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Love Live Sunshine: Mito's Gastric Adventure

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Digestion Weight Gain F/? gurgle Big Belly internals Internal View Big Breasts post digestion Thick thighs Love Live fat fuck love live sunshine mito takami

Back on my shit. Now that I've watched Sunshine, I have a deeper appreciation for Aqours, μ's and Chika's bitchmilf-tier sister

So I indulged in  MakiOsimi's indulging and we indulged in this indulgement. Will this continue? idk, I kinda wanna draw more μ's

Please ignore that I included katakana gurgles I'm in love with JP sfx 

Monopolus - 13 days ago

Love that internal <3

3rd Anniversary Birthday Special

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/F Same Size Big Belly Drunk Big Breasts monika Drunk pred Sayori Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc Just Monika

Monika is 21 now guys, time to booze it up! Shame that sort of leads to accidents, right Sayori?

Happy birthday, Babe. To many more years to come~ 

UnknownPerson9876 - 1 month ago

A good birthday belly for the birthday girl!

asdn534Sans - 1 month ago

Love seeing anything vore from you. Happy bday monika

golly88 - 1 month ago

Monika... Haven't heard that name for a while.

More Mass, More Monika

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Soft Vore Stomach F/F Big Belly Size difference Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Thick thighs monika Meloetta Mallow Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc

It's  ItsJustAGoober's birthday and he actually wanted a Monika, so I had to oblige. Being good friends for a long while does that. Being Monika helps. She's based on another friend's RP Monika, and this one's gobbled up his OC a Meloetta named Mallow. That's not TOO weird, right?

Either way, that makes the third Monika in a row. Back on my bullshit I guess 

007siren - 2 months ago

Awww~ that's so good! Love it!

Turbotowns - 2 months ago

Cute and THICC!

ChillMistressFreia - 2 months ago

Probably lured Mallow in with the cake she already ate!

apitop - 2 months ago

Thick thighs, and a nice internal with the intestines too. More monika never hurts.

Eight ate eight on 8/8

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Soft Vore Burp touhou Same Size F/? Sailor Moon Big Belly Princess Peach Multiple Preds dragon quest yuyuko saigyouji Skullgirls monika Filia Usagi Tsukino Galko-chan Galko 8/8 Jessica Albert Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc dragon quest viii Okusan kyouko okita okita kyouko

That's only five 8s, but originally I was just going to draw 5 girls to begin with. But when I remembered I liked Yuyuko, I bumped the number up to 8. Seemed fitting, don't you think? Well, we don't know if Okusan actually ate anybody... But the others definitely did

These are my cute wives and if you wanna get on my good side, you may send them to me 

RagnarOsCereal - 2 months ago

this made my day, thank you

RagnarOsCereal - 2 months ago

all of these are great, but full tum yuyuko good

ThatBrassyGuy - 2 months ago

Hooray for Galko pred! She is surprisingly rare.

Undernom - 2 months ago

All of these are superb~

July the Fourth be with you

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Non-Vore Butt curvy Big Breasts Big Butt 4th of July fat ass monika Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc

I've been so tired lately, but I got horny so here's a Monika. I promise actual vore eventually

Lemme sleep 

megajumbo - 3 months ago

monika is great and all, but think she's ideal in thick flavor

Undernom - 3 months ago

Sleep tight ;3

Robotdocter - 3 months ago

very nice monika :P

Min Min should've been in Pass 1

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Belly Stuffing Non-Vore Arms gurgle Big Belly chinese Super Smash Bros Min min Super smash bros ultimate

I never played this game, I'm just glad that the DLC is finally a cute girl 

Turbotowns - 3 months ago

Let's keep it civil y'all.

UnknownPerson9876 - 3 months ago

Facts, min min looks like fun too!

SpadeOfTheRedScarves - 3 months ago

Min Min > SINtelle
Don't @ me, just speaking facts.

golly88 - 4 months ago

I can understand that. Even Sakurai was like, please try not to be too disappointed.

007siren - 4 months ago


Mayternity: Joke's End

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Pokemon Pregnancy Non-Vore King Sailor Moon Fire Emblem Legend of Zelda charlotte Princess Ruto Final Fantasy tea gardner anzu mazaki dragon quest Kat Hinata Hyuga lyn sailor neptune white mage alena monika Hilda Sakura Kasugano gravity rush Lyndis Alia Plumeria Android 21 Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc asuka langley soryu Professor Burnet Trials of Mana Michiru Kaioh Serena (Dragon Quest) Veronica (Dragon Quest) tag the remaining characters I forgot

Ahaha I don't really know... So it's my birthday and I'm gonna be spending most of it indulging in Dragon Quest of some sorts (since it's also the 34th anniversary) but until then here was a project I decided to do for Mayternity this year and cover about 4 requests from a few friends of mine to just knock them up

That said, Monika wasn't a request, I just felt obligated to draw her 

lurker474 - 4 months ago

Wow these are all great! Wonderfully done!

noytch - 4 months ago

happy blate bday and also nice drawing skills.

Dragon Ball: Bulma Vignettes

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/M writing Big Belly Dragonball Dragon Ball Z Bulma Object Vore Gohan Breast Feeding pregnant pred Bulma Briefs cravings Son Gohan Poor Gohan

This one was a bunch of various different Bulma miniscenes I did with my friend. Two complete different sessions I compiled together in hopes to make a more 'flowing' story. With how tired I've been, drawing is either incredibly quick or extremely difficult for me. Probably gonna get some more sleep after this 

Sitharc - 5 months ago

Could suggest some more db/z ideas if you'd like, or least ways to make longer ones.

Love the one where Bulma ate Kid Gohan tho.

DeathStar66 - 5 months ago

Really Great!!!

Do more DragonBall Vore stories please ^^

Gestational Adventure

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Breasts Pregnancy Giantess Bulge Non-Vore Big Belly Dragon Ball Z dragon ball hyper pregnancy dragon ball GT Dragon Ball Super

You're probably wondering when I did this. You're probably terrified I did this. The actual commission had even more girls, but I cropped this one to specifically focus on (relatively) canon Dragon Ball girls because I hate Dragon Ball spinoffs. I was reminded about this and thought "if I can't get my other preg pics done in time, this'll be a fine post for Mayternity"

Here's who you're seeing from left to right:
Kale, Caulifla, Ranfan, Maron (Garlic Jr. Saga),...
[ Continued ...

Sitharc - 5 months ago

Great selection of characters across the series, and especially looks like the Mai you used is the aged DB one over the young adult Super one.

Love that remembered Launch (regardless, espec if showed both halves), Gine, Annin, and such too.

Princess Snake is missing tho, but as said, already a great line up of choices.

Think it was you who said Chichi makes a great pred, on a story I had commissioned someone to write.

DoctorDischord - 5 months ago

I always love seeing more Annin! Glad to see she was included here

asdn534Sans - 5 months ago

I can’t believe you included the obscure characters, good stuff

HarlequinGemini - 5 months ago

Yes I did. Must've typed Gohan because my brain has trouble processing Goten even exists

Mewlover45 - 5 months ago

You mean Valese (Goten's Girlfriend)

Still Fat

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Fat Burp Stuffing Non-Vore Belch Stuffed jessica Big Belly Stuffed belly Big Breasts dragon quest Jessica Albert dragon quest viii

So I got PAID to draw Dragon Quest this time. Pretty nice. You can thank  elricomake for some more Jessica

I... REALLY promise to do more than just her. Eventually. Really. 

asdn534Sans - 6 months ago

I also see this as post vore, nicely done


Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Belly Fat Non-Vore dragon quest Jessica Albert dragon quest viii Time to keep flooding the tags

Someone gave me the idea to draw Jessica's flab pouring out of her undoing her corset. How the fuck could I have said no?

Finally, more Dragon Quest like promised. I should draw other girls than just Jessica though 

Turbotowns - 5 months ago

God, this is CUTE!

Slimeman64 - 6 months ago

Corsets are murder. Let that gut be free, Jessica!

KingOfRust - 6 months ago

i would like to rub her belly

Monster Extermination (Not Mine)

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Slime Burp F/? Belch bulging Implied Vore Big Belly Big Breasts dragon quest Jessica Albert dragon quest viii Titty tomboy draws near

Oh hey, I actually BOUGHT a comm for myself instead of just taking them. So here's Jessica having an unusual grinding method with clearly ulterior motives
Sloshing is a darling and I'd simp for them 

HeroSoulSword - 6 months ago

I'm a simple man. I see predatory Jessica, I fave it.

Dr. Slump: Midori's Lesson in Digestion

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Weight Gain F/? Fatal writing Implied Digestion Implied Vore Full tour F/fm Implied Fatality Akane f/fmf rapid digestion Midori Arale Dr. Slump Midori Yamabuki Arale Norimaki Akane Kimidori Peasuke Soramame Peasuke

So uh, I'm hella sick again. So no art until I'm better. Again. To make up for it here's an RP story I wanted to post yesterday but ended up bed ridden for the rest of the day before I could finish

Now that I'm actually watching Dr. Slump future stories can be even more in-character. Not that it matters, really. Given Midori is a teacher here, it must be early in the series before she drops it to be a housewife. Really. 

HarlequinGemini - 3 months ago

Ya, I've been reading some of it and really enjoy it. Midori is the best

I'd put it off for a bit tho cause reading so much all at once burns me out

KeyteeChan - 3 months ago

Glad to see a Dr. Slump fan! ^_^

anema_sesuna - 6 months ago

What a lucky class

Dr. Slump: Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo's Punishment

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/F writing Boiling foodplay Sloshing Tsururin Tsun Tsururin Dr. Slump tsunoda Tsun Tsun Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun Tsunoda Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo

I hope that name pisses you off

So, context! The Tsuns are a Chinese family with a unique way of speaking from your favorite neighborhood hack writer Toriyama's first serial Shonen Jump manga Dr. Slump. I haven't read it myself because I'm also a fraud, but I think I've done a bit of research to have enough reference to guide another RP into something that should FEEL like it takes place in-universe

Sorry it's not art or Dragon Quest, this one motivation struck me...
[ Continued ...

Sailor Moon: Outer Mother Daughter Bonding

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Unbirth Pregnancy F/F Stuffing Lactation writing Sailor Moon f/multiple Implied Unbirth pregnant pred Usagi Tsukino Hotaru Tomoe Makoto Kino ami mizuno rei hino chibiusa written work minako aino Michiru Kaioh

Oh hey another Role Play I converted into a story. This one was done with different friend than the Pokémon ones and I think you can feel the difference. It's split into two parts because the two halves were done at points during the day, and honestly they are so drastically different that I feel like it really warrants it. I have plenty of other role plays I could convert like of DBZ or Smash but I really get fickle if it doesn't meet my standards

Edit: New thumbnail cause I'm...
[ Continued ...

unrak01 - 6 months ago

People have issues tagging properly on Gelbooru. I agree with your second tag btw! I keep hoping for Chibiusa pred and Usagi prey.

HarlequinGemini - 6 months ago

Yea I know it's teal but anime colors tended to be a little off here and there but I grabbed what was tagged Michiru on Gelbooru so damn them for getting it wrong. I'll find a different pic when I can

unrak01 - 6 months ago

Assume you mean the thumbnail you used for your story? That isn't Michiru. Michiru has teal hair, not green, and does not have a black star on her chest. That is Tellu from season 3.

Fooled you

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/F dragon quest dragon quest 8 monika Jessica Albert Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc dragon quest viii

I missed a few holidays this year, but it hasn't been the best for all of us, has it? This one was a little rushed

Play Dragon Quest 

asdn534Sans - 6 months ago

I love Jessica Albert, for rpgs I really like Golden Sun and Tales series

Undernom - 6 months ago


Did You Know?

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Big Belly dragon quest bianca pregnant belly Dragon quest v Bianca Whitaker Yes this is real

God I finally did it and it's not even vore 

HarlequinGemini - 6 months ago

It's early on so you don't see it, but in technicality after marrying your Bride she gets pregnant during the trip back to Gotha. Then it skips the 9 months to when your children are born

Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago

Playable pregnancy, how does that work?

bellylov3rs - 7 months ago

Huh that's a cool little factoid I didn't know about. I've always wanted to get into the dragon quest series but never had a chance to, so 11 on the switch will be my very first entry. But I've always loved the character designs of the series even if I never got to play them.

Love Live: The Fatte Catte Comes Back

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Breasts Belly Fat Weight Gain Bulge Butt Big Belly Female Pred Butt Expansion ass expansion fat ass tomboy Love Live ass shot Umi Sonoda Nozomi Toujou tomboy pred Rin Hoshizora went from flat to fat

I know it's not Dragon Quest but this commission is going to funding Dragon Quest so thank  MakiOsimi for more fat ass Rin eating the rest of Lily White in the world

Plus I was overdue for an actual vore pic, ya know? 

apitop - 7 months ago

Really good wg, as usual.

JohnnyF102 - 7 months ago

Nice I like it

sothis when she gets fat

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Fat Non-Vore Obese Sweat Fire Emblem Big Belly Fire emblem Three Houses Sothis Three Houses

idk i never played the game

Nor do I plan on it, but fuck I love gremlins
I will do more Dragon Quest, promise 

BlueIce - 7 months ago

It's always amazing to see more art of Sothis

CapturePoint - 7 months ago

What a grump! Love the ear positions!

Robotdocter - 7 months ago

Chubby Goddess Gremlin? CHECK

Robotdocter - 7 months ago

chubby god gremlin? CHECK

Alberts throwing their weight around

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Fat Non-Vore Mother jessica daughter dragon quest dragon quest 8 Rosalind Jessica Albert dragon quest viii Rosalind Albert

Hey I'm finally no longer sick! At least, as far as I know. I'm gonna try to get back to doing art and mostly primarily want to focus on Dragon Quest work for the time being. When commissions are fully opened I'll make an announcement

Based off this wiki page:
Please play Dragon Quest 

Yinyangmaster2017 - 8 months ago

At first I thought it was Bulma and Chi-Chi.

Shraq - 8 months ago

I want to hold Jessica'a belly.

bellylov3rs - 8 months ago

Ooh excited to see more Dragon Quest stuff, I'm finally getting into the series with 11 though I want to play some of the others too.
Lovely pic mother and daughter angrily squishing fat bellies together.

Founding Torland

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Big Belly hero dragon quest princess gwaelin

Thy first Hero haveth slain the Dragonlord and taketh thou princess in marriage. Off on a new quest to have founded new land and have her sire thou three heirs to thy kingdom...

... Thou did not have to do it all at once 

Do you remember?

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/F Non-Fatal Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred natsuki Endosoma monika Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc natsuki ddlc implied gremlin

What comes after the 21st night of September? The 22nd

Happy Birthday, Babe 

Floss - 1 year ago

Another Monika external is always welcone

Undernom - 1 year ago

Lovely Monika as always <3

Crème caraslime was defeated

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/? Big Belly hero dragon quest eight slime vore Jessica Albert dragon quest viii yangus Angelo she ate the whole fuckin thing

Thanks Sakurai, I'm a Dragon Quest fan now. I still need to finish VIII on 3DS (gonna marry Jessica) but I finished III a while back and consider that one of my favorite NES games now. I anxiously wait for DraQue XI S so I can waste my time on that instead of doing commissions

While I can share this with my less degenerate friends, I'm counting this as vore anyway just because Slimes are sentient. Here's an edit with the (censored) Magical Bikini from the 3DS remake:...
[ Continued ...

Bright - 1 year ago

The face expressions are hilarious.

MercyPlayz - 1 year ago

I see, thank you.

HarlequinGemini - 1 year ago

However much you find it for. I got it used at my local Game Stop for like $40. Super lucky. It really is the best version of the game if you don't mind the midi OST

MercyPlayz - 1 year ago


tfw no fat moon bunny princess gf

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Chubby Fat Non-Vore Sailor Moon Big ass fat ass Potbelly Usagi Tsukino

I drew this because I'm craving emotional comfort

This website needs more Sailor Moon content like wtf 

asdaf - 1 year ago

If it's at all refreshing to hear this I really loved looking through your gallery. Thank you for drawing so many cute chubby girl pictures, postvore or not o>o!

HarlequinGemini - 1 year ago

That's what I meant to say but forgot

ChillMistressFreia - 1 year ago

Needs more non-cooking Sailor Moon content, you mean. Seriously, all of it is about breast roasting, the fuck.

XRayGun - 1 year ago

This is so cute! I hope you draw more girls like this

Vore Day 2: I'm on time this year

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/F Yuri F/FFF Big Belly Internal View natsuki monika Sayori Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc natsuki ddlc Yuri (ddlc) I'm way too lazy for my own good

Holy shit it's been a year since I've been doing these. My wife ate the other Dokis again. Maybe should've had her try to eat Usagi cause I've been obsessing over Sailor Moon a lot lately

Rushed because I can't draw, gonna go back to sleep with my Monika and Usagi plushies 

Daduke - 1 year ago

This was rushed? It looks great!

apitop - 1 year ago

for something rushed it still looks real nice.good you got this one on time.

Undernom - 1 year ago

Your DDLC stuff is always fantastic~
Happy 8/8~

Pokémon Masters: Lorelei's Day Off

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Belly Burp F/M Same Size writing Butt Big Belly Big Breasts lapras Big ass Lorelei written work Pokemon Masters

Isn't it fucked up that Masters looks more interesting than the new mainline games?

Sorry for not getting much art done. The heat's made it really hard for me to focus and draw right. I do have a few commissions I gotta get to but if I'm not physically feeling up to it I can't draw as well. And as a terrible perfectionist I don't want to give people subpar work

So to make up for that, here's a recent RP I've formatted into a story. Didn't plan to do two Pokémon...
[ Continued ...

HarlequinGemini - 1 month ago

Yeah I realized that a while ago. Toroboros is so damn fickle. I guess this is finally what's gonna convince me to change it

Uchihabiscuit - 1 month ago

Link dosent work

WhenTroubledMakeTea - 1 year ago

Hi, I'm Daisy!
>...tfw you'll never get another Hiimdaisy Metal Gear vid.
Those vids were great.

Mushroomfly - 1 year ago

Hi, I'm Daisy!

MellowYellow - 1 year ago

Hi, I'm Daisy!

Badfurson - 1 year ago

Hello nur-uh, Daisy!

This Game's Winner Is... (Oh, did I win?)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Same Size Peach Zelda Big Belly Princess Peach princess zelda Super Smash Bros super smash bros melee

Not the most exciting one of the group, but the backbone of the project 

apitop - 1 year ago

Its nice on its own aswell.

Ara Ara Aruuuurrrp

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Belly Fat F/F Weight Gain Same Size Willing Belly bulge fat ass Love Live love live sunshine you watanabe Riko Sakurauchi

 MakiOsimi absolutely needed some cute idols getting cuter and fatter so I had to oblige if only because I absolutely needed money for video games

Gotta say, drawing this one really got me hot too 

luckyp3616 - 1 year ago

Two idols become one~ How sweet~

Turbotowns - 1 year ago


LimelleBoi - 1 year ago


This Game's Winner Is... (Sweet)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Nintendo Same Size Peach Zelda Big Belly Princess Peach princess zelda Super Smash Bros super smash bros melee

Same as before. This one was made by complete happenstance cause I thought it would look good 

Kibbleblade04 - 1 year ago

Now there is only 2 left.

Kibbleblade04 - 1 year ago

My life is complete, thank you.

Floss - 1 year ago

I can die happy now

Pokémon ORAS: Expand Land

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Pokemon Digestion F/F Weight Gain Post-Vore Female Pred post-digestion Butt Smother Straight Shota Courtney Wally ORAS Omega Ruby samesize

An old, old RP scene I did with a friend. I haven't posted writing here because I don't have the focus to really plot out that kind of stuff, but I RP now and then and after running it over with him I think I can post to see if it's good enough. Though, vore isn't really the focus here, is it? I guess I find the after effects more appealing than the act itself. Anyone think I should do the same with other scenes?

Given Pokémon's looking to be going down the shitter, might as well...
[ Continued ...

HiddenIke - 11 months ago

That was a super fun read! Loved it!

DCarlC12 - 1 year ago

That was a fun read! Good job!

Also, don’t think I didn’t notice that reference, you whose mother was a hampster and whose father smelt of elderberries.

This Game's Winner Is... (This is fun)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Nintendo Same Size Peach Zelda Big Belly Internal View Princess Peach princess zelda Super Smash Bros super smash bros melee

Smash Ultimate, E3, being busy with commissions and other art made my brain completely slip and forget to post these. So here's the first of the alts. The rest will come when I remember to post them! 

Kibbleblade04 - 1 year ago

Once sweet is released, my life will be complete

Floss - 1 year ago

I can't wait to see the other alts! Good work dude

The Anatomy of a Wife

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Same Size Bulge Butt Yuri Cut-away Big Butt Thick thighs monika Doki Doki Literature Club Yuri (ddlc)

My birthday is a holiday, so I drew a Monika

Just a little something quick I wanted to draw in-between commissions 

Shraq - 5 months ago

Your wife's butt is perfect.

UnknownGuy404 - 1 year ago

Very nice~ =w=

Turbotowns - 1 year ago

Dat Ass

JMSMP17 - 1 year ago

I love this

vorelover2 - 1 year ago

this is just adorable all the way around. loving the side profile and her butt too

This Game's Winner Is... (Peachy)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Same Size Peach Zelda Big Belly Internal View Princess Peach princess zelda Super Smash Bros super smash bros melee shilling intensifies

What originally started out as an experiment to see if I could try to render Peach as she was in Melee became a batch of various alts. The pack wasn't particularly successful, but I made some money from it and I'm thankful for that

Alts coming soon. They were a bit delayed due to life issues but I'll upload them individually along the week starting 6/7 

WeedGang - 1 year ago

Can't wait for the "Sweet" version to come out... hype gang

Kibbleblade04 - 1 year ago

Can’t wait for “sweet” to be released.

BD1GZ - 1 year ago

"Awww...Did I wiiiiin?"

SomeoneThatExists - 1 year ago


JMSMP17 - 1 year ago

Omg shes blushing

This game's winner is...

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Burp Same Size Peach Belch Zelda Implied Digestion Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred melee Princess Peach princess zelda Super Smash Bros super smash bros melee

Don't worry Peach, Twilight Princess is just around the corner

Wanted to draw some Retro Peach. Originally planned to do Young Link or Roy as prey but girl prey is just more popular 

MagatsuBelly - 3 weeks ago

This is just the nicest!

SomeoneThatExists - 1 year ago


princesslover69 - 1 year ago


Haxxtra - 1 year ago

it's not very common to find Peach burping pics
good job

Vulgun - 1 year ago

Zelda certainly does fit more for the prey spot than Yink or Roy. They at least return, Zelda does not.

UnknownPerson9876 - 1 year ago

How do rabbits fuck exactly?

Houyo - 1 year ago

You sir are a man of

Well of something.

Suibelly - 1 year ago


Bluebelly Aqua

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Belly Inflation Non-Vore swollen Big Belly Blueberry Aqua kingdom hearts juicy aqua (kingdom hearts) Swollen belly

Did an RP with a friend where Aqua bloated up due to cursed blueberry pies. I promise this won't be the new norm but I was honestly curious on trying something like this 

Turbotowns - 1 year ago

She's REALLY the Blueberry Waifu now. XD

Status Quo

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Belly F/F Yuri F/F/F Big Belly natsuki Voreception monika matryoshka vore Doki Doki Literature Club ddlc natsuki ddlc Yuri (ddlc)

I guess the second can be considered a holiday too, right? Makes up for missing St. Patrick's (thanks Eka's)

Matryoshka vore is rare and needs to be done more often 

Anonymousfan20 - 1 year ago

Do you think you can do an external of this?

Undernom - 1 year ago

Monika is the best~

Blackheartedreaper2 - 1 year ago

So cute.

HarlequinGemini - 1 year ago

Gonna leave you hanging on this request

TheAkkoDimensio - 1 year ago

I really hope we get a third one with Sayori eating Monika. I don't know, it just feels like leaving Sayori out of this makes it feel incomplete. Besides, Sayori is the most gluttonous out of the girls and it would be nice to have a post with Sayori as the pred, since its not that common.

Today is Her Day

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Belly F/F Yuri Big Belly natsuki April Fools Doki Doki Literature Club natsuki ddlc Yuri (ddlc)

20 minute sketch for a shift in priorities 

MarkoThePrey - 1 year ago

Oh alright. My bad.

HarlequinGemini - 1 year ago

I work on my own ideas unless it's a commission

MarkoThePrey - 1 year ago

Can you do one of natsuki next?

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 year ago

Hell yeah!

Tommywildfire - 1 year ago

Great stuff though, the artstyle makes it unique.

Girl's Last Internal Tour

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Belly Digestion F/F Weight Gain Big Belly Internal View yuuri Chito girls' last tour

Old commission from  Apitop that I finally uploaded now that I've done weight gain to go with it. Haven't done vore in a long while

I already forgot their names. Plz tag for me 

Blackheartedreaper2 - 1 year ago


Turbotowns - 1 year ago


Valentine's 2: White Day

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: Pokemon Belly Fat Non-Vore Big Belly bianca Big ass not my oc lol musharna wtf there's no musharna tag?

Wait that's in March. This is a commission for my good friendo  ChillMistressFreia

Figured I might as well post here for ya'll too cause it's one of my better works 

Valentine Mom

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Tags: Belly Fat Pregnancy Non-Vore Butt Valentine's Day monika Doki Doki Literature Club Just Monika

Happy Valentine's Day. I drew my wife's fat ass 

LimelleBoi - 1 year ago

chub :3

Ultimate Alis Sketch Sheet

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Tags: Pokemon Fat Pregnancy Sonic the Hedgehog Stuffing Sara Fire Emblem Big Belly Ivysaur Mega Man Original Character Leaf Capcom Maid Dragon Ball Z pokemon trainer dragon ball Saiyan Mii Super Smash Bros splatoon inkling Raccoon girl saiyan girl splatoon 2 Dr. Right (female) alright I'm done tag the rest assholes Marie (Splatoon)

Epic  Alis10101 Dump

Probably my most reoccurring customer. Love them. Yes I'm too lazy to render this all separately. Transparent version is available but I'm not sure where to post lmaooo 

Turbotowns - 1 year ago

So much cuteness!

Houyo - 1 year ago

What a series of babes.

vorelover2 - 1 year ago

Man i hope you make these individual someday some of these are awesome

LimelleBoi - 1 year ago

A Lot of girls.

Birb Borbs

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Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Absorption BBW Butt Fire Emblem Big Belly Big Breasts Big Butt Robin Fire emblem awakening Super Smash Bros Tattooification Female Robin Corrin Robin (female)

Whoops my dumbass didn't save the canvas when my computer crashed again so time to post this to salvage what I had. Robin gobbles up the other avatar because fuck her and give the better girl bigger tits. Also because I keep slipping off the slippery slope her stock shows up on her tits

Ramble over 

daeway - 1 month ago

Did she eat a dragon?


TheAkkoDimensio - 1 year ago

So, she can produce milk?

HarlequinGemini - 1 year ago

That's because I'm an intellectual

Houyo - 1 year ago

Fuck, life stocks as prey tattoos is genius.

CapturePoint - 1 year ago

Love the attention to feetail there :P

Chikan Dinner

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Tags: Breasts Belly Fat F/F Burp Same Size Bulge Belch Big Belly Love Live love live sunshine chika takami mito takami literally who

Fat fuck brat sister eats her other, actually relevant sister because she's dumb as a sack of rocks

Commission for  MakiOsimi who paid more than he should to push me to go even further beyond 

Blackheartedreaper2 - 1 year ago

Hot damn.

Turbotowns - 1 year ago

Even further beyond from what? XD

30 bags of pork chips

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Tags: Non-Vore Stuffed Big Belly Mother 3 Kumatora

Another  Alis10101 commission. Don't worry I promise the next one will be vore 

cdowell2002 - 1 year ago

Lotta Kumatora gut all the sudden...
i'm not complaining..

LimelleBoi - 1 year ago

Not t-pose.

lurker474 - 1 year ago

Very cute! I love the idea of spamming health items leading to this

Kelly - 1 year ago

I freaking love Kumatora

SalamatPagi - 1 year ago


Peachy Piranha

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Tags: Big Breasts Belly Fat Non-Vore BBW Butt Big Belly piranha plant Princess Peach Big ass Peachy Piranha

Not technically an -ette, it's Peach being possessed by a parasitic Piranha Plant. Think of it like Bulbmin from Pikmin 2

Also I'm a retard I got commissions to work on 

10younameit - 1 year ago

Someone get a preist we need exorcist done on peach to get rid of the evil piranha plant spirit thats possesing her

thelazyknight - 1 year ago

Now she's extra thicc. I should make some Audre 2 joke but those are done to death.

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

Extra hrong

HarlequinGemini - 1 year ago

She can sprout more if desired too

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

She's got three moufs to feed now

Fats und Asses

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Tags: Belly Weight Gain Big Belly fat ass girls und panzer

Another  Apitop commission. Was a bit lazy uploading this one but here is. Posting now while I work on other stuff 

apitop - 1 year ago

Aint much left of her that could be found other than mika's fatass.

Raynebow - 1 year ago

Looks like Mika finnished her off.