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Looking up from her book, Chiaki stood and straightened out the ruffles on her skirt before walking over to the doorway, setting down her book before pulling the door open. Smiling at the children outside, she motioned to the large cauldron filled with candy and watched as they each took one, then waved as they laughed and giggled their way back down the steps outside.
It was interesting seeing the different customs for this holiday around the world; Chiaki had see

Day 31 - Trick r Treat

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Aesirko Multiple Preys Drawlloween

On the night of nights, there are rules to be followed. Ware those that do not, for they are liable to be punished by those who take the traditions seriously...or those looking for an easy excuse for a quick meal.

Day 31 is finally here, and tonight we have Aesirko showing off her new outfit, along with some helpful 'volunteers' aiding in filling it out. Featuring CrimsonKirie's Chikan, Salamoun's Sally, and Vulgun's Kaltia. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here -...
[ Continued ...

“Can you believe this? Who would ever go for something this dumb?”
Looking up as Yolle flipped the laptop around so that she could see the screen, Misaki squinted at the flashy graphics on the screen that were obscuring the tight lines of text on the page. At this point they had already been through at least a dozen of these personal ads on this particular dating website, with most of them being distressingly similar, but this one was easily the worst thus far.
A number of what loo

Day 28 - The Spider's Website

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Bondage Drawlloween drider pred Bijin Hakume

As it turns out, predators aren't limited to just chasing someone down on the street or grabbing them in a dark alleyway. Some are frighteningly capable with modern technology, and will do all sorts of things to lure in their hapless prey.

Day 28 features Bijin Hakume, along with three little foodthings in the form of Yolle's bun, Brookkd900's bun Hanna, and Red's Au'Ra, all trussed up and ready for leisurely consumption at a later date. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here -...
[ Continued ...

joe354 - 2 months ago

Ah ok understand, hope things are better

Jermayan - 2 months ago

Fixed, was dealing with some IRL stuff at the same time as this was getting posted.

joe354 - 2 months ago

Jermayan, your missing the link to the picture and title the wrong day. Hope your doing well mate.

On the list of things that I preferred to not have to deal with, hearing something splatter against the windows and side of the house this late at night was quite high up on that list. This time of year, it could only really be one thing, and I was very much not looking forward to needing to spend tomorrow outside in the cold trying to hose dried egg off the siding. This was the third year in a row that kids from the neighborhood had decided that this was how they wanted to spend their nights

Day 27 - Tween Wolf

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Burp Multiple Preys Drawlloween Ms. Garou

You know, I wonder why people decided on eggs and toilet paper as the items of choice when doing things like this. I know part of it is because it's annoyingly difficult to clean off afterwards, but of all the things to use, why that?

Day 27 has the much-anticipated return of Ms Garou, along with a few naughty middle-schoolers who picked the wrong house to prank. Featuring LunaSchatten's OC Luna. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

HMDVore - 2 months ago

Awesome story.

Tai223236 - 2 months ago

Wouldn't really be halloween if no kids were eaten in your series, huh? : )

Tai223236 - 2 months ago

Wouldn't really be halloween if no kids were eaten in your series, huh? : )

theteen73 - 2 months ago

I loved this one, a nice little girl for dinner is always a treat.

“Anna, I know that you said that this wasn’t really a huge deal earlier, but of all the places to go, why did you pick this one?”
“Because it’s the biggest one, duh. If we’re gonna go this, may as well make it something that people will respect, right?”
Gazing up at the elaborate mausoleum that dominated this portion of the graveyard, Jenna had to concede that part of the argument. There was no doubt that this was the largest mausoleum for counties aro

Day 25 - Night at the Mausoleum

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Implied Digestion Elf pred Drawlloween

Go onto or into creepy property without permission and without anyone else around, and you get eaten. Period. It's like clockwork at this point.

Day 25 shows us once again the price of trespassing on our elven necromancer's property, with CrimsonKirie's OC Reika demonstrating the end result - addition to her ghostly harem. Corresponding picture by  Aesir here - 

Another day, another mortal summons to answer.
Now don’t get me wrong, there are most certainly benefits to working with mortals, and there has only been one time where their involvement has been a true detriment. Mortals always wanted something, and so the opportunity to draw them into profitable arrangements was never a difficult one to manage.
The problem was that they always wanted something, and once they learned that I could provide, more often than not they grew dependent on what I

Day 24 - Scare Devil

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Burp devil Drawlloween

Always read the fine print. While it probably won't save your life when you're quite literally dealing with devils, it just might make what happens a bit less painful.

Day 24 and we have a new one for you, that being Prince Sitri and a soon-to-be rather unfortunate cultist. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

DrLewdLunch - 2 months ago

Great work!

Bobrocks - 2 months ago

Wonder what plans the demon has for the summoner...

“Julia! Hurry up or we’ll be late!”
Waving to her to try to encourage Julia to move even slightly faster, I looked back up towards the house at the top of the hill and sighed. At this rate it was going to take a while before either of them arrived, which just meant that everything that I wanted to get done later tonight was just going to take longer, and...bah.
Sighing, I just started to walk up the long winding trail that led to the top of the hill. When I had first gotten

Day 23 - Owl Be Back

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Human Prey Drawlloween owl pred

Starting to run out of pun-filled quotes for these. Don't wander around in the woods late at night, I guess?

Day 23, and given that we had another repeat quote from a previous year, it seemed appropriate to bring back the pred as well, that being Ms. Dapper Owl. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

marceber - 2 months ago

Ok, this one is certainly the most horror-like so far with that ending sentence. Great job!

Matanuiv - 2 months ago

"Two girls learn a swift lesson about their place in the pecking order"

Another fun read!

Blinking up at the ceiling, Katie took a moment to relax as she listened to Olivia’s soft breathing on the bed next to her. This trip had been her idea, and originally she had been a little concerned that Olivia might not enjoy it as much as she would. A city girl through and through, Katie wasn’t sure if a week effectively alone in a secluded little bed-and-breakfast up in the mountains would appeal, but as soon as Olivia realized the opportunities that were available, she took to

Day 21 - ScareBNB

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Aelia implied sex Multiple Preys Drawlloween

Secluded little hideaways up in some little quiet town can make a fantastic vacation spot if what you're after is a little peace and quiet. Unfortunately, this is known by more than just the 'normal' clientele, and it's not out of the question for some enterprising predators to decide that their version of 'in-house breakfast' is different than yours.

Day 21 features the winner of this year's art contest, and  4KKC opted to have their lamia Anna enjoying a nice, relaxing...
[ Continued ...

4KKC - 3 months ago

It was amazing how someplace where you could spend so much time could be so different with just one little change. Change one thing from how you normally see it, and suddenly it took on a completely different aspect, a completely different feel.
In this case it was her school. For the last three years Danica had spent an almost inordinate amount of time in this building, and that was just for her classes. When you factored in things like clubs, sports events, and other after-school and extrac

Day 18 - Poltergeist Heist

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Fatal ghost pred Bone Disposal

You'd think that keeping a doll like that around would be a bad thing, but if all that happens is a few naughty students going missing, I can see certain teachers thinking that it's purely a bonus.

Day 18 was originally something of a repeat of a previous day from Drawlloween's past, so we did what we could with the theme this time around, once again featuring Cassandra. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

“Well, look who it is. Little Miss Monochromatic. I thought we told you not to come back to our part of the school until you learned that other colors besides black exist.”
Looking up from her lunch, Stella sighed and turned around despite already knowing what she would see. Sure enough, standing behind her was not just Stacy, the one who had been talking, but the entirety of her little entourage and fellow members of the Glee club - Cindy and Pamela. All were wearing matching ou

Day 17 - Dead Heat

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Burp Obsidia burping up clothes Multiple Preys Drawlloween

Meddle not in the affairs of reclusive, well-read occult aficionados, because they occasionally have large, hungry friends.

Day 17 has a rather unusual occurance with Obsidia showing up in a slightly smaller capacity than normal. Her appetite is unaffected, however, something that her summoner may not have taken into account. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

marceber - 3 months ago

Oh, this one's great! I hope Stella manages to get Obsidia back, just so she can summon her full in the future

Pushing open the door to my balcony, I flopped down on my recliner and opened my laptop, looking out over the expansive park to the side of my apartment building. The space hadn’t been cheap, but the view (and the promise of rising property values in the future) had made it more than worth the price. Flicking open a few tabs, I went through my standard routine of checking my email and responding to a few friends before I closed those programs down and instead booted up the software for t

Day 15 - Bigfoot Forgot the Wifi Password

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Giantess Female Pred f/multiple giantess pred Multiple Preys Konga

You'd think that someone would have seen Konga by this point; she's not exactly subtle. On the other hand, given her tendency to eat anyone who does see her, maybe it's not so strange after all.

Day 15 further explores Konga's exploration of different parts of the city she now calls home, along with the ingestion of said city's inhabitants, those including KinkSeekSync's Elaine, Ekohime's Eko, heromanbunny's Eli, and Mollybell's Molly. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here -...
[ Continued ...

“Welcome everyone, to what may be the last upload for this set of video blogs! As always, I’m your host and camerawoman Patty, and today our little group of adventurers has finally reached what we think is the entrance to the cave system itself! But before I get too far into that, let’s do our last set of introductions!”
Twirling the camera around, I turned to get a nice panoramic shot of the landscape leading back down the mountain we had been climbing for the past few

Day 14 - Ghoulish Mortals

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Drawlloween Ghoul Pred

I wonder what would happen when somebody eventually finds this tape? Assuming that it made it through the ghoul's gut intact, and also assuming that the person who found it didn't follow in Patty's footsteps, what exactly would you do with the information that this remote mountain range was infested with man-eating ghouls?

Day 14 features yet another group of would-be spelunkers who are now finding new employment as padding on the bodies of this particular pack of ghouls. ...
[ Continued ...

*pok pok pok* “Delivery’s here!”
Hearing the knock on the door, I rolled off the couch and stood up, being careful to not smack my head on the light hanging down from the ceiling as I did so. Not much of anything on this planet was designed for someone of my height, but there were worse things that I’d had to deal with on the job in the past, I suppose.
Of more immediate concern was the fact that whatever had gone wrong with the teleporter had meant that all of my gear

Day 12 - I <3 UFOs

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Anal Vore Implied Digestion Drawlloween Bone Disposal

Trapped on Earth with no clothes, no gear, and no way off the planet for a week; what's a hungry alien to do? Why, sample the locals and their cuisine, of course. Although, not necessarily in that order.

Day 12 is Bounty Hunter day, and courtesy of Yolle's OC of the same name, she doesn't seem to be lacking for food at the moment. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Handing over the overlarge cup with a smile to the last customer in line, I stepped away from the counter and went into the back of the coffeeshop towards the small staff room. Shucking off the borrowed apron and hat that I had been wearing, I dropped them on a table next to the room’s other occupant, who was currently asleep. Leaning down, I whispered a few words in her ear and her eyes fluttered open before looking around the room in confusion.
“Sorry about that but it looked lik

Day 11 - Apoca-Lips

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/F Tentacle Drawlloween Shul K'yara-at

Getting pulled into a nightmare dimension? Bad.
Getting pulled into a nightmare dimension, with someone else who you've never seen? Worse.
Getting pulled into a nightmare dimension, with someone else who you've never seen, and then finding out they have an unusual appetite? Well, not much left to say.

Day 11 features Shul Kyara-at and the latest sacrifice to her appetite, GrapeSpawn's OC, Grape. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here -...
[ Continued ...

Slipping on her sneakers and stepping out onto the porch, Riley stretched in the cool night air before pulling on her hat and starting out on her jog. Work had been a pain the last few days so she didn’t have as much free time anymore, but with things starting to cool off in the evenings a bit more she was still able to get some exercise in. Besides, if the opportunity presented itself, she certainly wouldn’t say no to heading home with a nice full belly if she ran into another jog

Day 10 - Sister Axe

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Implied Digestion Drawlloween SlasherCat

When you see someone stalking you, deliberately going somewhere where you'll be alone can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you'll know if and when they arrive. On the other, there won't be anyone there to help you.

Day 10 features the return of Slasher Cat, this year making a meal of  UptNcro's Riley. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Briantheboss - 3 months ago


sharky - 3 months ago

not bad... not bad at all. Maybe a little cat scat added at the end ?

Watching the hand of the clock slowly tick up, Rosie knew that she wasn’t the only one in the hot, stuffy classroom that was doing the exact same thing. Professor Daniels’ lectures on world history were interesting at times, but today was certainly not one of those days, and she was quite literally counting the seconds until the class finished.
“...And that’ll be it for today’s class. Homework for next week is chapter 3, and remember, I will be collecting it befor

Day 7 - The Phantom Food Truck

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Slime F/F Absorption Slimegirl Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Multiple Preys Drawlloween

Ah yes, disregard the plentiful options available at the actual dining hall and go with the sketchy food truck out back. This can't possibly go wrong!

Today we have Garnet, who has found the weakness of any college student - cheap food of questionable nutritional value. An_IRL_Rabbit's Rosie and UptNcro's Stella are evidently far from the first to fall for that particular trap today.

Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Perodian - 3 months ago

Another one bites the slime.

Yawning and stretching, the Queen straightened up in the chair where she had fallen asleep, glancing around the garden. The opportunity to relax and bask in the warm sun had been a welcome one after the hectic morning and previous few days, and she wasn’t surprised to learn that she had dozed off.
Still, something had woken her up, and she could tell that something felt oddly...amiss. Flicking her hand, her two attendants each gave a quick nod and quickly sprang into action, disappearing

Day 6 - Mummy Makes a Milkshake

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Catgirl F/F Cock Vore Mummy Cum Digestion Human Prey Multiple Preys Drawlloween

As it turns out, safety in numbers is not always a surefire way to guarantee, well, safety. It can also guarantee that the predator is simply very full at the end of their feast, for instance.

Today we have the mummy Queen and her catgirls showing a few would-be botanists the price of trespassing, featuring KlinKitty's Annabelle as the third cocksnack. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Watching with no small amount of amusement as an acid-pocked and soaking-wet bridal veil went sailing over her head and splattered against the wall, Darla just turned and snuggled a bit closer up against Harley’s stomach, enjoying the impromptu massage that her girlfriend’s meals was unintentionally giving with her struggles.
“You know, Darla, I think I might be having a bad influence on you.”
“Oh? What makes you say that?&

Day 5 - His and Hearse

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Harley Multiple Preys Drawlloween Darla (Aesir)

Be careful who you antagonize, annoy, or otherwise inconvenience (accidental, unintentional, or otherwise). They might have a girlfriend willing to make a meal of you.

Day 5 features our favorite eclectic duo of Harley and Darla, and a pair of less fortunate newlyweds who weren't as careful with their guest list as they should have been. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Gorgrath177 - 3 months ago

The brides chose quite the honeymoon suite

Jack - 3 months ago

That was a great story to an awesome picture. Well done, Jermayan.

Apostolos - 3 months ago

Really hope the order was paid in advance

Glancing up from her tablet, Komi glanced up at the door and reached for the bowl of candy that was sitting on the end table next to her, but paused when she realized that someone had beaten her to it, already walking towards the door.
Not someone but something, she reminded herself, as she watched the sleek form of the personal assistant android pull open the door and begin distributing handfuls of candy to the children waiting on her doorstep. It had only been a

Day 4 - The Reality Glitch

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Android Drawlloween see through belly CyberMAID

Look, this happens all the time, and we cannot help you. It clearly states in Section 5 Paragraph 3 that any injuries, death, or other inconvenience that occurs as a direct result of user error or tampering with protocol directives immediately voids the warranty and breaks our obligations and service contracts.

Another year, another incautious owner (Nekomancer's Komi this time) being converted to fuel for their fancy new android maid. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here -...
[ Continued ...

Bright - 3 months ago

Always read the manual before activating the robot heeh.

“...And that was the most recent addition to this month’s Top 10, courtesy of everyone’s favorite artist whose latest album has taken both the airwaves and ratings by storm, DJ BitchTits! Now, stick around everyone because after a brief commercial break, we’ll be back for an exclusive interview first with a special guest, and then with none other than the DJ herself! Be back soon!”
Reaching up to flip a few switches on the bank of audio controls in front of her, t

Day 3 - DedTalks

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Digestion Noises Aesirko Drawlloween DJ BitchTits

What happens when you invite a predator to give an interview and then lock yourself in a room with them alone? Well, probably a pretty good interview.

Or a heavy belch and a satisfied half-lamia, either or.

Day 3, featuring Aesirko, Aesirko's lunch, and a cameo by the one and only DJ BitchTits (Seriously, her luck will run out some day). Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Bright - 3 months ago

The story fit quite well to the picture I'd say.

Swinging the door of my apartment shut behind me, I leaned up against it for a moment and heaved a great sigh of relief.
Finally the weekend was here.
Tossing my bag to the floor in the next room, I made my way to the kitchen where I put a kettle on to boil before heading into my bedroom. This last week of classes had been particularly stressful but I had been able to get my homework done in advance, leaving me with a blissfully empty weekend, and that was something that I had every intention t

Day 2 - Edgar Allen Bro

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Burp Drawlloween

I wonder if all aspiring writers are this defensive of their works-in-progress? I definitely seem to recall some pretty interesting stories about this kind of thing in the past.

Today features the return of our embarassed little raven girl, the corresponding pic by  Aesir can be seen here - 

Matanuiv - 3 months ago

*they're. Ugh, I hate autocorrect

Matanuiv - 3 months ago

Another great story, but am I the only one not getting the stories in their inbox when their posted?

“Trick or treat!”
Looking up at the adult standing in the door holding a bowl of candy, the trio of girls waited patiently for the others in front of them to receive their share before they too were given a handful of candy. Joining in the chorus of ‘thank you-s’, they skipped and ran back down to the street before they stopped to take stock of what they had gotten and their options for the rest of the night.
“See Janice, I told you that going there would be worth

Day 31 - Trick or Treat

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Anal Vore Semi-unwilling Drawlloween drugged prey

Look, how many people are just gonna go wandering into her place? At this point I'd say that the police probably know about her, but at the same time she's probably sent more than a few of them through her gut at the same time.

Day 31 of Drawlloween has arrived at last, and once again we have seen what happens when you accept sweets from Scherhezade, with the participants being Nekomancer's Komi and Daolord's Janice. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here -...
[ Continued ...

Looking down at the one kneeling before me, I just shook my head as I looked through the stack of files before me before pulling out a trio and laying them in front of me.
“You ask for another chance, after having been…’defeated’ in your own words, and yet when I review what happened to you, I find this. Let’s see just how effective you have been on your assignments, hmm?”
Opening the first of the folders, I waved my hand over the stacked papers, and the gly

Day 30 - Your Dream Costume Concept

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Fatal Anal Vore Scherezade Drawlloween

Following someone into the back of their shop for a shady deal is dangerous enough, but that type of danger just goes with the territory most of the time. Unfortunately, so does the fact that most of the time, the one setting the trap usually ends up walking away with a full belly.

Day 30, showing what happens when someone goes into Scherezade's shop unprepared. Corresponding pic by  Aesir showing her new Halloween outfit here - 

soline - 1 year ago

I love the stories you write to compliment Aesir's artwork, and they're always just that tiny bit more enjoyable when coupled with things I really like.

Scherezade, I [i]really[/i] like.

Wonderful work!

Watching the other kids run and play and scream on the playground, Samantha was more than happy to continue sitting at the picnic table and finish her book off instead rather than get hit in the head again by a dodgeball.
Well, hit in the head several times, more accurately. She had never been the most athletic of children, and she knew it, but the degree that the other kids were determined to prove that fact every chance they got seemed more than a little petty at this point. Baseball? She&r

Day 28 - Graveyard in the Playground

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Burp Child Prey Human Prey Human Pred sadistic predator loli prey Drawlloween Bone Disposal

Not having supervision on your playground while all of the kids are outside for recess? That's dangerous. Why, what's to stop an enterprising predator from showing up and deciding that your class full of kids is actually a buffet?

Day 28 features Wolf, along with what's left of the schoolchildren that she's been snacking on all day. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

HMDVore - 1 year ago

Nice story! Wish there was a bit more meat to the digestion detail.

Waiting was always the worst part. Well, not exactly the waiting. It was the anticipation, the knowledge that something would happen soon without knowing precisely when it would happen that was the most annoying and exhausting aspect of what was happening. It meant that I had to be fairly alert at all times, potentially for a very long span of time, while the entire time trying to not let my mind wander.
Currently, that took the form of my waiting patiently for the miko I had been shadowing t

Turtle Soup

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/F Cock Vore Cum Digestion H/F Kappa Implied Unbirth Herm Pred Hermaphrodite Futa pred Yuki-Onna Ishigame Katsuki Kessho Yuna

Going out in the woods can result in all sorts of unfortunate situations for those unprepared, but even those who consider themselves prepared can still encounter trouble if they are overconfident in their own capabilities.

Featuring my kappa Ishigame Katsuki and yuki-onna Kessho Yuna, they illustrate the problems that humans can encounter when getting in over their heads in their pursuit of 'monsters'. 

Ishigame Katsuki

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Non-Vore Futanari Kappa Ishigame Katsuki

My ninja kappa girl, Katsuki, who I'm just now realizing that I never uploaded the art for, which was done by  Aesir about a month ago now.

This is her without most of her gear, and she likes nothing better than to get ahold of a girl's ample rear, empty herself in their ass, then suck them down her dick and churn them away into a thick load to fill up the next girl she finds. 

kibroman - 1 year ago

I love your character

but I didn't understand your text much
I do not know what you mean
If you can explain it to me, I would appreciate it

fireknight70 - 1 year ago

she look both cute and awesome

Altimos - 1 year ago

Very cute <3

Setting down the cooler, Narumi started to look around the small cove in near-amazement. When Ayako said that she had a surprise in store for them on their school vacation, this wasn’t what Narumi had thought that she meant, but she certainly wasn’t going to turn it down now that she had seen it.
Her and the others had been planning a trip for the members of their club for close to three months, but barely a week beforehand, the spring resort they were planning on going to had shut

Day 26 - Beach House Beasts

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Cock Vore Futanari Cum Digestion Kappa Futa/F Drawlloween Suppon Izumi Ishigame Katsuki

Just because what the stories say that the mythical beast will do to you isn't quite entirely accurate, that doesn't mean that you should just ignore them. After all, they might have something equally unfortunate in store for you.

Day 26 of Drawlloween, featuring a newcomer in the form of Izumi, a voracious kappa with a taste for girls with ample rears, and a bit of a cameo of my own, Katsuki. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

fireknight70 - 1 year ago

this is a great and cool story

Crouched under the basement stairs in the cabin clutching a long kitchen knife, Jinks listened to the heavy footfalls coming from the floor above her and wondered just how desperate she was to actually be considering this as her only option.
The weekend had started just like the last one; for the past three weeks Jinks and a few friends had come up to this lakefront cabin just to get away from all of the hassle and stress of the week, and this one had been no different, at least at first. Spend

Day 25 - Hack-O-Lantern

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Drawlloween SlasherCat Jinks

Everybody knows about her, but nobody wants to say anything cause if they do, then instead of gobbling down a few out-of-state college girls, it might be them in her belly instead.

Day 25 of Drawlloween sees  LagomorphaX3's Jinks find out the hard way that just because you're the Final Girl doesn't mean that the rest of movie logic also benefits you. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Jermayan - 1 year ago

You'd need to get permission from Aesir for that - I'm doing this with his explicit go-ahead. I might go back and do previous years at some point, but considering that they usually end up being close to 50,000 words over the 31 days, it's gonna be a while before I do that.

fireknight70 - 1 year ago

this is a great story and can do one's for the Drawlloweens of 2015 to 2017 if it ok with you that is

Surrounded by the flashing lights, ringing bells, and overdone explosions and sound effects coming from the rows upon rows of arcade machines, I was in the closest thing that I could think of when I thought about what heaven might be like.
It wasn’t the biggest or the most visited place, but this arcade was by far my favorite. Something about the older and more retro feel of the decorations and layout just worked better, made me feel more at home, and that was why my records here were bet

Day 24 - Monster Arcade

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: F/F Burp Miya Drawlloween

Look, just because she plays video games a lot and doesn't have the best complexion doesn't mean you get to call her a zomb-...Ok, fine. She's a zombie. She's after a lot more than your brains, though, so be careful challenging her to her favorite games though.

Day 24 of Drawlloween, featuring the resident master gamer Miya showing an opponent her definition of a 'Sudden Death' match. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Bright - 1 year ago

Fun story.

Plume7 - 1 year ago

Bitch got what was coming to her for calling hacks like that. Skills are skills, you dumbass Melee-humping tryhard.

“You know, as far as events go that are off the beaten trail, held in kinda remote caves that I’m pretty sure used to be a tomb, and hosted by a lamia about five or six times my size? This is a pretty decent party!”
Looking out over the wide open cavern as I sampled the next song on her mixer and adjusted the bass up higher, I had to admit that despite my initial reservations about taking this particular gig, it had turned out remarkably well thus far. The acoustics of the ca

Day 23 - Tomb Bop

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Once again, we have yet another example of 'What not to do if you don't want to get eaten'. On today's episode, it's 'Follow a predator away from a crowded area into a locked, furnished room'.

Day 23 of Drawlloween sees the return of mummy Aelia, adding yet more people to her chest and hips while everyone else is obliviously partying away. Raffle winners for this piece were  Vulgun's Dawn,  Alternoct's Ally, and Varysoir as themselves.
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Pushing through the revolving door into the library, the familiar sensations of the venerable institution fill your senses as you make your way inside - the smell of parchment, binding glue, and printer ink, the sound of quiet talking and shuffling pages, and the majestic sight of the row upon towering row of books.
Giving a wave to the secretary at the front desk, you head past the lobby and up the steps to the main floor of the library, turning to the left into the individual study area. Alth

Day 22 - Say Yes to the Possessed

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Just because someone is capable of eating somebody else doesn't mean that they necessarily want to. However, when you add a power-hungry spirit capable of temporary possession into the mix, all bets are off.

Been a while since I've done a second-person story like this as well, so let me know how it ended up.

Day 22 of Drawlloween, featuring another new-old character, Annabelle. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

Bright - 1 year ago

I like how the story implies that this isn't the first time it happened.

“Come one, come all, to the greatest horror attraction in the country! Three entrances, five exits, a computer-designed maze, and all of it filled with scares and frights guaranteed to make you want to go running back home to momma and your stuffed animals! Every room is different, but you’ll need to really work at it if you want to make it through without getting scared witless! Who wants to give it a go?”
Watching the barker prance and flail as she worked to entice more pe

Day 21 - Labyrinth Laboratory

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Dark places? Check. Few people watching? Check. Screaming just being expected and not investigated? Check. Sounds like a good place to get some food if you ask me.

Day 21 of Drawlloween, with the Vore Beast once again accidentally wandering into a place rather suited for ending up fat and happy. Corresponding pic by  Aesir can be found here - 

Jermayan - 1 year ago

Practice, mostly, but having plenty of free time during the day certainly helps.

MuseOfMilo - 1 year ago

It still baffles me how fast you can make these things.

Stepping up to the balcony, Callidora looked out over the night sky and the twinkling of the stars before she flung herself over the edge, plummeting down towards the courtyard below.
Snapping her wings open just as she reached the ground, she leveled off and soared out over the estate, leisurely circling around as she worked to regain some height before heading out away from home. While she didn’t get the opportunity every night, she very much enjoyed these excursions whenever she was ab

Day 19 - Vroom Vroom Vampire

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Angels and demons are natural enemies, but where the angels has a habit of trying to make the demons repent and atone and feel bad for what they've done, the other side...well, the other side just wants to see how much a diet of angels will enhance their figure.

Day 19 of Drawlloween, featuring Callidora giving a few Angewomon a one-way trip through her gut. Corresponding pic by  Aesir here - 

bigboy1992 - 1 year ago

Honestly, I think it would be interesting if this setting was expanded upon in some more short stories in the future.

“You’re sure that you’ll be fine on your own? I know you’ve done some babysitting before, but…”
“Mom, relax. It’s just my little sister and a friend, and we’re in our own house. We’ll be fine, now go have fun at the show!”
“Alright, well there’s money on the counter for dinner; we probably won’t be back before you all go to bed, so we’ll see you in the morning!”
Giving their parents one last wave

Day 18 - There's a Clown in my Closet

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The thing in your closet is only real if you think it is, but that begs the question - how many people have been killed by something that they thought was a myth?

Day 18, featuring the one and only Dandela doing what she does best. Corresponding pic by  Aesir is here - 

thequietmanno1 - 1 year ago

"but that begs the question - how many people have been killed by something that they thought was a myth?"

that's why you call Harry Dresden on the case