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Miranda was woken by a yawn, an incredibly infectious, loud yawn that flowed and billowed all around her.She yawned herself automatically, then felt her confines squish, pinching in a bit. She blinked, feeling her knees tightly pressed either side of her chest. OK that was... odd.Then she remembered where she was. Inside Christie. She gasped as her world flew backwards, tilting and rolling as Christie sat up in bed."Mmmmm, that was a nice dream." Came the gentle murmur from all around her.Miran

Part 2- Meeting the Meal

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Feet first Corset All the way through compaction showering Willing prey Squeezed prey Romance.

After her very tight experience she finally gets to meet Christie face to face. 

Indighost - 2 months ago

Very cool story! thanks for writing. Love the inside scenes.

SSJBura - 2 months ago

Well that was awesome! Really liking the beginning of their relationship!

Gimlet - 2 months ago

That bit I'm writing at the moment, though it'll take a chapter or two to get there.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 months ago

This is looking up already. Although I do hope they get more moments outside of Christies gut. I just wanna see tall woman/short woman pairings, that stuff makes me feral lol.

Mark sat, a little dazed, on the edge of his bed, staring at his door. He heard an odd, muted and distorted sniffle in his belly, and pressed a hand against it."It's OK Sally. I'm not going to let her do anything to you." He said, staring hard at the door."I... did I something wrong?" She sniffled in there. "Changing my protocol response?""No. Not at all. You're just improving yourself." He hesitated. "Might want to run by further changes with me first. I... I suspect mom... and others, might n

Hydration Part 5

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: M/F Non-fatal nipple penetration Caring Predator

Mark's mom makes some discoveries about Sally. 

Morphy - 2 months ago

Just had a thought about how Sally's getting pretty good at jumping in and out of her "container". What happens if Sally has something in her? An undigested meal, a toy, someone else... That stuff won't compress like she does and humans are not super elastic like a her. I'd guess she would have to digest the meal and purge the toy/person before going back to her container? Assuming she really /has/ to go back rather than rest next to him?

Morphy - 2 months ago

Oh ho! All the mutations have rendered Sally useless for production and further commercial exploitation. The talk about absorbing some of his cells makes me think he probably has a decent ulcer. Kinda surprised he hasn't complained about it? Guess it's Tums for a few weeks until the stomach regenerates that lining.

"Want fuck?" LOL, Sally's earnest (and unfiltered) thoughts are a hoot. I suppose subjecting her to TV for "educational" purposes might help with social interactions... or at least be good for a laugh, "Hello there fellow teenagers." Of course, free reign to explore the internet would an excellent idea, for chaos. Given her abilities, also nothing would be impossible.

Speaking of abilities, since her brain is dispersed, would that make her little bits (like the sample) tiny Sally-spies for Meta-Sally? This is assuming she can get the sample back for it to 'report' for whatever measure a blob of Sally's mass can detect.

I'm still wondering how to classify Biots; maybe a "Flesh Golem"? Created through science and chemistry rather than magic and alchemy. And he should feed her eventually, she's already down 2%! Give her a 2lt of soda, heh, it'll go straight to her bust. (slosh!) :D

IndySteveo - 2 months ago

It's been really good so far, can't wait to see what happens next.

IndySteveo - 2 months ago

Fantastic work so far, I await more.

IndySteveo - 2 months ago

Fantastic work so far, I await more.

In his room Mark just... stared. Sally was twirling around like a school girl, looking down as the dress flicked out about her, giggling and smoothing it down. Not that it wasn't already smooth, and... tight. She'd seemed really happy he'd help her dress, and had laughed as he'd fondled her butt, squeezing it as the two of them pulled the dress around her. He couldn't help it, and then, when she'd had difficulty packing her rather large chest (for her size anyway) into the dress he'd just... hel

Hyrdation Part 4

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Tags: Oral Vore M/F Non-fatal Anal Sex Compression submissive Caring Predator

Mark has some playtime with his girlfriend, but is interrupted. 

SSJBura - 2 months ago

Wow that was scary! I was a bit surprised at how much I care about them!

Groblek - 2 months ago

Heh, judging by Mom’s reaction to Sally returning to her “container”, I suspect she’s a closet voreophile.

Morphy - 2 months ago

Oh no, parental unit has arrived. The jig is up! (Sally must really be distracting for him to not close the bedroom door)

I was hoping for a bit more "testing" of Sally's physical protocols but that's not going to happen at this point. Well, maybe later if they end up some place private and away from the chaos Mom may stir up.

I do get why Mom was rather alarmed and fearful of Sally's burgeoning sense of self. If it gets out that the Biots could gain free will and likely rebel, well, I think we all know how well that worked out for the Nexus-8 Replicants in Blade Runner. Then again, the Replicant Rachael was allowed to sneak away with Deckard, rather than being 'retired' by Gaff. Mom could do the same, letting Sally be his "girlfriend" and never reveal the truth to anyone else.

I'm certain Mom will learn from this and quickly focus on programming to prevent another Biot from evolving. (Basically the Nexus-9 Replicants that were incapable of not following human orders)

Overall, the story is awesome and some drama in an otherwise kinky tale certainly spices it up! Making us invested in the characters and all that jazz. Please continue. :)

************Standby mode cancelled.Sugar absorption cycle complete.Energy at 76%. Estimate runtime 13hrs (high metabolic rate) 21hrs (low metabolic rate)Expanding musculature.Loosening tegument.Expanding internal solidity."YAAAAWWWN!"Sally contemplated her position, currently squished into a very comfy twelve inch by eight inch by six inch ball, nicely tucked into her owner's container.It was difficult to yawn when she was squished like this, but she made the effort, and heard an deep vibrating

Hydration Part 3

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: M/F Non-fatal partial digestion Compression Ownership dressing up breaking programming

A shopping trip for Sally, and a nice day outside of Mark for her. 

Gimlet - 2 months ago

Mostly winging it, though I do have some ideas on how to proceed. And yeah, I'm probably going to lean in on the relationship side pretty heavily.

Amberain - 2 months ago

Really liking this so far, and very curious about where it might go. Is it just going to stay slice of life, or is his Mom's company going to interfere at some point? Do you have a lot planned ahead, or are you just writing in the moment?

Mark stomped back home, watching the shop windows as he passed, things he couldn't afford to buy. Right now he was unemployed, and... he gritted his teeth at the distasteful thought, back at his mom's house. He couldn't afford a rent after he was fired so now he'd gone back to live at his old home.It was embarrassing, being dependent on her, barely able to afford a few things on unemployment money. He'd been searching for jobs for weeks now, but with the new generation of Biots the job market wa

Hydration Part1

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: M/F Non-fatal Accidental vore unknowing pred Growing Relationship loving meal

An extension from a short one line proposal in Marloweny's Reblog 2 for a 'dehydration girl'

Mark is having difficulty in life and is forced to move back in with his mother. But his mom's work intrudes on his personal life in unexpected ways. 

Gimlet - 2 months ago

Thanks, missed that. Been going over the reblogs a fair bit lately, which I didn't look through when I went over his work in the past. Guess I got confused which one this was from.

Rat_Guy - 2 months ago

Read it, love it, can't wait for more!

Rat_Guy - 2 months ago

Haven't read the story yet, but I'm going to, and I look forward to it. Just wanted to say that this idea is from Marloweny's Reblog 2, not 3.

SSJBura - 2 months ago

Awesome! Definitely looking forward to more!

Blurrily Agent Harold Marcheson came to, long practice made sure he didn't blink or shake his head, but he heard a satisfied sigh none-the-less."Ah, I see Her Majesty's finest is finally with us once more. Welcome back."The voice was, unfortunately, familiar. Feminine, but deeper toned than normal, and he opened his eyes. Sure enough the smug smile of Miss Patricia Clenchford gazed down at him, a sense of total superiority on her eager face. In a glance he took in her self satisfied features, he


Uploaded: 3 months ago

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Tags: M/F Force Feeding Implied Digestion near-vore turn around restrained pred

A British secret agent and his companion have been captured and the evil mastermind has PLANS! 

Groblek - 3 months ago

Ooh, nicely done, and the turnabout at the end was perfect.

Gimlet - 3 months ago

Glad you liked it. The concept came to me one morning after I woke up and I had to write it down before I forgot it.

Tsavo - 3 months ago

Unwilling pred being force fed a loved one is one of my favorite scenarios and you perfectly captured it. <3 The twist ending made it even sweeter. <3

This was Charlotte’s first real break, finally managing to sneak off here without Sanma knowing about it.
She’d heard the tale in the pub, and obviously everyone else thought the guy was just another drunk spouting nonsense. She on the other hand recognized the Symbolism he was describing. It was from the ancient Egyptian Vissir Imhotep, some of what little was known from the few records in other tombs unearthed.
On Imhotep himself very little is known except ‘second hand&rsquo

Hunger Becomes You (F/F, non-fatal, almost M/F)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-fatal Human Prey All the way through Failed Vore Red Hot Riding Hood Cartoon Pred

Charlotte investigates an old relic, and ends up taking a right turn at Alberquerque.
(Note, this is an old story and somehow got missed uploading. Probably written in the early 2000s sometime. Not sure why I never got it up on Eka's) 

Indighost - 4 months ago

Nice story

VORPHIL - 4 months ago


Gimlet - 4 months ago

It's OK, I got it... it is showing right for you now, right? Looks fine on my end now.

VORPHIL - 4 months ago


The next day was... interesting. Apart from the hangover (which thankfully was mild) Jenny tried to help Penny settle into her new body. She hadn't noticed at first, but the rapid growth spurt and change to her half human form had healed Penny of all the cuts she'd received during the fight with the dog. Jenny still attempted to make up for putting her through that. Unfortunately, though Penny tried a few things that Jenny cooked for her it didn't turn out well. Penny insisted it wasn't the cook

Penny Part 7

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-Vore Lesbian sex hugs! adaption to vore

Martin learns about Penny's last change, and finally gets to head home. Meanwhile Jenny is trying to decide how she feels about this whole business 

crushxtreame - 6 months ago

is this series suspended? or cancelled?

crushxtreame - 7 months ago

is there gonna be more?

Thanatos2k - 8 months ago

This series is quite enjoyable

Darkwarrior676 - 8 months ago

Great series!! I am looking forward to what will happen next.

It'd been a tough day. Heck, a tough week honestly. Day before yesterday he had to bury Freddy in the back yard. A more loyal and unswerving hamster there has never been! He ran that wheel like he owned it! He sniffed, then rolled his eyes as he remembered what his boss, miss Langford, shouted at him today. He didn't do well with people in general, girls in particular, and not at all with being shouted at. He'd basically just timidly nodded and shuffled out still nod quite understanding what she

Penny Part 1

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: F/? Scaly blow job Snake girl

A guy finds a new pet, not realizing she is thinking of a much closer relationship with him. 

Morphy - 8 months ago

Oh ho! I remember the interactive story this bears a striking resemblance to. I always enjoyed that one.

Also, it's awesome you're writing again. Been too long.

Destroyah23 - 8 months ago

I'd say the only ting I don't like about this story is the fact a cat died... I love cats...

Michelle stared. The image didn't change. She knew it was stupid, she knew it made her seem... petty, and egocentric, or at least obsessed... but she lost her ex Barry due to her constantly asking if her butt was too small. He'd never paid attention to it, or much to her either.Staring in the mirror as she posed she just hated it. She knew she was obsessing, she knew it was beyond a joke now. She didn't have the money for plastic surgery and... well, she'd asked. A friend, jokingly, had suggeste

Butt and Back (The Molded Saga Part 2)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-fatal Transformation ?/F Unwilling Prey Melting bottled object-vore

Sequel to Marloweny's piece 'More Bottling' This is another tale there, where Stacy is still at it, and seems to be ramping up business... at other people's expense.
You could label this object vore.. maybe? But I'll chuck it in non-vore for safety's sake. Note I'm intending to go on with this story and see if there are any other similar tales to tell about those falling prey to Stacy and her new business.
(EDIT: Given there is some vore in this...
[ Continued ...

ninth - 1 year ago


Lisa was starting to be worried. George was supposed to be getting better. I mean, he had lost a hundred pounds, but... well the doctors were kinda mad he did it in two weeks! Let alone how. Ords were weird.She sighed, brushing her teeth for bed as she trundled his emergency gear into her room again. So far they hadn't needed any of it, though why they insisted on defribulator, stimulant shots, airtanks etc was beyond her. She thought the docs just feared anyone with powers, even if it was an Or

Getting it all Back.

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Weight Gain M/F Sex vomit M/? Female Prey non digestion Male Pred Object Vore Sleep Eating Weight loss Accidental vore survival Super Vore unnoticed vore

A guy with 'Ord' powers (powers, but not good enough to be a superhero, just super ordinary) struggles to deal with doctor's orders of his diet and his cute little helper, who gets more than she asked for.

This is based in the same universe as 'Super Vore' on, where Tau clinics test people for powers, which are fairly common, but mostly not very useful. Those with low level powers seek employment to use these abilities and are usually labelled 'Ords' by the press. ...
[ Continued ...

Lolita spotted him on the other side of the comics shop. His favorite place, of course. Total geek, but he couldn't help it, could he?"Aaaandrew." Lolita cooed as she approached, enjoying the sight of him jerk back at the sound of her voice. "What are you doing in here? There's a great movie playing at the theatre and I know a great place at the back we can be... cozy."She sidled up to him, but as he turned torwards her she saw his face was one of suppressed rage, not the ardor she expected. Uh,

A Jarring Experience: The Decanting

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: F/F Reformation Transformation unknowing vore Compression bodysuit Deserving Prey forced envelopment

A sequel to the great piece: A Jarring Experience by marloweny(Address: A girl turned into a body suit gets revenge. Sort of.
Props to Ninth for assisting with Beta'ing and helping me get the ending right. My first effort was not as good as this ended up. 

Morphy - 1 year ago

I'm that annoying penny that keeps turning up.

Gimlet - 1 year ago

*coughs, pats self down* woah, you're right! Heh long time Morphy. Glad you're still kicking around.

SSJBura - 1 year ago

Awesome! Loved it!

Gimlet - 1 year ago

Yeah, I've been absent for quite a few years. Problems I don't want to get into but the last year or two I've been getting back into writing again, mostly over on Ninth introduced me to Marloweny's stuff and I binge read a bunch of it. This one I had to do a sequel for. It just begged for it :)

ninth - 1 year ago

Nice! Welcome back to posting on Aryion

was a blast of light, swirling for a second then...
writhed on the floor of this... cave?... his calf in unbearable
agony, but somehow it didn't want to move much. Struggling to control
it he found the pain diminishing fairly quickly. After only a few
seconds he was just panting hard and struggling against the mere pain
of maybe a grating broken bone.
shit that hurt!" He mumbled.
me about it." came a very feminine voice t

A Leg in

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Human F/F F/M Demoness Emotional indigestible fusing changing minds interdimensional travel digestible multiple bodies

A weird, demon human interaction from an... intersection. Hilarity (and vore) ensues. This was written quite some time ago, and I'm afraid never finished. I finally decided to post what I have. Be warned it doesn't really end per se. Sorry, but I'm unlikely to ever complete this.

Originally I intended this to be posted in parts as an interactive (on the BE Archive actually, though it's hardly that kind of thing) but I think it works better as a single tale. 

Adseria - 4 months ago

Please, please continue the story. The world needs more multi-body vore.

threk - 6 years ago

Dang, this was fun, now I want to see where it goes!

Gimlet - 6 years ago

Technically it's not new... Yeah, I'm a nit picker. ;) Honestly I don't think I've written much vore in anything except in interactives. My story writing has stuck with straight (to pardon the term) scifi recently.

joyrider1986 - 6 years ago

Great story, nice to see something new.

zerogundam - 6 years ago

Woot! Thank you for posting more Gimlet!

Final Struggle

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Horse Rabbit Bunny Unwilling Jackal Bunny girl Female Prey Bunny pred jackal girl Chain Vore Horse girl SYS Rabbit Prey Horse Pred Rabbit pred Bunny prey Jackal prey

Brian's depiction of the final vore scene, with Lilly attempting to finish her meal while finding herself being made one! For some reason I missed this when I uploaded the various images for this series. Caught it recently when I resurrected an old Hard Drive and found the image. Enjoy. 

threk - 7 years ago

That bunny was cray-cray.
Also this was one of the very first vore stories I ever found and it piqued my interest in finding more material like it online, so a (severely belated) thank you for you :)

Harriet sits.

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-Vore Planegirl

My effort at drawing Harriet, as she was when she met Arthur. Not a very good quality scan unfortunately (not to mention that Frakass is a darned sight better at drawing her than I am! :) ) If I manage to find the original sketch I'll rescan it. 

1ring42 - 8 years ago

Definitely clears up my mental image of her.

Harriet hovers

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-Vore flying Planegirl

Harriet Taylor in her original getup, as depicted by Frakass. copyright Frakass 

Gimlet - 8 years ago

Yeah, I haven't done a lot of vore of late, and Harriet & Co was done well over a year ago. Didn't post for complex reasons. Anyway, mostly I've been doing scifi stuff rather than vore recently hence my absence from Eka's.

Gold_King - 8 years ago

Gimlet? You're alive! And you're making planegirls. Today is a red letter day.

& Co
about that?” Arthur said pointing at an engine block.
guy in leather snorted, spat, squinted at the engine for a few
glanced around seeing quite a lot of hardware in this junk yard. The
engine seemed large for the price... as long as it worked, but might
do. He was planning on building himself a ultralight aircraft for
some fun and probably some work too. Hey he could do with some better
transport right now.
he perused the 'esta

Harriet & Co

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/F F/M M/F Unwilling Non-fatal Willing Regurgitation Full tour justice Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred f/multiple Alternate Universe Endosoma animal prey happy ending Planegirl

A guy looking for salvage gets far more than he bargained for.

Involves a planegirl from Frakass' universe landing in our reality and the guy that finds her. 

Adseria - 6 years ago

""So we're going to be test subjects now?" Lisa said carefully "I'm not sure I'd like that."
"I'm afraid to some extent that is inevitable. But I can promise no invasive investigation without explicit permission.""

Does eating the scientists whple count as "invasive investigation?" ;)

Adseria - 7 years ago

I don't suppose you've reached a decision yet as to whether you're going to make a sequel?

threk - 8 years ago

Very entertaining read, that was.
Glad to see something from you again :)

Adseria - 8 years ago

I guess I can understand that, and I won't push you because you'd only do a second rate job of it anyway. Having said that, I wouldn't complain if you did make a sequel! ;-) Either way, you've definitely made Frakass proud. I've been a fan of his plane-girl universe for a while now, but I've always preferred stories over pictures, so It's nice to see it brought to life. Thank you.

Gimlet - 8 years ago

*Sigh* Not sure it is. It's been a long time since I wrote this, and I've been more into Scifi recently than vore. I've got some pictures both by myself and Frakass (Planegirls are his creation) to do with this, but I'm not sure if I'll be continuing the story.

It's possible I could, and I do have a couple of ideas to continue with, but don't hold your breath.

had been a long day.
was getting really sick of listening to peoples niggles. It wouldn’t
be quite so bad if they had REAL problems. Most of the cases that
came to her were husbands angst ridden about cheating on their wives,
people worrying if their sexual fantasies meant they were ‘perverts’
and other ‘straightforward’ cases. She wished she could get some
of the really interesting individuals with multiple personality
disorder or something, anything! She was also beginning t

Janine's Little Problem (F/F, implied F/M)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Unbirth F/F Story forced Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred unaware pred

Janine goes to a psychologist to deal with a problem she got from losing her boyfriend... and the psychologist gets more than she bargained for! 

Radijs - 10 years ago

Must have been at least 10 years. That's a golden oldie!

Gimlet - 10 years ago

Glad you liked it. Been a while, I can't remember when I wrote it but it certainly was over ten years ago

KrasnyiKoiot - 10 years ago

Groblek beat me to it! Loved this one.

Groblek - 10 years ago

I remember this one from when I was first discovering unbirth. Thanks for posting it here!

was NOT what Andrea had in mind for her vacation!
thick forrest gave a dim gloom to the air around her, the mix of
background noise coming from the forrest animals added to the
atmosphere along with the high humidity. Right now she’d have given
anything for a nice dark, quiet, cool bath to drift in. Instead she
was half deafened by insects, birds and animals, her clothes sticking
to her from her own sweat, and the gloom faded in and out, shards of
light spearing through the trees that

Andrea's Passage (F/F, Unbirth, Micro/Macro)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Unbirth F/F Consensual Story Non-fatal Endosoma Micro pred Sort of Willing

Andrea meets a fairy on a walk who gets REALLY into the girl! This is another really old one of my stories. I'm pretty sure I wrote it before the Millenium. Hope you enjoy it! 

DoubleOSnake - 9 years ago

Bravo, Bravo! :D. It's not often you see stories like this. Super fun to read!

Delten25s95b2 - 9 years ago

Couuld you write moremicro pred stories

CrimsonShadow - 9 years ago

Wow, this is awesome. Unbirth, oral, macro/micro, micro/macro, full tour both ways, non-lethal, AND lesbian? This hits on so many of my vore preferences it isn't even funny. It's awesome.

gersen - 10 years ago

This is the best story that was read by me! I would like to see a continuation of the story, as the fairy has not yet used unbirth.
Are you planning to do prordolzhenie this story?

P. S. Sorry that I have to read this story, translating it into Russian for a translator.
Большое спасибо!

Doragon Shinzui - 10 years ago

...Probably one of the weirdest stories I've ever read.

he awoke he was startled by a face peering down at him. It was its
size more than anything that shocked him fully awake, being less than
an inch from brow to chin, connected to a lithe female form barely
five inches tall.
apparition (he dare not use the word ‘fairy’) Hovered less than a
foot from his face, hands on her drawn up knees, translucent wings
spread wide behind her. Why weren’t they flapping?
seemed to look him up and down, then a normal female voice said.

Just Desserts (Forced vore, F/M, M/F, Micro)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Micro Unbirth F/M M/F Story Fairy forced

This is an old one, that Morphy reminded me I never uploaded here. Silly me! Anyway, probably wrote this some time before the millenium, forget when. Shows it's age perhaps, but the wrinkles aren't too bad *grins* 

anonymous19999 - 9 years ago

classic. read the first half too many times

Gimlet - 10 years ago

Posted, and another I forgot about. Janine's Little Problem. Both old stories, but good ones I think. :)

Gimlet - 10 years ago

Dang, that's ANOTHER one I forgot to upload! This is getting to be a habit! I'll upload Andrea's Passage (Yes, you got the name right ;) )right now! Thanks.

Rapanui - 10 years ago

Wow, it's been years since I've seen this story. This and your other story "Andrea's Passage" (I think that was the title!) were some of the first vore-unbirth related stories I read.

massvore - 10 years ago

Oh thanks btw

took her, the dank depths of the quivering vagina sucked and pulled,
the tongue wrapped inside her clothes continuing it's perverse
exploration of her body. It's very being seeming to draw Ellie
inwards as she gibbered at the insanity of it all.
A vast
crash shook the world, spears of light burst alongside her and a vast
echoing choir of screams erupted from all around her. Ellie was deaf,
blind and... in searing pain! Three sheets of fire pierced her while
the tongue that was wrapped

Sated (Sequel, F/F, F/FMMF etc, romance, erotic, horror)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion F/F F/M M/F weird horror romance erotic the Hunger Andrew Nellis Ellie F/FMMF etc

This is a sequel to someone else's story. Andrew Nellis has recently given me permission to post this follow up to his original piece 'The Hunger', which was one of my all time favorite vore stories. In fact it was one of the first one's I read from the online vore community in 1998 and I still think one of the best I've read (though I may be biased). A link to Andrew Nellis' story is here

I'd suggest reading that...
[ Continued ...

Gimlet - 10 years ago

*Chuckles* I think the CGI effects budget would be a tad high. Generating 'Granny' realistically? Hmmm, let alone the various vore scenes. Nice thought though. Thanks for the compliments.

IGA - 10 years ago

Amazing! Action packed, emotionally charged, sexy! This had everything! I totally loved it. Great happy ending too.i really wisg thus could be a movie.

Gimlet - 10 years ago

Thank you! High praise. Me I'd beg to differ on the last score, but I guess I just got too much into the original to see work of mine surpassing it *shrugs* Thanks again.

SooperWooper - 10 years ago

I must say, this rivals the original in all fields. Surpasses some, even!

Rapanui - 10 years ago

Oh ho! I had no idea; checking it out right now!

by Gimlet
I don't
generally do shrinking... I don't generally do digestion or
fatalities... but this story idea presented itself to me and I don't
like to mess with an idea just to fit my fantasies, I'd rather it
worked right. I'd Rather it FELT right as I write it down. This one
did. I hope you like it.
F/F, Vore,
Shrinkage, Growth, Domination, Digestion, Revenge.
[email protected]
wiped the grease from her face and beamed at the latest incarnation
of her life long work. T

Equalizer (F/F, slight shrink and domination)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Soft Vore F/F revenge

This is an odd one for me. I've been checking out sites I normall don't, ie shrinking, aggressive vore, digestion, horror tales etc and this idea came to me. I don't like to mess with an idea just to fit my fantasies, I'd rather it worked right. I'd Rather it FELT right as I write it down. This one did. It's a typical revenge style vore with mild shrinking and growth where there is digestion, though not described. Enjoy.


joeburp22181 - 9 years ago

Would be cool to see a F/M story with winnie having sex with a male then swallowing him whole.

shabbacabba - 10 years ago

In the name of SCIENCE! XD

SooperWooper - 10 years ago

Hey, it made more sense than the High School science books, so it's a win for me!

joeburp22181 - 10 years ago

I'm glad Cassie stayed bitchy throughout the whole story. It made hating her that much easier.

joeburp22181 - 10 years ago

Glad the bitch got what she deserved!

Female, humanoid robot

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-Vore Female Robot military future guns Sci-Fi

A robotic soldier in a future society. My concept was the military appropriated a scientist's attempt at an AI and adapted it to be weaponized. Needless to say things went a little pair shaped. People screaming, mass mayhem etc etc. Still, at least the scientist's original body plan survived the adaption *grins* 

Vorefreak - 11 years ago

It's the shape of the "hair" more than anything else, but I can see where you're coming from.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Oddly... had nothing to do with that. Actually I was trying to do a robotic face and tried to duplicate the fembot file clerk (or what ever she was supposed to be) from Starchaser, Legen of Orin... then realised her face wasn't really robotic. She had cartoon moving lips etc. So I played around till I got something that looked female while not relying on a 'fake' expression. If you see what I mean. Actually building a robot to have a semi-realistic expression would be tough (without going to the extreme of making a pseudo fake skin/muscle face that is)

Vorefreak - 11 years ago

The face reminds me of Mega Maid from Spaceballs.

Endless - 11 years ago

Looking good :D

“OK, put your backs
into it guys!”
With a heavy smash the
make-do battering ram (or a metal pillar prop, that was somehow made
of actual metal rather than painted plywood) broke through Lilly's
“Hey wha?” The
startled expression of the little bunny froze as six burly Jackals
rushed in, picked her up and carried her out of the room to her
plaintiff cries.
“Do you understand
Miss Korjasta?" came from the dropped cell phone on the bed.
After a pause the voice on the other side

Enter our Final Contestant!(F/FFFF,SYS part3)

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Catgirl Soft Vore F/F Fatal Willing Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Wolf girl rabbit girl jackal girl Deer girl unwilling meal

The final part of the vore game show story series. Lilly has been warned off vore, Lucy is starting to like vore, and Alison is mad. So what else is new? (Oh, I renamed the series after the show name rather than the first episode; SYS, as in Stuff Yourself Silly) 

KrasnyiKoiot - 8 years ago

I've admittedly little idea how I never commented on this little set... Be it for its nonchalance, its amusing banter, the fact that it contains jackals (woo!), or its initially dragging me into loving nearly bulgeless acts, this trail of stories has always been one of my absolute favorites. Cheers to it!

Scratch - 11 years ago

Wow! I'll admit, I was hoping for a little more vore in the show (I guess I shared the audience's disappointment), and I can't help but feel sorry for Lilly, she really just got a bad deal, but it was quite a dramatic and twisty end to the series and fun to read. Sandy was sort of a cute running gag and it was nice to see Lucy's story develop so well. I do wonder who the nefarious force was that wanted the show to end, though. Well done through and through, you really made some interesting characters and I'm a bit sad to see their stories come to an end.

LightSpeed - 11 years ago

True, but I still wanted to see Lilly succeed in stripping the studio bare. X3

MeTheMe - 11 years ago

Wow, I have to say, that was one hell of an ending! Blackmail, Fame, Gluttony... all wrapping up into what I like best about a good story, a happy ending! Just couldn't get over not getting to digest everyone enough to enjoy her cushy job.

I did notice the odd spelling or gramatical error on my first read, but none of them were so bad I can remember them off the top of my head.

Great series!

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Honestly, mostly this is not what I like in a story either. It just sort of seemed right once I got started. Normally I stay away from digestion, prefer willing prey only (the first story was DEFINITELY unwilling!) and don't do too many furry stories. I prefer femme humans to femme furries generally :)

1st Date

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Soft Vore Squirrel F/M Willing Sabrina online

This one is ancient! Not sure when I did it but it was before 2000. Again, chars are Eric Schwatz's, Amy the Squirrel taking her 1st date a teensy bit too far. 

MeTheMe - 11 years ago

First time seeing it for me, and it is pretty good! What base would you say they've gotten to on their first date? ;p

Gypa - 11 years ago

Maybe, but the last update came in 2005. So the site is dead in that seens but how nice of the admin to leave the place intact.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Nope, Voretex is still there.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

I tried to make the char look like he did in 'At the Movies 2'. I think he turned out pretty good (I can't remember his name though!)

Dragga - 11 years ago

My goodness...all those years back, I never recognized those characters, and now it hit me like a ton of bricks. XD Haha, nostalgia~

Cave Exit

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Snake Soft Vore F/F Squirrel Naga Unwilling hunting outlined bulge

After doing 'Beaky' as a commission I tried this one for myself to keep going with the scales thing. I rather liked the result :) 

Reiko - 11 years ago

A classic x3 this is one of the ones that got me into vore~

Katojana - 11 years ago

Whoa this is old o,o

LightSpeed - 11 years ago

Heehe, oh no it's not. X3


Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Furry Soft Vore Squirrel Gryphon Bulge Willing Feet first Herm/F Classic GryphRaptor Amy the Squirrel Sabrina online

This is a commision I did for Gryphraptor a while ago now, yet again using Amy the Squirrel although a little more in my style than Erics. 

Leshana - 11 years ago

Wow, this picture! I remember this one. Yeah, it is definitely more in your own style, the other one was clearly Eric's.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

I did one other in this style, plus the series 'Good Hiding Spots' (That's already up on this site) though the scales are a little less pronounced on that one. I'll see if I can dig that other one out and upload it soon.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Yeah, and it took a LOOOONG time to draw them I can tell you! :)

Houyo - 11 years ago

Woah. I remember this.

HS - 11 years ago

I loved this in Voretex. Always hoped you'd one day do something more in this style.

Sabrina & Amy the Squirrel

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Furry Soft Vore F/F Amy Sabrina Willing Eric Schwartz Sabrina online

I've always been a fan of Eric Schwartz's stuff (Yes, I owned an Amiga computer waaaay back when) and a while ago I did quite a bit of artwork with his characters. Heck, I probably taught myself to draw girls by doing Amy the Squirrel! 

Anono1323 - 10 years ago

hmmm ever thought about doing a story based on this?

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Um, I think I only started posting about 98 or 99, only just barely in the 90's *grins*. And yeah, back then it was tricky to find places to post stuff. Tended to end up all over the place (but mostly on Voretex)

Seifens - 11 years ago

Holy nostalgia... I remember this picture on Voretex (and maybe even Big Gulp) from that same way back when. I was using a different handle, but I mostly just lurked so I doubt anyone would remember it. :)

You did some pretty epic writing as well... I still have an (apparently) unfinished copy of Career Change, as well as The Wrong Box.

WolfFort - 11 years ago

I always liked your stuff. The 3 page Prison series, and A Wendy snack. Are my Fav's. *Salutes*

Morphy - 11 years ago

A while ago??? This is like back in the 90's

(Yeah, I collected it all and you didn't make it easy to find some of your art and stories, heh)

Lilly's umpteenth meal

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Soft Vore Unwilling Bunny girl Nudity jackal girl SYS

Another of Brian's works, Lilly waylaying the stage manageress while she finishes another 'guest'. This from the first episode.
I particularly like this one, Brian's caught Lilly expression perfectly :) 

Leshana - 11 years ago

For some reason my favorite part here is the stage manager's headset. It just fits really well I guess. Although amusingly it seems she has a larger chest than Lilly.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Actually, I've tried that too. Been working on a couple of others, but so far haven't got back on Lilly's story. I'll keep trying.

Indighost - 11 years ago

Nah, it's cool. Take your time..or heck, start up a completely different story--sometimes that helps refresh my ideas. Anyways, quality is better than quantity, so don't sweat it. :)

Gimlet - 11 years ago

*sigh* Don't remind me! I've been trying to get into doing part 3 for quite a while now. For some reason I can't seem to get into it. I've got like two pages done so far, and that's it. It may be a while. Sorry.

Indighost - 11 years ago

Agree, love that expression. She looks so satisfied, truly as though she is enjoying the taste of her meal. Incidentally, when's part 3 coming out ? :3

Lucy Shire

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-Vore Nudity Horse girl SYS

Lucy, the Shirehorse from AOWI, again as drawn by Brian. 

Manic_Maxwell - 11 years ago

Assuming that she returns in the next installment of this series, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Lucy advances. I liked her calm, casual demeanor and, hell, someone's gotta step up and offer Lilly some sort of challenge!

The Deer Mandy

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Soft Vore Willing Bunny girl Deer girl SYS

This is Alison's assistant on the show, and sometimes willing meal for Lilly. Thanks to Brian Sutton for doing this for me. 

Indighost - 11 years ago

this Brian fellow is something...these pictures are charming, sexy, and fit your story well

Gimlet - 11 years ago

I'm hoping, I rather like Mandy in the stories. One of the few staff that actually willing. :)

orca13 - 11 years ago

Wow! Will we see more of her?!?

Surprise question for Alison

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Non-Vore Nudity surprise jackal girl SYS

This is from the second episode, when a question 'Find the Rodentia with mixed Eastern European and French origins' turned up to flummox Alison.
Thanks to Brian Sutton for his excellent Jackal girls :) I think he really got Alison right. 

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Yup, always loved Brian's stuff. We've traded off and on for years now. This isn't by the way a 'normal' expression for Alison. It's supposed to be one of her few 'caught short' expressions. Normally, even while being unexpectedly eaten, she tries to remain calm and composed for the cameras. :)

Scratch - 11 years ago

These are great, nice to see some illustration for your wonderful stories. Sutton has an awesome, amusing and simple-yet-sexy style, one of my favorite artists. Always nice to see his work, especially when it revolves around vore (or snakes :) ).

``MANDY! ARE YOU IN THERE?'' Alison shouted down, peering nervously into the warm, wet throat that opened wide in front of her.
``I'm OK!'' came the somewhat muffled response, followed by a louder giggle from the kneeling Lilly as the Rabbit looked up at the tall Jackal girl leaning over her open maw.
``That girl has to seriously learn the meaning of the word 'OK'.'' she said with a chuckle and patted her belly happily.
Alison stepped back and glared at her, then spoke over her shoulder.
``Are w

Give Her A Big Hand! (F/FFFFFFF, SYS part 2)

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Unwilling Willing Bunny girl full body tour jackal girl

Second in the saga of Lilly the voratious bunny on the show 'Stuff Yourself Silly'. What will the show do now they know they have a carnivorous bunny as a contestant? 

Scratch - 11 years ago

The horse and mouse scene certainly embodied that, fantastic scene and dialogue in and of itself!

Scratch - 11 years ago

(Month-later response in 3...2...)
Crud, that long? (half complaining...). Quite a cliffhanger at the end here, I'm left feeling very anxious/curious about the host's fate, and of course eager to see more of this style of vore, expansion on the universe, etc. Your stories are alway fun to read, there's an energy and consistency that's hard to find in vore stories so of course I will be looking forward eagerly to the next installment, even if it means the end of the series.

MeTheMe - 11 years ago

Ha, wonderful sequel! At least contestants that want out get out! Though I guess we have to see what her old boss says about that, huh?

Indighost - 11 years ago

Eh, it's no big deal, just one or two spots. Overall, I really enjoyed the story--it's got a large amount of great plot and vore as well as some interesting and cute characters. Stories of this quality on Eka's are rare--thanks for posting it!

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Dang, I've been trying to avoid precisely that. I know when you've got people of the same sex talking back and forth it can be tricky to avoid 'she said, her this,' etc without over using people's names. I thought I'd managed it, darn it. I'll take another perusal through this thing.

Lilly poked her nose around the corner and looked at the impressive looking door with the sunglass wearing doberman guards. This wasn't Fort Knox. It wasn't a bank, far from it. It was a studio entrance. She grinned. A Studio for a very popular game show that she had been payed to wreck. When she was done they'd never get any contestants asking to come on the show ever again.
Taking a deep breath she gathered her courage and stepped around the corner.
``Hey there, did I miss it?'' She said, grin

And Our Winner Is! (F/FFFFFFF soft vore SYS part 1)

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Catgirl Soft Vore F/F competition forced Bunny pred Jackal girls Dog girls

A bunny girl decides to mess up a traditional eating competition set up by a Jackal girl TV network.
I really enjoyed writing this one, it really flowed well. 

VincentShadowScale - 2 years ago

I love this series~

Gimlet - 9 years ago

And I have no idea how it took me two weeks to notice you'd commented *chuckles* oops. Thanks Indighost, I appreciate it.

Indighost - 10 years ago

No idea why I hadn't commented. I fucking love this story.

Borealis - 11 years ago

Very nice story.

As others have said it was very fun, to-the-point and unpretentious. While also being well-written.

Nice to see a switch of conventional pred-prey roles as well, Jackal girls as prey to a bunny. Love it.

LightSpeed - 11 years ago

Wow! I loved this story. =3 Very well done. ^.^

Leandre arched her back fiercely, grasping her lovers hips above her. This was perfect, intense, and above all `Right' lovemaking. For Leandre that meant it was all for her benefit.
A final heavy thrust, guided just so by her hands on his rump, and the heaving body jerked above her. A gutteral cry erupted from his mouth and she felt him come... and come and come!
``Mmmm, Yes, every drop!'' she murmered as the heavy set man above her became less heavy by the second. It felt like a flood jetting i

Private Meeting (very unwilling Soft Vore F/F)

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Domination Head First Paralysis Forced Meal

In a future where corporations rule one bitch who uses genetic engineering to conquer her 'prey' has a very private meeting with a rival. 

Aickavon12 - 11 years ago

Nice plot twist

Liz - 11 years ago

I do like the idea and it was well written and executed. Use with genetics can open up the door to many different things.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Hmm, I did this one the way it was because the plot called for it. If I did it as a willing one... well I think it'd be a completely different story. As in 're-take' on this with it being willing doesn't make much sense... to me anyway.

Gypa - 11 years ago

Loved this story, but I did like to see some what re-take on things and do a willing scenario out of this.

Gimlet - 11 years ago

Yeah, it was a bit of stretch for me as I rarely do truly 'evil' characters. I don't often do vore involving digestion either, implied or described. Digestion really isn't my thing. However it was right for the way the story was going and helped make the characters fit.


Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Head First tricked prey

And the final page 

Strega - 10 years ago

Well, theme counts more than artwork in some cases. It is a really good concept, and I've always had a soft spot for people being tricked into being eaten.

Gimlet - 10 years ago

OK. Still be interesting to see. I'm flattered you liked it that much, especially compared to the quality of your work.

Strega - 10 years ago

It's only the printed out copies, and they've never beeen scanned. I suppose I could scan them, they are in a stack of drawings near at hand. About the only change is the inking, it was just a matter of whiting out her pointy ears and blacking in the skun fur.

Gimlet - 10 years ago

You did? Cool! Don't suppose you could link that could you? I could just look on your page but... You're just a tad prolific. Could be a long search! *grins*

Strega - 10 years ago

This has always been one of my favorite vore strips. I printed out all three pages and inked the pred to resemble a skunk, but that's just me. 83