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Feed A Koi - CLOSED

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Jidane

Tags: Non-Vore Fish koi Male Pred

Kana is a hungry boy, I want to draw more of him, so the month of April is "Feed A Koi" month.

And you can get some free art out of it.

How's it work? You volunteer a character to end up in that greedy koi belly. That's all!

However, there's a few things to take note of before throwing in a character and I would like you to read through them carefully:

- has to be a cat or fish, cat-/fishlike or be able to be mistaken for a...
[ Continued ...

lyingunderfire - 3 days ago

I am loving this adorable little... uh... big fish!

Murdock - 3 days ago

Oh heck, why not. :>

This is Murdock. If you decide he's kittylike enough to feed a hungry koiboi, he wouldn't be in there happily; he'd definitely be scared. As to whether it's clean or full of other treats, digesting or not...I'll leave those up to you.

Just so long as you have fun doin' it. :>

MatthiasEnblade - 3 days ago

Sent ya a pm ;3

Egg3221 - 3 days ago

so cooool! i would love to feed the koi

Bigfatpiggy - 3 days ago

Pigs count as catfish right? :P

Thornroot - Re-Design

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jidane

Tags: Male Warcraft Non-Vore dryad WoW Inspired Male Pred Keeper of the Grove

Been pondering this for a while and finally found the time to do at least a quick little scribble of an updated Thornroot.

He's already started out as corrupted, using the colors of the Blacksouled Keepers found in game, so taking him a step further wasn't a hard decision.
And yes, the change does come with a bit a size increase, too. Like he wasn't big enough before ;P 

brindring - 7 months ago

A) Woo, you're still alive!
B) Yup, he's still beautiful, and I can't wait to see more of him!

Chain - 7 months ago

yay you're back! <3 And once more a nice picture!

I really like it :)

Coora Ithirid - 7 months ago

You live?!
Praise the Sun, it's a miracle!

blergle - 7 months ago

Very cool. I like the glowing effect on the thorns.

Svartvinge - 7 months ago

Really love the design x3 will be fun seeing how big he got!

An enjoyable Load

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Jidane

Tags: Sketch Male Monster M/? Chimaera Male Pred

Another old scribble I dug up.
The 'human' form of the chimaera from the "Herding Kids" scribble. 

Ixbran - 2 years ago

ooohhhh, very nice!

hope to see more of him and those boys again real soon ♥

Naubol - 2 years ago

I really like the look of those fangs^^ Really nice work!

Coldbrush - 2 years ago


Umbrage00 - 2 years ago

So beautiful o.O Your art rocks

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 years ago

He's pretty sexie

Herding Kids

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Jidane

Tags: Cute Child M/M Monster creature Non-Fatal Willing Cut-away Child Prey Multiple Prey Non-digestion Underage Prey Male Prey Shota X-ray m/multiple Non-sexual M/multiple prey Male Pred young prey Feral Pred shota prey

A different way of babysitting. If it's nap time or of the kiddies needed a time out... you pick an option there.

Unfinished bit I found laying around. 

Sith - 2 years ago

He is sure doing a great job herding those cute kids right into his spacious safe belly where he knows where they all are and can protect them perfectly, magical. ^^

Heh this is totally awesome tho, I hardly ever see underage prey in vore pics let alones piles of them packed into one feral preds belly, this made my day. <33

AsherTye - 2 years ago

Nice warm spot to take a nap in.

Childfriendly80 - 2 years ago

Very nice! You should think of finishing it, it turned out great!

Aelina - 2 years ago

Aw. This is nice.

Sharue - 2 years ago

Reminds me of sort of how fish and alligators move there cubs about. ok into the mouth. Come on timmy we got to go.

A real Keeper

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Jidane

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Warcraft M/F Same Size Taur dryad Willing World of Warcraft Female Prey Internal View Male Pred taur pred taur prey

Commission for Shadowleaf.Click to switch between x-ray and normal

Warcraft is © BLIZZARD
Shadowleaf belongs to Svartvinge
Thornroot belongs to Jidane 

Goblingobler - 1 year ago

Shadowleaf looks happy~

SeekGr - 2 years ago


kagamichan - 2 years ago

Deertaurs are so adorable! Great job on this. :)

MidnightRose - 2 years ago

Your work is as gorgeous as always. <3

MoonfallWolf - 2 years ago

That's an AWESOME internal! The contours between their shapes match perfectly, and I love how the Leafy is taking up the entirety of Thornroot's throat.~