ambigious ;)

BoringKoboId - 2 months ago

I also want to know

Firefox1839 - 2 months ago

Is she gonna digest her or keep her in her stomach forever

A Hidden Secret part 2

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Breasts Belly Kitsune F/? witch Pre-Vore shocked Large Breasts Belly bulge surprise kimono Endosoma Witch Prey Hand Imprints

Looks like Harvester's secret is out! That's not a baby kicking inside of the womb...

Part two of a commission recieved by  BronzeBanana

Abby belongs to my friend  WitchyAbby 

A Hidden Secret part 1

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Breasts Belly Tail Kitsune F/? witch Pre-Vore Large Breasts indoors kimono Two girls Endosoma Wide hips rubbing belly Witch Prey tall pred false pregnancy

After having Kame in her tummy for such a long time, Harvester has gotten used to playing the act of being pregnant. She doesn't mind friends visiting her whenever they wish to give her belly rubs. Of course, one can never get too comfortable when keeping a secret as embarrassing as devouring your own son.

Commission I've gotten from  BronzeBanana

Abby belongs to my friend  WitchyAbby 

Surprised at her Gains

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Belly Tail Pregnancy Kitsune Milk Non-Vore mirror Lactation Navel Nudity Large Breasts surprised stretch marks reflection Nude Female Naked Female pregnant belly popped navel Kicking in belly groping boobs

Pregnancy has done wonders for Mama Harvester, especially when blessing her with huge mommy milkies

Commission done by Crazy Glitter on Twitter 

A Very Fine Lunch

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Kitsune garden Cut-away Internal View Femboy annoyed kimono Endosoma happy pred Casual vore disgusted Annoyed Prey

When not out at her fields tending to rice or watching over her worshiper's rice field, Mama Harvester relaxes by tending to her garden. The sweet smell of the the rose bush always brings joy to her. Meanwhile, her son Haruki seems to be wondering around looking for his girlfriend. Fortunately for Mama Harvester, she knows where his girlfriend is and made a great lunch.

A commission I got from VCookie on Twitter. 

RasenGun37 - 3 months ago


Admiring Her Bump

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Tail Pregnancy Kitsune Non-Vore Nipples Navel sitting Long hair smiling Fluffy Tail handbra pregnant belly popped navel

Before her boys were born, Mama Harvester loved to admire her large pregnant belly often.

Great sketch commission done by  Scyn Love your work! 

neko1992 - 3 months ago

Oh my very sexy and lovely kitsune definitely would love to help impregnate her next time

The Anglerfish Digestion - Part 2

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Fat F/F Weight Gain Post-Vore drinking Fatal Vore uniform sitting Female Prey Female Pred reading newspaper pantyhose chair girls und panzer small clothes Darjeeling

A few days have passed after Darjeeling's act of mercy on Miho. With Miho no longer leader of Ooarai, the school was forced to shut down after a humiliating defeat moving on to the Senshendou championships. It was quite a disappointing outcome for Darjeeling sadly as she saw them very talented and with loads of potential.

Part two of a commission I got from  Artist-San with thanks to  apitop for coloring it 

FriskyBusiness - 3 months ago

Thank you so much!

ShadowSun - 3 months ago

Such a shame, but that’s how the cookie crumbles and the Nishizumi digests.

NavigerousVore - 3 months ago

Anzu always finds a way to save Ooarai! Maybe if Anzu could convince a hungry school to borrow some tanks from -in exchange some of Ooarai's tasty students...

Badfurson - 3 months ago

Both of these were awesome!

Mountain of a Belly

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Hyper Relaxing Barefoot 2 Girls hut Large Breasts Tattoo indoors flowers dark skin black hair tribal hyper pregnancy bare breasts Laying on belly laying on back Tanned skin Kicking in belly Chieftess

Within the northern half of the tropical island, a rival chieftess was preparing to rest after hefting her huge baby belly she's been carrying along for quite a long time. Her protege can't help but to admire how big it is as she climbs up to get a good angle of how high up she is.

Commission done by  BronzeBanana 

The Anglerfish Digestion

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F Costume uniform tea Internal View tank Belly bulge imprints Tight Belly Eyes Closed exposed belly belly imprint Satisfied Pred girls und panzer wiping mouth panicked prey Darjeeling teacup Artist-san Humiliating outfit

After the close game between Ooarai and St. Gloriana, the Anglerfish Team of Ooarai were forced to perform a dance of humiliation known as the Anglerfish Dance. Offering an option of mercy, Darjeeling has decided to devour Ooarai's commander Miho to save her from this embarassing feat. Although Darjeeling has gotten a lovely meal in the end and the satisfaction of offering mercy, Miho seems to disagree. But have you heard this saying...?

Commission I gotten from  Artist-San...
[ Continued ...

carlj - 3 months ago

Lovely ^^

NavigerousVore - 3 months ago


Maho - 3 months ago

Glad to see more of Darjeeling

Hula Dancing Remedy

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion F/? Flower Beach Topless Grass Skirt Large Breasts Tattoo dancing Belly bulge dark skin tribal Digestion Noises tatoos Hula Chieftess

With Samoa's voracious appetite and constant bellyaches of indigestion, Arya, the tribal shamoness, has recommended the chieftess a forgotten yet tried and true method.

Forgotten by the tribe's history, Samoa has decided to give a try to the long-forgotten dance called the Hula, a dance that has said to calm bellyaches and cure indigestion.

Shaking her hips, Samoa is a born natural, as she dances away on the warm sand by the beach.

[ Continued ...

Diversity23 - 3 months ago

Happy Vore Day :D

doomed - 3 months ago

i wonder whos in there lol

A Pampering Session

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Soft Vore Inside feeding loincloth Post-Vore Relaxing Topless Tattoo indoors leaves Blushing tribal smiling Relaxing Pred servants hand on belly tropical Topless female fanning

Samoa, the great chief of the southerly tribe of her island is finally relaxing inside her hut as her two servants fan her and feed her fruits after digesting away another tribal outcast. Her servants are always pleased to take care of her, fascinated at her voracious appetite.

Commission I got from  Ophiuco
Thanks for this awesome commission! 

A Big Lunch

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Food Soft Vore Tail Pregnancy Kitsune F/M Same Size Cleavage Unwilling Prey Big Belly Stuffed belly Internal View bunny boy Femboy sigh kemonomimi kimono Multiple Tails Hungry Pred Accidental vore Femboy prey cravings accidental pred pregnant belly popped navel Pregnant Cravings

Harvester was feeling peckish today and sought out a chef that could help her tame her wild cravings. Carrying for two does help build up quite the appetite. Though her cravings may get out of control.

Fantastic commission by my friend  Mhyboi 

Ohmygawdmyberries - 4 months ago

love that

Tamashii69 - 4 months ago

Heh nice, she be a hungry Kitsune

Hot Spring Relaxation

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Soft Vore Tail Kitsune Same Size water Nipples lantern loincloth Licking Struggling Unwilling Prey Nudity Internal View sunset bathing Demi-Human Endosoma Mother/Son Demi Pred petals Naked Female Naked pred evening rubbing belly disgusted prey Slimy insides slimy stomach

After a long day of tending to the fields and conducting visits to the local shrines, Mama Harvester enjoys a long bath by the hot springs. Look at that, she also brought along her son Kame as well!

Amazing commission I got from  JamKat 

A Pregnant Glow

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Tail Pregnancy Kitsune Non-Vore Vagina Nipples Big Belly Big Breasts Demi-Human kimono Wide hips smiling Puffy nipples holding belly Simple background popped navel almost naked

Mama Harvester sure loves flaunting off her gravid figure.

Commission done by  honeycoves 

honeycoves - 4 months ago

Thanks for commissioning me and glad you enjoy! ✨

Evening Relaxation

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Tail Pregnancy Kitsune Night Non-Vore lantern Relaxing Nudity smile 2 Girls hotsprings bathing outie Two girls Blushing Towel ponytail smiling Bamboo pregnant belly Ass cheeks covering breasts

Collab I did with  Darkpikachu64 with our two 'mommy' characters relaxing together at a hotspring.

Commission done by  SunnyHero 

Belly Rubs?

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Tail Pregnancy Kitsune Non-Vore Nudity Honey kemonomimi Large Breasts Kneeling Naked Female Puffy nipples rubbing belly Simple background popped navel lewd face

Looks like Mama Harvester is inviting a lucky person to rub honey all over her gravid belly.

Commission done by  honeycoves 

honeycoves - 5 months ago


Artwolf1 - 5 months ago

I'm absolutely willing to do it, Miss^^

I've Got Room For One More...

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Catboy Tail Kitsune Pre-Vore Text Collaboration Large Breasts Animal Ears taunting kimono Long hair white hair naked prey semi-nude Kneeling Thick thighs nervous prey naked male nip slip Tall Predator Simple background smiling pred taunting pred popped navel Listening to belly hand on head

Harvester is a very hungry mama and her appetite sure does show it. Unfortunately for Tibby, a catboy around these parts happens to be unfortunate enough to find out how hungry kitsunes can get...

Fantastic commission done by  Honeycoves

Tibby belongs to  Tibaron 

doomed - 5 months ago

Better join in before it’s too late lol

Adorable Belly Hugs

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Tail Kitsune Hug Fall embarrassed Internal View Male Prey Female Pred Femboy kimono outdoors Endosoma Dizzy Belly hug Femboy prey Endo vore milf pred Kicking Prey Kicking in belly

Jay, the adorable healer, decided to pay Harvester a visit. As he arrived, he wanted to also say hi to Kame as well with a big belly hug. Unfortunately, Kame wasn't in the mood for hugs.

Fantastic commission done by my friend  BlossomDancer

Jay belongs to nerdfriend#0305  

NikoMessiah - 5 months ago

Well that was rude

Seasuper - 5 months ago

Hehe i knew i recognised that wholesome cutie

James17 - 5 months ago

I wonder if Kame is ever going to get out of there, hehe~

ComradeHadrian - 5 months ago

I love this

The Healing Touch

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: F/M Post-Vore Round Belly kimono ahoge smiling Eyes Closed Touching belly

Whenever Kame's acting roudy up when grounded inside Harvester's belly, if a hot cup of tea doesn't do the trick, then a visit from Jay sure does the trick. Jay doesn't mind at all, it's his pleasure to help those in need.

Commission done by  sugarbelly6

Jay belongs to nerdfriend#0305 

doomed - 6 months ago

Well that’s a great pillow for jay

A Cutie Pie

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Cleavage pinch cheeks smile kimono Blushing

From time to time, Harvester does get her fair share of visitors to her home. A frequent and well loved of these visitors goes by the name of Jay, a healer with magical fingers that can cure any disease or pain. Harvester loves his company whenever he visits to the point that he's symbolically adopted by the family.

Commission done by  sugarbelly6

Jay belongs to nerdfriend#0305 

James17 - 6 months ago

Must be before she swallowed her son~ Since his punishment is eternal, after all hehe.

doomed - 6 months ago

Lol pinching the cheeks like granny

Tropical Treats

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Belly Pregnancy Burp Swallowing Fish Belching Post-Vore dark hair Tattoo dark skin white hair tribal hyper pregnancy hand on belly tropical kicks palm tree Tanned skin

On the other side of the secluded island that Arya and Samoa live on, you can find a village, similar to that of Samoa's. Within this village rules a chieftess, just like Samoa. Whenever a villager has the pleasure to meet her, one can only compliment her beautiful and maternal figure, her dark skin as it glows in the sunlight, and her tattoo, as it compliments her belly. The chieftess is currently expecting, but because of her massive popularity over her maternal figure, the chieftess decided...
[ Continued ...

Harvester Sketch

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Breasts Sketch Belly Tail Kitsune F/M Bulge Big Belly Female Pred black and white partial nudity Mother/Son kitsune predator milf pred motherly pred smug pred Undone

Sketch commission done by  Scyn of Mama Harvester showing off her son-filled tummy. 

Nyamaru - 7 months ago

Hot stuff~

SweetCheese - 7 months ago

Something about "son-filled tummy" makes this cozy-sexy sketch even better ♥

Active Tummy

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore jeans skirt embarrassed girls und panzer Miho Nishizumi Kicking in belly Maho Nishizumi Touching belly revealing belly

Looks like Maho's daughter-to-be wants to say hello to auntie Miho.

Alt of a commission I got from TsukijiTums 

Nic386 - 7 months ago


Moms und Panzer

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore jeans skirt outie Two girls girls und panzer Simple background Miho Nishizumi shirt lift Maho Nishizumi outie belly button Touching belly

Excited at their upcoming due dates, the Nishizumi sisters contemplate about the next generation of the Nishizumi name.

Commission I got from TsukijiTums 

ShadowSun - 7 months ago

Now that is just adorable. I love it.

Check-up Thoughts

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Same Size F/? Beach Post-Vore Struggling embarrassed 2 Girls Grass Skirt outdoors Blushing tribal check up thought bubble flustered Implied Oral Vore Struggling prey tribal markings Listening to belly

Once again, Samoa the chieftess has devoured a large meal and needs a little digestive remedy to deal with her tummy aches. Although Arya may get irritated with the chieftess' frequent visits, she can't help but admit that the chieftess does sport a really cute and rubbable belly.

A commission I recieved from  SunnyHero a while back. Felt now is the best time to post it. 

coldfire1200 - 9 months ago


Capital Punishment Part 2

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Fatal Jungle river Post-Vore sitting post-digestion indigestion Large Breasts Tattoo Belly bulge outdoors dark skin tribal rubbing belly tribal markings post vore weight gain Chieftess shamoness

A few hours have passed and now the thief is half-digested inside Samoa’s belly. Now unfortunately, the thief went down with a fight, giving the chieftess indigestion and the usual tummy aches. But not to worry, a quick visit to the island's shamoness would give for some relief.

Arya, the shamoness, recieves many patients throughout the day, however Samoa is her most frequent, irritating the girl with each visit.

Part two of my comic commission by  Kaijinx 

SherlokKirya - 4 months ago

I didn't know how much I really needed tribal preds before this comic.
Kaijinx has such a cute artstyle, lovely ! Hope to see more of your OC

FRENKI8888 - 5 months ago

Why does she have chaos undivided symbol on her right shoulder? THATS SOME HERESY.

FriskyBusiness - 9 months ago

Only a select few so far. I do have plans for a rival tribe.

voryure - 9 months ago

Are all the islanders capable of vore or just the chieftess?

Capital Punishment Part 1

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Burp Bulge Belch Gulping Struggling Female Pred Vore Comic hut Large Breasts Throat bulge Tattoo indoors tied up dark skin tribal Digestion Noises Struggling prey tribal markings punishment vore tropical tribal pred Mocking pred Chieftess

In a secluded tropical island in the middle of nowhere, Samoa, a tribal chieftess demonstrates what happens if you break the law. Upon capture of the tribe’s most infamous thief, the chieftess devours the criminal and sets an example upon others.

Thank you so much to  Kaijinx for making this comic!

I hope you'll come to like the introduction of my new tribal characters! 

doomed - 9 months ago

Looks like we get to watch an execution

James17 - 10 months ago

Be fun to know exactly why he is forced to live in her belly for eternity, and if there is ever any way he could get out hehe~

Belly Rubs

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Tail Pregnancy Kitsune Non-Vore japanese Big Belly Original Character indoors oil Blushing rubbing belly Yukata Japanese Girl Oil Massage

Here we have Harvester relaxing as a local villager gives her a soothing belly rub to keep her skin smooth and stretch mark free.

Commission done by  Ophiuco Thank you so much for doing this. 

book-remote - 10 months ago

And that villager was never seen again...

TheSkylord - 9 months ago

I think this is the better of the two versions~

Gael2000 - 11 months ago

I really like this one <//<

That's What You Get!

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Soft Vore M/M Kitsune Brother Implied Vore Male Prey Male Vore kimono Endosoma Male Pred Brother/Brother kitsune prey brother prey Endo vore brother pred kitsune pred mad prey mad pred

Seems like Haruki found out his brother devoured his girlfriend. He made sure to set things straight with a little "brothery love."

Commission done by  Gael2000 Thank you so much for this wonderful piece! 

Gael2000 - 11 months ago

Glad you liked it ^ v^

Shrine Maidens are Yummy

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Belly Fat Digestion Kitsune M/F Fatal Belch Penis Ghost Post-Vore Nudity Female Prey Foreskin Male Pred ghost girl Digestion Noises Thicc

Sachiko's nothing but kitsune fat now.
Follow-up commission done by  honeycoves
Thank you so much for doing my characters! 

Bobbaby - 5 months ago

So is Sachiko gone forever as kitsume fatbor will she return?

Bobbaby - 5 months ago

Sois Sachiko gone forever?

TheSkylord - 9 months ago

Poor Sachiko~

honeycoves - 1 year ago

You’re welcome glad you love!

Shrine Maiden Meal

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Belly Kitsune M/F Big Belly Female Prey Male Pred Belly Rubbing Stomach Noises kitsune pred

Shrine maidens make excellent snacks! Looks like Kame decided to have a quick bite.
Commission done by  honeycoves 

Hariken - 1 year ago

fat fox deserves a squish

Ten Portions Please!

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Kitsune Stuffed Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred bowl external view Licking Lips Fake Pregnant Yukata

Those "pregnancy" cravings are something!

Commission done by  kurumii 

Tummy Ache

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Breasts Belly Kitsune F/M Bulge stomach ache Internal View Female Pred nausea Struggling prey rubbing belly tummy ache Angry prey Bare Belly

Not even after breakfast and Kame here is brewing up a belly ache for poor mama Harvester. Hopefully some belly rubs and a soothing green tea should help soothe her belly.

Commission I got from  Kaijinx Great work as always! 

A Spiritual Snack 4/5

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: FriskyBusiness

Tags: Comic Kitsune F/M M/F Naga Bulge Mother Lamia Unwilling Prey F/M/F Voreception kitsune predator lamia prey Yukata

Worried about the strange noise from the forest, the Harvester decides to investigate.

Nyamaru belongs to  Nyamaru

Part of a collab with  Nyamaru

Page 5:

Art by Mikaela 

Broniele97 - 1 year ago

What about the son she has in her stomach?