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Another Adventure... Again.

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore fight Absorption Digimon Blood violence Story Non-Fatal battle Transformers Ranamon Endosoma storyline Minecraft safevore My Oc herobrine Shockwave ocs. twitchystitch kuwagamon kabuterimon my ocs others oc others ocs

This is a story featuring my OC Sariel Isda, as well as Twitchysticth's OCs; Odina and Lilisheb. This was originally a birthday gift for Twitchysticth, but i got a bit away from it for a long time, but here it is finally. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it. Also the art in the thumbnail was drawn by Twitchystitch, the character on the left being from a commission i made.

*EDIT*: Finally i got the thumbnail to work! The thumbnail is made by Twitchystitch btw. 

Heimko - 1 month ago

Thanks for the comment. Though there was a detail i'm surprised you didn't point out with Null. Can you guess what that is?

twitchystitch - 1 month ago

Heckuva good write, and it was well worth the time you needed to do it!

You pretty much got Odina DEAD ON, as well as my other OCs; I like the relationship you did with her and Sariel, too! Some details, like her absorbing someone after getting gulped, is a cute idea I think should be canon for her.

The big epic fights throughout, especially the finale, is EXACTLY the kind of tone and awesome adventure I always want to strike in my stories! It is particularly the precise tone, and focus, that I want in my AUs.

Interesting origin for Ranamon, here!

If i was to integrate this, as a whole, into my official canon for my AUs, the big change I would think would be needed would be to make the Minecraft game a regular world or perhaps demi-plane, inhabited by beings of immense strength akin to what people figure out Minecraftians would be like, with Null and company as digital entities. Specifically, some kind of avatar of nothingness that is in some way linked to the catacylsm of ancient days, and great powers of nothingness/oblivian (perhaps inspired by the Excrucians of Nobilis?) Otherwise, all of this is totally in line with my stories!

I'm honestly curious how the heck Herobrine knows about the Task Force, given that it is so secretive and layered in mystery that NO ONE knows about it unless they're members! There's some interesting story material there, if you want to explore that sometime.

Base54 - 1 month ago

You're welcome.

Heimko - 1 month ago

Ah okay. Thanks anyway.

Base54 - 1 month ago

No I don't, I've never used thumbnails because I can't draw for the life of me and I don't want to ask to use somebody else's work because it feels a bit disingenuous to me, especially if it wasn't something I payed for.

Tamitayo Stormcrown and a New Adventure!

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore fight Dragon Digestion Same Size Blood violence Fatal Unwilling Story Non-Fatal fighting Willing battle Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred elder scrolls large prey Endosoma Similar size The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Large Pred Multiple pred safevore willing prey twitchystitch

This is a birthday gift for twitchystitch ( ), featuring her character Tamitayo Stormcrown and my own characters Shuvika-Nebuki, Ciinia Ivywood and Nakila Kaythees. Hope you enjoy. 

Heimko - 2 months ago

Glad you liked it. I'm actually writting a little story about Odina. She's getting dragged along on another adventure again! XD
(Now that i think about it, our birthdays are pretty close, mine is the 10th of April). Anyway, glad you like it and have a good day! :D

twitchystitch - 2 months ago

Thank you so much for writing this!

It was a real treat to see my Dragonborn character adventuring with some of your characters; I take they are some of your previous characters? (Huh. That gives me an idea to reuse some of my older Skyrim playthrough concepts as their own OCs.)

You got my playthrough take on Tamitayo pretty well! A spellslinger who solves her combat problems with copious amounts of Explosions and a generally friendly demeanor.

I quite like the other ones she met here; given that in my 'canon' for her she is also a vampire lord and werewolf in one (via the Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn mod), and its not implausible that after meeting them, she did experiments to make herself into a hybrid.

If i MUST make some minor aspects of criticism, I only have two bits to offer: first, explicit references to in-game mechanics like levels and perks kind of threw me off. Secondly, Tamitayo's personality as I imagine her is a lot more tactiturn and even stoic; not so much unresponsive as just not really emoting that much? IT's easy to imagine her initially being more peppy and fangirl-ish as she is here. Perhaps she's simply more comfortable around these folks!

And fun fact! The specific quest here is one I always avoid doing in-game because I can never figure out which the genuine best resolution is. The way you handled it here was really nicely reasoned, I'll say.

Great fic, and great gift! Thank you again~!

Bountiful Rescue Mission

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Alien Digestion F/F Same Size Unwilling Non-Fatal Willing hips Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey F/FF Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts twi'lek star wars Big Butt Sci-Fi larger prey Endosoma big ass Togruta safevore alien girl alien pred willing prey Vmaster608 zeltron

The albino twi'lek bounty hunter, Evir'potu, has been send out on a mission by her syndicate leader, the giant nagaoid named Doria Chalice, to find and rescue Chani Veron. Along on her journey is she accompanied with the droid EXV-28 to make things easier. Does she has what it takes to complete the mission? Read and find out!

This was a request given to me by Vmaster608 ( ), who requested a story regarding a twi'lek and a zeltron. They didn't...
[ Continued ...

Heimko - 11 days ago

Not sure if i'll make one, but we'll see. So for now it's only a "maybe".

Dooot - 11 days ago

Dang this was soo good. I wanna sequel plz.

Mutation Relation

Topaz would have never thought when she first met Rouge that she would be stuck on the same team with her. The ‘former?’ jewel thief had been insufferable originally, but after a few missions together, the blond


agent was

finding Rouge to be less insufferable.

Topaz & Rouge in: Mutation Situation!

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Sonic the Hedgehog Naga Rouge the Bat Lamia TF Non-Fatal Transformation lesbian Female Prey Female Pred lesbians snake woman Sexual content bat girl Endosoma Naga Pred Lamia Pred safevore topaz

This story is written by DrakentheBlack ( ) who i requested this from, so all credits to them.

It should be noted that this is an AU (Alternate Universe) in which Rouge is actually a human just like Topaz. "The Bat" is simply a codename given to her.

Rouge and Topaz, both ladies who work for the G.U.N. has been send on a mission together to look at one of Dr. Eggman's abbandoned hideouts for either tech or any hints of...
[ Continued ...

Heimko - 3 months ago

Thanks! :D
All credits to DrakentheBlack though.

Lilaka291 - 3 months ago

Nice story!

As the sun shone against the rooftops, shadows of skyscrapers bearing down on the pavement below, metallic clangs rang through the hollow tower, black high heels clashing against the metal stairwell as Pauline climbed higher. As she ascended, she ripped a poster from the wall, an advert for a Koopa’s wedding, it’s ramifications no more, a small action to try to alleviate her mind. Pauline had agreed to meet with the previously unlucky bride, her presence requested for a celebration,

Friendly game among princesses.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Consensual Peach Non-Fatal Daisy Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey F/FF F/FFF Rosalina Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Princess Peach multiple preds Human Pred Belly bulge Princess Daisy Endosoma Princess Rosalina Voreception Pauline safevore willing prey Mayor Pauline

This story i requested from TheVoreEngineer ( ), so all credits goes to them.

Mayor Pauline, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Princess Rosalina all decideds to reunite with each other. A little game is suggested which everyone is onboard with, except for Pauline as she was VERY new to it. 

Heimko - 4 months ago

Nope. That was TheVoeEngieneer's own choice.

C107galaxytachyon - 4 months ago

Huh: don't think I've ever seen a pred's lips bleed from the sheer tautness of the prey forced upon them. Was that an intentional writing choice on your part?

Heimko - 4 months ago

It's okay. That does happen sometimes, i've tried it myself.

rotta287 - 4 months ago

Yes, I was doing this in such haste I forgot all about him only to remember afterwards.

Heimko - 4 months ago

Credits to TheVoreEngineer for that! :)

It had been three months since


had decided to accept


hand in marriage and it had been an unusual three months for




at that. With


The begining of something loveble.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore Love Centaur F/F Monster Naga Consensual Lamia lovers Non-Fatal lesbian romance Semi-willing willing pred Monster girl lesbians Consensual vore larger prey large prey Safe Endosoma Naga Pred Lamia Pred centaur prey safevore Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou monster musume miia Centorea centorea shianus

This story was written by Ventiro ( ) so all credits to them. I simply requested it.

Time has passed since Kimihito had decided who to marry, and while the other girls was a bit bumped about it, they respected his decision. This however also allowed them to get to know each other a bit better, since they no longer had to fight each other over his affection. 

Amberain - 3 months ago

I'd kind of like to see the other side of the story, where the centaur swallows the naga. One of these days I really need to watch this anime, I've been running into references to it for years now.

Miles Tails Prower was known by many, a twin tailed fox that was well known for his heroics, technology and for being Sonic’s sidekick. Even to today he was loved by many, but one loved him more than the others. She was an alien plant girl named Cosmo, a part of the possibly extinct seedrian race. She sacrificed herself to destroy the Metarex, but Sonic had found a little seed in the exploding planet and gave it to Tails to keep. He planted the seed in a plant pot and kept watch over it fo

Cosmo the Guard

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Sonic the Hedgehog Weight Gain Tails Same Size Rouge the Bat Multiple Prey F/FF tails the fox fiona fox Female Prey Female Pred Tails Doll tails miles prower cosmo the seedrian

This story was written by 2littlebigcreepers ( ) who i requested it from.

Tails is taking care of the seed that Cosmo left behind at the end of Sonic X. He has to leave for a while so he gets one of his robots to take care of both the place and the seed while he's gone. Unknown to him, there's two ladies who wishes to break in. Luckly someone is standing guard. 

Heimko - 3 months ago

I was not the one who wrote this. It was 2littlebigcreepers. Also, i'm only accepting requests from certain people.

Higuys123 - 3 months ago

Do a Tails Doll vore story

Hunter to hunted

F/M, Slime girl, Slime girl


, digestion, slime digestion, bone



“Where could he be,” Frank said as he crept around the

Golden horns and slimes.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Slime Digestion F/M Same Size Slimegirl Male Prey Female Pred Slimegirl Pred slime girl vore Bone Disposal slime girl pred slime digestion

This story was written by BobTheWeeb8 ( ) who i requested this from. So credits to them plz.

Sometimes satyrs was born with golden horns. Some says that this is a great sign and that it mean't this satyr was special. Sadly one unfortunate golden horned satyr found himself being chased by a hunter. What will happen? 

Ranamon's sweet day.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Same Size Digimon clean Lillymon Non-Fatal pool Female Pred Ranamon Safe Endosoma Safekeeping Digimon Vore digimon pred safevore

This piece of A++ art is made by Niskra ( ). All credits to them please.

Ranamon was swimming around in her pool. She was waiting for her friend Lillymon to come over. The pool was located in a secret cave-like fortress.
Lillymon soon arrived and the two fairy digimons soon began to talk and gosship.
While the two girls had a sweet time together, Ranamon did notice that Lillymon seemed pretty tired.
Turns out Lillymon...
[ Continued ...

Copperhead09 - 3 months ago

Very nice, love nonfatal(endo)

Misty's "rocket"ing snack.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Pokemon Belly Soft Vore F/F jessie Misty smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge pokemon trainer Pokemon Vore safe size

This marvelous piece of art was drawn by Niskra ( ) all credits to them.

Misty had met up with Ash again, and quite a lot of his friends had grouped together for a reunion. Misty and Iris got along quite well actually. Team Rocket then arrived and crashed the party, and tried like always to steal their pokemons. After a semi-long battle, was Ash and his friends victorious. Jessie, James and Meowth threw a smoke bomb and tried to...
[ Continued ...

dinoman514 - 4 months ago

i know :D still thought youd like to hear it :)

Heimko - 4 months ago

Remember, i just wrote the story. The art is made by Niskra.

dinoman514 - 4 months ago

Nice art and good story im going to vote ending a

Heimko - 4 months ago

Remember that it was drawn by Niskra and not me. All credits to them.

Dan49 - 4 months ago

Great art work. Love it so much!

Ahsoka’s Strange Gift


“Close the blast doors!” The Imperial Stormtroopers shouted as they chased an orange-skinned Togruta through the halls of the




estroyer. They fired their weapo

Ahsoka teaching the robes.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Heimko

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Same Size lovers Non-Fatal lesbian romance Multiple Prey lesbians star wars slight weight gain Inexperienced Pred Ahsoka Ahsoka Tano kaeden larte

This story was written by DrakentheBlack ( ). Please give all credits to them for the story.

Kaeden Larte has ones again been kidnapped by the empire, it's almost a theme at this point. Luckly her girlfriend Ahsoka comes to the rescue. She has a suprise for her when they get home.