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Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/M witch wife/husband implied age regression

Deciding to give writing a short story to my art. Hopefully I'm not too rusty.


Gwen smiled to herself as she lounged about, one hand idly rubbing and lightly pressing on her newly pregnant, yet massive, belly. She fondly recalled the events of last night.

Alton was never able to resist a night of fun. He definitely enjoyed a bit of roleplaying as well, but Gwen wasn't playing a role. She was being genuinely truthful about her being a witch, but...
[ Continued ...

Groblek - 3 weeks ago

As IrateLiterate said, we’re a step ahead of you as far as chatting about ideas goes, DRay. Unfortunately, anything more than that will have to wait until I get a bit more writing time free.

vorelover2 - 3 weeks ago

this has become one of my new favorite pictures of yours. and the story just helps add to it.

saitofang - 3 weeks ago

Now that is a pred I would volunteer for.

Excellent story!

IrateLiterate - 3 weeks ago

We’ve spent plenty of time shooting ideas at each other already. Whether Groblek wants to do anything with that is his choice, although I was already planning on commissioning some work from him anyway.

friemeltje1 - 3 weeks ago

love the pose, very natural.

Bewitching WIP

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/M wife/husband

Been slowly working on WIPs while being sick with a stubborn cold.

Seems like something you should've picked up on before getting married. 

DRayElliott - 3 weeks ago

So, does that mean that she's simultaneously become a widow and mom-to-be?

thevoremorpher07 - 3 weeks ago

shes a cutey! :D

kazki4 - 3 weeks ago

Lucky fella

royalwerewolf - 3 weeks ago


Skunkriot - 3 weeks ago

Love this concept! Your takes on unbirth are always amazing.

Clinical Trial 2 WIP

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/M Age regression wife/husband

Electric boogaloo.

Have you and your significant other struggled to have a child of your own? Nuvelmair may just be right for you! Please consult your doctor first before taking Nuvelmair - she will have her own personal experiences to help you~ 

FRENKI - 1 month ago

So she killed him??

ShamelessPerv - 1 month ago

this seems fun but im a bit confused as to the motivation? like is she gonna go find a new husband or??

SubZero156 - 1 month ago

wait so if going back to being a baby. is she the mom or the wife. and would he remember?

Groblek - 1 month ago

Fun! To no one’s suprise, I’m a fan of the concept you’ve got going here. :)

Clinical Trial WIP

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/M WIP Age regression wife/husband

More WIPs from the UB-verse.

Nuvelmair the pharmaceutical crops up again, it seems. 

Groblek - 1 month ago

Ooh, fun!

DRayElliott - 1 month ago

I want to know what's gonna happen in a month, lol. And before anyone says 'read the tags,' I mean I want to know specifics, not generalities, and the tags aren't specific enough.

Cruise WIP

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Breasts Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/? cruise WIP

Workshopping vague ideas for the Alice/UB-verse I have. One such idea was a pharmaceutical company.

I wonder if any francophones follow me? 

F1reDem0n - 1 month ago

Eh they are their "kids" now. xD

Debolte - 1 month ago

Oh-- fuck me, got confused by the cruise theme. Thought it was a brand t-shirt and bracelet for a cruise line.

But yea sea and mother pronounce exactly the same in french.

glorp - 1 month ago

I love these happy pregnant gals

ShamelessPerv - 1 month ago

looks like they may have some stowaways

erewon - 1 month ago

Well if it isn't "sea" it's gotta be "mom" then, the french pronunciation is the same :)

UB Patient WIP

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/? WIP hospital gown

Been on a UB kick lately, have some cleaned up lineart I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with. 

GirlsVoreBoys - 1 month ago

Can't wait to see more of your UB kick :D

wiseguy288 - 1 month ago

I love it <3

UB is one of my favorites

Royal_Starlord - 1 month ago

Somebody had fun. e//w//e~♥

Fattening Classmate

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Bulge soccer football Accidental vore sentient pudge sentient fat

Dunno why I never uploaded this one, which my computer tells me is from sometime in early October 2018. 

DRayElliott - 1 month ago

I love it, cause right now I'm watching a guy on YT play through the OGSE mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Some of the derpy deaths he's suffered are hilarious. He's just made it to the Red Forest area, BTW.

royalwerewolf - 1 month ago

Sentient fat top tier wooo!

calldahotline - 1 month ago

Just a meme I found.

JohnnyF102 - 1 month ago

I like this cartoonish version nice

DRayElliott - 1 month ago

Where'd you get your avatar image? lol.

Quick Flashes

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: M/F Anal Vore Butt anus asshole M/? Butthole Valentina

That title seemed funnier in my head before I typed it out.

Some super quick AV/butt practice, and I wanted to draw Valentina again. 

thespyfurry69 - 1 month ago

Would you do a post av fart image (optional , sorry if you’re not interested)

AnonymousShark00 - 1 month ago

Really love how you've shown the speed of the character's feet being pulled in. Very dynamic and appealing!

seir - 1 month ago

Very nice.

seir - 1 month ago

Very nice.

7 Ate 9

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Bulge soccer football 789

Aww ye, starting off 2019 with a 7 ate 9 joke. 

Duztlei - 1 month ago

I'll take a jersey with a 9 on it!

blackmichi - 1 month ago

7 ate 9... thats a good joke xD

piecheese10 - 1 month ago

Judging by the prey giving a thumbs-up from inside the belly, I'd hardly call this "non-consensual"...

FRENKI - 1 month ago


turbotails123 - 1 month ago


Sports WIP

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Bulge soccer WIP football

Part of a sequence I'm currently working on.

No dialogue yet, but you can probably guess the gist of the punchline with a bit of deduction. 

Deathbat99 - 1 month ago

why is 6 afraid of 7? cause 7 ate 9

LowProfile - 1 month ago

i like the little detail that the pred's team is the Tiger Sharks XDDDDD

Whereaminow27 - 1 month ago

Man, this comic or sequence looks like it is going to be awesome.

I wonder if the poor cheerleaders might disappear also after the game :)

no one - 1 month ago

I see what you did with the numbers there. ;)

nnn4463 - 1 month ago

Best way to win, just devour the entire team

Cow Girl

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore hyper cow girl hyper breasts hyper boobs

No clever title for this one.

In light of Tumblr's massive shitting of the bed in the past couple weeks, I've dusted off my Twitter (@IrateLiterate) and been slowly posting things there as well.

Meet Norah - an English/American Jersey cow girl. She's currently living abroad as an expat and runs a small cafe. 

x9comega - 1 month ago

A friendly reminder that cows have four stomachs >.>

BlueIce - 1 month ago

Well her hair style complements her very well

Royal_Starlord - 1 month ago

She must give good hugs. :///3

TheRPKing - 1 month ago


DisposableZero - 1 month ago

m o o.


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore Butt Pre-Vore booty Mini Giantess mistletoe GGG Velouria

Merry happy whatever end of year festivities you take part in.

Now kiss. 

MistressMorgan - 1 month ago

I love thisidea

deej1011 - 1 month ago

But of course ^^ *kisses it* :p

Bellove35 - 1 month ago

*Kisses on both cheeks, and between*

AegisOfRoses - 1 month ago

*Bumps with my butt* What, is that not what you meant?

I love this, very cute~!!! <3

The K - 1 month ago


Sketchbook Doodle Dump #39

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Comic Soft Vore Anthro cobra F/F doodle Bulge Swallowing schoolgirl Human Prey Snake girl throat bulge school uniform detailed bulges breast imprints

A potential new character named Kumiko.

Nothing at all suspicious about a snake girl in a human high school, and no one seems to notice or point it out. 

TheRPKing - 1 month ago

Interesting idea. A school girl cobra.

AegisOfRoses - 1 month ago

*Sparkle!* So cute!! I love it!

glorp - 1 month ago

Is she doing hypnosis :o?

Tafillia - 1 month ago


Gloom - 1 month ago

Very much so!

AnonymousShark00 - 1 month ago


DRayElliott - 1 month ago

Cobbly - 1 month ago


mmmooo55 - 1 month ago

and what a glorious bum it is~ glad you decided to show clemency for us perverts.

Two WIPs

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Breasts Belly F/? panties Socks Big Belly Female Pred lingerie bra holding belly hosiery

Taken from a handful of doodles I have lying around. 

AnonymousShark00 - 2 months ago

Good to see work from you again!

Ratsu48 - 2 months ago

gotta wonder who's in the belly XD

PervyLesbian02 - 2 months ago

Nice. : ) They the same girl, or two different gals?

Fabhar - 2 months ago

I like! Very good art.

Solomon - 2 months ago

Nice work!

Feisty, Huh?? ; )

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Anthro F/M Same Size Swallowing Goat Big Belly Male Prey Female Pred Aaron Undertale Toriel Goatmom undertum Voriel hand imprints

Finished up one of those earlier Undertale doodles - Toriel snacking on some Aaron ; ) 

UndernomStudio - 5 months ago

How did I not see this yet? <3 w <3

CharaVorequeen - 5 months ago

Maybe some Chara or frisk vore in the future?

UnknownPerson9876 - 5 months ago

Which is what the fan base went just a bit too far with, but I didn’t really get in too deep with Undertale so I is good

UnknownPerson9876 - 5 months ago

Magically I was awake for this at 4:45 am for this

MirceaKitsune - 5 months ago

Gorgeous and lovely <3

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #38

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Anthro F/F Burp Same Size doodles Fish Goat Big Belly Bulges Internal View Undertale Toriel fish girl Goatmom undyne undertum Voriel burping up objects

Two different versions of a Toriel doodle from a Toriel/Undertale vore doodle session. 

ColonelYeo - 5 months ago

She must be on a seafood diet~ >w>

linthia - 5 months ago

Nice work ;3 Love Undyne as pred usually.. but here as a prey that's awesome !

dodoman_1er - 5 months ago

Glad to see more UT content from you! <3

Multiple Prey

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Same Size Bulge F/? Multiple Prey Big Belly Bulges Female Pred f/multiple hand imprints

Yeah, I've got nothing clever for this one. Wasn't even sure about uploading this one, have it anyway. 

UnknownPerson9876 - 5 months ago


Wolfknight130 - 5 months ago

I'm glad you did :3

Rhaegaldragon - 5 months ago

Looks very lovely! :3

Liz - 5 months ago

That shading brings the squirming bulge to life <3
Need to sell her some stretchy outfits some time XD <3
Lovely work :)

AegisOfRoses - 5 months ago

I'd finally eat something if it was as delicious and filling as her meal~

Multiple Prey WIP

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Same Size Bulge F/? Multiple Prey Big Belly Bulges Female Pred WIP f/multiple F/?? hand imprints

A lineart WIP from a series of Tumblr doodles.

Messing around with more pronounced prey bulges.  

LowProfile - 5 months ago

i kinda get the impression that she's annoyed that her prey is making the most of what time they have left before she digests them, if ya know what i mean ;)

BlueIce - 5 months ago

The sassy look is perfect

runner - 5 months ago

Amazing work

ConsumptionZ - 5 months ago


Especially the huff from the pred.

Small Dress WIP

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Same Size F/? Butt Big Belly Bulges Short Hair Female Pred WIP big butt from behind bottomless

A lineart WIP from a series of Tumblr doodles.

I don't think that dress shrunk in the wash.

Messing around with more pronounced prey bulges. 

grenade - 5 months ago

They really should make a clothing line for PREDS ^^ that can cover prey better ;3 <3 Love your work btw great pic !

AegisOfRoses - 5 months ago


StormyRange - 5 months ago

Really great work especially with the angle! -u-

N7Slayer - 5 months ago

I love this concept! Can't wait to see the final product :D

Insert One Player

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Breasts F/M Giantess Mini Giantess GGG Polybius

That's the best pun title I could come up with.

Trying to get back into the swing of finishing my work for once. 

Birichino - 5 months ago

The funny thing is that becoming Gabby's fat is probably better than the creepypasta claims the aftereffects of Polybius is.

balanced-guy - 5 months ago

Nice, I like the Polybius shirt. ^_^

wisecrack3 - 5 months ago


JAnneBonne - 5 months ago

I always love the tongues you add to these.

F1reDem0n - 5 months ago

How Punny of you. xD

Skuntank Gal

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Furry Pokemon Anthro Non-Vore Skuntank

Wanted a Skuntank gal for AV purposes, drew this big girl!

Doesn't have a name at present, might give her one later. 

G0DF1RE - 5 months ago

she needs to meet my skunk he he

boomerangfish - 5 months ago

Damn, she's surprisingly cute!

Thejynxedlynx - 6 months ago

I like the shirt. It's nice to remember the original team skull.

Noxyoursox - 6 months ago

Love her so far!

G0DF1RE - 6 months ago

ooooh how about Helga ?

New Dungeon

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Furry Pikachu Pokemon Anthro F/? Anal Vore Nudity Nude Female Skuntank

Doodled a Skuntank gal, wanted to draw AV with her.

That's one way to deal with that team of wimps~ 

AssImilate - 6 months ago

Is this a death sentence or will they be released from their "dungeon"?

AnonymousShark00 - 6 months ago

Dammit I love your AV art!

...And your OV art...

...And your sentient fat art...

...And your other art too...


I love your art.

Royal_Starlord - 6 months ago


Shirehorse7 - 6 months ago

Must be a poison type dungeon.

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

*rolls up sleeves*
Time to go spelunking in this big girl.

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #37

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/M Bulge doodles Swallowing F/? Male Prey Female Pred tattoo taunting onomatopoeia Digestion Noises stomach noises belly tattoo writing on stomach talking to viewer

A selection of doodles from a couple recent Tumblr posts.

I really should work on these more often. 

ryanshowseason3 - 1 month ago

Boy Jail~

Jackal3 - 6 months ago

i'll take the girl on the right!

Sana Won

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Breasts Belly Bear Anthro Non-Vore Big Belly midriff bear girl wide hips thick thighs

Finished up some more Sana Won.

I quite like that shirt. 

G0DF1RE - 5 months ago

Sexy, and that shirt is to die for

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

Now that's a pun I've never heard until now. Well placed though. xD

ColonelYeo - 6 months ago

Great shirt + sexy bear = all of my yes!

BlueIce - 6 months ago

I would like one of those shirts lol

Jackal3 - 6 months ago

*intense stare towards artist*

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #36

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Anthro F/M doodles Goat Aaron Undertale Toriel Goatmom undertum Voriel

Some Voriel doodles! Don't have much else to say here. 

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

I hope you do more Toriel drawings. Not enough vore art of her and her big milf bod. <3

UnknownGamer21 - 6 months ago

Who's she eating?/ate?

UnknownGamer21 - 6 months ago

I think it's already a thing

vorelover2 - 6 months ago

toriel looks amazing in your style

MisterEbony - 6 months ago

Ok. #voriel. Make it a thing people!

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

Makes me wonder, is she the Man Eater, or is her belly? lol

AegisOfRoses - 6 months ago

It was probably the last tattoo artist~

nigward - 6 months ago

Ohhh here she comes.

glorp - 6 months ago

I love when there's writing on the belly. Great piece of art like always.

empatheticapathy - 6 months ago

I bet she had to have someone in her belly while the tat was being done. That way it'd look proper when she's full, instead of potentially looking stretched out or illegible.

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #35

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F F/M Bulge doodles Bathrobe Sister/Sister wife/husband siblings vore

Some of a littany of female pred doodles.

The second one was pretty much inspired by  ad12345's story "A Misguided Prank" 

Justsomeone - 6 months ago

wife/husband vore is honestly the best. I love it. Keep it up!

MissCrissy - 6 months ago

Absolutely loving this. I will never have enaugh of this kind vore when the prey is alive and well inside.

Balls of a Demigod

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Cock Vore M/? demi-god Demi-Human hyper cock hyper balls hyper boobs bustyboi Valentina Busty Boy

Yeah, got no funny title for this one. Just enjoy some Valentina in the post-vore stage of sucking someone into those balls of his~ 

AegisOfRoses - 6 months ago

I wanna cuddle him~

grenade - 6 months ago

yum ;P

ThatBrassyGuy - 6 months ago

I can safely say this char has made me like the concept of male herms.

ChaoskampfNunc - 6 months ago

Wow, what an honor!

I'll Be (In That) Back(side)

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Anal Vore Balls anus Willing H/F Mini Giantess H/? Hermaphrodite bustyboi Valentina willing prey Busty Boy

This is at least the second time I've made that Terminator joke.

Some random Valentina/Cait AV doodle/thing. 

AngelDarling - 5 months ago

I absolutely love this piece, it has everything!

braxe - 6 months ago

God i love Valentina, he's just so casual and... powerful

lonelypaintbucket - 6 months ago

very nice <3

Liz - 6 months ago

Love the pose <3

Codo - 6 months ago

Gotta admit, out of all the artists who do AV, yer one of those very few I can definitely claim I like the best. <3 Seriously, every time I see ya do a new one, I'm always super eager to see!

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #34

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Sketch Dog Belly Soft Vore Anthro Digestion F/M doodles F/? Canine implied scat Implied Digestion Big Belly Size difference corgi talking to prey stomach growls onomatopoeia flirting Digestion Noises stomach noises talking to viewer

Some doodles of a very old character of mine - Boom the Corgi! She's a nice gal who goes through boyfriends like nothing and has a bit of a fixation on dumping them! 

nigward - 6 months ago

Oohhhh here she comes. Watch out boy sheill chew you up.

grenade - 6 months ago

feel free to use my OC ^^ if she ever would like a cute girl to nom <3

grenade - 6 months ago

cutie !!! ^^ i love Corgis <3 aww i wish i could give Boom all the Belly rubs ;P ...all be it from the inside lol x3

Killer8496 - 6 months ago

Man I'd sure love to see some more disposal with this character. Even if implied sitting on the toilet with nothing shown, I'd love to see it.

Cobbly - 6 months ago

I know, but it's still cool. I'd love to see more of this with the sentient fat chat

Scrapped Doodle #02

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly F/? Belly bulge selfie

Part of a doodle dump about cell phones and such. Got this far and decided to not finish this one. 

Liz - 6 months ago

Oh my love the pose <3

nnn4463 - 6 months ago

Selfies to commemorate a meal are my fave

On Vacation

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/F Same Size Mother/Daughter Endosoma

“We’re still around! Eden and Alice just want the spotlight so much more. Besides, I get to take it easy~”

Question and answer time from Tumblr! 

BlueIce - 6 months ago

Seems like a fun vacation lol

Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago


Hun in the Oven

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/M Same Size Endosoma wife/husband

“I might call him the baby, but he’s still very much my husband - one that I could easily push around since the day I married him! Even now, I’m carrying him through life~”

Question and answer time from Tumblr! 

Liz - 6 months ago

Love how you do your full dresses. Love it <3

Bellove35 - 6 months ago

Good to see more of Eden and her husband. I feel like we don't see enough of them and they make a really cute couple. On a side note I love the stickers on her belly. I like preds who enjoy showing off that they've got somebody trapped inside them.

lunchymunchies - 6 months ago

They age normally.

Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago

Does the unbirthe usually stay the same age, or do they get younger?

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #33

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Breasts Belly Bear Soft Vore Anthro Burp sketches Bulge doodles Swallowing F/? Big Belly midriff onomatopoeia bear girl wide hips Last look thick thighs

Doodles of a potential new bear OC, Sana Won. Imagine a big mama bear, except she's not a mama nor is she very motherly.

She is very hungry, though. 

Bloodesplate - 6 months ago

I’m actually excited for this to be a thing cuz you make awesome art and I think you could do something sexy, kinky things with her and I’d honestly love to be in her belly

Tassie - 6 months ago

I don't know why I feel that a bear swallowing a person whole is such a beautiful thing, but it is.
It truly is.

Tafillia - 6 months ago

best kinda mama bear

Bigfatpiggy - 6 months ago

Always lovely to see anthro characters~

I'd love to see her snacking on a few human campers.

Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago

Never enough bear girl vore here. Good work.

Sun's Out

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/M Same Size F/? Endosoma wife/husband

A scrapped Motherly Alice ask reply that I just turned into a standalone piece. 

Groblek - 6 months ago


Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago

You should draw vore/unbirth bellies in bikinis more often.

book-remote - 6 months ago

That little bit of stretched fabric makes this like 20 times hotter. And that kind of attention to detail is beautiful

Endierlord - 6 months ago

Cant let her baby (or husband) get sunburned

Scrapped Doodles #01

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Digestion F/M Bulge F/? Digestion Noises Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Some of many doodles from my Tumblr that will probably get scrapped at some point.

Just been in an art funk lately. 

Frednurk - 6 months ago

Haha! Who'd have thought there were new jokes in this business :p

Flatheaddog - 6 months ago

My dream life. Or perhaps lack there of

Three Years, Side By Side

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore Mini Giantess GGG Art comparison

A while ago, the GGG blog turned three and I did a redo of the first image of Gabbie ever drawn. It's just now getting posted here.

Three years and in that time she managed to lose her green sweatband. 

redsquallff8 - 6 months ago

Can I be next ;3

BIGBIG - 7 months ago

fancy shmancy effects with the shading and textures on the new one.
TBH I like the old a lil better... the tilted shoulder looks good more natural and the crossed legs gave her a little more natural look then on the new one.
what really turned me away from the new one though are the eyes. her eye on the left looks waay to smaller. A mistake that I was doing for a long time. It really makes the big difference to keep the eyes same sized. (I don't speak about the tilt but the size... tilt is good)
In short: the old one may not have as much fancy stuff as the new one and it does look simplier but I feel like the proportions and pose worked better on it.

on the other side the anatomy is a little better on the new one (expect the eye size)
It also seems like you grasped her form better on the new one.
There are some good changes but it still feels like you need to work on your figure (posture, line of action, proportions, anatomy)
all in all nice to see some progress!

klonoa723 - 7 months ago

Welp, you can totally see the improvements <3
Great work, but don't stop trying to improve yourself :p

The K - 7 months ago

Impressive evolution.

The K - 7 months ago

Impressive evolution.

Guys Guys Guys

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore thighs Mini Giantess GGG sentient fat

A silly little sing-song thing that was inspired by a conversation with someone.

Not strictly vore, but it's definitely got pred notes, as well as potential sentient fat notes. 

Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago

Will you post that one picture from the GGG tumblr where Gabs is putting pants on while the sentient pudge enjoys it?

balanced-guy - 7 months ago

Gotta love Red Dwarf <3

Genly - 7 months ago

First thing I thought of:

supersaiyango - 7 months ago

Gabs is so silly. Id love to be added to her

Bigfatpiggy - 7 months ago

I'm curious about the melody!

New Dungeon to Explore

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Pokemon M/M M/F Multiple Prey M/? gengar pokemon mystery dungeon

A quick little idea that I’m not sure if I’ll complete or not. Was having Pokemon Mystery Dungeon thoughts, this quickly came out.

Gengar pred is kinda weird to me. He’s a big chunky boy with all mouth, but not really much of a discernible tum. 

Flunkifer - 7 months ago

Agreed ^^

DylaniusTheKirby - 7 months ago

Wait, if the Squirtle from the short is also a former human, doesn't this technically also count as cannibalism?
Unless him and Gengar being in Pokémon bodies doesn't count.

Pokemonfan612 - 7 months ago


UndernomStudio - 7 months ago

Mystery Dungeon vore is great~

Too Beautiful?

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: F/M Giantess Non-Vore anon Pre-Vore Size difference Mini Giantess

A bit of pre-vore action from the GGG Tumblr. 

Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago

But I have to agree on seeing either her or Gabs in Their undies.

mmmooo55 - 7 months ago

My bad, didn't notice her longer hair.

grenade - 7 months ago

You have a Beautiful booty Val ^^ <3 he is so lucky and does not even know it ;3 hee he now i just need some wip cream, sprinkels and to cover my self in it ...if u feel like a cute snack after ;3 of corse <3

The K - 7 months ago

That lucky guy.

runner - 7 months ago

Is that a warframe logo?

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #32

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Belly doodles F/? jogger Digestion Noises mid-swallowing wench renaissance fair

Inspired by some random, disjointed thoughts about joggers and renaissance faires. 

ivan72 - 7 months ago

Do color

Bright - 7 months ago

Renaissance fair with a kissinb booth would be a lovely situation.

N7Slayer - 7 months ago

Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmm.

Single Sketch #17 - Sacked Again

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: M/F doodle Cock Vore Unwilling Prey Size difference WIP Demi-Human hyper cock hyper balls hyper boobs bustyboi Valentina cutaway shot Busty Boy

A Valentina doodle. Pencil only because my tablet is currently broken and unreplaced. 

ErRynArya - 7 months ago

Yes. Which means you have to go in the other side :p

Straxacore - 7 months ago

Love it :) Does he need to even it out?

bloodwolfvamp - 7 months ago

she very pretty

CompactorFlame - 7 months ago

We need more!

RavenXeo - 7 months ago

Cute and well made top<3

JohnnyB - 7 months ago



Goblingobler - 7 months ago

I love dis Goth gf. ;3

Stay at Home Mom, 2018

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Belly Unbirth Pregnancy F/F Same Size Mother/Daughter Endosoma

Kinda softcore-rebooted Motherly Alice.

This kinda gave me deja vu vibes to a much earlier Alice piece. 

Mark45 - 6 months ago

"Some mother milk." That would probably be the best translation.
If you want the translation for each word, it would give "milk of the mother".

Bellyl0ver - 6 months ago

What’s her shirt say?

bloodwolfvamp - 7 months ago

she pretty

Groblek - 7 months ago

Nice! Good to see Alice again!

WillingWombPrey - 7 months ago

Will you be reopening your tumblr?

Heat Wave

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion Same Size F/? Heat Big Belly Ice cream summer Female Pred onomatopoeia Unknown prey Digestion Noises stomach noises summertime

Es tut mir leid.

Inspired by my complete intolerance of heat. 

Savagerush012 - 7 months ago

It actually quite hot inside the human body. We have core temperatures hovering around 98 degrees.

FRENKI - 8 months ago

Well aktchually stomach acid bur people and rip them apart so that is more heat then outside.

testuser - 8 months ago

Perfect way to beat the heat.

IrateLiterate - 8 months ago

The logo design is Haagen-Dasz, the choice of Essen-Mann is purely on me x3

Zephyr42 - 8 months ago

Huh. I didn't know Hungry-Man had ice cream. Maybe it's just a German thing.

(Yeah, I know it's a Haagen-Dasz reference, I just couldn't resist the joke.)

Heat of the Moment

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Pokemon Digestion navel Post-Vore M/? Machamp Digestion Noises BHM

A long while ago, I doodled a pred-ish Machamp. He made his way to my anthro/chub/vore blog and gained a name (Atlas) and a whole lot of personality.

He doesn't normally like to vore and digest, but sometimes he just gets in the heat of the moment when exercising, and those spotters just look too tasty~

When not chowing down on other 'Mons, Atlas enjoys taking it easy on Alola and sumo wrestling with the guys. 

WildWendy - 8 months ago

I really like the style and how the four arms turned out and machamp is way stronger then what he’s lifting and those spotters are making him chubby

Tigataga - 8 months ago

If he needs a new spotter, I volunteer~

vorelover2 - 8 months ago

Is it just me or do i heer that song from supernatural when i read the title

Donner Pred WIP

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Anthro doodle Reindeer Unwilling Prey M/? WIP Male Pred BHM reindeer pred

So I have a male pred reindeer named Donner, which you can find at

He's basically a right bastard and I love him for it. 

PikachuX2073 - 2 months ago

I'm guessing we won't be seeing Mac over here then?

Assimilation - 8 months ago

You do an excellent job of placing the stomach. Not that it really bothers me, but most artists I see emphasize the bulging in the lower torso where the intestines are, likely due to how fat accumulates there.

But when I'm stuffed in real life and leaning back in my chair in the privacy of my own home, my hand pats the part right underneath my chest, where I can feel the hard-packed meats awaiting the longest steps of their journey.

Shirehorse7 - 8 months ago

Reindeer just make very enjoyable predators.

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 months ago

I love me some bastard preds

Sketchbook Doodle Dump #31

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Breasts Belly doodles F/? swimsuit Female Pred hoodie selfie

A handful of late night doodles 

ColonelYeo - 8 months ago

Very nice work, Irate!

Love these doodles. And I ESPECIALLY love the selfie gal in the upper right. Something about her style. The hair, the pose, her expression and eyes... <3

IrateLiterate - 8 months ago

Thanks! The first one is actually lineart, but there's no official plans to finish it yet, so it's a doodle for now ^^

Brownesium - 8 months ago

Honestly, all three of these are really good dear! And if I'm being honest the first one honestly looks good enough to be a line art!The detail in it is great, and the lines are super clean! And frankly, I really like her look! Can't wait to see more from you! ^^

Flight Upgrade

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: IrateLiterate

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Belly F/M doodle Bulge F/? Gulping hips WIP Mid-Vore mid-swallowing Flight attendant

Put a casting call out for anyone wanting to suggest a same-size vore scenario on Tumblr here:

This was one of the suggestions - a flight attendant "upgrading" a passenger. 

Bright - 8 months ago

The best way to deal with complaining passengers.

NightUltranium3 - 8 months ago


Shinchichan - 8 months ago

I'm currious to who will be happier with the results the flight attendat or the passenger >w>

Either way I love the pic <3

Debolte - 9 months ago

Agreed, absolutely love this. They're great at it for sure.

Tafillia - 9 months ago

best way to fly~ down a cute girl's gullet ;D